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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 20, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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art from a pris sid yeo mansion. the problem, the seller with us a squatter. >> good morning, everyone. i'm lauren garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. let's start with kari. >> it's 56 in the north bay, 57 in san francisco. today highs will be even warmer with a high of 81 degrees in the south bay. east bay, 82. the north bay up to 85. we'll take a look at the microclimates and the warming trend as we go into the middle of the week. that's coming up a little bit later. let's check in with mike. any better in dublin? >> we hope it's better. there were road crews there. it's coming across your screen. that's the taillights you see going away from you.
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you see it going smoothly here. it shows you a smooth drive as well. the construction crew has been cleared of the connection. so we'll assume that's clear, but aisle double-check for the next couple of minutes. it turns out the deer that was hit has cleared from the road y roadway. ran away. that's good stuff. some flashing lights. once that construction crew clear, we have that new hov lane down south toward san leandro. back to you. >> southbound lanes back open after a deadly crash shut it down overnight. the chp said at least two cars hit a person trying to walk across the freeway south of third street. this happened just before 11:00 last night. the pedestrian was pronounced dead on scene. no word on why he or she was walking down the highway. happening now, crews are working on an overpass after a fence fell on interstate 880. the degree led to a major pileup
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and massive backup. luckily that fence didn't hit a driver as they were coming underneath. crew are now busy trying to fix an overpass. is there an outstanding risk to drivers this morning? >> no risk for those this morning. i want to make very clear these are temporary fixes here along the overpass where you see they have been working to install k-rails and crash cushions so vehicles can come back onto the eastbound direction of the overpass. it should be opened back by 6:00. the sidewalk is closed likely for weeks as they figure out how to put in a new fence. that railing get onto 880 last night. described as falling like a zipper because everything was bolted together. this was from ian who said he was in the crash and posted a photo on instagram showing the
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debris on the vehicles. there were nearly six involved in the crash that sent two to the hospital with minor injuries. you might have been caught in that gridlock that pushed back all the way to 980, according to chp. we know there are no scheduled closers of 880. but he ordered that in order for there to be put up a chain link fence, there would have to be closures. the issue right now, they're replacing the 29th street overpasses. it's under way, but it might not get done for another year. the construction here for 23rd would be to tear it down. maybe seismic problems. so as of now, there's no clear indication as to what caused the fencing to fall, but they're getting a structural engineer out here to figure out how to get people to walk back across
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this for access yet again. >> thanks for the update, steph. it's 5:03. a warning in berkeley after police say a man tried to lure three girls into his van. it happened near college avenue and webster street not far from the cal campus. a similar incident happened last month just a block away. on sunday the girls told police they were walking to willard middle school when the driver  pulled over and yelled for them to get in the van. they say he chase them on foot until they began screaming. the van is scribed as dark green or blue and the suspect around 30 years old. a developing story. a downtown san jose restaurant shut down after customers fell violently ill. now investigators want warn all patrons you could have contracted shigella. >> until friday they had a green pass placard from the department
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of health. it's now within ordered shut down and more than 30 people are recovering. if you've been near san jose city hall downtown, you've probably seen it. mariscos of san juan on 4th street. it has a painted mermaid on it. this man spent the weekend in intensive care sick with shigella. it's a highly contagious and happens when people don't wash their hands after going to the bathroom. he wasn't the only one who i got. >> she said it with us like a hollywood movie with all the patients coming in. >> mariscos had a positive track record with the department of health. in each case they were docked
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for not keeping proper employment records which bha the reason they're having a hard time finding the employee who spread it. in august it passed with a score of 89 out of 100. the problem there was improper cooling. it got a score of 93 back in january. the shigella bacteria causes high fever, pain, and cramping, also vomiting and diarrhea, which should be treated with antibiotics. the restaurant is on 4th street, a few blocks from city hall. if you've done business down there, perhaps you've gone. here's the thing. the bacteria they got is so highly con tanks there could be more cases stemming from the original worker and the people that that person got sick. so if you ate there or you've been with someone who has eaten there and you're not feeling well, you should go to your doctor and ask them to check you for shigella.
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>> i was nowhere near it but for some reason i don't feel good now. more details. every year the u.s. sees about half a million cases. infections have not significantly declined over the past ten years despite efforts to promote sanitary conditions in eateries. now to something that is kind of sickening, man is behind bars this morning accused of squatting and selling expensive artwork in a multi-million dollar-mansion in san francisco that's not his. >> bob redell has more. how did they find him? >> reporter: he's now in jail after selling fine artwork worth more than $300,000 that used to hang on the walls of this 23,000 square-foot mansion. his name is jeremiah henry
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kaylor. he's in jail for burglary and selling high-priced art. the mansion was wasn't valued at $21 million was purchased back in 2007 by cnet founder halsey minor, but no one lived in this home after minor declared bankruptcy in 2013. as i mentioned a property manager discovered kaylor linking inside. when confronted kaylor presented documents that made him look like he was the legitimate buy over the propose earth. police have been able to recover nine pieces of the art and have good leads on the other two. >> he must have cleaned up very nicely to actually convince people he lived there. >> like the hair and the moustache? >> prs fat nating. >> it's 5:08. i want to check the forecast with meteorologist ckari hall.
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>> it's 53 degrees now in oakland. highs today up to 81 degrees in los gatos and palo alto, 81. in the north bay, we're up to 86 and nap pa. oakland, 79. live more. we'll see highs of 86. more of this warm weather heading into the rest of the week. 'll update you coming up later. let's check in with mike to update us on the roads. >> we'll start with the bay bridge. nothing really interesting. i wanted to assure folks no dramatic buildup here. we'll look at your map. we seem to be on schedule for the rest of the eefrt bay. a little build over here starting the antioch. it's a typical pattern. we looking at kra crash west of greenville. peninsula rechlts it.
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back to you. >> coming up next, the top cia official gets hacked. the teen taking responsibility this morning. plus, so many people want "star wars" movie tickets. we'll take a look. plus, new numbers this morning. who is top dog in the presidential race. see what the new poll is telling us about last week's democratic debate.
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♪ ♪ presidential candidate jeb bush will be in town for two high-profile fundraisers. =vo= the former florida governor will start his day in san francisco. there will be a private luncheon at the pacific heights
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home of tech entrepreneur -- trevor traina. after that -- mr. bush will attend an eveing fundraiser at the woodside home of paul edwards. tickets start at 27-hundred lunchen. after that mr. bush will attend a meeting. now according to the latest poll numbers jeb bush still far behind donald trump. trump has commanded 29%. carson at 22%. rubio, bush, and carly fiorina. nbc's tracie potts in washington live with those numbers. trac tracie? >> good morning. no question about it. hillary clinton solidified her lead. if you do not factor in joe biden, she's got a 25-point lead
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over bernie sanders. a 25 lead even if you consider joe biden. we don't know if he's going to run. those numbers have increased for her, dropped just slightly in terms of bernie sanders. in terms of biden, he's pulling in about 13%. almost a third of the democrats say they want biden to jump in the race but more, 38% say he should stay out. we're waiting to hear. last we heard, it could be within the next 24 hours that we get a decision from the vice president. >> all right. maybe not a slam dunk for joe. thank you very much, tracie. there's an investigation under way this morning about how a teenager was able to hack cia director john brennan's personal e-mail account. the hacker said he swiped brennan's contact list, numerous social security numbers, and even brennan's own lengthy application for security clearance. no classified information was
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stolen, hourn. the teen told the "new york post" he's an american high school school who's not muslim and was motivated by opposition to u.s. foreign policy and support for palestine. mark zucker buberg went to prison for a short time. >> it's quite an experience. a hand picked kadri of prisoners on good behavior who learned coding under two programs. we followed the story of some of the prisoners in the past including horacio martz who was released and eventually started his own charity. zuckerberg posted his own pictures of the visit with the men in blue posting that san quentin has one of the most track records to make sure prisoners don't return to prison. united has a new ceo.
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it appointed an interim ceo while ids brand-new ceo recovers from a heart attack. it's unclear whether oscar munoz will be able to return. he was only a ceo for a short while replacing the previous one who was reported for scandal. let's get a check on the market with landon dowdy. >> the market will go with four straight days of earnings. look for reports from yahoo! and chipotle and on new home construction. they're all closing to start the week. the dow 14 to 17,230. the s&p is on pace to chalk up its best monthly gain since october 11th. back to you. >> thank you. did you see the new "star wars" trailer? it ran last night during halftime at "monday night
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football." it knocked fandango right offline. they ran data from fandango and they discovered it's much more inflated than you would find on rotten tomatoes. for instance, "ted 2," -- i don't know if you saw it got more. turns fought you're selling tickets you may have the motivation to say, great movie. >> don't spoil it. i'm waiting to see "ted 1." >> surprisingly good movie. >> the talking bear? >> it is. >> i think it's a guy movie. >> it is a guy movie. president obama made good on his promise to a teen who was arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school. you might remember 14-year-old
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ahmed mohammed gained national attention when his teacher thought his clock was a homemade bomb oochlz he has since met with heads of state frommal all over the world including google. he w among the invitations was the white house. they celebrated astronomy and science and technology. he met with president obama after ming liling with astronau and scientists. >> it's fun. can i use the restroom, please? >> i'd want to try on the spacesuit. halloween coming up soon, kari? >> yeah. i can't believe it. the year is going by so fast. the weather is cooling off. at least for the morning hours, not so much for the afternoon. let's take a look as the seven-day forecast comes up at the bottom of the screen. you can check out this weekend. if you're putting out the
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halloween decorations for the yard, a little cool for that. slip on a jacket as you head out the door and the wind will start to really increase as we go through the day. it starts out breezy. coming in from the north. not much of an onshore flow. at 10:00 in the morning, it's a light wind. look at what happens this afternoon into the evening hours. our sustained winds are about 25 miles an hour, and we'll have higher gusts. we're staying breezy into the night as we go hour by hour. those winds blowing in some hot air. it will be cool to start at 7:00. 56 degrees. 11:00, 71 frms 84 by 3:00 this afternoon and also staying in the 80s for a few hours and cooling off quite nightly tonight especially when we have those winds kicking up. it will feel a little bit cooler. 82 degrees will be the high. san mateo, 77 degrees.
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heading over to san rafael, 81, hayward, 80 degrees in livermore, 86 degree. we're in for a warming trend over the next couple of days. high pressure will continue to build. we'll have more of this northerly wind and by the end of the week, a cold weather dropping in. we'll cool off just in time for the weekend. early next week we'll have a chance of rain. a dry weekend and also feeling comfortable with highs in the 70s and 80s. f 9 in san francisco. let's check in with mike. a traffic break going on? >> we had a few south of 880. look at the last one just cleared. looks like they just cleared the construction zone to the south as we look at your bay bridge toll plaza. we'll stay here, guys. looks like they finished that overnight striping work. to change things up at the last minute because there was no drama at the bay bridge toll
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plaza. we'll show you the rest of the bay. nothing unusual. it shows a little slowing. there's your tri-valley coming out of livermore and in toward dublin. nothing dramatic there either. no surprise. there's your south bay and south 85, the accident has cleared from the roadway. back to you. >> we have breaking news right now, mike. firefighters working to get an upper hand on a house fire east of japan town. it's right next to backes toe park. the flames started just before 5:00. they even knocked down but not under control just yet. firefighters tell us they don't think anyone is hurt. we'll have a crew headed there right now. right now a judge hands down a historic ruling. when it comes to marijuana. a new beginning for one north bay ruling amidst a landmark decision. ohio is the latest state to
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welcome back. it is 5:24. ohio is the latest state to postpone any lethal injections for death row inmates. nbc news has learned ohio will delay all executions until at least 2017. that's due to a shortage of the drugs state leaders are now hoping to use. the last time ohio executed someone in 2014, that inmate appeared to gasp for air leading to a change in the drug serum. long time bay area marijuana
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supporters are celebrating. they ordered the department of justice to stop enforcement of federal pot laws that are otherwise legal disspencys. the judge lifted a ban on one of california's oldest dispensary. the club's founder is elated balls it ends a 16-year legal battle. she's now vowing to reoption and her attorney says that decision is a long time coming. >> the law is clear. >> in his ruling the judge decided that federal marijuana laws are not enforceability in states where men medical marijuana is legal like california. that's because last december the congress defunded the war on medical marijuana and prosecuting cases which otherwise would comply be state law. coming up, an overnight scramble to fix a broken overpass. the investigation now under way to find out how sections of
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railing came crashing down on interstate 880. plus, dozens of people sent to the hospital. the health warning about a south bay restaurant.
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joining us. i'm sam brock. =laura/2shot= and i'm laura garcia cannon. boxes boxes ad lib toss to wx it is tuesday morning. a good tuesday morning to you. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's get a check on the weather
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with kari. what's going on? >> a wide range of temperatures. most likely some short sleeves later on today. it's 50 in the east bay, 50 in the north bay. here are the highs in the bay. 74. the tri-valley reaching 86 degrees. let's check in now with mike. are the metering lights on yesterday? >> it should be any second, kari. we have the lanes stacking up. the fast track lanes are the most dramatic change in the last couple of minutes. it is ieft 24. the overnight road crews clearing. everything else is right on schedule throughout that portion of the east bay. your most dramatic slowing coming out of the ultima pass. you see this. we'll show you the live shot. san jose shows a little build to the traffic flow over the next few minutes. that would be the first burst for the south bay. back to you. >> mike, traffic issues and luckily nothing else last night.
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falling debris from a railing that came crashing down on interstate 880 that has crews busy trying to fix an overpass in oakland. this happened yesterday. it caused several cars to crash, setting one of them on fire and sending two people to the hospital. >> today, stephanie chuang with more on the aftermath. >> reporter: chain link fencing fell. you can see in the distance some crews working. installing k-rails and things. there's no more overpass. the eastbound is the only one shut down. it should be open by 6:00 this morning. the sidewalk is closed likely for at least some weeks as they figure out how to put in a new fence for the pedestrian. always described as falling like a zipper. take a look at a picture from
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ian who said he was in a clash and posted the picture on instagram. two people sent to the hospital with minor injuries. both directions were shut down pushing traffic back to i-80. we know from a caltrans another this morning there are no scheduled closures, but in order to put up a new pedestrian fence, there will likely have to be lane closures likely staggered. the engineers add this was scheduled to be torn down and rebuilt for structural issues. they're doing the exact same thing. and there appears to be at least one open for drivers to cross 880 into the area. as of now there's no indication what caused the fence and railing to fall onto 880 in the first place, but a strukt y'all engineer was out earlier. he'll be back out to figure out what to do in terms of a temporary plan.
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live here in oakland, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." dozens of people falling violently ill and health officials say a south bay restaurant is to blame. >> kris sanchez joining us. >> we're talking about a bacteria that's so highly contagious there could be more cases stemming from the original worker and the people who got sick after eating at that restaurant where that worker worked this weekend. now, the brightly paint eed mariscos san juan has gotten a lot of customers sick. 30 people got sick enough to end up in the hospital. this man spent the weekend in the intensive care with shigella. it's a highly contagious
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bacteria that happens when someone who has it does not wash their hands after using the bathroom. andres guera said he was not the only one in the hospital. >> she said it was like a hollywood movie with all the patients coming in. >> they had a positive track record with the department of public health. they were docked for not keeping proper employee records which may be the rb that the health department had trouble tracking down that original employee who spread shigella. now, the restaurant's permit was suspended on sunday outright. but back in august it passed with a routine inspection. not bad. the problem then, improper cooling. it got a score of 93 in january. that time and the time before, it was docked three points for improper employee records on minor violation. but this is a major problem. the shigella bacteria causes high fever, cramping, pain, and vomiting as well as diarrhea which has to be treated with
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antibiotics. its ice a few blocks from city hall. it's now closed. the license suspended. the county health department will reveal more details about that today. so, laura, you were saying earlier, i've not been near that restaurant. it's only one of 81 restaurants shut down by santa clara county in tl last six months. if you want to see if your restaurant has violations, go to i will say there is one sandwich shop i'm never going to again. a follow-up. police in san francisco involving a deadly officer-involved shooting as a homicide. the police chief held a town hall meeting to discuss what unfolded when officers shot and killed that man last thursday. police say the officers shot him when he managed to grab a gun from their waistband when they
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tried to arrest him. investigators say there are several eyewitness accounts of that incident. although they did not have the training their actions were consistent with the appropriate process. a husband and wife in sunnyvale are recovering in hospital after their son allegedly stabbed them. it happened near the border. police say 38-year-old danny trujillo stabbed his parents. he's now in jail. they've been there formo more tn 50 years. >> i've had several conversations, a very nice family. i know they're close to each other. the nearby elementary school was put on lob lockdown when the police investigated. a 59-year-old man recovering this morning after being brutally beaten on the streets of san francisco. this happened yesterday around noon at grand and vallejo.
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police say the victim and three men got into an argument which turned physical. the suspects attacked the man, hitting him in the head. witnesses tell police that the suspects were all three men in their 20s. happening today, state lawmakers will apparently learn some of the more subtle differences between sex work and sex trafficking. they believe there's a big difference. one of the speakers is an expert who says consent is the dividing line that often gets ignored. she believes state laws show they track victims after they fully consent to their chosen lifestyle. he's an alleged squatter who's being accuse of turning a multi-million-dollar mansion into a black market for stolen goods. today bob bredell joining us live from san francisco this morning. bob, wt is this man accused of stealing and accused of stealing with documentation? >> reporter: sam, we're talking
5:37 am
about fine art worth more than $300,000. and this is art that used to hang on this walls of this 21,000 square-foot estate in press sid owe heights. jeremiah kaylor is now in jail charged with burglary charges and with selling art to social media and pawn shops. police say he acquired this while squatting inside this mansion. it was worth $21 million. purchased in 2007 by cnet halsey minor. but no one has lived in this house since he declared bankruptcy. when confronted kaylor presented doujts that made him look like a legitimate buyer of the property. police have been able to recover nine of the stolen pieces of art and they have good leads on the other two. reporting live, bob bredell in the bay.
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>> thank you. we're also reporting on breaking news. there's firefighters are bat alg fire east of japantown. look at this scene unfolding on north 14th street right net to the baquesto park there. firefighters tell us they teenlt think anyone's injured and they're sending a crew to the scene. we'll bring you updates. >> a series of earthquakes continues. the strongest quake hit just before 4:30 yesterday afternoon near greenbook and mustang drive in san ramon. though there was no damage reported, people there very shaken. there have been more than 200 quakes in the area and 45 quakes yesterday alone. t they're happening along the
5:39 am
fault line. >> they're not lining up very well along a known fault structure. we don't know which direction they're oriented between the two possible fault surfaces. >> these swarms can last several weeks. gas leak kept pg&e cruise busy after a construction worker digging in a development struck a gas line. it happened before 5k. this is near alma din expressway and san jose. there were no evacuations. luckily no injuries either. it's 5:39. they're planning to spray over martinez tonight. they t district will be treating an area by marina i have ta avenue and waterfront road not far from 680. it comes after west nile was found in a group of mosquitos and a chicken.
5:40 am
>> those mosquitos thrive in humidity. not too humid right now. that's a good thing. >> no rain, and it is nice and cool this morning. also as our weather dries out, it will be heath up. now in the mid-50s heading to the 80s in the south bay. in san mateo, 77. santa rosa up to 85. we're feeling some warmer air. we will this afternoon in pittsburgh. 87 degrees and 85 degrees. we'll take a look ahead to the weekend coming up. mike, any problems, any slowdowns yet? >> we have a slowdown. this is what we predict. this is the bay bridge toll plaza. look at the bottom of your screen looking lighter than the rest of the lanes. 's good news. nothing unusual as far as the flow of traffic. ta typical flow. this being a tuesday, we expect a big volume.
5:41 am
so far this is the biggest build. in toward live moore. suddenly slowing in that red zone. speeds below 20 miles an hour. a little build and fremont, no problems for 880. that's southbound with those problems. coming up. another officer's gun stolen. an investigation under way to find out what's going on with this disturbing trend. and the u.s. prepares new rules on drones. we'll go over some of them. first in ten, we're inching toward super bowl 50. the big announcement coming down this morning ahead of the biggest sporting event of the year next. happening today... ==topvo==
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...seeking answers to the vexing problem of gun violence... san francisco police chief greg suhr and sheriff ross happening today, seeking answers to the vexing problem of gun violence. they're joining a panel that includes city supervisors. the public's invited to attend their discussion which is looking at gun violence and possible remedies. the event takes place at 6:30 tonight at the church on clay street. speaking of gun, another weapon has been stolen from car in san francisco. it was a chp officer's personal gun and it was taken from his car. police say the gun's owner left the weapon inside a bag in his car. someone broke a window and took the bag. there have been three recent
5:45 am
videos. you're looking at parents who took part in a ceremony. their doubter was shot and killed in july. let me explain the pictures you're seeing there. drifters used a stolen gun to kill -- you saw them briefly -- to kill a backpacker in the trail. >> it's currently called gunshot fire road, but in wake of the deadly shooting they say that there are now several requests to change that name. suggestions from the public are welcome. some say it should be named after the victim. amputee olympian oscar miss storous was released from prison.
5:46 am
he was aquisted last year after shot and killed. he was convicted of come. homicide, similar to manslaughter here in the u.s. pistorius has served less than a year in prison. today football legends will be in san francisco at levi's stadium. they'll be on hand at st. anthony's foundation to announce where the annual party with a purpose event will take place. the event which features top chefs from around the country as well as current and former nfl stars is a charity fund-raiser fehr food banks across the nation. it's better known as super bowl ease. the nfl is hosting a public hearing to discuss relocating that storied franchise. the meeting is next thursday at the pair month theater in oakland. similar meetings are going to be held in st. louis and san diego because both the rams and
5:47 am
chargers are also considering a move to l.a. the raiders and chargers are also eyeing a possibility of a deal that would allow them to share a new stadium in the city of carson. the nfl still has final aroovl on any move. >> it's 5:47. the secretary of transportation is making a list and checking it twice. >> you previewed this yesterday figuring the federal government would come up with some kind of registration for drones. this is secretary of transportation anthony fox making the i announcement as predicted. he said he wants his blue ribbon commission to hurry up and make rules surrounding drone registration before the holidays. we don't know the specifics yet, but we do have a lot of questions. for instance, are we talking about all drones from the sophisticated to the cheap toy drones that are sold maybe at a mall kiosk? what if you build it from
5:48 am
scratch? that's how drones were started, from home builds. do you need to reregister it if you didn't buy it? what about reselling it? there are more than 30 on sale on craigslist in the bay area. lots of questions for yahoo!'s marissa mayer today. we don't care about the numbers as much as we care about the details of the alibaba spin-off. the other thing mayer is facing in her third year as ceo is brain andre. a number of jobs have left. what is she going to do about those opening as can't she keep really interesting talented people in the job pool. we're following breaking news. you see a street full of firefighters and emergency responders there.
5:49 am
this is in east san jose. it's east of japan totown in sa jose. it's happening at a home on north 14th street near baquesto park. they're knockeded down but not under control. firefighters tell us they don't think anyone was injured. we're going to bring you more information throughout the course of the morning. >> it's 5:49 right now. time to get a look at weather and traffic for you. the weather has been deseenlt. let's get to traffic it's cool this morning. you felt that as you stepped out the door. it's in the 50s. and then warming up into the 80 sz across most of the bay. but a wide span in temperatures from the coast to the inland valleys once again. a live look from san jose. we started out with roads that don't look too bad. the skies are partly cloudy and now the temperature is at 55
5:50 am
degrees in san jose, concorde, and livermore, as well as santa cruz. 56 in sunnyvale. oakland at 53. 57. the winds are now breezy out there, picking up from the north. it will get even more breezy as we go through the day. so expect some gusty winds. look at what happens as we go through the rest of the day even in to tonight. the winds coming from the north to the northwest up to close to 30 miles an hour. a look at the cloud forecast. we'll see whatever crowds we have this morning quickly clearing out and throughout the day into tonight. all clear. we'll start out tomorrow with mostly clear skies. all of that sunshine will be heating those temperatures up. a look at the hour-by-hour forecast in san jose. 54 degrees at 7:00. 11:00, we're at 67 degreeset. at lunchtime it's 67 degrees. still going from the mid to up err 70s and briefly hitting that 80-degree mark. in los gatos, 81. in san matteis yoes, 77.
5:51 am
and the castro, a high of 74 degrees. in santa rosa, look for a high of 85. pittsburgh, 87, and dublin reaching 83 degrees. over the next couple of days, more warm air in that forecast. in fact, we'll be hitting the 90s. even 80s in the valley. along the coast, we'll see 70s. cooler air moving in as the onshore flow returns am look at this week's forecast. 70s and 80s and more comfortable temperatures. pliek, any problems at the bay bridge toll plaza? >> no problems, kari. the metering lighting are going to slow you down. there is one crash. we'll show you that. traffic flowing nicely with the headlights. south past the column and the hov lane. we have that streeping work
5:52 am
finished and so we should see hopefully some effect on this morning's commute or this evening's commute. a smooth flow of traffic this morning without delay. we're looking at antioch and the highway coming through concorde. we cohave a crash. looks like it's on the shoulder, but even the distraction, a minor one, could cause a drink december strakz. a slitle slowing for san jose. it shows the burst did hit. around 6:20, a half an hour if from now, we'll see more traffic in south bay. cleanup under way after a typhoon slammed into the northern philippines. this is video from the aftermath. the massive storm triggered mudslides, knocked down tree and
5:53 am
caused fire outages. thousands had to evacuate their homes and are living in temporary shelters. coming up who really won last week's democratic debate. we break it down coming up.
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long time bay area marijuana supporters are celebrating a key ruling in a landmark we've been waiting a long time for this. long-time bay area marijuana supporters celebrating a key ruling in landmark legal case. a federal judge yesterday ordered the department of justice to stop its enforcement of federal pot laws against what are otherwise legal dispensaries. in his ruling the judge lifted an injunction against the morin alliance for medical marijuana, one of california's oldest dispensaries. the founder is elated. this ends a 16-year battle and she vows to reopen. her attorney says the reopening and law is a long time coming. in his ruling the judge decided that federal marijuana laws are not enforceable in states where
5:57 am
medical marijuana is legal like california. that's because last december the congress defunded the were on medical marijuana and prosecuting cases which otherwise comply with state laws. >> it is 5:56. moving on to decision 2016. as the world waits for joe biden to make up his mind, new numbers show hillary clinton is gaining favor among democratic voters in the race for president. a new nbc/wall street journal poll finds hillary clinton at 25% ahead of her competitors. clinton gets the backing of just about half of all democrats. sanders is under half of that, at the same time support for trump is higher than ever. our nbc news "wall street journal" poll finds 25% of supporters now back trump. those are his highest numbers
5:58 am
yet. >> we're number one. can you believe it? >> the feeling is right now limitless. >> while trump's numbers are up, so are those of his closest competitors. ben carson is at 22%. marco rubio at 21%. all others are in the sing. digits. >> one of those is jeb bush. today the presidential candidate will be in ton for two high-profile fund-raisers. he's going to start his day in san francisco at a private luncheon at the high tech entrepreneur of tre va tray na and then at the woodside estates. right now at 6:00, a house catches fire hours ago. crews still scrambling to put out the flames. dozens of people get seriously sick and inspectors say they've pinpointed a source.
5:59 am
a huge chunk of chain link fence falling from an overpass crashing on the freeway. "today in the bay" starts right now. and a very good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. we start with kari hall and a look at the forecast. cooler this morning. >> as you step out the door, it's cooler in the bay. 57 degrees in peninsula. a cool start to the morning but a warmer afternoon. look for highs in the 80s. it will still be breezy, but a high reaching 85 degrees in the north bay and 82 degrees in the east bay. i'll give you details coming up in a few minutes.
6:00 am
a slowdown at the bay bridge? >> of course we have a slowdown. i want to show you that. 580 through dublin. now this shot looks just fine, but look at your map. you have a slowdown before you get there. over on vasco there's a crash on the center divide. a little slowing. livermore, dub lin itself maintain as smooth flow of traffic and right around the g.e. plant toward live moue and f 80 there's a crash on the shoulder there. a little distraction. >> now, the bay bridge has a backup. no surprise the metering lights are on. anywhere north of the san jose bridge. also you guys have some activity right here. i'm going to hand that to you for the breaking news. >> that's right. it's happening in san jose. the house just east of


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