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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  May 23, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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right now at 11:00, four years after sierra lamar disappeared, her accused killer showed up in court today and once again today his trial is delayed. the reason the trial will not start for at least another month. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. first, b.a.r.t. trains are not stopping at the embarcadero station. let's go to mike inouye. mike? >> yes. folks over here are going to be affected. the embarcadero station is having a major medical
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emergency. that's the only information that we have gotten, other than the fact that there are 30-minute delays possible. almost all of the lines go through that station. they are not stopping there but they are traveling through the area and it's causing an issue for some folks. if you need to get off there, use the muni station. we haven't heard of anything from smta. we'll update you on twitter as we're able to do that as well. meanwhile, if you want to hit the roads, traffic is flowing no problems in and out of san francisco and out of the bay. we're watching the b.a.r.t. tracks. once again, the trial of garcia-torres has been delayed again. he's now 25 years old and faces the death penalty of kidnapping and killing 15-year-old sierra lamar. her body has never been found.
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her supporters say they will be there supporting no matter how long it takes. >> it's good to see that there is progress and that a trial is forthcoming but it's been a long four years and i cannot imagine their pain and being in a position of working with the volunteers, we're aware of how inspiring they have been during this whole time. >> there have been many delays since garcia-torres was arrested in march 2012. sierra lamar disappears in march 2012 and then in may 2012 antolin garcia-torres is arrested and then in february 2014 he enters a not guilty plea. you can get the latest on air and online.
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a developing story now just south of the bay area where crews are gaining the upper hand on a wildfire burning in monterey county. the fire is now 40% contained. the grass fire is burning near soledad and you can see that huge plume of smoke billowing into the sky. the fire started yesterday afternoon and more than 100 firefighters are on the front lines. so far, nearly 4,000 acres are burned. while no homes are destroyed, there are homes in the danger zone. >> there are some ranch houses in the area and we wanted to make sure that we were protecting the property. >> more crews are making their way to that area right now and around 200 firefighters now on the scene. earlier, it was 100. the fire is threatening power lines which could cause major power losses in monterey county. cal fire is updating this
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situation via periscope and facebook at noon. we'll be watching. a woman who had to jump to safety as flames nearly destroyed her east bay home will be okay. the woman was trapped on the roof of this two-story house. it started around 3:40 this morning in antioch. apparently no time for a ladder. firefighters stacked up the garbage can. the cans broke her fire. crews had the fire under control in 30 minutes and nobody was injured. meanwhile, an investigation into what sparked a deadly fire in vallejo. a young boy is dead and more people are recovering this morning. firefighters arrived at this home on stella street yesterday morning. they were able to pull out two residents and get them to a nearby hospital but a 5-year-old boy did not make it out. the neighbor who called 911 sprung into action when she saw what was happening. >> took the hose and went into
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the building and got as far as maybe halfway through the living room. >> that neighbor was able to hose down one burn victim but wishes he could have done more. the press reports that the fire is suspicious. the cause is under investigation. the clock is counting down for your chance to vote in this year's june primary. if you're changing party affiliation, today is the last day. >> stephanie chaung is live in san francisco city hall. >> reporter: good morning, scott and kris. bernie sanders supporters filed a lawsuit. part of it is asking that the voter registration deadline is extended past the primary on june 7th. the supporters, people part of the lawsuit, are accusing san francisco in alameda counties and not making voting rules
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clear, including independent voters have to request a ballot at the polls. independents who choose to vote by mail have to mail a signed form to their county registrar. the civil rights attorney who filed this lawsuit says this lawsuit also representing the american independent party, a far right political party and that this was about fairness across the board, what he calls inconsistencies and how they are those who are voting. >> we have 7 to 10 docounties w have blunders and very ambiguous and make it sound like it's too late come march or april. >> reporter: now, part of the bigger picture here is that the numbers are growing in sanders favor and register voters say that sanders would be the presum
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shift gop by 15 percentage points while hillary clinton, the likely democratic nominee, has a 46% lead over trump and that difference is within the poll's margin of error and a small fraction of the 11-point advantage over sanders last month. back here live, though, the voting is open here at the election office in san francisco. the elections office did not have a comment about the lawsuit but i did just get off the phone five minutes ago with the registrar voters who say they have not been served yet. the county has not been served with the papers and that it follows the same guidelines as all other 57 counties in california sending out a flier to independent voters saying you have to request a partisan ballot. a little bit of confusion but trying to clear it up. live at san francisco city hall, stephanie chaung, nbc bay area news. a new nbv/wall street journ
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small poll shows that hillary clinton's lead over trump may be shrinking. the difference is within the  poll's margin of error. in april, a similar poll showed clinton with an 11-point advantage over trump. meanwhile, a hypothetical matchup between donald trump and bernie sanders has sanders winning by 15 percentage points. he continues to campaign hard. he was in southern california just this weekend. >> we've got a lot of work in front of us and we do not make progress unless we stand together, unless we prevent the donald trumps of the world from dividing us up. >> clinton will be in the bay area again on wednesday and trump plans to rally in san diego on friday. what is the motive?
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a woman is charged in the death of a millbrae man who disappeared weeks ago and then was found dead. stephanie lee was arrested on friday during a s.w.a.t. raid at a hillsborough home on saturday. she's described as keith's ex-girlfriend. two other people were arrested over the weekend. green's body was found last week in the north bay. one of the police officers charged in connection with the death of freddie gray has been found not guilty. gray died from injuries he suffered while in police custody. jay gray has more. >> reporter: a judge in baltimore ruled one of the police officers involved in the arrest and controversial death of freddie gray is not guilty. edward muro faced assault and reckless endangerment charges in the case. he was a bicycle officer who initially helped arrest gray but selfed he never touched the suspect other than helping him search for his inhaler. the judge announcing his
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decision this morning after less than two weeks of testimony in the case. many in baltimore called for calm prior to today's verdict. >> i join with the mothers, the fathers, the children and citizens and families of baltimore asking for not only peace but respect for the rule of law. >> nuro is one of six baltimore police officers charged in the death of freddie gray. he suffered a spinal injury and died from his injury a week later. investigators say the injuries occurred when gray was transported in a police van, handcuffed without a secure seat belt. the tragedy fueled days of rioting and led to the firing of baltimore's police commissioner. the trials for the remaining officers in the case are scheduled over the next seven months. jay gray, nbc news. tom brady is appealing his four-game suspension.
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the new england patriots quarterback is seeking a hearing after a three-judge panel ruled in april that the nfl commissioner has the authority to suspend brady. a punishment stemming from an investigation into underinflated football in the afc championship game in january 2015 is the root of this. now, if brady's appeal to have his case heard by all 15 judges is denied, he could take his case to the u.s. supreme court. mark zuckerberg hit the milestone. turning 32. we'll do the math and figure out how much money he makes every single day of his life. it's a number you have to hear. a major milestone for what is now the tallest sculpture here in the city of san francisco. i'm bob redell. that story is coming up. nice weather is continuing into the start of this work week but how long does it last? i'll let you know and we'll take a look ahead to that holiday
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weeken forecast coming up in a few minutes.
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liberty. a 90-foot sculpte so this is san francisco's version of the statue of liberty. a 90-foot sculpture of venus which is nearly complete. the crews are putting on the finishing touches. >> bob redell is live at the site in san francisco. tell us all about it. >> yeah, good morning to you, scott and kris. venus finally has a face and within the past few hours, she became the tallest sculpture here in the city of san francisco and towers at 92 feet here and she's behind the
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scaffolding there. it was quite a sight at 8:00 this morning, something you don't see every day, as construction workers use a crane to hoist the stainless steel head to the top of her shoulders. men were there to guide her pretty face into position and then bolt her neck down to the rest of the body. >> it was a spiritual moment. >> it was jim's late father angelo who developed this property and created this unique piece of work. when you're looking at her, it gives the impression that she's bursting out from the ground in a big swirl. angelo found this inspiration growing up in his home town of italy and wanted to get his version of venus to the city of san francisco.
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it hurts his daughter mia that her father wasn't here today. >> he always said it would be beyond his imagination how beautiful it was and surprised that a little italian guy who lived in the living room until he was 34 could create so much. he was a very humble man and i think he would surprise himself how much he did. >> he and lawrence really clicked and did something, call it spiritual or whatever, he trusted the artist to do something really outstanding. >> i'm very proud of my dad. really proud. i miss him. great job, dad. >> the artist contracted with a stainless steel company in china to fabricate venus. she was welded and bolted into 11 stacks put on top of each other. each stack well over a ton and that was the head lifted up
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within the past few hours and she's now the centerpiece of what the builders are calling piatza angelo. it will be completed sometime next spring, around march. there's four different entrances here and if you're not familiar with this civic center area, there will be landscape and marble out here and a beautiful sculpture for people to stand next to and take pictures of. it will be nice to see her full shape take effect. bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> what an uplifting story. that's fantastic. markets are not moving much. nasdaq barely moving the needle. mark zuckerberg turned 32 over the weekend. he and his wife saw "hamilton." when you consider how rich he is and young he is, he's made money faster than anybody on the
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planet. he's made $4 million a day every day of his life. bill gates is richer but he's older. do the math and gates only makes $3 million a day every day of his life. and google wants to bring very high-speed internet to san jose but it will mean the construction of so-called fiber huts in some parts of the city. they are about the size of a shipping container and will go on property already owned by the city. we should point out, google competes with our parent company comcast on internet access. and we don't normally talk about the box office but we brought this to you friday. we talked about how much a video game company has sunk into this movie. they made this movie about "angry birds," number one at the box office, kris, bringing in 39 million. now, as we mentioned on friday, some people see this movie as
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a -- for immigration. forbes says it's an obvious parable for colonialism. i haven't seen it. i truthfully have no plans to see it but apparently it's an alagore. >> there's always some kind of message supposedly. we'll try to find it. and now to an investigative unit exclusive. the state of california has paid out millions of dollars to citizens who have had run-ins with highway patrol officers during the last decade. tonight, the investigative unit has new information on a story we first broke. a case of a berkeley man who nearly died after an officer retrained him in handcuffs during a traffic stop. that berkeley man who speaks russian and not much english refused to sign an invalid traffic ticket. we found that's not the only time taxpayers had to pay out
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after interaction between the chp and motorists. tonight, senior investigative reporter sits down with the state's highway patrol commander to ask why. >> to the average person, that is a lot of money. it's a lot of taxpayer money. but i go back to where i started in my speech, which is that we contact millions and millions of people. if you multiply that over the ten years that we're talking about -- >> even so, stories like this one have prompted new efforts in san francisco to change state law. coming up tonight, hear from the lawmakers and see what other cases your tax dollars have gone to settle. that's tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call at 888-996-tips or send an e-mail to >> a lot of talk about the total
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domination of the warriors. >> and dramond green kicks adams right between the legs. the nba could decide to suspend or fine green before tonight -- or rather, tomorrow night's game. green says he's not worried. >> i don't think -- i don't know how anyone could possibly say i did that on purpose. regardless of the way it may look going through on the shot i got hit that way and if you get hit this way, this leg goes up. >> so that one play appeared to fuel the thunder who went on. the warriors were down as many as 41 points in the second half and ended up losing by 28. the final score, 133-105.
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>> you know, i didn't have him ready to play, obviously. and i didn't think any of our guys competed at the level not just in terms of how hard we're playing but in terms of using moving the ball and making them work. we didn't do any of that and we got what we deserved. >> the thunder lead the series. our producer anthony says they have not been down by 40 points once this season. >> how can you go from never losing two in a row to down 40? >> if they come back and win it, that's okay but it doesn't look like that is happening. and we're seeing beautiful weather out there. it was nice over the weekend. here we go with it continuing today. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. there's sunshine with fair weather dotting the skies.
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as we look at the east bay, it's 62 degrees there. 65 in the peninsula and south bay at 54 degrees. and the highs will be topping out in the mid-to upper 60s. so once we start to warm up a few more degrees, we'll see it stop there and then the ocean breeze kicks in and starts to cool off very quickly tonight. but we're already going to see those highs up to 70 degrees today and slight chance of north bay showers. we'll talk about that in a second. as we look at palo alto, 3:00, 67 degrees. upper 60s today and clouds starting to roll back in tonight. by 8:00, we're at 60 degrees. a look at all of the microclimates. 70 in san jose. in burlingame, 65 degrees. mission district, 62. 69 degrees in santa rosa. 65 in oakland. in livermore, expect a high of 74 degrees. the seven-day forecast is at the bottom of the screen. it shows that the temperatures hold steady over the next
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several days. no major warmups and cool downs into the rest of the week. we'll continue to see the temperatures staying in the 60s and 70s and our five-day temperature trend for dublin shows we're at 68 degrees for today. the average high is 76 degrees. we won't be that close until the end of the week. 73 degrees on thursday. and then by friday, 72 degrees. so here's what is going on. we have this area of low pressure giving us a very strong onshore flow and it give us a slight chance of showers for the far north bay and farther off towards the east. and then this next area of low pressure drops in and it reinforces cool air and give us a chance for mountain showers. so you have to play around that if you're going to the sierra for the weekend.
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looking at our weekend forecast, slight warmup for the end of the weekend but looking at a high of 72 degrees on sunday in the north bay. i'll have another look at the forecast coming up a little bit later. scott and kris? >> thank you, kari. it's a race against time to find the black boxes. the new effort to locate missing egyptair flight that disappeared from the radar with 66 people on board. first happening now, a warning for hikers after a coyote cornered two people at a burlingame park. the animal threatened the couple and their dogs at mills canyon park. officers arrived and were able to scare off that coyote. join us on facebook and meet the 12-year-old boxer from oakland who ranks number one for his age in weight. david lopez is raising money to make it to the junior olympics. find out how you can help.
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changes in theic welcome back. san francisco's new acting police chief toney chaplin spelled out plans at the third baptist church during a meeting with the naacp. he was talking about priorities like body cameras and reworking use of force policy. >> i'm not going to let anything go wrong and get us to a place where we are all happy and
11:29 am
understand that the police is here to help you. >> chaplin was named interim police after chief greg surh resigned after a deadly shooting last week. egypt is sending a submarine to the debris field where egyptair 804 crashed into the sea on thursday. there is mounting evidence that some kind of sudden, catastrophic event happened on board that plane but still will not say that it's terrorism. the plane plunged into the mediterranean killing all 64 people on board. searchers have recovered parts of the plane wreckage, including passengers' personal belongings. the flight recorders say that they have not been found and the batteries only last a month. do you think that airbnb is doing everything that they can to remove these illegal postings. >> we are doing everything that we can. >> a top executive at airbnb
11:30 am
talks about what the company is doing to crack down on illegal rentals. up next, how these homeshares are affecting the neighborhood and the housing market. bucks a night.
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well, imagine living next to a house with 20 beds for rent, 30 bucks a night, though it's not a hostile and it could be your neighbor. >> senior investigative reporter has a look at what these rentals are doing to the neighborhood and housing market. vicky? >> 9500 rooms are listed right now on airbnb in san francisco. it's the city's biggest player in the short-term housing business. only a fraction of those listings are actually permitted and living next to an illegal rental, some say, is a nightmare. they moved to san francisco to start a family. >> hey, buddy. >> reporter: but they called the
11:33 am
investigative unit after a rowdy new neighbor brought unexpected baggage. >> first week, there was high amount of traffic. we had our car broken into. people randomly showing up, ringing our door bell, got the dog and baby up. >> reporter: they say this home on herst became a hostile. >> it listed up to 20 people. >> reporter: an astonishing number because the house next door is identical to his. roughly 1,000 square feet with just two bedrooms. >> bunch bek beds and a single n the floor. >> so a room this size can fit three people? >> yes, three people. >> reporter: and with up to 20 people staying, it can be hard to get bathroom time but the price, hard to beat. >> 30 bucks a night. >> reporter: and it appears to be illegal. the address was not registered with the city of office of short-term rentals. searches for rooms of under $50
11:34 am
a night turned up additional options. >> sharing closets and lockers for these closets. >> reporter: some are legal but many are not, including the one we booked on ninth avenue for an undercover look. >> a bathroom with a toilet and shower. >> clearly a converted living room here. this is not a real bedroom. >> trying to maximize as much space as they can here. fit 14 people in this place. >> reporter: and like the rental next to the copeland's, this didn't appear to be somebody's home, which is required by the city. at $42 a bed and full occupancy, this host can rank in more than $17,000 a month. it declined to comment for our story. >> our country legislation is very hard to enforce. >> reporter: instead of requiring only the host to register with the city, he wants the hosting platform, like
11:35 am
airbnb, to register that they are registered and if not, face the penalty. >> without the platforms helping, it's like a needle in a haystack. they can block them from their website. >> reporter: records show that the city has investigating 503 cases and have assessed $744,000 in penalties. but the biggest financial burden hits rentals. it takes away from the city's available and affordable housing. >> part of the solution is to make sure that the housing that we have is used under our existing models and not taken off the market. >> the majority of people using airbnb are doing is as their primary house. >> people are saying that you could do a lot more to crack
11:36 am
down on illegal host. do you think that's fair? >> we do. over the last year or two we've taken down over 200 properties. >> reporter: he says the city make it is too complicated for people to register and points to this chart. >> the easiest way to enforce the law is to put in place an easy registration place. >> reporter: it seems simple enough for airbnb to say place your ad and put your registration number on it. why aren't you requiring that? >> i don't think it's a right role for a private sector company to be involved in the encoursement. the city has an enforcement office. >> reporter: they have sent e-mails and encouraged hosts to register. >> these are incredibly powerful players. i don't know if you've noticed but when we introduced that legislation, the next day, airbnb made over $250,000 in political campaign contributions
11:37 am
to individuals who will support their position. >> reporter: will airbnb support the amendment? >> what we will support is improving the registration system. >> reporter: hi. are you mr. mott? >> yes. >> reporter: you guys are renting this for $30 a night. is that true? he later said he didn't know his tenant was renting beds out of the house. several months later, the tenant left. the problem, temporarily solved but the copelands want to see stronger enforcement by the city and company who profit from these rentals. >> when you allow these companies to come in and play by their own rules and leave the
11:38 am
city of san francisco behind that's where the problem is. >> meanwhile, airbnb says it has removed the listing that we investigated. it's not activing looking for them. >> that's one listing, right? >> the investigative unit listens to these very complicated -- this is so simple. just put the registration number on the website. >> it seems that simple but they have a strong point. they are not an enforcement agency. they are a private company and they have a lot of beef with the city's policy. why not allow people to go to this online portal. it takes 30 days. you have to go in person. more than 82% of the people on there aren't registered. >> i think both of our jaws dropped when we heard how much that renter -- >> there's a big financial incentive. >> thank you, vicky. if you have a tip, call us at 888-996-tips or send an e-mail
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to coming up, it's been ten years since the inconvenient truth came out. what has al gore been up to since? who he is backing for president. nice weather continues over the next few days. slightly cooler than average. we'll look ahead to the holiday weekend coming up in the next few minutes. gore marks a milestone for his
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oscar-winning now to an nbc exclusive, al gore marks a milestone for his oscar-winning documentary. in the ten years, there's been a lot of progress in climate change. >> the world agreed to reduce carbon emissions, solar panels going up in record numbers and there is tough new rhetoric and it comes from the presumptive gop nominee. nbc's anne thompson reports. >> what do you think of the tone of the presidential campaign so far? well, i'm one of millions. i do a double-take. whoa, what was that? >> who believes in global warming? raise your hand. >> it's been unusual. >> reporter: do you see a trump
11:43 am
presidency undoing all of the progress that the u.s. has made in the last ten years in the fight against climate change? >> he has said some things on the climate crisis that i think should concern everyone. i do think that there is some basis for hope. >> this is a man who called climate change a hoax and other words that we cannot use on network tv. >> and a chinese plot. >> reporter: right. >> yeah. >> reporter: so where's the hope? >> president carter hopes that he'll be maleable. i don't know. >> reporter: it cuts across party lines. >> i'm happy to have tea party allies. >> and he's not picking sides. >> i've gotten signals that you could easily interpret that way.
11:44 am
>> reporter: and that's because an inconvenient truth made al gore an unexpected movie star. >> some people said, what doesn't grab you about that? >> one reviewer called it nerd porn and changing climate for 2006. >> it's connected to our national security and refugee crisis. >> the movie didn't get everything right. ten years later, there is still snow on mt. kilimanjaro. why do you think you're a lightning rod? >> it's not unusual to see attacks on a messenger by people who don't like the message. i don't own a private plane.
11:45 am
my house runs on 100% renewable energy. i do walk the walk. >> his efforts won gore the nobel peace prize and a statue for the movie. >> where's the oscar? >> actually, it belongs to the director of the movie but i like to say that i have rights to it. >> tomorrow on the tenth anniversary, paramount will make the downloads available on itunes and other retailers. gore says he'll back whoever is the democratic nominee. >> do i have to watch the slideshow? >> you don't have to watch the slideshow. but you want to watch kari's
11:46 am
forecast. >> this is the last week for the unofficial start of memorial weekend. as we look live now. and there's not a lot of rain in this forecast. and you can see how bright and beautiful and green it is and with some of the temperatures, it's 64 in the south bay. 66 in the north bay and san francisco at 62 degrees. let's drop in on the east bay now. temperatures are in the 60s and even to low 70s in brentwood. alamo is at 70 and pleasanton at 68. feeling a little more comfortable with light wind. as we break it down, we see a lot more sun with a few more fair weather clouds mixing in and there is a breezy wind and
11:47 am
more clouds moving in tonight. we'll see the cloud cover increasing. a look at the microclimate, 63 in the mission district and burlingame, 65 degrees. saratoga, 68. we're actually slighter cooler than average starting out this week and the winds are rushing in from the west at 10 to 15. they will be picking up as they go through the day and highs into the low 70s for parts of the north bay. so wind moving in with an onshore flow at 12 to 15 miles an hour throughout the evening and then calming down tonight. we do it all over again tomorrow. there is no major change in the weather pattern. temperatures are cool if you're going out to the at&t park for the giants game, 7:15th evening, it will be cool at 59 degrees. and 58 by the end of the game. winds out of the west at 15 to 20 miles per hour. average high in san francisco,
11:48 am
65 degrees. we look at very cool temperatures as we have an area of low pressure that may be enough to get showers off to the north and east of here. but the bay area just avoids that rain and we'll see this kind of being reinforced for the weekend. that could bring in showers and high elevation snow for the sierra heading into the end of the weekend and into the weekend. look at all of the microclimates and weekend forecast 60s along the coast and 70s for the inland areas and tri-valley on sunday, a high of 73 degrees as you get ready to heat up that grill for memorial day. back to you, kris and scott. coming up, america repairing its relationship with vietnam. a big step today taken by president obama. president obama is vowing to leave behind the troubled
11:49 am
11:50 am
11:51 am
history between former war enemies, the u-s and vietnam. ==scott//2 shot== the president, who's on a president obama is vowing to end the controversy between the u.s. and vietnam. >> he is lifting a half-century arms ban for the country. >> reporter: president obama arrived to a diplomatic welcome, taking part in local tradition. a far cry from the visit by president clinton in 2000, the first by a u.s. president after the war. now america and vietnam are all about business, signing deals with companies like boeing to buy 100 new airplanes, lifting the ban on military sales, another sign of how far the two
11:52 am
countries have come. >> should give us hope, should be a reminder of the ability for us to transform relationships. >> reporter: from here, mr. obama will travel to japan. he will be the first sitting u.s. president to visit one of the only places on earth devastated by a nuclear weapon. there not to offer an apology. >> my purpose is not simply to revisit the past but to affirm to do everything that we can to try to promote peace and dialogue around the world. >> reporter: while he will attend a summit of world leaders, on the agenda, the sluggish economy and the fight against terrorism. the president saying that drone strikes were meant to send a
11:53 am
message that america will protect its own people. now back to you. >> thank you, ron. >> and we'll be right back. it's a dream come true for a
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11:55 am
michigan girl who wanted to become a real life fairy-tale prce it is a dream come true for a michigan girl who wanted to become a real life fairytale princess, thanks to the make-a-wish foundation. she suffers from acute leukemia and became princess monica.
11:56 am
she received a full makeover which, of course, included a new dress, a crown, magic slippers and then a horse-drawn carriage carried princess monica and her family to a royal ball. it was the kind of special day that will give princess monica enough strength to slay her dragon. >> such a great program. as we head through the week, we're looking at temperatures that stay below average. here's the temperature trend for san jose. we should be in the mid-70s. we'll struggle to make it out of the 60s for the next few days. on thursday, it's milder and on friday, rain staying away and this weather continues into memorial day weekend. >> my girls walked out on saturday and they are like, is this thanksgiving? maybe we should roast the turkey. it's that kind of weather, right? not beach weather. >> no.
11:57 am
no. so we'll have to find something else to do. >> probably so. hey, thanks for joining us. our next newscast is at 5:00. >> get the latest anytime at, particularly the breaking news. get the app and you'll get it first. kris/anim happening now: halfslab
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♪ ♪ let's go, brit. you go. >> britney spears, lip-synced a medley of her hits last night at the billboard awards. does she get a pass, though, is the question? welcome to "access hollywood live." >> what do you mean, does she get a pass? >> she opened the show. it was britney like we want to show her. sheut


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