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tv   Today  NBC  December 15, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PST

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. i don't know. >> oh. ♪ have yourself a merry little christmas ♪ >> this is a good version. oh, no! >> all right. i won't. >> no, it is beautiful and you know what i will say something that you don't hear me saying everyday to a kathie lee song -- crank it! >> this is my favorite.
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♪ have yourself a merry little christmas ♪ >> listen to the pipes. listen to those pipes. what? oh, dance? good. ♪ from now on our troubles will be miles away ♪ >> i'm ready for the dip. >> wow! >> wow! frank! frank has got some moves. >> yes. thank you, thank you. >> that was awesome. >> all righty, it is boozeday tuesday, december 15th, and only ten days left until christmas. >> that is just the start of the show. and now we we are sitting with the queen of comedy and me, and not you -- >> tina fey. >> and her movie "sisters" opens up in three days, and we will share some laughs with her. >> and we are decking or teching
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the halls -- >> look at that sweater. >> i have a fire in my belly. >> don't burn yourself, steve. >> i'm hot. >> and he is going to show us how the to make the perfect cocktail every time. >> it is the gadget. >> he is mr. gadget. >> and sugar ray's mark mcgrath is here, and they call themselves the merrymakers, and so we will have a little performance later to put you in the holiday spirit. >> yes. >> we started a little earlier last night with the new year's celebration. >> we whooped it up, kathie lee and i. look at the special for nbc and the party pals. >> this is the third time, right, hode? >> this is por ra raucous than the rest of them. >> and we are not mellowing at all. >> no, we are turning on the volume. and andy cohen has a special and then carson. >> and it is a toast to 2015. well, we made a toast today to willard scott after 65 years at
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nbc, and he is our uncle willard. he is. he retired today. and he started out as an nbc page just like regis did, but look, he was in 1950. >> wow. he is one of the people who just seem to represent america. when you saw him, you felt that everything would be okay. >> he is a completely joyful man. >> he has done 400,000 birthday announcements. >> on a personal note, we want to say, willard, thank you for caring for all of us, and the first one who has welcomed all of us to the show in our first days and also for being there with a hug or the pat on the back when times were good or bad. so willard, every time we are have seen each other over the past 20 years plus, we have always greeted each other with a hug and a kiss. while i am not there today, as i raise the glass to you, i want to ask al to be my surrogate
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hugger and kisser and say it is with a huge hug and kiss that we a all say, willard, thank you and god bless you. >> here, here. >> and don't you love that? >> and matt has the perfect tone. >> and al, too. al said that willard is like a second dad to him, and it just shows how close they are. >> and everybody has a willard story around here, but mine goes back the furthest? >> really? >> yes, i went to raise $10.52 for muscular dystrophy and the s this is an nbc news special report. here's brian williams. good day from new york and quickly now to los angeles. a news conference by, among others, the superintendent of schools ramon coines, about the momentous and first time ever decision there today to close all the schools in the l.a. unified school district.
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>> based on past circumstances, i could not take the chance as it relates to one student or our staff that serve our students. it is important that in the last four hours, this city, this community, has come together on behalf of our students, our students that are in the regular schools, our students that are in the charter schools, that are authorized by this school board, we are taking all sorts of precaution. our plant managers are walking the campus with law enforcement people. our plant managers and principals, with law enforcement, are looking at all of our schools, small, large schools, et cetera.
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we have made sure that our parents are notified through connect ed messages and we have repeated that time and time again. those students that walked to school, especially young children, neighborhood children, we have had the principals meet and administrators meet them at the gate of the school and they were not dismissed until parents came to pick them up, a guardian, et cetera. we are doing everything possible to make sure that children are safe, but that also students and parents understand that the precautions we are taking are done in a calming way, are done in a way that is in the best interest of everybody in this
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particular city. not only is it the city of l.a., as you know, the school district represents many independent cities, and we have reached out to them also. there are unincorporated areas in this school district that we have reached out to. i have reached out to the board of supervisors, i've reached out to the city council, i've notified the state superintendent of schools, i've notified the secretary of education. mainly because there are no secrets. somebody has sent information that leads us to pause and make sure that we are safe, that our children and our staff are safe. nobody could be more interested in this city than our mayor.
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our mayor and his staff, his staff has joined us early this morning, and our mayor is here now. i would like to turn it over to him. >> thank you very much, mr. superintendent. good morning, everybody. the decision to close the schools is not mine to make, but it is mine to support, as mayor of the city of los angeles. since san bernardino, we have seen whether it was our colleagues there who asked for the help of the los angeles police department as that shooting unfolded, or this morning when l.a. usd reached out to the los angeles police department and the city of l.a. for assistance, we are here because our first job is to ensure the people are safe in this city. it is very easy for people to jump to conclusions and i've been around long enough to know that usually what people think in the first few hours is not necessarily how it plays out in later hours. we see investigations un fold sometimes for a series of days, but decisions need to be made in a matter of minutes. i have been immediately on the
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phone when we learned of this with phil washington, the ceo of mta, to ensure that students could travel free on our busses and our rail lines today, to ensure they can get home safely, to make sure that they are able to get through this city without having to worry, because we know at love parents still have to continue -- a lot of parents still have to get to work and cannot even afford to miss one day. we are here, chief beck and i, with lapd's extensive leadership and training that connected some of the dots nationally on this. it was -- we, of course, reached out and the school district reached out immediately to our federal law enforcement officials who have been extra taxed in recent weeks since san bernardino, but to bring them into this investigation, but also it was in talking to our counterparts in new york and learning of other places, where now we realize this was not the only city to face that threat. we will continue to hope that this is nothing and that our children can be back at school tomorrow. but as a parent, and as a
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playeplayemayor, i'm here to support this school district as it seeks our help so we can look at each one of these campuses and make sure they are safe for all of our children. in an abundance of caution, it's something all of us who have children appreciate. we will be here, it continue to be here, we have also activated the city's emergency level at level one, lowest level but constant staffing, to make sure we can follow this, continue to share in the intelligence, work with our federal law enforcement officials and do whatever the school district asks of us. my number one priority is keeping this city safe and i will continue to do that no matter who reaches out to us, we have incredibly well-trained police force and one last thing i would say to the people of l.a., whether this pans out as something that could have happened or not and we might not ever be able to conclude that definitively, i do not want people to say because sometimes things don't result in a shooting or don't result in a foiled plot, to not speak up and to not speak out.
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we need to continue to have people, if you see something, say something. visit and learn how you can be more vigilant as we continue to live our lives here in the city of los angeles and the values we hold of freedom of our liberty, we want to make sure also that we are safe. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> to our viewers who have just joined us on the nbc television networks, to our viewers who have been following our live coverage on msnbc, on cable, and sirius xm radio. here is the situation we just watched up fold. the police chief is speaking
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now. the first man to speak in the yellow hat with the logo of cape cod, is the man right now at the center of this story this morning in los angeles. he is the superintendent of l.a. unified school district ramon cortines and it appears on early information, it was his call to shut down the schools in the l.a. unified district. let's listen to the police chief in los angeles, charlie beck. >> our best advice on moving forward. we were able to do that. the sprpuperintendent made a decision and we support his decision, as does the mayor. i would say this to people that are critical. it is very easy in hindsight to criticize the decision based on results that the decider could never have known. its is also very easy to criticize a decision when you no responsibility for the outcome
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of that decision. the school district safeguards three quarters of a million lives every day. when they make a decision, they have to take into account the safety of the children of los angeles. i think it's irresponsible to, based on facts that have yet to be determined, to criticize that decision at this point. all of us make tough choices. all of us have the same goal in mind. we want to keep our kids safe. these are tough times. these communities, our communities, southern california, has been through a lot in the recent weeks. should we risk putting our children through the same? i'm also joined by my partner in law enforcement here, the other half of what keeps the region safe, sheriff jim mcdonald, if
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it's okay i would like him to say a few words. >> speak. welcome, sir. >> thank you very much. just here to be able to, i guess, add a note of reassurance that we are working very closely together, once we became aware of this issue, we immediately became in contact. we have co-located our representatives in the emergency operations center and we then strategically from there started vetting the information that's available to us working with all of our partners at the federal, state and local level. we are blessed that in this region we have great relationships and when we have the need we come together in a way that i think you would all be very proud of, although we don't and can't really talk about it. a lot of work is being done to be able to run this to ground and we're working together to ensure that the 700,000 young people who go to l.a. unified are safe and that we continue to move forward with that common goal in mind. so i thank you for your understanding and for working with us as we deal with this very difficult issue.
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thank you. >> thank you. i want you to meet the chief of school police, mr. zipperman, and then i will turn it over to the board president to introduce the board. >> good afternoon. i just want to say, again, to all of my law enforcement colleagues, sheriff mcdonald, chief beck, honorable mayor, as indicated before, sometimes we have to make tough decisions as has already been stated. i assure you that our number one priority is the safety and security of not only our students, but our staff as well. we go based on the information we have. >> if you hear in any of the words of these officials a hint of anger or a flash of defensiveness, here's why. as we said, 900 schools shut this morning in los angeles. that affects close to three
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quarters of a million students, a number far greater than that when you add in all the employees, the bus drivers, the members of the community affected by this. in the hours after the superintendent there made the decision to shut down l.a. unified, second largest school district in the country, the top two officials here in the city of new york, the mayor and the police commissioner, bill bratton, former l.a. commissioner by the way, bill bratton, came out and said they suggested that l.a. overreacted. they said, in effect, they believe they saw the same threat and dismissed the threat as not credible. so we're going to hear phrases all day as we have been, phrases like an abundance of caution, phrases like "the cost of good intention." the fact is, this decision was made in the backyard of and in light of san bernardino, california, from the area they call the southland in through
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the area they call the inland empire of southern california. they, of course, have been in shock after that horrible terrorist attack and the loss of life there. let's bring in our justice correspondent, pete williams in washington, and pete, what we look is hard proof that these officials in both cities, this transcontinental threat, was broadcast via e-mail to both cities and they were looking at the same thing. >> well, we're told now, brian, is that the messages came from the same internet address, so they believe they were the same source, and that the messages were substantially similar, similar words in both cases, the same kind of generalized threats, then custom made for each school district at which they're sent. whether they were sent to other school districts, other than new york and los angeles, that we don't know, but we know at least that those two officials received them with very different results. it's also not entirely clear at
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this point how much of that was known to the l.a. officials when they had to make this decision in the early hours of the morning about whether there had been a similar message elsewhere and one of the things they may have had to consider is whether that was part of the effort to disguise the true source here, brian. >> pete williams in our washington bureau, our long-time justice correspondent. to those joining us on the nbc television network, there will be much more on this story, of course, news as it happens, we'll come on the air. on your early local news and, of course, tonight a complete wrap-up on "nbc nightly news." our coverage continues live on msnbc for now, i'm brian williams nny, and she would sit at the director's m monitor and then write new joke, and so then the jason moore the director would give us new joke s. because you have maya rudolphf there who knows what she is doing. >> yes. >> and so would you like to play
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a game? >> yes. >> it is how well you know your comedy movies. okay. ready. kath, you do the first one. >> okay. name the movie, this very famous line is from. put the candle back. >> from young frankenstein. >> okay. put the candle back! and from what movie is this quote, a relationship is like a shark, it has to constantly move forward or it dice and i think that we have our hands on a dead shark. >> "annie hall." >> you were going along with the exact words. >> how many times have you seen the movies? >> h a lot. >> in what infliction did the cowboy at the camp site suffer from, headaches, psoriasis or gas? >> it has to be gas. >> in what movie did he edadmit that na na takes the wig off when she has had too much to drink. >> "mean girls." i wrote that movie. >> that is something that i won't ever say.
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it is time for brain teaser tuesday where we put your minds to work with a fun riddle courtesy of buzz feed. >> here it is. you leave home, make three left turns and return home. where where you find two men wearing masks. who are they? >> oh. please. i'm tired. you let us know when you figure it out and we will have the answer after the break >> and the his and her gadgets hitting the right note nor the holidays. >> and no half-baked ideas here when we show you how to make the perfect christmas cookie. >> per snekt? >> per snekt? yes. ♪
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ooh, blueberry. i'm ... ==ton more today - about the man shot and ki good morning, everyone. 10:26. i'm scott mcgrew. we may learn more today about the man shot and killed last night by a police officer responding to a domestic disturbance in gilroy around 7:00 last night at an apartment complex near gilroy high school. police say someone called 911
10:27 am
about a couple involved in a violent fight. when officers arrived, they found the man and woman in the parking lot. investigators so far only say one officer felt his life or maybe the woman's life was in danger and that that officer fired. researchers say sea lions are now being affected by the same toxin that's delaying crab season. crews have rescued hundreds of sea lions along the california coast who have possibly suffered brain damage. this naturally occurring toxin is found in algae and eaten by shell physical fish and small fish and makes the sea lions disoriented. we'll look at traffic and weather after the break.
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bright sunny skies continue as we head through the day. and hot temperatures reaching into the mid-50s. we're looking at 56 in san jose, mountain view as well as the presidio. into the north bay, we'll be also in the mid to upper 50s. and napa, 55. oakland, 58. and livermore looking at 55. let's see what's happening with the morning commute now with mike. >> we still have these folks waiting here at the bay bridge toll plaza. they've opened up those hov lanes for everybody. a smooth drive on the approach as we look at your map. only slowing south 880, an earlier crash, and through oakland, typical for northbound 880. the rest of your bay looks very clear right now. this being december, a lighter, easier morning commute but we still have slowing 101 down toward university and embarcardero. after an earlier crash that took its toll there, tough to clear up because as we know, traffic has a memory.
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back to you. >> thanks, mike. join us at 11:00 for our next newscast. chris and i will see you then. hello, everybody, it is boozeday tuesday, and before the break -- >> we broke for the break. >> we gave you this riddle. you leave home and make three left turns and return home with where you find two men wearing masks, who are they? we asked. >> do you know? >> no clue. >> the answer is the catcher and the umpire. >> and now, with all of the presents, you sure can work up an appetite. >> and so from a all of the fou
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founders of baked here in new york city, we have the founders with us. >> and how to order at an italian restaurant. >> how are you guys? >> today, we we want to make the linzer cookies. >> are those german? >> yes, it is like a raspberry cookie. >> and we will eat them. >> we like that. >> and now, we have some almonds, and a half a cup of sugar -- >> you pulse. >> yes, i will see if i can get this right. >> it is not looking good. >> no. no. >> okay, here we go. >> it is very -- >> okay. let's pretend. >> pretend that we pulsed. >> okay. then we go into the butter and the sugar already in, and we have e whipped it up, and we were taking the dry ingredients. >> and what are those dry ingredients? >> cocoa powder, and baking soda, and to that we will add some almond extract. >> he found it! >> keep pulsing, i figured it
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out. >> keep pulsing, and i'm mixing, and what is different about the recipe is that it has a little bit of the cocoa powder in it, so it is a darker cookie, and so we want to et get it to the coarse sand level. this is amazing. >> did you practice this pfr? >> well, yes, i did, but not on this particular machine though. anyway. we are now going to be alternating between the flour and the almond mixture. >> why such a mess? >> well, it is otherwise, out of the bowl, you will get more almond flower on yourself. >> okay. >> and so alter ter natnate. mix. we have the dough coming together like this, and chill the dough for an hour or more and you can freeze it for up to a month if you want. and then we have rolled it out or somebody did. did you? >> no, it is santa's elves. >> yes, aka bianca. >> and you can make the cookie
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cutters any size or shape, and what you want to do if you want to help out is to go for it like that. >> okay. come on, kathie lee. >> and now sh, the center there >> oh. >> perfect. >> and you put it in the the middle? >> right in the middle. >> like a christmas e tree. >> i am doing a heart. >> la, la, la. >> and pull it out. >> and now, look, you have a couple of cookies. >> look at that hody. >> perfect. >> as usual. >> and then what do you do? >> pop mitt the oven. >> for 350 degrees for eight to ten minutes and rotate halfway. >> and you can bake the scraps, too. >> and the baby heart there. >> yes, of course. >> and now, the little treat her here. >> yes. >> and how do you feel about putting the jam on the backside of the cookie? >> not good. >> here, you like to do it on neat. >> this is blueberry jam that you put on the backside of the
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cookie. >> and the more the merrier. >> and then you add some sugar to the top. come on, right. and then sandwich it up. >> sandwich it up. >> perfect. >> and hoda cracked it in two places. >> no, i didn't! >> you did. >> it is fine. it is fine. you see, fine. >> beautiful. >> it is beautiful. >> it is a true hoda cookie. >> and what are the other ones? >> chocolate crinkle cookies. >> you are going to eat it anyway. >> and the classic holiday cookie and ginger snap with lemon sugar on it which is delish. >> you know what i like about that? it is not too sweet, and it is very, very good. >> that is delicious. >> wait. what is this again? >> it is the chocolate crinkle. >> oh, that is so good. >> it is for the holidays. >> this is work. >> hmm. >> right? >> and you can find the recipes on >> toez are so good. >> thank you so much.
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if you are not there yet, we are about to get you in the spirit with some music from the band of mer are rimakers. >> they are made up of a-lister musicians with classic songs. >> and they are out with the debut album called "welcome to our christmas party." >> and here is the band of music merrymakers with the band leade. take it guys!
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♪ whoa oh oh oh ♪ it's the greatest holiday ♪ goodwill and peace on earth, and finally they don't seem so far away ♪ ♪ stuffing stockings with candy canes, and old friends are are back in town ♪ ♪ and the ones at home are like nothing has changed ♪ ♪ and so santa stop that sleigh ♪ ♪ it is only merry in your heart ♪ ♪ and you'll be there more than you want ♪ ♪ when the day is made of wishes ♪ ♪ it must be christmas ♪ whoa whoa oh oh
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oh oh oh oh ♪ ♪ it must be christmas ♪ whoa oh oh ♪ it must be christmas ♪ oh oh oh oh ♪ it is the christmas time again ♪ ♪ my friends oh whoa ooh >> all right. the band of merrymakers. >> they rocked it. >> and gift and gadgets for big kids. >> and steve greenberg is going to check all of the boxes on the christmas wish list. >> we love that steve. >> look at him. before there could be a nation, there had to be people willing to fight for it, to take on the world's greatest challenges, whatever they might be. so, the u.s. army masters not only tactics and strategy, but also physics and chemistry. we make battle plans and create breakthroughs - in medicine, science and engineering.
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and the number of people in your household. information you probably know off the top of your head. enroll by january 31st to avoid the irs tax penalty. ♪ if you haven't checked out covered california in a while, we've got some new options that might interest you. like adult dental coverage. great news for you... and your sweet tooth. to find free, local, in-person help, visit and now some holiday toys for big girls and boys with our dad jet guy steve greenberg. >> he is the author of "gadget nation." and he is about to deck the
10:49 am
halls. >> i never get over it. it is so clever >> when you walked in, it is a big day for us, because willard retired today and you pulled out the phone, and there is a foe ito of you. how old were you in this picture? >> i was in rio and they were doing the "today show with jane pauley and bryant gumbel" and he ripped off the toupee and pointed to my head. he was such a nice guy. i loved him. >> and look at the sweater there with the fire in your belly. >> yes. >> is that a warm sweater? >> it is fashion. and this is at for $30. and the folks from ham ker and slemer. this is a mistletoe droem and high-tech romance, and so if it flies. well, you know, it fly perfectly in rehearsal and perfectly it is working and fly over here, and you is are to give me a kiss. ok
10:50 am
okay. or whoever. >> okay. >> and now, that is the mistletoe from ham ker shalemiker. >> and these are the gloves that have piano e keys in there. >> that is neat. >> kids would love that. >> that is great. i love it. >> cool idea. >> and i should take some lessons with the piano. and this is are from the folks at, and it is $26, so it is reasonably priced, and you have it turned on and it makes tons of noise. if the gloves don't fit you ---le well, something. and these are the toy tas any parent who has kids, you know that the little screws in the bottom of the toys are impossible, and you never have a screwdriver, and this is the toy driver. you put it right in there and
10:51 am
you can take it right out. and it is $10. >> okay. >> and this is for all of the bre breaks at the christmas time and it is called the bond-it. it is amazing, and you put a little drop here, and you just zap it with the light for four seconds and one, two, three, four, and this is going to be imitations out there, but this is the original invented by a dentist for bonding the teeth, and you can fix the iphone cables there, and the pipe, and this little guy with the leg missing and the bell, and you can replace it simple. >> and you can fix everything but a broken heart. >> and here we go. >> so this is the drone. so it is still here. and okay. everybody. i am going to give the drone a kiss. this is called perfect drink, and it is a scale synced up to
10:52 am
the ipad, and you want the make a cosmo, so you add some vodka, and it will tell you when to stop. if i overfill, it are will the tell me what to do. >> it is cocktails for dummies. >> yes, this is it. >> and that ta is the perfect cocktail. and lime juice. >> this is so cute. >> and if you don't have enough, it will just tell you how to adjust all of the other things accordingly, and look at the stuff in your refrigerator or liquor cabinet. add some ice. and there you go. >> what do you do there? >> it times it off of the scale for how long, and pour it there, and take the drink, ladies. >> we will run out of time. >> and we have wraps right here, and they are warm are from the folks at hammacher. and so you turn it onned a it is
10:53 am
going to be right on the couch. look at that. >> oh, nighty night. >> hody is so happy right now. >> and i love that. >> and it is great. and the lower back. >> and the drone. >> isn't that cool? >> i am not leaving. i love the blanky and the massage. >> and really, what you need is really a perfect drink. >> and the drone works. >> that is the only place i don't mind them, in the house. >> and this is what i call celebrating the holidays. >> thank you, steve. >> happy holidays. >> and a novel gift for some deserving kids. >> oh, the drone is stuck,
10:54 am
10:55 am
10:56 am
we are in the final stretch of the 22nd annual toy drive and so happy to report that we sent out more than $27 million of toys and gifts to children so
10:57 am
far and thank you to all of you who have contributed. >> that is right. thank you. and for a generous contribution of books for children of all e ages is our own mary cullinane from am our favorite book company. >> and this is the tugboat stoye that gets the christmas tree on time. >> and remember that you have until 22nd of december to donate so go to to donate. >> and tomorrow, we will have glam ideas. >> and we will have a some
10:58 am
special things. >> have a great boozeday tuesday, everybody. >> why is it over? >> that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend.
10:59 am
unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
11:00 am
district shut down. right now at 11:00, california's largest school district shutdown. the bomb threat causing widespread panic across los angeles. good morning, thanks for joining us i'm kris sanchez. >> i'm scott mcgrew. let's get right to it. the story developing as we speak, live pictures from one of our helicopters and a very empty school campus in los angeles. the nation's second largest school district today e-mailed a threat, a school board member got that threat, believed to have come from i.p. address in germen. there have been no threats against bay area schools but, as a


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