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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 28, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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trump heavy. >> taking a long hard look at improving safety measures after the tragic berkeley balcony collapse. "today in the bay" starts right now. good wednesday morning, thank you for joining us. >> here is a live look outside as gray skies linger in fremont. sprinkles making the roads a little slick in palo alto. >> probably a rule not to turn on your sprinklers today. let's turn to meteorologist kari hall. commuters should be bracing for a wet start to the morning. >> yes. as you start out, you can see that the rain has stopped for most of the bay area. we're not done throughout the entire morning. you can still see there is rain moving into the north bay, a lot of the heavier rain has shifted into the central valley and you're seeing the rain coming down here in santa rosa while
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the rest of the bay area sees clouds and very light sprinkles. we should see this throughout the morning hours. we'll give you an update on that and what else to expect as we go through the forecast. that's coming up a little later. let's check in now with mike to see if it's slowing you down just yet. >> the conditions as far as the volume of traffic don't necessitate that so much unless you're in the cash lanes here. we're looking at a smooth drive as we look at your map. an easy flow of traffic on our sensors as well. a little blip south of the waldo tunnel. no incidents reported right now. moss coney center, oracle open world. as we zoom out, we'll show the speed sensors north of the san mateo bridge just fine, guys. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. happening later today, remembering the victims of the deadly balcony collapse in berkeley. in less than ten hours, ireland's president will honor those killed with a tree ceremony, coming as city council
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takes strides to prevent feature tragedies. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell has more. >> reporter: laura and sam, later today, when the mayor of berkeley joins the president of ireland to plant the tree in honor of the irish victims of the balcony collapse. that tree would be an arbitus, native not only to the golden state but the emerald isle as well. you might recall last night the city council presented new rules to prevent this tragedy from happening again. it was in june, six students, mostly irish nationals, died when the balcony collapsed during a friend's 21st birthday celebration. the proposal the city is looking at would require annual inspections of all rental units.
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>> we'll have more city staff to do the inspections and probably require that owners pay a little more to fund the program but also will make sure we have accountability. if we're going to say every owner in berkeley doing the inspections, let's have proof it's being done. >> i'll be happier for all the tenants in berkeley. if you're the neighbor to that building, then your house doesn't get burned down. >> the city will reconsider proposed rules next month. berkeley has already enacted an emergency ordinance requiring landlords to hire a professional to inspect their balconies while the county has already launched a criminal investigation into what caused that balcony to rot and fail. reporting live in berkeley, bob redell, "today in the bay." three dangerous men still on the run in the south bay. but now at least we know what they look like. police released the surveillance video of three men who shot and injured a south san jose
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homeowner while robbing his home last week. you can see one of the suspects checking out the front of the house right there onwno carrier0
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happening today, a huge bass pro shops finally opening its doors in the south bay. a live look right now with the brand new store right off the almaden expressway exit. >> as if you haven't seen it if you've been on 85. for those unfamiliar with the giant structure off the highway. you know how congested that area of the road can be in general. this is certainly going to add more traffic.
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the closest bass pro shops before this one was in man take ka. a grand opening ceremony taking place with the ribbon cutting ceremony at 6:30. the store opens with regular hours starting tomorrow morning at 10:00. fishermen everywhere. >> i was going to say, what size fishing vest should we get sam brock. coming up, carrying around a different kind of weapon. what some california officers and bruce lee have in common. hash tag disaster. twitter disappoints again. we'll take a look coming up in business and tech. it's crunch time. the big push to do something congress has not accomplished in years. there's a big push this morning
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to tell me if you've heard this expression before. time ticking down in washington. there's a big push to do something, accomplish something, a long-term budget deal that congress has not done in years. >> they're trying to squeeze it in before a new house speaker takes over tomorrow. today in the bay's tracie potts in washington. this is a very tight deadline to meet. what are the chances they make it? >> reporter: it's really sort of up in the air right now. are they even going to have a vote today? the house is where a lot of the opposition is. john boehner wants to get this done before he leaves at the end of the week before paul ryan takes over presumably tomorrow. ryan doesn't like the deal and he doesn't like how it came
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about. >> it's an actual bipartisan compromise which hasn't been happening in washington a lot lately. >> a two-year budget that restores $80 billion in spending cuts, prevents a government shutdown and historic credit default. conservatives say it's too much spending and too many unanswered questions. a rushed back room deal. >> i think this process stinks. under new management we are not going to run the house this way. >> i'm in full agreement it stinks. this is not the way to run a railroad. but when you've got a situation that we're dealing with today, there was president any choice. i didn't want him to walk into a dirty barn full of you know what. >> reporter: no guarantee enough democrats and republicans will back today's vote even when it passes. there's already opposition in the senate. from the debate in colorado ted cruz calls it utter surrender. marco rubio saying it's severely
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flawed. rand paul threatening to talk it to death. it prevents some cuts in social security disability insurance but makes it harder for others to qualify. if there is no agreement, no deal today, the issues don't go away. they remain the saejs possible shutdown, possible credit default. the only thing that changes is republican leadership as of tomorrow. back to you. thanks so much, tracie. 5:15 right now. authorities say another not-yet-released video explains more about the classroom confrontation that has a school officer in hot water. they say it shows the girl in question punching deputy ben fields in the head. the video that went viral shows him up ending her in her desk and throwing her across the floor. the district has banned fields
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from all of its campuses. >> hard to watch. >> a northern california police force is now armed with nunch u nunchakus, but you won't see any officers swinging them around like bruce lee. police in northern california are the first to add those weapons to their tactical defense carb. they say it will help them use less force. >> we can use them for joint manipulation, wrist control, pain compliance, that type of thing. >> officers are not required to carry the nunchakus. it's another way to control the suspect. police must pass a 16-hour training program. 5:16. the u.s. senate pass add controversial anti hacking bill. the details will be hammered out
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this morning. >> a rare defeat for silicon valley. >> most companies in silicon valley didn't like the law called the cyber security information sharing act. it passed the senate easily. as you pointed out, it's already been through the house. it has powerful allies. it was co-sponsored by dianne feinstein. the president says he will sign it. the cisa allows companies to share information about hacking with each other. so target gets hacked, it can warn walmart and give details of the hacks. normally companies aren't allowed to conspire, and i mean that in the most innocent way about anything. in this case they can when they're trying to fight off hackers. where people got concerned, that information is concerned with the government and the government's track record is not great. you'll soon be able to hack your own car if you wanted to. right now it's generally against the law to look at, mess with, examine, change the software in
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your car because it's protected by copyright. the library of congress which is in charge of copyright says starting next year you can do what you want with your own car. i'm not saying you would. but the important thing is you could because you own it. in this case twitter reported losses tuesday afternoon. growth was slow as well. twitter only added 3 million users in the last three months. landon doughty tweets @landondowdycnbc. she's live at cnbc headquarters. good morning. >> good morning, scott. another day of cautious trading as the fed winds down its two-day policy meeting where it's expected to hold off on racing interest rates. it is another big day for earnings with amgen, walgreens, paypal and go pro set to report. all the major averages closing lower yesterday. the dow down 41 points to
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17,581, nasdaq at 5030. it is wednesday today. >> it is indeed. >> sam and laura, do you take pictures of your food? i don't because i'm not a millennial. i eat my food. i made an exception with this shepherd's pie from my favorite irish pub, fiddler's green. after decades, they're closing forever on saturday. >> is that why you went there? >> no. we go there all the time. it's a nice little spot, particularly good warmup when it gets foggy in san francisco. >> it must be good. you felt the impulse to take a picture. >> absolutely. it must be the best shepherd's pie in san francisco. as of saturday, no more. >> good irish boy, eating those potatoes. a little pairing of weather and traffic.
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>> shepherd's pie looks outstanding. >> i had pumpkin pie yesterday. let's start those holidays. >> seasonably appropriate. right now not picking pumpkins, a little drizzly. >> we don't mind it, especially when it comes in the middle of the workweek. we can move it out in time with all the festivities. as we take a live look at san jose, could difficult skies. come over and take a look at the seven-day forecast. it will help you make the plans over the next few days. we do not only have rain in the forecast today, but farther on down the line, you can see that as you take a look at the bottom of the screen. now we do have spotty light showers for the north bay. the rest of the bay area, the rain has already moved on, but there will still be more showers developing offshore and moving in. it will be very hit or miss. so hard to tell exactly when and where it will rain, but just expect that throughout the morning and early afternoon. some of the models picking up on
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some rain at 10:00 this morning for the north bay, then moving into san francisco. lls for parts of the south and east bays. the rain that we'll see as we go through the rest of the morning will be very light. it all clears out tonight as the system moves off to the east. the rain today may total .01 in san jose and .05 in santa rosa. temperatures start in the upper 50s to lower 60s. heading into the evening, we will start seeing the winds picking up as we go through the day. we'll have another chance of rain in the forecast as we head into sunday that may linger into monday. that's great news, not completely done with the wet weather with the possibility of more rain heading into the weekend that may give us in total about .01 inch across the bay area and higher amounts to the north. as we go hour by hour, livermore, a lot of clouds that clear out once again tonight as
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our temperatures drop. let's check in with mike to see if the roads are moving slow as you approach the bay bridge. >> moving pretty well, but slowing koun right at the toll plaza. this is from the live shot. i'd also advise slowing down a bit. not a problem for the speeds. it's the on and off-ramps, not the freeways, that will be the issue this morning. over here we have reports of 880 at 29th, a single car into a center divide. it might be indicative of a spinout. a crash at highway 37, the deer was hit but ran off. fremont, a live shot, the rest of your bay looks like this. up next, showing off their bling. the warriors earned those rings last june. now there's a little proof of performance as we like to say in the biz. a look at the ice that will be
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gracing those players' fingers. things settling down-- after
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last night's rocking win for the warriors. a live look at oracle arena -- where more than 19-thousand packed the house -- as the world champions received their rings and revealed their championship a live look at oracle arena where more than 19,000 people packed the house. the doves beat the pelicans in
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come nant fashion, 111-95. >> it was an emotional night for the team and the fans. 40 years of waiting to see another nba championship banner hanging from the rafters. queen playing there, "we are the champions." the main attraction, the diamond encrusted rings. steph curry addressing the oracle crowd delivering high praise. >> we would not have been able to do what we did last year without your support every single night. 39-2 at home, 67 wins in the regular season. >> despite being sidelined with a back injury, coach steve kerr was on hand to receive his ring as well but watched the game from the locker room. coming up round three, the republican presidential candidates preparing to face off in their third debate as a new front-runner emerges from the pack. zblnchts zblnchts joining us. i'm laura garcia
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cannon. =sam/2shot= and i'm sam brock. ==sam/topvo== first-- a sight . very good morning to youchlt thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. always great when we can talk about rain coming and then it delivers. first a sight for sore eyes. the beautiful sounds of pitter-patter, rain gracing our roadways. it could still cause a bit of a headache for folks on their morning commutes. a live look outside from rain clouds in fremont. wet roadways in palo alto. it will definitely be a soggy morning. let's get right to meteorologist
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kari hall. how much can we expect to get from the system. you mentioned earlier it's moving east. >> the heaviest rain moving east, especially pour the south bay earlier this morning. most of us are taking a break. just seeing light spotty showers, especially for the north bay and mostly cloudy skies. we are not done with the rain just yet. we are still seeing this in and around the bay area. as we walk out the door, temperatures in the low 60s, highs in the low 70s. in san francisco expect a high of 67 degrees. let's see how the roads are moving now with mike. a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> we have this backup that forms here. this is not weather related. this is just timing related. it's 5:30 and that volume of traffic typically kicks in now. we should have the metering lights any second now. nothing really unusual on the approach. we have a crash north 880, in through downtown, a single car into the center divide. sometimes a single car is usually a spinout, but we don't
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have any slick freeways, maybe the surface streets. highway 4, slowing through brentwood, some slowing through the dublin interchange. no surprises anywhere south of the dumbarton bridge. >> thanks so much, mike. happening today, months after a tragic balcony collapse killed six students in berkeley, ireland's president will honor the victims. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell joining us live from berkeley. bob, the city really has tried to make strides in preventing another tragedy from ever happening again. >> reporter: sam and laura, later today the president of ireland and the mayor of berkeley will plant a tree at the mlk civic center behind me, a tree in remembrance of the six young people killed in june's balcony collapse at the library gardens apartment complex. you might recall students, many of them irish nationals, were celebrating a friend's 21st birthday when the fourth floor balcony gave out.
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the county has since launched a criminal investigation into what caused that balcony to rot and fail. last night the city of berkeley started considering new rules for landlords which would, among other things, require annual inspections of rental units. >> but would also make sure we focus our attention on those properties that have major issues and would make sure that we do a better job of making sure housing is safe in our city. >> reporter: the city council did not make a decision on the proposed rules last night. the city council has adopted an emergency ordinance in july that requires landlords to have a professional inspect balconies. incidentally, the tree that will be plapt saturday an arbutus, a tree native not only to california but to ireland as well. reporting live in berkeley, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> nice way to bond the two countries. thank you, bob. new details this morning. the suspect tied to a deadly
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shooting in livermore now also linked to two other fatal shootings. police on the hunt for 18-year-old jason brown of oakland, one of two men accused in last week's deadly shooting in the livermore parking lot. police are calling him a suspect in a september homicide in sacramento, also, already named a suspect in a fresno shooting. still no sign of that missing fisherman at tomales bay. he ended up in the water monday when something went wrong with their boat. crews rescued one man who washed up in the rocks. another man was found dead. he's identified as a 55-year-old man from roseville. none of the men were wearing lifejackets. two weeks ago there was a skull found in the santa cruz mountains. the identity still remains a mystery this morning. investigators searching through the site with cadaver dogs, but so far we still don't know if the skull is that of a man, woman or child or if it's
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ancient. >> interesting. 5:33 right now. get your junk off the streets. san jose cracking down so you'll clean up. city leaders raising fines to stop people from dumping their unwanted sofas, tvs and other discarded stuff. right now the fine is $500 but it will increase to $2500 for the first offense. $5,000 for the second offense and $10,000 for the third. officials also want to change the wording of the ordinance from improper disposal to illegal dumping. >> we think the words illegal dumping will help the public understand what we're trying to educate them and get across. right now it says improper placement of solid waste. a lot of people don't understand what that means. >> cameras are everywhere. a date for the final vote has not yet been set. san francisco set to receive a payout to settle a patient
5:35 am
dumping lawsuit. the city launched a class action suit against nevada after reports that nevada bused needy psychiatric patients to other cities. nevada transported nearly 500 patients over the course of several years, many homeless and suffering from mental illness. supervisors yesterday voted to approve that settlement. it is 5:35. tough new rules on gun sales in san francisco will require video recordings of all gun and ammo sales. that may not make much of a difference. the city's only gun shop which the rules would apply to is closing stores for good. high bridge arms in bruno heights has been around since the late '50s. it will shut down by the end of the week. >> all his friends are retired, he wants to retire. >> i would never introduce legislation to hurt a small business in our city.
5:36 am
however, if a gun store in particular wants to close as a result of it, so be it. >> supervisor mark farrell introduced the new gun laws. he said the new laws would apply to any gun shops that open in the future. >> now to decision 2016, republican presidential candidates gearing up for debates with a new front-runner emerging. "today in the bay's" leanne gregg live in boulder, colorado, where the debate will take place. they'll share the stage, donald trump and ben carson. new polls indicate carson is the one to watch. >> reporter: that is right. those two will be among those watched very carefully as these final preparations get under way. also on the main stage where the debate will take place later this evening, that poll, the first one in months, a national poll showing that donald trump is not in the lead, edged out by ben carson. both men political novices.
5:37 am
donald trump in iowa on the eve of the debate as a cbs-"new york times" poll shows him losing the lead to ben carson. >> got a little shakeup in iowa. i don't know what's going on. >> reporter: in polls, 26% of republican primary voters say they'd back parson, four points ahead of trump with the rest of the candidates far behind in stapling digits. numbers that moderator john harwood say could impact the debate's tone. >> we saw when ben carson pulled ahead of trump in iowa in polling there, donald trump started going after ben carson. this some one national survey that's showing this. it does introduce an unpredictable dynamic to the stage. >> carson's staffers say he'll defend himself at the debate but will remain low key. >> some people think he's laid back. i don't think there are very many people that think he's too laid back to be president. i think people really, really appreciate his temperament. >> reporter: here in boulder as in much of the country, many are
5:38 am
undecided. >> looking for somebody who is intelligent, successful in business, not a career politician. >> reporter: with much of the attention on front-runners, the other candidates hope their debate performances will spring momentum their way including jeb bush once expected to be a dominant presence, now cutting staff and struggling to find footing in the race. tonight another round in the long nominating process. the debate is expected to last two hours. it was set to go longer. the last debate was three hours long. donald trump and ben carson said that's too long. they protested. cnbc relented and decided to shorten this one. a lot of people will be listening very carefully during those two hours. >> leanne gregg live in boulder, thank you very much. from boulder back to our be loved california. kicking off the morning with gray skies and wet roadways. live look at san jose getting hit with sprinkles. radar still pretty active this morning. >> a lot of the heavier rain has
5:39 am
moved to the east. we're tracking light rain. also, as you head to the north bay, heavier rain moving through sonoma county approaching santa rosa on 101 between santa rosa and petaluma. you may be slowing there. tracking more rain in the morning and early afternoon. this the south bay expect highs in low to mid 70s, peninsula, 70 degrees in palo alto. in the north bay, up to 70 in napa. our temperatures held down because of the clouds and spotty light rain and then the temperatures drop off tonight. i'll detail that and a look at the halloween forecast coming up in a few minutes. let's check in with mike with a heads up for east bay drivers. >> that single-car spinout wasn't a big deal. we thought it was farther north from high street. flashing lights which were here until about 30 seconds ago look like they indicated one lane being blocked. the lights just cleared. we see traffic starting to flow.
5:40 am
look at the backup at coliseum starting at 98. san leandro as well as 580 are good alternates. looks like 880 should recover quickly. a couple of scattered crashes around the rest of the bachlt no big concerns and nothing unusual for your morning smut. a little slowing through san jose. speaking of san jose, happening today a huge bass pro shops opening its doors in the south bay. a live look at that brand new store right off almaden expressway exit at highway 85 in san jose. never busy around there. if you're familiar with that area, it can be pretty congested. it will surely add more to traffic. grand opening ceremony takes place tonight with a ribbon cutting at 6:30, and the store opens with regular hours for your christmas shopping needs starting tomorrow morning at 10:00. >> a lot of bass to be caught
5:41 am
there as you're going to fish for candy. this weekend bay area families should be gearing up and know that local and state officials are asking folks to stay safe, urging revellers to celebrate in their own neighborhoods. for people in other parts of the bay area to stay away. this stemming from a crackdown launched in 2007 of the castro district when large halloween celebrations resulted in violence and vandalism. parents are reminded kids are under adult supervision and should wear reflective tape and carry flashlights while trick-or-treating. coming up, the grades are in. how california students compare when it comes to test scores. >> high tech very interested in opening up a few schools as well. we'll take a look at business and tech. a famed bay area triathlon getting heat this morning. the new entry fee keeping athletes from taking part.
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♪ the grades are in -- and they're not good. a new study shows california's students - have new this morning, the grades are in and they're not so hot. a new study shows california students have some of the worst test scores in the country. that's according to the results released from a federal exam taken by fourth and eighth grade
5:45 am
students nationwide. average scores for california students in math and english were five to eight points lower than the national average for public school students. >> bay area tech giant is building for the future by building a school at its headquarters. oracle in redwood shores announced it will build a new public high school for 550 students called design tech high school. the company says it will tap into groups underserved in the science and tech world like minorities and girls. the caveat, students won't have to pay a dime. >> it is absolutely critical for competitiveness in the united states for us to really raise the bar in education, especially in math and science and technology. >> ceo says the idea for the high school came from oracle's founder, larry ellison. the goal is to attract students from across the bay area.
5:46 am
set to open in 2017. it seems to be high tech's new pet project. >> scott mccrew continues our coverage. mark zuckerberg announced he will create a new school as well. >> you heard sam say our kids are below average. in math, arkansas, mississippi and georgia score higher than we do, when you look at the percentage of students scoring proficient in math. georgia is way higher than we are which means our high tech companies hire, but not hiring california kids. you mentioned zuckerberg. this is auld alt school, wealthy tech workers and companies like oracle see education as the next thing to disrupt, a system that hasn't changed much. that's laudable, but many educators will tell you just because you made money making software us doesn't make you an expert in education. apple brought home its
5:47 am
financial report card wednesday. still at the head of the class, a bit muted about business ahead. twitter, on the other hand, we need to have a parent-teacher conference. not only did twitter continue to lose money, it didn't gain very many users over the last three months. it's just not growing very quickly. the three months twitter is talking about are the previous quarter when jack dorsey was interim ceo. we'll give him the benefit of the doubt until the next report card. twitter has a new tv ad, this one showing tweets around the world in the world series. dorsey says twitter is still too hard to use and he needs to make it easier and have people figure out why they need to use it. >> hard to use. that's interesting. >> they added a lot of bells and whistles in recent weeks. i guess i understand the whole user clarity thing.
5:48 am
>> we tweet during the newscast. >> yes, we do. the famous escape from alcatraz triathlon is raising the entry fee by 300 bucks. that's creating a backlash by athletes who say they won't race the course anymore. the owners announced the entry fee next year will jump from 450 bucks to $750. that for those doing math at home is a 67% increase. the reason why? organizers posted to their facebook page saying with increased demand there is a growing need to maintain the integrity of the competition and safety for ever within involved. it's causing an uproar in the triathlete community. >> mixed feelings between shock, disbelief, feeling super discouraged. >> some athletes say they won't compete or volunteer at the race anymore. others hope that someone will step up to create a similar event. also, beware of high tides
5:49 am
this week across california as a large storm is brewing in the northern pacific. unusually large waves with slam the california coast. the national weather service is predicting waves could reach as high as 15 feet. good for surfers, but it also could lead to coastal flooding. it's time for weather and traffic together. really they go hand in hand with wet out on the roadways. >> a lot of people may be slowing down especially in the north bay. we have light rain there, but elsewhere across the bay area things are starting to dry out, but we may not be done with the rain just yet as we take a live look at san francisco. low clouds and mist and drizzle in spots. the heaviest rain has since moved on and we've only gotten about a few hundredths of an inch of rain so far across the bay area. we can see a cluster of heavier rain moving across the central valley. that's where the rain continues to pour at this point. it's good to also see some of
5:50 am
the snow falling in the sierra, especially in the higher elevations. that's where we're tracking this morning. we will have more rain mooing through. the futurecast shows very hit or miss rain and mostly cloudy skies. all of this will be out of here this evening as the skies gradually clear. and the additional rain as we go into the rest of the day may be about .25 inch in santa rosa, about 01 elsewhere across the bay area. as you step out the door, temperatures in the lower 60s, 62 in livermore and san jose, 59 degrees. the wind forecast starts out light and the winds coming in from the north. but as we go through the day, here we are, 4:00, 5:00 in the afternoon. the winds start to rush in from the northwest. as the cold front moves to the east, taking the rain with it. our winds will be pretty breezy and that may also cause very choppy conditions on the off-shore waters. rain outlook in the rest of the
5:51 am
week, we're not done. this is not an early chance in the forecast, a lot of models pick up on a chance of rain sunday into early monday. we may get additional rainfall totals after today with a couple of dry days in between. we may pick up on another half inch in the north bay and .1 inch across the bay area. it's not the rain slowing folks down, but the crash north of high street. you see over the last ten minutes, the traffic that was crawling is moving very well just at high street, a little slowing at the high-rise. we'll look at your map. the sensors haven't quite recovered just yet. much better in the live shot. we'll zoom out the map. anywhere south of the map, b slowing for san jose, typical at this time. 880, no surprises there either. the bay bridge toll plaza, we'll give you that live look. the metering lights are on.
5:52 am
the bay bridge toll plaza is backed up. flashing lights, looks like they're pulling trailers over there. maybe work going on on the san francisco side. no delays for the north bay. we'll take a look at the camera. we've got shaking roads over in the east bay, 400 and counting. the rattling just won't stop. a swarm of earthquakes has been shaking the san ramon area for weeks. the latest big one around 5:00 last night. san ramon has been shaking for the past two weeks. this broke a 25-year-old record for the tri-valley. back in 1990, 351 earthquakes shook alamo over a 32-day period. geologists believe the latest swarm may continue for several weeks. while it may be unnerving, experts say it's likely not a forshock to a bigger one. making history on capitol hill.
5:53 am
they may pass a budget, the thing they're paid to do. the push to squeeze in a new budget deal has some republicans making way for a new house speaker.
5:54 am
5:55 am
happening today: ==laura/cu== there's a big push in washington to pass a long-term
5:56 am
budget deal fast --om 5:55. happening today, there's a big push in washington to pass a long-term budget deal fast, something congress hasn't done in years. they're trying to squeeze it in before a new house speaker takes over tomorrow. today in the bay's tracie potts has the latest developments in capitol hill. >> an actual bipartisan compromise. >> a two-year budget that restores $80 billion in spending cuts, prevents a government shutdown and an historic credit default. conservatives say it's too much spending and too many unanswered questions, a rushed back room deal. >> i think this process stinks. under new management we're not going to run the house this way. >> i'm knee full agreement, it stinks. this is not the way to run a railroad. when you've got a situation that we're dealing with today, it it's -- i didn't want him to walk into a dirty barn of you know what.
5:57 am
>> reporter: no guarantee enough democrats and republicans will back today's vote even when it passes. there's already opposition in the senate. from the debate in colorado ted cruz calls it utter surrender. marco rubio saying it's severely flawed. rand paul promising to filibuster, talk it to death. >> i will do everything i can to stop it. >> the deal saves recipients about $40 a month on pre yums and prevents some cuts in social security disability insurance but makes it harder for others to qualify. right now a dogfight in brewing in the aerospace industry with the awarding of a big fat military contract up in the air. the u.s. air force awarded northrop grum man to build the next generation stealth bombers. experts say the price tag could approach $80 billion over ten years, the single largest defense contract ever. a combined bid from boeing and lockheed market came out on the
5:58 am
losing end. boeing is considering filing a formal protest because they feel they had a better deal on the table. prince harry meeting with president obama today at the white house in support of the world's wounded warriors. later in the day harry will join michelle obama and jill biden in virginia to meet with wounded military members. it's 5:58 right now. authorities say another not-yet-released video explains more about the classroom confront takes that has one south carolina school officer in a lot of trouble. they say that unreleased video shows the girl in question punching deputy benefields in the head before you see this, a video that's gone viral showing fields upending the girl violently from her desk and throwing her across the
5:59 am
classroom. both the fbi and justice department are investigating this. parents and students are divided about what happened. >> i think it went too far. i don't think a woman should be handled like that. >> the force was a little excessive. but if the student had done what she would have done in the first place, it would never have taken place. >> in the aftermath, officer fields is suspended. the sheriff says that fields may learn as soon as today if he'll keep his job. right now at 6:00, rain on the radar. how long the wet weather will last and the impact to your morning drive. >> get ready for round three, the republican presidential candidates hitting the big stage for another debate. there's a new name at the top of the liss zblt new developments in the brazen burglary that ended with a homeowner shot in the south bay. the surveillance video san jose police want you to see. today in the bay starts now. good wednesday morning. thank you for joining us, i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. mike inouye checking if a little rain is slowing the commute, but
6:00 am
let's start with meteorologist kari hall with a look at our micro climate forecast. >> getting a chance to dry out across most of the bay area after early morning showers. if you haven't had any rain where you are now, don't worry, you may still have a chance of rain as we go through the rest of the morning. some more of those showers will be developing as we go through the rest of the morning into early afternoon, and temperatures now in the upper 50s to lower 60s. expect highs in the 70s today, a chance of hit-or-miss rain. it will be light, but at least this is better than nothing. i'll detail what to expect with our next chance of rain in the forecast coming up. let's check in with mike to see how the roads are moving now. >> looking to our san rafael camera, nothing unusual. sometimes we'll see little puddles, but not the case in san rafael. kari talking about chances of rain drifting through parts north of here, santa rosa. 101 doesn't experience any unusual patterns. a le


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