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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 26, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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a man creates a "haz-mat" scare at a north bay supermarket, tossing a bag of unknown contents onto the meat counter. what investigators are now revealing about what was inside that bag. sam/vo and a frantic search for one person missing off the coast o a bag of unknown contents. they're revealing what was inside that bag. a forensic search this morning for one person missing off the coast of vancouver by air and by sea. emergency responders are trying to save another life after a whale watching tour goes horribly wrong. but first, breaking news. the middle east rocked just hours ago by a massive quake. started in afghanistan, had people scrambling in the streets hundreds of miles away. "today in the bay" starts right now. a very good morning to you.
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thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. a lot going on around the world. we're going to get to that story of the earthquake in afghanistan momentarily. but first, a quick check of weather. kari hall joins us this morning. >> still cool today. 60 degrees in the peninsula and south bay. highs today in the lower 80 this is the north bay, while mostly in the 70s all across the bay. we will get some clearing as we get ready for some rain for the middle of the week. i'll detail that rain coming up, but mike has a look at what's happening in the tri-valley. >> you're talking about that dense fog in patches. we have one here in dublin. you can see the lights operating basically at speed, but right above the roadway, we'll look at that. we'll show you the same on our maps. the road weather index right here. and that's where you'll find what we saw on camera, right
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there for that orange blob. same thing for parts of the north bay. so far, the commute is so light, you see there's no real slowing. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. we do begin with breaking news. we're already learning of deaths in afghanistan after a major earthquake felt across three countries. the usgs says the 7.5 magnitude quake was centered in a remote part of afghanistan north of kabul. the quake hit slightly more than two hours ago. a little after 2:00 a.m. hour time midday in afghanistan. so far, 41 people are confirmed dead. the number has been climbing this morning. ap is reporting at least 12 students at a girls school in afghanistan died during a stampede as people ran for their lives from the shaking buildings. the quake was also felt in india and pakistan, where 29 deaths are being reported. power and communications are cut off in many areas. nbc bay area's kris sanchez is in our newsroom right now.
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she's tracking this breaking story for us. she'll join us with a full report. there's information literally coming into our newsroom right now. she'll join us for a full report at the top of the hour. >> thoughts and prayers for those abroad. meantime, now another developing story. five people dead. another person still missing this morning after a whale watching boat sank off the coast of canada. >> the latest video from the scene shows emergency crews at dock. 21 people were rescued out of the 27 onboard. search crews are using boats and helicopters to look for the last missing person in the water near tofino, about a six-hour drive from vancouver. here's a photo of the boat from the company's website. hopefully we can show that to you soon. this is search video. there's the picture of the boat. this is from their website, as i mentioned. the company says the 65-foot boat can fit 46 people. it was a bizarre scene that unfolded at an east bay gas station. firefighters say a ferrari rolled itself away after bursting into flames.
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take a look at these flames from the gas station in martinez last night. you see the car engulfed there. the driver says he was filling up the tank when he saw a spark from the engine. he grabbed a fire extinguisher and tried to put the flames out. he describes what happened next. >> and then luckily, i put it in gear, but i think the car got hot enough that it must have popped something in place and the car ended up rolling into the street, thank god. as you can see, it would have been an ugly scene. >> fortunately, it wasn't. the ferrari did roll into the street and away from the gas station. firefighters put the flames out there and nobody was hurt. it's 4:34. new details on a pretty scary incident that unfolded at a north bay supermarket. hazmat crews rushed into the harvest market on san marin drive. stephanie chuang live outside that market. we're learning more about what
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investigators say was inside that bag. >> reporter: that's right, laura. found here at the harvest market. it's not what you want to heark but hazmat teams came knowing there was some sort of hazardous material. turns out after testing, it was human waste combined with some other substances. there were initial reports that there was also a chemical odor coming out of this bag that was thrown here. police and fire and hazmat crews responding just around after 5:00 last night. investigators say a man walked into a market with the bag, threw it at the meat counter where it "explode and splashed." police had to evacuate many customers and employees for safety precautions as the hazmat team started to run tests. >> turned out to be a combination of some just product -- human waste protect and a few other things that sounds like there was a disgruntled person of some sort that had come in and thrown against the meat counter. >> hazmat teams had to conduct a five-step process to determine what chemical and substances
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were involved. they were able to open the store back up and police are investigating this as vandalism and still looking for that man. you heard there in that sound, in that interview that there's some tip that this might have been a disgruntled person. they say there might have been someone -- an unhappy customer a few days ago, so police are investigation all leads at this point, but still looking for that man. >> strange case there. thanks, steph. >> sometimes ignorance is bliss. 4:36 right now. we're going to send it to kari hall, who is tracking chances for rain during the weekend. >> really excited about this chance of rain because it looks like it could give us a good amount of -- at least some measurable rain. also a little bit of snow possible for the sierra. as we take a look outside, right now, it's 54 degrees in livermore and 59 degrees in oakland. also 59 degrees in san francisco and a mix of sun and clouds later on today. after having to deal with some patchy, dense fog this morning, we're at 77 degrees in san jose.
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in san mateo 74. low 70s in san francisco. 80s in the tri-valley. i'll detail this coming up, and what to expect the rest of the week. let's check in now with mike. >> we're looking at the golden gate bridge and we do have lower clouds hovering around the deck. that's not the worst of it, though. this orange right here, we talked about it a couple of minutes ago. some fog, patchy dense fog in the north bay. we're going to zoom out over here and show you the rest of the traffic flow. but you do see another pocket here. just watch for it there. we see it on our live camera. back to you. thank you very much. breaking news now. crews battling a brush fire in south san jose. it's burning near santa teresa boulevard and bailey avenue. here are the latest numbers from san jose fire. it's four acres large. it broke out less than two hours ago. cal fire is helping out with six engines and with a dozer. no homes right now threatened, but we are sending a crew to the scene to keep an eye on the
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situation. we'll bring you an update as soon as they get there. new updates this morning after a celebratory parade turns tragic. a woman plows her car into a crowd of people. what's headed her way now?
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the woman charged with plowing her car into a crowd of people during sard happening today, an arraignment scheduled for the woman charged with plowing her car into a crowd of people during saturday's oklahoma state homecoming parade in stillwater. four people died as a result. dozens more were injured. mourners gathered yesterday to pray for the victims. >> when you experience trauma, you just want to be together, you just want to be next to somebody, want to be able to voice what you saw, what you heard. want to try to make sense of it. >> it's hard to. police believe that the 25-year-old suspect was driving under the influence when she slammed into that crowd. her defense attorney still not convinced that she's competent enough mentally to stand trial. right now, that woman is facing four counts of second-degree murder. coming up, a presidential visit with a memorial in mind. ireland's president is in the bay area. his plans to remember his countries citizens killed tragically in the berkley balcony collapse.
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full moon overnight, if you get a chance to see it out there.
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>> halloween. >> your voice is lower this morning. >> now the clouds have rolled in and some people can't even see the frog in front of their face because it's that dense. let's take a look outside in san jose. we see the low clouds, but the fog really isn't that thick. a clear ride. a comfortable afternoon. it's 54 degrees in the east bay. the peninsula is at 59 degrees. a closer look at the south bay. we do see a few 60s on the map here. and also 53 degrees in gilroy, while campbell was at 59 degrees. the cloud forecast, we're seeing a lot more of them again this morning. as we go into the late morning hours, we'll still see those clouds hanging around and some fog along the coastal areas that will stay there all throughout the day. and then as we go into tonight, more clouds moving in as we get ready for another weather system to move in. going hour by hour in livermore,
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we'll be at 55 degrees at 5:00 this morning. and then we'll see the sun coming out by 9:00, and temperatures warming up into the low 80s. so still very comfortable in the tri-valley once again today. we'll get all the microclimates. san mateo 74. presidio at 64 degrees with more clouds there. napa, 79 degrees. brentwood 81. really excited about this next weather system moving in because it does look to bring in some rain. computer models still having a hard time getting a handle on exactly when we'll see this rain moving in. but it looks like by wednesday morning, we'll start to see those showers moving in to the north bay and wednesday will be our best chance of seeing measurable rain. the possible of at least a quarter of an inch for the north bay. i'll detail this coming up a little bit later and a look at the week forecast coming up. let's see what's happening in the south bay with mike. >> we'll start with our live look right here.
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this is san jose, 101. not a major issue. a little glow from the lights. clouds drifting around many parts of the bay. around the map, the speeds are the same. pretty much this way all over the bay. i want to give a heads up to folks from san martin, gilmore. those metering lights that were turned on steady green last week, they're cycling this morning, so you may have trouble getting on to the freeway. a free seconds wait. but that might make things easier on 101. give me your feedback or maybe wait a couple days. but we hope to see some improvement there. there's the north bay. the orange. that's where you might find a patch of fog there, as well as over here in livermore. back to you. apple fans can preorder the new apple tv starting today with the first shipments coming soon after that. >> for more on that and the rest of our news before the bell, let's turn to landon dowdy live at cnbc headquarters. good morning. >> good morning to you. markets could take a breather today as futures are lower after a sunny week on wall street.
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but the nasdaq having its best close in two months thanks to a handful of strong tech earnings. this morning we get a read on the health of the services sector and new home sales and earnings from xerox. folks also gearing up for the federal reserve's two-day policy meeting, which kicks off tomorrow. then 58 points on sunday. the nasdaq surging 112. apple will begin accepting online orders for the new version of its apple tv today. it starts at $149, will include a faster processor, siri remote and built-in app store. the new tvs will start shipping at the end of the week, and while analysts aren't expecting sales to have a big near-term financial impact, they say it could be more important to watch than the ipad in future. and retailers could be in for quite a fright this season. the national retail federation reports halloween sales are expected to fall almost to 7% to
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just under $7 billion this year. that's the lowest total since 2011. halloween is often seen as a barometer for holiday consumer spending. so it could spell trouble ahead for the christmas shopping season. the spending habits from goods and clothing to more food and experiences. back over to you. >> very interesting. >> let's keep those plastic pumpkins filled with candy. we'll be okay. thank you very much. >> lots of chocolate. no matter what time of day. could they use a little something to eat on the presidential trail? hillary clinton is planning another trip to the bay area. clinton's last visit to the bay area, about a month ago. this fundraising reception in saratoga was just one of her stops. the latest visit will also be a campaign cash boost. her first stop will be a week from this wednesday at a home in los altos. the next night, she'll be part of another fundraising event at hall wines in napa. meantime, republican frontrunner donald trump is going to take questions from potential voters on the "today"
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show later this morning. it's all part of a live town hall from new hampshire. we saw hillary clinton do the same format on the "today" show a couple of weeks ago. matt lauer will moderate questions from the audience. the republican presidential hopeful is also going to take questions submitted through social media. you can watch it later this morning on the "today" show right after "today in the bay." the president of ireland is in the bay area this morning, still at the beginning of a four-day visit that includes a stock in berkley. yesterday president michael higgins appeared at the reception in woodside where he met with members of the irish community. his appearance comes a few months after six irish students died in the tragic balcony collapse in berkley. on wednesday, higgins will meet with berkley's mayor and first responders. he'll plant a true in berkley to honor the students that died. >> i think we're going to see a deepening of the relationship between ireland and berkley. our facilitation of maybe a
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better run and deeper relationship with the working topics of interest. >> higgins will also be meeting with governor brown. here's a look at some of the other stops on the president's agenda. today he'll be speaking to berkley students about poverty and hunger. then he'll visit the bancroft library. on tuesday, he's coming down to san jose meeting with city le leaders at city hall. wednesday he'll meet with volunteers who helped during the tragic balcony collapse. it appears most of the events are private. more details now. the bay area has been quite the draw for foreign dignitaries and heads of state recently. just last month, the prime minister of india, narendra modi, got a rock star welcome in silicon valley. i think you see him there at the s.a.p. center. 20,000 people packed that venue in san jose to hear him speak. modi also visited facebook and he met with tesla ceo elon musk. coming up, it's a trend 19 weeks in the making. why drivers should hold on to that steering wheel this morning. what's happening at the pump?
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we are in for a little bit of rain this week. >> you know how i know that, and you know that? still got activity working on the radar. >> i just listen to kari. >> we've been tracking what's happening all across the region. looking now across the southeast, well, this is the remnant of hurricane patricia and now the flooding is moving away from texas and louisiana.
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still expecting rain across alabama. here in the bay area, we're going to have a very nice weekend. we'll take another look at the forecast coming up. let's look at what's happening with mike. >> we've zoomed it over here. we're concerned about westbound 80, the bay bridge into the treasure island tunnel. some debris in the tunnel, in your fast lane from the best reports we've got. a smooth drive there. we're watching for patchy, dense fog. maybe one patch in livermore as well. >> here's something to think about. gas prices fell for the 19th week in a row. prices at the pump dropped another dime this week. 84 cents lower than last year and 63 cents lower than in mid june. the price drop is due to an
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increase in crude oil prices. plus, american refineries slashed their wholesale gas prices. the average price for gas in san francisco, $2.92 a gallon. you'll pay the same for a gallon of gas in san jose if you can't find it lower. >> could be more people on the roadways, so east bay commuters right now are going to have to make some adjustments starting this week. crews began the last phase renovating the high street bridge connecting oakland and alameda. that bridge will be closed to pedestrians and drivers monday through friday from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. the closures are expected to remain in effect from now until just before thanksgiving. happening today, work begins on beautifying an east bay park. crews will break down on a $3.5 million renovation of the park in san leandro. the makeover will eventually include new play structures, barbecues, restaurants and much more. the city expects to complete that project sometime next summer. the city of san jose trying to keep things green. san jose is making a move to
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clean up trash. city leaders right now looking at finding anyone caught illegally dumping things on property where those things don't belong. council members will consider it down their meeting tomorrow, and if they pass the measure, those fines for residents could be steep. if you're caught the first time, it's going to cost you a thousand dollars. the second time, $1,500. and the third time, you'll be fined $3,000. coming up, an update to break news, a major quake strikes in afghanistan, sending people running into the streets across the region. kris sanchez is getting the latest information right now. she'll give us an update in three mince. plus, a man throws a bag on to a bay area meat counter, bringing out hazmat crews and shutting down the supermarket. we're learning now what he crammed inside of that bag that has definitely left a stench. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call or e-mail. at a north bay supermarket,
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tossing a bag of unknown a man creates a hazmat scare at a north bay supermark, tossing a bag of unknown contents on to a meat counter. what investigators are now revealing about what smelly products were inside the bag. plus, armed and dangerous. the search to find the suspect responsible for shooting up a busy shopping center in livermore. and just hours ago, a powerful earthquake struck afghanistan. the first casualties we know of are schoolgirls.
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in just moments, witnesses tell us what it was like when that quake struck. "today in the bay" starts right now. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's get you the forecast right now for this monday morning. kari's got a look at it. >> you can see the dense fog, especially in the north bay as well as san francisco and our temperatures are in the low 50s. highs in the 70s and low 80s. a lot more sunshine. we're getting ready for some rain for the middle of the week. i'll detail that coming up. let's check in now with mike, giving us a look at the bay bridge. >> we're looking at the toll plaza, where we just have some folks on the left pausing. one of those lanes is not open. it was in the span at treasure island where we were worried, it turns out there was a table in


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