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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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=r/ta vorit nowt 1a der ra in ss right now at 11, a raid in a neighborhood shakes up some residents. last year stanislav petrof was beaten in an alley.
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tonight he was the target of an fbi raid. laura malpert is in san francisco with the story. >> reporter: the fbi and san francisco p.d. left the scene a short time ago after serving a search warrant and multiple arrest warrants. rose came home to find this, the fbi raiding a home tied to a federal gun case. >> i had a hunch it was something pretty major. guns or drugs i figured. >> reporter: nbc bay area sources confirm the house be raided is linked to stanislav petrov. today's raid comes after an
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overnight shooting here where sources say petrov drove a shooting victim to the hospital. the feds say the documents were already being prepared before the shooting. >> you live in this nak neighborhood, it not great. >> reporter: the fbi says they're looking for one person in an ongoing investigation. it's unclear whether petrov is linked to that case or whether any guns were found in the case. police say the man who was shot this morning is expected to be okay. >> laura, thank you. new at 1 11, the streak is finay over. we haven't said this in 14 months, the warriors lose a game in oakland. it came down to the final seconds. another national tv appearance, steph curry, we don't see this
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look on his face too often, just a little bit stunned. curry pushing it here to try to save the night. lays it in in typical curry style but the warriors were still down 103-101. here's how it ended. watch carefully. a chance to tie the game. inbound pass, steph curry will get it. he'll usually hit the shot but still won't do it. harrison barnes gets the shot. celtics win this game 109-106. >> it takes a lot out of you. everything when every game is the other team's biggest game. people are coming after us. so i told the guys how proud i am of them for putting to the an amazing streak and we got beat. boston outplayed us. they deserved to win. >> well said by the coach. 14 months since the warriors have lost a regular season game
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at home. the warriors are now 68-8 overall. they need to win five of their final six games to beat the bulls record for most wins in a season. >> a high-profile visit tonight in the east bay. president clinton is in town along with daughter chelsea. this was not a campaign stop for his wife. instead a highly anticipated talk on the cal campus. jean elle is in berkeley this evening. as you know, president clinton usually very charismatic. how was he tonight and what was his message? >> reporter: well, raj, bill clinton wowed a crowd. this wasn't a political event but talk did briefly turn to politics. >> my father, our 42nd president, president bill clinton to the stage. >> thousands of students at u.c. berkeley welcomed bill clinton to the global initiative university, aiming to improve the world. >> since 2014 we provided
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mentorship and training for 15 young women. >> reporter: the event focused on innovation and collaboration, but senator dianne feinstein's husband reminded the crowd clinton is also trying to campaign things here at home by campaigning for his wife, democratic candidate hillary clinton. >> it's not supposed to be political but he's helping his wife get an important job. >> clinton also addressed the anti-muslim tomorrow of the campaign. and applauding a muslim woman for raising her voice. >> one day finally the muslim world will be treated in a way the way they want to be treated, as individuals without prejudice. >> for us, reclaiming our
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narrative as muslim women, as women of color, was a means of survival. >> it will largely depend on you. >> reporter: this event continues through the weekend. organizers say it's breaking attendance records. >> jean, thank you. not just the democrats, republican ted cruz will be visiting the bay area. tonight he's in pennsylvania. this is video of him there. but he'll be in burlingame for the california convention. senator cruz is trying to up-end trump as trump hopes to get enough gdelegates to wrap up th republican nomination. >> a scary scene at a staples store in san jose.
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that car came barrelling through the parking lot, almost crashing right through the front door and came right up to the edge. thankfully no customers were hit. it happened just after 5:00 this evening at the stations on new hall drive, right next to sjc. police have not released the cause of the crash or if there were any injuries to the driver. >> the bay area has now nine reported cases of the zika virus. santa clara and san mateo counties confirmed cases today and contra costa and almeida counties reported an additional case. >> tonight a 3-year-old girl is recovering in the hospital after being bit by a dog. that dog belonging to her uncle. ian cull is at children's hospital in oakland this evening. how is the little girl and where's that dog?
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>> reporter: well, raj, the girl has two one-inch cuts on her face from that bite. as for the dog, we're told by authorities that it belongs to an out of town family member who was staying at her home when this happened. around 10:45 this morning authorities say a 3-year-old girl was inside this house, alone in a room with an american bulldog when she was bitten in the face. >> i said, oh, my god, that's terrible. >> neighbor lydia trevino was concerned when firefighters responded and she heard what happened. >> i seen him running around with the kids playing. what triggered him to bite her, i don't know. >> reporter: the girl was taken to the hospital. contra costa county animal services is investigating. >> just like a kid, you don't want to leave your kid unsupervised, you never want to leave your dog unsupervised either. >> the dog's owner lives in sacramento but it was left with his brother at the house.
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it's now being quarantined at a shelter in martinez for ten days. they'll try to determine if the dog is dangerous. >> one of the solutions would be to place the animal with an organization that focuses on and millions with behavioral problems. however, if we find out that this animal has a bite history, it could be a possible candidate for euthanasia. >> reporter: he said the dog was calm and nonaggressive when he was taken out of the home. neighbors are now praying for the 3-year-old. >> i just feel badly for the little girl. >> we don't know the girl's condition or how she's doing. we reached out to the family but were unable to get ahold of them. ian cull, nbc bay area news. >> a protest tonight in san francisco against police brutality. our nbc chopper was overhead. this group do you below gathered at 24th and mission. they claimed police continue to
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target minorities in san francisco and across the country. >> a new twist in the san francisco texting scandal. the city's public defender is taking action. public defender sent a letter to the district attorney's office today after four police officers were accused of engaging in racist and homophobic texts. the letter is asking for every arrest those officers have been involved in over the last ten years. >> last time with the racist texts that came to light two years ago, there were over a dozen cases dismissed. so we are going to have to conduct a similar review. >> yesterday the chief of police said he dealt with the officers immediately by suspending them. he adds he's been clear on his position that these officers betrayed the department. >> you're just driving down the road and you just see these dogs on the side of the road who are crying or injured and i can't drive past them. >> still here at 11:00, pets
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left for dead. the disturbing trend in one local community and what woman is doing to save these abandoned animals. and are you going to shop tonight? maybe a little tipsy past midnight. what experts think is driving a surge in late night, online spending. >> good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. rough surf over the weekend. coming up, details not only on your weekend forecast but when 80s return and the next potential of bay area rain in just a few minutes. ts ia stchf aan e sono untsheffs
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had. take a look. this is the sketch of a man who is being looked for after an assault and robbery.
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a man approached the women, showed a handgun, forced them off the trail. the suspect allegedly assaulted one of the women demanding money and then ran off. >> anti-gay messages. david says he was walking out of his apartment complex monday morning when he found his car littered with threats. among the handwritten papers the words "don't be gay" and a demand for homosexuals to get out of the building. >> my stomach sank. i felt like i was in a movie, this can't be real. someone in my own building is doing this. >> he lives in an apartment complex on karen drive near central park. the police are investigating the incident as a hate crime. no suspects have been identified so far. >> a noe valley bar has been
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robbed twice in the past three nights. the popular spot was targeted last night and last sunday. thankfully no one was injured last night, but one person was hurt during the sunday robbery. >> a dog dumped in the oakland hills. some say it's becoming a disturbing trend. now a woman is showing you just how bad the problem has become and what she's doing to save these abandoned animals. here's pete siratos. >> katrina has rescued her fair share of dogs in the hills. >> barlow was hit by a car two days ago after being dumped. i'm not sure what's going to happen with him. >> reporter: in the past six year, katrina has rescued 25 dogs, five of them in the past three weeks. she takes them to shelters around the bay area. the grassy oakland hills have become a dumping ground of sorts when it comes to dogs and the
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consequences could be fatal. >> we have a pack of coyotes, we have an active mama mountain lion. >> these dogs and cats are dommest kated. they rely on us for care. >> two dogs in the area were dropped off yesterday. >> we see a lot of dogs dumped off up there that are misguided. >> you you're just driving down the road and you see dogs on the side of the road who are crying or injured and i can't drive past them. >> katrina has set up a go fund me page. you can find the link to that page on our web site. >> the o.j. simpson case is back in the headlines. l.a. police detectives now say a knife found at simpson's estate is not the murder weapon. you might recall last month the
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lapd revealed they were testing a new piece of evidence in the case, a knife. a construction worker claims he found it more than ten years ago on simpson's former property in brentwood. they've ruled out -- they say there's no connection to the murders. the murder weapon was never found. >> the fbi is telling low police departments it will help them unlock iphones and other devices. this comes after a surge of interest from law enforcement after the feds hacked into the iphone of the san bernardino shooter. the fbi says it's testing the method it used on other iphone models now. the fbi has agreed to help arkansas unlock two iphones in a
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high profile murder trial in that state. >> more than 230,000 orders in about 24 hours, tesla's new model 3 is already a big hit. a tesla representative wouldn't say how many of the orders were from the united states. the most basic version of the model 3 starts at $35,000. the car won't start shipping until late next year. today elon musk tweeting this, "definite li going to have to rethink production planning." tesla stock rose 5% today. >> google's april fool's day prank failed. anyone who pressed the microphone had a mignon dropping a microphone. users were upset when they accidentally included the mignon
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during some important business e-mails. google eventually apologized turning off the feature saying due to a bug, the m i c drop caused more headaches than laughs. jeff, we are, what, about 40 minutes away until the weekend. >> that's where i'm going to start, right with that weekend forecast, raj. tomorrow morning not the sunniest starts. it will be chilly as well, 44 in the north bay, 43 for the east base, peninsula at 47. for the south bay, we start off at 36. the weather has been controlled by this high pressure offshore, keeping any sign of rainfall away. this is going to be driving our weather right through this weekend. what i want to take you to first are the areas impacted by some of the warmest temperatures. it looks like contra costa county in danville, check it out
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by tuesday, up to 78. then by next wednesday 82. we may have to raise this up to about 85, 86. we'll see what the further updates show us as we head into tomorrow. as we mentioned, there's going to be some of these differences in our conditions across the bay area. namely the fact that at the coastline it will stay cool this weekend. up to 69 on tuesday. then by wednesday, that's about the warmest we can get, 74 degrees expected right near the coast. you can see once again in san francisco, it will be cool with 61 at the marina, for the peninsula, sunny, 70 degrees in palo alto and we're ten degrees different here over towards pacifica with 60 beautiful days throughout our south bay, 72 in cupertino. let's get you to the north bay, east bay and tri-valley. mill valley cooler with 69, east
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bay, oakland 67 and warmer towards fremont with 73 degrees. warmest weather overall tomorrow will be danville at 75. as we head throughout the rest of the weekend forecast, just a subtle change as we hit sunday for the south bay. we'll go up to 74 degrees. pore the peninsula, we'll have 70, san francisco stays in the 60s and low 70s for the tri-valley and north bay. what i want you to see here on monday's forecast is a slight chance of showers in the north bay but that's really it when it comes to rainfall on monday's forecast. beyond this, there are continued chances of rainfall the way it looks right now on our gps, american forecast model. by next friday and saturday, the possibility of rain returning. right now the way it looks for all of you at home, the storm door could get opened up april 12th and the 13 the. we'll have updates every single day and hopefully we'd like more rainfall this month.
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>> sunshine this weekend and rain in a couple of weeks. up next, what's keeping up at night in front of their computers. and we have jimmy. >> hey, guys, aaron paul is my est tonight. plus we have governor chris christie and thank you notes. do not change the channel. >> and hallippening now, the bu ride for driverless cars. potholes are confusing those vehicles. we've updated the story on our home page. >> and the navy is backing off from its policy on tattoos. they're trying to attract more mill millennials. the new rules take effect at the end of the month. aboutwhou fr no-- drk sppi wi si
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. about two hours from right now, drunk shopping will surge again. no kidding. that's when tipsy people jump online to click away from everything from dresses, lingerie and shoes. this is real now. online retailer lists says orders are up nearly 50% at 2:00 a.m. saturday compared to the same time at other times and they spend about 30% more. >> purchasing something gives you that happy surge. it's certainly something people are looking for at the end of a long work week. >> experts say to curb the urge, simply don't save your credit card number online. >> up next, we had a thriller with the warriors that we told you about. we also had the giants and a's the at&t park.
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thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real?
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of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast what a night across the bay area. we mentioned about the warriors' rare loss in oakland. we had the giants and a's approximately colin, just you and the seagulls.
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pretty good game tonight, even though it didn't count. >> reporter: for sures a, the seagulls just left. they picked this game clean. the giants as you expect starting pitching this spring seems to have finally found its form at the expense of the oakland a's. too bad for oakland. i think it's safe to say that buster posey is ready for the regular season to begin. 3 for 4 last night, 2 for 2 tonight. that included this two-run double. matt duffy on cue tonight flashing the leather to rob alonso of a sure base hit in the second. jeff samardzija five scoreless last night, jake peavy, five scoreless tonight. move to the seventh, giants still leading 2-0. gregor blanco, sharp single to left. giants would go on to shutout
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3-0. >> i knew the biggest question coming out of camp was our starters and pitching in general. but you can't read a lot into spring training, especially when you have veteran guys who are not trying to compete to make a team. it's fine, seeing us string together some quality starts. we hope the regular season looks a lot like the last few days. >> peavy's next star, next thursday at the giants' home opener. the warriors losses was a cruel april fool's, joke, right? >> april fool's, the warriors really didn't lose to the celtics. the warriors did lose to the celtics, just for the record. back in a mom thsano mar lgueoccwaborin e u.
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20 years ago major league soccer was born in the u.s. the san jose earthquakes were then known as the clash. since then they've won two mls
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cups and play in that new state of the art stadium. tonight the quakes honored the 1996 team. tomorrow the quakes host d.c. united. the same two teams played the first ever mls game of history. >> oh, man, it was a special moment because american soccer wasn't really on the map and for us to have a new league that we can call our own and for us to be a part of that was just something special. >> i remember troy. big game tomorrow. san jose and d.c. united and of course the warriors lost tonight. have a good weekend. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- aaron paul. governor chris christie.


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