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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  February 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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events like the super bowl and do it again. >> reporter: he says the region is considering putting in a bid to host another super bowl within the next seven years. more than 83,000 people packed into levi's stadium. more than three-fourths the population of the entire city of santa clara. yet there were only about 20 arrests. mostly for intoxication and counterfeit items. and the committee says this was also the most giving super bowl ever, with more than $13 million raised for bay area nonprofits. santa clara now plans to crunch the numbers to see the true economic impact to the host city, but we can tell you that the super bowl host committee has agreed to reimburse the city more than $3.5 million for public safety costs. reporting live at levi's stadium, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. now it's houston's turn. the super bowl 50 host committee handed off their responsibilities to their counterparts in texas.
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houston, home to nasa johnson space center, accepted with a videotaped message from commander scott kelly who is on board the international space station. this the third time that houston will have hosted the super bowl. the city's mayor says the host committee has a lot to live up to after yesterday's game in santa clara. >> i've enjoyed every single moment. you all just know how to do it. and you have set the bar incredibly high. and then if there was some way that i can get your formula on how to bring about this weather, look, we're praying for that. >> talk to your weather guy, right? houston last hosted a super bowl back in 2004. millions watched super bowl 50 from the comfort op their homes. our coverage continues in less than ten minutes with the most watched moment of the big game. instead of celebrating this major accomplishment for a city, the mayor of santa clara made a surprising announcement this afternoon. he's resigning immediately. >> it's time that i need to step
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back and be with my family and, quite frankly, to take a breath and see what the next chapters are for me. >> mayor matthews was instrumental in getting the super bowl to santa clara. his resignation is effective tomorrow morning. matthews has two more years remaining on his term but once again, will step down tomorrow morning. he was first elected to the city council in santa clara in 1998. we're following breaking news in daly city, a man there shot by police. that man now recovering at the hospital. it all started just before 1:00 this afternoon. police responded to a report of a fight between a man and woman on st. francis boulevard. witnesses says that man was carrying a knife. an officer chased him into a nearby backyard and that's where he shot the man. it happened near jefferson high school which was on lockdown for two hours. let's change gears and talk about our weather. we're having a midwinter heat wave.
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nearly 80 for many of us at this hour. look outside, our gorgeous live cameras. let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. did el nino take a little vacation? >> it's still happening in the equatorial pacific. but some of the impacts from el nino staying out in the pacific instead of hitting us here in california and that's leading to some record-setting highs for today. let's get a look the warmest. monterey, of course, at the coastline with 84, oakland at 79, san jose, 76, san francisco 74 along with san rafael at 74. these are the type of temperatures we should have in may and also early june, so way out of whack. why is this happening? we have a massive ridge of high pressure not only over california but right up through the pacific northwest. the rotation around this is hoping to drive some offshore winds, and that's why we're heating up. san francisco at this hour very mild, 77 in the civic center, 74 in sunnyside. down towards westwood park also
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73. another warm location is here across the south bay. in fact, this was one of our warmest at this hour. currently reading 80 in downtown san jose, 79 in santa theresa down towards san martin 76. jeff, we'll see you shortly. so rain or shine at least in this case you can track your temperatures specific to your micro climate 24/7 with the nbc bay area app. drivers are rethinking their route. the chp is investigating another freeway shooting in the east bay. the seventh since november. nearly all have happened on interstate 80 including the one last night. the woman and her brother pulled over to change a flat tire when they found themselves dodging bullets. jodi hernandez is live in pinole. >> reporter: the chp is trying to figure out who is behind all these shootings.
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shots have been fired along this corridor of interstate 80 here now at least a half dozen times, and commuters are getting more and more nervous. >> it scares me that i have to like think so hard about going to work and coming home and, you know, feeling that i can't feel completely safe. >> reporter: that's how commuters in the east bay are feeling on the heels of yet another freeway shooting. the chp says a woman had pulled over to the side of the freeway to fix a flat tire last night when someone opened fire on the woman and her brother who came to help. >> while they were stopped on the shoulder here trying to figure out their next course of action, it looks like a suspect, for unknown reasons, came by here and fired two rounds striking both vehicles and a male victim. >> reporter: the man was shot at least once in the arm and is expected to recover, but he's just the latest victim. this is at least the seventh highway shooting in the east bay since november. the sixth on interstate 80.
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in one case a 2-year-old was hurt by broken glass when his family's car got hit. >> thinking that it might happen to us, you know? it can happen to anybody. >> reporter: commuters are getting increasingly worried. some are avoiding the freeway as much as possible. >> i try to steer clear if i could take the avenue or side streets, i kind of rather do that. >> reporter: again, the chp is trying to track down whoever is responsible. if you have any information, you're urged to contact them right away. reporting live in pinole, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. capital corridor trains are finally moving after one hid a pedestrian. this happened just before noon today in berkeley near bancroft way. investigators say the person was trespassing and trying to beat the train when he or she were hit. passengers traveling on that line are being warned to prepare for delays. we have new trouble with the
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bay bridge, but this time it's the tunnel that runs through yerba buena island. a huge slab of concrete fell off and fell down below on to the traffic. nbc bay area's mark matthews is on treasure island for us this evening. what happened and, more importantly, could it happen again? >> reporter: that's the fear. it happened a week ago saturday. behind me you can see yerba buena island. that's the largest single bore tunnel in the world. and it is crumbling or showing signs of that according to metallurgists who call the condition very concerning. driving along the eastbound lanes of the 1800-foot yerba buena tunnel, you won't see the damage, even in slow motion you would strain to pick it out. but here in a still shot, it is more obvious. it's that semicircular damage at the top of the right side wall. >> this is consistent with
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concrete spalling otherwise known to bridge engineers as popouts. >> reporter: metallurgical engineer lisa fulton explains that water leaks into the concrete and rusts the steal reinforcements. as that rust expands it eventually pops off the concrete around it. >> that's very concerning because the steel provides a lot of surface area for corrosion to form. >> reporter: a spokesman for cal transsays they're looking into the possibility of corrosion. >> it's one of the things we're investigating. at this point we're not ruling anything in or out. >> reporter: bob haus says investigators will look at other possibilities but fulton says this picture clearly points to one cause. >> this is not impact damage from any vehicle or any other thing impacting it. this is definitely deterioration. >> reporter: the yerba buena tunnel was first opened in 1936. so it's not uncommon to see some deterioration. cal trance will not speculate on
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how long it will take to fix until they know the extent of the damage. they're investigating. reporting from treasure island, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. more developments with the zika virus. today president obama announcing he'll ask congress for $1.8 billion in emergency funding to help battle this illness. the money would be used for mosquito control programs, vaccine research and improving health services. some of that money would also be diverted to central and south america where the virus is spreading quickly. zika is not a big health risk for most people. however, it can be extremely harmful for pregnant women. their babies can be born with abnormally small heads. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri outside our live sky camera outlook. 76 with that record breaking heat and those clear skies continue right up here to tiburon and 72. we're tracking the warmth and let you know how long it lasts and if there's any chance of any rain soon in about seven
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minutes. i'm scott budman. coming up, which commercial play and beyonce song did we rewatch the most? and pop stars apparently use airbnb, too. what beyonce posted on facebook after her super bowl halftime performance that's put one bay area house in the spotlight. don't pull-over for
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tailgater.that's the vice after a brazen robbe on a loc highway.==v== new at 5:00, don't pull over for tailgaters. that's the advice after a brazen robbery on a local highway. this happened along highway 1 at the coast between half moon bay and san greg oreo. peggy bunker is at the san mateo county sheriff's office in redwood city. just a one-time deal here or are they worried this could actually happen again? >> that's why sheriffs are putting out a warning today. tailgaters are annoying but we certainly don't think of them as being dangerous. that was the case last night around 9:00 p.m. in half moon bay when a couple driving down highway 1 found something right on their tail. they pulled over to let them pass and that's when they were robbed. >> i would not pull over. i'll continue driving. >> reporter: young women responding to the news that a couple in their 30s were robbed last night on the side of highway 1 in half moon bay. >> the couple pulled over because this other vehicle was tailgating them very close. so they pulled over. as soon as they pulled over, the vehicle pulled around in front of them and blocked them in.
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>> reporter: the victims told police that two people wearing fu full ski masks approached their car. one held a gun to the woman's head, the other held a knife to the throat of her male passenger. >> because they were masked, we can't confirm the race tore sex. >> reporter: the couple headed to the half moon bay police station where a knife wound was visible on the man's neck. >> don't pull over. make them pass you. >> reporter: police say the robbers were wearing a black crown victoria similar to this one with no license plates. the sheriffs have a warning for everyone. >> don't pull over. make the other driver go around you, make them pass you. >> reporter: other drives we talked to say they know not to stop. >> i would -- i don't even pull over for cops. i call the police station and ask if there's a cop behind me. because you never know. it's a scary situation. >> reporter: now, the victims were a local couple here from the bay area. they were on a day trip to half moon bay.
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the robbers made off with their wallets, their purse, also their cell phones. we heard from a detective here a couple of minutes ago. there was another robbery that took place today in half moon bay. we're waiting now for two pictures of those suspects. we'll have that for you coming up at 6:00. in redwood city, peggy bunker, nbc bay area news. now back to our super bowl coverage. the big game may be over but the stadium is still packed. like the day after christmas. shoppers jammed inside looking for bargains. most all items were marked down by 50%. >> super bowl 50. >> what was this going for yesterday? >> 180, $190? >> what did you get it for? >> 92. >> good deal. if you want to get in on this action, you got to go fast. the sale lasts only until 6:00 tonight. you have 45 minutes left. >> did you say 50% off? >> what a bargain.
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>> reasons to watch the super bowl, peer pressure, the game itself, the halftime show or the commercials. >> those ads create a lot of buzz on their own. here at silicon valley we have a way to track the popularity of those ads. scott budman is here to tell us wa we watched and tweeted. >> janelle and raj, the super bowl got a big boost from bay area tech companies. today google said 82% of all ad searches during and after the game happened on our mobile devices. twitter tracked all of those second screens and tivo told us what we watched and rewatched during the game. >> he's eating doritos at my ultrasound. >> it might have made you squirm, but tostito's said this ultrasound ad was the most rewatched commercial on super bowl sunday. >> puppy monkey baby. >> in second place, the puppy monkey baby. notice the trend? >> more than ever that you do see people watching the game with a device. >> yes, it's not enough to be
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seen. ads have to be remembered, then tweeted about. >> and he's in the end zone for the touchdown. >> the super bowl is huge, of course, but we viewers are all about the second screen. ♪ >> and more than any other single moment during the telecast, we buzzed about beyonce. tivo says she pulled even better numbers than the ads. >> they need to connect with the audience on a mobile device, via online platform, social media, and they need to create a spot that can connect with son surms beyond that 30-second spot. >> reporter: and the tweet numbers were huge which is why even with a weak set of ads. >> madison avenue let us down. >> reporter: the viewers and second screeners will be back again next year. according to twitter, the top tweeted moment of the day
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was the very end of the halftime show. the most tweeted about player was cam newton. the most tweeted about play was cam newton's fumble that turned into a denver touchdown. >> that was all fun to watch. bruno mars and coldplay apparently stayed at the san jose fairmont hotel. how about beyonce? airbnb. she ended up in a mansion in the hills. cozy on the couch. saying it was a superweekend, # airbnb. tmz is reporting she rented this house on 12 acres, 5 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. an amazing pool, is that an infinity pool? >> stunning. >> with a spa, game room and fitness center. beautiful view by the way of the bay from los altos hills. price tag, how much per night, what do you think? >> i don't know. $5,000? >> $10,000 per night. >> hopefully she used that pool.
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we had great weather. more sunshine today. >> it's very mild out here. certainly not uncomfortable but uncharacteristic of course for february. let's take a look at some of those highs. we came in at our warmest in calistoga at 79 up against the coastline in bodega bay, 77. you don't get that kind of heat at the coastline without a dry offshore wind. even in ocean beach, 75, danville at 78. menlo park 78, evergreen coming in at 76. there's more where that came from and you can get a preview of that forecast at the bottom of the screen with our scrolling seven-day. we're still retaining some of the heat at this hour. 77 in the south bay and clear skies. east bay averaging 76. san francisco 73. and up into the north bay currently 72. tomorrow morning's forecast we don't expect an increase in cloud cover. if you are here visiting and you
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try to get out tomorrow, we shouldn't have airport delays at least in bay area airports. we'll start off with cloudy skies and 45. san francisco at 52 and right across the south bay at 49. the main driver behind this heat that we've been dealing with for the past two days is all about high pressure. sitting across california and branching well up into the pacific northwest. the circulation around this is helping to drive these offshore winds. so really a one-two effect here in terms of getting our temperatures to warm up. take a closer look at the wind. what you see here is tonight it's off shore, but once we hit tuesday's forecast, we'll gradually see this wind turn a little bit more on shore. you can see right here in san francisco, redwood city and orin orinda, a westerly wind. that will help to gradually push our numbers down. then by thursday we should see a 3 to 6 degree decrease in our forecast. as for tomorrow it still stays mild and above average.
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the micro climate, san jose coming in at 76 and cloudy skies. warm spot will be morgan hill at 79. peninsula beach weather in effect at 70. palo alto sunny and 76. san francisco looking mighty fine. 71 in the mission. 72 over towards the financial district. for the north bay, east bay and tri-valley, nice day again. wine country, napa at 73. back towards mill valley 75. in the east bay, oakland 76 degrees. walnut creek 74 and the tri-valley expecting upper 70s with the warmest in pleasanton at 78. here's how it looks over the next 15 days. i wish we had larger rain prospects. dry through wednesday's forecast. maybe a spotty shower in the north bay by friday. doesn't look too great. by late february into march, that's when our climate outlooks have that average chance of rainfall. as we finish out tonight, of course this area of high pressure has a lot of us guessing about el nino.
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what is happening? it's still in the equatorial pacific. and we have about ten weeks left of potential storms. even though this current strength rivals 97/98, all are different so it will be a week by week basis. let's hope for march and heavy rains returning. >> thank you, jeff. still to come, chipotle determined to win back burrito lovers. what the company revealed today about the source of outbreaks that made customers sick. mark your calendars. those dates have been set ben the faculty of all 23 csu campuses could walk off the job. (scal): good day, m'lady!
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i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at platforms: =eveal== a m-- hit in the face and robdof his . happening right now on our digital platform, the man hit in the face and robbed of his
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belongings, even his pants. that happened in san francisco. and on our website the super bowl photo taken by tim cook that caught people's attention. what do do after you win the super bowl? go to disneyland. sted and
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busted and booked. concord police say they've cracked the case when it comes to a string of robberies. ===take vo=== and they busted and booked. concord police say they've
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cracked the case when it comes to a string of robberies. they say social media played a role in the case. it shows a man holding up a subway in concord. someone saw that facebook post and tipped off detectives who tracked the man down and arrested him within hours. they believe he's responsible for at least eight other robberies around concord and the walnut creek area. police are not yet releasing his name. an ultimatum, a strike threat from the faculty and coaches at california's 23 csu campuses. the union says if there's no contract agreement by april, they're going to walk off the job for five days. this video's from a one-day strike at csu east bay five years ago. this time the union says every csu campus will be affected with the picket lines going up the week of april 13th. the faculty association wants a 5% raise and csu is offering a 2% raise. a nationwide shutdown. chipotle closing its doors and blaming the recent norovirus
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outbreaks partly on its employees. the doors were closed in all locations. posting a sign that said national team meeting. the company said today that sick employees handling food caused last year's sicknesses. chipotle revealing tomatoes were the culprit behind the salmonella cases in two states. the cdc adds that it's ended its investigation and is still not sure which ingredient caused the emt coli outbreaks. after four hours of being closed during lunch hours all chipotles have since reopened. from basketball star to barista, the surprise guest that drew a giant line at a bay area coffee shop. it's one of the most popular
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bike rides in the bay area and also one ot most dangeus. cycl w zblrngts tonight at 6:00, one of the most popular bike rides in the bay area. it's also one of the most dangerous. cyclists want safety improvements. we investigate why it's taking so long. that's ahead on our 6 clock news. green made a surprise visit at the location in downtown berkeley this afternoon. he was there to promote a special dark roast in honor of the team called warriors ground. the money goes to help
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underserved youth in the bay area. the line went out the door for a block. >> i want my peeps. >> tonight, breaking point. bill clinton on the attack, unloading on bernie sanders again as the campaign erupts hours from the first votes here in new hampshire. crunch time. can donald trump turn big poll numbers into a big win, and can marco rubio bounce back from that debate debacle? we go one-on-one. nightmare at sea. panic as a cruise sp gets can caught in a ferocious storm. slammed by 30-foot waves. water rushing in. thousands ordered to their cab nsz. bomb handoff. shocking video of the moment a suspected suicide bomber is handed what authorities believe is a laptop packed with explosives before blowing himself up on board. and heart burn drug warning. millions take them. now doctors are sounding an alarm about some of the most popular


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