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tv   Early Today  NBC  April 1, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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it's friday, april 1st. coming up on "early today," 26 million americans are in the path of severe weather today. we'll tell you where. breaking overnight -- north korea does saber rattling as they talk about nuclear ambitions. new details surrounding the trooper killed at a virginia bus station. and the women fight for fair pay, plus much more on a busy april fool's day. "early today" starts right now. good morning, everyone. i'm alex witt. 26 million people are in the path of a severe storm system today. reports of at least four tornados like this one in new hope, mississippi, caused severe damage, along with another in alabama.
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a mississippi police car lost control in that storm, hydroplaning into a tree. intense storms and funnel clouds reported across the region and further north. portioning of tennessee saw severe flooding in areas as well as strong winds and pelting hail and it is still not over. april begins with the threat of more flash flooding in the soaked south. wind damage is expected from delaware to the northern gulf coast and as far north at new england. the northeast is also bracing for colder temperatures, possibly light snow in the northeast. we'll have your full forecast in just a few minutes. breaking news overnight. north korea has reportedly fired another surface-to air missile in the sea of japan. this could be in response to president obama's gathering of more than 50 leaders in washington for a two-day summit to discuss nuclear security.
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chief correspondent andrea mitchell has details. >> reporter: donald trump's first meeting with his foreign policy team took place in a construction site for a trump hotel. world leaders were focusing on reducing the nuclear threat. >> great importance is north korea's using nuclear weapons. >> reporter: and it trump's cause to possibly even use him that have him under fire. with chris matthews -- >> i would never take any of my cards off the table. >> how about europe? >> i'm not going to take it off the table. >> you might use it in europe? >> no, i don't think so. >> i'm just saying, never use nuclear weapons in europe? >> sigh am not taking cards off the table. >> reporter: trump's plan by the man in charge of the u.s. nuclear officer. >> i'm afraid this kind of talk in this type of election is bluntly irresponsible. >> reporter: trump saying he might expand the club including
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countries like u.s., russia and of course, north korea. >> at some point we have to say we're better off if japan protects themselves against this maniac in north korea. we're better off, frankly, if saudi arabia begins to protect themselves. >> saudi arabia? >> saudi arabia? absolutely. >> reporter: but many say that could set off a nuclear arms race. >> the notion that rogues will not get ahold of them is ridiculous. >> nbc's andrea mitchell reporting there. the white house called donald trump's comments on nuclear weapons catastrophic. a virginia state trooper has died at a greyhound bus station in richmond. 37-year-old chad dermyer a marine corps veteran walked up to a man who pulled out a gun and fired at dell meier.
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the gunman was shot by two nearby officers. >> i'd ask that everyone keep the family in their thoughts and prayers as well as the families of the two innocent females that were injured as well. it was quite a tragedy for all of us. >> the gunman has not been identified. there's still no word on why he opened fire. the backlash continues over donald trump's comments on abortion during the town hall. last night he began to walk back and clarify his remarks. >> you really ought to hear the whole thing. this is a long convoluted question, a long discussion, and they just cut it out, and frankly, it was really convoluted, and the person performing the doctor, whoever it may be, the abortion, the person doing the act, not the woman, is responsible. so, that's the way i've always felt. >> this comes as trump had a private meeting in washington. it reportedly focussed on
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delegate counts, party rules and general election activity, not trump's recent clashes with the rnc. for the democratic side, senator, bernie sanders continues to put pressure on hillary clinton. the campaign says they raised $44 million in march, an increase from its february hall. and edward, things are heating up with wisconsin just four days away. >> good morning. things are heating up, indeed. in fact, governor john kasich actually attacked donald trump, which is something he has not done in the past. the candidates see an opening. donald trump gave thumbs up after meeting with the republican national committee, but he's in trouble with female voters over what he calls a misstatement about women being punished for an abortion. >> that's not the way you should -- >> i actually think he's an idiot.
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>> reporter: republicans piled on. >> way off kilter and showing that he's unprepared to the president of the united states. >> reporter: still other wisconsin voters won't abandon the republican front-runner. >> our country needs someone that can turn things around. >> reporter: focusing on unity within the party and trump met with his foreign policy advisers in washington yesterday sticking to his stance on nuclear weapons. he says his advisers agree with him. you don't take nukes off the table meanwhile, hillary clinton remained focused on her electability. >> i have 1 million more votes than donald trump and i have 5 2.million more votes than bernie sanders. >> reporter: but bernie sanders keeps hitting his message on corporate contributions. >> $25 million from special interests including $15 million from wall street! >> reporter: both front-runners would like the primaries to be wrapped up, but their competition won't give up. and donald trump says he will
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release today the names of his foreign policy advisers he's working with. >> edward lawrence, thank you so much from d.c. california lawmakers approved a state-wide minimum wage increase to $15 an hour. the high nest america. the governor will sign the bill into law on monday and thes 15 an hour begins in 2022. this could hurt california's economy. although new york isn't far behind, governor andrew cuomo and stalegislators will raise minimum wage by the end of 2018. others will have gradual increases. and five women filed a complaint of wage discrimination filed with the equal opportunity commission, the athletes allege making the roster for the u.s. world cup team pays a player $30,000 while men make more than twice that and the bonus structure gives the men's team a chance to make even more. in 2015 the men's team took home
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$9 million, though they lost, the women's team, $2 million, and won the title's in response to the filing, u.s. soccer tells nbc news, our efforts to be advocates for women's soccer is unwavering. we'll addressing compensation. the women's team has has more major overall wins than their male counterparts. check this out. an epic brawl on a florida golf course. the two gators going head to head. not sure what caused the melee but apparently one had enough and said, yeah, i am out of here and walked away we. the city of sarasota, this brings new meaning to a course hazard. >> no big deal. right? >> this is a big deal. >> keep messing with each other and not us. >> i guess. >> showed you pictures at the
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top of the show, day two of severe weather outbreak. another round this afternoon into this evening. four tornadoes. the one around new hope, mississippi, impressive. this morning bad thunderstorms still ongoing in areas of southern georgia. a few thunderstorm warnings and one tornado warning issued to the south of atlanta and just to the west of alamo. later today, we mentioned 26 million people at risk of the severe storms and, again, the worst is going to be in the carolinas and southern virginia. isolated tornadoes, wind damage is going to be the greatest threat going throughout it but isolated tornadoes, too, and this willish the end of it heading towards the weekend. here's your weekend forecast. by the way, congratulations to seattle. 71 yesterday. first time in the 70s since october. you're going to do it again today. 27 72 in seelgdattle, boise, 71. 64 in salt lake city. all the cold, nasty winter weather in the great lakes and the northeast. looks like a ridge in the west,
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the ridge gives us sunshine and nice weather is going to continue into next typical. monterey, 62. fresno, 77. that's some nice temperatures setting up through the west. pacific northwest, party terps, in t temperatures in 79s. >> looks beautiful. a canine killed in the line of duty. we have details. and tesla, overwhelming demand. you're wautching "early today." because you believe in go. onward. today's the day. carpe diem. tylenol® 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day.
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remove rubble. the overpass is over a mile long and under construction since 2009. philadelphia city council officially apologized to jackie robinson yesterday who faced extreme racism playing with the phillies in 1947 as seen in the film "42." >> hey! >> time-out. hold on. he got take a nap. come on [ bleep ]! >> the resolution named jackie robinson day in the city, april 15th. and check out this close call in kentucky. a wildlife worker falls trying to release a bald eagle. lugly the man holding the ladder reacted perfectly catching the woman. the eagle flies off into the distance. a las vegas police canine named nicky was shot and killed. he returned after a machete attack. reports of a man firing a gun
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randomly. the suspect shot and is in the hospital. california police investigating a suspicious vehicle when they found a young girl and her mother living in their car. one officer helped them get in touch with homeless services, the other officer took time to teach the girl how to play hopscotch. pretty cool. down to business with cnbc's landon dowdy. good morning. >> hi. today is the first day of the second quarter for wall street and stocks closing at the first quarter on a slightly down note, but markets posted their biggest monthly gain since october. the dow manages to wipe out a huge quarterly comeback since 1933. investors watching the big report of the day, march jobs number and expecting another month of solid hiring with unemployment holding at 4.9%, eight-year low. weak wage gains could raise interest rates. ilan musk said demand for the new tesla model is raising
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this morning on "today," the attorney of colorful d.c. madam deborah palpry is speaking out on the alleged election bombshell hidden in her call log. college basketball has a new champion. the fourth ranked colonials defeated number one valparaiso 71-60 at modsson square garden. tomorrow night in houston, final four in the men's ncaa tournament, villanova against syracuse followed by north carolina. and denzel valentine has been named the associated press's player of the year. he barely beat out buddy by three votes. and another milestone for lebron james. he moves past dominic wilkins into 12th place on the all-time scoring list.
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next to china and tight rope race 900 feet above the ground, competitors had to cross a wire more than 100 yards long in three rounds side-by-side while racing against the clock. they each carried the 22-pound balance pole and freddy knock of switzerland won with a time of 42 seconds. finally, to the ncaa slam dunk contest. mississippi state's kregg thor tried to impress judges jumping over the denny's pancake mascot. well, that pancake paid the price. more than one! to a hungry and slightly sophisticated crowd. just ahead, beyonce wants to be part of your workout, plus david bowie. you're watching "early today." uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. ♪ think about it ♪ there must be higher love ♪ down in the heart what do you think?
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wiback like it could used to? neutrogena hydro boost water gel. with hyaluronic acid it plumps skin cells with intense hydration and locks it in. for supple, hydrated skin. hydro boost. from neutrogena welcome back to "early today." okay. check this out. >> messed up. that ain't going to stop. i'm sure. >> no. this is san diego, and -- you think it's going to stop. should stop -- look at that lady! help her! the lady in the red. oh, my goodness! >> reverse! >> yeah. >> huh-uh. that happened. it crashed right into the dock, damaged the bow of the vessel, jilted a few passengers onboard. the horn blower out there. seven people reportedly injured. minor injuries there. the fire officials say a malfunction. you think? i mean -- back up, back up. >> no brakes. gets off the throttle.
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going to entertainment news. beyonce unveiled her new fit niz garb called ivy park and featuring her daughter blue ivy. fans can purchase it on april 14th add nordstrom's. and ewan mcgregor, happy to return at obi one ka nobody any a possible "star wars" spin-off, in production for the hans solo spin-off. >> and hans solo, harrison ford, that's obvious. obi-wan? >> have cool. cirque du soleil filed a lawsuit against justin timberlake and song co-writers saying they copied one of their songs. the group is seeking $800,000 in damage. australian rapper iggy azalea released a new video for a single calmed "teen" fresh off her year-long hiatus and the
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news you done want to talk about. >> didn't want to go there. announced in january, hour's before the singer's death of david bowie, sold out. cyndi lauper was there. fantastic. all of those folks performing, and because it was so popular, another tribute planned for tonight at radio city music hall. >> something that you would be at. >> i would totally go there. i didn't have to be here with you -- so early in the morning. >> stop hanging out with me. >> i don't know about high rolling. just -- anyway -- i'm alex witt. this is "early today." i'm not going to sing anymore. you're all thinking, thank you. ♪ if you have allergy congestion, muddling through your morning is nothing new.
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leading the news on -- a covert oops! the cia left an explosive training device on a school bus after a k9 training exercise. the bus transported students for two days before the device was found during a routine mechanical check up. it was right there next to the engine but had no detonator nor triggering device. the cia maintains no children were in danger, residents, none too pleased. also on, ferguson, missouri, names 32 year veteran cop tasked in helping repair the police officer after the fatal shooting of unarmed teenager, michael brown. that shooting revealed severe racial tension within the
4:27 am
department and community. moss succeeds the interim chief suspended last august. a baby is safely back with his mother after being kidnapped from a pennsylvania mall yesterday evening. a suspect befriended her at the mall, held her a moment while she took a phone call. then took the baby. he was arrested and charges against the women are still pending. identity thieves, they are on the rise this year and state officials say many of them are after your tax returns. as state work to verify tax filings more closely, they say it may take longer than usual for you to get your return. a runaway donkey led a wild police chase in arkansas last week. >> an april fool's joke? >> no, it's true. video to troprove it. got out of its yard. cornered the donkey getting him safely home. who has a pet donkey? other news, welcoming a baby giraffe after a nearly 15-month
4:28 am
pregnancy. yikes. >> poor mommy. >> yeah. >> the male calf born last saturday weighing in at, oh, 191 pounds standing 6'6". pretty cute, though. a little wobbly at first. england's first gorilla born by c-section, taking care of the 7-month-old. >> great! >> i was thinking, wearing a diaper. the mom is still recovering from the operation. the baby girl named afia, friday born child. >> why not a c-section for a gorilla? similar to humans. >> i guess. >> never heard of it. >> me either. first one. celebrating birthdays today, msnbc's majel rmaddow, debbie reynolds as well. and have a great friday, i'm
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and have a great friday, i'm alex witt, and narrator: breakfast. dishes. dinner. dishes. marriage. dishes. divorce. dishes. sleeping. (snoring) (sputtering) dishes. not sleeping. dishes. life. dishes. death. dishes. existence. dishes. dishes, dishes, dishes... every dish, every time. only finish has the power ball to take on anything.
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and the curtains pulled back and the mystery revealed. the new tesla model 3 has made its debut, now how about those reviews. a new curriculum at an east bay school that is infuriating some parents. the the reason acceptance week is causing a stir. california's first of its kind minimum wage hike that now awaits the governor's signature. "today in the bay" starts right now. and a good friday morning. thank you for joining us, i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i walked right into that. >> laura is on her last day off for this week. she will be back next monday,


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