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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 27, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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second day of combing the waters nto rescue crews ramping up for a second day of comb the waters. a fisherman still missing after a regular expedition turns dangerous. and we're rumbling in the east bay. san ramon a hot bed of activity overnight as the quake swarm ramps up, once again. "today in the bay" starts right now. a good tuesday morning, thank you very much for joining us. i'm sam brock. we'll get to those stories in just a second. a little bit of greenen the doppler radar. let's check in with kari hall. >> i'm wearing green in honor of the rain that is moving in.
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light sprinkles as we go through the morn oing as well as the afternoon. some light showers this morning and then it gets heavier as we get into tomorrow morning. that may have a bigger impact on the commute. the temperatures upper 50s to lower 60s and now 52 degrees in the north bay. i'll show you the rest of the forecast and a look athead the halloween forecast, as well. let's check in with mike taking us to the east bay. >> we'll start in oakland with our camera here at the 66. reports of a debris and i don't see any slowing here either. live shot or on my sensors. there's also a construction zone typical for 580 at 24 over there and no problem for the maze or the approach to the bay bridge. as we take a wider look at the bay, we see everybody at speed and what you don't see is pockets of fog like we saw yesterday. smooth drive so far and we'll check on that further in the north bay, coming up. >> visibility much coming up. more rumbling in the east bay overnight with a new
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earthquake nears san ramon. the biggest one hit just before 2:00 this morning and registered at over just 3.0. eight small quakes in total just since 10:00 last night. all this coming amid hundreds of small quakes shaking that area recently. so far there is no reports of damage or any injuries. a story still developing this morning in just a couple hours from, crews will resume their search for a missing fisherman. they they're looking for three men that went in the water when something went wrong on their 14-foot boat. they did rescue one and recovered one man's body and the third person is who that search is for. signs warn boaters of dangerous conditions. >> this area is dangerous to
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people who are novices and even more experienced people because the swell comes up from a deep water ocean up on a sand bar and builds rapidly. >> scarally say rescuers say no one on that boat was wearing a life jacket. one man is under arrest in what appears to be a deadly case of domestic violence. police arrested 28-year-old hugo. earlier yesterday officers found the body of a woman on south third street in san jose stabbed multiple times. investigators say the victim once dated castro. the entire situation left neighbors shaken. >> you see a lot of crazy stuff because, i mean, you're in the middle of downtown san jose and it happens. this is as far an extreme that i've ever seen it get. >> last night police did not announce the name of the victim saying family members have not yet been notified.
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police will not arrest a boy accused of killing his stepfather in fairfield. the boy used a knife while trying to step his stepfather from beating his mother. offic that man had a history of domestic violence and multiple calls from that home in recent years. new details now in the racketeering and murder solicitation of raymond shrimp boy chow. federal prosecutors are not going to seek the death penalty. chow who is charged with running the dragonhead criminal organization stands accused of ordering the murder of his predecessor in 2006. if convicted, chow could face life in prison. chow is one of 29 people in total arrested last year in that racketeering sting. among the other defendants. former state senator leland yee who pleaded guilty to less charges. happening today berkeley is poised to take a big step in beefing up housing safety.
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berkeley city council members are going to vote on osafety reforms to the city's rental housing codes and inspection process. that move coming in the wake of last june's balcony collapse that killed six irish students. the proposal seeks a citywide housing inspection program to prioritize the properties most at risk and perhaps allow confidential complaints. this meeting comes as the, the national day of mourning in ireland at that time and very somber period here, as well. let's get a check of your weather. kari standing by to get your day started on a positive note. good morning, kari. >> good to see the rain and light showers coming in earlier than expected. this is what some of the high-resolution computer model shows.
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light showers here and there and hit or miss with cloudy skies and temperatures that will be about the same as yesterday. we'll see some of the heavier rain moving in tomorrow, especially early in the morning right in time for the commute, so, we'll keep you up to date on that. we'll see the showers off and on and the possibility of some accumulation as we head between today and tomorrow. could give us a good soaking and maybe a quarter of an inch in some of the isolated areas. a lot of clouds and just a few peeks of sunshine here and there. 79 degrees in napa while oakland tops out at 74. i'll talk more about this and what to expect as we go into the weekend coming up. let's see what's happening with your morning commute with mike. >> yesterday from time to time we completely had this socked in. a clear view right now and an easy drive. very light. look at your map. smooth drive through san rafael and through the area north of petaluma and that overonight
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road crew which should be clearing. again, that's just a slight reroute. the rest of oyour bay looks a nice drive. across the bay via the san mateo and dunbarton bridges. back to you. >> mike, thank you very much. coming up next, the death toll continuing to rise well into the hundreds after monday's deadly earthquake. here at home the afghan population desperate for information and in the dark about their loved ones. the effort here to connect families still on edge. got a tip for nbc's investigative unit? call 1-88 8-996-tips. nbc bay area, we investigate. who owns the islands? an
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international dispute is heating up after the u-s sent a va well, who owns the islands? an international dispute is heating up right now after the u.s. sent a naval warship into disputed territory. sailed near a chain of islands in the south china sea. they have been fighting over that territory for years. u.s. military official os say the naval destroyer was patrolling the region in international waters. think before acting saying it shouldn't make trouble out of nothing. we're learning more right now about the aftermath of
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afghanistan's powerful earthquake. a sfoery we first brought to you yesterday as breaking news and we have been tracking ever since. you see a live report from afghanistan. reaction during that earthquake. it was all captured on tv during the live newsbroadcast. the magnitude 7.5 earthquake struck deep underground yesterday. near the afghanistan/pakistan border. more than 300 people so far have died as a result of the earthquake. hundreds more are injured. rescue crews still trying to reach remote mountainous regions there. the army is using helicopters to take supplies directly to victims. here in the bay area, the community is still waiting for news of loved ones. kabul market in fremont, people were buying international calling cards. many customers tell us they have not been able to reach friend and family in afghanistan,
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people are in need of food and shelter. >> right now there is no help for them. they need it badly. otherwise a lot of people die from hunger and from cold. >> the foundation a nonprofit pakistani aid organization based in the south bay is already preparing to send help abroad. coming up next, a couple slices of bacon a day might be a part of your morning routine, but what if it significantly raised your risk of cancer? prompts another look at how much processed meat we eat every day.
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get a peek now at weather and traffic at 4:45. yesterday during your morning commute you were tracking fog all over the roadway. >> it's all your fault. >> and, well, the fog is really not really an issue this morning and now we get ready for some rain. so that may impact the evening commute as well as tomorrow morning's commute. we'll keep you up to date on that. let's take a live look right now at san jose. you see it is nice and quiet, not a whole lot going on there. we have some clouds that at times block your view of that full moon. as we go outside, it is now 60 degrees in concord and livermore ask san jose 59 degrees and also 59 in san francisco. and santa rosa now at 51 degrees. here's a look at the highs this afternoon after yesterday having
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a lot of sunshine across the inland areas. a lot more clouds today. and still up to 83 degrees in gilroy. redwood city 73 degrees and mission district at 67 degrees. in napa 79. oakland 74 and livermore expecting a high of 83 degrees. now, with all those clouds don't be surprised if you feel some sprinkles coming down because we're tracking this system coming through and initially we are expecting the possibility of some very light rain today and then the heavier rain comes later tonight and early in the morning. not much of a wind either, but it is coming in from the northwest. we'll see it kind of light, variable to start out the day and then here we are at 5:00, more of a northwesterly wind at 10, 15 miles per hour picking up as we go to the ievening. light rain passing the bay area. off and on throughout the day. and then it quiets down tonight in some spots with another round of rain moving in early in the morning and then tapering off as we go into tomorrow afternoon
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and it looks good because we could even get some snow for the higher elevations in the sierra. most likely about a quarter of an inch farther to the north and some lighter amounts else where across the bay. i'll update you on that and take a look ahead to the weekend coming up. let's check in now with mike taking us to the south bay. >> i'm excited about that incoming weather right now. the roadways no problem in the south bay. san jose and the rest of the silicon valley. metering lights and they will cycle on this morning starting at 5:00, just a few minutes and then get turned on and hopefully gilroy through morganhill. we may see a smoother flow of traffic on the freeway and a longer wait. we'll be tracking that all morning and so far right now the green sensors there and green all the way towards the bay bridge and all throughout the east shore freeway and coming across the bridges. we'll show you the bay bridge approach. live look shows you a light volume of traffic, as well. nobody waiting. back to you. kind of like in congress where everybody is typically waiting for some kind of action,
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mike. turns out that congress and white house actually agreed on a breakthrough budget deal. x anything the markets don't like is uncertainty. a little bit of clarity, landon. that will give the markets a bit of a boost? >> hey, sam, good morning to you. we'll see about that. investors may play it cautious with all eyes on corporate earnings and federal reserve. housing and consumer confidence and a big day for earnings with ali bobba, twitter and apple set to report. a quiet day of trading and the dow ending down 23 points. ask the nasdaq up two to 5034. ahead of the open, futures are lower. it's all about the federal reserve on day one of the two-day meeting. wall street expects the fed to hold off on raising interest rates leaving the door open for the chance of a december rate hike. the central bank could raise rates this year, but only if
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there are clear signs of sustained economic growth and look for the announcement at 2:00 p.m. eastern on wednesday. u.s. leaders reach a tentative budget deal that would modestly increase spending over the next two years. cuts in central program and raise the federal borrowing limit. must be approved by the u.s. house and senate default on the government's debt. represent a major break through after years of deadlock in congress especially on fiscal issues, sam. >> we'll follow that very closely, landon. legal victory for statewide. the program is called operation boo that requires california's registered sex offenders to place opt out signs on their door on halloween. federal judge yesterday ruled that requirement is unconstitutional. the states department of corrections have decided not to enforce operation boo this year.
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meat and specifically processed meat causes cancer. bacon, sausage and hot dogs are topping the list. the world health organization says eating more than 50 grams of processed meat every single day increases the risk of coal rectal cancer and stomach cancer, actually less than two slices of bacon a day. the report puts processed meats in the same category as smoking and asbestos. >> the theory is that the iron in the meat is activated by the nitrates in processing and preservatives and that becomes a carcinogen. the w.h.o. defined processed meat that is any meat altered by salting, curing or cooking. steak meats and lean meats are a risk, albeit a much lower one. the next time you can't remember your atm security code may be a thing of the past and all in the glimmer of the eye. citigroup wants to ditch the atm
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card swipe altogether and test new technology allowing customers to have their eyeballs scanned before withdrawing or depositing money. one of which includes a smartphone code in lieu of the traditional card swipe. plenty of swiping for black friday while more stores are opening earlier and earlier. one is deciding to balk the trend. outdoor retailer rei announced it will close its doors on black friday and pay all of its 12,000 employees to take the day off and get outside. rei is inviting the nation to join in by choosing to opt outside to reconnect with family and friends this thanksgiving holiday. a bit of a self-promotion involved there in that whole thing. coming up next, too many gas leaks. the complaints in one san francisco neighborhood that could get a company kicked right off the job.
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we are looking forward to rain later in the week, but maybe today is your best day to get out there and get some pumpkins. qulou have an entire patch behind you, kari. >> it's halloween, if you can believe it. we will have nice weather, although we will have a chance of some rain, once again, between sunday night and early monday. we'll enjoy some sunshine and highs in the 70s and 80s on halloween day it will be into the low 70s with a few spots making it into the mid-80s like the tri-valley. with a closer look at what's happening now in the tri-valley, let's check in with mike. >> start over with our live camera in dublin. you see a good amount of cars and the roadway yesterday. patches of fog and clouds. speed sensors show a nice, easy drive, as well. we show you the maps and smooth flow of traffic right there near
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the dublin interchange. up on the hillside, just outside the district on highway 84 and traffic still light in the area and you're able to get around. an easy, light flow towards the bay bridge and upper east shore freeway. and a quick look at the peninsula shows you palo alto and towards mountainview, no problem. wack back to you, sam. heavy flooding left parts of the gulf coast submerged. it stranded a lot of folks in the process. rescue teams yesterday had to save 21 school children when their bus got swamped in east baton rouge. nobody was injured. you see the kids being loaded off of a truck. others had to simply abandon their cars. the storm is the remnants, actually, of hurricane patricia, which rolled on through mexico and texas. no daluge here, but many in the bay area hope this week's promise of orain is a sign of things to come, perhaps.
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crews in the south bay are doing flood prevention work ahead of the coming winter. teams are moving heavy boulders lining the creek near bolinger road. doing it not so much for this week's rain, but the possibility of a wet winter if el nino forecasts come to fruition. >> our goal is to repair an erosion that had happened on this bank, as well as the bank over there and repair it by placing rocks as well as adding soil on top of the rocks, too. >> the santa clara valley water district is spending nearly $100 million on flood protection projects. crews are also removing trees and debris that could cause flooding. five mistakes within six months, residents say that is far too many. a company feeling the heat this morning after several ruptured gas lines in one of the bay area's most iconic neighborhoods. all of this happening on in san
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francisco. today they're asking for a public hearing to fire synergy project management. the dwas ligas lines weren't pr marked, but city workers aren't making it. >> because after you made the mistake of the first gas leak, wouldn't you do something different? >> and san francisco leaders say that that project should have only taken about five weeks. coming up next, getting ready to ring in the new nba season for the, they tip off against the new orlean pelicans and some bling awaiting them on the court. new shake overnight in san ramon. details on what just became nine quakes now in the past sooev hours. an earthquake just striking in the last seven minutes. got a tip for nbc bay area investigative unit? call or e-mail
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why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun.
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why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. =sam/cu= good morning - and thanks for joining us. i'm sam brock. boxes good morning, thank you for joining us, i'm sam brock. we're watching right now another quake storm that basically struck overnight. we have now seen nine earthquakes since just 7:00, also tracking new metering lights that go into effect later today. those are two of our top stories as we head into your tuesday morning. good morning, thank you for
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joining us on "today in the bay" i am sam brock. we'll get to those in just a second. first, kari hall monitoring some green on the radar as we get into the middle of the week. good morning. >> that rain is reaching towards the bay area. don't be surprised if we have light showers coming down as we go into this afternoon. but right now, it's just mostly cloudy across the bay area and temperatures that are in the upper 50s to lower 60s expect highs today in the upper 60s to about 79 degrees in the south bay while the peninsula tops out at 73 degrees. i'll talk more about what to expect today and as far as the rain, we'll check in now with mike. we were tracking some fog yesterday in the north bay. how is it looking now? >> yesterday you were talking about low clouds drifting and that is not affecting the visibility on this shot. we had fog making it tough to see this drive. we'll show you san rafael


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