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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  November 16, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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paris in mourning -- as author and right now at 11:00, paris in mourning as authorities track down the suspect tied to the terror attacks. it's 8:00 at night in the city of life. this is a live picture as the eiffel tower is back open lit up in blue, white and red. good morning everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm kris sanchez. that situation overseas continues to develop at this hour. just a few hours ago france's president said he will ask the parliament to extend the country's state of emergency for three months. he also said he plans to meet with u.s. and russian leaders to talk about pooling their efforts to destroy isis. meanwhile, authorities are still looking for this man, a
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26-year-old french citizen born in brussels. police believe he is one of three brothers involved in the attacks. another master mind, this man, 27-year-old abdelhamid implicated on that paris-bound train stopped by three sacramento friends this summer. >> as for paris the capital remains on edge following friday's deadly attacks. nbc's bill neely reports from paris. >> reporter: the raids were extraordinary, at least 150 targeting known islamists, guns seized, a rocket launcher found. france vowing this is only the beginning. but its prime minister also warned that maybe only the beginning of more attacks, more he said are being planned in france. raids of a different kind blitzed isis in syria. a dozen french warplanes hitting their stronghold in raqqa. u.s. forces also involved.
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isis claim eight men carried out the attacks. french authorities today named the man they believe was the mastermind, abdel hamid abaod. and still looking for this man. also from belgium an accomplice they believe. police say he's dangerous, do not approach. they had stopped him at a checkpoint after the attacks but let him go because he had no criminal record. the faces of the dead stare out at the places where they died. many here can't put their grief into words. >> my best friend died here. >> reporter: paris today is braced for more attacks and still traumatized by those it's seen. and france has given more details of those police raids. 127 people either formally arrested or being questioned they are known supporters of
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isis or known jihadis. 31 guns seized. the french prime minister telling the french people you've got to be prepared for more attacks. we will have to live with this, he said, for quite some time. back to you. >> the police raids stretched from paris to belgium where heavily armed police arrested suspects over the past three days in a suburb of brussels. police believe three brothers from one family as we mentioned are connected to the isis attacks in paris. five of the seven people detained over the weekend are now free. the other two are now facing charges of being part of a terror group. >> four hours ago president obama spoke from the g-20 summit in turkey about that fight against isis. he says he's not changing strategy, that means no ground troops in syria. >> that would be a mistake. it's best that we don't, you know, shoot first and aim later.
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it's important for us to get the strategy right. >> this is a failed strategy or a nonexistent strategy. and it's got to change. >> if all you do is drop bombs, then they don't take that response seriously. >> this morning isis released a new propaganda video praising last week's attack. it also calls for fighters to intensify attacks specifically threatening washington, d.c. now, the tributes to the victims can be seen across our country. just this morning wall street paused to remember both the new york stock exchange and the nasdaq held moments of silence. both exchanges went silent at 6:24 this morning before the trading for one minute. >> here in the bay area dozens of people gathered to pay their respects to the victims as well. ♪ >> the crowd met on the steps of the san francisco city hall last night. many of them proudly holding and waving the french flag. they were singing the french national anthem there. and a white board set up at the
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steps for people to leave thoughts and messages. >> stay with us for continuing coverage of the deadly paris attacks. and when we get new information, we will update you both on air and on all of our digital platforms. if you want to help or you want to reach out to the people effected in paris, you will find a link there or on website as well. back here at home and new at 11:00, the resurgence of a 15-year-old bay area case that made national news. i'm sure you remember it. the case of the two dogs that mauled a san francisco woman to death in 2001 back in court this morning. >> this time the dog owner marge ree miller is trying to get her second-degree murder conviction overturned. nbc bay area's stephanie chuang was in the courtroom this morning. and, steph, do you think miller has a chance to be free? >> reporter: she does. that's if the ninth circuit court of appeals decision allows for a new trial. in which case the involuntary manslaughter would likely be the only thing that sticks and she's already served that time.
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so the goal here, again, yes it's overturn her second-degree murder conviction for the death of her neighbor 33-year-old diane whipple you may remember 13 years ago in 2001 when noler's two dogs attacked and killed whipple inside their san francisco apartment building. this morning's argument was the murder conviction in 2002 was unfair. her attorney says the state judge at the time threatened to jail the defense attorney if she made another objection during the most critical phase of the trial, the prosecution's closing arguments. that's when the prosecutor actually violated the golden rule asking jurors to put themselves in the victim's shoes and appeal to passion and really generally not allowed. reardon says there's more at stake here than his client's freedom. this is about everyone's constitutional right to a fair trial. >> the question of whether a trial can be deemed to be acceptable when a judge threatens a lawyer -- to jail a lawyer for doing exactly what that lawyer is by law bound to
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do, defend her client and object to misconduct by the prosecutor. >> reporter: now, i spoke with peggy who's representing the state attorney general's office. its defending the state court's second-degree murder conviction. she argues there has to be a complete depravation of assistance of council. the evidence in this case was strong. also said the d.a. had a 77-page closing argument and that he violated that golden rule three times in just two paragraphs. she also added this was an extensive trial that lasted more than a month with more than 70 witnesses. so she wanted to put this into context her point was the result would have been the same. now, i'm told by both sides that this will likely be a matter of months, a couple months for the court to make a decision. not talking weeks here. and what could happen is if the court affirms the conviction, knoller's attorney says it will either appeal to the full panel, today was just a three-judge panel, or head to the supreme court of the united states. live here in san francisco,
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stephanie chuang, nbc bay area news. >> gruesome case. we remember it well. thank you, stephanie. new details now on a slide show investigation that turned into a deadly police shooting. police officers are about to release new information. >> nbc bay area's bob redell live outside oakland police headquarters. what's the latest, bob? >> reporter: scott and kris, we're waiting on a news conference with oakland police and chp to be taking place in headquarters behind me. live look inside. you can see we are in there. we have a camera in there. it was supposed to start at 11:00 this morning. we now understand it's going to be a few minutes delayed. but there's two issues they're going to talk about. the number of side shows that took place in oakland and related to that side show perhaps more significant is the officer-involved shooting that took place last night. i want to show you this image. this is an image that opd posted on twitter overnight. this is an image of what looks like a real gun. it looks like a real black handgun. turns out it's a replica. and police say a man pointed this at them last night as they were trying to deal with the side shows from the night
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before. and when this man pointed it at them they fired back. this shooting taking place in the area of 90th and bancroft avenues around 5:30 last night officers were helping remove -- help tow truck driver remove vehicle involved in the side show. the man approached the officers with a replica and it was several officers who fired upon him. the man did not survive his wounds. this video is from instagram thrks is from some of the side show that took place saturday night going into sunday morning. chp tells us that it started in oakland. several cars entering the southbound 80 freeway in the wrong direction. and then staying on the freeway doing those donuts and spins. this was one of a few side shows throughout the area. there was another one at international and 55th. opd ended up impounding ten cars, arresting two people.
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but they believe there were as many as 200 vehicles involved in these side shows saturday night going into sunday evening. we're expecting to learn more details at this news conference which should be starting in a couple minutes from now. of course we'll have all the latest information tonight at 5:00 and 6:00 on nbc bay area news. reporting live here in oakland, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> all right, thank you very much, bob. well, two alameda county sheriff deputies are on paid leave this morning after video surfaced of the deputies brutally beating a man in san francisco. and we want to warn you the video you are about to see is graphic. it shows two deputies pushing 29-year-old stanislaus petrov and beating him with their guns. the sheriff's office says the deputies spotted petrov in a stolen car in san leandro. he proceeded to ram two deputies' cars hurting one officer. and then came a car chase into san francisco that at times went to 100 miles an hour. the surveillance video posted on
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twitter by the san francisco public defender's office. the public defender wants the d.a. to consider filing criminal charges against those deputies. four people remain in critical condition this morning after a double decker bus, a tour bus, slammed into cars and people in one of san francisco's most well-known tourist spots. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the driver of the bus to lose control and injure 20 people on friday. that bus which was carrying about 30 passengers sped down post street along union square hitting pedestrians and cars and a bicyclist along the way before finally crashing to a stop near stockton. the bus driver was also hurt and taken to the hospital. investigators will talk with him and 30 other witnesses to try to find out what went wrong. >> up next at 11:00, figuring out how to get around san francisco just got easier. we'll tell you about a new app out just this morning. plus, some snow in the sierra to whipping winds in the bay area. we'll show you the havoc wreaked by this weekend's wild weather.
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and temperatures are getting a little bit milder now under sunshine and highs expected in the low 60s. i'll detail that and a look ahead to the rest of the week coming up. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips, or e-mail t nbc bay area, we investigate.
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welcome back here on this monday morning. a couple of minutes ago we showed you the moment of silence on the stock exchanges as we remembered paris. now to the action. dow up about 50 points this morning. we're seeing a lot of recovery in oil prices. well, facebook is going to expand its safety check. that's the thing that pops up automatically on facebook if it detects you are in the area of a huge emergency. here's an example. are you okay after the big menlo park earthquake? now, there wasn't menlo park earthquake. this is just a for instance.
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but you would have two choices in this situation. i'm okay, or i'm not in the area. this puts some pressure on facebook to decide what is and what is not a disaster big enough to set off that alarm. it's not automated. someone in menlo park has to make that call. facebook came under some criticism as did the news media for concentrating on paris at the expense of lebanon. there was a terror strike there too, but the safety check was not used there. and you'll find less mention of it in the news. about a third as many people died in beirut as in paris, and that means perhaps there is some kind of criteria for our attention. a big buyout to tell you about this morning. marriott is buying starwood hotels to create the biggest star chain in the world. starwood owns the st. francis on union square, the regis and all the sub chains as well as w hotels and the loft. watch shares of electronic arts in redwood city. big week for ea. at midnight tonight it releases
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the much-anticipated "star wars" battle front. there have been several big video game releases this fall, so teachers if your kids are sick tomorrow, you'll know why. and kids, if you have a sub tomorrow, you'll know why as well. amazon's going to lower the price of its new fire tablet $35 on black friday. this is the best selling product on amazon already at $50. consumer reports says this morning the new fire tablet is basically a great tablet for the price. not as good as an ipad, but an ipad is eight times more expensive. and, kris, over on the right hand side is the new smartphone from walmart that costs out the door on sale $9.82. and several bloggers have pointed out that lg smartphone has better specifications than the original iphone. how far we have come and how cheap technology has gotten. >> but is it one of those models where they're just trying to get it out the door because you'll
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buy all kind of content and they'll make the money on the other snend. >> that would be one reason and also you have to subscribe to a monthly cell phone plan. but the technology itself, remember an iphone originally was about $800 before they dropped the price to $600. >> i feel like oprah. telephones for everyone. smartphones for everyone. so if you're having trouble finding the right change for your muni ride or have a hard time figuring out the ticket machine, there's an app for that. a new mobile app will allow kmu commuters to pay fares with a few swipes and pushes. select passengers have been test driving that app since october, but it is supposed to officially go online for all commuters today. and now to an investigative unit exclusive. the cases shocked our community three different shootings this summer in which the gun involved was stolen including the case of kate steinle shot and killed on pier 14 in san francisco. right now our investigative team is uncovering just how many guns
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are stolen in the bay area and across the country. for the first time we dig up the number of guns stolen from local police officers which then end up in the hands of criminals. >> firearms are highly sought after. and there are rings that we have worked and continue to work that specifically are looking for firearms. and specifically targeting houses or persons because they believe that they are firearms owners. >> including law enforcement? >> including law enforcement, absolutely. >> our team found one department that can't account for some 300 guns. and we investigate what law enforcement is doing to fix that problem. that's tonight at 11:00, right here on nbc bay area news. meantime, if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call at 888-996-tips. or send an e-mail to actor charlie sheen is set to make a revealing personal
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announcement on the "today" show tomorrow. sheen will sit down with matt lauer for an interview in studio 1a. tmz and the daily mail say he is going to say he is hiv positive. sheen has reportedly kept that diagnosis secret for years again making that announcement tomorrow on "today." a rare tornado touched down in the central valley leaving quite a mess in its wake. this is cell phone video showing it moving through stanislaus county yesterday. that twister touched down in denair about 15 miles from modes modesto. the twister knocked out power and gas lines, tore off part of a roof church and shook the people who live there. >> i saw the tornado, i was at the stop sign. and i saw it. it went through the trailer park over here but it didn't hurt any trailers. my mom lives in there. i stopped. they were all okay. >> thankfully. now no one was hurt. a survey team is heading there
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today to determine the twister's strength. let's check our own weather which looks wonderful by comparison no matter who you're comparing it to. >> yeah. brought those storms that we had the cold front did it brought that over towards central valley. but for us we just had some really strong winds. and it's still breezy as we get a live look now at the golden gate bridge. everyone out there really bundled up after such a chilly start. and that front that rolled through brought us some spots close to half an inch of rain. but most of us anywhere from about 0.4 up to 0.75 around santa cruz. so a nice soaking for those sunday rainfall totals. a look at how much we've had for the month to date. in san jose and livermore we've had more than average, but much less than average as you head up north of san francisco and oakland where we've measured so far over an inch of rain. but the average amount is 2.5 inches. but we do still have more month to go and hopefully we'll be
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able to at least get on par for average. but it looks dry these next several days. a look at all the microclimates now. our temperatures are in the mid-50s. and a closer look now at the south bay. willow glen 57 degrees. sunnyvale 54. also 56 in santa teresa. not too bad after starting out in the upper 30s this morning. still breezy and the winds stay up coming in from the north as we go through the day. the numbers show you the wind speeds in miles per hour. so as you drive home you have to keep a close tight grip on that steering wheel with those winds at times sustained at 25 miles an hour. and even higher gusts. so those north-to-south oriented roads you have to watch it out there. look at the microclimates, our highs today will be in the upper 50s to lower 60s. and 65 in santa rosa while oakland tops out at 63. and livermore today up to 60 degrees, which is cooler than average. but over the next few days we
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will have some warmer air moving in. and if you're looking for a good day to head out on the boat or if you want to catch some waves, today not a good day because it will be still very windy. a small craft advisory in effect. the waves up to anywhere from 15 to 20 feet. and the sustained winds up to 45 miles an hour along those area beaches. so definitely a dangerous situation out there. but once again calming down as we go through the rest of the week. and our temperatures warming up too. the outlook for the tri-valley into the upper 60s. the average high 65 degrees. so we'll be warming up and also looking dry as we head into the weekend. i'll give you a closer look at the weekend and what to expect as you make those plans. that's coming up a little bit later. for now back to you, scott and kris. >> all right. assuming you had to dodge a couple branches on my way in. >> boy, it was windy. up next, a south bay plant making changes to the sanctuary city clause. coming up, access hollywood
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live followed by days of our lives at 1:00 p.m. immigration - and sanctuary city
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policies - will be front and the hot button issue of immigration and sanctuary city policies will be front and center tomorrow in san jose. that's when santa clara county supervisors will discuss a wide range of immigration issues including reigning in the county's four-year-old policy removing cooperation with federal immigration agents.
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among other things the county's sanctuary policy does not require federal agents to be identified when an undocumented immigrant inmate is released back into the community. apparently there's too much pot growing in petaluma. leaders there reportedly ready to tighten the rules. the press democrat reports city council members will meet tonight to vote to ban growing outdoor marijuana plants. bans supporters cite the theft, smell and public nuisance complaint. city leaders want to restrict growing to limited enclosed structures that lock. that plan also calls for a crackdown on large scale pot farms farmed under the cloak of providing medical marijuana. up next at 11:00, exotic wildlife, some endangered and threatened, killed abroad for sport and shipped back home to the u.s. as trophies. >> there's really very little scrutiny of these animals coming in at all. >> our investigation into the high priced hobby known as trophy hunting. ==scott//2 shot== endangered
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and d shipped to the u-s as an animal trophy. our investigative unit discovered that it endangered and threatened and shipped back to the u.s. as an animal trophy. our investigative unit discovered it happens all the time at ports across the country, even weekly here in the bay area. >> american hunters kill more than 70,000 animals abroad for sport each and every year, but now a former top government official is raising serious questions over how the u.s. regulates that industry. investigative reporter biga bigad shaban has been looking into this for a while. >> the high priced trophy got a lot of attention after a u.s. hunter killed a well-known lion in zimbabwe named cecil. organizers were accused of illegally luring that lion out of a wildlife refuge. but we discovered killing lions for sport is generally allowed, even though the species population is at historic lows. in fact, federal records we obtained show that in the very same month cecil was shot, 69
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other lions in africa were also killed by american hunters, all for sport. and more arrive to the u.s. almost every day. behind these crates are some of the most sought after animals in africa. a blue wildebeest, an antelope, even a lion. they're all hunting trophies, legally shot and killed abroad for sport. >> where's the skull? >> we were granted rare access to join federal wildlife agents as they inspected trophy shipments coming into the port of san francisco. most are covered in pesticide to keep them from rotting. so the inspectors wear protective masks. >> got the buffalo. >> reporter: anne marie leads the team. >> for the people that want to go kill a lion and bring it home as a trophy, this is what we see. it's been turned inside out so you can see across the top where
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the neck and head go, and then you have the four feet. >> you can actually see the bullet hole right there. >> yes, on that side you can see the bullet hole. >> about how often do you get lions like this? >> i would say probably one a week. >> reporter: we obtained more than 25,000 pages worth of federal records from the u.s. fish and wildlife service. and discovered at least 1.2 million sport hunted trophies have been imported into the united states over the past 15 years. that includes 4,900 elephants which the u.s. considers threatened. more than 6,000 leopards also threatened. 513 rhinos, even more vulnerable since they're listed as endangered. and more than 7,200 lions. the federal government proposed listing them as threatened back in october of last year. but since then 601 lions were killed abroad for sport and imported into the u.s. as trophies. all legally. so the fact it may be endangered or threatened doesn't
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necessarily mean it can't be hunted and brought back into the u.s. as a trophy? >> correct. it just means you're going to have to have a lot more paperwork and go through a lot more steps to be able to get those permits to bring it in. >> reporter: endangered and threatened animals are shipped to the u.s. almost every other day. it's u.s. policy to approve those shipments only if the foreign country allowing the hunting also has a conservation program in place to help strengthen that animal's overall population. some wildlife experts see it as a bizarre balancing act. while others view sport hunting as a financial tool to preserve wildlife. killing a single lion can cost hunters up to $71,000. across africa sport hunting is estimated to bring in more than $200 million each year. >> it's the trafficking more than the hunting that's the big issue. >> reporter: david hayes is a former deputy secretary for the department of interior. and for six years oversaw the u.s. fish and wildlife service. in duties in regulating the
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import of sport hunted trophies, you aren't the clinton and obama administrations. >> if the fund thag is used for for sport hunting is then plowed back into protection of the habitat, then that can be a net benefit. >> have you found that money is always going to where it's intended to? >> well, that's a major question. it's tough because these are fish and wildlife service biologists sitting here in the united states making decisions about what's going on over in africa. >> reporter: hayes says poachers capitalize on the limited oversight by routinely using sport hunting as a front to be able to kill wildlife and sell it on the black market. last year the u.s. government banned sport hunted elephant trophies from zimbabwe and tanzania. >> it made that decision in part because it couldn't tell where the money was going. there was no sport hunting involved. it was essentially massacre of elephants that was occurring. >> reporter: but with a limited staff is it possible they could be missing other infractions
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that are happening? >> oh, it's certainly possible. yes. sure. >> gives us all a bad name. >> reporter: michael sutton is a former federal wildlife agent and past president of the california fish and game commission. how often do you think some of these sport hunted trophies are coming into the u.s. illegally? >> i think it happens all the time. >> reporter: sutton is an avid hunter for food but is now calling for a ban on hunting for trophies. >> ordinarily it's not even a wildlife inspector that looks at those trophies. it may be a customs inspector who looks and makes sure they have the proper paperwork and then they come in. there's very little scrutiny of these animals coming in at all. >> soak this overnight to rehydrate it so it's stretch chi and pliable. >> reporter: jeffrey makes a living trying to bring back the dead. >> it has emotion. it's alive. >> reporter: he's a taxidermist just outside of san francisco. >> this is just fire clay. >> reporter: and has been mounting animal trophies for over 40 years. he's also a trophy hunter himself and says the value
11:35 am
hunting puts on animals means more money for wildlife reservations to breed more animals. >> hunting protects these populations, maintains the populations, without hunting, they'll disappear. >> reporter: some scientists agree and believe killing weaker, older and more aggressive animals can actually help a species thrive, but hunters can't always identify those types of animals. in africa only 20,000 lions are left. the population has declined 33% over the past decade. during that same time period u.s. hunters killed 760 lions. and about 13% of those trophies entered the u.s. through the port of san francisco. are inspectors able to check every sport hunted trophy that comes through here? >> no, not even close. i'd say at least 50% maybe. there's only four wildlife inspectors for the whole port of san francisco, oakland and san jose. so we have to use our time wisely. >> reporter: the u.s. is
11:36 am
expected to take in at least 10,000 more sport hunted trophies just over the next two months. some of those animals will likely be endangered or threatened, leaving some to question whether killing wildlife truly is the best way to protect it. we wanted to give top officials at the u.s. fish and wildlife service a chance to respond to the criticism that the agency may not have the resources necessary to determine whether conservation programs abroad are actually doing what they claim. but they declined to be interviewed. the agency did send us a statement saying we do everything we can to fulfill our legal obligations and make required findings with the resources available to us. they went onto say we plan to propose changes to our permit fees to more accurately reflect the resources required to make these findings. now, the agency wouldn't say how many people it plans to hire or when. >> now, we did see the situation where there was some elephants with the zimbabwe where they said, listen, they're endangered, you may not bring
11:37 am
them into the united states. is it possible they may expand that to other species and other countries? >> well, the argument we spoke with some of the representatives sort of involved with this on the ground saying that this is an example of where the united states was able to actually verify that these conservation programs were not legitimate. and what the u.s. can do is then go ahead and ban the import. they certainly have no jurisdiction on telling another country what is or is not allowed. >> sure. >> when it comes to hunting, but does have the power to go ahead and ban. that's something they say they're reviewing all the time. but again, you do have representatives, many of the biologists are in d.c. doing this work. although the agency tells us they do make some actually field trips to some of these countries periodically. >> but again the power there. all we can say is you can't bring it back. thank you very much. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call at 888-996-tips or send an e-mail to controversy once again brewing for the boy scouts. this time it comes from sonoma
11:38 am
county. recently a handful of girls challenged the group's boys only boy scout policy. >> is it discrimination? here's nbc bay area's chuck copola with the gender battle. >> reporter: the issue came up when girls began participating in cub scout campouts. girls were not covered under the insurance policy, to become covered the girls are applying to join. in front of the top boy scout leaders in santa rosa, girls 10 to 13 years old handed their applications to a national executive of the organization to become cub scouts. the girls listed several reasons. >> because we get to learn more life skills and be outdoors a little more than in girl scouts. >> reporter: the girls say cub scout program activities are more relevant to them than traditional programs in girl scouts. >> i'm learning to interact with boys who i'm going to have to interact with when i get jobs, when i'm in college, when i'm in high school. >> reporter: the girls' parents are challenging the boy scouts mission which uses inclusive terms to describe participants.
11:39 am
>> their own mission statement says youth, young people. it doesn't say boys. >> reporter: girls not covered by insurance posed a glaring liability to the boy scouts on camp outs. council members voted to ask the national leadership to address whether girls could join at all levels. and how do you interpret this? sdpl that this council is being open, is willing to look into it. >> reporter: but change may not happen quickly. this same boy scout council has dealt with discrimination before opening scouting to gays, a battle that took more than 30 years and went into effect just two years ago. in santa rosa, chuck coppola, nbc bay area news. >> and a follow-up for you, more could be revealed this week about south bay's delayed hospital project. the new building at the santa clara valley medical center is months behind schedule, millions over budget. over the next few days the new construction company, bolt, is expected to finish its evaluation of the project. the former company, turner construction, is being sued by
11:40 am
the county right now. nbc bay area broke that story as the county's frustration boiled over. the buildings have missed several deadlines since construction began five years ago. a county spokesperson tells us the delays are costing santa clara county more than $100,000 a day. so mental health workers will not strike in oakland today after all. a health care workers union reached a tentative agreement with kaiser permanente in oakland allowing mental health workers to provide with affordable treatment without fear of discipline. officials have also agreed to rescind the proposed cuts to workers pension benefits. members will vote to ratify this agreement in the coming weeks. up next at 11:00, tens of thousands of people will flood into san francisco for the super bowl. they'll look for a way to get around. so why is the super bowl committee asking the city to tear down miles of cable to power muni?
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after some weekend rain we are drying out in sunol and the rest of the bay area with mostly sunny skies. and temperatures will be warming up. i'll show you just how warm coming up in just a few minutes. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips, or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate. superbowl 50 in february...the
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game is at levi's stadium the bay area plays host to super bowl 50 in february. the game of course at levy's stadium. >> but many of the festivities will be in san francisco including building super bowl city. planners are looking at the possibility of temporarily taking down muni overheadlines near justin hermann plaza. some are concerned about the potential impact and cost. nbc bay area's kristi smith has that from san francisco. >> reporter: well, planners say the tall height of some of the stages or installations may conflict with the height of the muni wires up above. one idea is to at least temporarily take them down, but that has some people concerned. while the super bowl will be in santa clara, super bowl city in san francisco will be a center for excitement leading up to it. a free to the public fan village, market street is expected to be closed from beil to justin herman plaza. >> specific plans have not been finalized, but we're continuing
11:45 am
to work with them to ensure whatever plan that does go forward impacts the least amount of people as possible. >> reporter: the host committee is still formlating a plan but it may include temporarily taking down muni overhead wires along market where muni would already be rerouted from beil to the plaza just as tens of thousands of super bowl revelers descend on the city. >> operational only just to make sure that any kind of stages, activities that are there for the festivities would not impede on the wires that are overhead, make sure that there's no damage, make sure everyone is going to be safe. >> if it is a safety issue, then certainly i think the city should consider it. and also consider the alternatives to it. but if the reasons are more superficial, i don't see a reason why we should impose on our workers and our residents who rely on muni every day to get to work. >> reporter: supervisor jane kim wants more details, but she's concerned. >> but what it will impact is muni service after the festivities are over and prior given the amount of time it may take to take down and then put
11:46 am
back up muni overhead wires. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the host committee says if there is a cost associated with temporarily bringing those wires down, they would cover it. meantime, a final transportation plan is expected in the coming weeks. in san francisco, kristi smith, nbc bay area news. well, to the south bay. lace up your ice skates. the south bay winter season tradition is back. san jose's downtown ice rink is open right in the heart of downtown san jose. this afternoon olympic figure skater gold medalist kristi y yamaguchi will be on hand. it's open now through february 7th. all we ask, mike, is he stay on his feet and not fall down. >> i was going to say spend a lot of time on my bottom out there. it's delightful. meteorologist kari hall, it's a little warm, little cool, what do you think? >> well, it was so cool this morning, but it's starting to warm up just a bit. but it's still very windy as we take a live look now from mt.
11:47 am
hamilton. well, you can't tell from the camera, but yesterday we had some very strong wind gusts. ocean beach the highest gust 55 miles an hour. and san francisco 53, that's why we did have a lot of trees down. you may have seen those tumble weeds. and it's still very windy even as you cross the bridges like san mateo bridge. you have to keep a tight grip on that steering wheel. and looking at those wind gusts still yesterday the highest wind gusts in parts of the south bay close to 40 miles an hour. and this is the way it will look as we go through the day. not so windy, but we will have some higher gusts. these are sustained winds coming in from the north up to about 25 miles an hour. so during the evening commute crossing the bridges you do have to keep that in mind. even as we go into tonight still fairly breezy, but that will also keep us from seeing those temperatures dipping very quickly as we go into tonight. the windy conditions kind of keep the air mixed a little bit better. and our microclimate showing the temperatures now in the 50s.
11:48 am
even some upper 50s. so we are getting closer to that 60 degree mark in castro valley. hopefully you enjoyed that light parade over the weekend. in pleasanton 55 degrees, brentwood, 58 degrees. so with all of that sunshine taking it hour by hour in san jose 1:00 we're at 58 degrees. briefly hitting 60 degrees before it dips back into the 50s. 6:00 heading out to dinner it will be 54. and then into the upper 40s for tonight with still once again those breezy winds making it feel a little bit cooler. so all the microclimates keeping it below average for most of the bay area. only in the upper 50s to lower 60s. and then as we go into the next few days if you check out that seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, you do see that it will be warming up. here's a look at the south bay outlook. 60 today, 65 tomorrow. we're heading in the right direction. the average high is 68 degrees. we will be above average thursday as well as into friday and that will also set the trend for the weekend. so as we head into that weekend
11:49 am
forecast, 73 degrees in parts of the south bay on friday, saturday 71 degrees. and then on sunday we will have temperatures dipping just a couple of degrees. we'll have yet again another cold front moving in, but this one doesn't look like it will bring us any rain. but it will be windy. and some slightly cooler temperatures heading into the start of next week. but as you can see over the next few days there is no rain in that forecast. and it was good to have that rain yesterday. but it looks like we'll have several days without any more showers moving into the bay area. scott and kris. >> all right. thank you very much, kari. >> back in a moment. coming up after nbc bay area news at 11:00 "access hollywood live" followed by "days of our lives" at 1:00 p.m.
11:50 am
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tower... and welcome back to you, you are looking at a live picture of
11:52 am
the eiffel tower lit up in the tricolor of blue, white and red as france continues to search for a suspect and continues to mourn after one of the worst terrorist attacks in europe. well, you may know by now that even makeup has an expiration date. >> doctors say the longer you keep it the more bacteria you could be exposing yourself to. haley hernandez clues us in on some of the dangers lurking inside the makeup bag. >> every square inch of this bag is covered in makeup. >> reporter: i took these makeup bags to dr. sher ri ingraham to help us clean up. she says all powders, moisturizers and sunscreens are made to last three years unopened. once you open it bacteria begins to grow. >> a year later if you haven't used it, go ahead toss it. if the product starts to separate or smell in any way,
11:53 am
toss it. >> i do the smell test, which is kind of gross. i don't remember when i bought it. >> reporter: she says mascara has an even authority short e three to six month life span. >> if you notice anything smell off at all, kind of a dirty or soilly smell, once it clumps at all, it's time to go. >> can eye shadow go bad? i don't think it can, right? i have eye shadows for years. >> reporter: join the club, but yes, in fact, eye shadow gets old and should be thrown out, especially if you get eye infections. >> it can literally stay in those products and you can reinfect yourself. >> i lost my brushes. >> reporter: bingo, she says clean your brushes every two weeks to remove bacteria that can spread infections or cause acne. >> take a little shampoo, wash and lay flat to dry. >> reporter: she says it's fine to clean with cleansers and removers as long as you remember to use them. >> you'll notice that the bottle is practically full. >> reporter: and i bet you didn't think of this. where you store expensive face creams might be compromising the
11:54 am
integrity of the product. >> things that are not as stable, vitamin c, antioxidants, those need to be kept in a cool, dry place, not in a hot, warm bathroom. you may want to put some of these products in your refrigerator. >> you know, i have a makeup bag. >> is it clean? >> no. >> let's clean it. we'll be right back. running all over? in
11:55 am
11:56 am
philadelphia -- it's two zebras sounds like one of the jokes my kids make, what is black and white is running all over? two zebras in philadelphia.
11:57 am
>> this happened when the animals decided to run away from the circus just prior to the show time yesterday afternoon. authorities hooked it and within the hour they have managed to safely wrangle the pair. everybody, zebras included, are doing just fine. they are wearing those jail suits. >> yeah, big old number across the front. thanks so much for joining us. our next newscast is tonight at 5:00. >> get all the latest information all day have a good day. we'll see you tomorrow. >> bye. ===today topical open=== a man shot and killed by police after he pointed a replica gun at officers.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
. >> cold play performing john lennon's imagine in the call for peace on "access hollywood" live. i'm billy bush. >> i'm kit hoover. the bells tolled at notre dame last night. another one of the tributes i thought was nice. here's the bells tolling right there.


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