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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 29, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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"today in the bay" starts now. and a good thursday morning, thank you for joining us, i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. mike watching our morning drive and kari hall with a look at that morning forecast. >> starting out cool, calm and breezy this morning. you need a jacket but taking it offer today as those temperatures warm up nicely. we're at 47 degrees in the north bay and ten degrees warmer in san francisco and expect a high there of 72 degrees. mostly sunny skies and 80 in the north bay and mostly 70s all across the bay area. so, very pleasant and comfortable and the winds kicking up, once again. heading into the weekend, we'll rain, but will it fall on halloween? i'll give you the answer to that coming up. let's check in now with mike with a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> we're hoping for a treat over there for halloween, kari. looking over here, we'll start in the tri-valley had a crash south 680 and made their way over from the center divide over to the shoulder, that's the
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better news. we'll watch to see how much this recovers there is still activity on the shoulder and then your typical build for the rest of the bay. hayward and into union city. into san jose for 87 show a little build there. no problems for the peninsula and, yes, we're going to look over towards the approach. we have slowing here for highway 4 in concord. the walnut creek inert change i'll track that and get more details and the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll take a live look and no slowing for the north bay or upper east shore freeway and here at the toll plaza we do, indeed, have the metering lights on and back past west grand avenue. another questionable move by the santa clara county main jail. a man who said he knew where authorities could find a body was turned away. that man was later arrested and is now accused of murder. today in the bay ed redell live with how the sheriff is depending her department. bob? >> laura, sheriff laurie smith
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has released a statement indicating that while, yes, the suspect did want to turn himself into the jail here in downtown san jose, at no time did he indicate that there was a dead body, nor did he indicate he was responsible for any involvement in a crime. he never indicated he was responsible for a dead body. on monday morning, 28-year-old hugo ernesto castro walked into the main jail and handed the custody deputy a note indicating he knew the location of a dead body. the deputy then allegedly referred castro to san jose police who detained him while officers went to a condo complex in san jose and discovered the body of a woman that castro had dated. police have since arrested castro who admitted stabbing her to death. sheriff smith added in a statement that if the initial findings are true, then the custody deputy failed to meet the expectations of the department. that deputy had since been reassigned. a blue ribbon panel already commissioned to look into the
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problems here at the main jail including the murder of an inmate will be adding monday's incident to this list of investigations. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." happening today, the maddy middleton murder case is moving forward. her neighbor 15-year-old adrian gonzalez is back in court in just a few hours. that's when a judge is going to set a date for his preliminary hearing. gonzalez is accused of raping and killing 8-year-old middleton at their apartment complex over the summer and then putting her body in a dumpster. gonzalez pleaded not guilty to all charges. meantime other court proceedings, the three drifters could enter a plea later today. the suspects were in court earlier in the week but the judge postponed their arrai arraignme arraignment. accused of killing a hiker and a backpacker in golden gate park earlier this month. bold, armed and dangerous.
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robbers may be targeting east bay parents dropping their kids off at school. several masked men followed a father home monday morning forcing themselves into his backyard. then they held him at gunpoint. when the robbers saw his wife in the house calling police they took off with his wallet. now it's connected to a similar robbery less than a mile away earlier this month. both robberies happened after the parents dropped their kids off at arroyo high school and not just targeting any parents. they believe they're racially profiling their victims. >> in both cases, coincidentally, the victims in the cases are asian males that are 59 years old and they had just driven their children to the high school in san lorenzo and returned home at which time they were approached by three to four masked men arm would guns. >> police say the suspect's vehicle is a blue 2015 nissan rogue. new this morning, if you're flying today on alaska airlines,
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you may want to call to double check the status of your flight. the airline says a technical glitch is causing delays this morning. passenger check-in problems on its website and mobile app and airport kiosk started late last night. right now the airline does not know when the problem will be fixed or how many flights will be affected. also happening today, in less than an hour we could have a new speaker of the house. congressman paul ryan is expected to be elected to the position. yesterday he was nominated by republicans to be the house speaker. the full chamber votes this morning he needs 218 votes to become the speaker and 247 republicans in the house. john boehner, who has served in the for nearly five years is resigning from congress. all vying for a different kind of nomination. decision 2016 now. the top tier of republican presidential candidates faced off in their third primetime debate. the sparks did fly, but not necessarily at each other. >> let's be honest.
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is this a comicbook version of a presidential campaign? >> not a comicbook and not a very nicely asked question the way you say that. >> the most consistent attack last night and the strongest audience reaction came when the candidates questioned the moderator. many thought the debate was light on the issues and the audience did not like some of those questions either. >> the thing about the substantive issues that people care about. >> the debate was focused mainly on economic issues like tax reform, medicare, social security. des th media, the republicans' most consistent target, of course, democratic frontrunner hillary clinton. at 6:30 we take a much closer look at all the buzz surrounding last's debate and that is coming up in a live report from washington, d.c. laura? happening today, sam, will they stay or will they go? in 13 hours from now, raiders fans are expected to pack the
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paramont theater in oakland hoping for one last hail mary to keep the team from heading south. stephanie chuang live in oakland with what the fans have to do to voice their opinion to the nfl. >> fans can submit written comments for a couple more weeks. now, it's no secret how passionate raiders fans are and keeping the team here at the coliseum. you can see the signs here. the picture of the fans and the sign about loving home. this is where so many tailgates have happened and will, again, this sunday before the game against the jets. the question, though, atop so many people's minds. will the team head back to l.a. where it was from '82 to '94. the raiders leadership now with his son mark has been fighting for a new decade, a new stadium i should say for a decade here. talks with the city and developers have not pushed through. meantime a project to build a stadium in carson, california, has dedicated land and approved financing. oakland is the final of three stops the nfl is making this
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week to hear from the public on these franchise moves. >> last night the nfl estimated 450 charger fans showed up to the hearing in san diego. they're upset by the team's move to carson. heard from 800 rams in st. louis, 800 rams fans in st. louis. the chargers team attorney said they tried to find a solution for the last 14 years. a very similar story in oakland. indication that chargers will file for relocation and no word when the raiders and the rams will do the same, although it's likely expected very soon. again, the meeting tonight from the nfl to hear from the fans starts at 7:00 at the paramount theater in oakland. live here at the coliseum, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> of course, we'll have a crew there and bring the latest on nbc news at 11:00. get updates on all of our
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digital platforms including our nbc bay area app. >> we certainly hope the raiders do not move. but we are moving right along towards the weekend here on this thursday morning. >> it's a big weekend. kids out trick or treating. no rain this year? >> no rain this year, at least not for halloween. after that we can see some. a great forecast all around. it's cool this morning and 54 degrees in sunnyvale and san francisco and 57 degrees cooler in the north bay and expect the highs today to warm up, literally warmer than yesterday. we are looking at 78 degrees in los gatos and in the north bay, we're up 25to 82 degrees in oakland and 84 degrees in livermore and warmer today and warmer tomorrow and saturday the warmest day of the week. i'll talk more about that and also let you know how much rain you can see heading into the first part of next week coming up in a few with mike. how is it looking across the bay?
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>> kari, we'll start in the south bay where we have this typical pattern here. north 101 easing a little bit. this will kick in, once again, as you look at the map in about 20 minutes. about 6:30 more slowing and that will be the morning commute kicking in for 101 and 87 lightning up a bit, as well. 85 and 280 will start more slowing over the next, as well. have it shift around. see in the slow down here and this has been the pattern since tuesday when the metering lights were turned on. past san martin and up to morgan hill. we've seen this clear by about 6:30 the last couple of days and watch as folks adjust to the metering lights in that portion of san jose and into san jose, i should say. a crash at burnell and perhaps the second one in the backup. 580 towards sunol and the only thing unusual. no problems towards that walnut creek interchange and crash is on the shoulder and bay bridge toll plaza and the metering lights are on. back to you.
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6:10 right now. a major announcement from china. just three hours ago, the reason the country is doing away with its controversial one child policy. what would happen if you shot down a drone that was flying over your house? look at one specific case, anyway, coming up in business and tech. is three better than two? the changes coming to b.a.r.t. trains in hopes of making your ride a little more comfortable. new this morning: ==sam/ots==
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the wall in china is finally coming down. that is - when it comes to its new this morning. the wall in china is finally coming down. that is when it comes to its long-standing policy about allowing one child per family. china instituted that rule back in the 1980s as a way to curve the population and apparently it worked. less than three hours ago the communist party limiting couples to one child. the new rules, by the way, allow for two children. trailers are being recalled following dozens of crashes. the recall includes seven models of buehrle design trailers which allow cyclists to tow children behind their bikes. the black bar could separate causing a hasered to the child in the trailer. 35 reports of such incidents, including two that resulted in cuts and bruises to the child. part of your memory you tried to block out cramming for the s.a.t.s.
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mixed reviews this morning for the new redesigned s.a.t. test. the new test would contain no more riddles to solve, instead, it would correspond with high school curriculum to better reflect what they learn. changes include a lot more reading even in the math section which would require more word problems. many experts describe the new questions as more relevant and foresee problems especially for those who struggle with reading. a man who shot down a drone with a shotgun will not face charges. >> not only not going to jail, scott mcgrew, but no doubt that he is the one who did it. >> he said he did it, sam, but the judge said it is going to be okay. all this happened in kentucky where a fellow used bird shot to take down his neighbor's drone. this is guy with a gun here. he tells the judge the drone was buzzing his house. he told the judge, he had a right to protect his property and the judge agreed. the drone's owner says the was no where near the house.
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>> i'm dumbfounded. i really am. because i don't think that the court looked at what really took place here. >> and here's what he said really took place. this is video of the shoot down. there you go. that's when the drone gets hit. the owner posting this on youtube showing he was much, much higher than the homeowner claimed. he was over a lot of houses he was so high. according to our nbc sister station in kentucky, the judge did not look at this video. it's not clear why. i'd like to point out all this happened in bullet county, kentucky. what happens in bullet county does not set legal precedent anywhere else. best not to shoot down drones. shares in go-pro will likely suffer this morning. the company said it was concerned about holiday sales because it has new products. and its older camera is not selling as well as it hoped. go pro shares are down 40% over the last three months and 70% from all-time highs. i am not going to say i told you
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so. remember the time i was telling you that consumer electronics is a tough product. everything you make has to get cheaper. you have to introduce new and better products all the time. some people will be totally happy and not want the new model and the only company that avoided that trap is apple. >> you did tell us that. >> did i? >> friendly reminder. freud and other psychiatrists for that matter would have a field day with the latest alternative workstation model. >> sure, forget sitting in a cube or standing up chairless. the new all workstation designed in sonoma county allows your computer to move with you and it's perfect when you need to rest. the workstation may look inviting, but it will cost you. price tag just under $6,000. make sure to set your alarm in case you get a little too
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relaxed i suppose there. >> i think if you're sick and you can't call in because you could work laying down. >> it looks like a dentist chair. >> doesn't it? >> ready to go. >> no excuse not to work. >> built for distraction, though. you have all these gadgets. about worker productivity. >> if you're not sick and heading to work. this is what the weather will be like today. we will start with clear skies and looking from san bruno mountain. we see mostly clear skies and into the day, it will be warming up a cool start. we will have some warmer temperatures over the next couple of days. yesterday was a nice little break and the wind started to pick up once that cold front moved through and now we're feeling the coolest temperatures in the north bay. and napa it is 44 degrees and while 54 degrees in sunnyvale and the winds stay breezy throughout the day and our winds picking up to about 15 to 20s per hour. especially along the coast. it will be gusty.
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half moon bay sustained winds at 25 miles per hour. producing rough, choppy waves out there. keep in mind if you are going to the beach, you want to watch out for the rip currents. into the evening, we will have winds still staying breezy and from the north and with the breezy winds, it will feel cooler as we go hour by hour in san francisco. it is 60 degrees at 9:00, mostly sunny all throughout the day. by 3:00, 69 degrees and briefly hitting the upper 60s. maybe 70 degrees in a few spots and as we go into the next couple of days, high pressure moving in and low pressure moving out. that's the reason why it's been so breezy because we have two pressure systems very close by. into the next couple of days northerly wind will pick up our temperatures and halloween the warmest day and getting ready for a cool down by sunday. a cold front dropping in and also bring scattered showers and windy conditions and the possibility of some good amount of snow for the sierra. so, some great news there. and for the bay area, if you missed out on the rain
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yesterday, it looks like we will still have another chance, but the estimated rain right now still going back and forth anywhere from a quarter of an inch for the north bay up to a tenth of the inch for the rest of the bay area. we'll keep you up to date on that. otherwise, we will have some dry conditions for the next couple of days. highs in the 70s and 80s. look at how warm it gets on halloween in the sierra. 86 degrees and then dropping back to 75 on sunday. the cold front moving through. more clouds, possibly some showers and if you don't know what you're doing yet for halloween, we have the whole lineup at let's check in now with mike giving us an update on the commute. >> that's right, kari. like the wind that went right in and out the other side. stilling on you to sort things out. looking over here towards the tri-valley and showing itself just fine on 580. let's look at this map. you see that. it's not just slowing through pleasanton and dublin i'm worried about. pleasanton and in towards and
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rest of the bay looks pretty standard. upper east shore freeway you see no problems approaching the bay bridge where the metering lights are on and that's where you typically see that compression. the north bay no delays on our map and the speed sensors are green and south bay a nice, easy drive, as well. starting more build for northbound route through san jose. we're watching this and talking about slowing for 87 and into downtown. 280 picking up the volume a bit. westbound is starting to pick up the volume. nothing dramatic, but see slowing on 101 because of the volume getting its way over to the east shore freeway. back to you. the third do the trick? b.a.r.t. testing out trains with three doors instead of two. b.a.r.t. said it heard a lot of complaints about crowding, especially near the doors as people scramble to get on and off. so, starting this december, the transit agency will roll out new three-door trains.
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the trains will under go about a year of tests first. if all goes as planned, b.a.r.t. will start using the trains for passenger service. >> the amount of space in the train still the same. >> need a little elbow room. coming up next, this tedly bear looks cute and cuddly. what one child found hidden inside of it could have turned out to be deadly. women booked into alameda county
6:23 am
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jails will no longer have to take mandatory pregnancy tests. 6:24. women in alameda county jail will no longver to take
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mandatory pregnancy tests. the aclu settled a lawsuit challenging the pregnancy test requirements. civil rights groups sued last year on behalf of several women. one of them 69 years old who said the testing was humiliating and invasive. the tests will now be optional and only administered by medical staff. also happening today, san francisco has a new goal. zero new hiv infections and mayor ed lee outlines the effort to try to get there. get to zero campaign. it's billed as an aggressive effort to stop the spread of hiv through new funding. still no word on how much money will be spent. according to the aids foundation, the city recorded 30 new hiv cases in 2014. that is the lowest in years. the flu season is well on its way. it's not too late to get that shot. there will be free flu shots. it will be available this morning for students in oakland.
6:26 am
the shu the flu organization is partnering with the local health department and local school district to make those shots available to local kids. last year over 8,000 students received free vaccines. this year the program has expanded to 140 schools across the city. 6:26. a young nevada boy made a startling discovery while playing at school. a teddy bear stuffed with needles and all tested positive for drugs. he found the bear in a trash can on the playground. authorities tested the needles, all which tested positive for methamphetamine. the boy is now recovering at the hospital. so far no word about who had left that bear on the school campus. >> talk about not being careful around kids. coming up next, a boy shot while sleeping in his own bed. a bullet came in from an upstairs apartment. the reason the suspect should not have had a rifle in the first place. isis and al qaeda attacking
6:27 am
us and we're talking about fantasy football. >> take time out from attacking each other to focus their attention else where. a live report from washington, d.c., next. [female announcer] if the most challenging part of your day is the staying awake part, sleep train has your ticket to a better night's sleep.
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cannon. a very good thursday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. right now a drier commute for you. mike has a look at your drive. we start with meteorologist kari
6:30 am
hall. kind of clear. >> clear, cool and breezy, too. we'll have the temperatures warming up as we go through the day. overall, very pleasant all across the bay area. it's 46 degrees now in the north while 57 degrees in san francisco and look for highs today up to 80 in the north bay while the east bay is at 79, 84 in the tri-valley and the south bay 76 degrees. i'll give you details on what to expect as we go through the day and a look at the halloween forecast and some rain. there is a lot to talk about. i'll show you more coming up in a few minutes. let's check in now with mike with a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> forecast trick or treat, i don't know. this is no trick, but not a treat eater. bay bridge toll mrauza and the full tolla. the metering lights right on schedule. look at your map an issue for the east shore freeway. westbound right before the berkeley curve and a motorcycle reported down. no lanes blocked from when the original report comes in, but still that be a distraction. more slowing coming down through
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berkeley and emeryville. as well as your tri-valley except for this big slow drive. off the dublin interchange. now a crash at stone ridge and there's reportedly some sort of leak there. maybe fuel, i don't know. but there is a pickup truck and another vehicle on the shoulder. meanwhile, a couple vehicles on the shoulder at bernel and a slow drive. if you can make the cut through for 84 through livermore and pleasanton, do that. as well as the morning continues. route through the south bay and tying a typical pattern slowing through san jose and we'll see that continue, of course, over the morning. back to you. >> thanks so much. turning now to decision 2016. >> let's be honest, is this a comic book vurshz ersion of a presidential campaign? >> not a comic book. not a nicely asked question the way you say that. >> how about talking about the substantive issues people are talk about. >> from attacking fellow
6:32 am
candidates to questioning the cnbc moderators this morning much of the buzz following last night's big gop debate is surrounding the underdogs and the media. "today in the bay" tracie potts live in washington, d.c. and while trump and carson were center stage, they were not the center of attention. >> no, not at all. although this morning twitter and cnbc informal survey declare trump won this debate. politico says rubio all the buzz was about ted cruz. lots of people, including some of the underdogs. donald trump slipping poll numbers opened the door for underdogs like john kasich. >> we cannot elect somebody that doesn't know how to do the job. >> he said, oh, i'm never going to attack and then his poll numbers tanked. that's why he's on the end. >> reporter: jeb bush and marco rubio got into it over the missed senate votes. >> you should be showing up to work. i mean, literally, the senate, what is it like a french workweek. >> someone has convinced me that
6:33 am
attacking me is going to help. >> reporter: rubio refused to resign and steered clear of attacking the governor. >> i'm not going to talk bad about governor bush. my campaign is not about him. >> reporter: the strongest audience reaction questioned the moderator. >> let's best. is this a comic book version of a presidential campaign? >> not a comic book and it's not a very nicely asked question. >> reporter: how about talking about the substantive issues. surprisingly, no trump attacks on ben carson. and carson got audience sympathy when the moderator questioned his judgment. >> they know. >> reporter: here's how chris christie described it this morning. >> the questions were bias. but they didn't do the job in terms of controlling the debate either and somewhat of a free for all. >> reporter: cnbc economy decovered social security and the current fight in washington over spending and raising the debt limit. >> this is the alliance that
6:34 am
people need to know about. >> reporter: besides the media, the republicans most consistent target, hillary clinton. a lot of talk, too, about the flat tax. 10%, 15%. what might work for taxpayers and bring in enough money to keep the government running. some of the candidates have ideas about that. plus, cnbc is responding to that criticism about its moderators and their questions. cnbc says if you're going to run for president, you've got to be ready for the tough questions. sam and laura. >> always fun to watch. thanks a lot, tracie. larry sounded off on the gop debate. here's what he had to say. >> this was the third round of that 12-round fight. has anyone ever hit a knockout punch yet? no. but have some of the fighters begun to strike some pretty good blows? yes. and that's why we're going to see the number of fighters in the ring decrease from this point on. >> did you miss it? well, there will be time to get more. this is the third of 12
6:35 am
scheduled republican debates. and the democrats coming up next, candidates will square off on saturday, november 14th in des moines, iowa. all right. nine rounds left for the republicans and nine lives, hopefully, for the oakland raiders who are trying to stay in town. happening today, pulling out that playbook to keep them here. raid fans are expected to pack the paramount theater in oakland hoping for one last hail mary to keep a team from heading south. >> stephanie chuang live in oakland with what fans need to do if they want to voice their opinion to the nfl tonight. >> no doubt. registration is closed for tonight's event and fans can for the next two weeks. the question is, of course, home. al davis, the late al davis in l.a. didn't like it there and said he would take the team back to the bay and follow through in '95. the question is will his son, mark, do the same with the team but move them down, again. the raiders leadership has been fighting for a new stadium for a decade. but talks with the city and
6:36 am
developers have stalled. meantime a project has land and financing that is approved. tonight's nfl hearing in oakland is the final three stops this week to hear directly from the public on possible franchise moves. last night the nfl estimated 450 charger fans stood up to the hearing down in san diego. upset by the team's possible move and also to carson the night the nfl heard from 800 st. louis rams fans. similar to the oakland story, the chargers team attorney said executives have tried to find a stadium down there in san diego for the last 14 years. a solution there are indications that the chargers will soon officially file for relocation. no word when the raiders and the rams will do the same, although it's expected to be soon. tonight the fans get to sound off at the paramount theater in oakland it starts at 7:00. live here at the coliseum,
6:37 am
stephanie chuang. >> as the sign says over stephanie's head there, trying to keep the boys home. that meeting starts 7:00 tonight. we will have a clue there and bring you theest tonight on nbc bay area news at 11:00. also get updates on all of our digital platforms including our nbc bay area app. 6:37. plenty of questions this morning after a murder suspect was turned away by santa clara county jail officials. the move, the latest black eye for the embattled jail. "today in the bay" bob redell live with what sheriff deputies told that suspect to do. >> well, santa clara county sheriff laurie smith has released a statement that if what happened here at the main jail is true, then her deputy did fail to meet the expectations of her department. it was just this past monday morning a 28-year-old man named hugo castro walked into the main jail here in downtown san jose reportedly handed the custody deputy a note indicating that he
6:38 am
knew the location of a dead body. that deputy then allegedly referred castro to san jose police who detained him while officers went to a condo complex in san jose and discovered the body of a woman castro had dated. police arrested castro who say that he admitted stabbing her to death. a retired judge is heading up a blue ribbon panel to look into the problems inside this jail. >> the first thing you do, you call someone who has the authority to ask that person questions, sit them down in an interview room. talk about it. identify the location so that if the victim were still alive, that person could perhaps be saved. >> in her statement, sheriff laurie smith wrote that castro wanted to "turn himself in." but later in the same statement wrote, "at no time did mr. castro say he was responsible for the dead body or had any involvement in the crime."
6:39 am
her statement again, if the initial findings are true, then the custody deputy failed to meet the expectations of the department. that deputy has since been reassigned. you may recall two months ago law enforcement arrested three deputies for allegedly murdering an inmate inside these walls. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." 6:39. a 9-year-old tucked in bed hit by gunfire. this morning growing concern about an accidental shooting in san jose that left that young boy with serious injuries. this man, eric smith, fired a high-powered hunting rifle through his apartment floor at an apartment complex yesterday morning. police say the bullet went straight through smith's foot and then the floor hitting the boy in the leg as he slept. neighbors say his name is alex. >> i was shocked when it happened and i got kind of scared because i didn't know what was wrong with alex because he's only 9 and, you know, you
6:40 am
don't want nothing to happen to your kids. >> yet alone when you think they're safe in their home. police say smith is a convicted felon and barred from having a gun. he was arrested at the hospital where he went to have his foot treated. >> every time you hear a story about a child struck by a stray bullet you just cringe. just so incredibly unnecessary. 6:40 right now. a quick check of your weather with meteorologist kari hall. look at those temps, kari. >> not bad at all. mid-50s all across the bay area and except for the north bay. we're at 44 degrees now in napa. so, cool but warming up nicely this afternoon. it will be a warmer day. a lot more sunshine. more of the rain than a breezy wind and gilroy today expect a high of 80 degrees and foster city 74 and the marina at 68 degrees. 80 in napa while oakland sees a high of 76 degrees and dublin today expect a high of 81 degrees. heading into the weekend, temperatures continue to warm.
6:41 am
not feeling like late october, but we will have some rain and some cooler temperatures behind that. i'll have all the details coming up in less than ten minutes. let's check in now with mike and a slow down in the east bay. >> bridge, obviously, has a slow down because the metering lights are on. east shore freeway, that is a problem. s, if you're heading down from richmond to san pablo and a crash on the shoulder as you get out of san pablo and then two crashes now one at university and the other one we told you about approaching the berkeley curve. the one at university reportedly blocking your right two lanes and start backing up towards golden gate field and building off towards richmond probably over the next few we'll track that. we're looking at hayward with a slow for 880 and volume increasing and more slowing over here. look at this south 680 jamming up and a leak reported or some kind of leak and i'm hoping it's not fuel at stone ridge and crash activity still there.
6:42 am
that's the slow stretch for 680 and mores are using 84 because i told them to. that's the better way around and now that is getting slow, too. here is your south bay. that is standard. back to you. >> at least they're taking your advice. thanks, mike. unusual traffic in the air. it took two military jets to bring down a run away blimp, but what was inside the blimp causing quite the conversation this morning. >> laura probably already finished her christmas shopping. when should you start your holiday shopping? take a look coming up in business and tech. a top secret military blimp just
6:43 am
6:44 am
have caused civilian casualties.
6:45 am
it was once a top secret military blimp and now just went public. but its debut could have caused civilian casualties. the helium balloon broke from its tether in maryland yesterday and ended up floating 115 miles north to central pennsylvania. the mile-long tether was still attached the entire time dragging on the ground and taking out power lines along the way. military officials launched two fighter jets because they fear that balloon was going to endanger air traffic. crews were finally able to secure that balloon. so after all that, what was inside? loaded with highly sophisticated and secret tracking equipment. >> so this is part of a new military radar system that is supposed to detect cruise missiles. fast flying, low flying cruise missiles probably from russian aircraft. >> still officials don't know why the balloon broke loose in the first place, but an investigation is under way. at 6:45, happening now. the search is on for a sheriff deputy on the wrong side of the
6:46 am
law. he slipped his cuffs and escaped from custody following his arrest in southern california. edward tucker is accused of pulling a gun on a group of teens. investigate say tucker managed to escape from his handcuffs and reach through a cracked patrol car window to escape as two deputies did paperwork. a $5,000 reward is being offered for information leading to his arrest. it is a crisis that is impacted the whole bay area. happening today, the bay area housing crunch which is hitting everywhere is getting some folks the opportunity to weigh in. tonight people in mountain view are going to gather to talk about possible solutions. it's a roundtable hosted by the city's human relations committee. what will fix mountp view housing crisis and includes expert panelists. takes place at the mountain view senior center and starts at 6:30 p.m. san francisco hotel industry, meanwhile, says it's taking a hit from a different direction. the recent explosion of the short-term rentals offered by
6:47 am
air b & b. proposition f. that is a city ballot measure to place limits on short-term rentals. the debate takes place at 5:00 p.m. and ahead of that at noon workers plan to rally at union scare square asking voters to support prop f. publish their thoughts on the new apple tv device. >> scott mcdwru, aren't you a gadget reviewer. we'll see if you like it, particularly the new remote. >> the new reis so much better. bigger and thicker than the old remote. steve jobs really liked that old remote. the rest of us keep losing it in the couch cushions. here you can see that new remote, it is bigger and thicker and has a touch pad instead of more buttons. "new york times" gave the fourth generation apple tv its high mark saying it's the best box out there for people who preordered it, it should be coming in the mail tomorrow or possibly saturday.
6:48 am
data scientists are taking a look at what we buy. analyzing millions of electronic shopping carts and the results from cash registers and old-fashioned stores and they say the best prices for holiday gifts this year will depend on what you want to buy. >> they should get out early, though. some of the data shows that for a product availability as well as discounts, we want to be looking at toy shopping around the 21st or 22nd of negative. electronics on the 23rd. if you're going to buy apparel, you can afford to wait as long as you want. the discounts just keep going down and down on apparel. >> new this morning the folks from south san francisco celebrated their ipo on the nasdaq. no trades yet. this is a medical device company we'll watch it. shares of nintendo under fire after the company says it plans to pub games for smartphones and they would be delayed. we don't know when or if for that matter they'll have mariocart on iphone, but that's what we're hoping for. it will be a major departure
6:49 am
from the company. in the past, nintendo only made games for its own machines, never anyone else's. these days people play on apple devices more than any other. when was the last time you saw a kid playing a game boy in a restaurant. >> never. >> now it's iphones and ipads. >> unless they want to go retro and find their parents old devices. >> might have an old school one in the basement. thank you, scott. 6:49 right now. a lot of kids at least this weekend will be out trick or treating. >> no rain. >> no rain. >> at least not for halloween. after halloween that's when we'll have the rain. we need it. at least it will stay away from outdoor activities and all of those plans. as we take a live look now at san jose, we start out with mostly cheer skies. we'll get a lot of sunshine and a cool start to the day and the winds also staying breezy behind yesterday's cold front. and a look now at the current temperatures. it's cool as you step out the door in santa rosa, napa 46 degrees and 57 degrees now in
6:50 am
san francisco and in san jose, it's 53 degrees. so, here's the wind i've been talking about. coming in from the north, it will be light throughout the morning and then starting to pick up as we go through the day and now the strong winds especially near the shore could create some rough conditions and some choppy waves and rip currents. so, a heads up about that if you will be heading to the beach. but warming opfew degrees over yesterday. the wind direction staying from the north and into tomorrow morning. it will be breezy as high pressure builds across the region. in livermore as we go hour by hour you'll feel warm temperatures. you missed out on the rain and now the sun is back. 52 degrees by 11:00 and 3:00 we're up 25080 degrees. it will be warmer than average, not only today, but the next couple of days. high pressure continues to move in. we'll have a northerly wind and temperatures ramping up a few more degrees each day. into halloween, it will be very warm, but then we'll have a break right after that. a cold front dropping in.
6:51 am
we'll bring some scattered showers on sunday and possibly into monday and it will be turning cooler in a few sierras possible. so, just looking great all around. as we need this rain, some of the computer models going back and forth on how much rain we can see may be up to a quarter of an inch for the north bay. so, we'll be sorting that out over the next couple of days and a look at the halloween forecast. it will be in the 70s and 80s heading out to the pumpkin patch, trick or treating or taking the kids out going to a party. it will be warm, especially in the tri-valley up to 86 degrees and then look at how the temperatures drop off on sunday. it will be cooler, not only sunday, but into next week as you out that seven-day forecast at the bottom big heads up for a lot of those east bay drivers. >> that's right, kari. problems on the east shore freeway. look at this. a series of about four crashes all unrelated because that's how far apart they are. still caused a backup. one in san pablo looks like it is clear from the chp report and happened right around golden
6:52 am
gate field that happened and cleared very quickly. the one at university still two right lanes are blocked and motorcycle down and one of the big harleys. more delays there. rest of your amove smoothly and that could benefit some folks coming off of 580 and 24. looking over towards 880. sma smooth drive. one of the vehicles reportedly or leaking some sort of fluid. we're hoping it's not fuel and i haven't heard any updates in the last few minutes. another crash on the shoulder and just more slowing and 84 coming out of livermore also very slow. now, the south bay over all for san jose and heading up towards the rest of the silicon valley and smooth drive into santa clara and saratoga. looking farther southward. metering lights were turned onnier this week and gilroy up to san martin clear and start to see things ease. up into morgan hill. those metering lights may be playing a good factor.
6:53 am
san mateo bridge, let's take a look at that. the peninsula should see some slowing for the bay shore freeway and also palo alto just off the dumbarton bridge. the maddy middleton murder case moving forward. her neighbor 15-year-old adrian gonzalez is back in court for a few hours when the judge will set a date for his prelim hearing. gonzalez is accused of raping and killing 8-year-old middleton over the summer and then putting her body inside of a dumpster. gonzalez has pleaded not guilty to all charges. 6:53. more potential problems for the south bay's largest jail. a murder suspect turned away while apparently trying to surrender. the response from the sheriff this morning. plus, it's a hail mary for the oakland raiders. what fans can do today and try to keep the team from leaving the bay area, now that they're good. - for the embattled santa clara
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
county main jail. m it appears to be another blemish for the embattled santa clara county main jail. the man said he knew where authorities could find a body was turned away. >> he was later arrested accused of murdering his girlfriend. bob redell live in san jose with the sheriff's response this morning. >> laura and sam, santa clara county sheriff smith issued a statement saying, yes, this man, the suspect wanted to turn himself into the main jail here in san jose, but at no time did
6:57 am
he indicate he was responsible for a dead body, nor did he indicate he had any involvement in a crime. monday morning 28-year-old hugo ernesto castro walked in and handed the custody deputy a note saying he knew the location of a dead body. he then referred castro to san jose police who detained him while officers went to a condo complex in san jose and discovered the body of a woman castro had dated. police arrested castro who they say admitted to stabbing her to death. sheriff smith's statement added that, "if initial findings are true, then the custody deputy failed to meet the expectation of the department." that deputy has since been reassigned. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." happening later today a push to keep raiders in town. tonight fans and oakland city leaders will pull out their best playbook on an effort to keep the team from moving south. >> stephanie chuang live and,
6:58 am
steph, top nfl officials will be arriving soon for tonight's town hall meeting. >> that's right, laura and sam. the nfl hosting two public hearings one in st. louis and one in san diego and hear from those fans last night's hearing, no way l.a. as a chant something we'll hear in oakland. raiders leadership has been fighting for a decade for a new stadium but talks with the city and developers have stalled. meantime a project to build a stadium in the l.a. area in carcalready has dedicated land and financing that has been approved. a stadium the raiders could share with the chargers. hope for a home based in nearby engelwood. the chargers will officially file for relocation and no word when the raid the rams will do the same, although it's expected to be pretty soon. tonight fans can sound off at the paramount theater in oakland. if they haven't registered, they can submit written comments in the next two weeks. >> thank you so much, steph.
6:59 am
>> really stinks as the raiders are a team on the rise. we hope to keep home. temperatures not on the rise. >> it will be nicer. with more comfortable weather as we go into the day. a cool start. lots of sun on the this afternoon. expect a high of 80 in gilroy in half moon bay 72 and the embarcadero also at 72 degrees and napa 80 and 80 in antioch and pleasanton tops out at 83 degrees. >> any problems out there in the morning commute? >> east shore freeway and let's look at the map. a series of crashes. right around university avenue and a big harley and a big rig involved in a crash. major injuries now reported. and two right lanes blocked and major backup out of richmond through the area. san pablo boulevard and south 680 should start to recover, but the crash still on the shoulder at stone ridge and another at burnell. a slower drive through that portion. the rest of your bay is standard commute. we'll have another local news update coming up in half an
7:00 am
hour. meanwhile, that's what's happening today in the bay. >> let's check out that sunrise later and later here. nice beauty shot to end our morning from san francisco. we hope you have a great day and join us for bay area news at 11:00. good morning. free-for-all. the presidential debate gets heated in a hurry. candidates taking repeated shots at the media. >> the dwes asked so far in this debate illustrate why the american people don't trust the media. >> and taking shots at each other. >> someone convinced you that attacking me is going to help you. >> marco rubio taking on his one-time mentor. we'll go behintd the moment of the night. the out-of-control journey of the balloon.


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