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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 1, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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techto keep people safe. plus, have you seen it yet? after so much build up and anticipation, tesla finally unveiling its next big thing. the model 3. how the world is responding right now on "today in the bay." good morning. thanks for joining us, i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. starting out on a nice note here on your friday and also april 1. >> april 1. >> and, yes, we're going to have some horrible weather this weekend, sam and kris. ing at some storms and maybe even some snow. april fool's. we are going to have more of this gorgeous weather. although we do start out with clouds and a pleasant afternoon and lunchtime temperature 61 degrees in the peninsula and north bay 64 degrees. 72 for a high tri-valley 73 and 63 in san francisco. i'll show you that weekend forecast coming up. but let's get a view of the bay and the morning commute from anthony. >> things moving pretty good
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this morning. we don't have much to report. that's good news that makes life easier for you getting out on the door and let's take you to the golden gate bridge and been reporting of a single spinout earlier and that's really all we have of major concern, even across parts of the peninsula and the south bay not really looking at our highways being affected all that much. there is an accident before 101 and we're seeing the typical slowing on 101, as well. slowing through the sunol grade but otherwise wide-open roads on this friday and no fooling you here. >> thank you, anthony. well, not everybody is accepting acceptance week. curriculum focusing on lesbian, gay and transgender issues at a san ramon school has some parents threatening to take their kids out of class. live in san ramon and, steph, there are the parent who say they're mad and voice their concerns to districters in just a few hours they say they think their kids are too young in middle school to talk about these issues. >> yeah, that's definitely part of it, kris.
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good morning to you. that meeting between the district superintendent and these upset parents set at 11:00 this morning at district offices. but they say if they're not happy with the solution that is presented, they're ready to not only take their kids out of class, but ready to go to court really as a last resort. make sure their voices are heard. now, more than 500 signatures on a petition addressed to this middle school prince and the superintendent. the parents involved want acceptance week to day. a day dedicated by some students to spreading awareness of safety and respect specifically for those who identify as lgbtq. some parents are protesting especially after viewing some of the lesson plans and videos. one parent writing on the petition, my daughter who attends wrms isn't even comfortable watching her parents kiss, so she's definitely not going to be comfortable with
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this video. meantime, the san ramon valley district says it was a student leadership group that came up with this awareness week and the lesson plans and what's going to be talked about. the principal here also revised the lessons and sent the new ones to the parents for review after he got a lot of e-mails and calls about this adding parents can opt their students out if they want. again, parentsing that they will walk out if the school and district don't satisfy what they want. and this is hopefully going to be all resolved at this meeting set again at 11:00 this morning in district offices. live here in san ramon, stephanie chuang "today in the bay." 6:03 right now on your and it is happening, again. we are learning more about a new racist ahomphobic text scandal. police investigators discovering a series of text messages while investigating officer jason lie for an alleged sexual assault. this discovery coming in the
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midst of a text scandal and that one involves 14 san francisco police officers. this new case focuses on four officers. an attorney representing one of the officers involved says its client is not racist but should have done more to stop offensive communication from an officer who used the n word. >> who responded to one of the techs by saying, stop. if you stop doing this and he said if i didn't know who you were married to, i would think you were a racist. but that is not the same thing as going through an official protocol of discipline. >> the department right now is reviewing hundreds of court cases that involve those police officers to see if they might have been compromised. 6:04 now. a man accused of killing his girlfriend on valentine's day is set to enter a plea this morning. police arrested him after they discovered the body of stacey aguilar. you might remember she was from san jose, but disappeared after attending a house party in hayward in february. police say his accomplice is
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also scheduled to be in court. well, a man suspected in a bizarre case of indecent exposure behind bars this morning. police say a 22-year-old man tried to open the front door of a closed business in san bruno yesterday evening. the woman inside said as she approached the door she noticed his pants were down and he was exposing himself. police found and arrested that man a short time later. right now facing several charges. in fremont searching for two men who used a sling shot to break into a local restaurant early yesterday morning. this happened at a restaurant on mission boulevard between interstates 880 and 680. the men were captured on surveillance video using that sling shot to steal a window and steal cash from a safe before taking off. millbrae police say the driver in a hit and run crash that sent a to the hospital with serious head injuries turned himself in. now behind bars this morning facing felony charges for that tuesday night crash. he struck a 65-year-old man on
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el camino real between san bruno avenues and another location. the victim was stepping off the center median when chan hit him. he is hospitalized still in stable condition. so, marin county right now cracking down on speeders, but we're not talking about drivers. they're cracking down on cyclists. radar devices are going up to track violators. serious accidents between hikers, walkers and cyclists in the county's open district lands. 34 different locations that includes 250 miles of roads and trails. the speed limit is 15 miles per hour, five if you're coming up on a blind corner. the town in mua asking for money to repair damage caused by a sinkhole. turns out the problem is worse than anybody thought. that hole opened up during storms had in march rupturing a gas line there. and investigators say they finally got an up close look at the problem last week. they now estimate it will cost
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$3.5 million, not only to fill that sinkhole, but also to repair nearby marina boulevard. >> a whole lot of money. the bay area's largest city will keep on saving money. extending water restricks through june. those mandatory restrictions expired yesterday, but the city council approved the extengdz saying that this winter's rainfall has not been enough to recover from the drought. 30% which started last april. meantime, the state is also considering evening mandatory water restrictions in may. >> don't forget as you are brushing your teeth, turn off the water. >> always the little things. involving the sink, toilet. when are we going to get more rain? that is also really important. let's check in with meteorologist kari hall. >> every chance of rain we get in the computer models dries up before it gets here. even looks like we'll have dry weather to start off next week and we'll have clouds this morning and no raindrops falling from them, although we'll have
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patchy fog in spots and now 41 go degrees in the north bay. today's high 72 degrees in the north bay and south bay 71 and some 60s else where for san francisco, the east bay and the peninsula. tri-valley today also at 73 degrees. more warm weather this weekend and i'll detail that coming up in less than ten minutes. let's get an idea of how traffic is moving with anthony. >> well, it's friday. we have friday light out there and things really looking pretty good. only a couple incidents, really small ones here and there. i want to show you a new incident that just popped up. 680 near the state route 4 connector. still dealing with slower there and state route 4 starting to see some slowing, as mind. now, of course the rest of the bay area things are moving pretty good. a small accident ongue expressway and not on the highway, 101 not being affected by that and 101 continues to remain smooth up towards san francisco and 280 looking good, as well. lane restriction right around the 92 connector. but really not affecting traffic
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flow all that much. back to you guys. >> thanks, anthony. a segment of busy fremont boulevard will close for maintenance work on railroad tracks. the boulevard between thorten avenue will close tonight at 10:00. we can't tell you how long yet because we don't know. the railroad work is being done by cal trans and by union pacific. so, today is april fool day but yesterday for some of the warriors, that's when the pranks were coming out. >> when you're nba champs you get tastep up your game even when it comes to pranking your teammates. coming up, the trick that had a wars playing thinking he was off the team. >> this was pretty mean. also, california moving closer to raising its minimum wage to $15 an hour. the final step now needed to make that vision a reality. scott mcgrew has the latest jobs numbers. he will also take a look at tesla and how the meter moves when it comes to unveiling the new model 3.
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thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm
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you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast hour==ta vo==he'sxpem wagto 15o governor jerry brown set to sign a bill raising the state minimum wage to $15 an hour scaled out over several years. expected to sign that bill mand in los angeles. approved yesterday by legislature. that wage won't reach until 2022. slowly increase to that amount first going from $10 to $10.50 an hour on january 1st of next
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year. so, today we could learn more about the future of drone safety. an faa committee will issue their final report today. many people in the aviation industry have been looking for a more flexible approach for operating certain unmapd aircraft systems. at issue to allow certain drones to operate and even fly over people. a milestone forral. the company turning 40 years young today. and to commemorate some employees are getting together to reminisce about the ups and downs of the past and look ahead to the future. some who started near the company's very beginning. >> there was this feeling even back then that we were going to do something that was going to change the world and change how people related to computers. i mean, we had big ideas. >> on april 1st, 1976, steve jobs and founded apple computers and released the hand built apple 1 which went on the market
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for 666 bucks. scott mcgrew is mystified this morning. how in the world, he asks, is tesla going to make all those model 3s. >> scott mcgrew put this into perspective for us. 135,000 people plunked down 1,000 bucks for their deposit. are they all going to get their cars? >> they'll get their car es ventually, right? we have a math problem as kris point out. tesla took in 135,000 orders for its new model 3 seen last night here in southern california. so, there is 135,000 orders but last year tesla oonly made 50,000 model s cars total according to its financial reports. it has orders for twice as many cars as it appears capable of making. and it still has to make the model s. well, also now making the model 3. so, tesla making 50,000 cars a year. to put that into perspective, sam.
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the largest car dealer in the south bay, del grande sells about 35,000 cars a year. fords and shevies. i'm comparing a carer with a car dealer. it's apples to oranges. how few cars tesla actually makes. april fool's day and companies making announcements. virgin america new logo. my favorite, though, is from france. take a look. >> single fries. >> single fries. exclusive at burger king. >> i don't think you need to speak french to understand what is going on there. >> so french for them to say,
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fries so perfect you just need one. >> no way that narrator was french. i do a better. >> freedom fries. >> they don't like it when we call them freedom fries. thanks, scott. well, here is a live look at at&t park this morning. does it look like it's dressed up and ready for baseball? yes, it does. tonight game two of the bay bridge series. the a's versus the giants right here on nbc bay area. >> and as you probably know, the season hasn't technically started yet. still in spring training exhibition. the giants did get the upper hand last night and thanks to jeff samardzija. beat the a's 3-1. again, game two of that series tonight. first pitch is at 7:15 right here on nbc bay area.
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our coverage starts at 7:00 right after our 6:00 news. nice news for oakland, as well. thafr they're raising the a's flag above city hall. >> the warriors are chasing history. >> man, let me tell you, they are fun to watch on the court, but they also know how to have a little fun, as well. look at. >> maybeilatal too much fun. andre igudola pulled a prank. kind of cruel. take a look. >> two sources close to the warriors say that backup center azili will be released before the playrun. >> iguodala has more of a reaction. >> his heart's pounding. >> trying to digest all of this. >> he's like, where am i going to go? i have to call my agent. he will get texts from other teammates. sorry to see you go.
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>> eventually, eventually iguodala surprising him in oakland and letting him know it was all a prank. he snuck up on him with a pie. it was all a joke. the warriors, by the way, going for win number 69 tonight against the celtics at oracle arena. he has been out with an injury, he is supposed to be back very soon. >> i think andre iguodala is now my favorite player. >> he is coming back, as well. >> thankfully. let's get a look at the forecast with kari hall. i think it's funny but sam thinks it's mean. >> you have to keep your eyes open around april 1st. don't believe anything you hear, but you can believe this. we're going to have some great weather this weekend. 53 degrees in san francisco. let's get a close look at the north bay now. 49 degrees in novato and san rafael and let's break it down for san francisco. we will have clouds to start out this morning.
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won't be until right at about lunchtime when the sun starts to peek out and reaching into the low 60s with 63 degree temperature. 70 degrees in san mateo and san jose seven-day forecast shows you how warm our temperatures will be for next week. we'll talk about that. but look at these 70s now. still very comfortable today and about seasonable. but it does drop down and gets chilly tonight in san francisco at at&t park. at the time we will have first pitch for the a's. into next week. that is what i was talking about. this calm weather continues as high pressure continues to rain. but if you do have some plans to head to the midwest and then the northeast, there will be some chilly temperatures maybe even some snow going on there as the morning temperatures drop down into the 20s and 30s. pack some warm clothes. here at home, we keep the warmth
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and it gets even warmer by next week. and no major changes as our dry weather continues. maybe some changes by the end of the week. if you're heading to the beach today, 62 degrees will be the high at pacifica. winds in from the west. about the at half moon bay and 65 degrees and santa cruz beautiful day there. almost hitting 70 degrees that beach. we'll probably have that around the down area. the weekend forecast looks nice, highs in the upper 60s in the peninsula. low 70s for the tri-val. no major changes this weekend. by sunday, we'll have some low 70s. pleasant weather. 73 degrees in the tri-vally and the south bay. in the east bay, 70 degrees and a mix of sun and clouds, but overall, no major changes until next week and then we'll see those temperatures ramping up. let's see what's happening on the roadways as we check in with anthony. >> yes, this morning things are moving without a problem. we don't have much to talk about, but one incident, actually just two of them. one of them just popped up and
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not showing up on our maps just yet. 101 southbound right at redwood city off ramp. motorcycle and minivan involved in a crash and blocking the redwood city off ramp 84. keep that in mind as you try to get over towards 84 maybe headed into redwood city. also, 680 northbound dealing with an accident right near scott creek and keeping things on milpitas. >> thanks, anthony. coming up next, we're learning about criminal charges in that overpass collapse in india that killed nearly two dozen people. plus -- >> donald trump is struggling to regain footing after a verbal stumble. i'm eduard lawrence in washington, that story coming up. that's the sound of a cruise ship plowing straight into a crowded california pier sending people scrambling to get out of the way. we have that same kind of cruise ship here in the bay area, so, we want to know what went wrong. we have that coming up in a live
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report from san diego. develong rit nown ind.
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the ecutis of e consuctiocompani developing right now in india, the executives of the construction company that was building that overpass that collapsed yesterday have now been charged with culpable homicide, which is similar to manslaughter. that, according to "new york times." this is a story following all morning. word of changes came down within the last hour. in that collapse, 3 people died and rescuers are still looking for survivors.
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and now to decision 2016 and the republican frontrunner donald trump is trying to reduane his footing after a controversial misstep over comments that he made about punishing women who have had abortions, if abortions were illegal. >> "today in the bay" eduaward lawrence joining us from washington, d.c. trump competitors trying to capitalize on this mistake. good morning. >> good morning, kris and sam. even governor john kasich is attacking donald trump, which is something he's never done. the other candidates here sense an opening. that donald trump waved as he left the republican national committee meeting he went to, but has a real problem with women voters because of what he called misstatement about women being punished for an abortion. in fact, a new poll shows that 63% of women holding negative impression of donald trump. trump's meeting at the rnc focused on unity within the party and trying to show himself as the presumptive frontrunner
6:26 am
of thisp. showing he can bring the republicans together. sticking to his stance on nuclear weapons. he says that his advisors agree with him. don't take nukes off the table. bernie sanders continuing with his message pounding her on the contributions she got. specifically the contributions she got for speaking engagements on wall street. now, both frontrunners would like to turn the corner and go after each other, both republican and democrat. however, their competitors will not give up. reporting live in washington -- >> both races far from subtle. edward lawrence, thank you very much. coming up, a live look at san francisco this morning. little chilly out there right now. we are in store for very nice weather this weekend. we have your full forecast coming up with kari and a look at your morning drive with anthony in 2:30. plus, take a look at this. a cruise ship coming in too fast
6:27 am
in san diego. slams right into a pier. see what people and passengers say about those terrifying moments coming up next in a live report. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate.
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good friday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon on this tuesday. april fool's day. it's friday.
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>> that's the second time she has gotten us today, kari. >> she didn't get me. i knew for sure it wasn't tuesday, but the long week. we're going to have some great weather today. i mean, take a look at this shot we start out with mostly clear skies and we do have some clouds and some patchy fog in spots. it is chilly, too, as you head out the door. after those clouds roll out of here, we have a very pleasant afternoon and lunchtime temperature at 61 degrees. in the peninsula 64 degrees and low 70s today in the north bay and south bay and tri-valley. mid up toer 60s else where. we'll check out that weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes, but let's see what's happening on the san mateo bridge with anthony. >> we are starting to see things slow. you can see that as cars are starting to pile on in in the san mateo bridge things are starting to get going here early this morning. 6:30 now if you're just waking up with us. switch over to the maps and see slowing not only the hayward side but dumbarton and earlier
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report of an accident in redwood city. 101 southbound right at the 84 connector. 101 south that is keeping things slow and motorcycle involved with a van there and also the expressway seeing some slowing and look at this morgan hill down towards gilroy and fog developing this morning. 101 will be a little bit slower. back over to you guys. >> thank you, anthony. they're going to be making a whole more cars over at tesla. take a look, elan musk unveiling the new tesla model 3 to the world last night. >> bob redell is live in sunnyvale. what is the word? thumbs up, thumbs down? people are throwing cash at tesla sight unseen. >> well, kris and sam at least 130,000 people liked this car so much that tesla said they already put that 1,000 deposit down on the new model 3, which is as you mentioned the company ceo and founder unveiled last at
6:32 am
an invite-only event at tesla's design studios outside los angeles. thousands of people lined up outside tesla dealerships yesterday to put those deposits down on this all electric vehicle that they can't test drive that hasn't gone to production yet. one reason the new model 3 is getting so much attention. the price tag estimated to retail at around $35,000. minus the $7,3500 federal reb e rebate. that is well under half the price of the previous tesla models. >> i'm glad they finally made an affordable one because i loved tesla since it came out but now i have a chance to get one. >> outstanding looking for $35,000. electric car. i think that's a good deal. >> i like the lines on it. they look very nice and clean. it has much different look than the previous model. >> i like that car. >> those were tesla fans checking out the model three on computer screens at the
6:33 am
dealership in jose. the model 3 isn't expected to roll off the assembly line until late next year at the earlier. reporting live here in sunnyvale, bob redell "today in the bay." >> you are all about that panorama view. >> i like that glass. it looks nice. we'll see how it plays out. campbell police are thinking social media to catch two suspected bicycle thiefs. brian smith there on the left and steven on the right stole bicycles from an a apartment complex. a surveillance camera showed the in back on february 21 and this surveillance video is pretty clear. police say the tips started pouring when they posted that video to social media and officers were able to track the suspects down. one of the bicycles stolen is worth $3,000. that's just one alone. they are returning that bike to its rightful owner. san jose city leader don't have to travel too far to see the city's growing graffiti problem. look at what was tagged on thes
6:34 am
of city hall. police say it's been happening more frequently. the latest graffiti showing up on monday night. surveillance video shows a group of eight people, two of them going as far as to climb a wall in city hall plaza. the city says that it may add some lights now, but says it does not plan on reinstating security officers who used to patrol the building. >> part of the cutbacks we had is that we don't have security there 24/7. we're trying to be frugal and respectful of the taxpayer's money and by doing that, we have been hit. >> san jose city officials say that they've cleaned up more than 2 million square feet of graffiti just since last year. a community alert for people in the north bay this morning where the state is leasing this man. he is high-risk sex offender to be released in petaluma. 23-year-old jonathan hopner served his sentence and he will now go free. but his criminal history shows that he targets girls and women between the ages of 15 and 50. correction officials say he will
6:35 am
stay in a hotel and will have to register as a sex offender with petaluma police. they will notify the public of where hopner is placed once he checks in. some new condos could be going up on the property of the iconic clairmont hotel in berkeley. those plans were unveiled last night. the hotel wants to build 45 condos on its front parking lot. >> there are baby boomers or empty nesters who move into thesets. they're freeing up single family homes. >> i have seen a lot of their work and they have a mixed record and done some good things and done some terrible things. overall, they are responsible developer. >> leaders of the oakland heritage alliance have safety concerns, as well, about this proposal. the hotel sits just above the hayfault. if the proposal is accepted, construction would start in 2018. happening today, tradition and some trepidation as abalone hunters flock to california's coast for the opening of the season. red abalone season kicks off at
6:36 am
8:00 this morning and public safety personnel bracing for an onslot of divers. the cold. eight people died on the coasts hunting for abalone last year alone. to a safer consumption at least for those of us who just eat the crab. we have finally fresh, local crab on a table near you. people gathering at fisherman's wharf today in san francisco to celebrate industry regulators and policy makers are having a crab feed. crab feeds delayed four months because of harmful algae and now all clear. and all that tasty crab is finally headed to a store near you. some very scary moments in san diego as this horner cruise ship crashing right into the sea wall of that pier. you saw peopling to get out of the way and several were
6:37 am
injured. >> elena gomes from our sister station in san diego has the latest on what happened there. >> very scary moments for those passengers onboard and we're looking at the damage this morning. you can see it here. damage to the sea wall and the railing and actually the brick walkway just in front is uplifted. and passengers that we talked with yesterday say it all happened so fast and just as we were finishing a three-hour cruise. these are those moments captured just before that ship crashed into the embarcadero area here. all 139 passengers onboard had to stay on the adventure horn blower after waiting for a tug boat to come back and pull that ship away from the sea wall. seven passengers onoboard were injured and three taken to the hospital for neck and back injuries. all injures appeared to be minor. right in the front where it hit the sea wall. san diego rescuend fire officials say it was a
6:38 am
mechanical malfunction that prevented that ship from stopping and that is still under investigation this morning. passengers say people and tables were everywhere. >> she kind of skirted the side and hit side and she yelled something. i heard something and then just coming in fast and hard and i saw it happening and i grabbed the kids and i told them to hold on. >> from all of this, the port of san diego will be investigating what caused this ship to crash and also fixing the debris and the sea wall that were broken from that ship. elena gomes send it back to you guys in the studio. >> that is really scary. you saw that elderly woman who was making her way across with the cane. i mean, her heart had to be pounding. >> human instinct to try to run to safety. but that one guy saw her and came back and made sure she was out of's way. very scary. >> very different. meteorologist kari hall has a look at the forecast that would probably be lovely for a little seaside tour.
6:39 am
>> a great weekend. although we will have some choppy conditions on some of the coastal waters and some rip currents possible. just be mindful of that as you head to the beach, but, otherwise, beautiful weather today after a chilly start some low clouds and fog. after that clears out, some sunshine up to 71 degrees in the south bay. san francisco 63 degrees and 65 in the east bay and the tri-valley today 73 degrees. we will take a look at the weekend forecast coming up. but let's see if there is any slow downs on the roads now with anthony. >> i want to start you off with the bay bridge right now because things are starting to pile up. about an hour since the metering lights are on and backup pretty extensive. some of the fastrak lanes moving through. switching over to the maps, you can see pretty light traffic and fog developing across south county and morgan hill. across parts of the peninsula, still seeing some slowing. 101 near the 84 connector looks like eastbound and westbound sides of 84 are blocked right now because of an accident. that fire truck is there
6:40 am
blocking both sides of that lane. taking you outside. you can see what i'm talking about. still moving on 101 and as we approach the scene, things will slow and 101 southbound that i'm talking about. look at that sunrise. beautiful here on this friday. ba over to yous. >> put a smile on our face. thank you, anthony. coming up, might be a little harder to catch one of those tech shuttles to and from work. the reasons one bus company is being kicked out of the program. plus, more evidence this morning the tech economy is doing quite well, as is the american economy. though the dow industrials down 17 points. the latest on the jobs numbers ahead in "business and tech." good morning, coming up on "today" tornadoes across the south while parts of the northeast are bracing for snow this weekend. we'll have it all covered. also ahead a controversial new documentary on the o.j. simpson murder case. we'll hear from a man who says he can prove that o.j. simpson is innocent. are you guilty of it? sip and click.
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why online sales sky rocket on saturday night. we'll taste the newest trend when we see you on a friday morning right here on "today."
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clean thisorninaftermultipleorns clobred t soutthese ctureare clean up this morning after multiple tornadoes clobbered the south, these are pictures from the fayette county in central alabama. and you could see the clouds forming into tornado in the
6:44 am
video before, but to the north several homes and trees and power lines were damaged after tornado touched down in the community of hartsnell. those storms are bearing down on georgia this morning. >> pretty scary image there's. san francisco squaring off against a tech bust contractor. intelligent transportation buses can no longer use muni stops to pick up tech works. that coming from teamsters and county leaders against bauer. the company is in conflict with drivers over pay, benefits and unionization but leaders say their decision had nuthing to dawith that conflict but the company's failure to follow basic traffic laws. saying teamsters are behind this decision. turns out american roads are bad that not even self-driving cars can handle it. the transportation department says 65% of u.s. roads in poor shape here in the golden state it's nearly 70% that are bad.
6:45 am
in the bay area, civil engineers gave a d plus apparently the signage is so poor in some places that automated car censors can't navigate properly. in one case, a self-driving car just refused to drive. >> safety first. by the way, that d plus rating, no joke. it is, however, april fool's day. scott mcgrew is the start of the second financial quarter. >> yeah, for you guys, it's april fool's. for me the financialer. i'll talk about that in a minute. the financial world, it is the start of the new quarter. that means that new sales tax takes effect in south san francisco starting today. the sales tax jumps to 9.5% in half moon bay. they're cutting their sales tax by 0.5%. new this morning the latest numbers from the bureau of number showed steady growth in jobs and 215,000 jobs added in
6:46 am
march. 14 million private sector jobs added since the recession. unemployment rate ticks up 0.01%. for the second time this week theranos is dealing with devastating criticism. a report from a federal body that supervises laboratories obtained by the wall street journal says it stores blood improper and its machines are not accurate. thernos was created by a then 19-year-old stanford student who claims she would create a revolutionary new blood testing machine. to april fool's day. a lot of companies coming up with silly, fake announcement. virgin america announced a new logo and i'd like to show it to you guys but it is a bit resrisque which is not a surprise including one of the owners is sir richard branson, a man who definitely loves the ladies. you'll have to google the video, i'm afraid. i think i'll miss virgin.
6:47 am
can you imagine american airlines coming up with some sort of tawdry april fool's joke. i think not. >> that is the new logo. >> yeah. >> whatever works. but good call. good judgment. >> yeah, thank you. the weather is going to be nice this weekend. some folks heading to the beach. there is a warng. >> paola reyes from telemundo and it's important to be careful out there, especially when it's so warm and you want to take the kids out. >> that's right. good morning, kris and sam. beautiful morning to be out here in half moon bay and, honest, it's really, really a good idea to come down to the beach and enjoy the weekend. waves already building up. we are seeing them crashing against the rocks and the national weather service has issued a warning for this weekend, for the beach as it stretches all the way from up i
6:48 am
point reyes. the problem are the winds and rip currents are possible, as well as swells up to six feet. so, people who heading down to the beach to really try to stay away unless they're in a beach that has a life guard, avoid fishing on rocks. never keep your back to the ocean. keep an eye on the waves because they could be dangerous. i'll see a list now of the beaches that are the most for this weekend. they include stenson beach and ocean beach and half moon bay. so, the weather service warns that the currents are typically stronger, and be careful with those. and enjoy the weekend, be careful in the ocean. some kids are off school next week. so a good weekend to come to the beach. just be careful out there. reporting live from half moon bay. paolo reyes. >> thank you very much. >> looked like she had a slight breeze blowing her hair out there at the coastline. gorgeous weather to come this
6:49 am
weekend. >> beautiful weather. that's what meteorologist kari hall was saying all weekend, as well. >> great weekend to head out there. as you take a look at san francisco. we do still have some clouds hanging around this morning across parts of the bay area. and it's 42 degrees in the peninsula while 50 in the east bay. a close look at the east bay now. dublin 50 degrees and walnut creek at 47. we have 50 degrees now at castro valley. a little bit of a milder morning in some spots north bay at 41 degrees. winds are coming in from the north and from the west at about 10 to 15 miles an hour. that will be the case throughout the day and, once again, you just have to watch out for those rip currents along the beach if you're heading out there. in livermore, let's break it down. 51 degrees as you start the day and at 10:00, 54 degrees and a few clouds mixing in early and then get all that sunshine and high temperatures warming into the low 70s and the tri-valley. also for the south bay, san mateo today 70 degrees.
6:50 am
half moon bay 65. some low to mid-70s else where and oakland today. 70 degrees. if you're planning to head to at&t park this evening, make sure you have some warm clothes. it will drop back into the low 50s. and we'll have some clouds and winds. so, make you feel at the top of the stadium really windy. some gusts up to 25 miles an hour. our weather pattern staying the same over the next few days. but if you're planning to head out east, it is going to be cold. that is going to be the big story making the headlines because they'll have some lows in the 20s and 30s and maybe even some snowfall further off towards north and east. across the bay area, we'll have high pressure building and that will keep it dry. a lot of the rain stays well to the north of us and by wednesday and thursday, we'll have 80 degree temperatures and more of that dry weather. so, looking ahead to the weekend, our highs will be topping out in the low 60s. in san francisco and much of the
6:51 am
same for saturday and sunday. in the peninsula, up to 71 degrees on sunday and 73 degrees in the south bay. the tri-valley and the north bay. i'll have another quick look at the forecast coming up, but let's get a look at traffic now from anthony. >> in fremont right now, traffic is starting to build. this is 880 southbound. nothing happening of any concern, but just wanted to show you the slow here. cars piling on in and everyone is moving in right and left. left, right. let's switch over to the maps and show you what is happening. not muchening across the peninsula, but we get down towards redwood city, 101. crash right at the 84 connector. westbound and eastbound side are blocked there. hop over to 280 if you can before you approach that scene. across the rest of the bay and across parts of the south bay, we are seeing heavier traffic along 101 northbound and take you outside and show you what it looks like there. traffic is moving, but at least it is going at speeds of about 55 to 65 miles per hour. which is the speed limit, folks. good news there. back to you.
6:52 am
>> all right, thank you very much, anthony. well, oakland water front is about to get a whole lot nicer. the port of oakland has given the green light on some improvements there. that allows the city to close gaps in the popular bay trail and overall enhance shoreline for public use. construction will take place on the embarcadero cove and livingston pier. and the city has $200 million in bond funds for this project. some police officer os in ashland, oregon, resolving a sticky situation here. this involved a deer getting stuck a tree. >> the deer running through a backyard sail over the fence and jumping through the lawn and got stuck in a tree. half of her body is on one side and her hips are on the back side. police officers got creative. they used a car jack to push the branches farther apart so that the deer could escape unharmed. >> good thing is she's okay and not coming back to that area any
6:53 am
time soon. 6:52. the start of april also the start of national autism awareness month. wear these pins to show their support for the cause. in the united states, ought affects one in every 110 children, including my own nephew. national autism aware month aims to make the public more aware of the issues and the autism community and we say it is one of the things that makes him great. everyone getting involved. 6:53. coming up next, a new scandal surrounding the same issue. fresh acuzags of text messages sent by the police department. some parents are threatening to pull their kids from class over one week of curriculum at this middle school. why they're so upset coming up in a live report. coming up now a new twist on bernie sanders campaign slogan. this morning a los angeles
6:54 am
nonprofit is asking people to feel the burn and get tested for stds. check out the crazy new billboard in our twitter feed. plus, talk about a super hero with powers. a 10-year-old girl help design her own prosthesis and her end result, you can see it for yourself right on our facebook page. beforeou he out e doo-
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6:56 am
6:57 am
herere thtop sries welcome back. before you head out the door here are some of the top stories on nbc bay area. , though, we are going to "today in the bay" stephanie chuang where a middle school has some backlash. >> acceptance week start april 11th and all about lgbtq awareness but some parents here say it is not appropriate and they will pull their kids out of class, if it does happen. maybe even go to the court to litigation if they don't get their way. now, they've gotten more than 500 of 1,000 requested signatures on to change acceptance week to just one day. some parents saying that middle school is just not the right time for these lessons. discriminatory lesson by a specific group and not taking consideration. the diversity and religious views of our community. the district, though, says it
6:58 am
was a student leadership group that created this curriculum. the principal did res have the lesson and adding parents can opt their students out, if they want. the district superintendent and some of these parents are set to meet at 11:00 this morning to hopefully come up with a solution. >> thank you, steph. other stories watching. san francisco police department facing a widening scandal over racist and hopophobic text messages, again. four additional officers involved and the discovery could threaten all of the cases that they were involved in prosecuting. tesla unveiling its new model three and new fleet of electric cars is selling fast. the company received about 135,000 orders in total. 100,000 before 10:00 last night. not bad for a car that still hasn't into production. marin county cracking down on speeders and we're not talking about drivers. radar devices going up to track violators on two wheels. bicyclists we're talking about.
6:59 am
there have been serious accidents between hikers, walkers and cyclists in the county's open space district land, which is 34 locations, including 250 miles of roads and trails. >> move surprisingly fast and sneak up on you. this weekend i would say snuck up on us but been kind of a long week. >> great to be here on friday. great weather, too. now at 41 degrees with light, patchy fog in spots. in the north bay, but as we head into this afternoon, nothing but sunshine. 71 degrees in and tri-valley in the low 70s and perhaps some 60est else where. >> this is usually the time of morning when we see that slow down. >> yeah, it's been going on here for about an hour and a half now. bay bridge approach still looking slow and no big surprise and the clouds that kari is talking about. even across parts of the south bay. 101 typical slow spot not all that bad here this morning. no jokes there.
7:00 am
>> kris got us a couple, got me a couple times today. >> keep your eyes open today. it's april fool's. >> have a great day. we'll see you in 30 minutes. >> see you. good morning. breaking overnight, a new outbreak of tornadoes in the south. >> it's not coming this way. >> twisters touching down in alabama, louisiana and mississippi. here in the northeast, a big temperature drop is about to have millions asking what happened to spring? feeling the pressure? hillary clinton loses her cool with a protester at a rally. >> i am so sick of the sanders campaign lying about me. i'm sick of it. >> while donald trump, under fire from all sides, meets behind closed doors with party leaders. the big vote in wisconsin now four days away. this morning, the new polls showing it could be a very bad day for the two front-runners. and dock and cover! [ honking ]


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