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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 15, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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sergeants began to apply handcuffs on the suspect, a violent struggle ensued. >> reporter: the chief says the suspect ended up on top of one of the sergeants as the other fought to pull him off and that's when things turned deadly. >> the sergeant on the ground yelled to his partner, he's getting my gun, he's getting my gun, he's got my gun, shoot him. >> reporter: that's when he says the second sergeant fired two shots killing the man. the investigation shut down market at eighth for hours snarling traffic. people in the neighborhood say the scene was unreal as more officers responded to reports of one of their own injured. >> what caught my attention is the officers were coming just from everywhere. >> reporter: the sergeants were taken to the hospital both with facial injuries. one also had an injury to the knee. san francisco police say this is the fifth officer-involved shooting this year. reporting live from san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. now to a developing story in
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the south bay where police have arrested a suspect in tuesday's deadly hit-and-run. investigators say pedro bernal turned himself in to police yesterday. he's charged with felony hit-and-run. a few hours earlier, police say they found his white pickup truck and towed it away for evidence. the victim was a 60-year-old man who was trying to cross bite road not far from a high school. take a look at it now, it continues to get bigger. this sinkhole, the middle of a busy intersection in the east bay is now 25 feet across and more than 10 feet deep. bigger than most swimming pools. nbc bay area's chuck cope la is at that intersection in union city this evening. what's happening in that neighb neighborhood? >> reporter: it's going to take longer than the weekend or even monday to repair this. westbound lanes of alvarado boulevard at union street will stay closed until tuesday or wednesday of next week. our camera atop the mast of our
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live truck shows you why. this is one large sinkhole, much larger than it was yesterday. >> reporter: this afternoon repair crews in union city broke up what was left of alvarado boulevard to replace a broken water main. a web of water sewage and gas lines crisscrossed below the surface of the street. the last thing the repair crews needed was to rupture an active gas line that runs close to water main. >> make sure -- >> reporter: neither union city's public works department or alameda water district know what first gave the asphalt to give abbelow a car. the sinkhole went from a pothole yesterday to a 25 foot crater now 10 feet deep. >> how did it happen all of a sudden? it's a dangerous thing for anybody. i mean, it could have been a car there i've seen in the past, could have been a child. >> this appears to be a leak, but we don't want to make any speculation.
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>> reporter: from where? >> that's still to be determined. the cause of the source is still being -- is still under investigation. we'll continue to look into that. >> reporter: water service interrupted to about 20 nearby apartments and businesses overnight and into this morning was restored by 11:00 a.m. by using different water lines on the grid. the sinkhole has inconvenienced parents picking up their parents at nearby alvarado middle school but firefighters at this fire station number 32 in union say say it does not hamper their response whatsoever. reporting live in union city, nbc bay area news. >> thanks for the update, chuck. brace yourself for el nino. the u.s. climate prediction center just updated its winter outlook. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is tracking what this means for the nation, of course here in the bay area. jeff? >> yeah, it is continuing good news with that new outlook from noaa. it's exactly as we anticipated, warmer than average temperatures likely for the midwest right on
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back to the west. that may not be good news for the sierra and also getting colder storms and the snow pack and cooler weather from the southeast into texas. the rainfall potential, it's a classic el nino-enhanced situation. that is across the lower third of the nation we're expecting wetter than average weather in the southeast, texas, also back into california. drier than average weather for the midwest stretching right on back to the pacific north west. california, above average rainfall chances in the bay area but the highest chance of above average rainfall expected right on down to los angeles. as we boil these numbers down even more with that el nino impact, that will have us at a 40% chance of above-average rain from mid-december through march. a 33% chance of average rain and a 27% chance of a dry winter. i really think this 40% chance of above-average rain will continue to increase over the next 30 days so raj and janelle, great news as we look ahead toward winter at least as of
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today. >> yeah, it is good news. thanks, jeff. some peninsula cities are already gearing up for el nino. menlo park, palo alto, east palo alto rolling out storm plans. part of the plan includes designated sandbag stations. there are several of them throughout those cities. we've put a few on this map. sandbag stations will also be set up along san franciscito creek. we plan to track every move el nino makes this winter. you can, too. log on to our nbc bay area app and click on weather on the drop-down menu for the latest information. an attempted rape on a popular hiking trail. the woman managed to get away with the help of her cousin. it happened tuesday but we're now getting the details. a san rafael man has been arrested. the victim was with her cousin on the bay point trail along the san rafael bay when the suspect approached them. he allegedly threatened them with a knife and attempted to
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rape the woman. he then took off when the cousin called police. a short while later he was arrested on belam boulevard. there is a dark side to the upcoming super bowl. not just football but sex trafficking. federal agents say they just rescued six children who were being sold for sex. among them, a 16-year-old girl who's been missing from milpitas. we're joined from levi stadium this evening. kim, this is a problem we should say in every super bowl city. what was announced today, though? >> reporter: well, the fbi announced today the culmination of a week-long crackdown against human trafficking. they arrested roughly 50 suspects in the bay area, alone. now, fbi officials say any time you have a large event like a super bowl, the potential for this type of criminal element skyrockets. that is why the bay area has formed a special task force whose sole purpose is to target human trafficking during super bowl 50. led by the fbi this latest bust netted over 150 pimps and
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recovered almost as many underage victims nationwide. it's an annual bust but this year it helped bay area law enforcement test out a special human trafficking operation center based in oakland. >> this human trafficking operation center will be used for the enforcement during super bowl 50 and next february. >> reporter: fbi agents call it a one-stop shop where officers from all different agencies can direct questions and gather information to help fight human trafficking. it's such a huge problem during big events like a super bowl that bay area city leaders are specifically training employees in the service industry to identify trafficking red flags during the big event. overall, there is a strong and clear message coming from city and county leaders. >> if you're coming to our city to troll our streets or troll our internet for children, particularly, that we're going to identify you, you're going to be arrested and we're going to prosecute them.
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>> reporter: now, the numbers for human trafficking during prior super bowls is staggering with the most alarming being information from the national center for missing and exploited children who says that in 2010 for the super bowl in miami, an estimated 10,000 prostitutes mostly trafficking victims were brought in for that super bowl. reporting live in santa clara, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, kim. changing his strategy. president obama has decided to keep american troops in afghanistan longer than his original deadline. instead of going down to about 1,000 troops at the end of 2016 the u.s. will maintain the 9,800 troops it has now in the country. the president wants to avoid the same mistake in iraq when u.s. troops left too soon and the country slipped back into chaos. president obama says the taliban, al qaeda, and now isis continue to be growing threats in afghanistan. >> the bottom line is in key areas of the country, the security situation is still very
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fragile, and in some places there's risk of deterioration. >> the president says his decision was not an easy one, but believes it's necessary to keep the u.s. safe from terrorists. coming up, "nightly news" dives deeper into president obama's plans for afghanistan. we're going to have more on that in 20 minutes at 5:30. collectively, we are all answerable. collectively, we're all answerable to the families. >> a call for new limits on guns and ammunition. lieutenant governor gavin newsom rolling out the so-called bullet bill. why this proposal could mean huge changes for anyone buying ammunition. plus, mothers outraged after a trip to a san jose target gets steamy. their reactions to the x-rated audio that played over the intercom. good afternoon, i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. high clouds increase today. not only in san francisco, but right on down to the south bay as well. we're tracking your forecast and the possibility of even a few
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more showers this weekend coming up. people shopping at target --
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many of whom w/ their kids -- got an well, it was awkward to say the least. people shopping at target many of whom with their kids got an unexpected message from the store's loud speaker. adult porn for everyone to hear. this was the target in san jose on saratoga avenue.
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nbc bay area's michelle roberts is there. michelle, what happened? >> reporter: essentially x-rated material played over the loud speaker. a very awkward day. it was mommy and me day at the westgate shopping center. people say it was packed when it happened. >> what is going on at target right now? >> reporter: gina young's grocery run with her two boys was cut short yesterday when an x-rated soundtrack blasted through the speakers inside this target store in san jose. her 3-year-old boy started crying. and parents with older children started asking questions about who is making those noises and why. >> just kept saying why are they hurting a lady? it's okay, everything's okay, it's just pretend. >> reporter: bethany curren says that pretending played in every aisle for about 15 minutes and she says it was filled with racist and sexist language. >> i just kept looking around and seeing all these employees laughing, getting their phones
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out, not doing much. >> reporter: bethany says a store manager did apologize when the porn stopped. in a statement target says in part they're actively reviewing the situation to better understand what happened and to help ensure this does not happen again. >> i don't thing ik i'm ever go to be able to get that out of my head. >> reporter: gina and bethany are planning to shop at target again but are asking for another sincere apology. there are reports of a similar incident happening at a target store in san luis obispo earlier this year. target won't say if their system was hacked or an employee inside the store. reporting live in san jose, michelle roberts nbc bay area news. taking the issue of gun and ammunition control to voters, lieutenant governor gavin newsom wants to mandate criminal background checks for anyone trying to buy bullets. lieutenant governor announced a voter initiate ive in held outse
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101, the scene of a mass killing in 1983. prompted california to pass the nation's strictest gun laws. he wants to work on ammo and high capacity magazines. he's hoping to get the proposal on the 2016 ballot. the fact that i'm scared now to send my kids to preschool, more preschool kids are being shot than police officers in the line of duty. the fact that i have to worry about who's sitting behind me in a movie theater. >> if passed, california would be the first state to require a background checks for ammunition. new york approved a similar measure recently, but suspended it after threats of multiple lawsuits. from a pro athlete to silicon valley ceo, he's been successful at nearly everything he's done. >> and he's hoping his next venture will benefit thousands of low-income children. garvin thomas with tonight's "bay area proud." >> janelle, while it was soccer
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and football jim messimer was best at, his fondest memories are baseball, playing catch with his dad when he was a kid. it's just one part of his past that jim has pulled from for his latest venture helping children build their first block to success, the ability to read. >> say i will take turns. >> i will take turns. >> though there have been many a great book written about baseball -- >> what's this letter? >> reporter: books and baseballs -- >> perfect. >> reporter: -- don't normally mix at school. >> p. >> good job. >> reporter: at three san francisco schools these days, literacy and the long ball have found common ground. why? just ask jim messimer. it was his idea. >> i'm a very solution-oriented person and a lot of people, they position things as a problem. i look at them as opportunities. messaging is not what you say, it's how we say it. >> reporter: jim is a former professional soccer and football
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player who transitioned into a successful 20-year career as a silicon valley executive. a career that five years ago, jim decided to put on hold to start this. san francisco rbi is a non-profit bringing underprivileged children up to and beyond grade level in reading. >> other bugs we're going to read about in this book. >> reporter: there are lessons in the classroom and on the playing field. all focused on increasing literacy. >> i believe the core of education is reading. you cannot go to s.t.e.m., you cannot write code, you cannot do anything if you cannot read. >> reporter: it's a noble goal, one jim says has part of its roots in a very personal place. he and his wife, debby's, inability to have children of their own. unable to start a family, they
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decided to help as many other families as they possibly could. >> there's reasons for everything. and i really believe that the pathway that this led us to by creating this organization has enriched us in a totally different way. >> reporter: partnering with major league baseball, and tapping more than a thousand volunteers, sfrbi has already worked with more than a thousand students and are seeing measurable results. as for how long he'll do this pro bono, jim says he's in it until it's able to run on its own. racking up wins, all along the way. one of the keys in there was jim said they've showed measurable results. his background as a silicon valley ceo, he's very data focused. they're doing assessments and creating data on this program. they want to go to schools in other districts and cities and say this works, this is why and
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you can see the results. it's another thing he's drawn from his past to make sure this venture succeeds. >> here's the proof. here are the numbers. >> you better do it. >> thanks, garvin. >> thank you, garvin. we're following breaking news. we want to get you tuned in now. in southern california. take a look at this video coming into our newsroom. there's a flash flood warning in san bernardino and northern los angeles counties. it is intense to say the least. heavy downpours and severe thunderstorms throughout the day and as we speak. specifically this is in lancaster which is north of los angeles. roads as you can see washing away. we're also getting reports of several cars and even homes that have been swallowed by the rushing and muddy waters. you see the bridge overpasses there and all that water just seeping into the land. so far, no word on any injuries. i know janelle, we were talking about this with jeff ranieri of the lightning strikes in the area. >> they've been hit hard in the last day or so. yeah, it's part of that storm system that brought us a few areas of showers over the
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past 24 hours. the center of low pressure is to the south where we're finding the strongest activity at the current moment and the largest problem is how slowly this is moving off toward the east. the slow movement is enhancing these flooding impacts. that video just unbelievable. the ground is so dry. you get a lot of rain in a short amount of time. there's nowhere for that water to go. and you can see right now on the radar, it's right here near lancaster. where we do have a very, very strong thunderstorm moving off to the northeast. hail, nearly a half inch in diameter, multiple lightning strikes, and also some extremely gusty winds. it will be a rough next couple of three to four hours for this heavy rainfall continuing. now let's take you back outside to the sky camera network here at home. we've had some of that subtropical moisture. the humidity teoday. at least the temperatures were cooler. 79 in the south bay. east bay 78 currently. san francisco at 62. now, we did have a few spotty showers reported in the east and also the south bay this morning and i still think we'll hold on to a slight chance of some
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showers as we head throughout tomorrow. so let's go ahead and take a look at the forecast. best chance would be in the south bay with 61 degrees. maybe a few drops in the east bay and 60. for san francisco, we'll start with areas of early fog and 58 degrees. so once again, the storm system that's producing flooding in southern california continues to move off toward the east and the overnight hours. again, may produce an isolated shower. overall for friday's forecast, we can't shake the humidity just yet. we'll have partly sunny skies and temperatures that will be just about similar to what we experienced for today. then as we head throughout saturday, we still have the storm system on the way. it's expected to break up before it gets here. a shower chance but mainly to the north, includes maren, napa, also sonoma counties. the rainfall moving into california probably has you thinking about what's ahead for winter. in case you missed our update at the earlier far of this show, we have the latest on what we can
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expeshlg expect for rainfall. classic el nino. drier weather possibly for the pacific northwest. right back into the midwest as well. let's take you to the microclimate forecast as we head throughout friday. and you'll see that fog is coming back into san francisco. and 65 degrees. for the financial district, 66. peninsula, 81 in palo alto. the south bay, 82 in san jose. for the north bay, east bay, also for the trivalley, temperatures in the mid 80s for danville, but we still may have 87 degrees expected in pleasanton. right up into wine country, 82 expected in napa. as we push ahead toward the upcoming weekend, by sunday, some of the most comfortable weather we have enjoyed in quite some time. raj and janelle, again, about another three to four hours of heavy downpours expected in southern california. >> all right. thank you for that update, jeff. all you entrepreneurs out there, listen up. a new facility that opened in san jose today that made it just a little bit easier to innovate in the silicon valley. plus drop, cover, and hold
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on. the great california shakeout took place today and the reason why this year's drill was so focussed on fire safety. silicon valley is truly becoming
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the innovation capital of the
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silicon valley is truly becoming the innovation capital of the nation. today, san jose may wror sam lacardo helped celebrate the opening of the very first silicon valley patent office. before, entrepreneurs would have to fly to one of five other offices across the nation to apply for a patent. now innovators only have are to head downtown. >> young innovators and entrepreneurs often working out of the proverbial garage here in silicon valley can have the same access to examiners and judges that are larger, more established companies can have. >> the bay area generates more patents than any other region in the country. disappointing news for millions of retirees. there will be no increase in social security payments next year. the government making that announcement today that there will be no cost of living adjustment in 2016. now this has happened only twice before in 2010 and 2011. the decision is based on inflation which remained
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relatively flat this year. in part because of lower gas prices. well, did you practice your duck and cover? millions did for the great california shakeout. we'll show you the picture next. ==take live== we'll go back to
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la. we're following the flash floods and mudslides -- in northern l-a coming up at our 6:00
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newscast we're going to take you back to l.a., following the flash floods and mudslides. this is in northern l.a. county and san bernardino county. we'll have live coverage of the damage and danger people are facing. that's coming up at 6:00. san ramon woke up to another morning of minor earthquakes but others in the bay area pretended to feel the big one. >> cover your head. >> this is what it looked like at the san jose tech museum. elementary school students practiced drop, cover and hold on. they also practiced on museum quake simulator. today's great california shakeout gives people across the state a region to practice what to do before and after an earthquake hits. >> we are also going to be talking about how to shut off your gas meter because the number-one problem we have is fires after an earthquake. >> the phrase "drop, cover, and hold on" replaces the old advice to duck into a door frame or run outside. >> and the mascot there in the blue was the earthquake's mascot. >> perfect.
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>> named q. >> thanks for watching us at 5:00. lester holt joins us next with "nightly news." tonight -- staying in afghanistan. a stunning about-face from the president who promised to end this nation's longest war. why american troops are being kept there with no end in sight. is he headed to prison? former speaker of the house dennis hastert, once one of the most powerful men in america cutting a deal over charges he paid millions in hush money to cover-up allegations of sex abuse. going to new extremes. the new forecast for winter released. there are big changes from years past. why millions are in for a roller coaster season. credit card warning. complaints piling up about those new cards with security chips meant to protect you. what you should know and why you should be checking your bills even more closely than usual. "nightly news" begins right now.


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