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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 25, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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that's all for now. i'm lester holt. thanks for joining us. a whale s nbc bay area news starts right now. >> right now at 11:00, a whale watching trip goes horribly wrong. the race right now to find survivors after the boat sank. good evening to you. thank you for joining me. i'm peggy bunker. terry mcsweeney is off tonight. the search for survivors happening tonight in cold waters near british columbia. a beautiful day spent whale watching then turned to tragedy. we're learn mortgage about the developing story minute by minute. take a look at the video coming to us. it shows emergency crews at the dock. right now at least four people are confirmed dead. there are several people still unaccounted for. now officials tell nbc news that 27 people were on board that
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boat when it sank in the chilly waters. search crews are now using boats and helicopters to look for any survivors near tofino. that's about a six-hour drive from vancouver. now here is a photo from the boat on the company's website. the company, jamie's adventure centers of tofino says the 65-foot boat can fit 46 people on board. we will continue to follow this story and bring you the very latest on the air, also online at we'll also have updates tomorrow morning on today in the bay. and back here at home in saratoga, a woman is fighting for her life tonight after a fiery head-on crash that killed five people. the california highway patrol says it's one of the worst they've seen in a while. the accident happened last night on highway 120. this links the bay area to yosemite national park. nbc bay area's marianne favro joining us live from saratoga with more on the woman who is in this crash. marianne, do we know anything about her condition? >> reporter: we know she is hospitalized tonight at doctor's
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medical center in modesto, suffering from major injuries. a chp spokesperson has identified her as jeongsoo yang who is in her 50s. here is a photo of her from her facebook page. she is a saratoga mother of three. the chp says this is one of the worst crashes officers have responded to in years. a mercedes suv slammed head-on into a neeson maxima. the driver in the nissan died, and his passenger is hospitalized with major injuries. four people in the mercedes died. jeongsoo yang was the only survivor in that suv. tonight we talked to one of her neighbors in saratoga. >> she is very sweet and liked the organizer of the family. and also the gardner. >> reporter: investigators have not determined which vehicle had crossed over the double yellow line. the accident sparked a fire and closed the highway for several
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hours. investigators say because the victims were badly burned, they now must rely on dental records to identify them, and that could take several days. chp investigators also tell me they are looking into the possibility that drugs or alcohol may have been involved in the deadly crash. reporting live in saratoga, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. another deadly crash last night. this one in american canyon. this is near napa. police say the woman was killed by a suspected drunk driver. this happened just before midnight. police say the driver of a silver truck was trying to outrun police on highway 29. that's when he collided with the woman's minivan, killing her. the driver of the pickup was severely injured in the crash and is currently in the hospital. and some pretty scary moments for shoppers at a north bay supermarket as hazmat crews rushed in. the harvest market in novato remains close affidavit a man went inside the store this afternoon and threw a bag of unknown liquid at the meat
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counter. hazmat crews trying to identify what that liquid was right now. shoppers and workers were evacuated out of the store because of the strong smell. >> so the hazmat team is going to come in. and they're going to do five-step process of sampling the liquid to determine what that is. and if it is a chemical, and once they determine what the chemical, then we'll have an idea how to clean it up. >> now police are investigating this series a criminal matter. they say there is not a threat to any other nearby businesses. well, arm and dangerous. the search does continue for two suspects who fired an assault rifle in the middle of a busy shopping center in livermore last night. police have identified one of the suspects. they released this photo of jason brown today. he is also wanford a murder in fresno. police believe they found the suspect's car at a home on center street in west oakland this morning. s.w.a.t. teams and officers surrounded that house. but the suspects were not there. one man was killed while waiting in a car in the parking lot of that livermore cvs.
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the other victim was seriously injured. so far detectives have not released the victims' names. but police warn if you see the suspect, call police. do not approach jason brown. he is considered to be armed and dangerous. a house party in santa clara turns deadly after a man there is shot and killed at the party. now police are looking for the gunman. this happened about one income the morning at a house on glade drive in santa clara. not too far from the lawrence expressway and el camino. officers found a 22-year-old victim in the backyard. he later died. right now authorities are looking for anyone who attended that party or who might have information about the shooting to please call santa clara police. an historic visit happening right now. irish president michael higgins is in the middle of a four-day tour of the bay area. his appearance comes just a few months after seven irish nationals were killed in a deadly balcony club in berkeley. now this is a tragedy that he is expected to address later on this week. christy myth is live in berkeley tonight, and christy, you first
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went to woodside and his message there focused on something entirely different. >> he focused on a number of things, including the contributions of irish immigrants, also support from abroad to be able to work here. this week he'll be in berkeley to meet privately with first responders who stepped up in the face of a tragedy. >> in our different ways -- >> reporter: the president of ireland, michael higgins spoke to hundreds this evening at a reception in woodside. >> the main purpose of my visit to the west coast is of course to make contact with the irish community, the multigenerational irish community that have come here from the very beginning. >> reporter: he is visiting with his wife sabina, and many people who work here are working in technology. his trip includes google and a meeting with irish staff. and in a solemn turn to berkeley, where six people including five irish students
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j-1 visas were killed last june in a balcony collapse. >> i'm looking forward to the opportunity of being able to thank personally the first responders. >> reporter: he'll meet with those who helped in the wake of the tragedy. and with berkeley's mayor, a tree will be planted in honor of those who died. earlier in the week, he'll be in berkeley to speak on poverty and global hunger to students. >> i think we're going to as well see a deepening of the relationship between ireland -- >> reporter: a trip that reaches many corners. >> i have a meeting with governor jerry brown, the meeting san jose. and i'm very, very pleased at the number of people. >> reporter: now, he will visit berkeley both monday and wednesday. that tree will be planted in "larry king live" civic center park on wednesday. reporting live in berkeley, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> christy, thank you so much. let's take a look at some of the other stops the president has on his agenda. tomorrow higgins will be speaking to berkeley students about poverty and hunger.
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then he'll visit the bancroft library. on tuesday, he will come down to san jose. that's where he'll meet with city officials at city hall. wednesday he will first meet with first responders, medical staff and volunteers about the balcony collapse. then he will plant a tree in memory of the victims. it appears most of the events are private. the bay area has been a big draw for foreign dignitaries. just last month the prime minister of india, far renda modi got a rock star welcome here in silicon valley. people packed the center to hear him speak. he also visited facebook and met with tesla's ceo elon musk. an accident in the sky today after a woman crashes her glider at a popular bay area paragliding spot. this happened at ed levin park in milpitas. park officials say the woman flew her paraglider close to about 100 feet in the air, somehow lost control and slammed face-first into a hail hillariside. she broke both of her ankles and
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injured a hip. police come from all over the hang-glide at ed levin park. they know accidents like today's can happen. >> we understand the risks that we are taking on. quite honestly you have a greater risk of being in a car accident on the way to a hang-gliding accident than you do while actually flying in the sky. >> now the woman is expected to be okay. park officials say that accidents like this are rare. they typically only respond to about five or six rescues per year. well, paragliding and hang-gliding quite obviously is a dangerous sport, but it also can be a deadly sport. back in august a man slammed into a cliff at fort funston in san francisco. it happened right after takeoff. it is located on the edge of the city and has beautiful bluffs that are about 200 feet high. it's listed as a hang 3 site, meaning it is meant for intermediate hang-gliders. man steals a police suv, leads officers on a chase and
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crashes on treasure island. tonight we have learned several different agencies are now launching investigations into how this could have happened in the first place. it all started yesterday morning in the marina district in san francisco. that's where a man jumped into a running patrol car, stole the car, drove away. the man had several cars during the getaway, but eventually crashed on treasure i'll. that's when police caught up to him and made the arrest. two officers fired their guns during the chase. no one was hit. now the san francisco police department is looking into the incident along with the district attorney's office and the san francisco's office of citizens complaints. well, pounding rain bringing more than a foot of water. we're talking about texas. much of texas is trying to dry out tonight. the state was hit so hard with the remnants of hurricane patricia. in the northern part of the state you can see here floodwaters were so strong, a freight train was overturned right off the tracks. it's now submerged. with the storm now moving south, cities like houston are preparing for the worst.
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>> we have already gone to an elevated level within the houston emergency center. we're going the ramp it up another notch. >> now rescue crews sprang into action when this happened here. this is a man and his dog that became completely submerged in their car. the storm is now expected to move towards louisiana. a flash flood watch has been issued for parts of new orleans and baton rouge. she accelerated. she never hit her brakes. >> eyewitness accounts now. they describe the moments before a driver barrelled into a homecoming parade crowd at oklahoma. coming up, why police say the woman behind the wheel may not have done it. destroying a levee. the reason sonoma county no longer wants to keep the water out. and we have some morning fog acht little bit of drizzle. and that moved out as the cold front swung overhead. left for a beautiful blue sky across the bay area this afternoon.
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you know? we are tracking more rain in our future by wednesday. a very impressive storm system moves this way. i'm meteorologist anthony slaughter. back to detail those forecasts. hi, bay area. i'm here with jeff ranieri. and we're to be do the whisper challenge. alcatraz. >> what? >> alcatraz. >> alcatraz? >> yeah! >> watch "the tonight show" after nbc bay area news at 11:00. ♪
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bay. firefighters say a ferrari rolled itself away after getting this just in. a very bizarre car fire in the east bay. firefighters say this ferrari rolled itself away after getting sparked by flames. this is the scene at a gas station in martinez. the ferrari is completely engulfed in flames. the driver says he was simply filling up the tank when he saw a spark come from the engine. he grabbed a fire extinguisher, tried to put the flames out. then he described what happened next. >> luckily, i had it in gear. but i think the car got hot enough that it must have popped something in place and the car ended up rolling into the street. thank god. because as you ski, it would have been in the gas station and been an ugly scene. >> how about that? the ferrari rolled right into the street and away from the gas station before becoming completely engulfed. firefighters did put out the flames. no one was injured. well, residents of still water, oklahoma held a prayer service to remember those killed and think about the dozens injured in the homecoming weekend tragedy there. four people, including a 2-year-old boy died after a car
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plowed right into a crowd watching the parade. the driver's attorney says she may have blacked out before the crash. she is now facing four counts of second-degree murder. nbc's brian mooar has the story. >> reporter: in oklahoma, a day of reflection for a community shaken by tragedy. >> we're just going to kneel and pray for our community, and pray for those who lost their lives yesterday. >> reporter: a day earlier, an oklahoma state university celebration took an unthinkable turn. a car plowed into a crowd watching the homecoming parade, injuring dozens and leaving four dead. the youngest just 2 years old. >> the relationships and the sense of community that we have. we're just a small college town. >> reporter: the motorist arrested at the scene, 25-year-old adacia collins is expected to appear in court monday on charges of driving under the influence. her attorney, though, says he doubts she was drunk. >> in my opinion, ms. chambers suffers from a mental illness.
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exactly what type is yet to be determined. >> reporter: witnesses and those injured recall terrifying moments. >> my mom just is screaming and just a little bit of chaos. a lot of chaos i guess. >> she accelerated. she never hit her brakes. >> reporter: today strangers went to the scene to pray and pay their respects. >> we join together. and even if you didn't know the people, you just -- this is what we do. >> reporter: a community joined by grief, looking for comfort and answers. brian mooar, nbc news. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is planning another trip to the bay area. clinton's last visit to the bay was about a month ago. this reception in saratoga was one of the stops when she was here last. her latest visit will also be a campaign cash boost. her first stop will be wednesday, november 4th. that will take place at a private residence in los altos.
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the next evening she'll be part of another fundraising event at hall wines in napa. more coverage of decision 2016 coming up in our second half hour, where many of the presidential candidates were spending their time this weekend. plus we are learning more about vice president joe biden's decision not to run for president. once again, that's coming up in our second half hour. san jose city council is making moves to clean up abandoned trash. the city is now looking into fining anyone caught illegally dumping stuff on property where it doesn't belong. councilmembers will consider this during their meeting on tuesday. if passed, the fines will be pretty steep. if you're caught the first time, it will cost you $1,000. the second time 1500. and the third time you'll be fined $3,000. well, restoring the land back to the way it was. today sonoma county broke the sears point levee on purpose. now with a couple of fine scoops from this track here, water from the san francisco bay rushed into the basin. this area was supposed to be for farmland, but nobody ever
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developed it. so with the levee gone, this area will now begin to evolve back into a tidal marsh, much like it was about 140 years ago. many people came out to watch today's breach. >> and it's an amazing sight to see. and to know that we're going to restore the bay and make it healthy again. help in making it healthy. it's just awesome. it's an awesome thing to be a part of. >> now the land will become part of the san pablo bay national wildlife refuge. that will be neat. anthony slaughter joining was the microclimate forecast. last time we talked we had rain. >> this morning we had a little bit of drizzle activity. it wasn't much. watch the cold front move overhead. boom, there it goes. after the cold front moves through, we saw a nice beautiful day. clouds at the coast. and that was about it. our inland valleys turn out to see a nice rebound. temperatures back into the 70s and 80s. we also pick up a little bit of rain. not much. but again, we're in a drought.
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any little bit does help. petaluma, even nap pat. orinda 0.02 and mt. tamalpais about 0.04. bring back the cloud and the fog for our coastal locations. we will wake up to a bright day and a nice amount of sunshine tomorrow that will push us back close to 80 degrees for the inland locations. the week ahead does bring in showers. and the temperatures are going to drop off pretty good. it's going trially feel like fall by the middle part of this upcoming weekend. the microclimates for tomorrow brings san jose up to 77 degrees. 81 for gilroy. 57 at pacific california. same deal for san francisco. temperatures right near 70. morning fog, afternoon sunshine. they are there, the north bay, you'll see nice temperatures near 80 degrees near santa rosa. 70 for sausalito. oakland morning fog. the tri-valley warm tomorrow, back into the low 80s. here is our next storm system. this one is an extensive storm system. all the way from the gulf of alaska down towards hawaii. this is going to pick up some
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subtropical moisture as it moves this way. and that's why we have a pretty good chance of bringing widespread rain for wednesday. tomorrow a nice bright day. by tuesday the clouds start to build on in here. tuesday morning into the afternoon hours, not going the see a whole lot of sunshine. and then rain across the north bay on tuesday evening. for the forecast the week ahead, does bring temperatures down a little bit. by wednesday, the inland valleys go closer to 70 degrees rather than into the 80s. like you notice for the tri-valley. then we rebound nicely towards next weekend. san francisco, you'll see temperatures tomorrow near 70. same deal for tuesday with clouds increasing. and then for wednesday, showers and cooler temperatures. in fact, temperatures will go back into the low to mid-60s at the coastline. so peggy, get those jackets ready and dust off those umbrellas. rain looks like it will be here by the time we get towards wednesday. >> my two little kids have raincoats, and they've never been able to wear them. they're so excited. >> finally! >> that's good news at our house. thank you so much, anthony.
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we appreciate that r2-d2 landing in san jose. we'll show you how it looks landing on the runway. our robert handa on the flight. he gives us the inside look, the very cool passenger perspective. .
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♪ great change comes from doing the right thing. like the radical idea that health isn't an industry. it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health.
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7 seconds ==take con't vo== steph curry is already an n-b-a oh, yeah. watch this. >> wait for it. splash. >> there you go. steph curry already an nba champion and league mvp. now added to the growing number of celebrities on apple ads. this new ad came out today showing off curry's incredible skills while demonstrating the slow motion playback abilities
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of the iphone. the warriors will receive their championship rings on tuesday right before their season opener against the new orleans pelicans. is there anything he can't do? behind the back three-pointer there. nicely done. well, it is a good time to fill up at the gas station. gas prices across the u.s. fell for the 19th week in a row. prices at the pump dropped about a dime this week. right now sitting at 84 cents lower than they were last year. and 63 cents lower than in mid-june. now the price decline is due to the decrease in crude oil prices. crude oil prices. now american refineries slash their wholesale gas prices as well. right now how much is it costing you? about $2.92 in san francisco. in oakland $2.80. you'll pay the same futuor a gan of gas in san jose. the force is strong at san francisco international airport today. r2-d2 inspired dreamliner made its first trip to the u.s. take a look at this plane coming in from japan. it landed at sjc this morning.
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the entire outside of the plane is painted to look like r2-d2. the cups and napkins on board also resemble r2-d2. the airline has plans to turn two other jets in its fleet into "star wars" characters in the future. ♪ now it's one thing to see the outside. but the experience inside that plane even more amazing. this is your exclusive peek here. nbc bay area's robert handa was actually on bore that dreamliner as it made its trip from japan to sjc today. he witnessed firsthand what it looks like from inside the plane, the music, the lights. the "star wars" theme song could be heard all throughout the cabin that was accompanied by this really cool light show. well, we are following breaking news right now off the coast of canada. we want to update you with what we have learned about the search for survivors. we are just getting some new information into the newsroom. this after a whale watching boat sank. we have new details coming up after the break. also, dozens of hostages are
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freed in a deadly raid on an isis prison. what exclusive body camera footage is showing us about this mission. it look likes halloween candy, but it's so much more dangerous. this new warning from police about what police should be looking out for. breaking news just in.. the
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death toll from a whale watching ship that sank in british columbia.. has now risen to breaking news to tell you about. this just in to our newsroom as we just learned that the death toll from the whale watching ship that sank in british columbia has now risen to five. another passenger's body has just been found. the ship was sailing near vancouver today when it started to go under. officials tell nbc news that 27 people were on board that whale watching boat. right now the coroner's office is only confirm deaths, not the number of missing people. search crews are scouring the wears near tofino. that's about a six-hour drive from vancouver. rescue crews say they will be searching throughout the night from the air and from the water.
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we are watching the story very closely and will continue to watch it and give you updates just as soon as we get them. well, nbc news has obtained exclusive body camera footage from the raid that happened at an isis prison in iraq. the raid freed dozens of hostages and left one u.s. commando dead. nbc's richard engel has details now of this dramatic mission. >> reporter: several days ago, u.s. commandos and kurdish forces launched a dangerous raid on an isis prison in iraq. we've obtained footage of what happened inside that prison when those troops stormed in. the footage appears to show the joint u.s.-kurdish raid on an isis prison in iraq last week. it was obtained by the arab 24 news agency, it says from kurdish military officials. amid the sounds of gunfire, the hostages emerge. terrified and barefoot, their hands held up to show they're unarmed. bullet holes in the wall sugges.
11:31 pm
a voice in arabic apparently from the rescuers yells to the hostages to keep moving. they do, in filthy prison gowns. some appear stained in blood as they move to safety. the commandos inspect another room with a large isis flag. what sounds like american voices can be heard. an adjacent hallway is lined with what looked like prison cells. the troops move with skill and have american-made weapons. much is not shown in the footage, including the moment when american master sergeant joshua wheeler from the top secret delta force was shot. a senior u.s. military official told us he is aware of the footage and that the successful rescue of so many hostages it shows is testament to master sergeant wheeler's dedication and sacrifice. still, critics will question what american troops were doing
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there in the first place. richard engel, nbc news, istanbul. the presidential race certainly heating up this weekend. we're on democrats side, campaign stops through raucous crowds. in iowa bernie sanders' supporters were chanting "feel the burn lowe while hillary clinton supporters came together with an eye catching light show. tonight republican side, presidential candidate ben carson spoke on "meet the press" today. carson, a retired neurosurgeon compared today's abortion opponents to those who fought slavery. >> what if the abolishists had said i don't believe in slavery, i think it's wrong. but you guys do whatever you want to do. where would we be? >> that comment getting a lot of attention tonight. also tonight we're learning more about joe biden's decision not to run for president. biden said it was because he couldn't win. and not because he didn't have time to get a campaign together. too loud in the quiet car.
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new jersey governor chris christie now apologizing for a frowned upon phone conversation on an amtrak train in the quiet car. here is the picture of this moment. christie accidentally took a seat on one of the quiet cars on the train while traveling from washington this morning. so a conductor reportedly asked him to please leave. christie's spokesperson says once the governor realized his mace stick he promptly left the car for the much larger cafe car. he also offered his apologies to anyone in the quiet car who might have been offended. no big deal to those who don't travel on the train. but if you do travel on the train, you know the quiet car is sacred ground. hackers are creating fake twitter accounts for well-known companies. when a twitter user tweets at the real company with a complaint, the hackers reply back with a direct message from the fake account, offering to address the problem. then they direct you to a website which asks for your personal information or even your bank account.
11:34 pm
cybersecurity expert says a similar scheme is happening on facebook. so be aware. it's a warning for parents that they have not really heard for years. make sure that your children's halloween candy is safe. this year, though, police say there is a new trend to be on the lookout for when the parents might never expect. nbc reporter explains. >> reporter: ask any child what their favorite part of halloween is and chances are you'll get this answer. >> candy! >> reporter: but it's something that looks like candy that now has police and parents concerned. >> what does this look like to you? >> halloween candy. >> reporter: if what if i told you that was actually ecstasy. >> for real? >> oh, ew. >> reporter: the picture put out by a police department in mississippi is going viral. new shapes of ecstasy the masked to look like candy. it comes with a warning that if a child were to overdose, the consequences can be scary. >> it can give them profound dehydration, nausea, vomiting.
11:35 pm
>> reporter: dr. michelle pet km -- petrocelli. >> maybe there is a group party and a bowl that appears to be candy. somebody reaches in, one or two pills are in there. that can be a problem. >> reporter: police are putting out these tips, telling children to be cautious when it comes to their candy. >> i take the candy and i don't eat it until i get home. so my dad and mom can check it. >> reporter: and if they come home with something that looks like this and you're in doubt, your best bet is to throw it out. >> it is tough. and that's a great picture to say exactly that. >> reporter: well we are now learning more about the lawsuit filed by marvin gaye's family against pharrell williams and marvin thick. the family filed over gaye's got "got to give it up" and thicke's "blurred lines." a newly released videotaped
11:36 pm
deposition, thicke tried to explain why he said certain things in interviews about the case. >> when i do give live interviews, i tell whatever i want to say to help sell records. with all due respect, i was high and drunk every time i did an interview last year. >> how about that? well, both thicke and williams say they did not go into the studio with marvin gaye's music on their minds. in march, a jury awarded gaye's family $7.4 million which was later reduced to $5.3 million, finding blurred lines did copy gaye's 1997 hit. coming up, the raiders came off their bye week headed to san diego and man, shocked the chargers. strong defense, solid offense and a rookie who has already entered the record books. stick around for sports. now let's go to ??? with comcast
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sports net. ???? mindi oncam in each of the time now to check in with comcast sportsnet and mindi bach. i know if you are a raiders fan, you had a very good day. >> absolutely. it was great to see amari cooper become one of the best rookies to start an nfl season. he had fewer than 50 yards receiving, and oakland three wins, the receiver had more than 100 yards. that includes 133 yards in tonight's dominating win over san diego. the defense didn't do too poorly either. and guess what? neither did the raiders fans. they travelled in force down to san diego. well, the chargers' opening drive. the ball deflected and malcolm smith comes down with it and returns it inside the five yard line. so david carr taking over at that offense. and all he has to do is hand off to murray. he does get across the plane and
11:39 pm
pickshis third rushing touchdown of the season. in the second quarter, derek carr looking deep. and who is he going the find in the big man, clive walford, in stride. that's a 23--yard strike. and then later in the corridor, carr to amari cooper. and cooper does what only he can. just unbelievable moves to the corner. that's a 5 the yard touchdown. for the rookie. first drive of the third quarter for the raiders. and carr just a quick screen to michael crabtree. cuts in and out to the corner. finds nothing but grass. the raiders scored on their first and seventh possessions. they went on the win 37-29. >> it was great. of course we have to finish. we want to be a team that finishes well. and, you know, kind of blow people out. but it feels good to get a win. i mean a team that can compete the whole game. >> was important for us to start off. we did well this week. >> any time you're on the road,
11:40 pm
you definitely want to take all you can get. so came up with turnover there and we were able to punch it in early in the game. >> we're looking for complete games. we're looking for all three phases. doing good things to help our football team play great football. so we'll keep pushing, you know. but certainly a lot to be encouraged about. >> well, when it comes to the 49er, fox sports nfl reporter jay glazer says that colin kaepernick does not connect with many of his own teammates and as a quarterback struggles, that could be a problem. raiders said quote it's not that they don't like him, it's just that he is alone on an island in that locker room. well, after its latest win over washington, stanford is now ranked eighth in the country in the associated press weekly top 25 poll. the cardinal is 5-0 in conference play. utah fell ten spots to 13th after its loss to usc.
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and cal fell completely out of the reigning after its second straight loss. and heading into the final game of the season, the earthquakes trailed seattle and kansas city by one.for play-off spot. to make to it the postseason, san jose had to beat fc dallas and get a little bit of help. the quakes in dallas. and they certainly need this win if they want their season to continue. in the first half, great ball off the chest of the captain. watch quincy america, beautiful footwork and finishes with the left foot to beat the keeper. it's 1-nil quakes. but with the match tied in the second half, san jose is done a man following a red card. so clarence goodson can't clear it. oh, no. that clears the way for victor to score. that puts fc dallas up 2-1. and that's how the earthquakes finished. they failed to advance in mls cup play-offs for the third straight season. nascar sprint cup.
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talladega camping talladega. a restart, a huge crash. the caution flag comes out. now the question is who is in front of this mess. so they look at the replay. and they review it. it's nascar determines 22 is in front. that's joey logano. three consecutive winds this the second round of the chase. peggy, it is hard to believe that basketball is just around the corner. warriors back in action. they tip off their season on tuesday and begin to defend their nba title against the pelicans. of course we're going to have all of that for you right here. it's going to be electric at oracle arena. it's going to be fun. >> a lot of people will be missing coach kerr. i know he is taking some time out there. but still, can't wait to get the season under way. >> yeah. the slash brothers again. >> looking forward to it. thank you so much, mindi. coming up, it was a movement started by one man. but now it's allowing native
11:43 pm
americans to return to their ancestral home. native americans called this
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area home. over the years, their land was slowly taken away. long before the gold rush, native americans called this area home. and over the years, their land was slowly taken away. but one local tribe is finally going home. 200 years later. here is nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. >> reporter: the rugged coastline of sonoma county near fort ross. this land was once the home of a
11:46 pm
band of indians, the tribe that lived off the ocean's bounty. but in more recent history, this mile-long stretch of coast has been home to bill richardson's family. >> since 1925 in my family. he had sheep and cat. >> reporter: appear with the sea unfolding below, richardson grew up in this isolated paradise. >> it could be lonely. a lot of places to roam. but acherish it now. >> reporter: richardson isn't the only one that cherished this land. antone has loved it as long as he can remember. >> as a youngster my dad used to take me fishing here all the time. >> reporter: as a member of the tribe, his ancestors would fish and hunt abalone all along the cliffs. >> we live off the ocean. >> reporter: but for anton who grew up on the nearby reservation, this same stretch of ocean was mostly out of reach. >> this land where we used to go before, but now you can't. >> you know, they still say we're coastal tribe, but we really aren't.
11:47 pm
not until the moment we can touch the water again. >> reporter: but now -- >> watch your step. >> reporter: following a three-year effort, a coalition of groups pitched in to raise $6 million to buy this 700 acre property from richardson's family and return it to the tribe. >> this is our first tribal meeting out here. this week tribal chairman keoni franklin gathered members of the tribe to walk the land their ancestors once walked. >> we're thinking about what the people had to sacrifice to get to the point that we're at today. >> reporter: under the agreement, the mile-long stretch of property, which includes coastal redwood also remain protected. a place for the tribe to gather for ceremonies without having to ask permission from anyone. >> but for generations now, they haven't had access to the coast. this property is going to give them the coast back. >> reporter: general public come to portions of this land and let them be the ones that engine indicate them instead of someone
11:48 pm
else educating them about us. >> reporter: as the tribe offered a prayer for the land. >> thank you for the man that gave this property back. >> reporter: that man was bill richardson. who agreed it was time the family property went back to its original family. >> it's homeland. a beautiful place for everyone, you know. especially for them. >> bill, i love you, man. i love you for doing this for us. >> reporter: the agreement allows richardson to live out his days in the family home and some day be buried on the hilltop, forever linked to the tribe through a mutual love of this land. joe rosato jr. >> we can say here home. >> nbc bay area news. >> beautiful property there meteorologist anthony slaughter is here with the microclimate forecast. we get really excited when we hear the rain word. >> oh, yes. talkinger more rain this week. the storm system that moved through today, that's out towards the central plains. the next one is gaining strength across parts of the pacific. i want to show you the time lapse. look at the cold front. boom. you can see it move right over the by area there. once it moves through, skies cleared out.
11:49 pm
we did see a little bit of coastal fog. it did turn out to be a pretty nice day. we did have a little drizzle and that amounted for a few hundreds of an inch. most across the inner bay and across parts of the north bay. even the inner richmond district in san francisco. got .01. we're not expecting to see my more rain tuesday night into wednesday. your weather headlines does keep things cloudy at least overnight at the coastline tomorrow wool see a nice rebound in temperatures for our inland valleys. a little bit of morning cloud cover. but the clouds really start to increase by tuesday and wednesday with showers by wednesday morning. your microclimate forecast, brings san jose up to 77. like we saw for today. 73 for san mateo. 71 for the sonoma district in san francisco. the embarcadero, you'll be at 69 tomorrow. sausalito up to 70. close to 80 for santa rosa and napa. hayward at 73. oakland at 74. and the tri-valley stays in the low 80s like we saw for today. 81 for dublin. now there is our next storm
11:50 pm
system you can see across parts of the pacific. this thing is going to move through on wednesday. but this the meantime, we'll watch our cloud cover continue to increase. afternoon sunshine. but tuesday you'll really notice clouds across the entire bay. kind of like we saw this morning. a good amount of cloud cover will lead to showers tuesday night. and then the main culprit, that cold front moves threw on wednesday. and that's going to bring widespread rain to the buyer bay area. it becomes cooler on wednesday. and more cloudier, especially as we get that rain going on wednesday. and then we'll clear out as we head towards thursday and friday. but overall we are looking at some showers as we move towards the middle part of the upcoming week. even at the coastline temperatures coming down from 71 in san francisco for tomorrow to 66 by wednesday and even cooler by thursday. 65. then the overall, it does look like we're expecting a good amount of rain. maybe a half an inch in some of the higher elevations across parts of the north bay. as we get going into november. we'll start next weekend. hopefully we'll be able to talk about more of the rain as we get
11:51 pm
to the rain season. >> wednesday is the day. looking forward to that. thank you so much. coming up, a story that proves you're never too old for baseball. how one father and son made their love of the game a life-long passion. series, we wanted to share with
11:52 pm
11:53 pm
you another story from the field of dreams. it's well, as we gear up for the world series, we wanted to share with you another story from the field of dreams. a tale of a father and a son whose love of the game of baseball is as constant as their love for each other. nbc's harry smith reports. >> so let's -- why don't you bat after sarah. >> reporter: matt and mo englander go over the lineups for tonight's softball doubleheader. kind of cool because mo is matt's dad. and mo is 81. >> who wouldn't want the play ball with their dad? that's a dream. >> reporter: the game has always been a family passion. baseball, softball, a diamond and a bat were all that mattered. so when mo's old team folded ten years ago, it was matt who came to the rescue. matt knew that for his father, the game was something he couldn't live without.
11:54 pm
seriously. the camaraderie, the competition. it's what makes mo, mo. >> come on, guys. >> what did it mean to you, your own kid comes along and says hey dad, i got a team you can play. >> i walked out that first time. i was just right here. right here. it was great. >> reporter: and since this is a team base on nepotism, guess who is the starting pitcher? >> the mo-man. >> reporter: for safety sake, matt insists mo wear a mask on the mound. a small concession, says mo. for winning is all he cares about. >> it's important to me to win. but i'll -- maybe i'll start to marry a few years. perhaps. >> what do you say? >> reporter: and the rest of the team is all in. >> mo's pitching as we play as hard as we can. we know how competitive mo is. >> reporter: it's beer league
11:55 pm
softball with the family ethos. >> this is the coolest thing ever. there is nothing better. >> reporter: nope, nothing better. harry smith, nbc news, boston. >> isn't that cool? really neat there. jimmy fallon has certainly had some bad luck when it comes to injuring his hand. more on his latest accident. yes, there was another one, coming up next. talk about bad luck. jimmy
11:56 pm
11:57 pm
fallon is recovering from yet another hand injury. ==take vo well, for the most part, jimmy fallon has really good luck, i would say. however, lately a bit of bad luck as he is now recovering from yet another hand injury. four months ago he had to have emergency surgery to save one of his fingers after he caught his wedding band on the edge of a counter. he has been wearing a wedding band. last night he fell and hit the other hand at a party in his
11:58 pm
honor. he was in boston to receive the humor award at the harvard lampoon. today fallon posted a picture of his hand on instagram along with a caption nothing that a few band-aids couldn't fix. much better than the other surgery. he had to have a thing from his foot taken out to repair the finger. it was really gruesome. that's why he is still recovering. a couple injury there's. >> how is tomorrow? >> nice and bright like this afternoon. we won't have as much cloud cover. but we're talking about some rain by wednesday. trt no bay will start to deal with showers. >> thank you so much for joining us tonight. have a great week ahead. >> see you.
11:59 pm
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> 600 of anything is an impressive number. and that's how many men there were in the ten tenn yson light brigade. but until today's guest won 600 gaves, there was never one to notch 600


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