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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 1, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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a southern california pier. the intemperatures video blowing up social media this morning and a closer look at how it happened. and i'm stephanie chuang in san ramon where middle school if the district allows an entire week of curriculum. what they want, instead, coming up in a live report. plus, another scandal for the embattled san francisco police department. the new round of officers allegedly caught red handed sending racist and home phobic tests. first the anticipation and now the big reveal. the unveiling of tesla's model 3. "today in the bay starts right now. good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. right now we're unveiling your friday with no joke. >> good morning. clear skies as you head out the door and chilly temperatures,
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again. not as cool in some spots like san francisco and the east bay. 54 degrees and dropping to 4 degrd 2 degrees in the north bay. sunshine and light wind and 70s for the north bay and the tri-valley. this weekend, more of the same. i'll show you that coming up in a few minutes. let's head over to anthony with a check on traffic. >> things are moving pretty good this morning. we don't have much to report. you know the trend, friday light. that is happening right now across the bay area. start you off near the bay bridge approach and we do have a crash and this is on the 580 connector eastbound headed away from the regular flow of traffic. so, we're not seeing much in terms of traffic being impacted on the westbound side of 80. i do want to take you outside and show you. we can't see the accident actually from this camera. the flow not being affected all that much. 80 eastbound headed towards 580 eastbound. keep that in mind as you get going this morning. back over to you guys. >> anthony, thank you.
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happening later today, we have anger right now over lessons centered on lgbt awa awareness. parents are banning together against what is called acceptance week. the parents think the school is putting an overemphasis on the issuess. >> stephanie chuang is live on this curriculum plan and why some people say it's going too far. steph? >> good morning, kris and sam. parents here are set to meet with a district superintendent around 11:00 this morning but if they're not happy, they are prepared to take their kids out of school during acceptance week and more than that, they're prepared to go to court over this issue, although that's a last resort. now, this petition has more than 100 signatures. parents want it changed to acceptance day. april 15th which is the national day of silence and a day dedicated by student groups to
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pr spreading awareness of safety and those specifically as lgb a one parent wrote "this is a discriminatory action fully biassed on a support of a specific group and not taking consideration the diversity of our religious views of our community." a student leadership group that created this awareness week and the lesson os with it. the principal also revised the lessons and sent the new ones to parents to review after adding parents can opt their students out if they want. the meeting scheduled for 11:00 this morning. a meeting between the parents, students and superintendent to come up with some resolution. live here in san ramon, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." yesterday she was reporting on these massive lines for people waiting for tesla. most folks stood in line and
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paid $1,000 for a new tesla 3 are feeling pretty good about it this morning. did you see it? >> i did. here it is. the new mod38 tesla unveiling last night in l.a. the specs. touchscreen and panoramic sunroof and seats five and gets 215 miles on a full charge. scott mcgrew will have more on tesla's next big thing coming up in the next 20 minutes. now a developing story we're learning more about a new racist and home phobic texting scandal in the san francisco police department. police investigators unveiled a series of text messages while investigating officer jason lei for a sexual assault. involving 14 san francisco police officers. this new case involved four officers. an attorney representing one of those officers involved says his client is not racist, but should
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have done more to stop offensive communication from an officer who used the n word. >> he responded to one of the texts by saying, stop doing this. and he said if i didn't know who you were married to, i would think you were a racist. but that is not the same thing as going through an official protocol of discipline. >> well, the department is now reviewing hundreds of court cases involving the officers to see if they may have been compromise. a man accused of killing his girlfriend on valentine's day is set to enter a plea this morning. police arrested pedroza after they discovered the body of stacey aguilar. she was living in san jose but disappeared after attending a house party in hayward. his accomplice perez is expected in court, as well. a man expected in a bizarre case behind bars this morning. police say a 22-year-old man
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tried to open the front door of a closed business in san bruno yesterday evening. the woman inside that as she was approaching the door she noticed his pants were down and he was exposing himself. police found and arrested that man a short time later and he is now facing a several charges. a community alert for people in the north bay this morning. the state is releasing a high-risk sex offend oer in petaluma. 23-year-old jonathan hopner has served his sentence. he targeted girls and women between the ages of 15 and 50. corrections officials say hopner will be staying in a hotel and will have to register as a sex offender with the petaluma police. now, officers say they will notify the public of where hopner is placed once he checks in. east bay police right now searching for two men who used a sling shot to break into a fremont restaurant early yesterday morning. happened at a restaurant on mission boulevard between interstate 880 and 680. the men were captured on
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surveillance video to shat arwind sxoe then steal cash from a safe before taking off. social media helped nab suspected bicycle thieves in the south bay. steven fox there on the right stole bicycles from an apartment complex. a surveillance camera showed the break-in back on february 21st. you can see those men pretty clearly. police say tips started poring in when they started posting the videos to social media. officers were able to track those suspects down and they don't think this was a crime of opportunity. police say one of the bikes was worth $3,000. they are returning that bike to its owner. >> it will be a nice weekend to get out and take a bike ride or maybe just be out aside in general. >> thinking about riding bikes this weekend, too. here is meteorologist kari hall. how are you? >> doing great, sam and kris. as we head out the door this morning, chilly temperatures. we will have early clouds and also some patchy fog in spots.
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otherwise, a very pleasant afternoon. at lunchtime, you'll want to take it outside. we'll be at 61 degrees in the peninsula. east bay 59 degrees and into the low 70s for the south bay. north bay 72 and 73 today in the tri-valley. we'll check out that weekend forecast coming up in just a few minutes. let's see what's happening on the roadways. checking in with anthony. >> good morning. happy friday to you all. good morning to everybody at home this morning. we are starting with pretty light traffic and we don't have much happening out there. couple incidents in the south bay, i want to show you both of those. 280 southbound right at el monte and also 17 southbound at holy city road. i didn't even know there was a holy city road in the santa cruz mountdens. but you probably didn't either. and it's really hard to see, especially this dark at night. but keep in mind, it is just north of the summit. so, it's about half a mile north of the summit where there is a crash and, again, southbound 17. headed towards santa cruz.
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back over to you guys. >> everyone who lives on that road very blessed. thank you very much, anthony. coming up struggling to regain footing and donald trump on the defensive after a stumble and the competitors trying to capitalize on his mistake, next. a record number of orders for the tesla model 3. how in the world is tesla going to build all those cars? and new video in overnight of a cruise ship plowing into a sea wall causing a scene in southern california, but we have him here. believe what happens next. a live look right now outside at&t park at levi landing. the oorange and black took on the oakland a in the battle of the bay series. the giants coming out on top 3-1. first pitch at 7:15 and you can watch the whole thing right here on nbc bay area. got a tip for nbc bay area investigative unit?
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call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate. a misep fronunneronaldtrumhas
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decision 2016 and a major misstep by frontrunner donald trump has other gop candidates making moves. >> eduard lawrence is live in washington, d.c. with a closer look at how the presidential campaign is shaping up.
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eduard, he says it was a misspeak, but, certainly, his competitors are running with it. >> kris and sam, this really hurt him, actually. in the state of wisconsin, even governor john kasich is attacking donald trump which is not something he has done in the past. donald trump gave the thumbs up after meeting with the republican national committee, but he's in trouble with female voters over what he calls a misstatement about women being punished for an abortion. >> that's not the way you should view women. >> i actually think he's an idiot. >> reporter: his republican competitors piled on. >> been way off kilter and showing that he's unprepared to be president of the united states. >> reporter: still, other wisconsin voters won't abandon the republican frontrunner. >> i think our country needs somebody who will turn things around. >> reporter: trump's meeting focused on unity within the party and trump met with his foreign policy advisors in
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washington yesterday, sticking to his stance on nuclear weapons. he says his advisors agree with him. you don't take nukes off the table. meanwhile, hillary clinton remains focused on her electability. >> i have 1 million more votes than donald trump and i have 2.5 million more votes than bernie sanders. >> reporter: but bernie sand rsz hitting his mesening on corporate contributions. >> $25 million from special interest, including $15 million from wall street. >> reporter: both frontrunners would like the primaries to be wrapped up, but their competition won't give up. and donald trump says he will release today the names of his foreign policy advisors that he's working with. reporting live in washington, edward lawrence, now back to you. kris, sam? >> a lot of folks asking for that list for a long time. today we could learn more about the future of drone safety. an faa committee will issue their final report.
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many in the aviation industry has been looking to a more flexible approach operating unmanned aircraft systems. fly over people. now, a story you're only going to see on nbc bay area. >> apple is hitting a milestone. the company turns 40 today and to commemorate. they got together to reminisce about the ups and downs of the past and ahead to the future. some people who started near the company's very beginning. >> there was this feeling, even back then, that we were going to do something that was going to change the world and change how people related to competeteres. i mean, we had big ideas. >> on april 1st, 1976, steve jobs and steve wosnia released it that went on the market for
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$166. you saw scott budman in the midst of it all. 5:15 and tesla major anounshment. >> they astonished the world with 1,000 preorder for the model 3. we hadn't seen it until night. >> all right, scott mcgrew. people say youg have the coolest job in the bis. tell us why. talk to us about the tesla model 3. >> musk showing off his company's creation last night in southern california. this is the so-called low-cost tesla. maybe a little smaller than we were expecting. it costs just as much as other electric cars. so, it's much cheaper than the tesla model s, but mucher range than the elite. our bob redell has more detail in a live report coming up. but i wanted to go over some interesting numbers with you. tesla took in a reported 135,000 orders for the new model 3.
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tesla made 53 model s totals. that begs the question, how in the world is tesla going to fill all these orders. when it's almost three times as many orders as cars they made last year. 50,000 cars. that's what they made. that's not a lot. in fact y was talking to the guys over at the largest car dealer chain in the south bay. they own almost every dealership on capital expressway in san jose. they sold 35,000 cars last year. fords and bmws and what not. in other words, a dealership in the south bay sold almost as many cars as tesla did last year. funny in the midst of all this we forgot about the iphone 5se. we went to long lines and mega coverage to, oops, we forgot about the iphone. the best kind of friday. it's jobs friday. here's landon dowdy at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> hey, scott. good morning. best friday of the month.
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and futures were lower this morning and stocks closing up the first quarter on a slightly down note, but the markets posted their biggest monthly gain since october. the dow managing to wipe out a huge quarterly loss for its biggest comeback since 1933. we do get major report of the week and march job numbers and we'll get those numbers in just a few minutes. expect another week of hiring and cautious tone on raising interest rates and the dow falling and the nasdaq up a fraction. scott, back over to you. >> landon, thank you. a number april fool's jokes coming out today, of course. >> google had a way to send mike drop via gmail. virgin america has a new logo talk about that coming up. the best april fool's company announcement i found was from france. take a look. >> single fries.
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>>. ♪ >> single fries. exclusive at burger king. >> i assume you do not need to speak french to get that one. i thought that was very well done. >> single fry or single wrapped up in the paper. >> thank you very much, scott. yeah, so, that really happened. this is a horn blower cruise and event ship in san diego. you know those from san francisco, too. now, this one crashed into the sea wall yesterday. back to the beginning of the video here. clearly the ship coming in way too fast and people can't even believe it. takes them a minute to get out
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of the way. an older woman trying to get out of the way and then that young man does. she was okay, but several other people did have minor injuries after this one. more on this story coming up in a live report in the next half hour. all right, it is smooth sailing heading into the weekend right wexhad beautiful weather all week. >> gorgeous. >> here is meteorologist kai hall. >> all going down hill today. we will have storms and everything rolling through. april fool's! great weather, again, today. take a look at these temperatures as you head out. of course, it's cool. that's what we've seen all week. 42 degrees now in the north bay and let's drop in on the east bay now. 44 degrees in pleasanton and dublin at 51 degrees and 51 to start in hayward. let's break it down for san jose. we will be at 50 degrees with sunshine at 8:00 and our temperatures continue to warm up very quickly going to 60 degrees
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by 11:00. and by lunchtime, 63 degrees into the upper 60s eventually hitting some low 70s, as well. 71 degrees in palo alto today and the embarcadero at 72 degrees. 71 in san rafael and oakland 70 today. 72 in dublin. -day forecast at the bottom of your screen. we will be warming up next week and we are enjoying the cool weather now. it will be nice and cool for that. take a look at these temperatures. a live look now at the camera behind us and then we'll be in the low 50s by 8:00 or 9:00 tonight. make sure you have on something nice and warm. the wind will be kicking up, too. if you're heading to the beach today. we will have low 60s. winds from the west 15 to 0 miles an hour. half moon bay 65 degrees and water temperatures in the upper 50s to lower 60s. in santa cruz today up to 68 degrees. mostly sunny skies there, as well. into the next couple of days.
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we will continue on with some very comfortable temperatures into the upper 60s to lower 70s. san francisco stays right at about 62 to 63 degrees. lets check in with anthony to see what's happening on the roadways. >> good morning. happy friday. i don't have any jokes here. get out there and enjoy the day. looking at light conditions across the bay area. no concerns right now. no major concerns. we do want to zoom in on the golden gate bridge because we have a spin out right north of the tower. come to san francisco, you may come into some activity. take you outside and show you just light the traffic is here this morning. so, even though we have that spinout, you can see, just a few cars trickling in here this morning from the north bay. back to you. >> thanks, anthony. coming up, divided over abortion. the measure just passed at uc berkeley that is causing an uproar this morning. the c camp is dided ismorng-- oo
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the cal campus is divided over how the school responds to abortions. student leaders unanimously passing a measure that urges the university to offer what they call a basic health need. abortion services on campus. students say the lack of an abortion facility on campus constitutes a health risk for those that do not have time to travel to an off campus location. that bill also notes that
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abortion services were available on campus in the 1980s. the issue is drawing reaction from both of the aisle. >> having access to safe health care is a right that everybody should have. >> you know this is law, this is murder. >> the university says that offering abortions on campus is simply not going to happen. insisting ample to the service. raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour and expected to sign that bill today, monday in l.a. it was approved yesterday by the state legislature. the minimum wage won't actually reach 15 bucks until 2022, though. it will start to slowly increase that amount and the first increase from $10 to 10:.50 an hour. businesses with 25 orrer employees will have an extra year to comply. coming up next, cracking down on speeders, but not drivers. the new crackdown going into
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effect that will affect bicyclists in marin county. free orders for tesla's new car soars to well over 100,000 in preorders. i'm bob redell. that story coming up. got a tip for nbc bay yare investigative unit? call 1-888-996 tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate. joiningsi'm m bro.
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=kri2shot good morning. happy you're joining us on this friday, april fool's day. i'm sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. we could have done something. >> stick with us for the next half hour. >> meteorologist kari hall in the weather center with an epic storm. >> very horrible weather forecast this weekend. everything going on. look at this. clouds this morning. a very pleasant afternoon and it will be pretty much like what we've seen all week in the lunchtime hour will be at 57 degrees in san francisco. up to 63 degrees. 72 in the north bay and the south bay 71 degrees. i'll show you that weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes. let's see what's happening on the roadways with anthony. >> i got nothing. okay. i got something. i was going to try to do the april fool's thing, but kind of hard when you're talking traffic because it's already so depressing when you have to hit the road and so much happening,
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right? but, hey, we have good news friday morning. not much happening. a few single spinouts across the golden gate bridge and same deal for the 80 eastbound direction headed over towards 580 the connector there and also another crash just popped up on our traffic map right near 680 southbound. all those right near the bridges there now, over near the san mateo bridge another incident stall across the shoulder, but, again, not too much happening here on this friday. so, it's friday light. back over to you guys. >> all right, thank you very much. a lot happening over at tesla right now. the wait over and the unmasking of tesla model 3. the world gets its first glance at tesla's next big thing. >> bob redell is live in sunnyvale with a closer look. bob, do people seem to like it? >> kris and sam we know that at least 130,000 people like it so
5:32 am
much that according to the company they already put down $1,000 deposit on tesla new model three which you can see in this video right here the company's ceo and founder elan musk unveiled last night at tesla's design studios outside los angeles. thousands of people lined up tesla dealerships to put down the deposits that they can't yet test drive that hasn't gone into production yet. one reason the new model is getting so much attention the price tag estimated to retail for around $35,000 minus the $7,500 federal rebate. that is well under half the rebate of previous tesla models. >> i'm glad they made it an affordable one. >> i think it's an outstanding looking for $35,000. electric car. i think that's a good deal. >> i like the lines on it. they very nice and clean. much different look than the
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previous model. >> i like that car. >> those were tesla fan checking out the model 3 on the dealership in san jose. the model 3 is not expected to roll off the assembly line until late next year at the earliest. reporting live here outside of tesla dealership in sunnyvale, bob redelll. the latest job numbers came down within the last couple of minutes. let's send it right now over to scott mcgrew who is joining us with the very latest. scott, what can you tell us? >> 215,000 jobs added in the month of march. the unemployment rate does pick up to 5.0%. 5%. i have said over the many, many, many years that i have been bringing you this number ignore 0.01 moving one way on the unemployment rate. yes, the unployment rate does go up. ignore the big number.
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now, is it as big as some of the ones we've seen in the past? no, kris and sam, it is not. steady job growth and 14 million jobs created in the last year. we're doing just fine. this is a solid number. >> all right, thank you very much, scott. good to hear. >> yeah, it is. most definitely. concerned parents in one east bay community is trying to put an end to what is called acceptance week. >> that petition opposes a week of lessons scheduled for wind mere ranch middle school in san ramon. the student leadership school at that group, but some parents think this has gone too far. one parent wrote on the petition page "there is a time for everything in life, i don't think middle school is the right time to expose kids to all this stuff." the school says that parents do have the option to opt out of these classes for their students. the principal also revised the lessons and sent new ones out to
5:35 am
parent to review. the school district is expected to meet with parents on this issue later in the morning. marin county is cracking down on speeders and we're not talking about drivers. we're talking about cyclists. radar devices are going to track violators on two wheels. serious accidents between hikers, walkers and cyclists in the county's open space district land. that is 35 locations including 250 miles of roads and trails. the speed limit is 15 miles an hour. five, though, if you are coming up on a blind corner. san jose city leaders don't have to travel far to see the city's growing graffiti problem. take a look at what was tagged on the walls of city hall. police say it's been happening more and more frequently. the latest graffiti showing up on monday night. surveillance video shows a group of eight people. two of them even climbing a wall in city hall plaza. the city says it may add more lights, but says it does not plan to reinstate security officers who used to patrol building. >> part of the cutbacks we had
5:36 am
is that we don't have security there 24/7. we're trying to be frugal and respectful of the taxpayers' money and by doing that we have been hit. >> san jose city officials say they cleaned up more than 2 million square feet of graffiti just last year. the town of moraga sent a letter to governor brown asking for money to repair damaged caused by a sinkhole. turns out the problem is worse than anybody thought. that hole opened up during storms we had earlier this month and that ruptured a gas line, as well. investigators got an up-close look at the problem last week and now they say it will cost $3.5 million to fill that sinkhole and nearby boulevard. it's 5:on your friday morning and oakland's water front about to get a whole lot nicer. the port of oakland giving the green light on new improvements to close gaps in the popular bay trail and overall enhance the shoreline for public use. construction is going to take
5:37 am
place on the embarcadero cove and livingston street pier sites. $200 million in bond funds for that project. 5:37 right now. the bay area's largest city will keep saving water. san jose is extending water restrictions through june. those mandatory restrictions expired yesterday but the city council approved the extension saying this one has not been enough to recover from years of historic drought. the city aims to cut water use by 30% which started last april. meanwhile, the state is considering easing mandatory water restrictions in may. happening later today. tradition and some trepidation as abalone hunters flocking for the opening of the season. red abalone season kicks off at 8:00 this morning. bracing for the onslot of divers. the cold, powerful waves andless diving can prove deadly. eight people died on the sonoma and coasts hunting for abalone
5:38 am
last year. finally, fresh local crab and people are gathering at fisherman's wharf in san francisco to celebrate. industry regulators and policymakers are having a crab feed. crab season was delayed four months because of harmful algae, but now all clear. and all that tasty crab is finally going to a store and place near you. >> we're feasting a little bit early today on this friday. kari hall joining us right now. how do you like your crab? >> with lemon and a liltal bit of butter. yes, looking forward to this season. we'll have some beautiful weather for sitting outside and enjoying lunch. 48 degrees in the south bay. 42 degrees in the north bay. mostly cloudy skies in some spots and we'll also see some patchy fog. after all of that gets out of here. we'll have sunshine. comfortable temperatures, again. 63 degrees in san francisco. great baseball weather, too. i'll show you that forecast
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coming up in ten minutes. let's head over to anthony and giving us a look of the bay area. >> things looking pretty good right now. no news is good news. we like to say that across the traffic scene because we don't have much to talk about, that means life is easy for you to get out the door. let's zoom in and show you what's happening. this is on the marin side before the tower. single car spinout off to the shoulder and not creating any slow downs there. over near 680 southbound also near the state route 4 connector coming into concord there is an accident there and making things slow and not affecting the speeds right now. coming through the sunol grade some slowing there along 84 and down in the south bay, we did have a new accident pop up right before 101. back to you guys. >> anthony, thank you so much. a segment of busy fremont boulevard is going to be closed tonight for maintenance work on tracks. that boulevard between thorten avenue will close tonight at 10:00 and we're not getting any word for how long.
5:40 am
the railroad work is being done by cal trans and union pav. a story we brought you as breaking news yesterday, that bridge collapse in india that killed dozens of people. the construction company now facing charges following the tragedy. for the second time this week, a local bay area company has a devastating report criticizing. we'll take a look at theranos coming up in "business and tech." and this is a storying the rounds on social media this morning. a cruise plowing into a seawall in southern california. gut wrenching footage and reaction coming up in a live report. got a tip for nbc bay areaive unit? call 1-88-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, investigate. and devepi righnow iindia.o
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right now we are following a developing story out of india and more fallout from yesterday's overpass clapsh. construction company officials now being questioned. that company was building this overpass when the overpass fell apart yesterday. all this happening during a busy commute time. 23 people died. more than 100 were trapped. now, the builders that are detained are saying that the state is playing politics and that that collapse was, "an act
5:44 am
of god." scary moments in san diego as this chip crashed right into the sea wall of that pier. people rushing to get out of the way, including an elderly woman with a crane. >> several people were injured with that. elena gomezis joining us live. that video is dramatic. we see an elderly woman walking across and a gentleman comes in and saves her and it was frightening to watch it. >> yeah, very scary moment there. if you know san diego the embarcadero is very busy and lots of people walking all the time and since it was a holiday, probably even more. a lot of people were saying that ship was coming very fast before it hit the sea wall here. this is the damage we're looking at this morning. you can see the sea wall and the
5:45 am
railing totally damaged here this morning. and this is what the crash looked like just as it was happening. >> those were the moments all captured on cell phone video. the ship's horn blowing and trying to warn people to get out of the way. after the crash, there were people and tables everywhere onboard that ship. seven people were hurt three of those people had to be taken to the hospital with minor neck and back pain. 139 passengers and five crew members were onboard the ship at the time and people walking along the embarcadero here say the ship was coming straight at the pier. >> it just came in fast. she kind of skirted the side and hit the side and she yelled something, i heard something and just coming in fast and hard and
5:46 am
i saw it happening and i grabbed the kids and i told them to hold on. >> san diego fire tells us that this appears to be a mechanical issue that caused this ship to not be able to stop when it hit that sea wall there. at this point, investigated by the port of san diego. send it back to you guys over there. >> thank you very much. north korea has fired a short-range missile into the sea just hours after the u.s. and world leaders pledged to prevent north korea from advancing its weapons program. that missile was fire under to the waters off north korea's east coast. north korea is providing no further details. the missile is latest in a series of weapons launches by the north recently. meanwhile, though, in d.c., a nuclear safety summit hosted by president obama continues today. decision 2016. and gop frontrunner donald trump struggling to regain his footing after another verbal stumble. his competitors are trying to
5:47 am
capitalize. trump right now in trouble with female voters over what he calls a misstatement about abortion and punishment. since that statement that he made, he's now turning his focus on to uniting within his party. trump also met with his foreign policy advisors yesterday sticking with his stance on nuclear weapons. his advisors agree with him, you don't take nuclear options off the table. still, the other candidates sense an opening. >> really been way off kilter and showing that he's unprepared to be president of the united states. >> i have 1 million votes than donald trump and i have 2.5 million more votes than bernie sanders. >> donald trump says that today he is going to identify all the members of his foreign policy team. turns out american roads are so bad that not even self-driving cars can handle them. the transportation department says 65% of u.s. roads are in poor shape.
5:48 am
that number jumped to nearly 70 here in the golden state. now here in the bay area, civil engineers gave our roads a d plus and not just the roads. the signage, apparently, is also in some places that automated sensors can't navigate properly in driverless cars. in one case, a self-driving car refused to drive. >> a lot of paving to be done. blood testing theranos is in more trouble this morning. >> released a report and, scott mcgrew, this is the second time that scientists said theranos is a mess. what are investors going to say? >> that is the big question. this is supposed to be a $9 billion company, kris, with a state of the art blood testing lab. it's none of those things. a new report from the federal agency that supervises medical labs is very critical of theranos science storing blood at the wrong temperature. it is a total mess.
5:49 am
theranos was a rock star company led by a woman who dropped out of stanford at 19 claiming she was developing revolutionary new testing technology. walgreen's drugstore is reassessing its relationship with theanos. essentially, wal gp gregreen's only way it makes any money. shares in tesla climbed throughout the day thursday as more and more people joined that line to order a new tesla model 3. reported 135,000 orders. tesla only made 50,000 cars last year. taking a look at the jobs numbers. 215,000 jobs created in march. the unemrate does jump a little. 0.1 to 5%. it's the first day of the second financial quarter. to you, it's april fool's day. lots of companies come up with silly, fake announcements.
5:50 am
virgin america announces a new logy and i'd like to show it to you, but it is a bit risque. he really loves the ladies. you'll have to google the new logo, i'm afraid. coming up in half an hour a great april fool's joke from burger king. i'll miss virgin america as a company, though. it sounds like it is going to be so. you imagine it coming up with an april fool's joke. >> maybe they'll step up. >> sir unithank you, scott. well, oregon police officers responded to a call that was hard typical. police say a deer was running through a backyard when it jumped. got stuck in a tree. >> she really got wedged in there. as you can see in this picture, the deer got half of her body through the tree and her hips would not fit in between the tree branches.
5:51 am
she got stuck. police officers used a carjack to push the branches farther apart so that that deer could escape unharmed. >> that was good thinking. right? >> absolutely. how wide are a deer's hips, though. >> are you -- >> ocourse it is a female deer. kari hall joining us now. >> sam. >> exactly. oh, dear. >> bad sam. let's take a look at this weather today and welcome to april. 49 degrees as you head out the door in the east bay. the peninsula at 48 degrees. now, close look at the south bay. morgan hill 43 degrees and we have some upper 40s in downtown san jose. looking at all the microclimates today. low 70s this afternoon. up to 73 degrees in cupertino. san mateo 73 grees and 73 degrees and seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. check out how much it warms up towards the of next week. oakland 70 degrees and 71 today
5:52 am
in livermore. heading out to at&t park. we'll have some chilly weather tonight. and at first pitch will be at 54 degrees. a few clouds mixing in and the wind, though, will make it feel very gusty. you know how windy it gets at the top of the stadium. up to 25 miles an hour. make sure you have some nice, warm clothes. next week, we will have some more of this quiet weather. high pressure really keeping our weather dry, but then that cold air starts to spill down from the north over parts of the midwest and the east. so, if you're traveling there for business or pleasure, make sure you have warm clothes and there may be some snow there, too. here, we'll have just the opposite. high pressure rains will keep us dry and by thursday we could have some 80s in the forecast. but it doesn't stick around long. thinking of 80s, maybe you just want to go ahead and head to the beach today. in pacifica 62 degrees and winds from the west. half moon bay 65 degrees and if you're planning to go down to santa cruz, a touch warmer with a high of 68 degrees.
5:53 am
into this weekend, nice and dry. quiet weather highs in the upper 60s in the peninsula for today. 70 degrees for tomorrow and sunday. and the north bay will be fairly warm up to 73 degrees on sunday. that's weather. let's get a look at with traffic from anthony. >> you can see the backup is starting to form speespecially k towards the maze. as we switch over to the maps, another incident right at the golden gate bridge and a single car spinout right before the tower. marin side and keeping things a little bit and not affecting traffic all that much and see some slowing as you approach the scene. across parts of the south bay, that typical build form on 101. this is very typical of every single day and you can see what i'm talking about. more cars piling in here but nothing of any concern just yet. back to you guys. >> thank you, anthony. coming up green energy that may not be so green after all. up next, the new revelation
5:54 am
about a technology that has gotten hundreds of millions of your tax dollars. and happening right now an east bay man with a lengthy rap sheet has a whole new outlook on law enforcement. we'll introduce you to the man who turned himself into police instead of committing another crime. that story trending right now on plus, lessons in tolerance sparking outrage in the east bay. parents launching a petition and steph chuang is following that story very closely this morning. a live report coming up. also look for updates in our twitter feed. we're back in two minutes. unit exlusiv
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5:56 am
5:57 am
==kr/2sho= and now to an investigative unit exclusive. more than $1 billion in your tax money has helped to fund private companies in hopes of making california energy greener. >> but a new report, ris, unveiling a controversial technology should not be receiving more funding because it pollutes too much. vicky nguyen has all the details. >> should companies that make fuel cells receive public subsities. the big question now, will state regulators listen to their own staff? the self generation program started back in 2001.
5:58 am
the goal to fund technologies that help make power more reliable and cut carbon. as we first told you, critics raised concerns about how green natural gas electric fuel cells really are. now, staff at the public utilities commission say the fuel cells pollute too much and are not worth further investment. the biggest maker of these fuel cells is sunnyvale based bloom technology. they dispute the report saying its technology meet the standards. now up to commissioners to decide. to our full report and our stories on this issue over the last year a half, go to and click on the investigations tab. >> vicky, thank you so much. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call or send us an e-mail to the university of san francisco introduced their new head basketball coach today. kyle smith is leaving columbia university where he has been for the last 17s. he replaces rex walters who
5:59 am
coached for eight seasons. he was fired earlier this month after a 15-15 season. the 46-year-old smith led columbia to the college insider's tournament titled tuesday night and that capped off one of columbia's best seasons in school history as the lions went 25-10. kris, astronaut scott kelly becoming a civilian officially today. kelly officials stepping down. >> this comes after he set the u.s. record for the most time in space and probably the most fun had in space, too. scott kelly returned to earth last month after living at the international station for 340 days. good morning, i'm stephanie chuang live in san ramon where parents of some middle school kids say their kids are not ready and should not be getting a week of curriculum. what they want, instead, coming up in a live report. and a crackdown on speeding. not cars, but bicyclists. the bay area county turning to
6:00 am
techto keep people safe. plus, have you seen it yet? after so much build up and anticipation, tesla finally unveiling its next big thing. the model 3. how the world is responding right now on "today in the bay." good morning. thanks for joining us, i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. starting out on a nice note here on your friday and also april 1. >> april 1. >> and, yes, we're going to have some horrible weather this weekend, sam and kris. ing at some storms and maybe even some snow. april fool's. we are going to have more of this gorgeous weather. although we do start out with clouds and a pleasant afternoon and lunchtime temperature 61 degrees in the peninsula and north bay 64 degrees. 72 for a high tri-valley 73 and 63 in san francisco. i'll show you that weekend forecast coming up. but let's get a view of the bay and the morning commute from


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