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tv   Early Today  NBC  April 19, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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coming up, primary day in new york. the donald and hillary clinton are looking for slam dunks in their home state but it's what is in our new nbc news polls that may shock you. a flood for the ages brings the fourth largest city to a standstill. five deaths reported, and is relief in sight? an nbc exclusive, ash carter reveals hundreds of more americans will be deployed to iraq in the war against isis. plus, a battle at the supreme court over president obama's immigration policy. jtsds.
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unprecedented rainfall in the houston area. it has been declared a state of emergency in nine counties. inundating waterways and leaving residents trapped and homes and vehicles. hundreds flights were canceled. janet has more on what residents are facing. >> reporter: a flood for the ages. standstill, submerged by 16 inches of rain. >> and i was not expecting this. >> major highways under water. public transit shut down. schools closed for 1 million students. >> i am a little nervous. >> on tax day, do not make a run for the post office. >> stay off the street. >> a big rig driver nearly swept away. he disappears under water, before being pulled to safety. >> leave the car. swim. >> a reporter for station tkrk, rescues another driver. it's all captured live.
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already, 500 high water rescues, as authorities struggle to keep up. >> what if you fall and -- >> this couple walked through safety with their newborn daughter. >> tommy woodward borrowed a boat. >> i'm not doing good. >> amid the rescues, a boat load of family pestts. overflowing the banks, houston is flat and flood prone, leaving nowhere for all the water to go. now to the race to the white house. cracks showing inside the campaign of trump. stewart oh jolly has resigned. trump's campaign manager corey lewandowski and trump told staffers he wants recent hires, paul manafort and rick wiley to take on major roles. he was introduced by buffalo
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bills coach, rex ryan. >> one thing i really admire about him is you know what, he will say what is on his mind. >> he went on to promote his new york values, but got tongue-tied when talking about the terrorist attacks. >> i was down there and i watch our police and firemen down at 7-11 and i saw the greatest people i've ever seen in action. i saw the bravest people. >> six protesters were arrested while 21 others were ejected from the venue. earlier, trump took a swipe at ted cruz, tweeting that cruz hates new york for his part, cruz is looking past new york. yesterday, the senator campaigned in maryland, ahead of the april 26th primary. john kasich took sometime off from eating at new york city delis for an event in upstate new york. he told the crowd he is still in the race and he wouldn't leave his family for this long if he didn't feel it was worth it.
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last night, samantha bee poked fun at his rhetoric. >> kasich continues his birth right trip at a masa factory, like a plate of frogs falling from the sky. >> a wonderful holiday for our friends in the jewish community, the passover. great link between the blood that was put above the lamp post, jesus christ is known as the lamb of god. his blood. >> what? did john kasich just fiction jesus into passover? the passover, predates jesus by 13 centuries. there were no lamp posts.
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>> senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell took a swipe at trump speaking about a possible contested convention. >> it is important for everybody to understand that the convention rules will require you to get 1,237 delegate votes, and until one gets to 1,237, they will not be the nominee. about 60% of the delegates bound on the first delegate will be free to do what they want to do on the second ballot. there may be a second ballot. shifting to the democrats, bernie sanders held another big rally in queens, with a man than the skyline in the backbackdrop. he expects to win if there is a large turnover. after hitting on hillary clinton's wall street speeches, he released the transcripts of his speeches. >> i am prepared tonight to announce, i will release all of the transcripts of all of the speeches that i have given behind closed doors to wall
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street. are you ready? here they are! meanwhile, clinton introduced at a campaign stop, gabby giffords. new york senator, kristin giirs gillibra gillibrand, appearing on stephen colbert. >> i want to get out of there as fast as i can. >> that's where our seat of government is. >> the republicans down there are waiting with a meat slicer. if you win, like the deli that sliced this meat, they're ready to run you through that. why would you want to go through that again? >> when i have a job as opposed to running for a job, he i get things done. i do. >> all this comes after the national polls showing the candidate not faring so well.
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1 in 10 say they can't see them supporting -- sanders and kasich faring a bit better. front-runner 65% have a negative view of trump, highest in history. while 56% have an unfavorable view of clinton. still in our weekly news survey, released this morning, donald trump remains 18 points ahead of rival ted cruz. hillary clinton has a seven point advantage over bernie sanders. defense secretary ash carter announced the u.s. is sending over 200 more americans to iraq as part of a growing train effort to help in the fight to destroy isis. lester holt went with him to baghdad for an exclusive interview. >> 1,000 feet, his third visit in just over a year, ash carter says the u.s. in increasing its
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role in the fight against isis in iraq. once on the ground, met with iraqi prime minister, formalizing a new plan that will bring in 200 additional u.s. troops as advisors. and authorizes u.s. advance mobile rocket launches and apache government gun ships, to retake mosul from isis. >> this will continue the process of accelerating the defeat of isil. >> what do youay when they say it doesn't get the job done? >> we are going to accelerate this campaign every time we find an opportunity to do so. i'm very comfortable that our operational approach is the right one. the u.s. supreme court has taken up a biggest of the term.
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it's a battle over president obama on immigration. it could shield more than 4 million people from deportation. 26 states led by texas, block would in a lower state, yesterday, they were evenly divided on the issue. rallied in support of the president's policy. lower court order in place that blocks the president from enforcing his plan. sad news this morning about one of the most beloved moms in tv history. >> i just want to snack you. >> i'm sorry. >> you smacked me. >> i know i did. i'm sorry. >> what did you do that for? >> it sounds like you're becoming just like your father. >> actress doris roberts of "everybody loves raymond" fame
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has passed away. she won five emmys. four of them, mahugely successf raymond sitcom. dead at the age of 90. meteorologist has more on the 500 year flooding in texas. out of control. >> the 500 year flood. we say the 100 year flood, what it is, percentage of every year going into it. so the 500 translates into 0.2% chance that the houston area would go into every year and see a flood like this. they really, unfortunately, they bested the odds yesterday. this area, this grayish white, this is anywhere between 9 to 18 inches of rain in that one area. thunderstorms just sat there. there is more rain in the forecast. river levels have gone down. an inch to maybe 3 inches at most in this region. things are improving and it hasn't rained in about the last 12 hours. just because the dry is obviously flooded and super
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saturated, any rain could cause quick problems. flood watches, 1 to 3 inches possible there, from houston columbus back. how about the record warmth yesterday? we saw 89 degrees in seattle yesterday. that was the warmest temperature you've ever recorded in the month of april. it's almost guaranteed for washington state, warmest april day every. still as warm today. not quite 89 today, but record breaking heat throughout the region. records across the board yesterday. we should see 81 in seattle. an incredible stretch of warm april weather. that's temperatures in the mid 90s. average temperature in seattle is 59 in time of year. they were 89. 30 degrees above that.
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cruise. when his foot slipped on the throttle, 0 to 60 miles per hour in three seconds. a 7-year-old girl in pennsylvania received a warm welcome home. after battling 17 rounds of chemo. friends and family said cancer messed with the wrong check. let's get down to business now with landon dowdy. good morning, landon. >> hi there. good morning. the dow, nasdaq are in positive territories after seeing the highest closing of the year yesterday. it comes after the heaviest period comes. quarterly numbers today, goldman sachs, johnson and johnson, yahoo. would you pay this for a mattress, which could tell you if your partner is faithful. a spanish company is going to do that. it pings your smartphone
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whenever it is used. it was tested in madrid. netflix shares, disappointing wall street. video service expecting u.s. and international subscriber growth to miss estimates. it includes a modest increase. starting next month. it will affect half of domestic members. over back to you. thanks so much. just ahead, a knew world speed record in golf. you've got to see this. the red sox honor jeff bauman, survivor of the bomber attacks. sports up next. sports up next. america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them.
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this morning, on "today," jeff rossen reports on the new everyday tool police are using to solve crime that is so popular you may be wearing one on your wrist right now. time for sports. good morning, betty. good morning, dara. first to the nba playoffs where the oklahoma city thunder were ice cold. the team shot just 34%, with kevin durant for 21 points. and they squeaked out a win over dallas. steph curry sitting out game two with an injured ankle. golden state won their second straight from the houston rockets, 115-106. now to fenway park, and the
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third patriots day since the 2013 boston marathon bombing. the red sox honored jeff bauman, a survivor of the attack, and joined on the mound by actor jake gyllenhaal, who featured him in "stronger." it will be released next year. the 120th running of the boston marathon, look at this, 30,000 runners ran 26.2 miles. a new guinness world record to show you. the category, fastest hole in government by a team of four. a competition between golfers from france, spain, and denmark. while it is speed golf, we sped it up just a bit. the winning team from france were the victors, finishing the 500 yard par 5 hole in just 38.8 seconds. that my friend is a record. back to you. just ahead, did kanye west, just pull a fast one on his fans. plus another honor for
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rappers after west announced his album, "the life of pablo" would be exclusive to music service title. the site's user base jumped from 2.5 million in just ten days. in a month later, the album showed up on spotfy and elsewhere. the suit claims the title fraudulently gained $884 millio dollars olivia wilde is expecting baby number two. the announcement came on, where else? instagram. the car by the way was going over 60 miles an hour. don't try it at home. i'm dara brown. this is "early today." headache? motrin helps you be an unstoppable, let's-rock-this-concert- like-it's-1999 kind of mom.
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leading the news in the new york times, obama visited turmoil. largely due to low oil prices, weakened the government's ability to respond to crisis. president obama leaves later today for riyadh. the documents that many want released, the 9/11 documents. usa today, nooses on campus, outrage online and later removed over concerns of hate symbolism. it was evidently part of a project for an art class on campus. the hotel from the shining is gettingven spookier. >> look at that. >> eerie figures, could it be
4:27 am
the ghosts? somebody better call ghost busters on that one. an incident where a woman climbed into a tiger enclosure. >> kitty cat wants to play. >> it was separated from the woman by a second fence, you can see it there, it still attempted to lunge at her before she made her way out. she was unharmed. >> glad she got her hat. was it worth it? >> canary island museum, accessible to scuba divers, and they're expected to last for the next 300 years. >> that's fun. >> we should do that. >> people will forget about it and then be freaked about it later. a new type of conflict resolution in the streets of china. a dispute between two rival construction workers led to a front-end loaders battling in the streets. >> fun. >> six of the heavy trucks were seen using shovels. >> he hits him too.
4:28 am
>> two of the bulldozers toppled over, injuring two people. >> we had a winner. every 6-year-old boy's deem right there. >> i know, but it's a little tro transformer. look at that. well, now time for a look ahead. new york voters head to the polls in a crucial presidential primary election. 95 republican delegates and 291 democratic delegates are up for grabs. polls up at 6:00 a.m. eastern and expected to close around 9:00 p.m. eastern. reminder, you can watch full coverage beginning at 5:00 p.m. eastern on msnbc. happy birthday to kate hudson, turning 37. ashley judd turns 48 today. now, keep it right here for more news, weather and sports. i'm dara brown. thanks for watching "early today," and we hope you have terrific tuesday.
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a homicide investigation in what police call a quiet neighborhood. laura//vo plus -- a deadly attack in afghanistan. the latest violence that the breaking news. a homicide in what police are calling a quiet neighborhood. >> latest violence the taliban is claiming responsibility for. >> san jose trying to tackle the housing crisis. the proper posal city leaders are considering to help out renters. good tuesday morning. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. expecting some cooling? >> we are looking at temperatures l are nice this morning. looking at


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