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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 28, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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give it a pop. water-starved state... but still a soggy start to your morning commute. when and where rain will wash through the bay area. . exactly what we need for our water-starved state. still a soggy start to the early commute. when and where rain will wash through the bay area. a change in the ranks in the republican field. how that can spark a new strategy that's not so trump heavy in tonight's gop debate. safety measures after the tragic berkeley balcony collapse. "today in the bay" starts right now. good wednesday morning, thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. your eyes did not deceive you. this is a sight for sore eyes,
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the pitter patter of rain gracing our roads. it could still cause headaches for your morning commute. here is a live look outside right now from rain clouds in fremont to wet roadways in palo alto. >> let's get to meteorologist kari hall. how much can we expect to get. >> just a few hundredths of an inch, maybe .10 inch in some spots. as you can see, the bulk of it has moved to the east of us. we will still have more rounds as we get through the late morning hours, possibly into early afternoon. temperatures in the upper 50s at the north bay and low 60s at the east bay. expect highs in the low 70s, temperatures kept down because of clouds and off-and on light rain which should continue through the noon hours. i'll update you on that and a look ahead to the weekend in a few minutes.
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let's see if it's affecting your morning commute with mike. >> not yet as far as the speeds because the volume of traffic is so light. in places like this, the green there is showing where you might have slicker roads. we'll keep that in mind. traffic and weather systems tied together. the earlier crash was tlnt when i drove past it. the surface streets throughout the city of san jose, fremont from where i drove on the route in today, they were wet as well. freeways themselves may be damp. we're overlook ag smooth, easy drive at the toll plaza. a couple folks paying cash. months after a tragic balcony collapse killed six students in berkeley, the victims are honored. >> bob, the sayer men drawing near to honor the victims as laura mention, learning the prevent another tragedy from happening. >> reporter: later today the president of ireland along with
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the mayor of berkeley will plant a tree at the mlk civic center in downtown berkeley in remembrance of the six young people killed in that balcony collapse this past june at the library gardens apartment complex. you might recall students, many of whom were irish nationals were celebrating a friend's 21st birthday when a fourth floor balcony gave out. the county has launched a criminal investigation into what cause thad balcony to rot and fail. last night, the city of berkeley started considering new rules for landlords which would, among other things, require annual inspections of rental units. >> would also make sure we focus our attention on those properties that have major issues and would make sure we do a better job of making sure housing is safe in our city. >> reporter: the council made no decision last night on the
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proposed new rules. they'll consider it next month. an emergency ordinance in place beginning in july. the tree will be an ash tus, a tree not only native to california but ireland as well. live in berkeley, bob redell, "today in the bay." 4:34. new details this morning of the suspect tied to a deadly shooting in livermore now being linked to two other fatal shootings. police are on the hunt for 18-year-old jason brown of oakland, one of two men accused in last week's deadly shooting in a livermore parking lot. police are now calling him a suspect in a september homicide in sacramento, also. brown was already named a suspect in a fresno shooting. three dangerous men are still on the run in the south bay, but now we know what they look like. police released this surveillance video of three men who shot and injured a south san jose homeowner while robbing his
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home last week. you can see one of the suspects checking out the front door of the house, eventually going to the back yard and into the garage. he makes a phone call and another man shows up. here is a better look at two of the suspects. the homeowner says he caught the man red-handed. that's when one of the suspects shot him. he was not seriously hurt. all three suspects got away in this blue honda accord. a followup now, too young to be named but old enough to be busted and booked, a 17-year-old student from pinole valley high school was arrested on campus accused of dealing drugs. last week seven students overdosed and five ended up in the hospital. 4:35 this morning.
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it's nice, refreshing. >> yes, it is. for some people, it may help put you deeper into sleep once you hear the pitter patter of rain on the window. we're mostly seeing the rain take a break in the north bay. it got heavier over the central valley, snow in the higher elevations above 7,000 feet most likely. as we take a look at all the microclimates today, 70 in san jose, still rain possible in palo alto, 70 degrees embarcadero, low 70s also for the north bay as well as the tri-valley. so the rain very hit or miss and we'll still see this at least as we go through the morning. i'll detail that in a couple minutes. let's see how the roads are looking. >> we can see the roads moving very well. this is the bay bridge westbound with the taillights eastbound coming into san francisco. we'll look across the bay on our maps.
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we're talking about the mascone center, congestion expected all week. we have a little something-something going on on 101. nothing reported on chp. i'll do some poking around. there is your entire north bay and east bay approach to the bay bridge, not even any slowing for antioch. 880 at 237, i didn't see anything and no update for the i have sin tichlt looking at a smooth south bay drive. back to you. here we go again. republican presidential contenders gear up for round three of the presidential debates, there's a new front-runner this time. will it make a difference.
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that's no fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. candidates are gearing up for a third round of debates -- as a let's talk a little politics very early on your wednesday morning. republican candidates gearing up for debates with a new front runner emerging. >> "today in the bay's" leanne gregg live in boulder, colorado, where tonight's debate will take place on cnbc. a new poll indicates ben carson might be the candidate to watch. >> that's right, he will, along with donald trump who has had that lead until a new poll yesterday for the first time in months. a national poll showed that ben carson has edged by him. both of those candidates, political novices. donald trump in iowa on the eve
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of the debate as a cbs-"new york times" poll shows him losing the lead to ben carson. >> a little shakeup in iowa. i don't know what's going on. >> reporter: in the poll '26% of republican primary voters back carson, four points ahead of trump with the rest of the candidates far behind in the single digits. numbers that moderator john harwood says could impact the deb baept's tone. >> we saw when ben carson pulled ahead of trump in iowa in polling there, donald trump really started going after ben carson. this is only one national survey that is showing this. it does introduce an unpredictable dynamic to the stage. >> reporter: carson staffers say he'll defend himself at the debate but will remain low key. >> some people think he's laid back. i don't think there are very many people who think he's too laid back to be president. i think people really, really appreciate his temperament. >> reporter: here in boulder as in much of the country, many are
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undecided. >> looking for somebody who is intelligent, successful in business, not a career politician. >> reporter: with much of the attention on front-runners t other candidates hope their performance also swing momentum their way, including jeb bush who is now cutting staff and struggling to find footing in the race. tonight another round in the long nominating process. the debate scheduled to last for two hours. many viewers are expected to tune in. more than 20 million watched the last two republican debates. sam, laura, it will be an interesting night. >> leanne gregg from boulder, co-corks thank you for that report.
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coming up on 5:45. >> how is this for good news? raining outside. kari just told us it's snowing in the sierra. >> just a little bit in the high elevations. better than nothing. >> you just came back from tahoe, if i'm not mistaken. >> it's kind of weird to see absolutely no snow anywhere. we'll get some of that going. this machine is getting cranking, so great news across the bay area and california as we take a live look at san francisco. we see the low clouds this morning and the roads are still wet. we'll have this light rain off and on. you may have heard it through the night, and now it's kind of tapering off as a cluster of
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some of the heaviest rain now moves over the central valley. so a closer look at what we've been talking about, some of the snowshowers developing, closer to yosemite right now. we'll be tracking that throughout the morning. the futurecast still gives us a chance of rain at 9:00 in the morning, possibly heavier downpours north of san francisco and then around the san jose area, going through out the day we'll have a couple of waves of very light rain, very hit-or-miss. then the wind picks up as we go through the day. the rain forecast gives aus an additional quarter inch of rain in the north bay and light amounts around san francisco, .08 inch. temperatures are in the low 60s as you step out the door. it is milder and the wind forecast once again will be a little bit stronger as we go into the afternoon, winds very calm to start out the day. and then once that cold front sweeps on through, our sustained winds will be at about 25 miles
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an hour, and we're not done here. we'll have a couple of dry days and then another chance of rain on sunday. that may linger into the first part of next week and the long range or longer range rain forecast gives us another half inch up around ukiah and also .10 inch elsewhere across the bay area. still rain possible at 10:00 in the morning. temperatures do stay in the mid 60s there and eventually briefly touch 70 degrees. but rain possible all across the bay area. how is it looking on the roads now, mike? >> the traffic flow around the bay is so light we're not seeing a lot of impact. watch it. folks are at a higher speed. watch the off-ramps. i've got wet roads or slick conditions in fremont and san jose on the surface streets. the freeways are damp. we'll look at your speed sensors through the area. no problem for the live camera
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shot in dublin. just a little willed over here. you can see the green squares around the area. you'll see that from time to time. the metering lights were turned on here yesterday through san martin and morgan hill. we saw a benefit for the drive. wheel watch this morning as folks continue to adjust. but no real slowing. back to you. aerospace grumman won the contract to build the next generation of advanced stealth bombers. >> for more on that and the rest of the news before the bell we turn to landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. good morning to you both. it's likely another day of cautious trading as the fed winds down its two-day policy meeting where it is expected to hold off on raising interest rates. look for a statement from janet yellen later in the day. amgen, walgreens, paypal and go pro all saet to report today. the dow down 41 points to 17581,
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the nasdaq losing four to 5030. aerospace giant northrop grumman won the next generation stealth bombers, awarding 21 long range bombers for the u.s. air force. the contract could be worth $80 milli million. the first aircraft are set to debut in 2025. the new bombers will be able to evade radar and fly undetected. truly a stealth innovation. a hefty half pound patty topped with bacon, onion rings and reese's peanut butter cups, creator of the works gourmet burger bistro known for its over-the-top creations. food magazine says it could be
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the scariest halloween trick of all. >> would you try it, landon? >> if you do, i will. >> sounds like a deal. you bring the antacid. the calm after the storm. a live look at oracle arena where more than 19,000 people pack the house as the world champs receive the rings and reveal their championship banner. the doves on the court did not disappoint, they beat down the pelicans 111-95, an emotional night for the team and its fans. 40 years of waiting to see another northbound championship banner hanging from the rafters finally became reality. the main attraction of the evening, the diamond encrusted rings. steph curry addressed the oracle crowd delivering high praise. >> we would not have been able to do what we did last year
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without you guys' support. >> walk into a bar with that thing on, i don't think anyone is going to miss you. despite being sidelined with a back injury, you see coach steve kerr. he had to watch the game from the locker room. >> so what a difference 40 years makes. warriors hall of famer rick berry posted a picture on twitter of his championship ring from 1975. in comparison with warriors owner in the brand new ring. look at the size difference there. just a little slight upgrade in both diamonds and size. >> it's not just the size. it's the stones that make it is big difference. the warriors were not the only ones honored last night. two of the three heroes who helped stop the terror attack in august also sat courtside. great to see anthony sadler and spencer stone in good health again. they got a standing ovation at
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the game. stone with the hat on appears to have recovered from a stabbing in his hometown in september. cheapest seats we found on stubhub last night went for $110. another game circled on everyone's calendar is the christmas day rematch between the warriors and cavaliers. tickets for that game selling for more than $169. the warriors have sold out the last 134 home games. >> it's lebronica. lebron james coming into town. >> 4:52 right now. coming up, escaping from alcatraz just got harder on your wallet. the swim competition taking a deeper dive into your wallet.
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here we are once again back on stage. 4:54 for your wednesday morning. we're wearing red and blue. >> i'll tie it in. red, white and blue. all patriotic this morning. as we take a look at the weekend forecast, it will be warm as we head into friday. mid 80s in the north bay and tri-valley and the south bay up to 80 degrees. halloween more of the same. it does cool down on sunday. we'll have another chance of rain moving into the bay area, but halloween is looking all dry, warm, very nice weather all across the bay. let's check in now and see if there's any slowdowns. looking at the possibility of wed roads, at least damp. the view is pretty standard for this time of day. watch it, folks. we do see the speed sensors showing a nice easy drive, a
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little slowing off the richmond san rafael bridge. no back up at the bay bridge. the rest of the map looks just fine. a live look at the san mateo bridge where we see from foster city side westbound off the high-rise and the flat section as well moving with very little traffic. back to you. all right. the famed san francisco escape from alcatraz triathlon raising the entry fee by $300, creating a backlash from athletes who say they won't race the course anymore. owners of the race announced the fee jumped from $450 to $750. that's a 67% increase. the reason? organizers posted to the facebook page saying with increased demand there's a growing need to maintain the integrity of the competition and safety for all involved. it's caused an uproar in the triathlete community. >> mixed feelings between shock
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and disbelief, feeling super discouraged. >> some say they won't compete or volunteer at the race anymore. others say they'll step up to create a similar event. talking numbers going up, 400 and counting. a swarm of earthquakes has been shaking the san ramon area for weeks now. the biggest one, a 3.2 magnitude around 5:00 last night. the san ramon area has been shaking essentially for the last two weeks. this broke a 25-year-old record for the tri-valley. back in 1990, 351 earthquakes shook alamo over a 42-day period. geologists believe this latest swarm may continue for several more weeks. don't worry. while it's unnerving, it's also not a foreshock to a larger quake. 4:57. coming up, splashing your way through wednesday aa welcome sight, some rain. mike and kari have you covered on what to watch out for.
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plus, honoring the victims of the berkeley balcony collapse, how ireland's president plans to pay tribute later today. why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough.
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give it a pop. but is it hitting in your neck of the woods? meteorologist kari hall has the a welcome sight to greet you this morning, rain on the roadways. meteorologist kari hall has more coming up. change in the race in the republican field, how it could spark new strategy that's not so trump heavy.
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>> taking a long hard look at improving safety measures after the tragic berkeley balcony collapse. "today in the bay" starts right now. good wednesday morning, thank you for joining us. >> here is a live look outside as gray skies linger in fremont. sprinkles making the roads a little slick in palo alto. >> probably a rule not to turn on your sprinklers today. let's turn to meteorologist kari hall. commuters should be bracing for a wet start to the morning. >> yes. as you start out, you can see that the rain has stopped for most of the bay area. we're not done throughout the entire morning. you can still see there is rain moving into the north bay, a lot of the heavier rain has shifted into the central valley and you're seeing the rain coming down here in s


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