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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 30, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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into the night, finally hammering out a budget deal. yet members of one party are washington lawmakers work late into the night finally hammering out a budget deal, and yes, members of one party are still raising red flags, worried that tax players will get stuck with a hefty bill. a san francisco dentist claiming to run a pot friendly office now facing serious charges for his medical practice. plus, a hazardous material situation at a ritzy hotel. how a hospital trip ended up on the itinerary for some bay area travelers. "today in the bay" starts right now. good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez in for laura
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garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. so far to start off your friday morning, cool, some consider it refreshing. >> yeah, it is cool to start out the morning, but warming up quite a bit as we go through the day. even warmer than it was yesterday. so, a look across all the microclimates right now. we have clear skies. temperatures in the upper 40s to lower 50s and expect highs today in the 70s and many more spots hitting the 80s today like the north bay, tri-valley, east bay and the south bay. i'll detail what to expect as we head into tomorrow which is halloween is here already. here's a look at the tri-valley now with mike. >> good morning, kari, came up upon us and the kids' halloween parade at school. cars at dublin moves very well. i want to show you the map. a crash way out in tracy. off 205 and we have our sensors there, little slow coming over towards the merge with 580. once you're at the altamont
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pass, easy drive. no slowing and no major incidents for the rest of the bay. i'll check on what's going on for the bay shore freeway. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. new details now on a stink that forced some people from their ritzy hotel rooms on the peninsula overnight. what started as a strange smell for guests turned into a hazardous material situation for emergency crews. we brought this to you as breaking news just last night and now we know a dozen people were rushed to the hospital. this all happened at the westin hotel. >> bob redell is live and the scene is clear and an investigation still ongoing and they traced all this back to the garage there? >> that's correct, sam and chris. palo alto fire does not know what this irritant was but they are confident that it has dissipated on the el camino in
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palo alto. started noticing a strange smell around 9:30 and called around 10:30. get guests in shelter and medics eventually transported 12 people to the hospital. >> kind of causing a scene. one lady wads covering her nose and mouth and thought they were being a lilt bit ridiculous, but, apparently a bigger issue than i thought it was. >> reporter: firefighters cleared the scene shortly after midnight. we expect the 12 people that were transported will be okay. reporting live here in palo alto, bob redell. one man right now in the hospital and another in jail after a fist fight in the quiet san jose neighborhood turn under to a stabbing. this happened just after 7:00 last night near the corner of mohave drive. police say the men were fighting
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in the street when one man stabbed the other several times. the victim is expected to recover and is not clear what they were fighting over. dentist by day and drug lord by night. a local dentist is facing allegations of running a major cross country marijuana business. police seized $10,000 in cash and this large shipment of pot in new york on wednesday afternoon. police say this is all part of a major drug operation run by san francisco dentist jerrome wheats. he runs mission dental health and on his website he encourages cannabis users to see a dentist more often. will the raiders stay at coliseum or moving on? last night the fan base got the opportunity to make their case. but is the nfl actually listening? >> oakland is home. just stay, baby. >> some 450 members of raider
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nation packed the paramont theater last night pushing to keep the team in the bay area. right now there is a proposal on the table to build a joint stadium with the san diego chargers. a plan these fans hope to sideline. >> we have gone to ena meetings, city council meetings that you were absent at and thank you for coming here because this is your first meeting. >> we have been trying for at least the past six years every day and hundreds of hours and the people work in this organization trying to get something done here in oakland. >> mayor libby shaft had a meeting with nfl officials and the raiders owner, but so far there is no word on what they discussed. >> shouldn't say that raider fans aren't passionate. >> or they're not ready to celebrate halloween. >> that's every day if you're a raider fan. let's see what the forecast is for tomorrow and tonight. >> it's going to be warming up the next couple of days, but still very cool this morning as
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we take a live look outside with these temperatures. in sunnyvale 53 degrees and oakland 49 and napa is at 54 degrees. the highs today in the 70s and 80s. quite a few more 80s than we had yesterday. gilroy up 80 degrees and half moon bay 75 and 87 in fairfield and pleasanton reaching 86 degrees. i'll talk more about these temperatures and a look at the weekend coming up. let's check in now with mike. >> a big look at the bay. no real slowing, except for over here. 205 towards 580 and an earlier crash has cleared through the roadway and recovery speeds there. this crash is an earlier crash and still on the reports here but north 101 on san bruno and off of the roadways. might partially affect the off ramp. there's no slowing. i want to show you the san mateo bridge there. but the live look shows you this is westbound coming off the high rise and flat section coming up
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towards it. no flashing lights. an incident reported westbound. we'll check our other camera on the hayward side and we can do that. couple cameras on either side of the bay and looking for a possible traffic, i'll track it for you. back to you guys. >> thank you for doing that, mike. coming up, a budget deal headed to the president's desk could end the partisan money fight for years to come. coming up, howaims to end that fight and what it could mean for your social security. got a tip for nbc's bay area investigative unit? call 888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate.
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midnight oil.. the senate worked overnight to get the vote -- and new this morning, burning the midnight oil. the senate worked overnight to get the vote and succeeded just four hours ago or so. and now a budget deal is headed for the president's desk. this time around, it's a two-year deal. >> two-year deal and should extend the debt limit that long. tracie potts live in washington. tracie, not all parties, if you will, are happy about this deal, though. >> ted cruz, rand paul took to the floor saying this is writing a blank check to the obama administration allowing more spending and more borrowing at the time. our cameras caught up with crews afterward. he said it was a disaster and it's now headed to the president's desk. approved early this morning by
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the senate and on wednesday by the house. it's a two-year deal and pushes all these budget issues and debt limit issues after the next election. trying to pull the politics out of it. thing is, it's not quite over yet. a budget is a plan for how you're going to spend the money, specifically authorizing what gets spent where. appropriation process. 12 different bills that need to we passed preferably by the end of the year. but we do have a budget in place. the white house says the president's pleased with it and we expect that he's going to sign it probably pretty soon. >> all right, a done deal. thank you very much. well, couples feel romantic when they're in hawaii. one couple says their kiss and hand holding in a grocery store line landed them in the slammer. what they're planning to do next. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail the unit at
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coming up on 4:45 on this friday morning. everyone like a pause. >> quarter to 5:00 sounds a lot more pleasant than 4:45. >> i don't know. when you're waking up this
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early -- >> that's true. >> i'm up. >> i'm up. >> no way to dress it up. >> and i can dress up the weekend because we've got some great weather headed our way. and, yes, it's friday. so, get on up and get on moving. you can tell pie the bay bridge the lights rolling across it. a lot of people are already out the door this morning. and if you are getting ready to head out in the next few minutes, grab a jacket. a heavier one. as our temperatures now are right at about 50 degrees in the east bay and upper 40s in the north bay and a closer look at the south bay. we've got some 40s there, too. in willow glen 48 degrees and also in gilroy and then as we take a look at the big picture in san francisco, it's 56 degrees. as we kngo hour by hour we'll sy at 56 degrees and a lot of sun. start out with a clear sun rise and see the sun all throughout the day and we'll warm into the low 70s in the city and a breezy wind as high pressure stays just off to the west of us. it is bringing in some northerly
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winds. into the day tomorrow, more of an onshore flow and by sunday we'll be tracking some showers moving into the bay area. so, it stays dry for halloween. and then by sunday we start to see those showers kicking in and it looks like it could also bring in some snow for the sierra. as you make plans for halloween, if you don't know quite yet to do yet, we have the whole lineup at temperatures in the upper 70s today and some 80s. even upper 80s for the tri-valley and also warm tomorrow. so, keep that in mind as you make plans on what to wear for halloween. it will be much cooler on sunday. more clouds and, once again, that chance of rain. i'll keep you updated on that and mike is keeping you updated on how long it may take you to get to work. >> that's right. right now, look, it's a treat. maybe later on a little tricky. looking at the bay bridge an easy flow of traffic. let me show you the map, folks. nice, easy drive. highway 4 now in front of me.
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we're looking at an earlier crash westbound and looks like everything is cleared out of antioch and no slowing. even early this friday, no slowing for highway 4. i haven't seen any slowing or flashing lights. i'll still locate it there. we'll keep that in mind as we watch the report. south bay no reports including down towards gilroy. back to you. google's two operating systems will soon become one. >> for that and the rest of the news before the bell, we turn to landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, landon. >> sam and chris, good morning to you both. investors will wind down the final day of october. the best month for stocks in four years. look for data on personal income, consumer spending and consumer sentiment all out this morning. the markets a calmer day of trading and small losses and the dow down 24 points and the
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nasdaq ending down at 21 points to 5074. google 2 operating systems will soon be one. chrome will sool soon be folded into android and the combined os could be revealed as soon as next year according to "wall street journal." a sign of the global dominance and specifically android, which is the world's most widely used operating system. linkedin analysts estimates as it learned more from estimates. the world's largest networking website raised its full year profit and revenue forecast sending shares sharply higher. sam and chris, back over to you. >> that's something scott mcgrew is following very closely. thank you, landon. >> many times. so, it was just a kiss on the check, they say. but one bay couple from california said that led to them spending the night in the slammer. the couple is accusing the
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honolulu police department of harassment. they are suing the department because they were arrested while they were on vacation back in march. the couple says they were being affectiont in a grocery store line and that's when an off-duty police officer yelled ate them to stop. >> we were holding hands and i was kissing her cheek. we were just kind of in shock that it all happened. >> the women say the officer grabbed one of them by the arm and that's when a scuffle ensued. the women were thrown in jail, charged with assaulting a police officer. now to an investigative unit exclusive. a 4-year-old girl nearly killed while in foster care despite multiple reports of abuse. now, the girl's mother speaking out to nbc bay area hoping to save other foster children from suffering the same thing. learned the agency in charge of protecting this child and hundreds of others in foster care has a history of ignoring abuse reports. an audit of the santa clara
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department of children services that it failed to answer 41% of the calls that came into its abuse and neglect hotline. dss leaders refused to answer questions about what the agency is doing to improve those numbers. meantime, this mother says that she wasn't the only one who tried to alert social workers about serious injuries that she saw on her daughter's body. >> more than 100. >> you had more than 100 photos. and what was in the photos? >> bruise. bites. marks. somebody trying to choke her. >> no doubt exposing this type of behavior without exposing this type of failure. the law doesn't change and neither does the procedure. >> the latest reports show that some abuse calls are still going unanswered. what county leaders say they're doing in the second part of her
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investigation coming up tonight at 11:00. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call at 1-888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to coming up the science of fear. why so many of us shell out hard-earned cash to have the you know what scared out of us.
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all right. no pressure but folks are going to be out and about not just tonight with a prehalloween party, but tomorrow night with the trick or treating, kari. >> everybody is saying, kkari, s it going to rain? the answer is no. we will have some great weather. in fact, very comfortable, too. at 5:00 tomorrow, san jose 73 degrees and dropping back into the low 60s by 11:00.
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mostly clear skies and we won't get in on the rain until sunday. i'll detail that coming up a little bit later. let's check in now with mike. how is it looking in the north bay? >> looking great, kari. a smooth flow of traffic here and on our sensors and that's confirming one another. the roadway maps will show you green all throughout the approach down through the golden gate bridge and some construction tip and remember oracle open still has that activity over there. the rest of the bay moves very nicely. an easy approach towards the bay bridge. no slowing along the bay. over here the altamont pass seeing more traffic. the earlier crash that cleared from the 205. back to you guys. >> all right, thank you very much, mike. santa cruz police are preparing for thousands of halloween reblers tomorrow night and they say people who break the law better be prepared to pay up. triple fines in effect across the city for the 15,000 expected to hit the downtown area, that
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means maximum enforcement for misdemeanor offenses throughout the weekend. people caught with an open container of alcohol will have to pay up 480 bucks. littering will trigger a $288 fine and getting too noisy will cost you 576 bucks. meantime, chris, no matter where you are tonight, you're in for a treat. you know why? because an asteroid now nicknamed the great pumpkin. i wonder if it's filled with candy will whiz by the earth. it will pass by at a relatively close distance. about 300,000 miles and a good telescope is still recommended. oakland space and science center is getting into the act. they'll host an asteroid viewing event starting at 7:30 tonight. once you're done trick or treating the best viewing happening some time around 11:00 p.m. >> i'll be watching that. thriving on thrills many people love to watch scary movies this time of year. >> totally suspense right now.
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but is it good for you and what makes people choose to be scared? haunted house events like this one at a former state penitentiary and you know that feeling and it's always very popular. researchers are examining the science behind the fear factor. they say some heart-pounding horror is not as bad as it sounds. >> it seems sort of counterintuitive that we would look to do or embrace things that are fearful. some of it has to do with a release of a chemical in the brain called dopamine. for some people it creates a pleasurable sensation to be scared and that sense of award encourages people to go back of more of the same. >> heard of dopamine from chocolate. i don't know about dopamine from a man with a chain saw p. minor trauma, heart attacks or people passing out because they're scared. if you're inside a haunted house and feel faint sitting down or opting out of such attraction.
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>> i want to pass out right now. so, you know you made it when you are waxed. he has been measured and weighed on the court and now off the court. warriors star steph curry is getting a wax figure in san francisco. artists took more than 250 measurements of curry. the wax figure is expected to be unveiled next year. i was thinking it looks really life like, but it is because it is. it's not the wax figure yet. >> but the wax figure does look spot on. pretty amazing. coming up next, a san francisco dentist in legal trouble accused of pushing more than just novocain. the smuggling operation that led to his arrest on the other side of the country. and a trip to the hospital not on the itinerary for many bay area travelers. the hotel scare that forced a dozen palo alto visitors to seek medical care. got a tip for nbc bay area investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail
4:58 am nbc bay area, we investigate. averted. just hours ago --
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senators approved a new budget. but not everyone is on government shut down and debt crisis averted. senators approved a new budget and not everyone is on board with a new deal. bay area ties and now a local dentist facing some pretty serious allegations. and a dozen people rushed to
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the hospital after something goes wrong at a popular and ritzy hotel in palo alto. the strange smell that could be to blame. "today in the bay" starts right now. and a happy halloween friday. thank you for joining us, i'm sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. we want to get right to your forecast because we know you have big plans this weekend. >> yes, big plans taking the kids ow, trick or treating and just enjoying the warmer weather. whatever you have planned this weekend, it will be nice. and we have some rain in the forecast on sunday as you step out now getting this work day in. we will have temperatures in the upper 40s to lower 50s. stepping out and warming up into the 70s and 80s this afternoon. in the north bay expect a high of 86 degrees and mike has a heads up for you if you have to cross the san mateo bridge. >> i have been watching reports of a crash coming over to foster city. no problems here. check out the flat section over in the distance and on our other


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