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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  March 17, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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service disrupted.. couters still no fix for e problemthat'a second day. two statio are stil rvice--- d the repaijob ght not be done by thisvenins commute. good morning, and anks r joini us. i'sam brock -in for scott mcgrew.kris/2shot and i'm kris sancz. =kris//ho riders between twotations iconte effect extends bend e tri- valley. startingith shorterrains on the lines thatre runnin ==sa/map==here's whe the repaire unrway...he stretch rail between thpittsburgh/ay pot and t north concd stations. ride are takingbus b =samomni= nbc bay area's te suratos joins us live from t northconco
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pete, any updates when ts is all going to gefixed? station. any word on when this is going to get fixed? >> reporter: no eta on when this is going to get fixed but we've seen it all morning, the bus dropping off people here at north concord. i spoke to folks taking b.a.r.t. for their morning commute and they said it was very inconvenient for them. >> i mean it sucks early in the morning, you know, not trying to take the bus. i've got to go all the way up to frisco. >> reporter: it wasn't the way b.a.r.t. riders wanted to start their morning. a bus bridge will drop off passengers between the pittsburg bay point and north concord stations after an electrical power surge along the tracks damaged 50 trains yesterday. >> the bigger impact systemwide is there are definitely less cars available this morning, so more crowding, which is extremely frustrating, because b.a.r.t. is already crowded. >> reporter: two weeks ago, more
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than 80 trains going through the transbay tube had a similar situation and were damaged as well. a multi billion dollar bond measure being approved and expected to go on the voting ballot this fall to help pay for what some consider an aimiging infrastructure. >> our train cars are the oldest in the country, but the majority of our stock is from original from 1972. >> reporter: while the bus ride may have been inconvenient, some commuters still preferred this instead of driving. >> who wants to ride in that traffic all the way to san francisco all the way from antioch. >> reporter: now, b.a.r.t. has also brought in outside experts to take a look at this. as i mentioned before, there's still no update as when this things will get back to normal between these two stations. >> it will be a long evening ofhe te for many. thank you very much, pete. now for some perspective on our ok .ght. nasa releasing this photo of the
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snow-capped sierra. you see the snow extending throughout the entire range. after recent storms, things are starting to look up. the latest maps showing el nino ing inivering on some of that optimism, helping fill up california's reservoirs. the hills have started to look a lot more green of late. certainly a wonderful y gtlopment. let's bring in meteorologist kari hall. that's all well and good to see that, but a dry pattern now returning. >> yes. we'll still have a chance of rain as we go into the forecast but it doesn't look like much. we do still have a significant area of california that is still included in that significant or exceptional drought where we see the darkest shades of red in the southern sierra and we've made the most progress in the northern sierra. as we get a closer look at the bay area, we've been downgraded from a very severe drought to abnormally dry conditions, which is great news along the peninsula and up into the north bay. also we are still dealing with
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moderate drought to severe drought as you head over toward the east bay up into parts of the north bay over toward fairfield. so we will talk more about that next chance of rain. once again, it doesn't look like much and it may be our last hope before we head into some very dry weather. i'll detail that coming up a little bit later. he drank you very much. our nbc bay area app also a great resource to track the drought. ttu can download our app from the app store or google play. it's free. you don't have to look around long to find shattered glass on san francisco streets. en upon revealing that car break-ins are up by 30% in just one year. stephanie chuang is live in san francisco. steph, you happened upon a victim's car just this morning? >> reporter: yeah, unfortunately for the owner of that car. we decided to drive and see how long it would take us to find something. kris, five minutes, that's how long it took for us to find this shattered glass. the car has since been moved. but to put into perspective on
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how often this is happening. san francisco last year alone took 26,000 reports of auto break-ins. that's an average of more than 70 every single day. >> okay, so this was over the back seat like this. and i think that made it so that they thought something was hidden overnoohid hidden underneath. >> reporter: while he's stuck with a bill. >> this window will be $850. >> reporter: he shares an indoor parking spot with his roommate. without fail, any time it's his turn to park his car on the street, this eventually happens. >> when he's had his car on the street, he's had two break-ins as well. >> reporter: the latest reports show a 30% increase in auto burglaries on top of what some san francisco residents has always been a huge problem and that's why years ago clark hendrickson decided to get rid of his car. >> we were always broken into,
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especially the back triangular window. they would rifle the glove compartment looking for coins. >> reporter: police are putting more eyeballs on this, even sejding undercover officers to the most notorious hot spots. last week they arrested christian jason bell linking him to eight car burglaries. people in this city say they want to see more of that. >> get more control out and harsher penalties. i think that's fair. i think that people that are doing this often, all the time, should be penalized. >> reporter: on that note, law enforcement officials, including the police chief here in san francisco have a strong opinion about part of why there's this trend, point to prop 47 passed by voters that made more property crimes misdemeanors instead of felonies. live here in san francisco, baphanie chuang, nbc bay area news. in about two hours the man cutosed of kidnapping and
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killing sierra lamar is expected back in court. dna evidence prompted trosecutors to charge him with her kidnapping and her murder. as of now that trial is set to start next month, while this week marks four years since the teenager was last seen. last night her family joined friends and even search volunteers for their annual dinner. hery met at el patio restaurant, one of sierra's favorite places to eat. >> it just gives me a sense of peace knowing that they're still thinking about her. >> i always have hope. i'm still hoping she's alive somewhere. >> sierra was 15. on her way to school in morgan hill when she disappeared. >> i just feel for those parents. a follow-up now, one person de in custody in connection with a shooting tuesday morning in west berkeley. it happened near the corner of san pablo and delaware street near university avenue. t the ear-old man suffered critical injuries and police say
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ng aspect then surrendered on his own yesterday without dncident at the berkeley police department. o far that is all police are saying about the arrest. a second shooting happened yesterday near the ashby =va.r.t. station. no arrests in that case. funeral arrangements under way right now for a fallen chp officer. offlow officers escorted the white hearse carrying nathan taylor from reno to roseville yesterday. he di of control suv struck from hr taylor on i-80 right the truckee on saturday. he was taken by helicopter to a reno hospital where he died from his injuries on sunday. the 35-year-old spent two years gencan jose chp division before ultimately moving to the sacramento area. all new at 11:00, it is a ==al that could save lives. automatic emergency braking will istrme standard equipment on most cars within seven years. 20 automakers and the national highway traffic safety administration agreed to that plan. automatic braking systems use cameras, radar and other sensors
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eo see objects that are in the itigand slow or stop a vehicle if the driver doesn't react. >> vince and larry, the old crash dummies, they would be very proud of where the manufacturers are today because they have pivoted from crash hasingtion to preventing crashes from occurring in the first er ele >> the new plan calls for phasing in the equipment on aysrly all car models except aome with older electronic capabilities or manual transmissions. d-pleaner years of public pressure, seaworld says it will -riz-breeding killer whales and orld g them perform crowd-pleasing tricks at its theme parks. megan trevazian is outside seaworld in san diego. >> reporter: yeah, i think you're right, kris, there's probably a lot of nostalgia today. this is really the first big step or the biggest step that seaworld has made since that
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critical film "black fish" was released. right now and starting today, killer whales will no longer be bred at seaworld. we talked to some local san diegans and they think it's a good idea. >> pretty sad because we saw shamu and all that and grew up with that. but still i think we should be more conscious about their natu nature. >> reporter: seaworld will end theatrical shamu shows and introduce new inspiring natural orca encounters. they're also participating with the humane society of the united states and have committed $50 million over the next five years to marine animal rescue and advocacies. senator dianne feinstein released a statement praising seaworld for making, quote, the right decision to end its captive breeding program. now these changes come after several rough years for seaworld. first, one of their trainers was killed by an orca.
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then the highly critical film "black fish" examined seaworld's treatment of killer whales. that really did some damage to their image. seaworld's attendance declined, their profits dropped and they struggled to rebuild their reputation. here's their ceo on the "today" show this morning. >> as long as it takes for this current population to pass on, and that is it. there will be no more new orcas. >> reporter: now, we talked to peta today and they say this is a good start but they are worried this could potentially be just a publicity stunt for seaworld to boost ticket sales. they will be doing a news conference here at 1:15 this afternoon. i'll send it back to you. >> okay, megan, thank you very much for that report. ene up next at 11:00, the president has made his selection for the next supreme court nominee. now it moves to the senate's
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hands. the uphill battle that's taking place on capitol hill. plus body cameras headed to court. the decision against a bay area police department that could have the supreme court weighing in.
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3 seconds ==sam//con vo== wall street and 401kanars rejoicing this morng. [ bell ringing ] wall street and 401(k) managers certainly rejoicing this morning. for the first time this year the dow jones crossed into the black. right now the dow up about 180 to 190 points in trading today. the recent turn-around in stocks has been stoked by a rebound in oil prices and an easing of fears about a possible
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recession. supreme court nominee merrick garland is on capitol hill today to begin meeting with lawmakers, but republican leaders are maintaining that it is a lost cause. no hearings, no vote. judge dpagarland will meet with democratic senators on the judiciary committee but so far no republicans on that committee. it is shaping up as an epic confirmation battle. >> i simply ask republicans in the senate to give him a fair hearing and then an up or down vote. >> reporter: president obama challenging senate republicans to give his supreme court nominee a hearing. >> if you don't, it will not only be an abdication of the senate's constitutional duty, it will indicate a process for nominating and confirming judges that is beyond repair. >> reporter: but republican leaders are not budging. >> it's the senate's constitutional right to act as a check on the president and withhold its consent. >> reporter: majority leader
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mitch mcconnell doubling down, saying he won't hold hearings for any nominee. >> what we're talking about is a principle and not a person. >> reporter: insisting the vacancy on the court should be filled by the next president, not mr. obama. >> have the guts, the guts to vote yes or no. >> reporter: democrats trying to shame republicans. >> what they want to do is vote maybe. that is a gutless dereliction of the constitution. >> reporter: targeting vulnerable republican senators up for re-election on social media, with the #doyourjob. judge garland is hardly a liberal icon. chosen because the white house thinks he is hard to reject on his record or the politics. >> this is the greatest honor of my life. >> reporter: he won the votes of 32 republican senators when he was nominated to the d.c. circuit court in 1997, including orrin hatch, a senior member of the judiciary committee. >> he's a good man. but he shouldn't be brought up in this toxic environment. i'm tired of the supreme court
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being used as a battering ball back and forth between both sides. >> that was andrea mitchell reporting. just last week orrin hatch told news max that he did not think president obama would pick garland because he didn't appeal to the democrats' liberal base. hatch now says he would consider giving him a hearing but only after the election in a lame duck session if a democrat is elected. all new at 11:00, it is a body camera case that could reach the land's highest court as long as we're talking about supreme court matters. hayward p.d. is being sued after the department charged fees to release officers' body camera footage. that request came from the aclu last year. the civil rights group wanted footage of a black lives matter protest in berkeley back in 2014. hayward p.d. charged near low $3,000 for that video which the department also edited. yesterday a judge tentatively ruled against hayward saying that its actions were not supported by the public records
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act. the case is officially continued until the end of this month. several san francisco supervisors are sending secret messages to each other and that has a few people being worried. the examiner says they are using an encrypted message app that allows users to destroy their communications. the app might be a way to bypass the open record laws and evade public scrutiny. the supervisors have profiles on the app and several were active within minutes after being asked about its use. the app has a self-destruct mode that erases sent messages. it's a means of access to communicate that cannot be accessed by russians. the city of san francisco could soon be charging drivers to park at night. that proposal after the city lowered the fees for those who get their cars towed. it is just one option to help
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the budget shortfall. a decision would likely not be made until next month. dozens of south bay renters and landlords are sounding off about san jose's rent control ordinance in effect since 1979. city loadeeaders say no major policies have happened. they're they're asking for landlords to set a new rental rate after a tenant leaves voluntarily. renters and landlords are not on the same page but both agree something needs to be done to make housing more affordable for everyone. >> we have to look at the tools we already have and how do we make sure they're working the best and most efficiently to help the people in our community. >> people are being evicted from their homes, and they have no legal right to evict them. those people that are disabled, the people that are low income, are all being pushed out right now. >> no decision was made at last
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night's meeting. the ordinance is scheduled to go before the city council again next month. leaders have declared a state of emergency because of a sinkhole that formed during sunday's storm. it allows the town to bypass the normal bidding process so they can hire services to make repairs on the sinkhole. city council members have budgeted a half million dollars for the initial repairs. the sinkhole formed during the height of sunday's rains, rupturing a gas main and causing the sidewalk to buckle, but the good news for them, at least they have dry conditions to try and get those repairs done quickly. >> and their gas back as well. we mentioned that those storms brought all this rain, a lot of green hills. seems appropriate enough on st. patrick's day. >> indeed. here's kari hall with what we could get in the days ahead. >> take a look at this large storm system well offshore and it's being blocked by high pressure. that is what's kept it dry and
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warm as we've gone through the past couple of days. this will slowly approach as we get closer to the weekend, so we'll be keeping an eye on that. taking a look at the rainfall we've had this month and how it compares to normal, on average in santa rosa, we get about 5 inches of rain. so far this month we've had over 9 inch of rain. san francisco normally gets a little over 3. we've had over 6 inches. oakland a little more than normal. we've at least had all the rain we should get and a little more on top of that in some spots. it was approaching almost double the amount of normal rain. once again we only have slieght rain chances in the forecast. looking at these temperatures now, we're in the low to mid-60s and we will continue to see those temperatures rise. looking at the temperature trend from 24 hours ago from yesterday, we've seen it now 9 degrees warmer in half moon bay than just 24 hours ago at this time. most spots two or three degrees warmer than yesterday but it
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will be much warmer this afternoon as we make it up to 77 degrees in san jose, 76 in palo alto. the embarcadero up to 76 degrees. 75 at napa and oakland is 73. as we look at the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen you'll see the trend that we're heading in. we'll see widespread 70s today and some 60s along the immediate coast and then with a stronger ocean breeze tomorrow we'll see more 60s nudging inland. then on saturday we'll also have a few more clouds in the mix, more 60s and the 70s will get pushed back over farther towards the east. we'll see some rain returning to the forecast but not until sunday afternoon. it does start in the north bay sunday morning and then we see the shades of green, which show light rain. the yellows and the red show heavier rain. that mostly stays over the north bay. we can also have another chance of rain late monday night into early tuesday.
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during that time frame we'll have the potential of at least a kwr inch of rain for most of us. we'll be a little higher in spots like santa rosa where you could have over a half of an inch of rain so we'll keep you up to date on that. i'll have another look at the forecast coming up a little later, sam and kris. up next at 11:00, sending the wrong message. the motivational speaker that has parents fired up after his visit for an east bay school. but first happening right now, we're tweeting about that power surge that's damaged b.a.r.t. cars and delayed service. there are still no trains running. and on facebook, barack obama's final bracket as commander in chief. he's chosen kansas, texas a&m, north carolina and michigan state to reach the final four and the president believes that kansas will win it all. of course he picks the tournament's top seed. we'll be back with more news right after this. hes back in the helines.ray mcd
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-- was broht in to spk to he is back in the headlines there on the right. ray mcdonald, the former 49er, was brought into a high school to speak to teenagers about personal responsibility. a facebook post affiliated with hayward unified school district shows the controversial player visiting with those high schoolers. mcdonald has been arrested several times on domestic violence charges. >> he's also set to stand trial in a sexual assault case. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez
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was at hayward's tennison high school. >> to have someone with that kind of record come in and talk to our kids without us knowing is shocking. >> reporter: that's how some parents at tennyson high school are feeling about a recent school assembly featuring ray mcdonald. mcdonald who has a history of alleged violence against women is one of two athletes brought into the school last month to inspire kids to stay focused and self disciplined. >> it's incredible. self discipline, he doesn't even know how to handle his own life. >> reporter: a facebook page posted photos of the event. they were the perfect voice to help students recognize the importance of attending school daily and staying on track, it says. >> how can you have someone like this be a role model that doesn't respect women? that just makes no sense. >> reporter: school board member
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luis reynoso calls it pure nonsense. he too wants answers. >> it's appalling. it shouldn't be happening. >> reporter: the district superintendent tells nbc bay area he didn't know about it either. he said the event was organized by a separate, federally funded, dropout prevention program. jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. in a statement to parents, the district superintendent wrote, quote, given his current legal issues, his presence in our school may not have been appropriate for our students. please accept my sincere apologies if you were offended in any way by the selection of mr. ray mcdonald as a guest speaker at tennyson high school. up next at 11:00 -- >> they filmed her in the halfway house in her crib. she had passed away. >> she said she raised concerns about a little girl's safety, but no one listened until it was too late. the change this foster mother is demanding after a little girl's death. plus an american student
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sentenced to hard labor in north korea. the mission to free this 21-year-old undergrad. the gillette mach 3 turbo
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still feels better after 10 shaves than a disposable on it's first. mach 3 blades have twice the coatings. for a closer shave with zero redness. get an incredible experience shave after shave after shave. gillette. the best a man can get. a gas leakt a holidaynn in
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rgan hill we are following breaking news right now out of morgan hill. a gas leak at a holiday inn hotel in that city. cal fire says they have evacuated the hotel and are setting up the perimeter there. >> the morgan hill police department is assisting. witnesses say that the smell of gas is throughout the holiday inn. we'll continue to follow this breaking story both on the air and online and bring you updates. and now new questions after the death of a 2-year-old little girl in the santa clara county foster system. she was found in a halfway house where she was living with her father. >> senior investigative reporter vicky nguyen spoke with the little girl's foster mother who
11:32 am
says her concerns about the girl's safety were ignored. >> reporter: guys, foster mom shelly nicole says she went to the top of the department of family and children's services to raise red flags about this toddler's safety. now the little girl's death is under investigation. >> she just always was hugging and kissing and smiling and giggling. >> reporter: shelly nicole describing her foster daughter. the girl, nicknamed kiki, came to live with her last june. she had a rare health condition and needed special medical care. >> she was a ray of sunshine. >> reporter: as a foster parent for 15 years, nicole takes care of medically fragile children until they're reunited with their families or adopted. the system failed by placing her back with her father. >> we were gravely concerned that you would take a nonverbal little girl to a men's halfway
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house. i was told that i don't have the right to say that, that i have to trust the social worker and her decision-making in that if she deems this to be a safe place for kiki to be, i have to trust that. >> reporter: two months after she was moved to a men's halfway home, police received a call at 1:00 in the morning that the girl was not breathing. >> they found her in the halfway house in her crib. she had passed away. everything we tried to warn them. >> reporter: nicole says she alerted the director of the department of family and children's services via e-mails and phone calls to warn her kelly should not have been removed from her care. >> i called and took it up as high as i could go and all of this was happening. no response. >> reporter: now we've learned director medina has been offered a similar position in monterey county. she applied months ago and looks forward to serving the community where she lives. in a statement, her current
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department says we grieve the passing of a child at such a young age. confidential laws prevent us from commenting about a particular child or case. this is not the first time a caregiver has questioned the placement decisions made by social workers in santa clara county. the investigative unit first uncovered the story of a little girl who was badly abused by her foster family until she nearly died, despite multiple reports from her mother, other foster parents and her preschool teacher about the girl's injuries. >> i do still to this day care for the father and i hurt for him. >> reporter: shellie nicole says she's sharing her story now to spotlight the need for reform at this agency, adamant that the county violated its own rules by removing kelly from her care in the first place. >> we are supposed to be given a seven-day written notice before any child is to be removed from our home. we are supposed to be given a meeting to discuss the removal of this child.
11:35 am
>> did any of that happen? >> absolute low not. >> reporter: nicole has turned over her license to the county. she said she can no longer serve as a foster parent until changes are made. meanwhile the coroner has not released the cause of death. at this point police are not conducting a criminal investigation. >> we know vicky will stay on that story. if you have a tip call us at 888-996-tips or send an e-mail to the question of how clean your restaurant is. diners in the east bay are soon going to get some answers to that. starting next month contra costa county restaurants, food trucks and supermarkets will all be required to post colored placards. the green, yellow or red cards will reflect the inspection score. green means good to go. yellow means at least two violations and a red sign means that a restaurant has been shut down. several other bay area counties use a similar system, including santa clara, san mateo and
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alameda. continuing coverage now, more fallout after controversial firing of a cal assistant coach. we're learning that the head coach is under review. hofnagle denies the investigations. becker low is conducting a routine examination into whether things were followed. the team's head coach is not being singled out in the review and the school is still working to extend his contract. cal's first game in the ncaa tournament is tomorrow. we are following a developing story. the diplomatic efforts under way to free an american college student who was sentenced to 50 years of hard labor in north korea for allegedly trying to steal a propaganda banner. keir simmons reports. >> reporter: after begging for his freedom -- >> please save my life.
11:37 am
>> reporter: he is waking up in a north korean prison this morning, sentenced to 15 years hard labor. >> think of my family. >> reporter: fingerprinted, handcuffed in front of the cameras, led away. guilty, the north koreans say, of subversion. the courtroom shown video of the university of virginia student stealing a propaganda banner from his hotel. >> the worst decision of my life. i am only human. >> reporter: he reportedly says he stole the banner for a member of his church group. >> the allegations for which this individual was arrested and imprisoned would not give rise to arrest or imprisonment in the united states or in just about any other country in the world. >> reporter: his travel company boasts of tours to destinations your mother would rather you stayed away from. now he faces prison by a
11:38 am
totalitarian government that hates america. former governor bill richardson is working to try to get him released. why he went there? the americans that go to north korea are often young people looking for adventure and retired folks hoping for the experience of a lifetime. back to you. >> certainly got an experience he hopes to forget. thank you. 11:38 right now. there is no end in sight to the water crisis in flint, michigan. the governor is going to be questioned about his role in the water emergency on capitol hill. here's new video from d.c. of governor rick snyder testifying before the house committee on oversight and government reform. it is the third and final hearing on the flint crisis, which has left the city's water undrinkable and children suffering from lead poisoning. our nation's second busiest subway system is up and running once again today. this after an unprecedented 29-hour safety shutdown following an electrical fire on monday. crews inspected the system's power cables and found 26 areas of concern requiring replacement
11:39 am
or repair. metro says most of the improvements have now been completed. d.c. has the second largest subway system in the country. decision 2016 and a defiant donald trump with a contested convention looming. certainly the prospect of it. he's warning what would happen if he's not selected as the republican presidential nominee. >> i think you'd have riots. you know, we have -- i'm representing a tremendous -- many, many millions of people. i wouldn't lead , but i think bad things would happen. >> as you'd imagine, gop leaders are not happy about these remarks. today house speaker paul ryan called trump's comments about rioting, quote, unacceptable. ryan also made it clear that he has no desire to serve as the party's nominee if there is a contested convention this summer. fields incredible. we've been working on this for years and years. >> coming up next, it is ready to launch. an exclusive look at virtual
11:40 am
reality and thoughts about whether it will actually catch on. and today is the warmest day of the week and some slightly cooler air will be moving in along with some rain. i'll detail all of that coming up in the microclimate forecast. kris///2shot it supposeto the nextig thing in high-tech.
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but it comes with hh price, and virtual reality is supposed to be the next big thing in high tech, but it comes with a high price and lots of questions. >> vr ready to launch and ready to sell. scott budman got an exclusive interview with the founder of oculus. >> reporter: the virtual war is here. >> hello, san francisco. >> reporter: companies climbing into the newest wave of gaming led by oculus. >> our goal is to allow anyone to experience anything, anywhere, no matter who they are. >> reporter: and sony, each making virtual reality systems to transport you somewhere else. >> feels incredible. we've been working on this for years and years. >> reporter: oculus founder talked exclusively with us about how his company, bought by facebook for $2 billion, will change the world, eventually. >> well, the goal of virtual
11:44 am
reality is to replicate reality as closely as possible. right now it's not perfect so there's a learning curve. >> reporter: by not perfect he means expensive. a $600 price tag, not counting the powerful, fairly new computer you'll also need. it's not yet mac compatible and there's competition. sony's vr headset retails for $400. competition which is good for gamers and eventually travelers and movie fans. >> once you see that somebody has done something, you no longer have to have the idea out of a billion possible, this is the one that works. you can see it working and say i've got to figure out how to do that. >> reporter: it will take some getting used to, but it's coming. >> but it's not going to be a mass market thing overnight. it's going to take a few years. >> reporter: scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> i don't know about you, i've got a hard enough time dealing with just reality, let alone virtual reality. i don't need to go down that
11:45 am
road. >> well, there are days where the weather makes you want to put on some goggles, but not today. >> not today. it is such a gorgeous day out there, and it feels nice too. we have the nice warm temperatures to go along with all of that sunshine now. we're in san francisco at 63 degrees. also in the peninsula, 65 in the east bay and south bay. a closer look at the east bay and we've even got some 70s there. in hayward it's already 72 degrees. livermore 66 degrees and it is 73 degrees now in oakland. and as we go into the rest of the day, we'll continue to see those temperatures rising in san francisco into the upper 60s in some spots, hitting the low 70s, and then this evening mostly clear skies, into the upper 50s. so overall a gorgeous day. here's part of the reason why. we've had high pressure centered right over the region and that has kept away any storm systems. but as that slowly moves off to the east, it will allow for that
11:46 am
area of low pressure that's been to the west of us to start to edge in by the end of the weekend. we'll see low clouds and fog returning by late tonight and tomorrow morning on saturday with spotty sprinkles starting in the north bay on sunday morning. if you're heading to the beach today, pacifica is up to 67 degrees, a light offshore flow. half moon bay, 72 degrees there. santa cruz will be the warmest, up to 74 degrees. winds coming in from the northeast at about 5 to 15 miles an hour. the temperature trend still well above average today. we should be at 67 degrees in the south bay. today we're up to 77 degrees. and then tomorrow we'll be a couple of degrees cooler but not by much. we're still above average, up to 74 degrees. 72 on saturday and sunday with the rain and the clouds, at latest into monday we'll be trending right at average or slightly below. once again, we're talking about the rain returning. looks like late rain for most of
11:47 am
us and it starts sunday afternoon. that may put a damper on some of those outdoor weekend plans, but it doesn't look like it will be a heavy downpour. then it moves into the south bay as well. heading into late sunday night we'll have another round of rain tuesday morning that could impact the morning commute but overall it looks like the rainfall totals we'll see during that time period will be fairly right. anywhere from a half of an inch, maybe a little more in santa rosa, and lighter rainfall amounts up to close to half of an inch in san jose. so looking pretty good there. computer models still going back and forth with actually how much rain we could see. on saturday it's all dry, no worries about. temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s. sunday is when the showers move in and temperatures come down just a few degrees. sam and kris. >> thank you very much, kari. up next at 11:00. >> major league start. tell me if this sounds a little odd to you.
11:48 am
giving up a multimillion dollar deal. adam laroche says family is more important than money. there's a particular reason he's putting baseball behind him. we'll explain. time is running oufor me
11:49 am
11:50 am
than 200 shelter cs -- ter a well, these furry friends need homes and need them soon because time is running out. after more than 200 shelter cats and the agency that saved them lost its building lease. marianne favro has more from redwood city. >> reporter: nine lives foundation is on its ninth life at this location in redwood city where it's helped rescue cats for the past eight years. the shelter lost its lease and must move out in june, leaving volunteers scrambling to find homes for the 250 cats here, including these six tiny kittens born just hours ago, and these
11:51 am
cats with feline aids. the shelter made national news in january when it rescued smurf, the abandoned kitten died purple. vets say he had 20 bite marks on him and was likely used as bait for dog fights. smurf now has a good home he shares with his blind pal wanda, adopted with him. last year the shelter helped find homes for 1700 cats. >> it's no kill here. and dr. ruttinger goes everywhere, sometimes when cats are being euthanized, she goes and she'll rescue them. >> reporter: with a 1% vacancy rate for commercial property in redwood city and few landlords willing to allow animals, the shelter is struggling to find a suitable new home. >> financially, it's dire. we're hoping that the public will come and adopt our cats and we'll come to see what we have. we're hoping that we'll get the support to create a new shelter. i mean nine lives has saved so
11:52 am
many thousands of cats. now it's time to save nine lives. >> reporter: marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> we say we love our animals. now is the time to prove it. a shocker from the world of sports is stirring up quite a bit of a debate. adam laroche of the chicago white sox has signed papers saying that he's retiring. >> the team says it is because laroche was asked to limit the amount of time his teenage son, 14-year-old, spends in the clubhouse. willie geist has the story. >> reporter: adam laroche, stunning the baseball world with his abrupt retirement. the 36-year-old telling teammates in arizona tuesday he's ready to walk away from the game and the $13 million remaining on his contract. white sox officials confirmed laroche's decision came after they asked him to cut back the time his 14-year-old son, drake, spends in the clubhouse. >> once his son was old enough to be safely around a baseball field, he brought him to work.
11:53 am
>> reporter: many on the white sox call drake their 26th man. he's considered such a fixture with the team that he attends practice at home and on the road. drake has his own uniform and even was given his own locker at u.s. cellular field in chicago. white sox vice president ken williams calls drake a fine young man, but says it was time to draw the line. >> sometimes you've got to make some unpopular decisions. what would i say to the next person, the next guy who wanted to bring his son and have it be an everyday thing. >> reporter: williams says it's time the team concentrates on playing better baseball after suffering three straight losing seasons. laroche has not appeared publicly since walking away, tweeting thank you, lord, for the game of baseball and giving me way more than i ever deserved. #familyfirst. national league mvp bryce harper, a former teammate of laroche's voicing his support. good for you, roche. nothing like father and son in
11:54 am
the clubhouse. it's a family game. >> after all it is work and when the fans are demanding a better job from the white sox, they're tightening up the reins there. >> what do you think? >> i think that he's at work. i think it's fine for the son to visit but there's no way i would bring my children to work every single day. also you know what, can i just say, what a guilt trip for that son. for that son to think that he is -- it's his fault. >> he made $12 million the year before that so it is possible he's doing this out of principle. we'll have to find out. >> true, but now his son thinks its his fault. that's a big burden. >> we'll be right back.
11:55 am
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rgan hill we want to take you back out to morgan hill. when the chopper is headed there, so is our live crew. it's the scene of a gas leak at a holiday inn hotel in morgan hill. there's the chopper as it's headed over. cal fire says they have evacuated the hotel and also set up a perimeter. >> tough to see much obviously from that vantage point, but condit road in front of the holiday inn is closed off. we have a crew on the way right now to try to effort more information. we do know that the morgan hill police department is assisting there and witnesses say that the sml of gas was throughout the holiday inn. we're going to follow this breaking story both on air and online and bring you updates. >> we'll see you soon. >> we will see you for the news at 5:00.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
stand by billy and kit. stand by camera two. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. ♪ >> played the trump card. you know he's been holding on to that gem waiting to wheel it out again. welcome to "access hollywood live" on this st. patrick's day. kit is on vacation, she's skiing. nina parker and liz hernandez is here. top of the morning to you. or is it bottom of the morning? is it the day everybody breaks out their terrible irish accent. >> break out the beer is really what they are doing. >> our executive


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