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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 16, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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mud-soaked highways slam southern california. why many say they were unprepared despite the warnings. "today in the bay" starts right now. and a good friday morning, dh-juátju joining us. i'm sam brock.ñr >> i'mçó kris sanchez in for laa garcia-cannon. we showed you some of that video. the mudslides and the rain there. we're getting just a whisper of that storm, kari. >> just a few leftover sprinkles as that system continues to move to the north and weakens as it moves into the bay ñiarea. don't be surprised if you see a few raindrops but not expecting heavy downpours. skies and temperatures in the lower 60s and highs today in the 70s and 80s as our skies gradually clear and breezy winds kicking in and it will be a comfortable afternoon. i'll show you the weekend forecast with another chance of rain coming up and let's check in now with mike to seeçó what' happening in dublin. >> dublin interchange westbound the commute direction and
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reference all of that on the map, as welf saw the lights are moving veryç well westbound and that construction crew and eastbound coming across the dublin grade, we have a stalled big rig in one that may be an issue.ñi chp check it out and wanted to warn you about that countercommute. over here west 580 heading towards 24 and looks like it's starting to clear up a little bit and should have that overnight road crew starting to clear lanes and watch forxd the flashing lights approaching the maze and the rest of your bay is fine. back to you. the latest developments out of southern california, that is where mudslides,ñr torrential rainfall and flash floods all slammed northern los angeles county, leaving cars stranded on parts of interstate 5. you see the chopper shot there on the left-hand side of your screen. drivers found themselves in life-threatening situations as this vicious storm blew through the area. many say that they were completely unprepared. >> so many of us know that route so well driving down to disneyland and what not and southern california. bob redell is showing us now
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that it allçó happened really fast. >> yeah, sam and kris. part of the problem is the drought and wildfires has loosened so much of the soil and the rock in the state when you have rain and flash floods like southern california, you're going to end up with a river of mud. that is the scene right there, that is about 65 miles north of los angeles where the storm swept away cars and filled many homes with muck knee deep in parts and drivers on i-5 traveling over the grapevine and the pass were surprised to see a mountain of boulders and dirt coming at them. one driver said the debris lifted up his car and spunñi it around like nuothing. >> my wife roll oed the window down and it was just like a fright train coming through your house. it really was. it was loud, it was really loud. >> both directions of i-5 are still shut down at the xdgrapeve as cal trans brings in heavyñi equipment to remove all that mud
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and debris. once the road is cleared, a geologist will have to come in to check the stability of the grade before cal trans will reopen that road. we're talking about later in the day. remarkably, no reports of any deaths or injuries. sam, kris. >> thank you very much, bob. happening now, a sinkhole in union city is turning into an even bigger problem. this is a live look at crews working on the hole right now. it started as a is six by eight-foot sinkhole wednesday and now 55 feet across. and ten feet deep this morning. crews are digging to make sure there isn't more damage to a built-in water main and now that busy road in union city will be closed until tuesday. this is all at the intersection of alvarado boulevard right near alvarado middle school. people in the neighborhood say they're concerned not only about the water, but about the gas line that is there, too. >> just really crazy to see something like this. >> we're methodically exposing
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the fight. being careful of the other utilities in the hole. >> a union city public works and the alameda county water district say they don't know what caused the initial sinkhole, but parents at alvarado middle school are being told to drop the kids off at the fredi street entrance. administrators there had to cut a hole in the fence just to help those kids get on to campus. the suspects in a brazen home invasion robbery in hercules still on the loose this morning. it happened on cinnibar way as a family was returning home. damian has the latest on this family that was basically ambushed. >> police are now looking for an asian male and a black male who they say worked in tandem here on wednesday night. the family in hercules was terrorized before the suspects got away into the town of hercules. it happened in the 200 block of cinnibar way on wednesday ñinig.
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a mother parked her car in the driveway with two children and elderly mother. the suspects arrived and pulled guns on the family. they had a semi automatic and a black military-style rifle. they would shoot the children unless their mother told them where the safe was. they took the contents of the safe and locked the entire family in the room. >> i am really surprised. doesn't happen like that around here. you never know. it's quiet. a very quiet neighborhood. stuff happens everywhere. >> again, the suspects are described as asian and african-american. males in their 20s. both were wearing black hooded sweatshirts and both had a dark colored bandanna or a ski mask. there might be potentially a third suspect, a get away driver who took the suspects away from the scene.
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we're live in hercules, i'm damian trujillo o. the golden gate bridge is open once again after this fiery crash friday night. no, it was not friday. it was fiery. i misread. toyota camry caught fire on the bridge around 5:30 yesterday. bringing the evening commute on thursday to a standstill. some twitter users did share these photos with us. very dramatic. everyone did make it out of the car safely. all northbound lanes shut down creating a traffic nightmare. the fire was in control in half an hour. if you plan to use golden gate ferry service this weekend, you may want to budget a little more time. ferry riders are being alerted to service delays today through early monday morning. that's due to an ongoing retrofit project at the terminal in san francisco's ferry building. crews right now retrofitting ferry boating ramps.
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those delays should not last more than half an hour. don't be alarmed, pg&e crews will be releasing gas in san francisco today. if you smell it, you don't have to report it. near the intersection of south airport boulevard and utah avenue. this is not far from highway 101 and the cal transtation. the work is expected to happen in the late morning and afternoon hours. always a little frightening when you smell that gas. >> something a little funky in the air. we are about to unleash the weekend on you. a lot of people have been waiting for that. >> good morning, yes, waiting for the weekend and waiting for more rain to move in, although southern california has had enough. but the good news is that bulk of the rain has now moved farther off to the east and approaching vegas. so, it may be a wet weekend there if you're heading in that direction. here in the bay area, some spotty, light rain. we may still have some of those sprinkles coming down on the windshield and clearing by this afternoon.ñ!(p(t&háhp &hc% highs in the low to mid-80s.
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redwood city topping out at 78 degrees and the castro at ñi72. a mix of sun and clouds and 78 in napa today and 88 in antioch and danville topping out at 86 degrees. we'll take a closer look at the microclimates and the forecast for the weekend with that next chance of rain coming up in a few minutes. let's check in now with mike to see what's happening with the commute. >> we have the bay bridge just like a typical friday. a lighter, easier drive right now. more compressed commute towards the middle of morning and kicking in mid-day, once again. no problems through the east shore freeway and the early slowing through the construction zone west 580 looked like it was clear and also fender bender there. stalled vehicle and that truck eastbound 580 reported in your slow lane. so, stay to the left as you're heading up the grade. a live look at palo alto on the peninsula. 101 north and the red lights southbound into mountain view. no problems, obviously, either direction. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. happening later today, we may learn exactly when cal trans
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plannis to open a new hov lane near the coliseum in oakland as we take a live look at that pointing out traffic moving smoothly so far. crews adding an hov lane to the southbound stretch between davis street and marina boulevard. a northbound hov lane will run and cal trans will hold a media briefing later to kind of break it all down. coming up, getting tough on gun control. lieutenant governor gavin newsom unveiled a historic plan. plus, the next republican debate could be donald trump. the move he's making against another major network. coming up. got a tip for nbc bay area investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area. we investigate.
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. now to decision 2016 and it is a financial arms race all the way to the nomination. which presidential candidate is raking in the most cash. >> here's another question. will donald trump and ben carson miss the next republican debate? "today in the bay" tracie potts with the latest on the race from the white house and who would miss the debate and why? >> well, apparently the two of othem want the debate to be shorter among other things
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donald trump says our sister network cnbc has agreed to that. he tweeted that this morning. cnbc no comment so far on these demands coming from them. meantime, just a few hours ago, critical filing deadlines for the candidates. we are following the money trail this morning. >> that's a promise! >> reporter: hillary clinton in new hampshire today after a key latino endorsement is sitting on $77 million. far more than any other candidate has raised. in the last three months, she took in $30 million followed by bernie sanders and ben carson. carson spent two-thirds of what he collected last quarter. he and donald trump sent a letter to cnbc threatening to boycott the next debate, if it's longer than two hours and doesn't allow opening and closing statements. else where on the campaign trail, critics jeb bush on the nfl and ray wright. >> i think this mishandled there. >> reporter: carly fiorina on president obama's decision to leave more troops in
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afghanistan. >> i certainly support his recognition of reality. >> reporter: and joe biden. >> have you made your decision y yet? >> reporter: still mum on whether he's running for president. now, he really does not have a lot of time left. first filing deadline coming up at the end of the month, by the way, a brand-new nbc news online poll pow oered by survey monkey. just the last hour and a half or so what it's showing us is hillary clinton and donald trump still on top and ben carson with the momentum on the republican side and also showed that hillary clinton won this week's debate. >> all right, getting a bit of a surge there for the former secretary of state. thank you very much. tracie potts. lieutenant governor gavin newsom had tough words for the nra this after he unveiled his new proposal. you can intimidate politicians, but you can't intimidate the public. newsom is taking on the issue of
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gun and ammunition control and moving it direct three the voters. he announced his initiative yesterday outside 101 california in san francisco. the scene of a mass killing in 1993. newsom hopes to pass some of the nation's strictest gun laws. this proposal includes background checks and a ban on owning large capacity gun magazines. also, if your gun is stolen, you have to notify law enforcement. newsom is hoping to get the proposal on the 2016 ballot saying that gun violence in america is "insane." >> the fact that i am scared now to send my kids to preschool. more preschool kids are being shot than police officers in the line of duty. the fact that i have to worry about who's sitting behind me in a movie theater. >> if passed, california would become the first state in the country to background checks for ammunition. new york did approve a similar measure recently, but it had to suspend it after threats of multiple lawsuits.
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now to go on strike or not. that's what many california state university employees will try to decide starting monday. this comes after the california faculty association many efforts to get a 5% raise. union members will get a 2% increase this school year, which they say is just not nearly enough to make teaching sustainable for them. rallies are planned for monday throughout many of the 23 csu campuses, including those here in the bay area. that vote runs through the end of october. it has been a very week for online sports betting companies. fan duel and draft kings and they're continuing to be under fire. >> for that and the rest of the day's news before the bell, we turn to landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> hey, good morning to you. the markets could end the week on a down note. futers are down ahead of the open. stocks rallying into the close for thursday for the first time in three sessions. comes from concerns that weaker economic data will lower the
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chances of an interest rate hike this year. look for results today on production and consumer spending and earnings from ge. the dow rising 217 points to 17141. the dow's highest level since august 19th. the nasdaq up 87 to 4870. fantasy sports sites ordered to shut down in nevada because they may be violating the law. the "wall street journal" and the notice affects sites like draft kings and fan duel and been under fire for flooding the marketplace with ads without a nevada gambling license. representatives for draft kings and fan duel weren't available for comment. and seaworld planning to challenge a new california ban on breeding killer whales otherwise known as orcas in c captivi captivity. voted to give seaworld san diego a permit to build two large orca pools on the commission.
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the commission reached the jurisdiction. the company has been criticized over the treatment of its animals at its parks. sam and kris, back over to you. >> we hope you have a great weekend. thank you very much, landon. >> we are here for the weekend. the best part of a friday, if you have school kids is no homework. so, can we go outside and decorate for halloween? >> yeah, a great weekend for that. although it may get wet in some parts of the bay area heading into the weekend. so, if you have something like a scare crow or some paper outside, yeah, it may get a little bit of water on it. let's take a outside right now. as we see in san jose, we do have some clouds starting out. but not much rain yet. but don't be surprised if that is as you're driving to work you see some sprinkles on the windshield.
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as we start the morning, mainly in the 60s stepping out the door. so, little bit more comfortable and also pretty humid as we still do have enough energy left in the atmosphere for the possibility of some more light rain. that's what our futurecast is picking up on as we go into the next hour, hour and a half still leftover spotty showers moving into the bay area even as we go through the morning and early afternoon. but not expecting much of that as it will be very hit or miss. otherwise, a mix of sun and clouds and the winds will start to pick up, too. winds coming in from the west and northwest. picking up as we go into the afternoon. it will be a breezy evening with the winds up to close to 20 miles an hour. the rainfall estimate from those showers that are still moving across the region maybe some additional rainfallles and some trace amounts. else where we'll have some humid conditions and highs today topping out in the 70s and 80s. morgan hill expect a high of o83 and pacifica 70 and ñr72 in
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sausalito and oakland reaching 75 degrees and danville today a high of 86. we'll take a closer look at the weekend forecast. coming up let's check in with mike and what isening there as you take us to dublin. >> you have to look at these lights in motion. this is westbound 580 towards the dublin interchange and there's the dublin heading up towards castro valley. let me show you the map and concerned with folks coming in off the castro valley side and towards the dublin grade and big rig blocking your slow lane. as you the interchange itself. the tri-valley in general moves just fine. as we zoom, let's get a big look at the bay area. no problems. throughout. the green highlight spots around the bay and damp roadways and kari talking about that throughout the morning and moving over towards the bay bridge. metering lights not on yet and the right approach just starting to show the backup for the cash payers. back to you. >> thank you. coming up next, the young girl's artistic talent helping
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police nab a suspect. the nu the unusual clue that helped their case.
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developing this morning. still no signs of improvement this morning for former nba star lamar odom who is fighting for his life.ñi he has now been in a coma for days since he arrived in sunrise hospital in nevada. still unresponsive. employees at the brothel where
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he was found unconscious told police that odom used cocaine the day before he arrived and an herbal stimulate during his visit. he told her he just wanted to get out of the spotlight. >> we've all been praying. he's been through a lot. and he can get through this, too. >> right now his in-laws, the kardashian family are asking the world to pray for him. now, because amar and khloe kardashi kardashian's divorce has not yet been finalized, she still has the legal authority to makical decisions on his behalf. spencer stone the hero from sacramento is getting better. you see him smiling there. he was released from uc davis medical center yesterday. stone was recovering after someone stabbed him during a bar fight outside of that sacramento bar last week. there is the surveillanceio. stone was out with friend when the fight broke out and someone attacked him from behind.
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that, of course, is the video of what happened. as you may remember stone became an american hero over the summer after he stopped a terror attack on a paris-bound train. a stick figure drawing played a critical role in helping police nab a burglar. >> how. that is the question. here's rebecca of connecticut who drew this sketch, as you said, krisa sti, a stick figure. asked if she had seen anything suspicious in connection to a string of burglars. she gave them their best clue which earned her a standing ovation. >> for us to take that sketch and match it up with a suspect, it was remarkable. >> it's pretty close. >> there's the comparison. they were able to kind of extrapulate and come up with that man. officers arrested pedro bruno who confessed to ten burglaries, including the break in at the young girl's own home.
5:26 am
they were also able to recover some of the items that were stolen. that is the career her mom had planned out for her. >> it will work. coming up right now from bad to worse, a sinkhole in union city widening. alarming neighbors. look at that thing. that is what it was like yesterday. the biggest concern from residents this morning. floods consume cars in southern california among a vicious and fast-moving storm there. the overnight developments that could change your weekend plans. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate.
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good morning. thanks for joining us on this friday morning. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> just puts a smile on your face. i'm sam brock. thank you so much for joining pups a quick look at your weekend forecast where the rain is going to linger around a lit bit. >> spotty, light rain this morning. a few of us may see some water coming down to the windshield as you head to work. but, otherwise, we're seeing mostly cloudy skies and we'll continue to track that light rain as it moves into the bay area over the next couple of hours. mostly cloudy skies. temperatures now in the lower 60s. it will be slightly cooler day than yesterday with highs in the upper 70s and lower 80s all across the bay. i'll show you the weekend forecast coming up in a few
5:30 am
minutes. let's check in now with mike to see if the metering lights are on. not on just yet, kari. but friday still does have the backup. forming out a typical pattern most like monday through thursday. a little bit lighter and fastrak lane still moving. east shore freeway. over here we'll show, it was dublin grade that we had reports of a big rig blocking the slow lane. chp gave the update and it is the westbound commute direction right around san ramon road and two big rigs bumped and now añr little fuel spill. watch for some slowing to develop the rest of the south bay and peninsulañr you're at speed. back tayou. the latest developments out of southern california where a major highway is still shut down following heavy rain, mudslides and flash flooding. that vicious storm left cars stranded for much of the night. drivers trapped on interstate 5. that powerful storm dumped torrential rain and hail.
5:31 am
if you were planning on heading down south, you might wantçó tathink about staying put. >> bob redellxd joining us and there were warning that this storm was coming and despite that, drivers say they were still completely unprepared. >> sam and kris, especially on i-5 which is shut down now at both directions. that is the large grade, if you're not familiar, that you might enter. this video shows you the problem. the northbound lane is covered in with five feet of mud and boulders. cal trans expects to have it cleared by around 2:00. that's the latest number we're getting. the reasonñi there's so much to breathe, the ground loosened by the drought and the summer's wildfires. when that rain dumped yesterday, it sent a river of muck down the hill into the middle of oncoming traffic. >> all we sawñi was just aen o o oboulders and dirt and stuff coming right for us. and it pretty much lifted my car up and spun us around like it
5:32 am
was nothing. >> all the cars had been removed from i-5. again, expected to reopen around 5:00 this afternoon. 65 miles north of l.a. many roads shut down because of rushing water and mudslides. several cars swept away andxd a home inundated and the mud is knee deep in some parts and in spite of all this torrential weather, no reports of any deaths or injuries. kris, sam. >> that is amazing considering how fast it moved in. we asked kari earlier if that storm is related to el19and she says it's not, but by all indications, this is just the beginning of the very winter. el nino is coming. the national oceanic and atmosphere administration noaa released its latest winter forecast and it is possible that this el nino could be the strongest one yet and something to note. el nino does not always meanñi
5:33 am
warmer and wetter winter. this is a map here that shows california is predicted to be warmer than usual, but the flip side is the southeast part of the united states could be colder than normal. >> reality check there. all right. 5:33 right now. if we do experience a wetter winter, some peninsula cities already prepping for that outcome. menlo park, east palo alto all rolling out their storm plans. includes designated sandbag stations and several of them throughout those cities. we put a view a few of them up on the map there. along the creek, as well. back in the 1997/1998 it ended up flooding nearby neighborhoods. we plan to track every move el nino makes this winter. you can, too. go to our nbc bay area map and click on weather on the drop down menu to get the latest information. happening right now a
5:34 am
sinkhole in union cityñi turnin into añi major problem. you're looking right now at a live picture of crews working hard to stop it fromñi growing y more than it already has. what started out as a 6 by 8 foot sinkhole on wednesday has mutate under to añi 58-foot wid hole and ten feet deep this morning. crews are digging to make sure there isn't more damage to a broken water ñimain. now that busy road in union city is still goingñi to be closed until tuesday of next week forñ repair work. all this happening at the intersection of alvaradoñi boulevard. people in the neighborhood say they're concerned about the water and the gas lines. >> it's just really crazy to see something like this. >> we're methodically exposing the pipe and being careful of the other utilities in the hole. >> union city public works and the alameda county water district don't know what caused the initial sinkhole. butñr parents of students alvaro
5:35 am
middle school are being told to drop their kids off on the fredi street entrance. añr quiet east bay neighborhooded by a terrifying crime. a hercules family robbed by gunpoint in their own home. damian trujillo is live where that home invasionñi happened. police say there may be more suspects on the run. >> still a scary moment here for the family here in ñihercules. they are still looking for suspects who got away after this home invasion robbery took place here on wednesday evening. residents say this sort of thing just doesn't happen here. this morning police are looking for at least two heavily armed men. detectives say the men forced their way into a home in the ç?l block of cinnibar way on wednesday night. a 47-year-old mother parked her car in the driveway with her two children and her elderly mother. shortly after, police said the suspects arrived and pulled guns on the family. they had a semi automatic
5:36 am
handgun and was described as a black military-style rifle. police say the suspects said theyñr would shoot the children ages 9 and 10 unless their mother told them where the safe was located. the suspects locked the entireñ a room shortly after e entireñ ransacking that safe. disabled the victims' cell phones and police arrived about a half hour olater. >> kind of scary. this is hercules, nice neighborhood that we have here. >> the suspects are described as an man and an african-american man both in their 20s. both were wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and both had a dark colored bandanna or a ski mask. and there might be potentially a third suspect, a get away driver who took the suspects away from that scene. we're live in hercules, i'm damon trujillo. >> very scary sequence of events there. 5:36 right now. one man dead, two officer os hurt this morning after a vaolent confrontation in san francisco yesterday.
5:37 am
police are expected to hold a town hall meeting monday to explain what exactly happened during this deadly encounter. but here's what we know this morning. police say around noon two sergeants were flagged down because a man was throwing glass bottles on market street near eighth avenue. a struggle then broke out when officers tried to arrest him and he managed to grab an officer's gun. that's when the second officer shot that man twice killing him. the officers sustained minor injuries. happening today. the 18-year-old man accused of sexually assaulting an 8-year-old student at a south bay charter school is expected to be in court today. police arrested jonathan chow back in september at spark charter school in sunnyvale. that's where ñicho worked as a lunchtime monitor and teacher assistant. he was arraigned on felony charges connected to the assault. police are urging anyone else who might have been victimized to come forward. follow up to buzz on campus.
5:38 am
too much protection for tenured professors.ñi janet nepapolitano looking into that question. did not fire a professor who was accusedñi of sexual harassment. astronomer marcie groped and kissed female students from 2001 to 2010. cal's chancellor said he wasn't able to fire him because of the statute of limitations. he resigned this week due to public pressure. now, nepapolitano has formed a committee to investigate how complaints against tenured faculty are being handled. millionaire robert durst might oface legal action in the first disappearance of his first wife 33 years ago. federal agents arrested durst in one day before the airing of a documentary when a hot microphone seemed to catch durst uttering a confession linked to those three deaths, including that of his first wife. her body has never been found and noinal charges were ever
5:39 am
filed. but her relatives yesterday took the first step in filing a wrongful death lawsuit against durst. if you're wasting water, you're getting outed and you're going to have to pay for it. but we're learning who exactly are thexd biggest water wasters the culprits in the east bay. one of them quite famous. oakland a' billy beane is third on the east bay mud list for using too much water this hr(t&háhp &hc number one on that list is retired chevron oil exec george kirkland. they both live in danville. e is using just short of 6,000 gallofsijt water per day. as for kirkland try more than 12,000 gallons a day, which is roughly 48 times the district average. those numbers are not sitting well with people who go out of their to conserve water. >> i make sureñi we save the dishes until dinnertime and my daughters, they are not allowe) to have showers every night. >> beane told the local newspaper that he tried to cut
5:40 am
back this summer, tried to cut back, but he has too much landscaping to contend with. kirk told nbc bay area that hex has a leak in his water line which flows to his vineyard which mayave contributed to that rather high number. he's working right now to try to get the problem fixed. >> billy beane, brown is the new green. >> and the a's are green. >> the çóa's are green. seriously, your landscaping. i want to maintain your landscaping and you want to water your trees, but i there is something you can cut back. 5:40 right now. we are heading into the weekend. actually getting a little bit of rain right now, kari. we some yesterday. >> very hit or miss. not all of ous are able to turn off the sprinklers. as we go-by-hour in san francisco, still some lingering clouds this morning. but it looks to clear out by lunchtime and it will be nice today. the winds starting to pick up as we go into the afternoon with more clouds moving back in later on this evening.
5:41 am
now, our temperatures are about average for this time of year. in the lower 80s in the south bay, the peninsula and the low÷ 70s in pacifica and the 81 degrees and castro today up to 72 degrees and 78 degrees in napa while oakland tops out at 75 and danville a high of 86 degrees. i'll take you hour by hour in san jose coming up in about ten minutes. let's check in now with mike going to the bay bridge. >> metering lights were on and on myñi analogue watch you miss it by that much. just a few seconds after we showed it turned theñi metering lights on not an appreciatable difference as far as thisñi vie. not a change here either. the speed sensors are fine on the approach and you see the slowing right at the toll plaza registering right now. east shore freeway. the rest of your bay looks great. mild slowing for antioch and concord. i'm watching this. the crash we told you about blocking the slow lane and we'll give you a look at that coming up and the south bay and the peninsula. no delays right now. back to you. >> thank you, mike. coming up next, fighting
5:42 am
drought-fueled wildfires with violent inmates. it's an issue lawmakers says needs to be reevaluated. but the reason california'sñi corrections chief is defendizz the program,ñi regardless. his ñiresponse, next. an awkward moment at a local target storeñi had a lot of peoe talkingñi about the birds and t bees with their kids. the x-rated moment that horrified children and their parents.
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5:44 am
talk about a cringe worthy moment. açó san jose target storeñr
5:45 am
apologizing after pornography blasted through the intercom system. this happened wednesday at the westgate shopping center. the x-rated sound track played for 15 minutes. shoppers,çó especially those wi kids, were horrified. they hurting a lady? i was like, it's okay, it's just pretend. >> all standing there together listening to this horribleñr auo like covering our kids' ears. >> targal says they're investigating and we also know a similar incident happened at a store back in july. don't want to have the birds and bees conversation at target, i have to say. >> a corporate memo might be appropriate here. don't do that. the dreams of fantasy sports games are on life support this morning. that's how it looks in nevada. regulators decided that sites like fan duel and draft kings
5:46 am
should be considered as gambling. they are being ordered to cease operations in nevada until recent licenses. prompted new calls for federal regulations in an industry hat has no real oversight. six children were rescued in a bay area sex trafficking bust. this was all part of a nationwide sting last week that resulted in the arrest of 153. eight men were in the bay area and new human trafficking operation in oakland took part of that sting. also play a major role during the upcome super bowl in santa clara. that's because authorities say prostitution dramatically spikes in super bowl cities. >> you're coming to our or to troll our streets or troll our internet for children, particularly, that we're going to identify you, they're going to be arrested and prosecute them. now, bay area leaders are also training employees in the service industry to identify the red flags of prostitution and
5:47 am
human trafficking during super bowl week. a follow up now to the new firestorm of controversy surrounding california inmates fighting wildfires. findings released this week indicate that many of california's 4,000 or so inmate firefighters are previous convictions for violent crimes. in the past, corrections officer officials said only nonviolent prisoners were being used. despite the backlash now, the state's correction chief is defending the status quo. he says inmates are doing a great job and now is not the time to polites is this issue. he is considering a campaign to eases about public safety risks. in the midst of battling wildfires in northern california, 30 firefighters lost their own homes to those deadly flames. but now they're getting a helping hand. two nonprofit organizations in oakland who each give 1,000 to each participating fire department that will adopt one of these. 30 homeless firefighters. the departments will buy and deliver necessary items for those firefighters.
5:48 am
monetary dooinations from the local communities are also, of course, welcome. using technology to make prosthetic limbs more affordal. a team of students at the university of washington are trying to do just that. using desktop computers and a video game controllers and a 3d printer to reinvent the technology that allows amputees to gain some mobility. the students used a 3d printer to build a prosthetic hand. they then manipulated the motions by sending signals through a computer. they say all of their materials from amazon for roughly 500 bucks. maybe even less than that. robotic arms currently cost about $30,000. >> the idea is that we will release these designs to anybody that can download them. and they'd be able to make it themselves. >> it's still a work in progress. it is amazing. so, these guys can manufacture the same thing that they're charging $30,000 for. it's still a work in progress. the students say an even better version is possible. >> they're willing to give away
5:49 am
the plan for free. that is remarkable. they're not trying to make money off of it. centers for disease control will issue the first flu report of the season. the cdc says most seize flu activity happens between october and may and peaks between december and february. so, if you haven't gotten your flu shot already, you should do it soon. this season's flu vaccine expected to be more effective than last year. >> because last year's was about 20% effective. >> yeah. >> just a different strain, it didn't work out. dozen mean you shouldn't get it. >> you should get it because we're heading deeper into fall and all coordinated with fall colors. yes. love it. a little bit more rain to move into the bay area, which is great news. but as we take a live look now at the bay bridge, start out with mostly cloudy skies and not a lot of rain yet and that possibility once again tomorrow with another system moving in. and couple of sprinkles still lingering this morning as you head out the door and parts of
5:50 am
the bay area all because of othis system that is slowly rolling across southern california. approaching vegas at this point. a look now at the bay area. we do see a little bit of some rain, but not a lot. so, once again, a couple spotty, light showers being picked up on our computer model. this is the futurecast that shows us 7:00 inú( morning and we could have light rain moving through and it won't be a lot in some active weather and a lot of humidity and partly cloudy skies. by early afternoon, all of this clearing. you could head out to dinner with no worries of any rain going through. going hour by hour in san jose. a mixture of sun and clouds and by noon we should see it clearing out and 72 degrees. rising into the upper 70s and lower 80s with all that sunshine and the breezy wind kicking in. a look at the futurecast. shows another chance of rain moving in with this cold front that will being between saturday and early on sunday. our temperatures will be normal
5:51 am
for this time of year. you'll notice an increase in the wind and a forñi the north bay d also parts of san francisco. if you're going for the half moon bay pumpkin festival, it's saturday and sunday. it will be 64 degrees on saturday, as well as sunday we'll have more of the same weather and a mixture of sun and clouds. this weekend, once again, that chance of rain for the north bay and san francisco, highs in the 70s and 80s. a touch cooler in some spots on sunday and nice, breezy wind that looks like it will be a very nice weekend for getting outdoors. let's check in now with mike. what's happening as you head to dublin? >> if you're going to half moon for the pumpkin festival, great. if you're not going for the pumpkin festival. 9 92 a nightmare. watching for the slowing in the dublin area and lights right there and presumably some of the activity. let's look at the map. the crash just past san ramon road and slow lanes blocked and some sort of fuel spill and two
5:52 am
big rigs got involved in a crash there. slow lanes blocked and there's the slowing and unusually from the dublin interchange over towards castro valley. northbound 101 right here and 87. not a major concern, but we do have that trend and we're hoping for a lighter slow. and seeing that in most spots. east shore freeway right here and moved over towards the walnut creek interchange and your approach to the bay bridge and metering are on at the bay bridge toll plaza and there are no its coming into the city near the golden gate bridge or from the north bay. san rafael show a nice, easy drive, guys as we take a look back out here and smooth flow of traffic, no problems. back to you. >> mike, thank you. at sfo olater tonight they'll make the end of an era when the with last usairways flight closes a 76-year journey. began business that long ago in 193 as all american aviation. the first ever flight, a three-leg trip from philadelphia to san francisco. tomorrow american airlines official oy absorbs usairways.
5:53 am
so, tonight, one last usairways plane is going tyke off from san francisco to complete the cycle flying back to philly. the celebration event planned at sfo and then usairways is going to fade into history following the vapor trails of airlines that includeaqz m. >> does it have to be a tripleóc stop? coming up, a republican debate without donald trump. hard to imagine the stage without fireworks. but we'll show you what's keeping him away from the podium of what he's threatening to keep away from the podium, next.
5:54 am
5:55 am
it'll be here before you know it. hello, halloween. it's the one night when everybody dresses up. and that includes dinner. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
5:56 am
to decision 2016. the next republican debate could be without frontrunner donald trump and ben carson gaining in the polls. they are threatening to boycott and now calling on cnbc to change its dabutebate rules. the candidates raking in the most cash. >> that's a promise! >> reporter: hillary clinton raised $30 million last quarter, more than any other candidate. ournew nbc news online poll conducted by survey monkey just out this morning found she won tuesday's debate and leads the field by double digits over bernie sanders. sanders was second last quarter
5:57 am
in fund-raising followed by carson. gaining on donald trump's lead up 9% from last month. he and donald trump sent a letter threatening to boycott the next debate, if it's longer than two hours and doesn't allow opening and closing statements. else where on othe campaign trail, critics. jeb bush on the nfl and ray rice. carly fiorina to leave more troops in afghanistan. >> i certainly support his recognition of reality. >> reporter: and joe biden -- >> have you made your decision yet? >> i can't hear you. >> reporter: still mum on whether he's running for president. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> i can't hear you, but i'm going to respond. seaworld is making a splash as it announces it is going from breeding killer captive whales at a san diego park. this coming a week after the
5:58 am
california coastal commission endorsed a $100 million project to build and expand the tanks to orcas. the endorsement came with a band on breeding for the sale of whales. not breeding with be an inhuman act towards the animals. the company says it's ready to pursue legal action if necessary. the next time your kids are doodling on their homework you might not want to discourage it. a young girl's stick figuring helped police nab a burglar. >> 11-year-old rebecca of connecticut drew this little sketch here. the stick figure sketch that police came to her door a few months ago and asked her if she saw anything suspicious in connection to a string of burglaries that happened on oher street and and she gave them her best clue. >> i drew a picture of ohim,ñr i like the best picture, just like a head andñi a hat. after i thought about it in the
5:59 am
morning, going to crumple it up and just throw it out. >> for us to be able to take that sketch and then match it up with a suspect t was remarkable. >> pretty close. >> she gets a reward. officersed this man, pedro buno who did confess to ten burglaries, including a break in at the young girl's hors some of items stolen. cars, suvs, big rigs all buried by walls of mud. the reason this storm turned so destructive and dangerous so quickly. plus, water wasters exposed. drought shaming. the big bay area checkatives at the top of that list. and a mother and her two young kids locked in their own bathroom as armed suspects ransack their east bay home. "today in the bay" starts right now. and a good friday morning, thank youor joining us, i'm sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez, laura garcia-cannon is off this friday morning. we are tracking the weather and the roadways. mike inouye here with the friday
6:00 am
morning drive and we'll start with kari hall who has that microclimate forecast. >> we still do have lingering rain across parts of the bay area as we get a view of the south bay and the east bay, some rain still moving in from that system that is bringing some flooding rains to parts of southern california. here in the bay area, we'll have that rain lingering for a little while longer and then clearing out after starting out the temperatures in the low 60s. we're heading into the 70s and low 80s. a very comfortable afternoon with more sunshine and breezy winds. we'll take a look at another chance of rain in the forecast for the weekend. let's check in now with mike and getting us a view of what's happening at the bay bridge. >> we'll show you the span across. westbound, your commute correction. the metering lights are on keeping traffic lighter on the span and have some slowing as you head in towards the tunnel which is typical as it's building. we look at the map and the backup over at the toll plaza goingñi back towards the burber curve. top


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