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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 23, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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weekend is here. and the rain...and freezing temperatue -- is soon to come. right now at 11:00, the holiday weekend is here and the rain and freezing temperature is soon to come. i'm raj mathai. jessica is off tonight. a white christmas for some of us and rainy christmas eve for most of us. at this hour, the storm is moving into the bay area. these are live pictures from the golden gate bridge. you can see light rain on the lens and across the span.
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let get to our meteorologist rob mayeda. what is happening in the next 48 hours. >> the outer fringe of the storm is bringing the light rain and the radar in the last couple hours showing you the light rain crossing the peninsula. but the main event still up here on the north coast. this will be coming down around sunrise tomorrow. so as we get these temperatures dropping through the 40s tonight between now and 3:00 a.m. light rain. but heavier rain from 4:00 to 7:00 tomorrow morning. the rain increasing along with the wind. the wetemperatures into the lowo mid-40s. thunder possible in the afternoon and the cold air driving snow levels down to 3,000 feet setting us up from friday into the weekend with possible freezing temperatures to wake up to in the valleys this weekend. >> we'll see you shortly. one of the busiest holiday travel days turned dangerous in
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several states today. more than a dozen tornados touching down in the south and midwest including this one near clarksville, mississippi. at least six people were killed including a 7-year-old boy. the storm destroyed homes, ripped down trees and blew cars off the freeway. if you are you can also get rson ing to travel this weekend, check the conditions nationwide on our free nbc bay area app and get a personalized weather forecast for your specific neighborhood. as we speak there is the typical holiday craziness, shopping, family, and stress but there is unexpected magic right before our eyes. terry mcsweeney is in san francisco's union square. i see the ice rink behind you. no ordinary night on the job. >> reporter: it's a special time of year and special night. the crowds everywhere including here at the ice in the ice rink
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in union square. we looked deeper into the goings on tonight and found early christmas presents. 'tis is the so travel. about 11 million californians will drive at least 50 miles over the next ten days. the chp will be doing maximum enforcement. >> everybody is driving crazy. >> reporter: the airports will be packed again. but during tonight's relative lull we had a reminder of the true spirit of the season. this man surprising his brother flying home for a family gathering in berkeley. >> very excited. but i haven't bought him a christmas present yet. >> me either. >> reporter: in union square, a merry mob of shoppers, more merry than mob. >> i love the rush. a lot of people and long lines but pretty good deals, i think.
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>> reporter: this woman received her present two days early, a marriage proposal next to that huge christmas tree in union square. >> a beautiful christmas. >> reporter: a trek might be the only way to get a christmas tree if you procrastinated. most lots are sold out. >> it wasn't easy. but at the end of the day we got a nice tree. >> reporter: and luckily the tree didn't have to settle for this charlie brown tree. >> i like it because it is thick and green and opens up real nice. >> reporter: if you are like sydney and these brothers and this woman, have yourself a merry little christmas and/or holiday season. >> reporter: if you are one of the 100 million travellers this christmas week. the busiest driving day of the entire season is today. that's over.
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and the least busy is christmas day. happy holidays. live in san francisco, terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> you are making all of us smile. happy holidays to you as well. a rough ride on cal train. a northbound train hit a car in redwood city blocks away from the sequoia station. the driver of the car got out. he is safe before that train hit. cal train service was delayed throughout the night. also new at 11:00, a possible break in a deadly hit and run case in san francisco. they may have an image of the suspect's car taken from a surveillance camera. that four-door black honda or nissan sedan hit a pederson at mission and 26th street early friday morning near the 24th street b.a.r.t. station. doctors say she is brain dead but her family maintains there are signs of life.
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two years after her death certificate was issued, the legal battle over the life of the girl is taking a new turn. jean elle is with us this evening. this is an extraordinary move here. >> her family wants to bring her home to the bay area. and in a lawsuit they are channelling the definition of brain death, a challenge that could have far-reaching effects. >> i won't give up on her. i'm her mother. >> reporter: on video conference, her mother says she doesn't believe her now 15-year-old girl is brain dead. she has lived in new jersey on a ventilator for nearly two years after doctors at children's hospital oakland declared her brain dead following complications from surgery in 2013. the family attorney is filing a federal lawsuit demanding the teen's death certificate be revoked. >> there is no doubt she has suffered a pierce brain injury
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but she does not meet the criteria for brain death. >> reporter: the family shows a video that she moves her fingers on command and entered puberty, a development they believe means her brain is frungsing. but this doctor disagrees. >> sometimes there is somepy due tear functioning even in patients who are brain dead. >> reporter: it appears that the family has not applied the american academy of neuroology's standards for brain death. it could affect other began donation and hospital care. >> donations from brain dead patients. magnus says that since the case has become widely known he
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has seen a number of families channelling a brain dead diagnose notice. a little boy, thor thompson died at uc davis medical center after being found unresponsive. gina bailey was babysitting thor at a home in fairfield. bailey says she didn't do it. >> did the baby fall on to the floor under your care? >> no. >> as far as you know the baby never fell. >> bailey claims the boy spit up blood and blacked out when she was driving him home on thursday. an autopsy shows that the toddler suffered severe brain injuries. a shooting at an east bay
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club was motivated by hate. two suspects are in custody. here they are. police say the men made repeated statements about the victim's sexuality during a fight late saturday night. investigators say one of the men ordered the other to open fire. four were shot but all are preponderated to survive. police managed to track down a van belonging to one of the suspects and arrested both men. we had an emergency landing at oakland international today. our nbc chopper was there as well. problems with the landing gear forced the jet to abort its trip to chicago and return to oakland. before it could land it needed to burn off tons of fuel, circling the valley for four tense hours. after the plane touched down safely we spoke to very relieved passengers. >> the woman beside me was
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crying. people holding hands. everyone was on their phones. i'm sure sending messages to loved ones. >> at this point i'm shaky and would rather get a drink. >> the plane is now out of service but all the passengers were rebooked on other flights. i heard about a shooting involving a 3-year-old girl over the summer. my daughter is that age. >> the controversial first of its kind message hitting the air waves on christmas. also time stood still for this san francisco institution. but after decades of providing late-night food, loyal customers are saying good-bye. what will soon take over this prime city location. she might be the most famous duck. the special reunion that ended a three-month battle. rain moving back across the bay area as a very cold system drops down out of the gulf of alaska dropping more than rain
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but snow levels in the bay area tomorrow. the latest in the forecast when we come back. court...but now -- stephen curry
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is part of a controversial message 'off' the court. curry he's electrifying on the court but now steph curry is part of a controversial message off the court. curry is among many nba players taking a stand on gun violence. this is a turning point for gun control and major sports leagues. cheryl hurd is not the only topic out there? >> reporter: no, people here are talking about social issues, gun violence, steph curry is leading the way and others will follow. fans are in the holiday spirit and while the nba champions are making their winning moves on the court, some of the league's best-known players are making a
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full-court press to end gun violence. >> i heard about a shooting involving a 3-year-old girl over the summer. >> reporter: steph curry is making a personal appeal to stop the bloodshed on inner city streets. the ad will appear during the league's christmas game. a time when families will be together watching professional athletes trying to put a slam dunk on a polarizing issue. >> if you look at the history of sports, it's a place where people with nothing else in common can have a discussion on issues important to society. >> reporter: it has caught the attention of the president of the united states. he tweeted that sympathy for victims isn't enough. change requires all of us speaking up. warriors star draymond green says gun violence is perm and a key issue for his sport. >> a lot of the guys in the nba come from the inner city and have been struck by it. for the nba to take that stand
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and try to make a difference, that's huge. >> i think the players carry a strong voice in the society that we live in and gun violence is a very important issue and obviously it's -- it hits home to a lot of the people in this league. >> reporter: and it clearly hits home for fans as well. >> young kids look at them every day. my son looks at them all the time. they should speak up about how they feel one way or another. >> reporter: the psa a getting such an overwhelming response some believe more will follow. reporting live in oakland, i'm cheryl hurd. nbc bay area news. a day of protests nationwide, black lives matter was the message. eight women stood across the lanes of the sfo exit on 101 demanding justice for mario wood. all of the women were arrested
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after the protest. >> back up! >> a lot different in minneapolis at the international airport there, the protesters made their way inside the terminals of the airport, forcing security check points to close down for a short period. milpitas police are looking for a man who stole a patrol car. an officer got out of a squad car to check on a suspicious van. that's when a man slipped into the vehicle and drove away. police used the gps equipment installed on the car to track it down. officers found it abandoned nearby a short while later but the suspect was on to the next crime. he carjacked this suv from a woman. new at 11:00, one of san francisco's favorite late night diners will serve its last meal on christmas eve. the lucky penny has been a san francisco institution since
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1960. it has been around longer than the target and best buy across the street. the diner is known for comfort food like pigs in a blanket and patty melts. it isn't fancy but customers love it. >> we started to come and derek, when he was born, he came and loved their -- >> food. >> what kind of food? >> it's a shame to see everything in san francisco that we knew leave. >> it is tough to see for so many people the diner will be making room for new luxury condos and other retail stores. the lucky penny, one final meal, closes tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. it is a christmas miracle for a crow in san rafael. an officer released the bird back into the wild today. it was recovering from an injured wing since november.
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the officer accidentally ran it of with his police-issued mountain bike. he took it to the wild care animal rescue center and nursed back to health. a happy ending to a long-running fight. this is juanita. she camed in september. when she was found they were told that the federal law prevents keeping wild animals as pets. the assisted living facility was finally able to get the duck back this week. >> she's just a cute duck. and i'm lonely. when she came back i felt good about it. >> as part of the agreement, the facility is developing a program to use juanita to teach local children about ducks. we have a duck and a crow in the
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same newscast. >> foul weather, raj. cold weather in the sierras. snow pack numbers, 112% of average. and with that as the backdrop, the ski resort is amazing when we are expecting another 2 feet of snow. a tough travel day if you are going to squaw valley or alpine meadows on thursday. but the patience will be rewarded. cold temperatures and look at the snow flying in the sierra. winter storm until early friday morning but the snow levels low enough, the chain controls may go up and east of colfax there, accumulating snow down to the foothills. and in the bay area, lake county is the best bet for the winter weather advisory with 2 to 3 inches of snow in lake county. and don't be surprised in the hills. south of livermore to mt. hamilton, a good chance of snow at times. levels down to 2500 feet to
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3,000 feet this time tomorrow night. you are seeing a little bit of light rain moving into san francisco. but the main event is still up on the coast. you can see the spin of the clouds. the cold air driving the system down. and the temperatures dropping, the snow level dipping during the day tomorrow close to 3,000 feet by day and a little bit lower than that by tomorrow night. 7:00 in the morning is when we suspect we'll see the most heavy rain out of this fast-moving system. we should not see the several inches of rainfall like we had earlier this week. the projections highest in the north bay hills. but most locations less than a half inch for the bay area. the timing on the storm, widespread rain the first half of the day around 6:00 and 7:00 in the morning. then we transition to chilly sunshine, breezy conditions and a chance of thunderstorms during the day. those could have hail and sleet mixed with the heavier showers
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in the higher hills during the day tomorrow. the coverage of showers decreasing tomorrow evening and tomorrow night. temperatures tomorrow quite cool, low 50s for highs. you can see the numbers in the north bay. and with we have a raider game tomorrow evening. scattered showers and temperatures in the 40s for the game. christmas day the skies begin to clear as what is left of the showers shut down as you saw in the friday forecast. but things staying cool. daytime highs in the low 50s and the other side of the coin is how cold the mornings are going to get this weekend. valley temperatures from the north bay into the south bay 20s and 30s for morning temperatures. one more chance of rain on sunday will bring in a slight chance of showers late in the weekend. for travel plans, friday and saturday looks good. showers and chilly temperatures late sunday. >> and a soggy raiders game tomorrow night. chipotle making changes
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after that e. coli outbreak. check your credit card
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statements. hyatt has been hacked. the hotel chain recently found malicious software on one ofts check your credit card statements, hyatt has been hacked. the hotel chain found malicious software on a computer system. hyatt has hired outside security experts to determine how this happened and what information the hackers might have accessed. the hyatt officials are ramping up computer security and asking customers to monitor their credit card statements. chipotle is making changes including having cooks dip the onions in boiling water to kill bacteria and testing meat before it reaches the restaurant. it may have a higher risk for food borne illnesses because it
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uses fresh, locally sourced produces and meats rather than frozen ones. the cdc has yet to identify the source of the outbreak. up next we go back to the oracle and check in with the warriors tonight as they prepare for the big showdown on christmas against lebron james and the cavaliers.
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we have breaking news. within the last 30 minutes, ahmed just shaved his beard. >> it was just starting to grow on me, what happened? >> too many people didn't like it, my wife northeast notably. it had to go. >> you look great. >> appreciate it. the warriors looked good as well. they didn't overlook the jazz tonight. we'll get to the highlights in a bit in anticipation of the match-up we will brown on christmas. in my mind, yes, that's how confident i can play at a high level every night. i don't get into debates about why i am versus anyone else. if you don't think that when
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you're on the floor you are doing yourself a disservice. he says he is the best player in the league and i don't think anyone will disagree with him. steph and green. spinning in transition. too easy for him. dubs up four after that. two minutes later. draymond green, a lot of times for the dubs, defense turning to offense, it did here. the dubs still up 4. steph curry, driving for another easy lay up here. the last time they played utah jazz played them tough only lost by 3. this one not as close throughout. a minute left in the half. curry on the fast break. get it to draymond. he did. this one never in doubt. dubs win 103-85. before the game steph did this. the kids all dealing with life
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threatening medical conditions got to see the warriors extend their home streak tonight. but they got to meet steph curry. that would be the highlight of my day. college hoops, st. mary's-santa clara. the circus lay in. in transition, from three. st. mary's with a nine-point lead after that. next possession, st. mary's pulling away. they win big. 81-59. the raiders giving away wheels. many of the team's receivers, michael crabtree, cooper, holmes, willie brown giving away bikes and helmets to low income students in the bay area. that is it for sports. the beard grow back begins now. ♪
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one last check of the procrastinators forecast tonight. >> you are going to have to deal with some rain. 49 degrees in san francisco. the daytime highs will be in the upper 40s to low 50s. sun and showers and snow showers in the higher hills and thundershowers too. clearing, though for friday and the weekend. >> if we don't see you, enjoy your holiday weekend and thanks for being with us tonight. good night. ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- tom hanks, jessica chastain,


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