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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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again, nobody was wounded. several suspects are in custody. folks who live in this area are scared and angry. >> i mean, you're not safe anywhere anymore it seems like. you're on the freeway. kidsters are car with you. this is the freeway we're talking about. it affects everything because they close down the freeway. then how do you get home. and then people are running out of gas. it's just crazy. >> reporter: that's the situation drivers are facing tonight. four suspects taken into custody after shots were fired in antioch and possibly right on the highway. this all comes on the very eve that the pittsburg city council is voting on whether to install surveillance cameras. they've also had several shootings, a deadly one just
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last week. we're told the number of shootings on east bay highway now totals in the mid-20s. folkare upset, they are frustrated, they want something to be done and they think not enough is being done. that is the latest from antioch. i'm jodi hernandez, nbc 4 news. dramatic to see the highway shut down with the officers on the freeway. that pittsburg city council meeting. here's some more details. it's right along highway 4. if approved, up to six cameras would be installed. this is for surveillance. they're hoping that adding cameras would perhaps lessen the shootings. pittsburg mayor is supporting the plan. the surveillance project comes with a $100,000 price tag. >> we're following a developing story out of the peninsula. a dead dog after a grooming trip to petsmart and we learned the groomer has been arrested.
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robert handa joins us live. what do we know about this? >> reporter: we are at the store in san mateo where there has been a lot of drama. police say on sunday evening they responded to this pet supply store on el camino real shortly after 5:00 p.m. on a report a dog died on the premises. police say a man brought his three docks be aschunds to the r grooming. the groomer came out a few minutes later holding one dog, which was now bleeding from the mouth and having trouble breathing. police say he took the animal to an on-site veterinarian but the dog died. police investigated and arrested zarata. >> after the dog died, the vet did a postmortem x-ray and found the dog had two broken ribs and punctured lungs. since then, the peninsula humane society has taken custody of the diseased dog and they'll do an exam. >> reporter: now, zarati faces a
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felony count of animal cruelty. the sergeant says investigators say the petsmart store is not being investigated for this incident but they will check back records to see if similar problems occurred. we talked to the pet owner's family who says on the advice of their attorney they will not be commenting at this time. we understand zarata has posted bail and is now out of custody. live in san mateo, robert handa. a fourth oakland police officer now on administrative leave. this is part of the ongoing sex scandal. our sources reveal to us the officers had sex with a minor last year. that teenager is now an adult but she did post on her facebook page last friday night that her sexual relations began after she turned 18. internal affairs for oakland police department and prosecutors are on the case. officials are not releasing details or names. >> a gruesome discovery has police hunting for a killer.
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police say two fishermen came across a woman's body around 2:00 this morning near the boxer boulevard entrance. officers say the suspect identified as 26-year-old eric nelson. investigators believe he's believed to be armed and say anyone who comes across him should call police immediately. the victim found along the shoreline in the park's pond. the men who discovered the body say that they fish at the duck pond every night. >> we seen something floating. it was an orange shirt. it was a girl i guess was in there. was floating at the end right there. >> i kind of looked, like, the heels are next to it. >> the woman has been identified as a 25-year-old from concord. investigators say the woman and that acused killer did know each other. next time you go out to dinner, consider this, do you want to know if the restaurant you're about to go to has been
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sh shut down because it was too dirty? some restaurants may be taking advantage of a law to wipe away their dirty track record. why is this happening? who's behind it? >> our investigative unit is exposing a loophole that allowed some restaurants to keep their inspection records secret. we'll tell how you how are getting to wipe their record clean. it's a practice that some restaurant owners are using to hide past violations. one lawmaker plans to take action. but the city department in charge of restaurant inspections says right now that practice is totally legal. does that make sense to you? >> it's not for me to make sense of it. it is what the law requires us to do. >> wouldn't you want to know if you were about to eat at a restaurant that was considered so dirty the city was forced to shut it down? >> i think a majority of people in san francisco don't think about those things. they're really in the current moment. >> so do you think about those
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things? well, watch our investigation tonight at 11:00 and join our conversation right now on facebook. you can find me there. and then we'll tell you how you can get a hold of the information that some restaurants may try to keep secret. >> information i'm sure people will want to know, thank you. they hope a sizable reward will reignite interest in this cold case. the execution-style shooting as he parked his car at applied materials. it jolted silicon valley. a young father and former military officer, there was nothing in his past that would seem to make him a target and he'd just been on the job ten days. applied materials is reissuing its $100,000 reward and the timing is no coincidence. >> just a week ago, his 22-year-old daughter graduated from college. an accomplished young woman who never met her father. it's also poignant because tomorrow, tuesday, may 17, would have been his 49th birthday.
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>> flores parked in a blind spot out of camera range but surveillance video shows a suspicious 1990s ford explorer which may be linked to his murder. >> we're seeing a lot of whales lately but this time a different type of sighting. a dead whale floating close to shore. you see it here. this was at salmon creek beach, east of santa rosa. no word yet on how the whale died. >> decision 2016 now. donald trump hopes voters will put him closer to getting the nomination tomorrow. may not have opponents left in the primaries but he's facing opposition, some from republicans in his own party. we're talking up a third party mutiny. democrat hillary clinton is talking about her husband, saying, quote, bill clinton will take the lead on the economy when she gets into the white house. >> okay, we are down to the final four teams in the nba
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playoffs. the warriors next challenge starts tonight. here comes the thunder. . oklahoma city thunder. game one at the oracle. it's going to be a busy night. the warriors and a's are playing at home. nbc bay area's colin resch joins us. what are the pregame notes? >> here we go, conference finals time. warriors looking to get back to where they were last year. eight wins in the books. eight to go to a chance for a repeat title or two repeat title. i want to make note. from here on out, we've got early start times to these games. most starting at 6:00. i'll step out of wait as we look around the arena. expect a late arriving crowd. when they do get here, they'll be loud as usual. it gives them home court advantage throughout the playoffs and they'll need all the help they can get in this series. the thunder upsetting
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san antonio in the other conference semifinal 4-2. the warriors really owned oklahoma city in the regular season, winning all three matchups, but they were close and who can forget this stef curry heave for the win. the way the thund remember playing, this has the makings of a heavyweight title fight. >> just the game, two great offensive teams, and guys who hate to lose on both sides of the ball. >> based on how the regular season games were, two talented teams that really have a goal of getting to the finals. to win four games, it's going to take a lot. >> on paper, this will be heck of a series. game one less than an hour away here at oracle arena. we will be back at 11:00 with highlights and game reaction. reporting live, colin resch, nbc
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bay area. >> should be fun, thank you, colin. neighbors in gill roy react after they learned the man who lived on their street has moved to syria and joined isis. i'll have that story coming up. i'm michelle roberts in santa clara where beyonce is set to take the stage this evening, coming up hear some of the traffic woes you need to know about. the unprecedented change the restaurant chain is making at its south bay location to keep up with demand. and good afternoon, i'm meteorologist jeff ranranieri. sunny skies today. i'll have your full forecast.
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want to take you back to the scene of the breaking news in antioch. live picture from our nbc chopper of the backup. this is highway 4, westbound lanes. there is no movement there. it's been like this for more than an hour. that's because of a shooting that unfolded initially in antioch. where two people in a black jaguar opened fire. several cars in the parking lot were hit. then the jaguar went on to highway 4 and this is where we
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get to this backup. police then went after another car and two suspects allegedly began shooting at each other on the highway. police are saying they're still look for those casings on the freeway. that's part of this backup. four people were arrested. two of the men that were in the jaguar and then another suspect car that was on highway 4. the two people inside there were also arrested. they did find guns. this long line with just stretches. police have been literally walking around the four lanes of the highway looking for gun casings and that's what this backup is all about. it's been going on since 3:00 this afternoon. we'll keep a look at it and continue to let you know. highway 4 is a mess. definitely an area to avoid. police, paramedics and hospitals deal with emergencies on a regular basis but not a mass casualty level. emergency crews staged a drill today. annest to prepare for.
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an effort to prepare for the worst. it involved ems, regional medical centers and volunteers with these fake injuries. the scenario was a bomb exploded at a hospital. >> this is all about unified command. all about being able to talk with each other. being on the same page. be able to respond to emergency situations in an organized fashion. >> it helps agencies better coordinate with each other during real emergencies so everyone can pool resources and deal with mass casualties like with these volunteers that are pretending to be ill at a more efficient pace. mechanics on bikes to fix your car. since the streets are congested, instead of dispatching a huge tow truck, aaa will send out mechanics on bikes. it coincides with bike safety month. aaa says 60% of the calls in san francisco don't require the
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tow truck so well equipped workers with tools for changing tires and other light duty will show up on bicycles. the east bay is dealing with the warriors and with the a's. let's talk about the south bay. lots of traffic troubles in santa clara too. it's because of one woman, beyonce, back at lee vie stadium. nbc michelle roberts is at the stadium where traffic is starting to arrive. traffic is always a problem but with beyonce i'm sure it's really a slowdown. >> 50,000 fans are expected. many are arriving already. the parking lot's open at 4:00. this is great america parkway. not usually a good situation but tonight already jammed up, plan ahead for that. sasha fierce stole the show on super bowl sunday and tonight beyonce is back to rock the house at lee vie stadium. >> she's going to be wild and just so much energy and crazy and it's going to be mind
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blowing. >> while queen bee nation pours in, many techies in the south bay are planning an early escape from work. >> having this road closed off is really annoying. >> there's a heavy traffic advisory in place until 11:00. tas min drive is closed and there will be police checkpoints at several neighborhood access points to limit congestion on side streets. >> it's very difficult. it takes around one hour to just reach the station. >> while many fear a long commute home, businesses like this restaurant are preparing for a packed house before the concert. >> we're hoping for more business and we're busy. >> if you are ready to brave any traffic, there are still some tickets available. about $80 for the high-up seats and 400 to be right up close near beyonce. reporting live, i'm michelle roberts nbc bay area news. the third time could be the charm for san francisco's bid to get george lucas billion dollar art museum. his collection of illustrative
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art and hollywood memorabilia was to be housed at chicago's lake front. after he was rejected by the police sido. now the site is locked up in a legal battle. the mayor has reached out to him to propose putting his displays on treasure island. >> that island is only connected by a highly congested bridge but if we could have enough draw, we could get a robust ferry service that would be a boon to all the residents of the island as well as visitors. >> talks between the mayor's office and george lucas described as being extremely preliminary. los angeles is also trying to secure a site for his selection. how about a dim sum date night? you can now make a reservation. the restaurant has changed its long-standing no reservations policy. the popular dim sum chain opened
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in santa clara just last week. customers reported waiting in line for hours just to get on the wait list but now of course you can just do what you usually do for a restaurant and book a table in advance. >> yes, maybe for a month and a half from now. it could be a plan and you know you're going. so many people have said, can you get us in? no, i can't get myself in. >> we need to wait the month and a half. all right, some good weather if you're planning on eating outside this evening. we're going to crank up the heat the next two days and we're tracking the possibility of some 90s. as you get a live look outside. you can see that we currently have fog free conditions at ocean beach. it's a cool 64. we are anticipating as you'll see in that seven day, even the coastline to warm up. as you get a live look outside, currently 79 and sunny in the east bay. peninsula, warm 81. tracking 81 in the south bay. for tomorrow morning, the
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biggest change will be the fact we're going to start mostly sunny as we head throughout your tuesday morning. just a few clouds across the peninsula and 54. also right here in san francisco, no thick fog but a little bit expected at the immediate coastline and 55 to start. let's take you to the microclimate forecast. here is the warm-up. san jose, 87 degrees. sunny skies. cupertino, 90. from the peninsula, not only palo alto jumping up to a sunny 76, but at the beach, 70s, just watch out for the rough surf. san francisco, 75 and the marina, right back towards the financial district, sunny 76 coming your way. we surge to some of the warmest weather right across the north bay under this ridge of high pressure. we should go up to 92 tomorrow in santa rosa. dry offshore winds. those drying winds will be
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there. for the east bay, 80, walnut greek, 82. high pressure will keep us warm the next two days. then expect some abrupt changes as we head into thursday, friday, saturday of this week. here's what we're doing with a trough of low pressure. it's going to sit and basically spin across the state from thursday to sunday. the small disturbances will move past this storm system. most notably, colder temperatures coming your way. some wind and maybe a shower or two. thursday through sunday, that's the zone of that happening. how much rainfall would we be talking about? it's not a whole lot but you'll see the forecast models are picking up on maybe trace amounts to about 200ths of an inch across san jose, across san francisco. maybe 400ths of an inch into santa rosa. much colder weather as we head
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into the weekend. going from the low 90s in the trivalley tomorrow to, by friday, 66 degrees. saturday, 65, and sunday, 68. a roller coaster ride. i'll be hereby to track it for you. want to get back to breaking news. we've been talking about. our nbc chopper overhead. you can see here, westbound highway 4 remains shut down. what you're seeing is cars getting off the freeway. westbound highway 4 remains shut down. police investigating a shooting just a short while ago. traffic is backed up. especially right now during this evening commute. the pastor tha
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he's saying he's sorry. the pastor that made headlines last month after suing whole foods. he said he bought a cake from the store that had an anti-gay slur on it. that story is on our twitter
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feed. gaining traction on our website, found safe and sound. the singer disappeared yesterday in chicago. after a bizarre rant on facebook. authorities found her. (music plays from one way or another )♪♪
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♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette) backyard. the obama administration s the isis threat in our own backyard. the obama administration says isis is still recruiting americans even from the bay area. tonight new information that two local men joined the terrorist group. here's nbc bay area's marianne
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favro. >> one of the men nbc news identified is alberta rentiri of gilroy. he is shown here in syria in 2014. we talked to his former neighbor in gilroy who asked we not show her face. >> it's very surprising, scary, when you have small kids or even younger adults who probably would hang around with him and how they put things in their minds. >> his family says the 24-year-old was raised catholic and got a computer job in san jose but at some point he stopped going to church and converted to islam. he attended services here at the south valley islamic center. the leader there said he was quiet and never socialized. then about two years ago, he stopped showing up. documents also show 24-year-old jeffrey con from palo alto enlisted in isis in 2014. he grew up in this quiet cul-de-sac. his family told us, his actions
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and decisionings have been heartbreaking and we do not support his personal choices. offry's cousin amed told us as a teenager joffry was into music and serving the net until he started watching prop beganist videos. then he says he noticed a change in his cousin. >> more hateful towards americans. >> reporter: at the council on american islamic relations in santa clara, the executive director says she fears news of two bay area men joining isis will spark a backlash against the entire muslim community. >> there's no reason for anyone to hold the families guilty for actions of individuals associated with them in the same way there's no reason for people to hold mosques guilty for actions of individuals associated with them. >> reporter: joffrey's friends and neighbors says he changed schools several times and
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struggled to fit in. his mother admitted she still is in contact with her son through encrypted messages. we'll be right back. (scal): good day, m'lady!
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okay, for all the single ladies out there going to beyonce, what's the weather? >> it's going to be clear, a
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little bit of a light jacket. it's going to be a lot of fun. tomorrow morning, sunshine, tempps in the low 50s. tonight, over the line. new outrage over a growing crisis at america's airports. a chaotic mob scene at o'hare. the latest nightmare, passengers waiting hours at security. tens of thousands this year missing flights, some sleeping on the floor. deadly amtrak disaster. breaking news tonight. what the feds think may have caused that crash in philadelphia. isis in america. fallout from our investigation revealing the u.s. citizens now fighting for the enemy. were they plotting right under the noses of their friends and family. tragedy at sea. a beloved mom vanishes after falling from her cruise ship in the dark of night. silent killer. an alarming new warning about heart attacks. nearly half of them striking


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