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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 16, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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nbc bay area news starts now. >> right now at 11:00, tracking drones and the people who buy them. the bold, new plan to keep the sky safe. >> i'm peggy bunker. >> i'm janelle wang. people who buy drones may soon have to register them. >> this comes after hundreds of drones have been spotted
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dangerously close to planes at airports. e go to santa clara with details on this. this is a safety concern, ian. >> yeah. it's simple how it works right now. you can go to a drone store, buy it online. start flying it right away. new rules would make you register that drone like a car. tonight, photographer chen goa is having his damaged drone repaired. he mostly shoots wedding videos around san francisco. but last week, his drone went haywire. >> suddenly, the drone goes quickly. >> the uncertainty about these dro drones is one reason the federal government will require anyone buying a drone with the department of tropgs. >> i don't want other people know i have this one. and where i fly it. and low long i fly it. >> reporter: but government officials say regulations are needed.
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the faa currently receives about 100 reports each month from pilots who spot drones flying near their planes or around major airports. a drone hampered aerial firefighting efforts around california this summer. >> when it hits a transport category aircraft, when it hits one, there's going to be a significant event. >> the mountain view police department tweeted out a picture last month of a drone they found at a park. the registry would help find the owner. the manager of drones plus likes the idea and hopes more people will fly responsibly. >> i'm an airplane pilot. i fly single-engine. they are aircraft. and drone are flying aircraft, as well. >> reporter: he goes a step further, requiring basic training to prevent accidents or flying near airplanes that tarnish the industry's future. >> without having any regulations, some will say you
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cannot fly the drone over this area at all. >> that plan will be announced on monday. the regulations could be in place by christmas. reporting live in santa clara, ian cole, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, ian. you see military jets flying around levi stadium this weekend, don't be alarmed. a group of pair troratroopers w performing before the game with baltimore. the hairier jets will be with other airplanes doing various stunts. rain, floods, mudslides in southern california are a wake-up call for the bay area. today, cities start preparing for when el nino strikes. crews cleared storm drains. they checked culverts and low-lying areas. workers are already out in full force. >> we're out expecting places that have been trouble spots in
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the past. any place that's subject to mud or rock slides. >> these devastating mudslides are a preview of what our state will face if that el nino is what they expect. >> today, senators barbara boxer and dianne feinstein called on federal officials to be ready for potentially devastating floods in california. it took almost 25 hours but i-5 at the grapevine in southern california is now open again to traffic. more than 100 cars, trucks and buss are trapped there, pushed off to the side of the road after a wall of mud came crashing down around them last night. 45 miles of the busy stretch of freeway was covered in debris. seeing more images from people who were stuck in that mud. cheryl hurd is live with their amazing photos. they were lucky to get out of that mess. >> that's right, peggy. those folks have been through a lot. we know what it's like here in the bay area to have wildfires.
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when that's over, the attention turns towards mudslides. and that scenario is plague out just north of los angeles. but tonight, we have some amazing pictures and stories of survival. the big digout is under way this weekend to free trapped vehicles on interstate 5. the quick-moving system gone, but leaving plenty of damage behind. it was too much water too quickly. >> hopefully it stops. >> reporter: triggering mudslides in parts of southern california. >> we saw a mountain of boulders and dirt and stuff coming right for us. and it pretty much lifted my car up. and spun us around like it was nothing. >> drivers in a desperate scramble to stay alive. >> help. >> the most frightening thing to see, a mountain of mud just comes barreling down on you. >> reporter: the gridlock
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snaking for miles, just as school was letting out. 120 fourth graders rescued from their bus. sleeping in a gym, with no place to go. other children were trapped at school. >> it's pretty scary. and all of the water, just flooding the streets. >> reporter: well, the heaviest of the rain has moved on. but more wet weather could be coming to that rain-soaked area in southern california. reporting live in emeryville, i'm cheryl hurd. in northern california, rain in our forecast, too. >> jeff ranieri is here with the microclimate forecast. this is not related to the rain in southern california. >> that's right. it's a different storm system we're seeing develop just offshore in the bay area. as you see in the satellite radar. there is a decent amount of rainfall. and the cloud cover increasing. a lot will be heading to the north. let's take you to the doppler scan right now. there's nothing at the current moment from the northern bay down to the south bay.
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but our futurecast shows a different story. you'll see by tomorrow morning, cloudy skies here all across the bay area. and the areas of showers beginning to pick up at 6:00 a.m. once we hit 11:30 in the morning, more instability developing offshore. coming up in my forecast in 15 minutes, we'll talk about our thunderstorm chance for saturday and how long this lasts into the weekend. >> that's good news, jeff. thank you so much. our weather coverage continues on our digital platforms, download our free nbc bay area app to monitor the weather in your neighborhood. slowly but surely, life is getting back to normal at a bay area retirement home. the day began when a kitchen fire led to a power outage at the burlingame care home. officials deemed the home unsafe without electricity. they spent the day evacuating residents in buses to nearby facilities. roughly 70 of the nearly 300 elderly residents had to leave. but power has them restored. and residents will be back home
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by tomorrow. >> i appreciate all of the agencies that came out to help support, you know, what has transpired today. a great amount of county support. and emergency and fire. really stepped up to the plate. and helped us quite a bit. a lot going on. a fast-moving fire through a three-story building in the inner richmond neighborhood today. the fire filled all floors with flames and smoke. neighbors tried helping firefighters by using garden hoses to help battle the blaze. approximately 12 people had their homes damaged. one of them was still in shock when she spoke to us. >> i always think of where, you know -- i'm glad everyone's okay. but i don't know. it's going to be day-by. day. i have no idea what to expect. >> no one was hurt in the fire. the cause is under investigation. not guilty. that's the plea from a teacher's
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assistant accused of sexually assaulting an 8-year-old south bay student. police arrested jonathan chow last month. he was a lunchtime monitor. he is being held without bail. he'll be back in court in december. san francisco police will hold a town hall meeting on monday to discuss an officer-involved shooting. the man shot and killed was identified as 27-year-old herbert benitez. two officers tried to arrest benitez for throwing glass bottles at a construction site. he managed to grab one of their guns. that's when the other officer opened fire. need an uber? you may have to wait a little longer. some of the drivers plan to stay off the roads in protest. drivers were protesting outside of the company's headquarters in san francisco. and other uber offices across
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the country today. they're asking for a 60% increase in rates a tipping option in the app and a $7 minimum for rides and cancellation fees. uber says it welcomes feedback from its drivers. coming up next at 11:00, a dangerous and troubling discovery at a california beach. look at this guy. this venomous snake could be making a comeback. then, governor brown makes history by deciding to move out of his sacramento apartment. it's where he's moving to that's attracting so much attention. plus, the bay area helps say farewell to a major airline tonight. and there could be turbulence in store for anyone traveling tomorrow. we'll be right back. the final u-s airways flight is
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in the air right now. flying into the history books. the final u.s. airways flight is
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in the air right now. it took off from mexico about an hour ago. >> this is the end of an aviation era. as u.s. airways merges with american airlines. jean elle is live in burlingame with what this means for passengers. >> reporter: u.s. airways and american airlines have been working on this merger for months. american airlines says it is ready to merge the reservation systems. but passengers should be aware the first real test is just moments away. >> no more after tonight. >> reporter: u.s. airways throws a farewell party at sfo, as the airline takes off for the last time and merges with american airlines. flight 1939, to philadelphia, is a hot ticket. >> flight 1939, which is aptly named for the very year that predecessor of u.s. airways, all-american aviation, was founded. >> john and jackie wouldn't miss it. >> we met at u.s. airways.
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>> my father started with all-american airways in 1951. and it's been in the family for 65 years. i got 30 years. he had 35. >> reporter: the end of an era for u.s. airways. starting saturday, a much larger u.s. airways. merging systems can create turbulence. united and continental was a disaster for everybody. >> reporter: it is increasing staff on saturday. and it has reduced its schedule by 200 flights. there are no guarantees it will be a smooth transition. >> always get to the airport early if you're on that american flight. >> reporter: the u.s. airways ticket counter in terminal one is now empty. a temporary counter will be replaced by tomorrow. the captain of the final flight expects a smooth flight to end the transition. >> we are joining the largest airline.
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it will be a wonderful experience for the passengers, the employs and for the future of the company. >> reporter: don't be surprised if you see airplanes on the tarmac with the u.s. airways logo still on them. it will take some time to get all of the planes painted. reporting live in burlingame, jean elle. >> thank you so much. netflix may change the way we will watch movies. new movies will play in months in theaters before made available to watch at home. netflix latest experiment could make that a thing of the past. the los gatos-based company is releasing a new film online the same day it is released in theaters. netflix is hoping this gets new subscribers. >> we want to share. we want to laugh together. cry together in some movies. all of the emotions and stuff. >> reporter: the movie will only play at smaller theater chains.
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large changes will not show it because netflix is taking money out of their pocket. did russian hackers steal inside information from the dow jones industrial average? the cyber attack happened over a year ago. it says hackers targeted "the wall street journal" and stole market-moving information. dow jones says it has no evidence of hacking and says bloomberg could have fabricated the news in an effort to make the journal look bad. the fbi is now investigating. more and more americans feel comfortable about coming out on facebook. facebook research shows about 800 americans updated their profile to show same-sex preference. an increase of nearly 250% this last october. states without users are nevada and new york. alabama and mississippi have the least. the historic governors mansion in sacramento has not had a governor live in it since
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1967. that's when ronald and nancy reagan lived in the home. but governor jerry brown is moving in. jerry brown, and the first lady and the two corgis will settle in the mansion. brown has been staying at a loft. previous governments have stayed at a ranch home. that was sold to pay for an upgrade at the mansion. it was built in 1877. a, quote, incredibly venomous snake has been spotted off of a beach in southern california. look at this guy here. this is a yellow bellied sea snake. it looks pretty ferocious, actually. they've been showing up in oxnard, likely because of warming temperatures from the anticipated el nino. they mostly inhabit the pacific and indian oceans. they are rare to the southern california coast. experts are urging the public to report any sightings of the snake and be cautious if they see one. >> hopefully they don't make it to northern california. >> advice taken.
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see one of those, don't touch it. >> that man didn't care at all. holding the snake's tail. our forecast, jeff. some changes on the way. >> yeah. we do for this weekend. i don't live anywhere near the coast. but i'll be keeping a close out for that sucker. the changes include a new system developing offshore. the one that brought us heavy rainfall in southern california is kicking off towards the east. the latest storm system is about 200 miles offshore. it has a decent amount of rainfall with it. we will track the rainfall chances coming up. we'll take you outside the sky camera network. and the biggest change right now. i know you felt it. the much chillier temperatures at this hour. currently coming in with 63 degrees across the south bay. 64 in the east bay. san francisco, 59. and already down to 56 in the north bay. cloud cover is increasing with the storm system offshore. not only temperatures dropping even more, but also the possibility of showers. let's take you into the forecast and see tomorrow morning in the
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north bay, as cold as 52 degrees. 58 in the east bay. and the south boy dropping to 57. let's get a closer fix on the storm system. once again, just offshore. there's some decent rainfall within a few heavier pockets. a lot of that heading up to northern california. but there is a great chance we will at least get something from this line of showers offshore. let's show you future cast. tomorrow morning, the spotty activity is the light showers we can expect. don't look for heavy, widespread rain. but the spotty showers. cloudy to start in the morning hours. as we head in the afternoon, we get heating of the day. a little buoyancy in the atmosphere. and we might see thunderstorms fire off. it's not showing too much. but instability around 2:30. we're good for scattered showers and isolated chance of thunderstorms, as well. the bottom line in the forecast as we head throughout this weekend, will be the cold front
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moving down from the north to bring the isolated thunderstorms. then, by sunday's forecast, we'll clear out the noon hour for the sunshine building in. and a lot less humidity and comfortable forecast coming your way. let's look at the microclimate forecast. san francisco, the classic 60s coming at the marina. and 67 degrees. financial district, 70, up towards the peninsula. 79 in palo alto. at pacifica, 66. south bay, 80 in san jose. let's bring you to the north bay, east bay and the tri valley. down to the low 80s in livermore and for pleasanton. we may not break out of the 70s, depending on how much cloud cover is there. i kept it in the low 80s. up in wine country, 79 degrees in napa. let's take you to the extended forecast. as you look ahead towards sunday and monday. i think sunday is going to be some of the best weather we've had in a long time.
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for the south bay, 79 degrees. east bay at 76 and north bay 81. janelle and peggy, everyone at home has been wondering, when could we get a stronger storm system? check this out. october 28th, but the 28th through the 30th, we could get a storm that may bring at least a half-inch of rainfall. that's going to be something to look forward to. >> precariously close to halloween. >> i'm trying to keep it away. >> please do. sounds good, jeff. still ahead, an emotional homecoming for tracy morgan this weekend. and fans are gearing up to welcome him back. we'll show you. and we have jimmy. >> thanks, guys. bruce willis is my guest tonight. plus, we have music from bolar. and do not change the channel.
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family es some promising news from former nba star lamar odom. the former laker and reality star has regained consciousness at a las vegas hospital. he said a few words to his estranged wife, khloe kardashian. it's believed he suffered a stroke and may have accidentally overdosed on drugs. the doctor is waiting for the final reports of the toxicology report. a medical breakthrough at stanford university. artificial skin that can connect temperature and touch. this would be life-changing for people with prosthetic limbs. the skin would have different sensors. it would know the difference between a hot and cold cup of water or a weak handshake versus
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a firm one. the sensors send a signal to the brain. they have a lot of work to do ahead of them. but they see a clear path at making the artificial skin reality. the sharks look to stay undefeated this season. sports is coming up next.
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it's been a good start. you know, the thing we have to remember is, it's a long season. it's 82 games. and you know, we just got to make sure we continue with the stuff we've been doing and the detail we found in our game. it's a good start for us. we want to move forward here. >> without logan couture, who will miss the next four to six weeks with a broken leg, team teal continues. sharks and devils in jersey. in goal, martin jones, a new shutout streak of 234:33, dating back to the season opener. patrick marleau. 1-0, team teal. devils on the power play, third period. adam green deflects the puck past burns breaking off the
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backhand. san jose winning, 2-1. alcs, blue jays and royals. royals up 1-0. lorenzo cain. escobar scores. cain extends his hitting streak. salvador perez, a solo job off estrada. royals up 3-0. edison volquez strikes out troy tulowitzki to get out of a jam. on to avaya stadium. earthquakes hosting. crossing in the box. delivers to bury it home. san jose wins this one, 1-0. a final stop in concord. a classic football match-up.
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de la salle, versus poly. and he takes it in for the score. spartans up 22-0, in the second. now, after the break, trey white, right place, right time. and on his way with a pick six. de la salle rolls over poly. 52-6, the final. that's your sports this friday. have a great weekend. more news after the break.
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he's making a comeback. and fans are willing to camp overnight to see him. tracy morgan is hosting "saturday night live." people started waiting last night, hoping to get a seat to the show. morgan's triumphant to the stage comes after a horrible car crash that left him in a coma for two weeks. morgan spent eight seasons on "snl." and fans are eager to welcome him back. brave bay area triathletes are ready to dive into san francisco bay. a shark feeding frenzy caught on
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camera by a group of tourists. they saw this great white preying on a seal. the scary sight will not stop the escape from alcatraz triathlon. there were no shark encounters or any other issues during this test swim. at triathletes are signed up to participate. maybe if they're en masse like that, a deterrence to great whites. >> makes me nervous. i know they're determined. >> wish them a successful and great swim. >> showers and maybe an isolated thunderstorm by the afternoon. a cool day for the swimmers out there, too. >> thank you for joining us. have a great weekend. ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- bruce willis -- sienna miller --


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