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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 20, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> of course we have a slowdown. i want to show you that. 580 through dublin. now this shot looks just fine, but look at your map. you have a slowdown before you get there. over on vasco there's a crash on the center divide. a little slowing. livermore, dub lin itself maintain as smooth flow of traffic and right around the g.e. plant toward live moue and f 80 there's a crash on the shoulder there. a little distraction. >> now, the bay bridge has a backup. no surprise the metering lights are on. anywhere north of the san jose bridge. also you guys have some activity right here. i'm going to hand that to you for the breaking news. >> that's right. it's happening in san jose. the house just east of japan town broke out a little more
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than an hour ago right next to baquesto park. firefighters told us they have that fire under control. luckily no one was hurt. the residents were out of the home by the time crews arrived. no word yet on a cause. >> happening right now, crews have finished up work after a huge chunk of fencing fell onto it crashing into the busy freeway below. >> it happened last night on 880 near the overpass right near the middle of the evening commute. "today in the bay" stephanie chuang has more. >> reporter: 880 was back open. this is what's new. caltrans reopened. you can see no one's there right now. the sidewalk is still closed. the rest of it all fell yesterday night. they'll have to figure out how to put a new fence and metal
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railing in. about 100 yards of it fell onto 880. you can see cruise saug apart railing that crashed onto 880. luckily not onto a driver. it did cause six vehicles to crash. two people went to the hospital with minor injuries and both directions of 880 were shut down pushing gridlock back all the way at some point. now, we know from a caltrans engineer i spoke with there are no scheduled closures, but in order to put up a new ped fence on this overpass, there would likely have to be lane closures. the engineer says this was scheduled to be torn down and rebuilt for strukt y'all ooishs. crews are doing the same thing for a 29th street overpass. they need at least one to cross over to 808 in the area. now, there's #still no clear indication of what caused it to
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fall on 880 in the first place. a huge concern for folks. a strugtual engineer was out. they'll figure out a temporary plan so people can walk past across the oakland pass. live here in the bay. >> pack your things together now. 6:03. all new this morning, southbound lanes back open after fatal crash shut it down overnight. at least two cars hit a person trying to walk across the freeway just south of third street. it happened right before 11:00. that pedestrian was pronounced dead on the scene. there's no word right now on why he or she was walking across the highway. 6:03. a developing story. a downtown san jose restaurant is shut down after dozens of customers fell violently ill and now investigators want to warn all recent patrons you could be the next victim of shigella. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us. does this restaurant have a history of trouble at all?
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>> no. last year they had a green pass placard in their window. they passed two routine inspections with flying colors but the rest of it is shut down and more than 30 people are recovering from being very sick. if you have been near downtown san jose city hall on fourth street, it might look familiar. until this weekend it got decent reviews from its customers but then 30 people got sick who got sick enough to end up in the hospital. he spent the week in the hospital with dangerous shigella. it happens when carriers don't wash their hands after using the bathroom and he was not the only one who got it. >> she said it was like a hool move down there with all of the patients who were coming in. one major violation for improper
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cooling, two minor violations for not keeping proper employee records but that may contribute to the fact that they have not been able to track down the employee who spread shigella in the first place. it was suspended on sunday. in august they passed routine inspection with a score of 89 out of 100 and in january they passed it with a score of 93. it causes high fever, severe pain and cramping and vomiting and diarrhea which has to be treated with antibiotics. there are three in san jose. the one on fourth street is the one that is closed. its health license now suspended. they'll reveal more details at a press conference today. but you might be thinking you've never been there, but it is just one of 81 restaurants shut down by santa clara county in the past six months for bad
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inspection. you can search restaurant inspections to see if your favorite neighborhood joint is on the naughty list. laura? >> thanks so much. more details on shigella. it can happen any time. infections have not significantly declined over the past years. >> it's sanging attack. a 59-year-old man brutally beaten on the streets of san francisco. this morning he's recovering. it happened around the north beach neighborhood of grant and vallejo. police say the victim and three men got into an argument which quickly turned physical. the suspect attacked that man, a 59-year-old hitting him in the head. witnesses tell police the suspects were three men in their 20s. several tires slashed in the east bay and now police say they have their man. san leandro police say the man slashed the tires in dozens of
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cars. he has family living at that complex. he caused about $5,000 worth of damage. follow-up now. police in san francisco going to investigate a deadly officer-involved shooting as a homicide. police chief greg surh held a town hall meeting to suggestion what unfolded when they shot and killed a man last thursday. police say the officer shot a man when he managed to grab one of their guns. investigators say there are several eyewitness accounts of the incident. they say although neither officer was certified in critical intervention training their actions were consistent with the appropriate process. two bay area police chiefs are among the finalists for the same position in tucson, arizona. he's retiring from his post in january after two years as chief. magnus has been at the helm for nine years. the finalists have a series of
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interviews to do before a final decision is made. a gas leak cold pg&e crews busy after a construction craw accidentally hit gas line. it happened just before 5:00. pg&e crews were able to cap that leak before there were any evacuations or injuries to report. >> it's 6:08. san ramon continues to shake. many have felt a strong quake. the strongest quake hit just before 4:30 yesterday afternoon between green brook and mustang drives in san ramon. though there was no damage, people there were shaken up. there's been two quakes there in the last week and 45 small quakes yesterday alone. the swarms are happening along the calaveras and pleasanton sault mines. they're keeping track. >> they're not lining up very
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well along a known fault structure. we don't know which direction they're oriented between the two possible fault surfaces. >> these swarms can last several weeks, which means the shaking may not be over just yet. you can actually track the earthquakes with our nbc area bay map. we have a quake map for the past ten days. you can find them on bay on let's get a check of your weather with kari hall. mostly clear skies and it is cooler. don't expect it to be cooler this afternoon. it will be warming up. it's 47 degrees now in napa, while 57 degrees in sunnyvale and live mormore at 55. in los gatos today, 81. not too bad, though, right? mid 70s in san francisco.
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86 in napa. some of these spots, yes, starting to feel a little bit more uncomfortable. a high of 86 degrees and we'll reach a peak of hot temperatures. i'll show you the numbers all across the bay as we head into the weekend. that's coming up a little bit later. let's see if there's anything going on with your morning commute. mike? >> here's the bay bridge toll plaza. i wanted to show you we have all lanes filled in. it's the fact that we had a lesser approach. the man will show you not anything unusual as far as the traffic pattern. there's tupper east shore freeway. your approach is for 580 and 880. over here two crashes we're talking about. just before you get to 680 coming out of live more, it's out. over here just off of 238 in the cass kass trow valley which has
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a mild slowdown we have a crash reported for south 880 right off the interchange. south of the dunbar bridge, san jose, peninsula, just fine. we'll slow you the san mateo bridge. your commute builds a bit heading over to peninsula, no real slowing for 101 between san mateo and san francisco. back to you. >> thank you, meek. coming up, the san francisco squatter living the high live in a presidio mansion. what else he was doing. >> plus, are you giving apple money you did not mean to give them? that's coming up on business tech. a new name is in the works for
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the marin county trail where hiker "steve carter at 6:14. hiker steve carter was killed. the trail is currently called gunshot fire road but in the wake of the deadly shooting morin's park & recreation has received requests to change the name. a man is facing several charge this morning after he was caught allegedly caught selling artwork right off the walls of a mansion that he had no busy to be living in.
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bob bredell is live in presidio heights. bob, we're talking hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of art. >> reporter: correct. now in jail is man named jeremiah henry kaylor, facing burglary charges for selling allegedly high-priced paintings. this is artwork he acquired while squatting inside this mansion. this mansion worth $21 million purchased in 2007 by cnet founder halsey minor but no one has lived in this home since minor declared bankruptcy back in 2013. it's a property manager who discovered kaylor who allegedly lived inside. when confronted kaylor present documents that made it look like he was a legitimate buy over the
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property. police have been teebl recover nine of the stolen pieces of art and they tell us they have pretty good leads on the others. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks a lot, bob. you could own a little ferrari. >> i was going to say the man might have tried to sell it. we're talking about a gravel road with lots of financial potholes. we've been talking about the terrible environmental for ipos. tech ipos particularly hard hit. this is first dede tay day data. none of them have done well. why does this matter? it matters because the lousy ipo market cuts off an exit for venture capital firms. you may buy a company and try to grow it until it makes a tiny
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little property and you'd be happy. venture capital always wants to exit. they want to sell or put ittown market for an ipo. big returns. no ipo, no exit, and then they are stuck owning a tech company they don't want. venture capital has a name for this. they call it the walking dead. a company successful enough you can't shut it down but not successful enough to sell. there are walking dead companies already in san francisco. other news, apple's ceo tim cook said there are now 6 preside6$.5 million streaming users. cook says he's extremely pleased with the numbers. we showed you how to turn off the auto billing feature. if you don't change it apple will take you from the free trial to the payment program and you'll only see it. this was the first month people started to get charged.
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6.5 million of them. presumably some or most of them wanted as much taylor swift as they can get but we expect some weren't paying attention and you're going to discover this on your credit card sometime very soon. >> can you move around? we're trying to watch that video. i'm just kidding. >> shakt off, buddy, shake it off. >> you might call it the butterfly effect for california's precious monarch population. you can thank the drought for the boom. the historic drought is having a ripple effect on the state's mon ar population. it's because more people are writt ripping out their lawns in favor of milk weed and that's where monarchs lay their egg. while the numbers have dropped drastically, researchers believe these recent changes may spark a new boom. very interesting. >> do you need binoculars or can
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you -- >> i'm like snow white. a live look at the bay bridge. still low spots. the clear sky trend will continue in the next couple of days. 57 degrees in sunnyvale. in san jose it's now 55 degrees. a little bit breezy too. here we are at 11:00. they're 20 miles an hour getting even stronger coming in from the northwest. high pressure moving in. there's still that level. it's causing that air to move but it's blowing in a lot of hot
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sunshine. we'll see starting off the day tomorrow, not a lot of cloud cover. no fog, and our temperatures will be warming up as we go into the afternoon. as we go hour by hour in oakland at 8:00, it's 58 degrees and at 10:00, 56. still nice and comfortable. the highs today. not too uncomfortable. a high of 82 in gilroy. pacifica, 70 degrees. there will still be cool spots along the coastline. sunset at 66. oakland, 79. pittsburgh, 87. and livermore, a high of 67. the inland spots warming up into the 90s over the next couple of days and still 70s along the
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coast. heading in to the weekend the onshore flow will come back. bringing our temperatures back to average for the weekend. mostly 70s and 80s. still warm in the tri-valley but by sunday we'll bring you down to 82. and 69 in san francisco. a look at the traffic and the commute this morning. how's it looking, mike? >> well, kari, let's take a live look. it starts to increase around 6:30, 6:206789 let's look at the big map. there's no unusual patterns here, but we do have a number of incidents. there's the south bay. we're going to zoom in over here. west 580. the crash still over there in the center divide, it's enough distraction to keep them going. you're at speed over toward the dub lick and the interchange. the build. the crash here, that's 84 between the g.e. planned aunt 680. a minor distraction. we're watching for additional
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slowing down. right off of 808. it's off the shoulder there and slowing down through union city and dumbarton bridge, a crash reports right around the toll plaza. sounds like everything is out of lanes. that's good news. now, we'll look at the north bay since i showed you overall the traffic look. we'll show you a live look. southbound, 101, the curves at terra lynn starting to slow and your metering lights are on. back to you. >> mike, thank you very much. coming up next, from olympian to o convicted killer and now out of prison. the legal reason oscar pistorius was release overnight despite being accused of shooting his girlfriend to death. right now: olympian turned
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convicted killer - oscar pistorius is with his family at his uncle's mansion in 6:25 right now. olympian turned convicted killer oscar pistorius is with his family as his uncle's mansion. pistorius was released last night, day earlier than expected. h ee served one year of his five-year manslaughter sentence for the shooting death of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. he's aboved to serve the rest of his time under house arrest. he still has to fail apiece by prosecutors who argue he should have been convict of murder. lamar odom has been transferred to an l.a. hospital to continue his recovery after being found unresponsive last
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weekend in los angeles. odom who reportedly is breathing on his ohm was transferred by helicopter. he's making progress but will need a lot of recovery. he has suffered at least one stroke which could lead to brain damage. an anecdote for schizophrenia may be as simple as one-on-one communication. that's the latest. the strong drugs were sometimes not worth the drastic side effects. they found more talk therapy with lower doses of medication led to quicker recovery. a new medical tool will be unveiled. it's a state of the art doctor's office on wheels. it will be used to treat the homeless around others who do not have insurance. coming up next, a health warning in the south bay. dozens get seriously ill for
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something that was not on a popular restaurant's menu. plus, a man tries to lure essentially young girls into his van and investigator says they have reason to believe he's tried this before. my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman for pg&e. most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck.
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when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
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=laura/2shot= and i'm laura garcia cannon. ==laura/boxes== we're tracking the weather - and the roads. mike inouye's here on a traffic a good tuesday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's check in with kari hall. >> it's cooler than yesterday.
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no more rain in the forecast. in fact, we're getting ready for a warming trend. it is 47 degrees in the north bay while san francisco starts out at 58. we'll also have a wide range in temperatures with a high of 85 in the north bay, 74 in san francisco and the tri-valley up to 86 degrees. even warmer tomorrow. i'll show you all those microclimates coming up. let's see what's happening on the road as mike takes us to a few problem spots in oakland. >> while we have a smooth flow northbound we have volume of traffic starting up. southbound we're showing headlights as well. toward the construction zone. the hov lane has opened south through san leandro and we had overnight issues as far as fencing and other repair work going. we're going to end with this live shot. there's a bill for the tri-valley. i want to send it back to you for that update. >> as you know about this. the crew spent the night fixing an east bay overpaz after a huge
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piece of fencing fell off of it crashing to the busy freeway below. >> this happened right in the middle of the evening commute. stephanie chuang live with more. there's still mystery at play such as why did it fall. >> reporter: that's a big question. in the last hour, the 23'd overpass did reopen. that is because that chain link fence is therestill there. it stretched 100 yars but it fell -- almost all of it fell. the debris crashed. caught on camera by ian. at least six vehicles crashed. two people went to the hospital
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with minor injuries. both directions were shut down until after 10:00 last night pushing traffic back to 980. there are no scheduled closures of 880. but in order to put up a new pedestrian pass it would have to be torn down. a project now likely to begin for a year. cars, vehicles going back across the overpass, everything is open. likely closed for some weeks am structural engineer is back for a temporary plan. live in oakland, stephanie chuang, the bay. a popular south bay restaurant shut down, its license suspended. this after a dozens of chers got seriously ill. now they're warning anybody who aid at marresse koes is to go see a doctor.
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those all steps from the restaurant. it's a brightly painted restaurant. mariscos might look familiar if you've been it caught decent reviews. he spent the weekend in intensive care sick with shigella. it spreads when a person who has it doesn't wash their hands after using the bathroom. doctors told guera he was not the only one in the hospital shoo she said it was like a hollywood movie down there with all the patients coming in. >> they had a positive track
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record with the didn't of health. in each inspection the restaurant was docked for not keeping proper employee records which may be the reason they're having trouble track down the employee who spread it in the first place. back in august it passed a routine score of 89 out of 100. the big problem there was improper cooling. each of those inspection times it was docked for improper employee records. but this is a major problem. the shigella bacteria causes cramping and diarrhea, which should be treated with antibiotics. mariscos a few blocks from san jose city hall is now shut down. the permit is suspended. the county health didn't will reveal more details about this particular outbreak today but you might be thinking i've never been to that restaurant, so i'm in the clear.
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ice only 80 of 81 restaurants shut down in the last six months some of if you want to see if your favorite joint is on the list, go search restaurant inspections. i will say my husband's favorite restaurant is banned in my house. >> you'll now be cooking dinner. thanks a lot. another gun is stolen from a car in san francisco. it was a chp officer's personal gun. police say the gun's owner left the weapon in a bag inside his car and someone broke a window and took the bag. there have been recent three high-profile involvements. this is a ceremony. she was shot and killed on pier 14 in san francisco in july. that gun used also stolen. and earlier this month investigators say three drifters used a stolen gun to rob and kill a backpacker in golden state park and a hiker on morin
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county. san francisco police chief greg surh and sheriff are going to hold a town hall meeting. that event takes playing at 6:30 tonight at st. luke's church. on clay street. a mother and father recovering this morning stabbed allegedly by their own son. it happened in mountain view. 38-year-old daniel trujillo stabbed his parents. he's now in jail. they've been there for 50 years. >> from time to time i've had conversations with the family. very friendly in passing. jeff a very nice family. i know they're very close to each other. >> another vargas elementary skoos was briefly put on lockdown while the police investigating. it's not clear what led to the
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stabsing or what charges trujillo faces. a plan tried to lure three girls into his van and it might have happened before from the same person. it happened not far from the kal campus. a very similar incident took place a couple of blocks away. on sunday the girls told police they were walking to willard middle school when a driver pulled over and yelled for them to get into his van. they say he went out of his car, chased them on foot until they started screaming. that van is described as dark green or blue and the suspect about 30 years old. it's 6:37 right now. pretty nice forecast. although we could use rain, kari. our temperatures will be warming up into the next couple of days but cool now as we get the day started. it is 57 degrees in sunnyvale and 58 degrees in san francisco. highs a little bit higher than yesterday. 82 in gilroy. san mateo at 77.
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these temperatures aren't outrages. the temperatures will be warmer. still in the mid-70s or upper 70s for oakland but 85 in pleasanton today. i'll show you the numbers coming up. we'll take a look ahead to the weekend. checking in to see where you may be slowing down during that morning commute. >> kari, we'll take folks to the tri-valley, we e have a reroute you may want to consider. if you're east of vasco, you have a crash there. it's been a distraction. 680 shows that build a little bit thwart pleasanton. just to know. a mooktser one.
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the crashes in that area have crashed. kicking in. there's a crash on the shoulder. a critical spot at a critical time. a quick look at it. we can't ignore that. >> we'll keep it on the road now. a plan. getting heavy resistance. the city's metropolitan transit agency is going to meet to look at a new drug policy that would pertain to all city taxi drivers. some drivers are raising the red flag. that's because under the plan. cabbies who believe they legally allowed it cannot be exempt from getting drug testing. it would be required any time an
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accident accident occurs. hillary clinton. a big name not in the running having a biggest impact on her poll runnings. a surprise like a crackerjack box and we take look at the boards. dow is losing, 83 points. we check your money coming up. ♪
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♪ ♪ democratic frontrunner hillary clinton's lead is growing. ==boxes== today in the b's decision 2016. it appears democratic front-runner hillary clinton's lead is growing.
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"today in the bay's" tracie potts live. clinton is actually distancing herself from the rest of the pack. >> well, she certainly is, especially after that last debate, laura. it's our new nbc/wall street journal poll showing her with 58% support. that's 25% ahead of bernie sanders. clearly on top of this one. that's whithout joe biden in th race. each if she jumps at 15%. she's still at 49. so, yes, distinguishing herself. she'll be here before the benghazi committee. meantime biden hasn't announced
6:44 am
whether he'll be in the race. 30% of democrats say they want him in the race. 38% say they don't. >> all right. tracie potts, thank you. we're talking politics. republicans also tapping in to this region's wealth. later today jeb bush will be in town for two high profile fund-raisers. the former florida fund-raiser is going to start his day in san francisco at a private luncheon at the home of ttreva traina. later at paul's house. a man is charged after being caught for selling artwork right off the walls of a san francisco mansion, a mansion he had no right to be living in. >> how did he fake this? today in the bay's bob redell in presidio heights.
6:45 am
bob, we're talking hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of artwork. >> reporter: sam and laura, we're talking fine artwork, more than $300,000. these are pieces of work that used to hang on the walls of this mansion behind me. this is a 21,000-square-foot estate located in san francisco's presidio heights. jeremiah kaylor is in jail for allegedly selling high-priced paints. this is artwork they say he acquired while squatting inside this mansion, a mansion once valued at $21 million. purchased by cnet founder halsey minor but no one has lived in the home since they declared bankruptcy in 2013. it was a property manager who discovered kaylor living inside. police have since been able to recover nine of the stolen
6:46 am
pieces of art and they feel confident that they will be able to find the other two, in other words to have it. >> remember getting prize at the bottom of a cereal box and how exciting was that? how about the box as a prize. >> they'll soon get a box. >> a box. a cardboard box. "the new york times," laura, is a magazine that's going to include this cardboard box as a gift or price in an upcoming ir. it's called google cardboard it's virtual reality head sed. you stick your android in there and stick this on your head and you can experience virtual reality. "the new york times" reporters are going to create special contents so you can view stories. as you predicted, they announced they're coming up with new rules about drones.
6:47 am
the transportation board says they want new laws put in place. he's making a list and checking it twice. we'll be watching for yahoo!. it will report after the closing bell today. did you see the "star wars" trailer? it ran last night on "monday night football." fans are analyzing every single frame, discussing's scene, what it means. then after this ran on television, the tickets wenl onto sale for the december opening. it knocked the ticket seller fandango right offlean. it's back up. finally joe o'y dsie deschad her website giggles to "time" magazine? is it that time bought giggles or she's very, very, very
6:48 am
wealthy? >> she's laughing all the way to the bank. >> she might be sinking too. she's got a good voice. >> very talented. very rich. >> very eligible in silicon valley. >> very taken. i was just asking. the weather is cool. it's going to be windy. a lot to prepare for before you head out the door. as we take a live look from san bruno mountain, take a look at this gorgeous shot just coming over the clouds. what a beautiful sunrise. you probably can't see that in san francisco because you do have the cloud cover, so you have to go up to the mountaintops to see a view that beautiful. we're mostly in the mid-50s and a nice little breeze too. the winds coming in from the north. a northerly wind means no on
6:49 am
shore flow and it means no heating up. winds pecking up at 25 miles an hour. still breezy with the winds coming in. these are sustained winds at about 25 miles an hour. so breezy, higher gusts and mostly cheer skies. any clouds that we're seeing this morning will be rolling out of here quickly. a bright sunny afternoon. this is 4:00 though. a cloud forecast gives us nothing and we won't see many of those clouds heading into tonight. a lot of sunshine will cause those temperatures to warm up quickly. in san jose we start out at 63. great weather to be outside. 73 degrees. i think that's perfect. in to the upper 70s by this afternoon. embarcade embarcadero, 82 degrees.
6:50 am
dublin reaching 83 degrees. today will be the warmest day of the week. this is above average all because of high pressure once again. no natural ocean air conditioning, so some 90s for the far east bay. the onshore flow does return just in time for the weekend and that brings those temperatures back down to about average for the end of october. mostly some 70s and 80s and it continues to go down through the weekend. nice and comfortable. we'll be watching for our next weather system that doesn't look to bring us any rain until the mid ld of next week. now for a look of traffic in the south bay, here's a look. >> look at this. northbound 101. really starting to see these brake lights kick in. that's not the wofr of it. it looks like the crash may have
6:51 am
cleared in the past couple of minutes. the bird is on for 101, 85, and 280 right at 17. that's your san jose build for this tuesday. that's going to kick hard for the next half hour. let's look southbound. 880 and 680 and 580 into free monday. typical pattern here. the build is on over here for southbound 101. now a look at the san mateo bridge. that's the one really kicking in. back to you. >> back to the city now. thank you. a followup. police investigating a deadly officerly-involved chuting as a homicide. police chief greg seward discussed what unfolded when officers shot and killed a man
6:52 am
last thursday. they shot the man as he grabbed a gun from their waistband while trying to arrest him. chief seward says although nighter officer was certified in critical intervention training their actions were appropriate with the process. two area bay police chiefs are vying for the same job. the finalist have a southeast of interviews to do before a final decision is made. coming up, a health warning in the south bay that still has legs this morning. dozens get seriously sick. now inspectors say they've pinpointed the source, but it's still contagious. u ==sam/vo== on a san jose house
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fire that we brought to you as breaking news earlier this morning. . new detail this morning on a san jose house fire that we brought to you as breaking news earlier in the morning. a resident heard popping noises. this happens about 5:00 this morning in san jose right next to baquesto park. no word yet on a cause tr the fire. a popular south bay restaurant is closed, its license suspended after some 30 people got seriously hit.
6:56 am
kris sanchez joining us now. kris? >> they got sick because this is a bacteria that is so highly con tanks that there still could be more cases stemming from that restaurant. there are three locations. there's only one affect. that's downtown. >> they suspended the permit on sunday. earlier this year that restaurant did pass two routine inspections with flying colors. this man, andres guera, was among those sick enough to end up in the hospital. shigella happens when a person who has it doesn't wash their hands after using the restroom. the symptoms are high fever, cramping, and diarrhea. shigella can only be treated with antibiotics. you can go to our website. we've posted a link to tin spekz
6:57 am
records for the county so you can find out if your favorite restaurant has been shut don in the last six months. >> probably not a good idea. thank you very much, kris. we move to stephanie chuang where crews spent the overnight repairing a chain link fence that fell to the freeway below. >> reporter: that's right. they tried to final out exactly what caused that. the big news here this morn, no more impact in terms of closures for drivers. the sidewalk is closed as crews try to figure out how to replace the rough hi 100 yards of railing that fell onto 880 last night. two people went to the hospital minor injuries and both directions of 880 were shut down from 6630 until after 10:00 last night. there are no scheduled closures for 880 just yet but in order to put up a new pedestrian fence, there would likely have to be
6:58 am
some lane closures. it's closed for some weeks. a strukt recall engineer is set to be back here tomorrow to figure out a temporary plan. mike, here in oakland, stephanie chuang. san ramon continues to quake. the strong quake hit just before 4:30 yesterday afternoon near green brooke and mustang drives in san ramon. though there was no more damage, people there pretty shaken up. there have been more than 200 quakes and 45 quakes yesterday. they can last essentially weeks which means the shaking may not be over just yet. you can actually track the earthquakes. we have quake map. you'll find them on nbc bay >> wow. 200 in a week? >> that's crazy.
6:59 am
we're shaking a groove thing here on tuesday morning. monday's in the book. >> we're getting closer to the weekend, and our weather will be warming up too. it's cool in the morning in the north bay. 50 degrees. 55 in the east bay. highs today, a little bit higher than yesterday. mainly in the 80s. san francisco, 74. peninsula, 79. >> all right. they call it traffic tuesday sometimes. >> this is at 680 representing the volume. i want to show you 101. look at 280 at 87. ore on the shoulder presenting quite a problem. 84 on your right. there's a crash getting past the g.e. plant causing a distraction although it's out of lanes. never north of the san mateo operating pretty smoothly.
7:00 am
>> all right. we'll have another local news update about about ha half an hour. >> in the meantime get outside. it's a little cooler there and we'll see you for that 7:25 update. good morning. good morning. indecision 2016. the press are on joe biden's intent to make his choice known. do democrat want him in the race? the surprising numbers from our new poll just out this morning. >> and cyber attacks against the cia director and head of homeland security and the hacker says he's a teen-ager.


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