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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  April 14, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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the search for a two-year-old boy here in northern california. that breaking news an amber alert. the search for a 2-year-old boy here in northern california. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. kris and scott both off this afternoon. this is 2-year-old jacob vargas. he was abducted out of soledad in monterey county. the dad left him in a car that was warming up. he went back outside couldn't find the car or his son. jacob was wearing a beige beanie and a blue sweater of the car is a 2015 black honda accord with california license plate
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7lie244. it has damage to the left rear bumper and tinted windows. if you have any information, please call police. >> we're going to stay on top of this breaking news and will bring you the latest on air and online. we sent out push alerts on this breaking news to also get your updates on your smartphone. download our nbc bay area app. right now we're following a developing story. there is an intense search for people trapped underneath rubble in japan. a strong earthquake struck southern japan this morning knocking down buildings and homes. so far at least two people are dead, dozens more injured. there is no risk of tsunami. the epicenter for that earthquake about 74 miles northeast of a nuclear plant, the only one operating in the country. there's no reports of damage at that plant. there have been several aftershocks. the damaging quake in japan reminds everyone about the danger that quakes actually pose. just by chance, a major silicon
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valley company is holding its own earthquake drill for employees and residents of sunnyvale. >> bob redell is live at the amd headquarters. i guess there's a simulator trying to mimic for people who an earthquake would be like. good morning. >> reporter: sam and laura, what makes earthquakes most dangerous, they're the type of disaster you never know when they're going to strike. speak of the devil, holy cow. i think we've got a magnitude 8 here. we're in a shake house on the amd campus. i've got teresa chavez here running the earthquake awareness. wow, i think we survived. i'm okay. are you okay? >> i'm good. >> we stopped, dropped. i think we're feeling an aftershock. what's the message you're trying to get out to your employees. >> as we know, earthquakes can strike at any time so it's important to be prepared and know what to do. the biggest misperception is that you would get into a doorway. really what you want to do is do what we did, get on the floor, hands and knees, cover your head
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and neck with your hands and cover as best as you can. >> you did an earthquake drill for your employees yesterday here at headquarters. was there any surprises or anything that you think they didn't know about but know about now? >> definitely the doorways and make sure you get under your desk. another thing is if you're walking and can't get to a desk or a table, get to a low table, take cover and hold on. >> sam and laura, i want you to look at video we shot earlier. the san mateo county health system is holding its own disaster training drill this morning. you're looking at the community emergency response teams deploying to a neighborhood in menlo park. these groups are volunteers will do welfare checks on silt zens during a major event like an earthquake. for the first time they have technology to receive live video from each team. what makes this technology
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unique, it runs solely on a system of ham radios. that way they don't have to rely on cell technology which could easily go down during a major earthquake. >> we can give them video feeds of a collapsed building and they can make an assessment, is that a high priority or low priority. it's much better than a verbal report because a verbal report tends to be ambiguous. you can send a picture of the building that's collapsed. >> not only are they doing training, they're killing two birds with one stone. they were handing out pamphlets to the residents on the peninsula to remind them about the dangers of standing water, mosquitos and diseases. my lord, we have another magnitude 8. we're going to stop, drop and cover. if this ever happens, which it will eventually, be sure you're prepared.
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anyone can come out here to amd's campus at one amd place. glad to ride it out with you, teresa. >> come out until 5:00. >> i've got to give teresa credit, she did a great job on that interview while you guys were shaking around. thanks a lot. >> thank you, bob. it was shaking at oracle two for a very different reason last night breaking a decades -- old record. the magic capturing their 73rd game. >> it seemed like a lot. especially for stephanie chuang. she's live outside of oracle arena, but last night you were inside, part of that all excitement. >> reporter: yeah. now i'm inside the team store because this is where it's had at. this is the story here. it just opened a couple of mants go and i want to show you what people are looking for. i got the last small men's of this shirt. this sold out last night and now
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you can only get it online. again, people are buzzing after the historic performance last night. number 73. and it as usual started with a particular person on the dubs. >> curry again, another three. good! >> reporter: three after three. >> curry! >> reporter: it was curry with the shot. >> finding curry for 400. yes, sir! >> reporter: tense when game 73 was etched into the history books, besting the '95-'96 chicago bulls regular season record of 72-10, a team steve kerr was a part of. >> i will say the same thing now that i said 20 years ago, i don't think this one will ever be broken. somebody has to go 74-8. i don't see it. i hope our fans aren't expecting that next year. >> we love winning and we love to compete and we love to push ourselves. that's what's pushed us to this
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opportunity we had tonight. hopefully that will continue. >> reporter: continue in round one against the houston rockets. tickets for saturday's game range from $200 to $7,000. those top-notch ones go to these five courtside seats or you can split the difference and try for behind the scorer's table at $3,000 apiece. nothing new for warriors fans who paid a pretty penny. >> more than face value, which might be illegal in the state of california, i'm not sure. >> reporter: was it more than $1,000? >> yes. >> reporter: more than $2,000? >> that's all i'm going to say. >> reporter: it's been a long year for the dubs and its fans. to clinching a title of league champs last season. still, there are the doubters. with dub nation rocking oracle and bars across the bay, the warriors know they have the real strength in numbers to win it again. >> thanks to all the fans for
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everything that you do for us. now let's go get this championship. >> reporter: and back here live, you're looking at last year's championship shirts. of course we're headed into that saturday. round one against houston, eighth seed, the rockets and the beard, james harden, but we swept them in the regular season so i think the dubs, the fans i've spoken are are pretty confident the dubs will do it again. back to you guys. >> we like that shirt. keep calm and curry on if you find those. >> by the way, i'm an xl and you're an xs? >> xs. tall, extra small. >> steve kerr was on that bulls team from '95-'96 with michael jordan. he said this record is never going to be broken. okay, this record is definitely not ever going to be broken. >> they are the best ever. the front and the back of the best ever. this is the cover. i don't know, it may have sold out. a lot of people want a piece of
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it. the dubs stand alone noeft wins in a single season. >> so best record in a regular season. now their focus turns to that championship run. we'll stay with the warriors every step of the way. as stephanie just mentioned, the first round is the houston rockets. that starts on saturday night. for more information and all kinds of pictures from this historic season, you can go to from raining threes to rain in our forecast, it has moved on after a rather wet morning and overnight. getting a new look at the snowpack in the sierra. nasa just released these satellite photos. you can see the snowpack is still there. let's go out live to downtown san francisco this morning. clouds hovering in the distance there. meteorologist kari hall has more on the changes coming our way. a warmup in fact by the weekend. >> yes, laura, a lot of changes the way. i just tweeted out the national weather service new snowfall totals for the sierra. some spots like sierra tahoe got up to 4 inches as we had some
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light rain in the bay area earlier this morning. we see the clouds are starting to roll back in. here's that weather system that is still spinning farther off to the north and producing some rain and snow farther to the north of us, but for us we'll have a chance to dry out with some breezy winds and temperatures will be in the upper 50s along the coast, mid-60s for those inland areas like gilroy, 65 degrees, 66 in fairfield and oakland today up to 63 degrees. we'll take a look at the forecast with some major changes again this weekend. that's coming up a little bit later. >> kari, thank you very much. all new at 11:00, a body is pulled from the water. now police are investigating. san francisco police say they were called by the coast guard to help in recovering this body. it happened around 6:30 right near the ferry building. the body is now with the coroner's office. when we have more information, we'll bring it to you. a murder suspect is on the loose and police say he is armed and dangerous. officers say they were looking for 28-year-old kyle matthew
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amos. the homicide happened earlier this month. the search began at 10:30 last night in the area of stephen and james streets. at one point people were told to lock their windows and doors and remain inside. if you have information about his contributes, fairfield police ask you to give them a call. the man accused of preying on children will be in court this afternoon. he used his position as a dental assistant to get close to kids. detectives say another girl has come forward saying that he molested her during a procedure. he was arrested last week. he filmed himself touching more than 50 young patients inappropriately. >> videos are very clear of what happened. i've had to view most of them. and along with the primary detective, they're unpleasant. >> so far four girls have come forward to police. up next at 11:00, it's getting heated on the campaign trail. bernie sanders coming under fire
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for what a supporter said about hillary clinton. plus eureka. bronze bars found in the bay area. now police want to find their owner. re trying for a third- straight day of gains, amid bank earnings
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following the stock market this morning and the dow jones up about 24, 25 points right now. the s&p up about a point. the markets are trying for a third straight day of gains amid bank earnings and choppy trade in oil. happening today, in about three hours hundreds of fast food workers here in the bay area will take off their jobs. they're calling for a $15 an hour minimum wage for every american. workers are hoping california and new york's historic new laws raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour will fuel their fight. not just fast food workers here, but home care and child care workers will join that protest.
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a large crowd is expected in oakland later this afternoon. now to an investigative unit exclusive. what one school might consider childish misbehavior can be treated like an actual crime at another school across town. >> our investigation last year revealed certain schools across the bay area called police on their students a lot more than you might think and the reasons they're being called have some parents furious. tonight we continue the series looking at why parents are accusing a school district of unfairly criminalizing kids. that district pays police officers to patrol some of their campuses, which is common. but we discovered there's no written policy detailing when or how the school should involve those officers. while some students are getting criminal records for their bad behavior, the school district says that's not their problem. >> i'm not saying that my son should not have been disciplined. i'm upset that they're taking it to a new level.
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>> not something you think a student should have been arrested for. >> no. >> tonight at 11:00, we'll show the kind of antics that are getting some kids arrested at school. and stuff that as criminal history could stay on their record as an adult. if you have a tip, give us a call or send us an e-mail. politics now and the stage is set quite literally. the race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders at a fevered pitch as they prepare to face off tonight in the final debate before tuesday's pivotal new york primary. sanders had a record-breaking crowd last night in greenwich village but it produced a new controversy over some comments made by a sanders supporter. here's andrea mitchell with much more. >> reporter: bernie sanders on offense. >> there are a lot of people here tonight. >> reporter: rallying a massive crowd in new york city's washington square park.
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larger than any hillary clinton has seen this campaign. >> we're going to win this thing. thank you all very much. >> reporter: but this morning, clinton supporters are crying foul over what a speaker said during the rally. >> while i agree with secretary clinton that medicare for all will never happen, if we have a president who never aspires for something greater than the status quo. medicare for all will never happen if we continue to elect corporate democratic whores who are beholden to big pharma. >> although it seemed clear who he meant, he denies it was clinton, later apologizing for the remark on twitter, saying he meant members of congress. he is the husband of lisa ling. today hillary clinton still leads the vermont senator by double digits in new york. >> i need your help on tuesday.
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i need your help to go to the polls wi polls. >> reporter: with just five days to go, the two are literally chasing after each other. >> this union and its workers are standing up for justice and i stand with them today. >> reporter: on wednesday sanders was on the picket line meeting with verizon workers on strike. then hours later, clinton showed up at another verizon picket location. >> they need to come to the table and reach an agreement. >> reporter: tonight the two finally meet face to face on the debate stage. their last showdown before new yorkers go to the polls. >> and that was andrea mitchell reporting. meantime, donald trump blazing his trail west. the republican front-runner is coming to the bay area. for the first time in a while california's primary is really going to be pivotal. the golden state has a lot of delegates up for grabs and donald trump knows he's going to need a lot to seal the republican presidential nomination before cleveland. the billionaire republican will be in burlingame two weeks from
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tomorrow. he'll kick off the california republican convention at the airport hyatt regency. battery charges against trump staffer corey lewandowski have been dropped. he's accused of grabbing a reporter's arm during a rally in florida. the reporter has agreed to drop the case if lewandowski apologizes. if you're missing a set of bronze collectibles, police in the east bay would like to hear from you. fremont police recovered this set of character bars during a probation search in hayward. it features several disney characters, elvis presley aptd the lone ranger. investigators say there is a strong likelihood that they were stolen. the fremont police department has posted pictures of those collectibles on social media hoping that the owner will come and ultimately claim them. $6 million. that's how much you need to be considered wealthy in the bay area. >> a lot of rough news for a lot of people. no one has $6 million in the
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bank. well, some people do. charles schwab did this study to make its clients feel a little better, if they needed it. they surveyed a thousand people to come up with that number and those people said $1 million can provide a comfortable life in the bay area but you probably have to keep on working. >> it's just important to have some perspective living out here. millionaires, that's still a lot of money. we're very comfortable with our weather patterns as well. >> it's free. a free forecast today. what a bargain, kari. >> yes, beautiful weather today wort a million dollars out there. we had some rain this morning. that was probably falling before you even woke up and then it was out of here. let's do a time lapse at mt. hamilton. once the sun came up, we had clouds rolling through. it cleared up and now clouds are starting to return so that's the kind of weather pattern we'll have throughout the day. a mix of sun and clouds and overall some nice conditions. this is a cold front. he's a spin of that area of low
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pressure that is well to the north of us that sent down some rain earlier this morning. it is still producing some rain in northern california but i think much of this will pass farther off to the east and north of the bay area. temperaturewise we are in the upper 50s as it continues to slowly warm up. it's 59 in the south bay, peninsula and san francisco. let's drop in on the east bay and get a closer look. in pleasanton it's 61 degrees and 63 degrees in alameda. alamo still at 58 degrees. so still some cool air all across the north bay as well. let's break it down from palo alto to see what you can expect the rest of the afternoon. during that commute home at 5:00 it will still be nice and sunny and 62 degrees. cooling down quite a bit tonight with mostly clear skies. and the wind coming in from the north-northwest at about 15 to 20 miles an hour. but it gets even stronger as we go into tonight as that area of low pressure moves away and high pressure will be nearby.
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when we have high pressure and low pressure close together, it makes that air move fairly fast. it will still be breezy into the start of the day tomorrow, winds coming in from the north at 15 miles an hour to start out the day. with some gusty winds, it will create some high swells on our coastal areas. we do have a high surf advisory in effect until 8:00 tomorrow morning. swells will be up to 16 to 22 feet and then you have long period swells up to 16 seconds, so that makes the rip currents more dangerous and also those high waves that may sneak up on you if you are close to the beach, so be mindful of that between today and tomorrow and then things start to calm do. as that area of low pressure moves out, high pressure is right behind that and that will help warm up our temperatures in time for the weekend. we'll have some clear skies, lots of sunshine and look at how these temperatures warm over the next few days. today it will be in the 60s, tomorrow in the low 70s for most of us. and then some more widespread
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70s for san francisco. in the east bay up to 85 degrees in the south bay on sunday so it will definitely feel like summertime and a nice beach weekend for the bay area. back to you, sam and laura. >> we just jumped from spring to summer. up next at 11:00, what's in the soil? a troubling discovery that's putting a new south bay school project on hold. but first, happening right now, we are continuing to track showers this morning. as kari just mentioned, it's a reminder to download our bay area app. plus popular on facebook, 73-cent beer served all day at lake chalet in oakland in honor of the record-setting warriors who made history with a huge win at oracle arena. we'll be back in two hints. mint. . . . . . . . a dangerous discovery is putting
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plans for a new south bay s welcome back, everyone. dangerous discovery is putting plans for a new south bay school on hold. >> toxins were discovered in the soil off of peet and cochran roads where a new elementary school was set to be built. marianne favro has much more. >> reporter: the developer and the barello family donated more than ten acres of farmland to the school district more than a decade ago. the district hoped to build a
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new 600-student elementary school but that's all on hold after recent testing found the soil contained a high level of the insecticide banned in the u.s. in 1987. >> it revealed a number of toxins, so lots of pesticides but the most toxic is linked to things like parkinson's disease, breast cancer, birth defects and so that's one we're concerned about. >> reporter: and the levels are higher than the epa allows. tom jennings and his family live a few yards away from the site. >> they have to clean it up regardless of whether they decide to build on it or not. toxins are in the land. they have to do something about it before moving forward. >> the department of toxic substance control is now determining if the toxins can safely be removed and how to do it. the district says the cleanup could cost $3 to $5 million assuming it can be cleaned. if not, the district would not accept the donated property and would start looking for another
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site. >> the new sool was scheduled originally to open by 2019. a spokesperson says a new school is critical because all the current schools there are very overcrowded. getting better and now looking for a new home. the dog who was apparently thrown from a moving car in the north bay is now recovering. she's being taken care of at the petaluma animal services center. she has a little pink cast with hearts on it. the shelter has dubbed her martha. she was found weak and suffering from a broken leg and pelvis yesterday. someone found her near the east washington street offramp in petaluma. martha is going to be just fine and hopefully one of her 12 million fans online will give her a loving, happy home. and they catch the person who did it. up next at 11:00, an accidental shooting where you would probably least expect it. the story you'll see only on abc bay area.
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sam//topvo an accidental shooting where you'd probably least expect it. right now only on nbc, we are learning that a gun was accidentally fired off inside of san francisco's hall of justice and a sheriff's department spokesperson confirming that the person who fired the weapon wears a badge. >> chuck coppola shows us the deputy brought that gun to work but didn't know how to use it so the deputy asked another deputy for help and that's when the gun went off. >> reporter: a superior court spokeswoman said the gun was fired inside an office used by deputies assigned as bailiffs on the third floor of the superior court's criminal division. and that it happened before court next to the chambers used by presiding judge terry jackson and the office of the court administrator. sources tell nbc bay area that one deputy brought a .22 caliber baby glock to work but was apparently unfamiliar with how it operated so he handed it to a
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fellow deputy and asked how to use it. sources say the second deputy pointed the weapon at the first deputy, apparently unaware that it was loaded. he pulled the trigger and it narrowly missed the deputy, lodging in the wall. a spokeswoman called the shooting accidental and a very serious matter. addinging, we are all very grateful that no one was injured. the superior court spokeswoman said the court administrator was nearby. he got in right after it happened before many staff arrived. >> and that was chuck coppola reporting. we should note in about an hour we'll learn more information about the department of justice's information into the san francisco police department. high profile officer-involved shootings have prompted this review and it's being carried out by doj's community oriented services. its director expected to hold a conference call at 12:30, in about an hour. creditics are calling on the attorney general to investigate sfpd.
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san francisco's police chief is standing by his officers. chief greg sur says his officers were acting in self defense when they shot and killed a homeless man last week. the chief met during a town hall. the homeless man lunged at his officers with a knife forcing officers to open fire. the department is facing heavy criticism. >> how can you say that you're having an independent investigation when you're already saying this is what we believe happened. >> i didn't say this is what we believe happened. i'm giving the facts that came from interviews. >> this is surveillance video of the shooting. the investigation continues and the chief says changes are coming to his department. it's been weeks and still no update on the whereabouts of 2-year-old ariana fitts. last night friends of her mom came together to remember her. employees at the best buy held a vigil in the parking lot. fitts was found dead last
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friday. law enforcement has identified several people of interest but no direct suspects still in this case. faking car crashes to rip off insurance companies. that's what a san jose couple and seven others have been accused of. they staged dozens of accidents and made out with more than $100,000. lily tan explains how they allegedly pulled it all out. >> reporter: an anonymous tip led investigators to kings row. the small industrial area is lined with auto body shops just a mile from where 101 and 880 intersect. the owner of one of those repair shops has been leading an insurance fraud scheme since 2012. charlotte chang with the district attorney's office claimed sha velasquez and his wife staged more than 20 accidents and collected more than $140,000 from several insurance companies. >> we don't believe that these accidents actually happened but rather it was orchestrated lies.
11:35 am
>> reporter: detectives with the california department of insurance say velasquez paid friends and family $500 each to let him damage their cars and then collect on false claims. >> they would also buy these policies, anywhere from five to 30 days before the staged accident. would put a certain car on, stam an accident, a false insurance claim. take it off, had another one. >> reporter: one of the co-conspirators was in court today. he did not plead and remains in custody on a separate charge. we spoke to velasquez at his body shop but he declined to comment before he appears in court on may 10th. reporting from san jose, nbc bay area news. do you remember the video from the occupy protest at uc davis? how the sacramento bee is reporting the university has contracted with experts to clear the internet of this video and all negative reports about the
11:36 am
university. the newspaper says more than $175,000 of public funds have been spent in those efforts. the money has also gone to improve the reputation of the chancellor. she's been asked to resign by student groups. >> the last settlement in the asiana crash is being considered. the city's board of supervisors is looking at a $3.45 million payout. the settlement would go toward the city's legal costs and damages at sfo. three people died when the plane clipped the edge of the runway. the battle over sex offenders' passports has stalled for now. "the chronicle" reporting that a federal judge in oakland refused yesterday to block a new law that would put special markings on passports of those convicted of a sex offense. the judge says that a legal challenge is premature because officials haven't developed plans for the markings yet. six unnamed sex offenders are challenging that new law, saying it unfairly places them on an
11:37 am
international black list. for anyone who flies, bad news. those long security lines aren't going away any time soon. the tsa is admitting it doesn't have enough people to screen a record number of airline passengers this year. jetblue and other airlines warning the delays could last until september. here's nbc's tom costello. >> reporter: whatever airport you call home, if you haven't yet been caught in a security checkpoint choke point, you probably will soon. take a look at chicago o'hare terminal three. >> i think there's not enough people up front maybe helping us. >> are you going to make your flight? >> i hope so. >> if everyone would look at your boarding passes -- >> reporter: not to be outdone, this is atlanta. >> you shouldn't have to be in line for an hour. this is ridiculous. >> reporter: same story in minneapolis, newark, dallas, even nashville. with passengers sharing their pain on social media. in charlotte, the airport director just september this letter to the tsa chief
11:38 am
complaining of three-hour lines recently. 600 passengers missing their flights. a detrimental effect on customer wait times and a negative economic impact to the airport and airlines. but the worst may be seattle where the tsa can only staff 19 of 32 security lanes. >> i do fly out relatively often and it's an all-day event most of the time. >> reporter: now sea-tac is adding its own staff action even asking for volunteers to help speed things along. >> members of the public that are volunteers work with us as well. >> reporter: the problems are nationwide. the tsa have lowered their staffing levels not expecting the record surge in passengers, up 8% this year alone. now 2.2 million people are coming through every day and the tsa is trying to staff up fast. while struggling with attrition and the post-brussels terror threat. >> we are increasing hiring and targeting that hiring for the airports of highest volume. >> reporter: the advice for
11:39 am
travelers, not what you want to hear. >> i hate to get to the airport two hours ahead of time. but get to the airport two hours ahead of time and that's for domestic flights. >> maybe even three hours ahead of time it sounds like is what you're going to have to plan. >> people get frustrated too. >> tom costello reporting. up next at 11:00 -- >> it's not right. we're supposed to be a democracy. >> donald trump lost all the delegates in colorado now he says the voting system there is corrupt and he was robbed of rightful delegates. the truth behind that claim up next on "real check." and now that the rain has cleared, the beach may be a popular place but be mindful, there is a high surf advisory in effect. i'll talk more about that and we'll look ahead to the weekend coming up. primary voting process in
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trouble from trump. this week the new york billionaire blasting the primary voting process, the caucuses in colorado, after losing all 34 delegates to ted cruz. simply put, trump called the system rigged. in today's reality check, a look into the colorado rules at the very heart of this conflict. >> these are rigged, disgusting,
11:43 am
dir dirty system. >> reporter: donald trump sounding off after losing all of colorado's delegates to senator ted cruz. >> we've got a corrupt system. it's not right. we're supposed to be a democracy. >> reporter: claims of corruption. yet the colorado caucuses basically haven't changed since 2012. to be sure, they're complicated. that's why leading news organizations like "the washington post" and bloomberg news, tried to educate voters in the days leading up to the delegate selection. here's how it works. 65,000 registered republican voters caucused at their precincts on march 1st debating who to nominate for the county assemblies. then those chosen meet and vote for another group, about 3,000 people to represent everyone at the state convention and the congressional districts where the reps pick the national delegates. it's a three-tiered voting system. the only difference this year is that colorado abandoned its
11:44 am
straw poll, a new rule by the republican national committee says delegates must be bound to vote for the winner of a straw poll. since colorado's straw poll was historically nonbinding, the state opted out entirely. the colorado republican party spokesperson said it had no impact on the delegate outcome. quote, the reason the straw poll existed in the first place was just something that was conducted for show and to indicate which way the party was leaning. we reached out to the trump campaign for comment, but did not receive a response. meantime, the rnc communications director, sean spicer, told msnbc that the system in colorado is complicated, but he said it's not corrupted. >> running for office entails putting a campaign together that understands the process. there's nothing rigged. it's all out in the open. it's for anyone to see. >> reporter: it's also true, ted cruz and his campaign ops were at the colorado state convention for the delegate selection. donald trump and his team were
11:45 am
not. >> and the colorado republican party is looking at possibly switching to a primary in 2020, but that would take a change in state law. in the meantime the rules for this year's caucuses were well established. when sam isn't doing his reality check, he's doing his other job. that's right, with me, kari, mike, every weekday morning on "today in the bay" from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. >> i mean the reality is you guys are keeping me in check. >> the reality is i sit next to sam all morning here and in the newsroom and he really does all those reality checks, along with a great producer. >> and i'm constantly questioning everything that you say, and you're always right. i've learned my lesson. >> that's why he's such a great co-worker. let's check that forecast with kari. >> a beautiful day. we started out with some rain this morning. let's take a live look outside. healdsburg -- sam is laughing at me. here we are patchy fog, clear skies and then we started to see
11:46 am
the clouds starting to move back in here recently. so we will be in and out of the clouds as that weather system still rolls just to the north of us. a look at all the microclimates and some of the temperatures in the south bay. it's 59 in san francisco, the peninsula and the south bay. east bay 58 degrees. let's drop in on the south bay now, it's 62 in almaden, so not bad, a little cooler than yesterday. it's also a little more windy so that makes it feel cooler as well. as you take a look at the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, you will see how much we warm up over the next couple of days in particular this weekend. and the winds will be coming in from the north and northwest up to 25 to 30 miles an hour later on this evening as that area of low pressure moves away that brought us the rain and high pressure moves in from the weekend. that will also bring in some gusty winds. a look at all of the microclimates today. mill valley up to 62, 63 in palo
11:47 am
alto and 65 degrees in gilroy. in santa rosa 62. oakland will be up to 63 and pleasanton also at 63 degrees. so once again a little bit cooler today. if you are planning to go to the beach, keep in mind there will be a high surf advisory in effect until 8:00 in the morning. swells will be up to 16 to 22 feet with a period of about 16 seconds because of those gusty winds that we will have today. looking at how much rain we've had recently, in san jose over the past few months, we've measured 4 inches of rain in january. not so much in february, but then march we had more than average and we are right on target for average, but we are only halfway through the month. there will be another chance of rain in the forecast as well. here's how it shapes up for san francisco. look at the january average and what we've measured, over 7 inches of rain when the ampvera is 4 inches. not a lot of rain in february
11:48 am
when we had an additional amount of rain, almost double in march, and then in april, we've had about half of what we normally get, but we're only halfway through the month. so the potential of more rain in the forecast but it is not going to happen this weekend. our highs will be warming up into the low to mid-80s, up to 85 degrees in the south bay on sunday as well as the tri-valley. nice weather tomorrow. that will be the most comfortable day of the weekend. and then once again it will feel like summer as we go into the rest of the weekend. early next week a slight chance of rain on tuesday and then after that we'll go back to some more dry weather. sam and laura. >> looks good. >> a hot weekend in store. thank you. >> head to the beach. we'll be right back. ==laura//2 shot==
11:49 am
11:50 am
oscar winner, robert de niro... at the center of a new firestorm
11:51 am
over vaccines. he made some controversial claims on the toy oscar winner robert de niro at the center of a new firestorm over vaccines. he made some controversial claims on the "today" show on wednesday. >> in that candid interview, de niro said he's not anti-vaccine, he raised a number of questions about the link between vaccines and autism, a connection that has been widely discredited. joe fryer has the fallout and gets some answers to questions many parents might have. >> i'm not anti-vaccine. i want safe vaccines. >> robert de niro may have pulled the documentary vaxxed from the film festival but still has questions. >> how the vaccines are dangerous to certain people who are more susceptible. and nobody seems to want to address that. >> the medical community says research has addressed that question and vaccines don't cause autism in any population. >> what we know is that there are certain children who are
11:52 am
susceptible to autism, and those children are children who are born prematurely whose parents are older. >> deniro is not convinced. >> there is a link and they're saying there's certain things -- the obvious one is mercury-based preservative. >> reporter: but centers for disease control says reputable scientific studies say mercury and vaccines given to young children is not a cause of autism. since 2001 vaccines have been thimerosal free. his 18-year-old son has autism. >> there are many people who have come out and say, no, i saw my kid change overnight. i saw what happened and i should have done something and i didn't. >> is that the experience you had, robert, something changed overnight? >> my wife says that. i don't remember. >> pediatrician ari brown says she's had this conversation with families, some of whom eventually realized the change was not overnight. >> a lot of times it's not
11:53 am
seeing the signs until it becomes increasingly apparent when the child is a toddler. >> still many parents echo deniro's fears about vaccines. some have asked their doctors to stagger them thinking that will reduce the risks. >> there's studies that show children who receive vaccinations on time versus those who don't for whatever reason have exactly the same developmental outcome. >> when vaccination rates drop, it opens the door for measles and whooping cough, something he questions after watching the documentary. >> i don't know if those statistics are ak sglat but in 2000 measles been eliminated in the u.s. but in 2014 there were 667 cases and in 2015, 189 cases. the cdc says the majority of patients were unvaccinated. >> joe fryer reporting there. >> yes shall it was. he was certainly looking at all the science of it. we'll be right back with more news after this. could begin to allow an activity
11:54 am
11:55 am
11:56 am
that is usually frowned upon. while looking to be more appealing to those digitally addicted millennials, you know those guys, amc theaters could begin to allow an activity that's usually frowned up during movies, texting during the movie. the company's ceo says he is open to making some theaters texting and mobile device
11:57 am
friend friendly. >> within hours of the ceo floating the idea the media acts have been flooded with unhappy movie goers. they say the experiment would only take place on a limited amount of screens. >> it is appear interesting idea because i think people will text during the movie anyway. >> a designated text zone? >> as long as they're not live streaming the actual movie. >> or the bright light. >> which should be illegal, copyright issues there. give us a quick roundown of what's going on. warmer temperatures this weekend. >> yes, it is still cool out there. as we see a few clouds mixing inness we'll have a mix of sun an clouds and high temperatures at 62 or 63 degrees. >> quickly, can you tell people why we have that ball? >> please do. >> the warriors won 73 and they'll be selling these limited edition balls for $99. we'll put the information on our twitter page. >> we'll see you at 5:00.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
stand by billy and kit. stand by camera two. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. kobe bryant! [ cheers and applause ] >> that's awesome! >> 60 points later. >> wow. >> and the los angeles legend kobe bryant leaves the court for the final time. hello, friends. welcome to "access hollywood." >> what a game, everybody's talking about that. i love looking in the crowd last night. it was a who's who of who was there. kobe 37 years old retiring, 60 points, his teammates were


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