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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 21, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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le to enjoy. together, we're building a better california. for their bodies, but for their wallets. now, some south bay diners sickened by shigel a painful experience, not just for their bodies, but also their wallets. some south bay diners sickened by shigella are serving something back to the restaurant. cleaning the mess in southern california. responders make a sad denning discovery. walking the streets in oakland armed with a machete, a man swipes at cars passing by. he's actually mott the target of the police investigation. "today in the bay" starts right now. we're in the middle of the week. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we made it. let's take a look at the forecast this morning with kari.
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good morning. >> good morning. mostly clear skies, in the upper 40s. it's 57 in san francisco and the peninsula. looking at highs today that will be a little bit warmer than yesterday, reaching 87 degrees in the north bay. 80 in the east bay and 83 in the south bay. we'll take a closer look at the microclimates coming up. let's see what's happening as you approach the golden gate bridge. >> the bridge is clear. let's look at the map just as i hit refresh, the tunnel itself is clear. it sounds like deer was hit earlier this morning. everything is cleared from the roadway now. we have no more incidents to report from the bay. we'll see how this wednesday shapes up. back to you guys. breaking news right now. a fighter jet crash in england to report to you this morning. the plane crashed shortly after
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takeoff from a u.s. air force base about 70 miles northeast of london. emergency crews rushed to the scene. so far there's not word of the there are any deaths. we'll bring you an update as soon as we get it. a out lake of shigella is widening, at least 83 people believed to be sick. lawyers are starting to get involved. >> kris sanchez, people want to be compensated for all the medical bills. >> reporter: this isn't just about punishing the restaurant. when people stay home from work because they got sick, it is expensive. expensive particularly for folks who don't have insurance. we don't know if that's exactly the case. we know at least two of the shigella victims have lawyered up. march ris co-'s saun want number three is still shut down by order of the health department. 80 people have confirmed or suspected cases of shigella,
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that is, still being tested. 12 people are so sick or dehydrated they're in the hospital in intensive care. the county is working to find out how the outbreak started friday and saturday night. they say that all of these folks ate there weekend. they didn't eat the same thing. both the public health director and the attorney working with two of those victims say this case of shigella was unusually violent. >> most of the people that were ill are sort of middle aged or young, healthy people, who you wouldn't necessarily assume would be severely ill from shigella. >> you don't generally see 12 people, a dozen people in an icu, even if some of the worst food-borne illness cases. >> reporter: he should know. this is an area of specialty. he represented 16 families who contracted shigella back in 2000. in that case more than 100
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people got sick and one person died after eating at a redwood city restaurant. that restaurant is now closed. the public health director says it is possible that now we're seeing a second wave of infections, that the folks who ate at march ris co-'s restaurant on friday and saturday have taken the bacteria home and have spread it to members of the family who did not dine with them over the weekend. bottom line here, if you have some of the symptoms, high fever, pain, diarrhea, vomiting, do go see your doctor and get tested. kris sanchez torques day in the bay. another algae outbreak. the blue green sludge now breaking in the east bay alone, the sixth body of water affected. the algae did not register as toxic in initial testing, but it can become toxic at any time. both people and their pets are being warned to stay out. in recent months, toxic algae
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has been found in lake emsa, the quarry lakes in fremont and lake chabot. to a grisly and unexpected discovery, a body discovered within these trapped cars and mud in northern los angeles county. workers spotted the body in an overturned suv in palmdale while hauling away the muck. no word yet on the cause of death. palmdale was one of cities slammed by last week's rain storms. this triggered mudslides and flash floods and shut down interstate 5 near the grapevine. police officers in new york city mourning the loss of one of their own after a chase turned deadly. authorities say 33-year-old officer randolph holder was responding to a report of a man with a gun in east harlem. shots rang out striking holder directly in his head. the gunman now in police custody. officer holden, a five-year nypd
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veteran died at a nearby hospital. >> we're mourning a man who gave his life as a guardian for all of us. we're humbled by officer randolph holder's example, an example of service and courage and sacrifice. zblt mayor de blasio there. holder is the fourth new york city police officer killed in the last 11 months. in oakland a showdown between a man wielding a machete and two drivers. a neighbor caught it all on cell phone. it happened about 3:00 monday morning in oakland. police say the man carrying the machete lunged at passing cars. that driver of the red car, you see it there, backed into the man, while a white car bumped into him in the intersection. he's okay and was placed on a psychiatric hold. >> if you're able to shoot the cell phone video, you're also able to call 911.
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4:36. kari hall here with the current temperatures. >> it will be cool this morning. a light jacket needed. as you go through the day, you're taking that off as temperatures warm up quickly. it's 55 in concord, sunnyvale at 57 degrees. a look at the highs up to 85 in los gatos. palo alto, 81. the castro at 75. just a little warmer than yesterday. not too much. 86 degrees in napa. oakland 82 and dublin, 83 degrees. we'll take a closer look at the temperatures coming in. let's see what's happening with the commute with mike. >> easy drive around the bay. the only incident to point out is north 87, reports of metal debris right around taylor, just past downtown san jose. no crash report, i want to warn folks that they'll have to remove that so there is no crash. easy approach toward the bay bridge. behind here, the speed sensors through the tri-valley okay.
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you do have some company. back to you. coming up, another emergency landing, second in less than a week involving bay area flights. what happened on board an american airlines flight that made passengers, crew and the pilots so alarmed. why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard,
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american airlines jet out of san jose to make an emergency an unruly passenger forced an american airlines jet out of san jose to make an emergency landing in phoenix. one san jose man said that passenger would not listen to
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the flight crew making everyone on board very nervous. that plane had not even taken off for dallas when robert schultz said he noticed the guy sitting next to him was drunk and rowdy. schultz said the man demanded drinks and would not stay in his seat. once they were in the air, the situation only got worse. that's when schultz helped restrain the man. >> people were definitely nervous. when he would get up to go to the bathroom, people around us were kind of giving me the look, as if saying, i wonder what he's up to, i hope people are doing something about this, kind of thing. >> there was an emergency landing in phoenix and that man was taken off the plane. you may remember on sunday a southwest flight from lax to sfo turned around for an emergency landing after a passenger choked the woman in front of him for reclining her seat back. new rules for cabbies in san francisco.
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they have to pass drunk and alcohol tests to renew their permits. the requirement was passed yesterday. those involved in an accident or if there's reasonable suspicious of drug use will also be subjected to testing. drivers who use medical marijuana will be exempt. the rules does not apply to uber or ride share lyft because they're unregulated. the anniversary today of a classic movie. looking forward at the predictions from "back to the future." what came through and what didn't.
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there's a little bit of a back story here. mike just suggested i wear a head band on air right now. >> it's not a somber moment. it's a positive one. >> nothing says i'm ready to start my day like a little head band action. >> i guess so. i don't know about that. as you start out the day, head band or not, we will have some cool temperatures as we take a live look outside san jose. it is kind of cool this morning once again with our temperatures starting out in the 50s. a look as cross the bay. 56 degrees in the east bay and south bay. in the north bay, 56 degrees and the wind is very light. we won't have much of a wind today. it was nice and breezy yesterday afternoon. as we go through the forecast today, the wind doesn't really
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increase coming in from the north. don't expect anything to help cool you off as we feel our temperatures heating up today. a lot of sunshine, too. here is a look at the cloud forecast. it shows the clouds hugging the immediate coast and starting to move back into san francisco by 5:00, 6:00 tonight. we may have some more clouds tomorrow morning than we're seeing this morning. a clear start to the day. going hour by hour in san francisco. at 7:00, we're at 60 degrees. up to 11:00, 67 and 72 degrees by 1:00. we will be in the low 70s briefly this afternoon as high pressure continues to build. there will be a weakening cold front moving through in time for the weekend to help bring back our temperatures just a few more degrees. into next week, we'll be watching another storm system that could be our next chance of rain. unfortunately it doesn't look like it gets here until the middle of the week. until then we're all dry. weekend's forecast, we'll see highs up to 79 degrees on friday in the peninsula and down to 74
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degrees on sunday. cooling temperatures through the weekend, still very comfortable and a lot of sunshine after some morning clouds. let's see what's happening with the morning commute now with mike. >> kari, our friendlies is a on our digital team, right hear, 238 she called and said there was a slowdown. turns out one lake still blocked from an overnight road crew, scheduled to pick up right now. that's the slow section off the castro valley y. no major incidents, the the brie 87 at taylor. and the bay bridge toll plaza, a live look to show you there are folks driving around the bay. very light volume at the toll plaza itself. back to you. >> i don't know about you, mike, but apparently not everyone is loving mcdonald's new all-day breakfast. >> not the diners, probably mcdonald's competitors. for that and the rest of the news before the bell, we turn to landon dowdy. is that a mcgriddle on the desk
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in front of you? >> you weren't supposed to see that, sam. the markets will try to bounce back today. futures are higher after a rough day of trading on wall street. all three major averages trading slower. no real economic data out this morning. a slew of earnings from general motors, american express, ebay. the dow falling 13 points, the nasdaq down 25 to 4880. so far not everyone is loving mcdonald's new all day breakfast launch. 29 of the fast food giants franchisees says the launch has actually been a nightmare and the new menu rolled out earlier this month has been slowing down service, reducing average ticket costs and causing chaos in the kitchens. one mcdonald's spokeswoman says customers and an overwhelming majority of mcdonald's 3100 franchisees still say it's been a hit. sony pictures entertainment
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is shelling out some serious cash after "the interview" movie related hacking incident. sony is expected to pay more than $8 million total with $4.5 million going toward settlement with current and former employees whose information was stolen when hackers breached the company's computer network. additionally lawyers involved in the case will reportedly receive roughly $4 million. 4:49 right now. a new lightning fast internet and tv service could be headed to the south bay. all of this courtesy of google. according to the "mercury news," documents showed the tech giant looking to build two fiber huts in san jose to house all its fiber cables. one on the city's south side. the other near downtown san jose. right now google fiber is only available in six cities throughout the country. city leaders remain tight lipid, but sources at city hall say an official announcement could come
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as early as december. gamers beware, more than 60,000 headsets are being recalled because they could be contaminated with mold spores. they're multiuse with the mar t marketed for the xbox 1. so far there are have been six reports of mold growing on the headsets. the mold can cause respiratory infections. the headsets were sold between june and september for about $100. it was a movie that was ahead of its time, making predictions that would come to light right now in 2015. "back to the future" came out nearly 30 years ago. >> as "today in the bay's" bob redell shows us, while some of the things in the movie were outlandish then, some have become reality now. >> reporter: finally we are here, october 21st, 2015.
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the date when marty mcfly arrives in doc brown's time machine. not exactly the future predicted in the movie. hover boards, we're getting there. >> cubs win world series. >> could happen. >> he got it! >> there are still no delorians that fly. >> unless you count this toy car i bought online. as it stands, there's still only one way to travel into the future. >> we're time traveling right now. we're heading into the future. >> here it comes. we made it. >> here we are in the future. >> reporter: ken wharton is a physics professor at san jose state university. >> do you think time travel will be possible? >> absolutely, as long as you're just considering going into -- >> reporter: professor warren says you need to build a near light speed spaceship, travel for about a year or two and you would end up nearly 30 years
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into the future. >> this has been tested. we have tested clocks in space in spaceships. sure enough, the time on the clock is different than the clocks that stayed here on earth. going into the future is an engineering problem. >> a problem that we probably don't want to solve. think about it. someone from 1985 traveling into the future to 2015 only to remind us what it was like 30 years ago. who would want that? somewhere in time, bob redell, "today in the bay.." >> that means he still has the t-shirt. >> fits him just as slimly as well. >> all that muscle. >> he may want to rethink the cubs prediction. 4:52. coming up, a new store already about to open in san francisco already causing outrage. how a display who live near the
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give it a pop.
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kari/wxcenter >> as you head out for lunch, it will be 73 degrees. still comfortable. we will top out in the 80s today. we'll see that by about 3:00 or 4:00 and a light northerly wind. let's check in with mike to see what's happening as you approach the bay bridge. >> we have a few folks waiting, the cash payers.
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the fast track lanes moving smoothly. a nice flow of traffic around the area. a little showing for eastbound 580. there may be a crew clearing there. we know there's an overnight crew clearing northbound 238. that's the slowest spot of the bay. a stop mark churning new survey about the food you eat. it turns out, more than half of food industry workers go to work sick. the center for research and public policy polled 1200 people working in food processing plants, cafeterias as west as rest raunt and grocery stores. 51% say they always or frequently go to work when they're sick. the most common reason was fear of lost wages. 15% of workers say they would not serve the food they make to their own families. >> that's tough when you've got to put food on the table as well. 4:56. a publicity stunt in san
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francisco's north beach has fans of one unique species of birds. the wild birds are be loved. one retailer is are shelving parrot meat. a note on the door blasts the stunt calling it distasteful. feathers are flying on both sid sides. >> thiis art it's an art friendly neighborhood. >> my 9-year-old son said at dinner tonight when we were talking -- >> to leave the meaning of the artwork up to each individual. by the way, we still do not know what the store called terrific street will sell when it opens later this year. >> certainly getting attention. 4:57.
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a widespread case of shigella continues to sicken people in the south bay. they may not be fully on the mend, but some diners are already serving something right back. why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun.
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the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. poisoning victims linked to a south bay restaurant are taking action fighting back. two out of the now 80 food poisoning victims linked to a restaurant are taking action as a shigella outbreak widens. plus drug concerns at a local high school. the warning from the principal after three students were rushed to the hospital.
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we're going "back to the future" all day today. is 2015 living up to all the hype shown in the movie. our bob redell takes a closer look. "today in the bay" starts now. a very good wednesday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm jerry sandusky. >> i'm sam brock. the future is very cool let's see what the weather has right now outside with meteorologist kari hall. >> looking forward to the afternoon because it is warming. yes, it's cool right now. it's 53 in the east bay and 48 in the north bay. highs today, as we look into the near future, 87 degrees. in the south bay 83 degrees. in the tri-valley up to 87 degrees. a look at this weekend's forecast coming up in just a few minutes. still an easy drive? >> yes. but your future will also change. one scheduled incident, road crew north 238 starting the ease


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