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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 29, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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a murder suspect was turned away from the santa clara county jail. "today in the bay" starts now. a good thursday morning to you, thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock starting out clear and cool on a holiday weekend. i'm sure you're assuming halloween is a holiday. got that costume picked out, kari? >> yes, why not. it will be great for the outdoor festivities going to a pumpkin patch and going to a party and going trick or treating. we'll have nice weather for that. cool, though, right now as we are now in the 50s across most of the bay area. expect highs today to stay in the 70s with the exception of the north bay and the tri-valley. we'll be at 72 degrees in san francisco and 79 in the east bay. and now let's check in with mike to see if you're slowing down at the bay bridge. >> some folks were a little slow getting there maybe because one of the cash lanes on the left and approaching one on the right. not yet open. couple minutes late for them and the traffic starting to flow
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very smoothly through the fastrak lanes. out of san francisco a reports of a couple cardboard boxes. it sounds like the cardboard boxes are empty, we hope. easy build. little build for antioch and on the shoulder at san antonio for 101. back to you. 501 right now. questions still swirling this morning after a murder suspect was turned away by santa clara county jail officials. the move the latest black eye for the embattled jail. >> bob redell joining us live from the office. any explanation as to how this happened? >> sam and laura, santa clara county released a statement saying yes, the suspect wanted to turn himself into the main jail on monday in san jose. at no time did he indicate he was responsible for a dead body, nor did he indicate he had any
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involvement in a crime. on monday morning 28-year-old hugo ernesto castro handed him a note saying he knew the location of a dead body. he referred castro to san jose police who detained him while officers went to a condo complex in san jose and discovered the body of a woman whee had dated. he admitted stabbing her to death. sheriff smith's statement added if the initial findings are true, then the custody tepdy failed to meet the expectations of the department. that deputy, by the way, has since been reassigned. a blue ribbon panel already commissioned to look into the problems in the main jail in san jose including the murder of an inmate by deputies will be adding monday's incident to its list of investigations. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell "today in the bay." 5:02 right now. they did not have to kill her.
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that's the message from the family of a woman who are now turning to the courts for justice. the family of yvette says they're set to file a lawsuit. emeryville police confronted her back in february after reports of carjack and shoplifting. a witness claimed that she pointed a gun at officers leaving them to open fire. her family does not believe that account and demanding the release of surveillance video that may have captured that confrontation. happening today at 5:03, the maddy middleton murder case is moving forward. her neighbor, 15-year-old adrian gonzalez is back in court in a few hours. the judge will set a date for his preliminary hearing. he is accused of raping and killing her this summer and then throwing her body in a dumpster. gonzalez has pleaded not guilty to all charges. also happening today, the three drifters accused of two
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brutal bay area killings could enter a plea in court later today. the suspects were in court earlier this week, but the judge postponed their arraignment. the trio is accused of killing a hiker in marin county and a backpacker in san francisco earlier this month. oakland mayor libby shaft last night delivered her first state of the city address laying out several of her priorities. on crime she says overall numbers are lower but oakland's homicide rate has increased this year. at a level she terms to be unacceptable. shaft noted unemployment in the neighborhoods around downtown oakland are low, but the city must boost employment in outlying areas. shaft raised concerns about life expectacy rates while grand lake neighborhood averages 85 years old and in east oakland it's less than 70. 5:04, happening today evaluating a bay area team future. right now it is in oakland at coliseum but it could all
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change. stephanie chuang joins us from oakland. inviting the public to get their feedback on what is next for the team. >> expected to hear a lot tonight, laura. the fans are going to be filling this lot here sunday as the raiders take on the jets. the question is, how much longer will we see a team like this after the team has tried to get upgrades for so many years. the question, of course, will oakland move down to southern california. now, oakland has been here since '59. moved to l.a. in '82. came back in '95. question is, will there be a third move. talk raiders and chargers will share a stadium while the st. louis rams are shooting for a new home base in nearby engelwood. the raiders leadership and al davis at the helm has been for a decade trying to get a new stadium and talks with the cities, as well as developers have stalled. the carson project is much further along with landon financing already approved. oakland is the final of three stops the nfl is making this
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week trying to hear from the public on these possible moves. from last night the stage was set in san diego where the nfl estimated 450 chargers fanned dressed head to toe and then the possible move down to carson or up to carson for them. the night before the nfl heard the same from about 800 st. louis rams fans. now, the chargers' team attorney said executives tried to find a stadium solution in san diego for the last 14 years. indications the team will file for relocation. no word when the raiders and the rams will do the very same, but a very similar story in oakland. the hearing in oakland is set tonight for 7:00 at the paramont theater on broadway for three hours. again, trying to hear from the fans, execs from the nfl will be there including staff members from the commissioner's staff team. >> as will our crews, steph, thanks so much. we will, of course, the latest
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on bay area news at 11:00. you can also get updates on our digital platforms including our nbc bay area app. football kind of weather right now outside. cool, clear and headed right into the weekend soon enough maybe i'm just getting ahead of myself, kari. >> thursday night football. we'll have that going on tonight on tv. we will have nice temperatures as you step out the door. low to mid-50s and. expect highs today warming up to 80 degrees in gilroy and foster city 74 degrees and inner park side at 70 degrees and the embarcadero at 72. napa 80 degrees today and dublin today up 25081 degrees. our temperatures above average and much warmer than yesterday and the warming trend continues into the next couple of days. i'll detail that coming up and look ahead to halloween coming up in a few minutes. let's see how the roads are moving now with mike. >> take folks back to the bay bridge. looks like everyone is open for
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business. in just about 20 minutes we'll see this start to fill up, once again. the cash lanes will start to back up in about 15. look at your approaches, an easy drive. no problems getting to that slow down that you'll find. getting out of san francisco, we still have that box reported getting over towards the treasure island tunnel. we don't have a crew, the bridge has a crew heading over there. they work hard, i just stand inside the building. east bay, no problem and a san jose easy flow of traffic northbound. we'll show you the camera coming up, no, we'll show it to you right now. >> mike is being diplomatic out there. what about last night? coming up next, round three of presidential debates is officially in the books for republicans. who was buzzing this morning? who is creating all that buzz? it might not be who you think. is it legal to shoot a drone down over your house? might be if you live in kentucky. if you're flying alaska airlines this morning, why you
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might want to double check your flight's status. happening today: ==sam/vo== in
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less than two hours -- we could have a new speaker of the house. congressman paul ryan is expected to be elected happening today in less than two hours a new speaker of the house. congressman paul ryan is expexed to be alected to that position. yesterday congressman ryan was nominated by republicans to be the next speaker. today the full chamber is going to vote. ryan needs 218 of them to be exact to officially become speaker of the house. and there are 247 republicans in
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the house. john boehner who has served in that post for nearly five years is resigning from congress. decision 2016. republican presidential candidates started off for a third time and the buzz this morning all about the underdogs. >> tracie potts joining us live from washington. tracie, the consensus seems to be a strong night for some of the candidates at the bottom of the polling pack. >> some of them had some key moments in this debate. looking forward this morning if you check our own cnbc informal poll and twitter, they both think that trump won. politico was calling marco rubio the winner and facebook said most of their discussion was about ted cruz and then others like john kasich. donald trump slipping poll numbers opened the door for underdogs like john kasich. >> we cannot elect somebody that doesn't know how to do the job. >> he said, oh, i'm never going to attack. then his poll numbers tanked. that's why he's on the end. >> reporter: jeb bush and marco rubio got into it over rubio's
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missed senate vote. >> you should be showing up to work. literally, the senate, what is it like a french workweek? >> someone aconvinced you that attacking me is going to help you. >> reporter: the strongest audience reaction questioned the moderator. >> let's be honest. is this a comic book version of a presidential campaign? >> not a comic book and not a nicely asked question the way you say that. >> how about talking about the substantive issues. >> we have isis and al qaeda attacking us. and we're talking about fantasy football. can we stop? >> reporter: dr. ben carson told us he thought this debate was light on the issues. the audience didn't like some of his questions either. cnbc economy debate covered tax reform, medicare, social security and the current fight in washington over spending and raising the debt limit. >> this is the unhold the alliance that people need to know about. >> somebody is taking it in the
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teeth and it's not the folks on wall street. >> reporter: carly fiorina defended her business decision. >> i will run on my record all day long. >> reporter: the most consistent target, hillary clinton. now, there was also a lot of back and forth and crunching the numbers and whether they worked and reaction from cnbc on those questions. the moderator, cnbc says presidential candidates need to be able to answer tough questions. >> all right, thanks so much. 5:14 right now. new this morning if you're flying this morning on alaska airlines you might want to call to double check the status of your flight. a technical glitch is causing delays this morning. passenger check-in problems on its website, mobile app and airport kiosk started late last night and right now the airline says the system is recovering and returning to normal, but you should check your flight just in case. in the news of the don't try this at home variety, a man shot down a drone with a shotgun and
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he's not going to face charges. >> yeah, he's not going to a jail. scott mcgrew, there's no doubt he did it. >> he said it did it, lorau but t it's okay. a fellow used bird shot to take down his neighbor's drone telling the judge it was buzzing his house. he had the right to protect his home and the judge agreed saying he has the right to shoot down the drone. the drone's owner says that drone was no where near the house. >> i'm dumbfounded, i really am. because i don't think that the court looked at what really took place. >> now, i'd like to point out this all happened inblet county, kentucky. let me point out what happens in bullet county does not set legal precedent anywhere else. it would be best not to shoot at drones. back here at home go-pro reminded investors it, too, will build a drone. sales of latest camera fell flat. no new model for christmas.
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go-pro shares definitely a stock watch today. let's turn to landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, landon. >> good morning to you. investors may take a breather after stocks ended and surging more than 1% after the fed kept interest rates unchanged as expected but put a december rate hike firmly on the agenda. jobless claims and pending home sales and also another big day for earnings with mastercard and electronic arts set to reports closing higher with the dow up nearly 200 points to 17779. and ahead of the open, futures are lower, scott. back over to you. >> landon, thank you. sam and laura, you know me, i don't gossip but i don't do the hollywood news. that said, i want to point out the news that read it founder
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who i consider a friend is apparently dating serena williams. i mean, with all this serlexis. >> the girl go first sometimes. all this according to "u.s. weekly" but you follow "us weekly". >> "us weekly." >> i don't know what it is called. i follow u.s. news and world report. >> that proves it right there. >> if your friend was dating serena williams, you would talk about it on tv, too. >> you just got a chance to get tickets for the u.s. open, which was a couple months ago. all right. i don't know anything about weather and certainly kari does. >> we have a great start to the day and it looks even better as we head into the weekend with another chance of rain, but don't panic, it's not for
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halloween. a live look outside right now as we see in san jose, we have mostly clear skies and a nice, quiet start to the day. and low clouds and fog. this morning but we may see that returning as we go into the next couple of days and our temperatures are in the upper 40s for the north bay. while the south bay is in the mid-50s and the wind starts out light this morning coming in from the northwest. the winds picking up as we go through the day and that may create some choppy conditions for especially the coastal waters. so, it will have some rough surf. look at half moon bay. the speeds at 3:00 this afternoon. sustained at 25 miles an hour. so, breezy and still very comfortable, but our temperatures a little bit warmer than yesterday. so, let's go hour by hour in livermore. at 6:00, we're at 51 degrees and warming into the low 60s by 10:00 and lunchtime it's 73 degrees. still very comfortable by 2:00 it's 79 and low 80s. we'll hit that just briefly before those temperatures start to dip, once again. we do have another chance of rain in the forecast.
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looking all good for saturday. here we are on sunday, we start to see those showers popping up in the computer models. they're showing another cold front moving in. and as it drops out ahead of it, we will have some showers and possibly a good amount of snow possible for the sierra. great news there and then we'll dry it out as we head into the new workweek. as far as ahow much we can see with the system moving through. the possibility of maybe a tenth of an inch around santa rosa, napa, and the rest of the bay area and a look at all the microclimates today. expect highs generally in the 70s and a few spots hitting the low 80s like in the tri-valley and antioch and hitting 80 degrees as well as napa a high of 8. take a look at the weekend forecast coming up a little bit later. let's see how the roads are moving with mike. >> they're moving predictably. you see the volume starting to increase just a bit. the number of cars, i mean. as we look at your map, not a lot of slowing out of the altamont and speeds around 60 through livermore there is the
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trend. 84 through town that is slowing a bit. over here on the peninsula, we're still waiting for that tow truck at san antonio. slowing, consider that blocked right now. no slowing for the south bay except for right there. just over to your left, if you can. that's safer for all. looking at the rest of your approach towards the bay bridge and cash lanes starting a stackp and disabld vehicle and slowing around hillcrest and move it towards pittsburg. a live look for san rafael on our camera. southbound no problems heading towards san pedro road. >> good news for being so early, thanks, mike. a blimp crashing in pennsylvania. the top secret mission it was a part of before it sent military jets scrambling. got a tip for nbc bay area investigative unit? call 1-8888-996-tips or e-mail
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nbc bay area, we investigate. now to an investigative unit
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5:23. children removed from their parents and prlaced in foster home. we interviewed care givers and
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pieced together police records and court documents. we found a series of abuse reports that went no where and that nearly led to the death of a 4-year-old in foster care in santa clara county. >> i don't understand why this happened and why they let it go on over and over and here i'm practically screaming and yelling and telling everybody, you know, everybody i could think of. >> how does the county handle reports of abuse? what are your social workers trying to do? >> we can talk later about this. >> that was the director of the department of social services. tonight, what happened after he promised to answer our questions. an emotional story of a family who saved a girl's life. we investigate tonight at 11:00. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call, 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail. 5:24 right now on your thursday morning. a top secret military blimp that's now public, but its debut could have caused civilian casualties.
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the helium balloon broke its tether yesterday and ended up floating 115 miles north of central pennsylvania. the mile-long terth was attached the entire time, dragging on the ground and taking out power lines along the way. at one point, military officials launched two fighter jets because feared that balloon was going to endanger air traffic. crews were finally able to secure the balloon. so what's inside as you see the helium sign in there. loaded with highly sophisticated and secret tracking equipment that is supposed to detect cruise missiles. but now the future of the $2.5 billion project that has been targeted by privacy advocates is very uncertain. coming up, another black eye for the santa clara county jail. a man reportedly walks in saying he knows where deputies can find a body, but then it is turned away by jail officials. the possible explanation we're getting from the sheriff's office, next. plus, what's next for the oakland raiders? the public forum to be held
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tonight where you might be able to have a say on if the team stays or goes. the ghosts and goblins could be out this weekend, but will the rain follow? we'll have a look at your trick or treat haunting forecast, coming up. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate.
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good thursday morning. thank you for joining us, i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's get a look at the forecast for the weekend. >> it will be a beautiful day and cool start to the morning with mostly clear skies and then warming up this afternoon. as we take a live look all across the bay area now, we're seeing those temperatures in the 50s. still in the upper 40s in the north bay. so, grab a jacket before you step out the door. and it will be warming up into the low 80s in the north bay. mostly 70s across most of the bay area and sunshine and some breezy winds. so, what about this weekend? i'll update you on that coming up in a few minutes and mike's keeping you updated on the morning commute. >> we'll talk about the bay bridge where we have these cash lanes stacking up. we should see the metering lights turned on in the next two or three minutes. probably one or two minutes, in fact. that will fill in the fastrak
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lanes. a smooth drive for the east bay. the tri-valley behind me a little volume increase and little slowing towards the dublin interchange. as we move out, see no real delays and still waiting on the tow truck on the peninsula. we'll fwaul follow that. back to you guys. yet another questionable move by the embattled santa clara county jail which is placing the sheriff there a little bit under heat this morning under the microscope. a man walked in saying he knew where deputies could find the body and, yet, he was turned away and sent else where. >> bob redell live in the jail at downtown san jose this morning. has the sheriff provided any sort of explanation for why this happened? >> she has in part, laura and sam. santa clara county has issued a statement that indicates that if what happened here is true, then, yes, that deputy failed to meet the expectations of her department. on monday morning, a 28-year-old man named hugo ernesto castro
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handed the custody deputy a piece of paper that he knew the location of a dead body. he referred him to san jose police who detained him while officers went to a apartment complex and discovered the body of a woman he dated. a retired judge who is heading up a blue ribbon panel to look into problems inside this jail. >> the first thing you do is you call someone who has the authority to ask that person questions, sit them down in an interview room. talk about it. identify the location so that if the victim were still alive, that person could perhaps be saved. >> sheriff laurie smith issued a statement saying castro wanted to "turn himself in." but later in the same statement said, "at no time did mr. castro
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say he was responsible for the dead body or had any involvement in the crime." again, her statement added if the initial findings are true, then thatdy deputy failed to meet the expectations of the department. that deputy had since been reassigned. you might recall two months ago law enforcement arrested three other deputies for the murder of an inmate inside these walls. reporting live here in downtown san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. 5:32 on your thursday. women booked into alameda county jails will no longer have to take mandatory pregnancy tests. settled the lawsuit against the sheriff's office there challenging the pregnancy test requirement. civil rights groupeds sued last year on behalf of several women. one of them 69 years old who said the testing was humiliating and invasive. the tests will now by optional and only administered by medical staff. they're bold, armed and dangerous. robbers may be targeting east bay parents dropping their kids off at school. police say several masked men
5:33 am
followed a father home from the high school monday morning. they forced him into his backyard and held him at gun point. when he saw his wife in the house calling police, they took off with his wallet. now, police say it's connected to a similar robbery less than a mile away earlier this month. both robberies happened after the parent dropped their kids off at arroyo high school. they're not just targeting parents, police believe they're racially profiling the victims. >> in both cases, coincidentally they're asian males that are 59 years old and they had just driven their children to arroyo high school in san lorenzo and returned home at which time they were approached by three to four masked men armed with guns. >> police say the spect's vehicle is a blue 2015 nissan rogue. we already know that car break-ins in san francisco a problem. now, a serial car thief has beened in san francisco accused of breaking into 22 cars.
5:34 am
san francisco say that it found the tools for breaking into those vehicles and stolen items inside the home of sean gibson pictured here. san francisco has experienced a nearly 50% spike in car break ins in the first half of the year. >> if you are going to park in san francisco, please, do not leave anything visible in your cars because, as you know, you walk in the city and lots of broken glass everywhere and lots of things are being taken. please protect yourself, your property and avoid leaving anything visible. >> adding to the problem here, athe items that gibson is accused of stealing from two cars, a couple of handguns. well, he is heading east after all. san jose police chief larry esquivel is heading. he has been police chief since 2013. before yesterday's announcement he said that he was planning to retire this year. he tells us he still has two plus months in san jose and will continue to move the department
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forward in that time. he is leaving sgdp in january and begin his new job in tracy in february. happening today, will the oakland raiders soon have a new home? tonight city leaders and fans will pull out the playbook in an effort to keep them right here at 0 co in the bay area. stephanie chuang joins us from oakland this morning. stef, the nfl is in town hoping teat good some feedback on what people think should happen to the team. >> that's right, laura. the fans will get out to sound off on why the raiders should stay here in oakland. the nfl is actually hearing from three different cities on why the team should not move to others. and, last night it was in san diego to hear from those fans where it got pretty noisy for some hours. the nfl estimating that 450 chargers fans showed up to speak about the team's possible move to carson, california. the night before the nfl heard
5:36 am
the same from roughly 800 st. louis rams fans. the chargers team attorney said last night executives have tried to find the stadium solution in san diego for the last 14 years. there are indications the team will officially file for relocation and no word when the raiders and the rams will do the same, it's expected not too long from now. what we do know is the raiders have a pretty sizable fan dace base down there in the l.a. area where the team was based from 1982 to 1994. talks that the raiders and the chargers may share a stadium in carson. the st. louis rams are shooting for a new home base in nearby engelwood. the late al davis and now his son, mark, for the raiders, have been fighting for a new stadium. preferably where the coliseum is now and talks with the city and developers have not gone anywhere. meantime, the project to build a stadium in carson has already got land and financing approved. again, fans can speak up tonight preregistration is required for tonight's hearing at the
5:37 am
paramount theater on broadway in oakland. that starts at 7:00 and we're expecting who hear from plenty of fans on why the team should be staying here. the team doing not too bad. second place in its division at 3-3 right now. live here in oakland, stephanie chaung. >> that meeting starts tonight at 7:00. we'll bring you the latest at 11:00. also get updates on all our digital platforms including a different kind of field now. decision 2016. the top tier of republican presidential candidates facing off in their third primetime debate. the sparks did fly, not so much between each other. >> let's be honest. is this a comicbook version of a presidential campaign? >> not a comic book and not a very nicely asked question the way you say that. >> the most consistent attack of the night and the strongest reaction from the audience was questioning the moderators. many of the candidates thought the debate was light on the
5:38 am
issues. and the audience did not some of the questions either. >> the substantive issues. >> the debate was focused mainly on economic issues, like tax reform, medicare and social security. besides the media, the republicans most consistent target democratic frontrunner hillary clinton. so, the democrats are up next for their second debate. candidates will square off on saturday november 14th in des moines, iowa. laura? a special tribute for the victims of the balcony collapse in berkeley. ireland's president met privately with the parents of ashley an irish american from roanoke park. she and five irish were killed in the june tragedy. president higgins also met nearly 50 first responders.
5:39 am
his gratitude to the family in the time of need. >> and it desire to respond to reach out and to help. and we looking at it from afar saw the best of leadership and care from your police and fire department. which watched over and guided the community's response. >> as a symbol of unity between country and community, two native trees were planted at mlk civic center park. >> actual roots between the tworitwo countries. that's nice to see. nice time to be celebrating halloween. good morcaforecast on the way. >> is it going to rain on halloween? i'll give you the quick answer, no. it's all clear this morning after starting out yesterday with a few spotty light showers moving across the bay area. now it's all clear and temperatures generally in the 50s. we're heading into the 70s and 80s today. 80 degrees in gilroy and 78 in
5:40 am
palo alto and the embarcadero at 72 degrees and 80 in napa and antioch also at 80 degrees andmore reaching 84 degrees. a few degrees warmer than yesterday. a lot more sunshine and that continues into tomorrow. i'll talk about that rain in the weekend forecast coming up. let's check in now with mike. how is it looking at the bay bridge? >> no surprises but it is looking crowded. bay bridge metering lights on and been on for six or seven minutes here at the toll plaza. fastrak lanes are moving and so is the approach on the map. the upper east shore just fine. way 4 slow through antioch and moving over towards bay point. thisern what you would expect. southbound 101 on the peninsula and era parkway and sound like a larger suv. so, watch for crews to arrive. the rest of the bay moves nicely. san jose and hayward showing a little slow down. b.a.r.t. system a little slow
5:41 am
down. earlier equipment problems. >> mike, you know what, you just know everything before i can even get there. we do. a third door that could do the trick about b.a.r.t. b.a.r.t. is testing out trains with three doors instead of two. after the agency heard complaints abocrowding especial near the doors. the transit agency will roll out a three-door version of its trains. the trains will undergo about a year of tests first and if all goes as planned, b.a.r.t. will start using those trains for passenger service. coming up, a cud toy with disturbing side effects. the discovery found inside a cute little teddy bear. whatever you're buying for the holidays is what everyone else is buying for the holidays. coming up in business and tech. >> flat screens tvs or what, scott? plus, could this be the way to work? nice and reclined. the bay area company rolling out
5:42 am
live desks. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate. happening today: laura/cu san
5:43 am
5:44 am
francisco has a new goal: zero new h-i-v infections. and today mor 5:44. happening today. san francisco has zero new hiv infections and today mayor ed lee outlines the city's effort
5:45 am
to get there. get to zero campaign. it's billed as an aggressive effort to stop the spread of hiv. still no word about how much money will be spent, but according to the san aids foundation, the city recorded 302 new hiv cases in 2014. that's the lowest in years. 5:45. thursday morning. sunday marks one year since britney menard's assisted suicide death in oregon but her husband is still pushing to keep her dream alive. bay area native who had to move to oregon to fulfill her wishes to end her life. she was suffering with terminal cancer. her husband is now on the east coast campaigning for her cause. this week he met one-on-one with massachusetts lawmakers and also addressed the massachusetts joint committee on new choices for the terminally ill. diaz is hoping one day there is a death with compassion law nationwide. earlier in the month, governor brown signed the right to die bill here in california.
5:46 am
a young nevada boy made a startling discovery while just playing at school. a teddy bear stuffed with needles and all of them tested positive for drugs. the 7-year-old found the bear in a trash can on the playground at an elementary school in carson city. he was pricked by one of those needles inside. authorities tested the needle, all which were positive for methamphetamine. the boy is now recovering at the hospital 37 so far no word on who left that bear on the school campus. >> pretty sure the drug dealer was considering a kid actually coming and picking it up. >> frightening. most psychiatrists would have a field day with the workstation model. >> sure, forget sitting in a cube or standing up and the workstation designed in sonoma valley allows your computer to move around with you and it's perfect when you need to rest or maybe when your therapist is asking, how does that make you feel. you can just relax. the workstation may look inviting, but it will cost you.
5:47 am
the price tag is just under $6,000. just make sure to set your alarm in case you're too relaxed. >> do a little snoozing on the job. sitting at their traditional desks trying to figure out what you're going to buy for this holiday season. >> turns out, scott mcgrew, we'll be buying what everyone else is buying. here is the reveal. >> sam, you're as unique as everyone else. just the same as everyone else. >> san jose which is better known for software recently started doing data analysis. and scientists have figured out that 76% of all the money spent this holiday will go towards 1% of the products. the skews they call them. and the big skews, as they are nearly every year are electronics and toys. >> and in the toy category, it's going to be all about star wars. the r 2d2 dolls and all the
5:48 am
things we'll see around the "star wars" movie we'll still see a lot of traction and last year if you recall, it's "guardian of the galaxy" and the movie tie ins are big with toys. >> toys and electronics. the stock to watch. the company says it's not going to have any new products for the holiday season and its current camera is not selling as well as the company had hoped. as long as we're doing a bit of shopping, put it on preorder today. i've been playing with one of these at home. they're basie, but, boy they have great sound. i have not been able to play with the new fourth generation at home, only at apple but lots of reviewers really like it. the first people who preordered this, they should get it today or saturday. the new apple tv invigorates and wall street journal says it turns your tv into a giant iphone in your living room. everybody likes the new remote
5:49 am
which has a touch pad instead of buttons and bigger than the old apple tv remote. steve jobs loved that old one. that thin piece of metal. thin and sleek. the rest of us kept losing it in the couch. this one won't go into the cushions quite as easily. >> all i heard is you have a new sound system and i'm wondering when the party is. >> you have such a cool job. you get to try out all these toys. >> most of them. a new batch of members were inducted into the california hall of fame. >> pretty high-profile group here includes "nightly news" anchor lester holt, roberty jr. and kristi yamaguchi. california hall of fame recognizes leaders and legends of our golden state. it was an honor to be chosen with such a list of distinguished members. >> what i've learned of anything this year is that anything can happen. you can really only plan life so much. what you can do is prepare yourself for professional
5:50 am
opportunities that may or may not come and then when they come, you know, you're surprised but also ready. >> latest honorees will join 88 other famous people. lester holt was in our newsroom yesterday. truly just a great, great guy. >> humility and his humor and just accessibility all came off. i woke up this morning at 2:00 in the morning, as we do. check my facebook page and all just pictures of us and lester holt. >> you should have seen us all lined up to take a picture with him yesterday. >> i'll post it on facebook. >> that's pretty cool. >> you can check out my facebook page for that picture and the weather forecast. let's get it going this morning as you step out it's nice and cool. mostly clear skies and a look now as we take a look across the bay area in san francisco from san bruno mountain. take a look at that. it is beautiful. and we will have some cool temperatures and warming up nicely as we go through the day.
5:51 am
we're in for some warm weather. 45 degrees in the north bay and 58 degrees in san francisco and let me take you to the south bay. getting a closer look now. in the mid-50s and campbell with 50 degrees and 58 degrees in san francisco as we go hour-by-hour in oakland. 54 degrees at 7:00 and then you see those temperatures making it into the mid-60s by 10:00. nothing but sunshine all throughout the day and some breezy winds that will make it feel cool at times. the winds at times, once again, picking up to 15 to 20 miles an hour. here's the reason why. the area of pressure that we have that brought the showers yesterday moving up to the east now high pressure is moving in. so, when we have the high and low pressure close together, it makes that air really move pretty quickly. and our temperatures warming up for today. tomorrow into saturday. but there will a cold front dropping in on sunday. so, it stays dry until then. some scattered showers moving in and the possibility of some snow
5:52 am
showers in the sierra. as far as the bay area, heading into sunday, we will have some light amounts of rain. the possibility of maybe a tenth of an inch of rain and look at that weekend forecast. just quickly, it will be warming up into friday and saturday and cooling down on sunday. how are the roads looking now, mike? >> looking good. we have slowing and look at some key areas. first of all, the south bay. north 101 and we are seeing traffic really over the last ten minutes. very slow right here at 101 just north of 680 and the map will reflect the same thing. you see green all over silicon valley and slow down into downtown for 87 and there's that stretch. 101 right there for the camera just north of 680. move south of here. watching this area because of metering lights turned on earlier this week. tuesday. we've seen the northbound side. this is the pattern you're seeing. really slow and then condense 6:00 through san martin and then things start to clear about 6:16. we'll watch that pattern, again. the rest of the east bay a smooth drive through hayward and
5:53 am
a crash on 680 now moving to the shoulder and look at oakland as folks towards the bay bridge where the metering lights are on and no delay past the coliseum. coming up next, first a massive earthquake and then a devastating mudslide. the aftermath we're hearing following this week's massive afghanistan quake. ♪
5:54 am
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give it a pop. five minutes to 6:00.
5:56 am
an investigative unit exclusive this morning. they're some of the most vulnerable. children removed from their parents and placed in foster homes. the story of what happened to one little girl when the system failed her. we interviewed care differegive finding a series of abuse reports that went no where and that nearly led to the death of a 4-year-old girl in foster care santa clara county. >> i don't understand why this happened and why they let it go on over and over. and here i'm like practically screaming and yelling and telling everybody. >> how does the county handle reports of abuse? what are social workers trying to do? >> we can set up some time and talk later about this. >> that was the director of the department social services. tonight, what happened after he promised to answer our questions and the emotional story of the family that saved a girl's life. we investigate tonight at 11:00. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call 888-996-tips or send us an
5:57 am
e-mail to the unit at new video of a dangerous landslide in pakistan following that earthquake in afghanistan that rocked much of the country. you can see the hillside give way crumbling to the ground below. the 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck on monday near the afghanistan/pakistan border. almost 400 people to this point have been confirmed dead. thousands more injured. rescue teams are still making their way to remote areas of the mount where the impact of that earthquake remains unclear. 5:57. a special tribute for the victims of the balcony collapse in berkeley. michael higgins made the long distance trip for yesterday's memorial service. he met privately with the parents of ashley dawn hoe, an irish american from roanoke park. she and five irish college students were killed in the june tragedy. president higgins also met with 50 first responders.
5:58 am
his gratitude extended to the countless others. >> your combined efforts brought this community together and its desire to respond to reach out and to help. and we looking at it from afar saw the best leadership and care from your police and fire department. which watched over guided the community's response. >> as a symbol of unity between the country and community, two native trees to both ireland and berkeley were planted at mlk civic center park. >> thousands of miles away but sharing the same pain. a military blimp just went public and debut could have caused casualties. broke the tether and ended up floating 115 miles to central pennsylvania. that mile-long tether was still attached to the blimp. it was dragging on the ground taking out power lines along the way. military officials launched two
5:59 am
fighter jets because they feared that the balloon was going to endanger air traffic. crews were finally able to secure the balloon. so what's inside it was loaded with highly sophisticated and secret tracking equipment. >> this is part of a new military radar system that is supposed to detect cruise missiles. fast flying, low flying cruise missiles probably from russian aircraft. >> officials don't know why the balloon broke loose, but an investigation is under way. right now at 6:00, more potential problems for the south bay's largest jail. the reason it turned away a murder suspect trying to surrender. plus -- >> you cannot elect somebody that doesn't know how to do the job. >> he said, oh, i'm never going to attack. but then his poll numbers tanked. that's why he's on the end. >> they're back on stage. the gloves have come off. political punches thrown. while the candidates attack each other, one thing they all agreed on. the effort today to keep the team from leaving oakland.
6:00 am
"today in the bay" starts now. and a good thursday morning, thank you for joining us, i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. mike watching our morning drive and kari hall with a look at that morning forecast. >> starting out cool, calm and breezy this morning. you need a jacket but taking it offer today as those temperatures warm up nicely. we're at 47 degrees in the north bay and ten degrees warmer in san francisco and expect a high there of 72 degrees. mostly sunny skies and 80 in the north bay and mostly 70s all across the bay area. so, very pleasant and comfortable and the winds kicking up, once again. heading into the weekend, we'll rain, but will it fall on halloween? i'll give you the answer to that coming up. let's check in now with mike with a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> we're hoping for a treat over there for halloween, kari. looking over here, we'll start in the tri-valley had a crash south 680 and made their way over frohe


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