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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 15, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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first, if you're headed out the door this morning, you might see something you haven't seen in a while. not talking about a unicorn, but rain something we don't see here. >> kari, you were talking about rain coming in through the area today. how much are we looking at? >> some very light amounts of rain and very hit and miss and you may see the remnants of wet roads as you head out the door and mostly cloudy skies. temperatures are still very mild in the low to mid-60s and hanging to the 70s and 80s today. we'll be clearing for most of ous as we go into the afternoon, but more rain possible as we head through the morning. i'll detail that coming up and now let's check in with mike tracking an issue in the south bay. >> talking hit or miss for that rain and a little miss and then a little hit. that's what the green means on my road weather index. we get the weather index and translate it and north 85 at camden, not a major issue. no major injuries but we'll talk
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about the slicker roadways. just watching for that over the course of the morning and coming out of the altamont pass and a live look and we'll show you that's not an issue right here. you guys have a bigger issue. >> an issue that continues to expand. thank you, mike. now, to a developing story a sinkhole filling with water this morning as crews scrambling to keep it from growing. right now alvarado boulevard shut down. right near alvarado middle school and a fire station. >> pete is live near the caved in roadway and, pete, what a sight. >> kris and i ssam, i just spok and it is going inside. there are crews there working on that trench in this area and they were here since yesterday afternoon and i am telling you, they were just right there. you can fit a minivan or suv in it. this road collapsed yesterday
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right near alvarado middle school and send a roobought down there to see what the cause may have been. still no official answer from officials. they are telling me it could be a possible but they're still investigating that. now, the good news is no one was hurt, but i did ask this official what is the biggest challenge for that. >> some of the biggest challenges is a busy intersection and a lot of people coming by. we're pretty focused on our work. i think it's easy to process that we're so familiar with, so, i don't think there is that big a challenge. get it all together in a nice formag, formatio formation, so to speak. >> crews on site for the remainder of the morning and parents pickup or drop up of the kids before or behind the school. pete for "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. grieving friends and family members are looking for answers after a deadly street racing crash in the south bay.
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mourners gathered in san jose last night for candlelight vigil at the scene of that crash. now, the night before three teenagers died after what police say was a crash during a street race. the victim s loved ones are at complete loss. >> she liked having. my daughter was one of her good friends. she always wanted to superintend the night. s >> hugging them a lot right now because, you know, they're affected by this, too. >> a fourth victim did survive and is still in the hospital today. investigators also say the teens were in a car that was stolen. they're looking for the other car involved in the race, said to be a dark colored acura. later today in court for the man accused of lighting kids'
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halloween costumes on fire. we're working on getting you, there we go, antwan johnson. he'll face a judge for the first time. on tuesday police say johnson took a bottle of lighter fluid and sprayed it on halloween costumes and set them all on fire. police rushed to put out the flames. a follow up now. last month's valley wildfire that burned through parts of three counties is now being called the costliest wildfire in eight years. press democrat reports that the valley fire caused more than $1.5 billion in damage. in terms of economic losses, not only is that california's worst wildfire since 2007, but it's also believed to be the fifth worst in u.s. history. the valley fire killed four people and destroyed close to 2,000 structures. about 1,300 of which were homes. nationwide this is the worst year on record when it comes to
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the devastation from wildfires. and national fire agency found wildfires destroyed more than 11 million acres of land in 2015 and we're lonely haa only halfw. firefighters battling wildfires in four western states and in texas. back to california, not just from the fire, we have, of course, earthquake, too, happening today. a hands-on learning experience about earthquake safety. >> hundreds of bay area elementary school students will be getting this morning. >> bob redell live in san jose to tell us about the great shake out and the three words all the kids have to learn here, bob, moving forward. >> sam and kris, yes, great shakeout 2015 taking place not only here in the bay area but throughout the rest of the state and throughout the country. millions of people expected to participate including elementary students coming here to the tech later this morning to practice their safety.
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the three phrases dropped and a cover and what did i say here? do i know. drop, cover and hold on. a couple other things you do not want to do. you do not want to get in a doorway perhaps what you have heard in the past and you do not want to run outside. the reason being, according to the experts, you have a greater chance of being hit or hurt by falling objects than you do by a building collapse. and then, also, another drill that is taking place, this is something you want to keep in mind if you have a later morning commute. b.a.r.t. will be triggering an earthquake alarm at 10:15 this morning. and they'll be slowing trains down to 27 miles an hour. this will give the transit agency a chance to practice its own response the next time a big quake hits. these are just a couple of the events taking place throughout the bay area this morning. now, seismologists have been telling us for a number of years now, there is a high probability of a magnitude 6.7 quake or greater within the next 30 years. you might recall 26 years ago
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this saturday the loma quake rocked the bay area. magnitude 6.9 and killed 63 people and injured thousands more and caused billions of dollars in damage and just over a year ago, we had a taste of what a big quake can be like. that magnitude 6.0 struck napa causing one death and causing millions. hundreds of millions of dollars in that area. report oing live here in san hooza, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> i did not know what you weren't supposed to go in a door frame any more. that's what we did during the last big one. >> it changes. you see more than just a few specks of green on the radar. now it's like a whole wave of green behind you, kari. >> not for everyone, though, because it's been so hit and miss and now we're seeing a lot of this sizzle out as it moves into the bay area. could not be done with this rain
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and our temperatures will be still fairly warm in the south bay. we're up to 83 degrees in san jose. 78 degrees in palo alto. isn't this better than the way we started the week. up to 73 degrees in san francisco and the north bay up to 83 degrees in santa rosa and fremont 80 degrees and livermore topping out at 86. we'll talk more about the temperatures and even as we head into the weekend in our next chance of shower os coming up. let's check in now with mike taking us to oakland. >> yeah, kari, take a live look with this area past the coliseum. warriors play tonight. look at that nice, easy drive. good volume with the headlights south down towards hayward. we'll look at the map and the entire area approaching the bay bridge and an easy flow. green speed indicators and the green here. the highlight you'll see on highway 4 out of concord and antioch and slicker roads from overnight and talking about that with kari. no big surprises and touches of the south bay, as well.
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back to you. coming up, how valuable is your personal information somebody other than yourself. new information showing it is selling for very little online. a company probably better known for sex thinks about gender equality. we'll take a look coming up. plus, changing his tune. the announcement from the obama administration and impact the lives of thousands of u.s. troops. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888- 996-tips or e-mail we investigate. new this morning: kris/cu
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president obama is pushing back the timetable for most u-s troops to leave afghanistan. ==vo== the white house says the 5:12 now. president obama is pushing back the timetable for most u.s. troops to leave afghanistan. the president will keep more troops in afghanistan for longer than the original plan. the president now expects 5,500 troops to remain in afghanistan after he leaves office at the end of next year. the troops will be stationed in four afghan cities. now, originally this was supposed to be about 100,000 troops left by 2017 and only in the capital city of kabul. right now there are close to 10,000 troops in all of afghanistan. decision 2016. the man working the closest with the president, joe biden. keeping everybody in suspense right now. is he all in or watching this
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presidential race from the sidelines? we still don't know this morning in the political world and getting a bit antsy. >> "today continue bay" tracie potts is live in washington with a look at where this race stands now and whether someone else is joining. tracie? >> hi, good morning. where we stand now. two frontrunners. clinton and trump and two others right behind them potentially in the polls and then questions surrounding joe biden. >> i thought they all did well. >> reporter: vice president joe biden commenting on the democrats' debate, but still nothing on his own campaign. >> by the time he makes that decision -- >> reporter: the draft biden super pack says when he does, they're ready. >> he could come back and say, hey, guys, let's do this. we can put together a campaign that can win. >> reporter: critical deadlines, hillary clinton campaigning in texas today after a big union endorsement isn't pushing him. >> he needs to decide what is best for him and his family and i'm not going to comment on it.
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>> reporter: meantime, donald trump still pulling big numbers among republicans with double-digit leads in nevada and south carolina. >> we're in first place everywhe everywhere. >> reporter: the outspoken republican frontrunner tells nbc -- >> i think i could be perhaps a little bit, i could watch my words a little bit. maybe be a little bit more politically correct. >> reporter: trump holding back while the political world wonders if biden will jump in. and if the vice president does decide to join this race, certainly have some catching up to do. the other democrats have been in it and a lot to do with money and fund-raising. >> he did say he was proud of the way they conducted themselves in the debate. >> reporter: but look at this picture. this is the backup in new york after a computer glitch and the terror watch list database was responsible for a major delays at several airports. this is at jfk. one of the airports affected.
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now, the department of homeland security says the computer system that checks airline passengers lists against those terror watch lists was not working properly. we are told that the problem is now fixed and that there was no evidence that the glitch was because of sabotage or any hacks. >> i'm sure the delay was the thing of greatest concern for the passengers there. 5:15 right now. a first of its kind website is designed to put some power back into the hands of victims. victims of cyberexploitation can now seek justice through a state website that launched this week. cyberexploitation is when a person posts nude images of their spouse or significant other without that person's consent. considered a criminal offense in california. also a form of sexual abuse. the new site contains illegal information designed to help law enforcement prosecute such cases. >> even when something is illegal, the victims don't always know what to do to fix it after the fact. so, this will be a great
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resource for victims and the advocates for helping them rebuild their lives. >> that site also ames to inform cyberexploitation to get images of themselves removed from those websites. if someone steals your personal identity, it could cost you. turns out for thieves, it doesn't cost them much. researchers say stolen data like debit and credit card numbers sell for as little as 55 cents online. in the u.s., stolen debit credit card information typically sells for $5 to $30. onlinia streaming accounts, though, seem to be in higher demand. now, many hbo now and hbo go accounts were recently listed for less than 10 bucks. netflix says it's having problems sending you the bill for its services. >> scott mcgrew, a strange explanation this morning from the los gados company. >> a lot of oits credit cards aren't going through. one of the things we learned as netflix opened its financial
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books to investors last night. netflix says the number of u.s. subscribers is not growing as quickly as it used to. we kind of expected that. investors also concerned about cost. how much all that cool programming will cost the company. as for the credit cards, netflix says because nearly every american got one of those new credit cards last month the banks updated from the old magnetic stripes with the chip cards, the credit card numbers on file with netflix are outdated. we've never heard that excuse before. speaking of netflix context, beast of no nation debuts tomorrow. a movie that will run on net flix and play in movie theaters at the same time. a movie about child warriors in a fictional or unnamed african nation. let's check your news before the bell. landon dowdy is live. good morning, landon. >> hey, there, scott. good morning to you. the markets look to rebound today after ending their session lows wednesday. futures are pointing to a higher
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open. walmart earnings forecast shocking investors sharply cutting its sales forecast and shares plunging 10% and furthering concern about corporate profits and earnings from citigroup and goldman sachs. the dow down 157 points 16924. the nasdaq down 13 to 4782. this was the first time in october that all three major averages posted back-to-back losses. scott, back over to you. >> all right, landon, thanks. most silicon valley issued quarterly reports for example in apple's latest report the company is 69% male. go-daddy which recently opened headquarters in sunnyvale issued its first ever report and took it another step further. the report showed an aggregate how much women make at the company compared to men and companywide a woman makes $1.01.
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go daddy is probably better known for its sexy ads and actually more than equal pay. but what you're seeing here is marketing and sexy scenes to work. the company trying to get away from this image. so, women make 1 penny on average more than men. slightly less than engineering but slightly more in other departments at go-daddy. manage where the average woman makes 94 cents for every dollar a man makes. that is still way higher than average. >> yeah. isn't the average like 75 or 74%? >> according to the department of labor, yeah. a lot of statistics that have to be brought into that. >> i knew that would be used against me. i see your challenge and take you out to lunch, but not outside today. a little wet out there. >> going to have some spots that get a little bit of rain and some of us will have sunshine and mixture of sun and clouds throughout the day.
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not everyone seeing the same thing and we're seeing that even now as we head out the door. taking a live look now at the bay bridge. we do not see any rain there. but you could still have low clouds and mist as we get the day started. look at these temperatures now. 58 degrees in santa rosa san jose is at 66 and 72 degrees in concord and still some mild and humid air all across the bay as this weather system continues to spin. it is bringing some storms and lightning across parts of the central valley. and some of the heavier downpours to the south of us. right now we're taking a break from some of that rain but tracking some more of those showers moving in from the south. and that could affect that morning commute and produce some more wet roads out there. models do show that we could still have a chance of rain throughout the morning. and there could be another wave moving through around 8:00 or 9:00 when the roads really start to get busy. even early afternoon, another round of showers, even circling around to the north bay will be
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possible. producing some very light rain amounts, not showing a whole lot there and then clears out later on tonight. as we go hour-by-hour in oakland, we'll see temperatures at 61 degrees at 7:00 and throughout theern moing up mor and lunchtime as sam takes kris outside for lunch. a mixture of sun and clouds ands in the low 70s today. we'll have another chance of rain in the forecast. this is really great that we're starting to see some active weather moving in. this one with a cold front passing on saturday and it looks like our best chance of rain will be for the north bay and the rest of us picking up on some breezy winds. very light amounts of rain heading into the weekend. let's check in now with mike to see if there are any slow downs. >> watching real close and you got excited about the weather coming in. i'll watch you and how excited you get. look at over here the bay bridge this backup typical and metering lights over the next ten minutes or so and no big surprises.
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we're talking weather and traffic and so far the traffic not really afebted by any other real weather going on, but the traffic tied in with the wetter one. green patches in the area and slicker roadway there's. the altamont pass and i'll send it back with a live shot of the fremont behind me and a smooth drive for 880. back to you. >> that does look smooth. >> little visual for you moving forward. coming up, a bay area woman trying to spare her father lashing in saudi arabia. how homemade wine is setting off an international controversy. a bottle of homemade wine landed
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a man in a saudi jail. now -- a bay area woman is taking action out of fear for h nchsh a bottle of homemade wine landed a man in saudi jail. now a area woman is taking action out of fear for her father's life. british citizen carl andre faces a year in jail and 350 lashes. this coming after he was caught with wine in his car last year. now, kirsten who lives in albany in the east bay, of course, started a petition on to stop the lashings. so far she has nearly 200,000 signatures. she says that her father, a 74-year-old cancer survivor with as asthma and diabetes may not survive the punishment. >> to speak to the man who is dealing with my father's case and he had left and did not know anything about my dad.
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i really hope to see him home soon. >> she has heard reports that british prime minister is asking the saudis to grant clemency, but that has not yet been confirmed. >> wow, what a way to start an international conversation. coming up, drop and cover. that is what millions of people across the state will be doing for california's annual earthquake drill. the bay area school bracing for the great shakeout this morning. plus, how did this happen a massive sinkhole opening up in union city paving a road right near the middle school. the overnight developments and the expansion of the sinkhole, next.
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today we're gonna talk about trucks. works for me. which truck brand do you think offers best in class hd towing? ford. i would say the ram. ok, lets move to the second door. best v8 horsepower. the ram. i say ford on the v8. chevy. what about this year's motortrend truck of the year? chevy. what do you think? the ford. there's no reason why they shouldn't be. let's see how you did. oohh! that's the chevy silverado hd, the chevy silverado, and the chevy colorado. no way?! chevy, chevy, chevy. wow. that's a clean sweep.
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good morning. thanks for joining us, i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. a warm welcome this morning, some rain that is bracing our roadways. is this going to impact your morning commute? >> let's turn now to meteorologist kari hall. wi will we get more of this stuff today? >> it was nice to see it this morning and the roads wet and the flowers and the plants coated with a little bit of some rain as we take a look out there now. a lot of the rain is sizzling out in the past hour or so. heavy downpours moving in from the south and more rain moving in around gilroy and morgan hill as we go into the next hour. temperatures in the low and mid-60s and heading inthe 70s and 80s this afternoon still fairly warm across parts of the
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bay. i'll detail that and the chance of rain and a look at the weekend all coming up in a few minutes. let's check in now with mike the usual suspects. >> the most usual and mostly suspect bay bridge toll plaza because of the cash lanes here and see the metering lights turned on in the next couple of minutes here. we'll look over here to the north bay and nice, easy build. this is san rafael 101 and no delays and down towards the golden gate bridge and we'll check the south bay with a live look at san jose. we're starting to see that first burst start to build. watch the neighborhood streets because they are the ones likely to be a little slick. back to you. >> all right, thank you very much, mike. now to a developing story. crews are rushing to keep a sinkhole from growing in union city. it's not working, though. right now bigger than it was last night. it's about the size of a minivan and getting worse. >> it looks like it almost doubled in size. alvarado boulevard shut down this morning. that right next to alvarado
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middle school and a fire station. >> pete is live near the caved in roadway and, pete, this is going to impact parents who are dropping off their kids at school this morning. >> yes, kris and sam, take an alternative route if they're dropping off their kids. i want to get to it. this is the sinkhole we're talking about and definitely grew in size from yesterday. we're talking about 20 feet wide by 40 feet long and you can fit a large suv or minivan inside that sinkhole. crews have been here since yesterday afternoon and roughly about 2:00 p.m. and still no word on what caused it. even sent a robot down there to the cause, they're still trying to figure it out. initially this sinkhole yesterday was about six feet by eight feet and grown in size tremendously. for this sinkhole, water has been shut down in the area and no concern of a water line or water main line break or roads flooding. now, we did hear an official from alameda county about this. here's what he had to say. >> we do know at some point
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later in the day yesterday that the actual asphalt did collapse and then it broke the joint and that's when water appeared in the main. >> now, parents are encouraged to drop off and pick up their kids on fredi street behind the school and official oos expect to be here through this morning and even through this evening. for "today oin the bay." >> thank you very much, pete. new details this morning. police have arrested a student in connection with a fight that sparked the evacuation of the library at city college of san francisco. the man in custody is identified as 21-year-old randy taylor jr. police say that on tuesday three men started fighting near the rosenberg library. one of them was armed, causing the campus to take precaution. no one was hurt and there was no evidence of shots fired. police are looking for the other two spects who ran away. massages, groping and kissing. those are some of the things a popular uc berkeley professor
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was accused of doing to some of his students. stepping down amid mounting pressure from angry colleagues and form oer students. those complaints date back all the way to 2001. the world reed astronomer apologized on his website last week saying he disagrees with some of the accusations but he takes full responsibility. a local professional photographer now accused of child pornography. san francisco police say this man, duane ackerman had thousands of images and videos stored at his home. they he was using hidden cameras to film up women's skirts. it appears many of those videos were secretly reported near pier 49. a trio of drifters accused in two separate killings. they are charged with murder in the killing of marin county hiker steve carter and canadian backpacker audrey carey. the three appeared in front of a pakd san francisco courtroom yesterday but they didn't look at each other.
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the judge is giving them more time to get separate defense attorneys. take a look at this picture. the fbi nicknaming this serial bank robber the droopy face bandits. he held up as many as ten banks in san francisco dating back to 2007. in each case he used a note to demand money suggesting he had a weapon. a $5,000 reward is offered for information leading to his arrest. loud and legal or just a noisy nuisance? an ongoing problem in the city of oakland is attracting national attention hitting the freedom of expression against the community's rights. at a public meeting last night about 100 people came to talk about citations and warnings being issued to churches and artists complaining about excessive noise. a local drummer said she and another group member were given citations last month. >> this guy was in a total lather about what we were doing and then it got physical and
5:35 am
then false charges were filed against us. >> one of the things we hear about people moving from the west bank is they want to be where it's authentic and it's real. we are addressing those issues veryiously making sure that our regulations are keeping pace with the demands and needs of our city. >> the city of oakland promises to take a second look at its noise ordinance. a cal train is working on new strategies after a string of collisions involving trains and cars. the latest happened last week in burlingame when a train hit a car that got stuck after a driver made a wrong turn. this is one of seven collisions this year involving trains and cars. three of them happened in burlingame. cal train plans to roll out new safety measures around the railroad tracks. that includes developing new engineering and traffic management plan, some of which cal trains are already taking shape. what to do if or more importantly when the next big earthquake strikes. >> that's what millions of people across the state will be
5:36 am
learning and practicing this morning including hundreds of bay area students, my own included. >> educational for bob redell out there right now. bob, the key words, duck, cover and hold on. >> yeah, sam and kris. millions of people throughout the country participating in the annual great shake out at 10:15 this morning. again, to remind us what to do. when the next big earthquake hits. for instance here in san jose, later this morn oing, elementary school students will practice the drop, cover and hold on techin an earthquake simulator and if you're not familiar, you want to drop on the ground and cover yourself by underneath a sturdy desk or a table and just hold on until that quake ends. al also at 10:15 they will let people know this is a drill and slow trains down to 27 miles per hour. something to keep in mind if you're using a.b.a.r.t. to get
5:37 am
into work this morning. seismologists have been telling us for a number of years now that there is a very high probability of a magnitude 6.7 or greater quake in the state within the next 30 years. you're looking at video right there and that is 26 years ago this past saturday. that was a magnitude 6.9 that killed 63 people and over a year ago, you're looking right there the damage to downtown napa. that was from a magnitude 6 that caused one death and created hundreds of millions of dollars worth of damage. reporting live here in san jose, redell "today in the bay." higher education and wanted. a new university president. hold a campus forum with the goal of helping to narrow its search. that meeting takes place later this morning in moros daily auditorium. the school right now is looking to hire a permanent replacement after he left over the summer. susanen is now serving as interim president. cutting back on driving, san
5:38 am
francisco looking at different ways for students to get to school. the chronicle reports that the san francisco unified school district is encouraging students to walk, bike or take public transportation to school in the future. now right now nearly half of the students in the district drive to school and that's partly because the district has not provided buses, many buses in recent years. it is a battle against bugs. those little critters. mosquitos specifically with the west nile virus are on the rise in the east bay. particularly in pittsburg. the vector control district is going to be fogging that entire area start at 7:30 tonight with highlighted it in yellow on your map. this comes after the district recent lly found a group of mosquitos and a dead bird in danville that tested positive for west nile virus. well, you wouldn't be thinking it would be talking about mosquito bites in october right now, but it has been so warm but now it feels like fall kari. >> finally. we're getting some rain, too. it's been very hit or miss.
5:39 am
so, a lot of the rain kind of taking a break right now. but the roads may still be wet in some spots as we get a look at the radar from the past couple of hours. also watching another round as it continues to move up from the south bay. or moving towards the south bay as we into the next hour or so. highs today topping out at in the mid-80s in the south bay and 70s palo alto and san francisco low 70s and 79 in napa and 76 in oakland and livermore today reaching 86 degrees. these temperatures so much better than the way we started the week. it will be a little bit milder and closer to what it should feel like as we head into mid-october. i'll talk more about that and a look at the weekend forecast coming up in less than ten minutes. let's check in now with mike. metering lights on? >> they are. no surprise. folks, we knew this was going to happen. couple minutes later and some slowing out of the maze. nothing dramatic there. the east shore freeway looks great.
5:40 am
here in mill valley and along the coast and patches along the other parts of my map just seeing where there may be slicker roadways left over and typical from highway 4 and watch the antioch bridge and they're doing a long-term repair project over there and you have a stall in the area, as well. might make things tougher. a car fire reported 101 right around great america parkway. not presenting any slowing. out of lanes but i'll track that, as well. back to you. >> mike, thank you very much. a saddening story for a former nba player. now, new details about the former nba star lamar odom and his condition this morning as revealing 911 tape released. the fbi is now looking into fan duel and draftkings and fantasy sports. we'll tell you all about it coming up in business. an explosion rocks an oklahoma quarry and these helmet cams catch it unfolding. what might have sparked this inferno, coming up next.
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got a tip for nbc bay area investigative unit? call 888-996-tips or e-mail we investigate. intense moments unfolded in
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oklahoma monday.. intense moments unfolded in oklahoma on monday and all of it caught on camera. unbelievable explosion. this is a firefighter's helmet camera that captured the moment an explosion rocked a rocky.
5:44 am
the fuel tank exploded as crews battled a fire. three quarry workers and a firefighter were hurt they are all expected to survive. 5:43. a new allowing inmates to help fight fires. california leaders now say 40% of the state's inmate firefighting crew have previous conviction of violent official offenses. only nonviolent inmates were admitted to this program. inmates with violent history have been serving since at least the 1990s. nearly 3,800 inmates help across the state of california. lawmakers calling for a hearing to reevaluate the program. people living on the peninsula may need to get their shots, again, and their kids, too. the kids not going to be happy about that one. the "mercury news" reports recently confirmed that eight vaccines were compromised
5:45 am
because of a faulty refrigerator at a medical office. this was reportedly running too cold. so, whooping cough, polio, meningitis, help tpatitis were jeopardized. the problem could have started as far back as mid-january. new refrigerators will be installed. now to a developing story. we're learning more about former nba star lamar oedom's conditio this morning. he is brain damaged and being kept on a ventilator. more is being led up to what led to him being rushed to the hospital. >> 911, what is your emergency? >> we need an ambulance. >> when paramedics arrived at the love ranch in nevada where odom was staying for several days. the 35-year-old was unconscious struggling to breathe. while fans and former teammates are reaching out, many like chris paul simply stunned by the news. >> i just wanted to extend love
5:46 am
and support to one of our nba brothers, lamar odom. we love, man, keep fighting. >> the fraternity of brothers there. and everybody pulling for lamar odom. investigators reveal that he had been used cocaine the day before he check under to the brothel. it's not certain if he continues to do so. authorities say that no ildrugs were found in odom's vip suite. using cell phones to save lives, public health experts are encouraging to use what are already at the fingertips. the american heart session and red cross released bpr guidelines. they suggest using mobile apps allowing citizens to get to cardiac arrest victims faster. anyone with the pulse point app and cpr certification can get alerts when someone calls 911 with that sort of emergency. >> wow, i'm right down the street from this and i could
5:47 am
help. just puts hands on the chest faster. >> it also shows users the location of the closest aed automatic, external defibrillat defibrillat defibrillator. but starting cpr quickly can double, even triple their likelihood of survival. a brilliant idea and, therefore, no surprise. pulse point was developed right here in the bay area. >> you were just telling us this story. happened over lunch. >> firefighters that san ramon fire district, kris, came up with the idea. they were sitting down to a lunch of fried chicken at a chicken place and they heard sirens from their own department's truck passing by and stopped next door to them. but those guys were off duty at lunch. they didn't know about a heart attack right next door and they thought this is ridiculous. we're firefighters and we're sitting right here. we could have helped had we known and, so, an app was born.
5:48 am
other news this morning, the fbi is now involved into the investigation into fantasy sports. if you play you're not in trouble, but incompany's fan duel and draft kings several state attorney generals are also investigating. this coming after revelations company insiders may have been using insider information to cheat their own customer. on owall strewall street lo on. the navy, rather ringing the closing bell. let's talk about other news, as well. the san francisco company updated its plan to ipo. here you see the computer history museum, they have gotten themselves a bloomberg terminal. i thought this was kind of interesting. these computers that financers use to keep current. the first apple computer, the first google server in the german enigma code machine. you know you're an important
5:49 am
compewter when you join those guys in the museum. >> i can't wait to take the kids. for sure. they won't believe it. they'll think it was all make believe. >> what is this thing? >> you shutter to think when you have kids, you guys all have kids. i'm the only person here without kids. >> you are a kid. >> yes, i'm still a big kid. >> that's why he looks so well rested. >> all right. i'm just going to let this go. >> you have been looking at your computer and seeing green out there on the map. >> seeing a lot of green on the radar and on the computer models, too, as we go through the rest of the morning. so, as you step out the door, no need to check the computer for the forecast. here it is right now. as we take a live look at the bay bridge, we do see some low clouds, some mist of drizzle going on in parts of san francisco and the seven-day forecast is coming up in the bottom of the screen. come on over and check that out. 70 degrees in the east bay. yes, right now it's 70 degrees. 57 in the north bay and san
5:50 am
francisco 62 and getting a closer look at the south bay. feels very mild. also very muggy, too, with some rain that been spinning across the region during the overnight hours. you may step outside and you see the screen and everything is just wet. well, now, we are not seeing much of that rain moving through. some of the showers have moved out of the bay area. but still some spotty, light rain here and there and i'm tracking the next round that could be moving into the south bay as we go through the rest of the morning. and also the computer models show there could be some more waves of rain moving in as that upper level low continues to spin across the region, even at 4:30 this afternoon. we will have a chance of showers for san francisco, also heading into the north bay. i'll keep tabs on this and now mike is keeping tabs on the traffic. >> we're looking into the san mteo bridge, first of all, live camera. easy, lighter drive right now building towards the peninsula. look at your map getting to the san mateo bridge may be a
5:51 am
factor. just cleared lanes just minutes ago southbound 880. so, you're slow a little bit from san leandro and then things are clear, once again. slow, again, as you head down towards union city. your typical pattern for the east bay and tri-valley, well. fremont, the bottom of your screen northbound 880 at stevenson a crash reported there. sounds like everything is clearing and one vehicle still stuck there. we'll track that critical portion of fremont, as well. in the south bay, the earlier car fire and reported right by great parkway and no slowing. just your build for 101 and altamont pass. back to you. >> thank you, mike. taken by force. coming up, an inmate pulled from his jail cell. he's now taking santa clara county to court. it is a story you will see only on nbc bay area. got a tip for nbc bay area investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail
5:52 am nbc bay area, we investigate. again. an inmate has filed a
5:53 am
5:54 am
civil suit, claiming the guards at the san under the microscope, again. an inmate has filed a civil suit claiming that guards at the santa clara county jail violated his rights under the americans with disability act. >> that incident in question happened last year when the deputies had to go into the inmate's cell and forcibly remove him.
5:55 am
exclusive video from that force removal. >> well, this is a video showing some of that extraction. we must warn you, there are mourn moans and screams coming from the inmate as the guards try to get him to stand up. >> miller. check. >> this is exclusive video of the extraction in july of last year. we are blurring the faces of the correctional deputies as they are not charged with any wrongdoing. >> stand up. put your hands behind your back. >> you can hear the deputies ask the inmate several times to stand up so they could perform a routine inspection of his cell. after several warnings, the guards ultimately pepper spray the inmate before strapping him down to a wheelchair to take him to what they call decontamination. this is the inmate today. he doesn't want us to use his first name. when we went to speak with him, mr. miller was interview under
5:56 am
to the room by deputies. he is in jail waiting charnels on attempted murder, domestic violence and witness intimidation. according to the lawsuit, the inmate's attorney this letter to the county council the same day as the extraction stating his client needs a wheelchair because he suffers from epilepsy. his lawyer says the inmate is no longer able to stand following a seizure and fall in jail of march of last year, prior to the extraction and has a medical record to back that claim. and ever since, the lawyer claims miller lost feeling in his lower extremities. the inmate is now suing the county and the deputies for allegedly violating his rights as a disabled person. hes he was repeatedly denied use of a wheelchair to transport him to meetings with his attorney and attend hearings. >> how are you feeling today? >> in serious pain, sir. >> the inmate told me he wasn't able to look up at the camera because of the pain from his ongoing medical condition. >> i would have called for a
5:57 am
nurse. >> mark garcia worked in the same jail as a guard for almost five years and retired as a sheriff's lieutenant in santa clara county. >> your last chance. you will be pepper sprayed. >> having reviewed the video, garcia says a camera should not have panned away when deputies pepper sprayed miller. and he says wheelchairs are readily for guards. >> you should know this guy's medical background. does he need a chair? if he does, get him one. >> reporter: not knowing the entire circumstances around the extraction, he saw nothing in the video that was grossly negligent. >> i will not use extraction. >> reporter: judge steven manley runs a court and in general he says extractions of inmates with mental health issues is counterproductive. doctors ruled miller is competent enough to stand trial, but that court report also raised some concerns about his mental stability. >> rather than confront people
5:58 am
with force, you confront them with someone who is really not there to make them do anything, but to talk to them about what they need to do. >> reporter: the sheriff's department released this statement saying, "while we cannot discuss mr. miller's personal situation, those decisions are typically made in connotation with medical staff based on what is necessary for the inmate. we believe that mr. miller received care consistent with his medical need." >> the sheriff's office said been reviewing internal videos and they believe the inmate was moved in accordance with their policies. you can read the entire statement on our website, nbcbayar right now at 6:00 a change in strategy. president obama's new plan to keep u.s. troops in afghanistan longer than he originally planned. plus, this super size sinkhole causing some problems for parents trying to drop off their kids this morning. also the technology crews are using to figure out why this bay area roadway gave way.
5:59 am
a live look at san hjose where some folks are waking up to raindrops this morning. how long that wet weather will last. "today in the bay" starts right now. waking up to a familiar site and an unfamiliar site on the rain. thank you for joining us. >> laura garcia-cannon is off this morning. if you're headed out the door this morning, you might get the surprise that i got this morning. a little bit of rain on the windshield and tapping in the gutters. this is video from san jose this morning and while it is not a lot, certainly not a drought buster or storm watch. we'll take anything we can get. >> some people might be compelled to sing in the rain. for that on the roads, though a little slick. we'll check in with mike just a minute. start now with meteorologist kari hall. not just rain, but lightning on the radar, too. >> most of that lightning stayed over the central valley, but not out of the possibility for us. won't be impossible for us as we go into the rest of the morning
6:00 am
into early afternoon. the rest of the activity winding down and still some light showers in san jose and some more rain is approaching parts of the south bay. so, you'll be seeing that in gilroy here in the next few minutes. as we go into the rest of the morn oing, some off and on shower os and some cloudy skies. mild temperatures and it will be cooler today with highs mostly in the 70s and 80s all across the bay. i'll detail that and a look at the closer at the rain coming up in a few minutes. let's check in now with mike with a view of what's happening in the south bay. >> yeah, kari live look here at san jose. the first burst of traffic calmed down and the second one start up in 20 minutes. we'll show you the map that we earlier had wet roadways registered but things look like they dry out as far as the freeways and watch the surface streets sprinkle throughout san jose. 87 and 101 for the build we show you. watch 880 just north of 280. a crash there and it sounds like that car was in lan h


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