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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 21, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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we're going "back to the future" all day today. is 2015 living up to all the hype shown in the movie. our bob redell takes a closer look. "today in the bay" starts now. a very good wednesday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm jerry sandusky. >> i'm sam brock. the future is very cool let's see what the weather has right now outside with meteorologist kari hall. >> looking forward to the afternoon because it is warming. yes, it's cool right now. it's 53 in the east bay and 48 in the north bay. highs today, as we look into the near future, 87 degrees. in the south bay 83 degrees. in the tri-valley up to 87 degrees. a look at this weekend's forecast coming up in just a few minutes. still an easy drive? >> yes. but your future will also change. one scheduled incident, road crew north 238 starting the ease for the speeds coming off the
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castro valley y. for one lane completely blocked. the bay bridge has a slight backup for cash payers. the north bay, south 101 has just a few drivers. back to you. breaking news we're following. one person is dead in a fighter jet crash in england. the f-18 crashed shortly after takeoff from a u.s. air force base about 70 miles northeast of london. police in the area say there is believed to be only one person on board who died. they're now investigating the cause. now to a developing story. lawyers are stepping in as a food poisoning outbreak at a popular san jose restaurant is widening. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is live in san jose. we now understand two victims are fighting back? >> reporter: yes, this is getting more and more serious for marisco's san juan number three, because not only are 80 people sick and some
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hospitalized, two of them have contracted with a lawyer. still closed by order of santa clara county. 80 people are either connefirme or suspected cases of shigella. 12 people are still so sick they are in the hospital in intensive care. the county is still working to find out how the outbreak started at marisco's san juan. they say they know all the people who ate at the restaurant friday or saturday had dinner there over the weekend. here is the thing, they didn't all order the same thing. they haven't been able to pinpoint the origin of the bacteria that way. still, both the attorney working with those two victims and the public health director say this case is particularly violent. >> most of the people that were ill are sort of middle-aged or young, healthy people who you wouldn't necessarily assume would be severely ill from shigella. >> you don't generally see 12
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people, a dozen people in an icu in even some of the worst food-borne illness cases. >> reporter: that attorney should know. he represented 16 families who got sick from shigella back in 2000. one person died in that outbreak and more than 100 other people got sick. the redwood city restaurant where they ate is now closed for good. the shigella bacteria is very con table ous. the health director says not all 80 people who got sick had dinner at that restaurant. some of these infections may be secondary infections where people got sick at the restaurant, took it home and passed it on. make sure you check the health records for the restaurants where you dine and if you have any symptoms, do call the public health department or your own doctor. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." beware of shoulder surfing, especially in san leandro.
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that's where thieves are watching you use an atm. investigators say people who were targeted forgot to log out or complete their transactions. undercover officers have already made two arrests, but they fear more thieves are out there. burglars blending in. this surveillance video from san jose was just released to this public. police say this woman with a guitar acted as a lookout while her accomplice goes to the back of the house. he enters the house, burglarized it and walked out the front door where the woman was waiting. the pair drove away in a red late model camaro. if you recognize the suspects, call san jose police. an alleged graffiti artist is behind bars. officers say he's responsible for causing $70 in damage from foster city.
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miles harper was discovered spray painting a storage shed. he's reportedly linked to dozens of other vandalism cases back to december of last year. that includes defacing the foster city honor wall. new drug concerns at a bay area high school and now the principal is taking action. "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang has more. three students got sick in the past week alone? >> reporter: in the past week. that's the concern from the principal here. three students sent from campus here to the hospital. sheusing the same drug. she warns an overdose can kill, it can be fatal. take a look at the picture of decks that methorphane or dxm. it's a cough suppressant found in more than 120 over-the-counter medications, that means many forms, cough syrup.
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the two most popular forms are robitussin and core see den. ccc, poor man's pcp or velvet. it's referred to as decksing, robo tripping and skittaling. an e-mail went out to parents warning taking too much of dxm can produce a high that produces hallucinatio hallucinations, dizziness vomiting, seizures, coma and in rare cases even death. the dea says dxm abuse is on the rise because they're easier to hide. they're asking parents to keep a close eye on this. she wrote in part, quote, please start a dpie log with your students about ccc. if concerns arise that your students or his or her friends are experimenting, consider working collaboratively with the school. this is also accessible online, on amazon. you can get a pack of 50 tablets
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for about 25 bucks. it's accessible, pretty affordable. the concern is it's going to spread even more here. so the hope is that parents can play a part now. live in mill valley, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> good to be aware. a bit of a crisp start to your wednesday morning. this forecast is darn near perfect, kari. >> i don't know if you think perfect is in the upper 80s for this time of year? >> i will retract. >> it's perfect now, i think so, because it's cool. it will be warming up, especially inland. when you consider it's almost the end of october and we're still in the upper 80s, still well above average. palo alto 81 degrees. in the castro 75 degrees. 86 in napa and 88 in pittsburgh. dublin up to 84 degrees. any problems, mike, approaching the bay bridge? >> no real problems. a little change. we had the cash lanes backing up. it looks like all of our toll takers are opening the lane.
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so the fast track lanes are moving just as smoothly as the cash lanes which cleared up a few minutes ago. expect more traffic for highway 4, slowing through antioch. that will increase the volume building toward the toll plaza and the may. we have slowing registering on our sensors after the road crew is scheduled to clear. as the road crew clears, we have a little slowing there. no incidents, peninsula or south bay. the run up to the democratic nomination hardly incident free. coming up next, still no answers from vice president joe biden. but that has not stopped him from taking some shots at former secretary hillary clinton. plus we're taking you "back to the future." we'll take a look back at the movie that was truly ahead of its time.
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this morning vice president . you see the banner there, decision 2016, or is it really more like indecision 2016. this morning vice president joe biden still has not made up his mind if he's going to run for president. now he is taking some shots at hillary clinton. "today in the bay's" tracie potts joining us from washington, d.c. this morning. tracie, biden is starting to sound a lot like a presidential candidate, but he hasn't made any sort of declaration yet? >> reporter: no, he hasn't. at least he hasn't told us if he's made a decision. could today be the day? we were told two days ago 48 hours. that ends today. he might announce his decision,
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he is out there sounding a lot like a candidate. hillary clinton calls herself an enemy of republicans. joe biden calls them friends. >> i really respect the members up there and i still have a lot of republican friends. i don't think my chief enemy is the republican party. this is a matter of, you know, making things work. >> reporter: not yet a candidate, but drawing distinctions between himself and the democratic front-runner and clarifying the record. in 2012 biden advised president obama to go slow against osama bin laden. today -- >> i told him my opinion, he should go. >> reporter: will he run or won't he? >> it makes him look indecisive. >> it's time for a decision one way or the other. >> reporter: meantime, clinton is deciding to testify on the deadly benghazi attack, what she knew, her e-mails. >> this has been a very fact
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focused investigation. >> reporter: democrats call it a witch hunt. >> our nbc "wall street journal" poll finds more americans than not. 44% is not satisfied with her answers. just over 1 in 4 in that poll saying they consider her honest. >> a lot of attention on that. thank you very much, tracie. also in d.c., there is a hearing at the nation's capital, the house homeland security committee will be examining the threat from isis and the possible impact of europe's refugee crisis, what impact it might have on u.s. security. secretary of homeland security, jeh johnson and fbi director james comey are set to testify. in the meantime, more details on how the cia director's e-mail was hacked.
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>> scott mcgrew, hack saturday a generous term in this case. >> that would honestly be fairly comical if it weren't so alarming. the bad guys who describe themselves as pot smoking 20-somethings. that's their words, didn't hack the account at all. they convinced people at american online to change the cia director's password. yes, you heard me correctly, the director of the cia has american online. the hackers were able to convince verizon-owned aol they were john brennan and got the company to reset the account and apparently got into the e-mail. "the new york times" says none of the e-mails were classified. apparently some social security numbers were there in the e-mails because they're part of the washington party guest list. social security numbers, often part of the inside the beltway security clearances. you saw ahmed mohamed got to visit the president, the kid from texas who alarmed people in texas by building a clock.
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now he's moving to qatar. the family issued a statement saying ahmed had been offered a number of scholarship. they have chosen one from the country of qatar. dohar is home to even american universities like texas a&m. landon dowdy is live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> there good morning to you. features are higher after a rough day of trading on wall street are all three major averages closing lower and the dow snapping a three-day winning streak. no real economic data out this morning. we have a slew of earnings from boeing, coke, general motors, american express, ebay and many more. the nasdaq down 25 to 4880. scott, back over to you. >> thanks, landon. remember the segue scooter was going to change the world and it didn't. the company was bought a few years ago by a chinese company, this morning showing off what you might call segue 2.0.
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they call it the 9 bot mini. this is the company's video. you can't get a good look at it. it appears to be the bad guys from "pitch perfect 2." but you can kind of see -- there's no handle. there's this thing that goes between your knees. here is the important thing, guys. 315 bucks. not available yet, but still, 315 for what is fundamentally a segue. i'm still not going to be riding it. >> it's the common man's segue. >> got to learn the dance. kind of like voguing. >> that looks like something that might have been in "back to the future." here we are. "the movie bark to the future 2 msh made predictions about what 2015 would look like. featuring a teenager who travels to october 21st, 2015. some of the movie's
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predictions actually became reality. >> reporter: laura and sam, obviously this fashion trend took off. who hasn't seen anyone wearing the double neck tie from back when they predicted that 30 years ago, or didn't take off. maybe not. one thing we see in that movie that's very predominant, especially when marty enters the village square are all the hover boards. yes, the technology exists, but does it exist in the free form we saw in "back to the future 2?" not exactly. the only hitch is you have to be on a copper floor. it's electromagnetic. it's not free floating like you see in the movie. the movie predicts the cubs win the world series. that's totally going to happen because right now they're only 0-3 and they play the mets later today, and i'm sure the mets are
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not going to sweep them. it's most likely that the cubs will come back and wichb the world series. in all fairness, if you come back live, we have delorians out and about, not as many as they used to be. of course, they're not flying kind. we are here at san diego state university talking about time travel. time travel, at least jumping ahead in time is possible according to one physicist here, professor at the university, a minor engineering problem which you probably are or are not familiar with. we'll have that coming up within the next half hour. also, bob, i like your optimism about the cubs. you think they're going to pull it out, despite the fact they have their backs against the wall. it would be the perfect story. >> reporter: much to your chagrin. >> lifelong mets fan.
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i don't doubt they'll break my heart again. thank you for bringing that up, bob. >> interesting to think -- if people would want to go into the future or back into the past, maybe to see a loved one or something. >> true. >> going back to your roots. >> that's true. that's a good point. but we're in the present. the into is a gift. isn't that what someone said? i saw it as a plaque in someone's kitchen. >> good philosophy on a wednesday morning. we'll also get into a little forecasting of the future. >> yes, the near future. we'll go way ahead to 2:00 this afternoon. i'll tell you it will be in the 80s today. as we take a live look, we'll bring it back to the present, everyone getting this day started. mostly clear skies across the bay. it is going to be warmer this afternoon. it's 56 in livermore, 57 in sunnyvale. san jose at 54 degrees. let's go hour by hour in
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livermore. at 6:00 we're looking at 55 degrees. right around sunrise, still in the mid 50s and up to 66 degrees. these temperatures will be jumping up quickly. by 2:00, 82 degrees. 85 degrees at 4:00. as you head home, during the evening commute, it will be 79 degrees. our temperatures cooling back off into the 60s. we will have a lot of sun today, not expecting a lot of clouds. it shows most of the clouds well offshore. as we go through the day, it start to roll back in to san francisco later this evening and all across the day as we go into early tomorrow morning. even though we start out with clear skies today, we should start to see the clouds and fog back tomorrow. highs today will be in the upper 80s in parts of the south bay. mid 70s in san francisco, 88 in pittsburgh and dublin, a high of 84 degrees. our temperatures well above
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average. as you can see, it stays here and slowly starts to back off with the heat. let's see if you have problems with the commute. >> i'm glad you said that, back off from the heat. we're looking here at the commute. this is the span of course. the live shot showing the smooth stream westbound. no back up at the bay bridge, just starting for the cash lanes. oakland coming up 880 past the coliseum, past high street, a typical flow for the nimitz. a nice smooth flow of traffic. slowing for antioch, a slowdown still as the road crew cleared. we have all lanes northbound 288 cleared off the castro valley y. that might be what's causing the lower sensor read. here is the south bay with no drama. back to you. >> no drama, good thing. we'll be right back. an unruly passenger forced an
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american airlines jet out of san jose to make an emergency . an unruly passenger forces an american airlines jet out of san jose to make an emergency landing in phoenix. one san jose man said the passenger would not listen to the flight crew making everyone on board nervous. the plane hadn't even taken off for dallas when roberts schultz say it is man next to him was drunk and rowdy, saying the man demanded drinks and would not stay in his seat. once they were in the air, the situation got worse. that's when schultz helped restrained the man. >> people were definitely
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nervous. when he would go up and go to the bathroom, people around us were giving us looks, as if saying, i wonder what he's up to. i hope people are doing something about this kind of thing. >> after making the emergency landing in phoenix, the man was taken off the plane. you may recall just on sunday a southwest flight from los angeles to san francisco turned around for an emergency landing after a passenger reportedly choked the woman in front of him for reclining her seat. from weird things in the air to trying to get to the air weirdly. infamous airplane stow away is currently on trial in chicago for her latest attempt to board a plane without a ticket. hartman has been arrested so many times for sneaking onto planes all across the country that she's already spent two months behind bars for her past stowaway incidents. the evaluation could determine if she spends a full year in
5:26 am
jail. coming up, a man wielding a machete has a showdown with drivers of two cars. the hunt to find the drivers who hit him. plus, a food poisoning outbreak widening in the south bay still. two of the victims now fighting back.
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joining us. i'm sam brock. =laura/2shot= and i'm laura garcia cannon. boxes boxes midpoint of the week on a wednesday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we're in october and the 80s. >> i know. temperatures are well above where we should be feeling them for this time of year. but nice cool start to the morning at least. it's in the upper 40s in the north bay and in the south bay it is 54 degrees. all clear skies, then all that sunshine will warm those temperatures up rapidly as we go through the morning and a very light wind mostly blowing offshore today. the winds increasing in san francisco with a high of 75 degrees. we'll take a closer look at micro climates coming up. let's see what's happening with the morning commute. >> we'll start in the south bay because we are seeing a burst of traffic consistent with 5:30 in the morning. there you go, the start of the first burst for san jose. the sensors not showing a major problem. we didn't see that on the live camera either.
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wanted to show the general trend. that will click in about 6:30. a little slowing off the castro valley y. that overnight road crew still on the shoulder. the bay bridge toll plaza has a mild backup just starting. back to you. following up on breaking news we learned about an hour ago, one person is dead in a fighter jet crash in england. the f-18 crashed shortly after takeoff from a u.s. air force base 70 miles northeast of london. there's believed to be only one person on board who died. the air force is investigating the cause of that crash. a developing story this morning, an outbreak of shigella linked to a popular san jose restaurant is widening. now at least 80 people are believed to be sick with the disease and lawyers are starting to get involved. >> as the medical bills rise. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez, people want to be compensated. >> reporter: you mentioned medical bills, but also the lost wages that people suffer because not everybody has paid sick
5:31 am
leave time off. now an attorney who is known for food safety. litigation has gotten involved with at least two beam who are sick. >> here is where we stand, marisco's san yuan number three still shut down by order of the santa clara police department. 80 confirmed or suspected cases. 12 people so sick they are in the hospital in intensive care. the county is working to find out exactly who started or how the outbreak started at marisco's san juan. they know a lot of folks had dinner or lunch there on friday or saturday night, but they don't know precisely who started the outbreak. both the public health director and attorney working with those two victims say this case of shigella is unusual. >> most of the people that were ill are sort of middle aged or young healthy people who you wouldn't necessarily assume
5:32 am
would be severely ill from shigella. >> you don't generally see 12 people, a dozen people in an icu, even in some of the worst food-borne illness cases. >> reporter: the attorney also represented 16 families who got sick in a shigella outbreak back in 2000 in redwood city. in that case more than 100 people got sick and one person died from the bacteria. that redwood city restaurant, by the way, is shut down for good. shigella bacteria is very contagious. what we are seeing now as the number is approaching 80 and beyond is some of the folks who are now sick are secondary infections. that is, the person who got sick from eating at that restaurant friday and saturday night has passed it on. it's highly contagious. >> that's an important thing for people to know. thanks a lot, kris. at 5:32, drug concerns at a local high school has a principal taking action.
5:33 am
it comes after three students were hospitalized in the past week for drug in the abuse. it's linked to an over-the-counter cough and cold medication. >> reporter: that's right, laura, one you can buy online. it runs about $25 for a pack of 50 tablets, for instance. the concern is this is not only very accessible but very affordable. take a look at this picture from the drug enforcement administration of decks trauma thor fan or dxf. it's a cough suppress sapt found in 120 over-the-counter cold medications tam high sent a letter saying it will result in hallucinations, dizziness, vomiting, seizures, coma and in rare cases even death.
5:34 am
dxm abuse is on the rise because there are numerable products easy to hide and carry. mostly tablets and gel capsules. the principal asking parents to keep a close eye on this warning, quote, please start a dialogue with your student about triple c. if concerns arise that your student or his or her friends are experimenting with trip c, consider collaborate being the school. coming up, the county is actually battling a bigger drug problem. what it's asking doctors to do coming up in the next half hour. live in mill valley, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." police officers in new york city mourning the loss of one of their own after a chase turned fatal last night. authorities say 33-year-old officer randolph holder was responding to a report of a man with a gun in east harlem. when holder and another officer
5:35 am
spotted the gunman, shots rang out striking holder in the head. the gunman is in police custody, officer holder, a five-year nypd veteran has died at a nearby hospital. >> we're mourning a man who gave his life as a guardian for all of us, and we're humbled by officer randolph holder's example, an example of service and courage and sacrifice. >> it's been a violent and tragic year for the new york police department. holder is now the fourth new york city police officer killed in just the last 11 months. it is 5:35. now to a grisly and unexpected discovery in southern california. a body was discovered within the trapped cars and mud in northern los angeles county. workers spotted the body in an overturned suv in palmdale while hauling away the muck. no word yet on the cause of death. palmdale is one of several cities slammed by last week's
5:36 am
rain storms. it shut down part of interstate 5 near the grapevine. in oakland, a showdown between a man wielding a machete and two cars. this is downtown oakland. detectives are searching for the drivers who hit him. take a look. a neighbor caught it all on cell phone. it happened around 3:00 monday morning. you can see the man walking in the middle of the street. police say he was carrying a mache machete, lunging at cars until that one tries to strike back at him. this happened on international boulevard. that's when the driver of that red car backed into the man while another white car bumped into him in the same intersection. he's okay and has been placed on psychiatric hold. meantime, road rage victims in the south bay may have a chance to extract financial revenge on their tormenters. that ordinance was approved yesterday that allows road rage targets to file civil lawsuits. some of the examples include driving too closely to cyclists,
5:37 am
making threats or cutting people off. victims can collect up to a thousand dollars. it was a close vote, but san francisco sanctuary city policy will remain in place. yesterday supervisors passed a resolution allowing the sheriff's department not to notify federal immigration authorities about any release of undocumented immigrants unless they're violent felons. the sanctuary city policy makes the community safer. >> the undocumented people who live in san francisco, when they see a crime and are witnesses or victims to a crime, that they'll come forward. >> also yesterday supervisors agreed to keep in place a policy, requesting deputies not to cooperate with military officials. many are blaming that policy for the shooting death of kate steinle on pier 14. the hunt is on for a man who
5:38 am
attacked a 16-year-old girl in daly city. take a good look at this sketch. police say the victim was walking about two blocks from jefferson high school two weeks ago when the man tried to talk to her. police say he slapped her when she ignored him. he then grabbed her, but the girl did manage to get away. a candlelight vigil will be held for a san jose student who died after passing out during water polo practice. ryan hair man was taken off of life support over the weekend. he was pulled unconscious from the pool during a practice last thursday. the coroner's report doesn't reveal what caused the 24-year-old to lose consciousness. the vigil is 6:00 friday night in front of clark hall. a publicity stunt has fans of one unique band of birds squawking. if you haven't heard of the parrots of del graph hill, you've never lived in north
5:39 am
beach. they're popular and be loved. that's where one business owner is now stacking what appears to be cans of parrot meat in his soon-to-open store. those cans are supposed to be an art installment meant to attract attenti attention, which they have, not all of it positive. a note on the door blasts the stunt calling it distasteful. feathers are flying on both sides. >> i'm amused about that. >> my 9-year-old son says maybe they should sell coyote meat since there's a coyote in the park. >> by the way, we still don't know what the store called terrific street will even sell or when it will open later this year. from the somewhat bizarre there to the comfort of the start of a nice day here again on wednesday. meteorologist kari hall with a look at temperatures right now. >> it is cool this morning, especially when you think about
5:40 am
earlier this week. we were in the mid 60s starting the day. it's 56 degrees in the east bay and 54 in the south bay. a closer look at the south bay as you start out in gilroy, 48 degrees. sunnyvale at 54 degrees. it will be another warm one after a cool start, 83 degrees in san jose. san mateo 77, the embarcadero 74 degrees. 89 degrees today in santa rosa while pittsburgh tops out at 88. oakland 82 and pleasanton 85 degrees. these temperatures are well above average for the end of october. it looks like it continues. i'll show you more on that and our next chance of rain coming up a little later. let's check in with mike to see what's happening at the bay bridge. as you'd imagine, the bay bridge starts to stack up. the metering lights are on. this is your typical wednesday pattern. smooth for the fast track lanes, just slow for fast track. we'll see the spied son sores through the area. an easy drive.
5:41 am
we look at the rest of the east bay and the north bay across the map and smooth flow. we're at speed for those sensors. we're starting to see a build for the tri-valley to the dublin interchange. 84 through livermore. nothing surprising there. slowing from the castro valley y through fremont and union city. fremont southbound into the south bay, you're getting more company but at speeds. back to you. 5:41. coming up, taking a step back in time. we're going to take a look back at the classic movie that looked forward. >> worth stick arg round for. super cool. plus a $19 billion deal braking in silicon valley. did you just get bought? i'll tell you coming up in business and tech. minor league ball players taking the mlb to court. what they're accused the league of next. laura/ots crews are working
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breaking news this morning at 5:44. just coming into our newsroom, crews working on putting out a fire at a mexican restaurant in sunnyvale. firefighters have already called for backup once. we're sending our own crew to the scene and we'll bring you updates as soon as they arrive. a new lightning fast internet and tv service. >> it could be headed to the south bay. all that is coming courtesy of google. according to "mercury news," documents show the tech giant applied for permits to build two fiber huts in san jose to house its fiber cables. one on the city's south side,
5:45 am
the other near downtown. right now google fiber is only available in six cities throughout the country. city leaders in san jose remain tight-lipped about a deal with google. sources at city hall say an official announcement could come as early as december. meantime, consumer reports is calling the tesla model s the best car they've ever live en. >> called past tense. the third year, laura, consumer reports reviewed the tesla s and the honeymoon is over. consumer reports says it can no longer recommend the problem due to problems that were overlooked, squeaks and door hooks that don't work properly. general motors say the volt will travel 200 or more on a single charge, double what other electric cars like the leaf can
5:46 am
manage. ferrari will ring the bell on the opening bell at the new york stock exchange to celebrate its first day of trading as an independent company. we talked about how tough ipos have been. we did say they did price higher than expected. western digital is going to buy sandisk. sandisk is based in milpitas. big trouble over one type of debit card, and we'll take a look coming up at 6:00. >> thanks scott. a movie that was ahead of its time, quite actually ahead of its time. "back to the future 2" came out nearly 30 years ago with bold predictions. today we look back and celebrate. >> bob redell shows us while some of the things in the movie were outlandish then, some are becoming reality now. >> finally we're here, october 21st, 2015.
5:47 am
the date when marty mcfly arrives in doc brown's time machine, not exactly the future predicted in the movie, though. hover boards, we're getting there. >> cubs win world series. >> could happen. >> he got him! >> but there are still no delorians that fly. >> unless you count the toy car i bought online. as ill stands, only one way to travel to the future. >> ear time traveling right now. >> here we are in the few future. >> ken wharton is a physics professor at san jose state university. >> do you think time travel is possible. >> absolutely, as long as you're considering going into the future. >> professor says you need to build a near light speed spacesh
5:48 am
spaceship, travel around for about a year or two and you'd end up about 30 years into the future. >> this has been tested. we have tested clocks in space and the spaceship. sure enough, when they come back, the time on the clock reading is different from all the clocks that stayed here on earth. >> but the whole light-speed thing. >> going into the future we can do. it's an engineering problem. >> it's an engineering problem that we probably don't want to solve. think about it, someone from 1985 traveling into the future only to remind us what it was like 30 years ago. who'd want that? somewhere in time, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> i feel so old. 30 years ago that movie came out? were you even born, kari? >> of course. >> by the way, the shirt is 30
5:49 am
years old as well, bob's muscle shirt. let's look ahead to the very near future. we'll take a look at the weather forecast for today. we'll have a light wind as we go into the afternoon as we take a live look at share. we start out with clear skies. a little cool, so grab the jacket. you'll be peeling it off as we go through the day and not much relief from our wind. we always take a look at the wind forecast because it gives us an idea of whether the temperatures will be warming or schooling. when we get an ocean breeze, the wind comes in from the west. today we have a northerly wind blowing all across the state. it won't give us any relief as far as cooling us off. but the inland spots will really be warming up today. the wind is only picking up to about ten miles an hour. don't expect much of a breeze. one of the spots where it will be warming up, livermore.
5:50 am
we start nice and cool in the mid 50s. temperatures jump up quickly as we go through each hour. by 2:00, 82 degrees, 85 degrees as you head home. during the evening commute we will see mostly sunny skies and temperatures going from the mid 80s and dropping back into the 70s. we're looking in the pacific now. hurricane olaf, another strong hurricane out there that is not too far from hawaii, farther off to the east from there. a category 4 hurricane, but it will not hit hawaii. it will be curving off towards the north and east as we go into the rest of the week as it weakens moving over cooler water. we're paying attention to this because it may be drawing some of that tropical moisture into a system that will be moving closer to the bay area heading into next week. until then, not until the middle of next week will we have a chance of rain. but at this point, it does look like it could be a nice soaking for the bay area. a dry weekend on the way with
5:51 am
highs mostly in the 70s and 80s, slightly cooler on sunday. let's see if you have any problems with the commute this morning. >> kari, talk about rain coming in towards halloween, we'll watch for that dech it inially. looking at the bay bridge, i saw a tow truck make its way through the parking lot. i got word it should be past the toll plaza and over on the shoulder. so right there at the bay bridge toll plaza, the approach not so bad, the up peer east shore that is an issue as far as slowing that just started there. an unusual pattern, slowing from the castro valley y and 880, the nimitz through hayward. the tri-valley showing much less slowing, just starting to see the build there. a little late for that area, but it is happening nonetheless. in the south bay we have 87 starting to show the volume increase and really slowing for north 101. we did have a big burst of traffic. it's easing off over the last two minutes. it should show an easier sensor
5:52 am
read. back to you. right now looking at a lawsuit by minor league baseball players that took a major step forward in san francisco court. the lawsuit claims that major league baseball is violating federal and state labor laws by failing to pay minor league players over time for their work in the off season and during spring training. the lawsuit only includes the 22 mlb franchise whose have minor league teams in the state of california. a federal magistrate ruled the labor lawsuit can proceed as a class action lawsuit on behalf of an estimated 10,000 to 12,000 minor league players. coming up, in decision 2016, vice president joe biden still hasn't said if he'll run for the white house. we'll show you why he's starting to sound more like a presidential candidate this morning.
5:53 am
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5:55 am
==sam/ots== or should we call it "in- decision 2016''? this morning vice president it's decision 2016, or should we start calling it indecision 2016. still this morning vice president joe biden has not made up his mind if he will or won't run for president. but he's starting to sound a
5:56 am
whole lot more like a presidential candidate. hillary clinton calls herself an enemy of republicans. joe biden calls them friends. >> i really respect the members up there and i still have a lot of republican friends. i don't think my chief enemy is the republican party. this is a matter of, you know, making things work. >> reporter: not yet a candidate, but distinction between himself and the democratic front-runner in clarifying the record. in 2012 biden advised president obama to go slow going after osama bin laden. >> i told him my opinion. >> democrats are get anxious. >> it makes him look indecisive. >> reporter: meantime clinton is planning to testify on the deadly benghazi attack. what she knew, her e-mails. >> this has been a fact focused
5:57 am
investigation. >> an attempt to score points against the secretary. >> reporter: our nbc "wall street journal" poll shows more americans than not, 44% are not satisfied with their answers. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. congressman paul ryan laid out conditions he needs from gop leaders if he is to be the next speaker of the house. ryan says the republican party needs to unify now and not after the speaker is elected. the congressman went on to say the republican-led house needs to show america the way to do things better than the direction the company is going now. ryan said he would not give up time with his family as he was elected the next speaker of the house. hearing at the nation's capitol at the growing threats facing the country. the house homeland security committee will look at the threats of isis and the possible impact of the refugee crisis. secretary of homeland security
5:58 am
jeh johnson and fbi director james comey are set to testify. a new era begins in canada with a new leader vowing to pull out of u.s.-led air strikes against isis. justin trudeau has yet to take office, but has already fall eleven through on one campaign promise, to pull jets from the u.s.-lead bombing campaign in iraq and syria. trudeau says he's already informed president obama of his plans. so far he's not revealing his timeline on when canadian air strikes will end. an update to breaking news. a fire burning at a sunnyvale strip mall. a little boy vanishes in northern california. now the bay area is getting involved in the search. three students rushed to the hospital for taking something you can buy from a pharmacy for about $20 or $25. the warning from a bay area principal this morning. from bad to worse, an infectious bacteria spreading in the south bay. now victims are fighting back against the restaurant they say made them sick.
5:59 am
"today in the bay" starts now. a very good wednesday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. will put you in a good mood depending what mike has to tell us. but we'll start with meteorologist kari hall. >> the pumpkins are withering under this heat as they sit outside. expecting the inland areas to get back into the mid 80s again today. it is cool this morning. in the east bay, 52 degrees and 55 degrees in san francisco. look for a high of 75 degrees in san francisco, the peninsula is 79. in the south bay, 83 degrees, 87 in the north bay. this heat continues for a couple more days. i'll detail that and what to expect this weekend coming up in a few minutes. let's see if there are any slowdowns for the morning commute with mike. >> sam put everybody's mood on my shoulders. positive spin, look at these beautiful headlights and
6:00 am
flashing disco lights as well. a flash at the bay bridge toll plaza. just past the toll plaza on the shoulder. that's one distraction. these flashing lights look like an oversized load. we're looking at the maps and we don't see any unusual slowing. we have slowing off of 880. heavier through fremont, probably because so incidents in the tri-valley. a new crash south of 680, looks like it's out of the roadway. the south bay itself moves very smoothly. we had earlier first burst of traffic. 101 sorts itself out at 680. that will kick in again in about 20 minutes. speed sensors slower than you'll actually find right now. we are following breaking news this morning. crews working on putting out a fire at a strip mall in sunnyvale. this is happening near the


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