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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 29, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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boulder--- ten candidates look to separate from the pack in last night's g-o racing towards the finish line in boulder, colorado. ten candidates look to separate from the pack in last night's gop debate. the standout that could see the bump in the polls. airing it out in oakland. not footballs, but complaints and questions as the nfl seeks public input from a fan base that might be jilted from the raiders. a man now accused of murder shows up at the santa clara county jail with critical information about a body and is told to go somewhere else. "today in the bay" starts right now. and a good thursday morning, thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's get to that forecast and
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see what we are in store for. >> cool and all clear across the bay, none of the scattered showers that we had yesterday morning. so, as you head out, grab a light jacket. it's 50 degrees in the north bay and 54 in the peninsula and south bay and expect highs in the low 0s in san francisco while reaching 80 degrees in the north bay. a lot more sunshine, pleasant weather and that continues as we start out the weekend, but there is more rain in the forecast. i'll show you that a little bit later. let's see how it looks at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> karia few cars waiting off the left approach and maybe one cash lane on either side of the fastrak. as you look at your map, an easy drive heading towards the area and no real problems. we just got reports of a stall or something like that on 101 around san pedro road. we'll find out what we can find out from chp. looking at an easy drive, as well. just 580 at the altamont and
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speeds around 60. mik back to you. another embattled move which is putting the sheriff further under the microscope this morning. a man walked into the jail saying he knows where they could find a body and was turned away by officials. >> bob, has the sheriff provided any sort of explanation for why this happened? >> laura and sam, santa clara county sheriff lory smith issued a statement if what happened here on monday morning then he failed to meet the expectations of the department. hugo castro handed a custody deputy a note saying he knew the location of a dead body. he referred castro to san jose police who detained him while
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officers went to a complex in san jose and discovered the waddy of a woman castro had dated. they arrested castro who admitted to stabbing her to death. here is a retired judge who is heading up a blue ribbon panel to look into problems inside this jail. >> the first thing you do is call someone who has the authority to ask that person questions, sit them down in an interview room, talk about it, identify the location so that if the victim were still alive, that person could perhaps be saved. >> in her statement that she released yesterday, sheriff laurie smith wrote, "castro wanted to "turn himself in." but later in the same statement says at no time did mr. castro say he was responsible for the dead body or had any involvement in the crime. she also added as i said in the beginning. the custody deputy failed to
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meet the expectations of the department. two months ago law enforcement arrested three deputies for the alleged murder of an inmate inside these walls. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. they did not have to kill her. that is the message from the family of a woman shot by emoriville police. they're now turning to the court system. the family of yvette henderson said they're planning to file a federal lawsuit and set to reveal the details later today. confronted henderson back in february after reports of shoplifting and a carjack at a nearby home depot. a witness claimed that henderson pointed a gun at officers leaving them to open fire. her family does not believe that account and is demanding the release of surveillance video that might have captured the confrontation. 4:34. happening today. the maddy middleton murder case is moving forward. her neighbor is back in court in just a few hours.
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that's when a judge will set a date for his preliminary hearing. he then throwing her body into a dumpster. gonzalez has pleaded not guilty to all charges. 4:35 right now. also happening later today, the three drifters accused of two brutal bay area killings could enter a plea in court. the suspects were in court earlier this week, but the judge postponed their arraignment. that trio you see right there is accused of killing a hiker in marin county and a backpacker in san francisco earlier this month. to sports now and oakland leaders and no doubt pulling out the playbook in order to keep the raiders in town. the nfl is hosting a hearing at oakland's paramont theater. the public is invited but fans have to register first for a pass. members of commissioner roger goodell's executive staff will be in attendance to take
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questions. oakland is putting to hold on to the team. the raiders and chargers are flirting with the idea of a joint stadium in los angeles. a taste of the rain and let's see what kari says. >> no rain, unfortunately, not today. we will get sunshine and keep the comfortable temperatures. now 58 degrees in oakland and san francisco now and 50 degrees as you step out. and mostly clear skies throughout the day. expect highs in the mid-70s in san jose while we make it up to 80 degrees in gilroy. half moon bay 73 degrees and embarcadero at 72, as well. oakland 76 and pleasanton you'll see a high of 83 degrees. let's see how the roads are looking now with mike. >> kari, the golden gate bridge looks just fine. as far as the view, i do want to show you the north bay. we have an update now. chp information. they say it's not southbound 101 the commute direction, it's north heading away from the
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richmond bridge. stalled vehicle blocking your fast lane around lincoln avenue. right now no problems, in fact, all over the bay. your approach to the bridge. the tri-valley a little slow and you're still building out of the altamont. back to you. coming up next, the third republican debate is in the books, but it didn't go off without some fireworks. >> we have isis and al qaeda attacking us and we're talking about fantasy football. >> who was hurt the most? why let someone else have all the fun?
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the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
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attacking us... and we're talking about fantasy football??? i can assure you i am hillary clinton's worst nightmare runs-07 =sam/cont vo= the gloves were off and the we have isis and al qaeda attacking us and we're talking about fantasy football. >> i can assure you i'm hillary clinton's worst nightmare. >> strong words last night. the gloves were off and the verbal assaults in full force as the gop candidates battled each other and the democrats. it was both snarky and substantive and the consensus this morning seems to be a strong night for some of the candidates at the bottom end of the polling pack. >> tracie potts has more on why the buzz is in favor of the underdog. >> i think maybe -- >> donald trump slipping poll numbers opened the door for underdogs like john kasich. >> we cannot elect somebody who doesanta doesn't know how to do the job. >> i am not going to attack. his poll numbers tanked. >> jeb bush and marco rubio got into it over rubio's missed
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senate vote. >> you should be showing up the work. the senate, what is it like a french workweek. someone has convinced you that attacking me is going to help you. >> the strongest audience reaction questioned the moderator. >> let's be honest. is this a comicbook version of a presidential campaign? >> not a comic book and not a not a very nicely asked question the way you said that. >> we have isis and al qaeda attacking us and we're talking about fantasy football. can we stop. >> dr. ben carson told us afterward he thought the debate was light on the issues. the audience didn't like some of his questions either. >> cnbc's economy debate covered tax reform, medicare, social security and the current fight in washington over spending and raising the debt limit. >> this is the alliance that people need to know about. >> somebody is taking it in the teeth and it's not the folks on wall street.
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>> reporter: carly fiorina defended her business decision. >> i will run on my record all day long. >> reporter: besides the media, the republicans' most consistent target, hillary clinton. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> always interesting. 4:42 right now. coming up, a cuddly children's toy with a possible deadly consequence. the unbelievable find inside this teddy bear and why you want your child no where near it.
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why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
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everyone's smiling here. >> i need a little dome around me because, i do, i have a really bad cold. >> dreading coming up here. >> no. >> come here, buddy. >> purell. >> got the hand sanitizer, get ready for the fall and the temps, though, pretty pleasant. >> kind of cool this morning and definitely cooler than it was yesterday at this time. so, now that the clouds have rolled out of here we're enforcing sunshine all across the bay. as we take a live look now at san francisco, we will have a few clouds this morning and grab a jacket as we go into the afternoon, though, we'll be warming up nicely and some beautiful weather for the next couple of days. as we take a look at the current temperatures, it's 51 degrees irv livermore and 52 in oakland and san francisco and into the day, our wind will start to pick up. the numbers show you the wind direction or the wind speed and
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miles per hour and the arrows and twhind directi and the wind direction coming in and the low 80s and the winds will be breezy turning up more from the north, northwest as we go into the evening and into the day tomorrow. but the gusty winds also creating some choppy conditions for the coastal waters. so, be aware of that if you're going to the beach. 78 degrees in los gatos and palo alto in napa expect a high of 80 degrees while oakland tops out at 76 and going hour by hour in san francisco. 57 degrees at 5:00. you see that sun all day long and even into the evening, but the wind will make it feel a little bit cooler and another chance of rain in the forecast on sunday. it moves in by late morning or early afternoon. and rolls across the bay area and also looks like we could have some snow for the higher elevations in the sierra. we'll be watching out for that. the estimated rain shows the
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possibility of another quarter of an inch for the north bay and some trace amounts for the rest of the bay area. we'll keep you up to date on that and keeping you up to date on the morning commute now with mike. >> hey, folks, turn our palo alto cameras south. we don't see anything going on in this live shot. a little farther out of our range and we'll look at the map and the report of a crash at san antonio and that's why i was worried. it sounds like everything is getting over to the shoulder. a pickup truck and a dump truck and no injuries. they should been the shoulder now. rest of your south bay looks great. this yellow stretch here, don't worry only at 60 miles per hour. we're looking at the rest of your cusxhut tommute and dublin interchange. no details yet and that stall still in san rafael, but no slowing. >> thanks, mike. let me take you back to a time in your life that many people would rather forget. the s.a.t.s. remember cramming for those? they're getting a makeover.
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not everyone is on board with the proposed changes. >> we learn to landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> good morning to you both. investors may take a breather today on the stocks ended near the highs of the session wednesday. the major average surging more than 1% after the fed kept rates unchanged as expected but put a december rate hike firmly on the agenda. look for the numbers on jobless claims and pending home sales. mastercard, starbucks, electronic arts all set to report. dow up nearly 200 points to 1779 and the nasdaq ending up 65595. admission tests would contain no more mysteries and it would corspauco correspond with high school curr curriculum and reflect changes
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and the math section which would require more word problems. many testing experts describe the new questions as more relevant while others receive problems, especially for those who struggle with reading. as if college wasn't hard enough, a new study on georgetown center of education and workforce find that over the past 25 years more than 70% of college students would have worked while they're in school and 40% of undergrads are working 30 hours a week. students are working hard and studying hard. back over to you. >> and then you graduate and you got all this debt, just a tough problem that, obviously, policymakers are trying to address. thank you very much, landon. now to an investigative unit exclusive. they are some of the most vulnerable. children removed from their parents and place under to foster homes. tonight a story about what happened to one little girl when the system failed her. we interviewed caregivers and pieced together court documents and police reports that a series of abuse reports went no where
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and that led to the death of a 4-year-old girl in foster care in santa clara county. >> i don't understand why they let this happened and i'm practically yelling and screaming and telling everybody, everybody i could think of. >> how does the county handle reports of abuse? what are your social workers trained to do. >> we can set up time to talk about this later. >> that was the director of social services. this evening what happened after he promised to answer our questions. the family that saved a girl's life we investigate tonight at 11:00. if you have a tip give us a call at 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail at a little boy made a discovery a teddy bear stuffed with needles and all tested positive for drugs. the 7-year-old found the bear in a trash can in carson city.
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he was pricked by one of the needles inside and authorities tested those needles, they all tested positive for methamphetamine. the boy is now recovering at the hospital. so far no word about who left that bear on the school's campus. >> shameful. 4:51 right now. as excitement still building for next year's summer games, so do the scams that can leave some fans high and dry. the bottom line here, be aware of what you read especially when it's online deals for next year's rio summer games. booked their entire trip to brazil before realizing they had been had. >> he says, if you want your tickets guaranteed today, you have to send us a wire transfer. and that's when i really got scared and all the red flags came up. >> yeah, instincts kicked in there. when the ladiesto cancel their trip, they were stuck with fees approaching 500 bucks. the moral of this story for
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anything olympics related go to the ioc website for authorized vendors. well, most psychiatrists would have a field day with the workstation model. >> forget sitting in a cube and chairlifts the all-new workstation designed in sonoma valley allows your computer to move with you. fur whefor when you want to res. the workstation may look inviting, but it will cost you. the price tag is just under $6,000. just make sure to set your alarm in case you get too relaxed. kind of looks like a dentist chair. >> that's actually exactly the opposite of the effect you're trying to get there. i love my dentist. 4:52 right now. coming up next, what is with the water use in one bay area community. is it home to lush lawns. whatever the case, startling water use numbers in the midst of a drought leaving many thirsty for answers.
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halloween around the corner and trick or treaters knocking on your door and the weather is going to hold this year. last year was raining. >> it will be much better this year as we will have temperatures in the 70s and 80s rve , maybe warm in some spots like the tri-valley up to 86 degrees and in the peninsula south bay 82 degrees and much cooler on sunday if you don't know what you're doing for halloween. we have the whole lineup at n let's check in with mike and see what is happening in dublin. >> this is dublin right around there, around el charo but slowing drive starts out of the altamont and the heart of livermore, you're just fine.
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we dahave the crashes still watching. this is at san antonio off 101. no slowing. i think everything is off to the shoulder. b.a.r.t. system we have some delays out of daily city and you have something about b.a.r.t., as well. >> thank you for that. a third door might do the trick. b.a.r.t. is going to be testing out doors with three doors instead of the traditional two. the agency said it's heard a lot of complaints about crowding, especially near the doors as people are scrambling to get on and off. starting this december the transit agency will low out new three-door luxurious trains. if all goes as planned b.a.r.t. will start using the trains for customer service. teams will be out starting tonight in pittsburg spraying for west nile virus. south of highway 4. the others just west of there, south of bay point. crews will spray for mosquitos
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starting at 6:30 p.m. a separate part of martinez will be sprayed tomorrow, as well. >> so stay in that county. it turns out a tiny contra kousa county town is having a little bit of trouble turning off the tap in drought-stricken times. at least that is the word from the contra costa times which is reporting. homeowners in the community of diablo is using more than the maximum allowed exceeding 1,000 gallons per household per day. in hayward they're averaging 117 gallons. coming up, standing out in a crowd. donald trump and ben carson have been leading in the polls, but it wasn't the gop frontrunners who had the political world buzzing following last night's debate. a man shows up about information with a body and he is sent else where. controversy striking an embattled local county jail.
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why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun.
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why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. republican re we have isis and al qaeda attacking us and we're talk about fantasy football? >> a third republican presidential debate in the books. plus, could the oakland raiders soon have a new place to call home? it's a question that has been swirling around the bay area for years, but now you could have a chance to voice your opinion on that potential move. and that procedure or mistake. the backlash this morning after
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a murder suspect was turned away from the santa clara county jail. "today in the bay" starts now. a good thursday morning to you, thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock starting out clear and cool on a holiday weekend. i'm sure you're assuming halloween is a holiday. got that costume picked out, kari? >> yes, why not. it will be great for the outdoor festivities going to a pumpkin patch and going to a party and going trick or treating. we'll have nice weather for that. cool, though, right now as we are now in the 50s across most of the bay area. expect highs today to stay in the 70s with the exception of the north bay and the tri-valley. we'll be at 72 degrees in san francisco and 79 in the east bay. and now let's check in with mike to see if you're slowing down at the bay bridge. >> some folks were a little slow getting there maybe because one of the cash lanes on the left and approaching one on the right. not yet open. couple minutes late for them and


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