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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 3, 2015 10:45pm-11:35pm PST

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mejuáz here in san bernardino. tonight an emotional vigil filled with, song, prayer and moments of reflection. >> california's drought, we press÷ú leaders about solutions that we found in a country that fixed it own water crisis.
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♪ life. just when you think you know where it's going, it takes you someplace else. covered california is here to ifornians who need health insurance get it. because it's more than just health care. it's life care. bernardino as the community comes together for a candlelight vigil... and pledges to come back stronger in the wake of that mass shooting. >> as the community comes tolgt for a candlelight vigil and pledges to come back stronger in the wake of that mass shooting. good÷ú evening i'm jessica, gar joined with live in sanbern dean know tonight, raj. >> good evening, jessica, we continue our live coverage heres anchoring our shows here from southern california. what we saw here tonight was remarkable. this is not one of the three crime scenes around this eight-mile radius. thisp scene was a lot differenc.
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we were at a minor league baseball stadium here. hundreds of people, in fact more than 2,000 people showed up. there was a lot of hugging, emotional singing. ♪ç god bless america >> pretty powerful scene here, really, with a gather. this gave people here in this area justmy a chance to share their feelings about what we've experienced, really, as a country and specifically as a community here at southern california. what we've all experienced in the last dayç and a half. with me now among our many reporters, is cheryl, we've done these a lot of times, these vigils. what stood out for you tonight?! i thought that moment there when they were singing "god bless america" was incredible? >> i've gotç the sense this community really needs to heal and it's going to take a long
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time. but the process, definitely started tonight. and a lot of reflection and prayer for the 35 families effected by the mass shooting iú sanbe san bernardino.a >> together as a family and as a community inside the çstadium. >> this tragedy paralyzes, keeps moving forward and closer ÷ú together. >> reporter: every denomination represented tonight. >> even when it's in strike, it's arrogant. they didn't know that they were going to be striking against thç city of san bernardino. they didn't know that they were going to be in the toughest city in the empire.
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>> reporter: 14 people lost tha) lives on wednesday, 21 others injured. the people here holding their candles close along with the children who are being forced to understand howzv life can be tan away in an instant, and no one knows why. >> my little one asks, there's a lot of moms that were taken, and i was like,ç i couldn't answer that question. i was kind of sad at that time, so, yeah, we're all down here to share what was going on, so the the loss and the tragedy. >> reporter: now, you can hear his voice breaking in that interview tonight. and seeing the littleç ones really breaks your heart, they're getting a real tough lesson. >> it was tough for all of us. >> reporter: whether you're in that stadium, to digest÷ú what s going on in there as this is all unfolding for us. >> reporter: these people live here, and they're going to have to get over it, but it's going to take a long time. >> among thp victims here, the people tonight new some of the
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victims some didn't know them at all. the bottom line there are 14 souls that have been lost. eight men÷ú and six women, manyf them colleagues, one of the attackers.ç nbc bay area ian has a glimpse of some of the lives that were taken away. >> 14 people, fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, like michael, a father of six, his youngest just one. his wife posting today michael was the most÷ú amazing person. he was my best friend and an incredible father who was loved by all. others killed at the center yesterday include damien, a worker who played santa for d8 children. sierra, a sister posted a she lives life to the fullest. >> his wife, jennifer, said he
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knew the gunman. >> he knew÷ú him. he had worked with him and he never had anything bad to say about him. >> this was the moment reyes found out that his partner had ! died. until now ryan had hope that daniel kaufman made it out of work alive, but he never did. >> i immediately freaked out, tried to call him. >> and thei"ú father, adam, a husband and proud dad of a young girl who was born after the couple tried for some time. tonight, ymspouses, children, a friends of the 14 are asking for answers in support.ç nbc. >> reporter: they have the support of southern california and really the entire nation. now, we want to focus our attention, at least most of our attention ton the victims here and thep lives as their loved ones as well. there are updates from the suspects, the attackers in this crime. we'll start with the primary suspect, and we are÷ú talking
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about investigators are telling us, that he had become radical liezed in the lasts18-24 months and was communicating and kelkting with islamic extremist. he is a u.s. citizen, but he had traveled recently to saud arab ](r&t he met his wife and husband and wife team who they met overseas and married leaves behind a six month old daughter. behind a six month old daughter. now they also leave behinda thousands of rounds of unused ammunition and 12 pipe bombs, 12 pipe bombs, to be act. source within theym atf tells n with the hundreds of rounds stock piled, they were ready for a miniwar. that's atf source goes on to attack was unsophisticated but they did as follow simple instructions of bomb makings. we're learning a lot more about these suspects and what happens now in these next days to come, everybody in the weeks to come. very critical point these next
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72 hours, really is to find the social media imprint and÷ú real friendsic search of their laptop and their phone and really to find out, also, the enkripgss on the apps that they used. we'll be very clear, here, the fbi and thezv atf have a lot of answers they're not revealing to the public and they might not reveal for us for the next months or years to come. jessica, we'll see you later on in the newscast. >> okay. we'll see you then, raj. as we also focus on the survivors tonight, we're hearing more stories from them, including the countysfood inspector at that deadly holiday party who decided moments before the shooting to take a rest room break. it's a decision that saved his >> somebody asked, i didn't realize he wasn't there. i left to use the rest room. i hear explosions. the walls plumling i çlook, i e bloody, secured the rest room so nobody could enter. i laid on the flooru! and put m
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feet against the door and i had the other gentleman beside me. >> he wasn't going to be able to get it in. if he did,ym it would be over o dead bodies. when the s.w.a.t. team came, we ran. i told them i was a medic and one of my good friends was shot and ip tried to render her aid with what medical equipment she had. she got shot multixld times. that wasn't were the entries were. take each day as cherished as can be. >>ç you heard him mention fa r at the beginning of that interview. he later learned fa ruk, a fellow health÷ú inspector with whom he shared a cubicle. of course, we'll have more on the investigation and then an aftermath on air and online at nbc posted on our web site, also on all of our social media
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platforms. we have new video tonight of a serious car crash, possiblyç caused by today's wet weather. it happened at the itersection of buchanan. the driver of that yellow mustang lost control of the carç slammed into a tree. it was so bad that the firefighters had to cut the roof off the car to rescue the driver. the driver just 20 years old anç seriously hurt. >> this wet weather is not over, it could be impacting your porn morching commute. we're talking aboutç still wetn the a.m. >> that's exactly right. near the÷ú jet stream that we could have some spotty showers for tomorrow, not only that, the roadways remain dangerous. it will be like an after storm tomorrow, we'll need theswipers and possibly windshield wipers and umbrellas again. check this out, overp an inch,4
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in hedaluma. now, the area that continues to see some of the heaviest activity is across interstate 80, çalso highway 50 not advis for travel this way at least in the next three to six hours. it's going to be dangerously slick, but good news ÷úhere, wee picked up at least seven inches on the higher levels. coming up in the full forecast, around 1:00 p.m. show, we'll track another storm system and another chance of some rain and snow and that's in about 25 minutes. >> our system is based on how we >> a fight everyone loses if california doesn't do something to solve our drought. tonight we investigate and go tç sacramento and find out what state officials there are going to do to change things.
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anger over deadly police shooting spilled over to the streets tonight. and÷ú disturbing attack on the college campus. we're back with more, in two. we entered into the
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conference room... the situation was surreall outcue: situation was surreal farook. >> as we entered into÷ú the conference room, the situation was surreal. >> it was the first on the scene of a mass shooting in southern california, tonight, in his own words, the carnage that he came face to face with it. good evening everyone i'm san bernardino have now been identified the youngest was 26 years old and the oldest 60. among the victims, a father of c six. we are also learning more about the suspect syed farook and his wife. authorities say farook may have
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been v:radicalized. the feds revealed he had contact with person of interests locally and overseas. the couple had a small arsenal. they foundym 12 pipe bombs and more than 4,000 rounds of ammunition inside their home. finally a small step towards healing. it began tonight in san bernardino. hundreds came out to mourn together during an emotional candlelight vigil. i'm joined now by raj who has been anchoring our coverage.ç raj i know you were at that vigil it was powerful and yet painful at the same time. >> reporter: it was all of those things, jessica, yes it waszv powerful and great collection of this community. so many people that we talked to today around this town just said, i can't believe it's happening here to our town, but it is happening çhere. these are conversations that we're having at all of our dinner tables across the country and places of worship and our offices and school about why tonight was a nice way for
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people here in san bernardino to kind of reflect and try to move forward. we talked about the people, the business at hand, and it is a u! job for these first responders to come on to the scene quickly. but this is amazing. we spoke with just earlier tonight, lieutenant mike madden who described what he saw÷ú whe he entered the scene yesterday at around 11:00 a.m. >> it was unspeakable, the carnage that we were seeing, the number of people who weres injured. and unfortunately already dead. and the pure panic on the face of those individuals that were still in need and needing to be safe. we asked -- we got as many people out as quickly as we could. estimated talking with the other officers who were with me, probably 50 people responded passed us and out the doors. and then weç went further into the building and that was a difficult choice to have to
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make, as well, passing people that we knew were injuredç and needing assistance. but our goal at that time had to be trying to locate the shooters and dealç with them. >> we never want to take forgranted the jobs and duties first responsibilities. we want to take lieutenant mike  of officers here in the area. and remember, we have three crime scenes it's not just that health facility, it's also the streets where the suspects were killed in that shoot out with lawç enforcement and also the third crime scene is where the suspect lived in redland. we're hear also with nbc bay area cheryl herd. what stood outp to you about this, and we talked about one of the moments in this vigil they sang "god bless america" which was incredible. they also had a moment where cfo they honored these first responders. everything came to a hush? >> what really stood out is that these people here in san bernardino are really very s strong.
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a lot of people spoke here tonight including the mayor, first responders like you talked about and pastors from every wáp'd as people were leaving, ty lit candles right there at the stadium door. i talked to one woman who was from san bernardino and sheç summed up a very difficult night beautifully. >> i'm a woman of faith, i'll just -- i'll pray and stay vigilant and holdç on to that which is valuable. love a lidle harder. say i love you a little bit more and treasure life one day atç time. >> reporter: pretty incredible, cheryl. we've covered these individuals so -- vigils so often. >> it's unfortunate that you have to remember some+qkejt lik this at a crisis like this. >> we spoke with one lady who worked for the county and she was at the scene yesterday. we spoke with her÷ú earlier tonight and she was really emotional and said she knew many of the victims who died
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yesterday. her name was lid ya, take a look. >> are youç surprised this happened in your town? >> no, i'm going to say that they're going to try to do everything that they can to bring us down, but nothing is going to bring esç down because we're going to stick together. san bernardino, river side, all of us, the inland empire, we're all here as a fpar&y. >> reporter: thank you, i'll let you go now. sorry about your loss. >> reporter: it is difficult and emotional for so many people the questions and the answers aren't very easy. we don't know the answers of why this happened and why this continues to happen in this country. but at least peopleç got to be with their community members here. again, really, this is a national conversation that we're all having. we'll send it back to you.ç >> thank you very much, raj. anger over deadly officer-involved shooting spilled into the streets of san francisco tonight.
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you're looking right there,s protesters marching. this happened this evening. they're calling for action against the officers who shot and killed mario woods last night. thatç shooting was caught on camera and shared on social media. activists claim the video shows police did not have to shoot the 26-year-old, but police say woods was dangerous, pointingko out he had already stabbed someone and he refused multiple orders to drop the knife, after officers used nonlethal weapon.o the public defender said woods was not threatening anyone when the officers shot him five times. >> at least four ofsthose rounds were the larger impact, you can actually see him in the video, he doubles over one time, that's from theç striking from one of the bean bags, he would not drop the knife. >> he's lunging at the officers. sozv why are the why -- the pole
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department is holding a community meeting tomorrow in the bay to discuss theu! shooti and a large crowd is expected. new at 11 tonight, uc berkeley student is recovering from an attempted sexual s assault. a homeless man attacked a student. officers say the man hit the girl from behind knocking her on theç grassy area. >> he pinned her to the ground she tried to yell for help and she covered her mouth. i'm not to give you too much he was going to try and sexually assault her and at that point he also robbed her of her phone and of her identification and fled the area. >>p that doesn't make me feel comfortable. personally, i'm okay with it. i don't feel threatened, generally, but it'sç scarey fo everyone. >> police arrested 51-year-old allen. officers say they found him not far from where that attack
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happened and that they found him happened and thaoung woman's st him. allen is expected to answer a long list of felony charges in court tomorrow. oakland city leaders want to followç san francisco leads an require residents to lock up their guns. they want to ban large capacity gun magazines within city limits. thatym proposal, the lost and stolen police guns in the bay area and across the nation. our team also discovered that more than 1 million guns have been stolen fromç ordinary citizens in this country. after our story aired, san francisco city council member propose÷ú tightening rules. tomorrow two members will hold the news conference to announce the proposal for stricter gun storagehrules, as well as out right ban on large capacity gun magazines this is coming on the heels of yesterday's shooting ip san bernardino. so will there be crowds for
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christmas? it will be unclear when the crab season reopen. officials met today. and while crabsç is some regio are testing clear, some are showing a high level of dangerous toxin. test results need top come back negative for two-weeks in a row before the crabs can be deemed safe to eat. and good evening, i'm meert rolg, jack, rain fall÷ú totals continue to come in after the storm system today. we have 26 hundredths in alamo. and we're tracking another chance of rain fall asç we hea throughout this weekend, plus we'll have a toyota tahoe snow report in just a few minutes. p and california record drought, more rain and snow just won't cut it. exclusive investigation coverage what will and we go to sacramento to get÷ú answers. plus he is always on the job, local sheriff's deputy held a hero for what he did inside a chicago airport.
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and,zv they are touchy phot that have gone viral. how santa went above and beyond to help a boy with autism. child living in califonriaour 4-
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year record drought ...that effects every man, woman, and child living in california. our four-year record drought that el nino simply won't fix. that's what steven spent the last four months asking how california might solve this crisis. i know you took your findings to sacramento. >> during our investigation we talked to 75 different experts from sacramento all the way to israel, every one of them agreed on one thing, solving this crisis isn't about hoping for more rain and snow, but about
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changing the historical attitude and policies towards water. >> from school playgrounds, to city skyline. fields of agriculture as far as the eye can see. life in israel doesn't look so different from life in california and the bay area. but look closer at the rainwater capture system designed and runned by fourth graders, or the roofs of nearly every building there to collect rainwater everywhere you look instead of satellite dishes or tv antennas that you see here or at under ground irrigation that uses a quarter of the water and produces double the plant yield, instead of spray irrigation that californiians use everywhere, from their front yards to their fields of crops. >> being innovative. >> to get a sense, at his appearance of the annual water
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water conference in tel aviv. >> we want to know, what can we learn from you when it comes to water? >> you cannot -- you can over come and make california as usual, green, beautiful with oranges. >> we took the same question to fe lish shamar kus, the chairwoman of california water resource board which sets regulatory policy for drinking water and surface water as well as mediating disputes involving the state's law. >> what can we learn? >> i think we israel you have the example of nation state that's managed to look at their water situation in the cool light of day and do what it takes. >> compare israel's approach to water to california. israeli citizen use about 62 gallons per person per day. california 80 gallons. israel recycles 85% of its waste water, california less than 7.
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israel artificially produces more than 60% for agriculture. california less than 10. then there's the water distributed and shared who owns, who gets to use it and who regulates it. >> our system is based on how we fight with each other. >> currently there are 412 different water districts in california, 2,600 smaller water agencies. from farmers, to urban dwellers to environmentalist, everyone is buying for their right to water. in fact, some water rights date back to 1886 or earlier in california when settlers put a stake down in the ground next to the stream and the rights to the water has been passed down from generation ever since. in comparison israel is a desert and smaller than california, but it's similar in size and population to the bay area. so even when comparing israel to the bay area, that country still leads this area by a wide margin. when it comes to per kapt that
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water consumption, storm water recovery, irrigation, and the biggest contrast of all, desal nation. >> do we still need to change when it comes to how we govern water? >> well, i'm sticking with making the system we have work better, which is at its heart, a 19th century system that got tuned up a bit in the 20th. and we have 20th. and some places 21st century infrastructure. there's a long way to go. >> we should streamline the way we administer and who receives water rights. >> california can't get better until change happens. she serves as director of the san francisco bay public policy institute, nonprofit nonpartisan research group calling for policy reforms in california that they say will help solve the problems we found during our investigation. >> right now california has this
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kind of complex system that nobody would have created if we started from scratch. >> we need reform. >> we need reform. what we're suggesting is that something that really can harness the creativity of californiians around the state and different watersheds. >> in mid november ppic issued this report calling for changes for water rights, trading and entiere environmental uses. >> what we've found is during this droughts, some wars have been revealed in our water allocation system, shall we say, and some complexities that we can simply fi to streamline our system so that it's more efficient and effective. so the alarm bells are to prepare for the future where we won't have more years like this. >> she and the governor and many other ordinary californiians recognize we can no longer rely on rain and snow. she says leaders in sacramento are planning for 40-year and 100-year droughts in the future. it's one of the reasons they
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successfully convinced california voters to approve a $7.5 billion bond measure to pay for watershed protection. >> i think the next decade is going to be a decade of experimentation where major urban centers depending on what their systems are, you'll see explosion of effort and conservation recycling and storm water. >> in light of our investigation and what it revealed, it's not enough. >> are we really ready or do we need to do more? >> i think we need to accelerate, but i think we need to show the voters we can spend this money wisely. >> do we need to become a unified state when it comes the to our approach to water, there's still too much, he said, she said, it's my water, that kind of thing? >> people are so adept at fighting with each other over water it's hard to stop and figure out how we can get better together. >> marcus said unless we stop fighting, nothing will change. we have a lot more on this
11:18 pm
subject, a very important subject, including timelines, maps, charts, behind the scene slide shows, even video travel logs from israel and back. we put all of this material on our web site, on a special web page called surviving the drought. we investigate the water crisis, just go to nbc bay >> it's fascinating to see all the players in this and everyone holding their own stake. >> that's right. >> what's at stake for all of us at stake. >> literally. in israel it's one. everybody is for one. here we're still divided. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> if you have a tip for stephen or anyone in the unit, give us a call at 888996 tips. join us with the forecast and we saw a good drenching today, how much more will we see? >> we'll get a little bit more as we head throughout this weekend. not going to compare to the storm system we had today which
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did bring .15 to half inch. now, the main portion of the storm system has moved off towards the eastern, left back behind it. we're calling for a slight chance of some showers tomorrow morning from the north bay right on down to san francisco, the peninsula and south bay. temperatures will start in the 40s and maybe the umbrella for a little bit. we'll show you the future cast and pinpoint some areas that may have a better chance. 7:30, most of us are cloudy. pretty slick here also across the bridges. north bay will have the best chance of road shower popping up from 7:30 through about 11:30. this may extend down towards san francisco as well. once we pass that 11:30 time zone we should be in clearing situation by the afternoon and increased sunshine. let's take you to that micro climate forecast and not too many micro climate differences for tomorrow. if you're heading let's say,
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over towards the south bay, you'll see some very similar temperatures. you can see san jose 60 degrees tomorrow. but the peninsula, looking sunny skies palo alto, nice day throughout -- tech companies heading to work, 62 degrees. and for the coastline here in san francisco, a chilly day with 50s. north bay, east bay, and also for the tri valley best weather here to alameda county, like danville, sunny and 61 for the east bay, oakland coming in at 62 and if you're here visiting heading up towards wine country a dry day with 61 degrees. before we leave you tonight we want to bring you toyota tahoe snow report. if you're headed up to towards the sierra there could not be a better time with all the recent snow, dry weather sfrid, temps in the 40s, by sunday, more snow coming on back. if you're headed to alpine meadows, 23-inch bases, machine snow and 16 runs open at squad
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valley and 11 at alpine meadows. >> i think i'm getting a really bad cold. i might not be here tomorrow. still ahead, facebook prepares to go live with big new experiment and here is jimmy. >> hey, guys, here is from flip, and
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california's coastline is a welcoming, wonderful home to everything from surfers to seals. attracting visitors from around the world, around the year. along the coast, protected areas are set aside to preserve a fragile community of animals and plants. to protect these natural wonders, here's what to know before you go. stay at least 300 feet away from seals. this is their home. don't touch marine life in tide pools. take away your trash and your happy memories. always enjoy and protect our marine habitats. great change comes from doing the right thing. like the radical idea
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that health isn't an industry. it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health. really off the job ---not if you're in law enforcement. ==take vo== a sheriff's deputy from san . >> proof tonight you're never really off the job, at least not if you're in law enforcement. sheriff deputy was in chicago last night traveling with his family. you can see, he's the man in the t-shirt and the sock helping to
11:24 pm
handcuff clark, also from san francisco, after clark reportedly punched airline gate super visor in the face. it happened when he mised his fight. >> concern for his safety, and again, just watching the news all day yesterday what was going op down in san bernardino, my senses were heightened and i wanted to make sure that wasn't going to be more of a threat. >> they heard everyone calling their dad a hero. once they heard that, their fear turned into pride. >> it sure did. the deputy said it was the first time his family got to see him in action. by the way, clark, is now charged with battery. big money san francisco based uber has raised more than $2 billion in its latest on funding in its six years uber has raised more than 10 billion. they're valued at $62 billion. money raised will be used to break into the trainees and
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other market asia markets. >> soon you'll be able to watch them live. the company begins new if -- let's you shoot video with your phone and other people watch it in real time. no word on when everyone will be able to broadcast live. we all know that santa has magical powers what he did to today to help a boy with awe tich and his family makes santa a miracle worker. he has sensory challenges. a special program autistic children arranged some one on one time after the store was closed. santa was able to get him to join him on the floor. they chatted together and then they took a perfect holiday so low. they even got high-five. very nice to see. okay it's hard to believe a finish in the nfl tonight, plus a giant winning proposal. sports is next.
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♪ we go over the mountains ♪ and under the stars ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ and under the stars [♪] here in the comcast sportsnet studios. while cal grad aaron rodgers and the packers have struggled mightly this season....this is >> cal grad, aaron rodgers and the packers struggle mightedly this season. you can never count them out. trailing in detroit. no timing remaining.
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rodgers, 61 yard hail mary pass to richard rogers for the game winning touchdown and 27-23, they trailed at one point 20-0 in this one. the warriors win. the reigning mvp named nba western conference for the month of october and november. he averaged with 31 points while shooting 51% and 45.5% from the three-point line. the only advantage gave to a close, thunder dunk, part of ucla dominance in his 87-77 upset over kentucky the top ranked wild cat. 45-1 dating back to last season coming into tonight's game at ucla. that's right. he proposed to his long-time girlfriend lexy in disney world. the outfielder is in third year of $90 million deal the
11:30 pm
fireworks didn't come as a huge expense. finally, reports coming from the san jose mercury news tonight that 49ers president is being reassigned to remain with the team as a salary cap administrator and contract negotiator. he has worked closely for two years more on this story as develops over night and tomorrow. more news coming up after the break. raj mathai continues our
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coverage... >> before we go tonight, we want to go back out to san bernardino, live, new developments in this case. >> reporter: jessica, another twist in this investigation, the associated press reporting late tonight, they're looking for the person who purchased the two rifles that were used in this attack yesterday. here is the issue, was that person working in conjunction with syed farook or were the two rifles stolen and then used in the attack yesterday. moving forward tonight and into tomorrow we're hoping to get some answers on where those rifles came from and if they were stolen. before we leave you tonight, one last look at this powerful and some beautiful images at this vigil here at this ballpark in
11:34 pm
san bernardino about 2,000 people gathering here trying to make sense of what we've seen in these last 24, 36 hours. there were tears, hugs and there was a lot of singing as well. we'll continue to anchor our coverage from san bernardino tomorrow, we'll see you then. jessica, we'll send it back to you. >> so much sadness, all right, thank you very much, raj, raj mentioned we'll have full coverage for you tomorrow. today in the bay beginning at 4:30 in the morning. you won't want to miss that. safe driving tomorrow. bye bye. ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- mindy kaling. daisy ridley. musical guest, gwen stefani.


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