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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> two fishermefishermen's luck as temperatures drip to near freezing temperatures. i'm terry mcswen gee. >> and i'm peggy bunker. those fishermen are going to have to wait a little longer to get their boat back in the water. early this morning the boat got stuck on some rocks near china state park in san rafael, that's where christie smith is live. the boat is perched quite sadly up on the rocks. >> reporter: it's still there right now, just a little too dark to see it. it does look like the boat won't be able to be moved until tomorrow. the good news the men were able to walk away safely, but there were scary moechlts as the winds were blowing this boat around, strong winds and choppy water near san rafael near china state park. they called for help, the coast guard responded along with the sheriff's department. the men tried to drop anchor but
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apparently it pulled through the mud and the boat ran aground. ? something happened, some water in the fuel or something, you know, and the boat stopped running. >> after that it was just kind of -- >> by the time we had assessed the situation they were blown up on the rocks. >> sufrl there are no big tides this evening, the next high hide will be tomorrow at 7:00, it will be a 5/8, hopefully that will be enough to get another boat in and hook on and pull them off the rocks. >> reporter: rangers and the coast guard say it appears that boat may have run out of gas. officials are monitoring the situation but say it's sitting high out of the water and not leaking and the hull has maintained its integrity. now, the trip itself wasn't all bad, the men were apparently able to catch some fish. reporting live in marin county, christie smith. >> they got some fish. >> that's good. storm clouds moving into the bay area, a live look outside
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over downtown san jose, rain coming our way. when it's going to get here, how much, meteorologist rob mate at that has that for us. >> starting to see a few sprinkles north into the north bay, during the day tomorrow it will bring more widespread rain. chilly evening into the bay area. low to mid 40s right now. you can see on the radar a few light showers passing by the north bay hills and here is your system lurking offshore. this is going to more ashore as we head through tonight and into tomorrow morning. to start things off over the next couple of hours a few passing showers going on by, a few that could be measurable but the main event holding up for midday tomorrow. as we wake up tomorrow morning especially for areas north of san francisco you will start to see the rain flying before dawn and then the pattern setting up this week is very interesting. strong jet stream aiming in across california, bay area in a pretty good position on the north side of the jet, that's going to have abscess to cooler air, good news for the sierra ski resorts and snow pack,
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several feet of snow and the opportunity for several inches of rain to the north of sonoma county during the week and plenty of rain moving into the bay area over the next seven days. we will walk you through the timing of five individual storm systems in the next seven days in our microclimate forecast in just a few minutes. >> we're tracking the storms and so can you with your smartphone, download our nbc about bay area app, you can see our live doppler radar and get forecasts for your neighborhood. several suspects have been arrested after two people were stabbed in front of a san jose charles jr. chest st rest kantth rant. sources say the stabbing was gang related. a man and woman were attacked in front of the restaurant, this is video from the scene in front of the attack. the woman who was pregnant later died. the man is hospitalized in critical condition. no names have been release jood in less than two hours police will conducted a dui checkpoint
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in downtown san jose. take a look at where that's going to be happening, 4th street between san carlos and san fernando. that is where we join nbc bay area's fairy marianne favro. >> reporter: it will begin on 4th street in downtown san jose. police say the reason they chose this location was because of the high concentration of dui arrests downtown. police say dui check points are a proven tool to help prevent fatal alcohol-related crashes and they say studies show crashes involving impaired drivers can be reduced by 20% when dui check points are held routinely. in california in 2013, 867 people were killed in alcohol-related crashes and 23,000 suffered serious injuries. tonight about 15 san jose police officers will be working the checkpoint and they will also be
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looking for drug impaired driving, including people under the influence of marijuana. there are also new tools that can help you get home safely, one is a new free app called dvvip which stands for designated driver vip, it has a list of bars and restaurants that offer perks for designated drivers and if you do drink the app offers a quick way to call uber or lyft and get a safe way home. the checkpoint will only delay drivers a few minutes and they will also be checking for a valid driver's license. tonight's checkpoint is certainly a reminder in general to drive safe. last year in san jose there were 59 traffic fatalities. that's the highest number in 20 years. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro. nbc bay area news. a powerful new art internationals lags is up at santa clara university, it symbolizing the students that disappeared in mexico in 2014.
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the 43 silhouettes are for each student that still has not been found. officials say the students were heading to a protest when the police caught them. it is believed that the students were turned over to a drug cartel who later killed them and incinerated their bodies. one of the victims has a father that lives in san jose. people behind the installation hope to bring new life to the investigation. >> i think if we forget it's a lost cause. so i think the best we can do is continue to bring attention to such events, not only in mexico, but elsewhere, including here in the u.s. and if we can do that then i think that we have never lost the cause. >> that installation will be up until the 15th. in the new year a new push by immigration activists. dozens of people came together today protesting in front of an immigration detention center in richmond. they're calling on the president to halt plans of immigration raids.
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protesters say the raids would target people who fled central america because of growing violence. >> this is a humanitarian crisis, they are refugees and they should be treated with protection not deporting them to danger and death. >> reports of the coming raids came out last week but officials have not confirmed them yet. repairs to a sinkhole in san francisco are expected to continue until the end of the day. it appeared on thursday and has been the talk of church street which is near 24th in the noe valley area of the city. crews didn't have a crucial piece of safety equipment. it's about 10 by 3 feet across. now, the sinkhole is delaying muni service so it is causing real headaches. a better start to the new year for vallejo family who lost nearly everything in a fire. at least seven people were displaced after this early morning fire yesterday. the family who lived here was able to make it out safely but their christmas presents and many of their belongings did not. so just a couple of hours ago vallejo firefighters surprised
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the family by giving them new toys and a donation courtesy of the firefighters union foundation. the family says they are floored by the help they're getting from complete strangers. >> i'm very, very blessed and i just can't describe how i'm feeling. >> we saw that we could make a difference and we saw that these people were impacted pretty severely. >> the family is currently staying with a family member until they find a more permanent place to live and they got some help now. >> that's right. go warriors, the golden state warriors setting a new record today. let's take you out to oracle arena where the action is about to begin. this is where the warriors will register their 150th consecutive sellout, that is the seventh longest active sellout streak in the nba. they're taking on the denver nuggets tonight, that game starts at 7:30 their sell out streak started in 2012 against the new orleans hornets.
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mindy will have more on the warriors coming up later today, but let's see how they pull it off again this evening. still to come, tracking down an act of terrorism. the clues police have right now about the motive of an attack in israel. and a rormer rei executive found dead in washington state, the natural disaster that may have killed him. f rei executive dead in washington state, the natural disaster that may have killed him. o rei executive fod dead in washington state, the natural disaster that may have killed him. rm rei executive found dead in washington state, the natural disaster that may have killed him. e rei executive found dead in washington state, the natural disaster that may have killed him. r rei executive found dead in washington state, the natural disaster that may have killed him. developing story....that is
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causing international outrage. saudi arabia publicly executed we are following a developing story tonight that is causing international outrage. saudi arabia publicly executed 47 people today, including a prominent religious cleric.
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that is setting off several protests across the middle east. we are also getting reports of the saudi arabian embassy in iran has been attacked. unconfirmed twitter posts show protesters vandalizing the compound. we will continue to follow this story and bring you the latest details as we get them. police in israel continue to hunt for the gunman who killed two people and wounded several others in tel aviv yesterday. police said today there is a strong possibility that the shootings were an act of terrorism. nbc's keir simmons reports from london with new details about the shooter. >> reporter: multiple developments as police in tel aviv hunt for the maen to gunned down two people and injured seven. police have confirmed their suspect is a 31-year-old man, nasa melhan. the lawyer for the family say that the family's house was raided, that the brother was
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arrested, a computer was confiscat confiscated. that lawyer who represented the suspect in the past and has been speaking to his father says he believes the suspect, to quote him directly, is insane. now, the man's father himself has come outside the house to hold a news conference. he said, i did not educate him in such a way. i am deeply sorry. i am part of ;y&veveryone's suffering. it doesn't matter if you are arab or jew. >> as far as i'm concerned i don't care if he's normal or not. he just came and the whole idea was just to kill jews. >> reporter: but still around tel aviv people are being told to go about their every day lives as anti-terror units work through intelligence and searches to find this killer. keir simmons, nbc news, london. reopening after tragedy on monday, the site of the san bernardino mass shooting will once again open its doors. it's been one month since a husband and wife went on a rampage at the inland regional
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center complex during a holiday party. 14 people were killed. the regional center has been closed ever since and many employees have been working from home. starting on monday two of the offices on that campus will reopen. the regional center's employees help more than 30,000 people with developmental disabilities in the area. eureka marked the new year with a moderate earthquake, the usgs marks a quake with a preliminary magnitude of 4.3 struck off the california coast. no tsunami threat. about an hour and a half later a quake with magnitude 6.5 struck six miles north of pittsburg. >> a little new year's eve shaking there. meteorologist rob mayeda joins us with that microclimate forecast. >> not too far away near the mendocino triple junction off eureka we do have some rain there, not as much around the bay area but offshore pretty
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impressive looking system. the low curling up here offshore, to the west clouds spilling off and eventually more intense rain showers as we go through the day tomorrow. right now 50 degrees in san jose, hazy skies in the south bay, we did have a spare the air day today but it is not being extended to tomorrow because of the winds picking up and the rain to come. as we go through sunday. right now 43 degrees in livermore and over towards san francisco dry roadways around the golden gate bridge, 45 as we await the rain to come in starting off there we think mainly to the north of the golden gate for the morning, 7:00 a.m. temperatures where the rain hasn't arrived just yet, still a little chilly, patchy frost around the tri-valley. up towards santa rosa rain to start the day. showers at times through about morning until about lunchtime, as we move through the afternoon and evening here comes the main event with the rain as we watch 5:00, 6:00, to 7:00 tomorrow the rain goes on through. more your monday morning commute looks like some scattered showers, this is the first of five systems coming through the
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bay area. projections for rainfall generally for most spots a half inch or less. could see higher up toward the hilltops, 1 to 2 inches of rain. high temperatures tomorrow as the clouds thicken up. highs in the mid 50s around san jose to san francisco and low 50s around the north bay and tri-valley. so the trend ahead as the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen shows daily chances of rain, very active jet stream aiming in on southern california which is actually a very good configuration for the bay area as it keeps the warmer air to the south and cooler air from the north pacific moving on in so it's a good snow and rain producer for us. watch this as we go day by day here from tuesday into wednesday and into thursday. each of these waves coming on through break for friday it looks like and then next saturday more rain comes on in. so the rain projections pretty impressive for places like sonoma, monthly averages of 6 inches of rain may get 4 by the end of the week. livermore monthly average closer
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to 3. by the end of the week could see more than 2 inches of rain. san jose in the same category, may pick up close to 2 inches of rain and san francisco monthly average just over 4 inches of rain, this week at least 2.5 to 3 inches coming from now through next saturday. if you have plans for next weekend, be on the seven-day forecast heading towards next sunday looks like the rainy pattern continues. in the sierra that should translate to 4 to 5 feet of new snow. back to you. >> wow. good news there, rob. thank you so much. coming up next, an amazing view of the city, but at a steep price. and also how much giants outfielder hunter pents reportedly paid for this new home in san francisco's tallest building. wait until you see that place. >> you live there, right? >> i love it. a former top executive of r-e-i
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was found dead yesterday on a a former top executive of rei was found dead yesterday on a mountain in washington state. 64-year-old doug walker seen here was reported missing on thursday afternoon. walker was snow shoeing to the top of granite mountain with friends when authorities say he strayed from the group. his body was found the following morning. the sheriff's office says debris around his body indicates there was possibly an avalanche. walker was the former director and chairman of rei. he recently visited the white house two weeks ago to visit with long time friend and secretary of the interior sally jewel. walker was a devoted conservationist who was visiting jewel about a parks program for kids. dozens of volunteers taking steps to support the homeless in the bay area. they built a pop up shelter prototype for homeless people to sleep, shower and stay dry until they find a permanent place to live. organizers hope to convince city
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leaders these domes will benefit everyone. >> we're saying let's go to the places where there already are encampments and actually make them better and have better outcomes for people and also have, you know, more cost effective approach that creates a more livable city for everyone. >> the structures are made from shipping containers and they are provided for free by a local tech company. in just a few hours someone's life could be changed forever, that is, if you are playing power ball tonight, it's sitting at about 334 million bucks. do you have your ticket? >> not yet, but i'm going to. >> this is the 12th largest jackpot in the game's history. a ticket with five numbers, all five correct numbers was tosoldt a san jose liquor store worth 1.9 million bucks. the cash prize for tonight's power ball is $205 million. you have until 7:00 p.m. to buy that ticket. speaking of money, how much
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would you pay for a killer view in san francisco? how about $4.2 million? that's how much this condo in the millennium tower in downtown san francisco went for. you are looking at the listing on real estate group gpk's website. mercury news says the new owner is giants outfielder hunter pence. bought a two bedroom. the property has three bathrooms and 2,230 square feet. >> it's always sort of fun to do that voirist i can thing where you see how other people's houses look. >> there is a bigger place in the same -- in the same unit there for twice as much. >> that's mindy's right. >> it's mindy's. >> i knew it. mindy, nice place. >> i wish. we know hunter pence is newly engaged, with he need to know if they will scooter from at&t park from their new home. >> it's a nice spot for sure. >> absolutely. speaking of nice, the warriors still the best team in the nba. one of the hottest teams in
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sports. could they get even better tonight? we know the head toech steve kerr and m vchlvmvp steph curry been battling health problems. c kerr and mvp steph curry have been battling health problems. the warriors play their first
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game of 2016 tonight at home the warriors play their first game of 2016 tonight at home. they welcome in the denver nuggets to oracle and one of their stars could return to the court, another one won't. steve kerr will not be on the bench for tonight's game. kerr has attended every practice and shoot around since december 14th and there was some thought he may be ready to return to his full time coaching duties but that's not the case. kerr has been on a leave of absence as he deals with a serious back issue. the players say kerr has been very active at practice and it feels like he's already back. >> pretty close, i think. he looks just -- to the eye test he looks rejuvenated and energized for sure. so just a matter of -- we don't
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know what's going on internally, but for him to come on the trip was a good sign. you know, hopefully he comes back when he's ready. that's the biggest thing. i would guess it's coming soon, though. >> curry is a game time decision tonight, he's undergoing his detailed pregame work outright now and trainers are waiting to see how he responds. they upgraded his status on the injury list from questionable to probable after this morning's shoot around. curry has missed the last two games due to a leg bruise. >> us being healthy march, april, may, june is the priority. stanford women opening up their pac-12 schedule at arizona. the last time these two teams
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played they built the cardinals. thompson find mcfee on the wing and that puts stanford up 14 after one. second quarter the lead 12, jones, she gets blocked and mcfee is open and she runs the floor and finishes with a bucket. a season high 21 points for mcfee. stanford a 59-34 victory. >> a 10 and 11-year-old girl came in first at the punt competition. she represented the 49ers and colin kaepernick sponsored and and her family's trip so she could compete.
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♪ life. just when you think you know where it's going, it takes you someplace else. covered california is here to help californians who need health insurance get it.
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because it's more than just health care. it's life care. to your family this year? are you thinking of adding a new member to your family? well, tomorrow is your last chance to check out the macy's union square annual holiday windows display. that's my favorite. >> adorable. >> i'm in pain. i'm in pain. i need to go home with someone. you can provide a loving home to a puppy or that kitten we gist saw there. macy's teamed up with the san francisco spca to feature the adoptable animals and adorable animals i think it's safe to say. so far 247 animals found loving homes through the event this year. it also raises thousands of dollars to provide year-round support for the san francisco spca. >> it does such an amazing job. shelter animals seem to know, they are so grateful when they are adopted. >> they seem to be posing. like on a calendar or something. >> they are adorable. we want to be watching the
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skies tonight, maybe a few rain drops. >> we have a good looking system off the shore, clouds, and a few passing rain showers, not too happy just yet. the main event due in tomorrow afternoon. temperatures right now 40s and 50s outside as we go through tomorrow afternoon highs in the 50s and this is the first of a series of systems we're looking at daily. chances of rain next week, maybe friday looks to be the driest day next week but those temperatures staying cool enough for a lot of snow above 5,000 feet. >> line them up. >> thank you for joining us tonight. we will see you right back here at 11:00. >> goodnight. [music] male announcer: california's drought crisis. female: we simply don't have enough water. [music] announcer: and no amount of snow and rain during this year's
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el nino will solve the situation. [music] stephen stock: what needs to change here in california? laura shenkar: i'd like to see a few leaders step forward in california. felicia marcus: i'm sticking with making the system we have work better. announcer: nbc bay area senior investigative reporter stephen stock travels to israel to show us how a country that faced the same water threat a decade ago now has more water than it needs. stephen: it all may look familiar, but this isn't the central valley or even silicon valley in california. instead, it's the negev desert in israel, where the generate so much recycled water, they can't store it all. male: the bottom line is the country produces about 20% more water than it consumes currently. announcer: so, how can california and bay area tech innovators learn from israel? female: we cannot depend on the weather. we cannot depend on rain anymore. announcer: tonight, "surviving the drought."


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