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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 10, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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where a moderate- 5- point-2 earthquake >>. >> we begin with breaking news out of southern california with a moderate 5.2 earthquake struck overnight. it happened shortly after 1:00 this morning. the shaking was felt for miles. there are no reports of damage or injury at this point, but at least four aftershocks struck the same area since that earthquake overnight. we'll continue to track that latest information from southern california. we will bring you updates as they come into the newsroom. we are not shaking things up too much when it comes to our forecast today, but the weekend is another story. let's get a check of the forecast with kari. >> we'll have the coolest day of the week before temperatures
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ramp up this weekend so enjoy. it's 56 in san francisco and 58 in the south bay. we'll have a lot of sunshine again today. up to 72 in the north bay. san francisco 64 and 74 in the peninsula. we'll take a look ahead to those warmer weekend temperatures. that's coming up in a few minutes. let's see what's happening on the roadways. >> san mateo bridge clear shot, clear drive. most of the bay showing the same thing on our speed sensors. we'll focus on san francisco for this first report. a crash northbound 101 as you're making your way on to interstate 80 to the bay bridge. that is a critical point in the city. cesar chavez, disabled vehicle in the freeway there. we are always worried about anybody having trouble getting their vehicle away from that section. to developing news.
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oakland top cop gone. he resigned late last night. the man on the left will step into his role for now. >> bob redell joining us from oakland police headquarters. mayor shaft made this all official late last night. >> good morning. mayor libbey shaft of oakland told us last night she is grateful for the dedication and service of chief sean went. his decision to leave is a personal choice. they will address the media at 9:00. we have not heard why he made his decision to step down. he is resigning amid recent allegations against his department of sexual misconduct involving an underaged woman. a judge appointed an independent monitor to overlook this case.
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chief went is a 19-year veteran and formal head of internal affairs. took over as chief two years ago after howard jordan retired. the interim chief will be on loan from b.a.r.t. while they conduct a national search for a new police chief. this has been a simultaneous time for our three bay area police departments. last month greg suhr was forced to resign after controversies including several deadly police shootings and earlier escrovil left. breaking news this morning. for the first time we are getting a look at the case file surrounding the recent conviction of brock turner. this is a case that started discussions and criticisms of the sexual offender. and the judge who handed down a
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much shorter sentence than expected. jurors convicted turner of sexual assault and assault on an unconscious woman. the judge sentenced turner to six months in jail instead of ten years in prison outraging victims' rights groups, law makers and folks across the world. that court file shows photos submitted as evidence that show turner used drugs in high school contradicting some of his own testimony. there are texts that contradict his statements to the judge. jamie is pouring over those documents right now and will joins at the top of the hour. >> women's advocacy group is going to submit what it claims is almost a million online signatures supporting the effort town seat the judge aaron persky who sentenced turner. they are going to submit those
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electronic signatures to california's commission on judicial performance in san francisco. the judge can only be removed by a recall vote in santa clara county. the earliest that could happen would be 2017. he just earned his new term in the election on tuesday. two more girls were rescued in oakland from what could have been a life of sex slavery. officers found a teenage girl victim in a home on 65th street in oakland just off san pablo avenue. she had been kidnapped. we know police connected that home to a sex trafficking ring and that investigation there also led police to rescue two more girls. police have two suspects in custody, a man and a woman, both in their 20s. two men barely adults are behind bars suspected of shooting and killing a 57-year-old man in san jose. police have arrested 18-year-old
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and the 19-year-old. investigators say the suspects shot eddie garcia jr last sunday near north 26th and julian street. police did not reveal the motive for that shooting. a former 49ers and raiders star back in court later today. dana doublefield is expected to enter a plea a month after he was officially charged. he is accused of raping a woman described as mentally delayed in his morgan hill home after she interviewed for a babysitting job. that happened last april. he maintains the sex was consensual and his lawyers deny that woman has a disability that prevented her from providing consent. governor jerry brown and state democrats now agree on what is the revised state budget. it is largely the same budget brown released last month which calls for $122 billion in spending. $400 million will go toward
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affordable housing and building it. it eliminates a welfare policy which restricts cashier system for 22,000 children and the rainy day fund. it goes up for vote in the full assembly and senate next week. sharks are still alive after last night's thrilling performance in the stanley cup final. >> should we sing staying alive? the game was in pittsburgh with a party in san jose. they're feeling good those fans right now, celebrating at a watch party in downtown san jose. it was intense as sharks beat the penguins 4-2. the series is coming back to san jose for game six sunday night. you can watch right here on nbc bay area. if you want to see game six, some of the cheaper seats are about $700 apiece.
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>> many happy friday, kari. >> you may be happy about this weather but it will be heating up this weekend. i'll show you that and also the coolest temperatures today coming up. we just lost sight of the flashing lights. they cleared the roadway for 808 by the truck scales. we'll talk about farther east coming up. >> we'll head to louisville, kentucky, as the world says good-bye to the greatest, boxing legend muhammed ali.
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he will be laid to rest later today after a ceremony at a basketball arena that will take place in louisville, kentucky. his home town and where he loved living his whole life. this morning final preparations are under way there for the funeral. >> we'll take a live shot right now. this is actually the funeral home where the procession will start prior to the ceremony today. thousands of fans and politicians and celebrities will all be attending today's funeral. >> sara, it will be an emotional day there. set the tone for us. >> it's going to be a huge turnout, some 18,000 people expected to file inside that
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arena behind me when the doors open, including 300 celebrities, notable figures. ali himself had a hand planning this funeral. he worked on it for about a decade, expressing his desire for it to be open to the public and to people of all faiths. it will begin with a solemn procession through the streets of louisville past places that were meaningful in his life, including his childhood home and the ali center. he will be eulogized by former president bill clinton, comedian and friend billy crystal and bryant gumbel. mike tyson has been added as a last-minute pallbearer joining lennox lewis, will smith as well as friends and family of ali. the turnout has been overwhelming. tickets were handed out to long lines of people earlier this week and were gone in less than an hour. those who weren't able to make the trip to kentucky, the
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service will be live streamed online allowing anyone who wants to participate in this final good-bye. >> thank you very much. we know we'll be speaking to you later on today. coming up, it is friday. let's take a live look from oracle which will show the warriors/cavaliers game live from cleveland tonight. that will start your weekend. kari hall will have your complete forecast.ç bounce back from an embarrassing
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blow out in game three the nba finals. m it was ugly in game three. warriors are looking to bounce back from an embarrassing blowout. game four is tonight in cleveland. tipoff set for 6:00 p.m. there will be a watch party here in oakland which is sold out. fans can gather across the bay at san francisco's civic center plaza to catch all the action on a jumbotron. >> it's fun to watch in community. a good day to watch it outside. >> beautiful sunshine today. it's going to be the coolest day of the week before it will be feeling temperatures ramping up this weekend. here is a live look over san jose. mostly clear skies. nice start out to the weekend. it's friday, finally. it's 58 now in the east bay, south bay as well as the peninsula and san francisco now at 56. let's drop in on the north bay to see what's happening there. 51 in santa rosa as you step out
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the door. yountville cool, 46 and 60 in vallejo. berkeley will be in the upper 50s by 8:00. a lot of sunshine all throughout the day. our temperatures stay comfortable with a breezy wind reaching into the low 70s there. in the south bay up to 83 in gilroy. some spots will still be pretty warm. los gatos and san jose at 72. 61 in half moon bay. castro up to 63. 75 in napa, oakland 63 danville 79. the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen shows temperatures get warm this weekend. enjoy this evening. nice and cool out at at&t park for the giants game. first pitch at 61. upper 50s by the end of the game with more clouds moving in and those winds will be kicking. here is a look at our wind forecast coming in from the north and west. by 3:00 this afternoon, starts to get windy along the coast.
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half moon bay sustained winds at 22 miles per hour. inland about 10 to 15. we'll see winds picking up to about 20 miles per hour with higher gusts. a look at the fog forecast. not a lot of fog this morning. it all clears out even along the coast except for around pacifica and half moon bay. we'll have bright sunshine throughout the afternoon. we are going to have a change in our pattern that will help heat up temperatures this weekend. looking ahead to that weekend forecast, we'll go from the 60s and 70s today to the 80s tomorrow in the north bay. as well as the east bay. tri-valley up to 84. 86 in the south bay. the hottest day will be on sunday, reaching 87 in the north bay as well as the south bay. east bay up to 83. 70 in the peninsula and san francisco. i'll have a look at that forecast. that's coming up in a few minutes. mike has a clear view of the bay
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bridge from emeryville. >> we see a smooth drive across the bay. the toll plaza. let me show you the camera there. we typically expect a light, easy drive. our camera is right about there. looking over to the maps, you see no problem as far as speed sensors go. we have an issue getting to the bay bridge from the san francisco side. north 101 at 80. crash still reported by chp. doesn't sound like any lanes are blocked. sounds like that should be out of lanes in a sum of seconds. we'll zoom out here and show you a live shot from san jose. easy drive northbound 101. a ringing endorsement, the country's top democrat president obama is throwing his support behind hillary clinton.
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the president made that announcement about an hour after meeting with senator bernie sanders at the white house yesterday. in a video clip, the president said it's a hard job, that's why i know clinton will be so good at it. i don't think there's ever been anyone so qualified to hold this office. sanders says he will compete in the d.c. primary next tuesday. police landed more arrests in connection to last week's donald trump rally in san jose. four more people arrested for playing a role in the anti-trump violence outside the convention center. police are still looking for two more suspects. one of them appears to be the woman caught on camera carrying a burning american flag. eight people have been arrested so far following those clashes in san jose. several are minors including a 16-year-old. ballots still need to be counted from california's primary. that would put turnout to 48%.
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the highest turnout for a california primary came in 2008 when 58% of californians voted. at&t could be a very interested party in buying part of yahoo. >> plus tesla is under federal review. for the rest of the news we turn to landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. futures are lower this morning. stocks having a three-day win streak thursday. some concern by investors over global growth. look for data on consumer sentiment and report on the federal deficit. the nasdaq falling 16 points to 4958. tesla says there is no safety defect in its model s or x cars. the company says u.s. safety regulators have not opened any investigation on the matter. thursday the government said it
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was reviewing reports of suspension problems with the model s and that follows the report that the control arm could break causing drivers to lose control of the car. >> at&t may be speaking to verizon's bid for yahoo's internet business. verizon's offer of $3.5 billion was topped by multiple bids at or above $5 billion. at&t has been trying to catch up with verizon in ad technology. it looks to expand into mobil video. yahoo is expected to come up with a short list of bidders. could be a bidding war after all. landon dowdy, thank you. there is still time to get in on that ebay auction for lunch with perhaps the world's best known investor. be prepared to pony up. it's not cheap. tonight marks the end of the week-long auction for lunch with billionaire investor warren buffett. it benefits san francisco's gly
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foundation. bidding is at more than $2.6 million. the berkshire hathaway founder has been doing this every year since 2000 and raised more than $20 million for that charity. >> better be omaha steaks. coming up, we will show you a bit of president obama's visit to the "tonight" show. >> work, work, work, work, work. we have much more from his appearance on the tonigh >> the president singing and doing a little dance, got distracted there myself. we have much more from his appearance coming up. happening right now, we are looking through reports in the case against brock turner that we received overnight. we are seeing new photos of the
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stanford swimmer smoking and partying na direct contradiction to what he told the judge. trending on facebook two, armed men steal a 3-month-old puppy from a 14-year-old boy in san leandro. we have a picture on our facebook page.
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that's why i'm negotiating a new trade deal called trans pacific partnership or tpp. >> now hold on there. ♪ are you saying you're down with tpp? >> yeah. you know me. >> tpp never sounded so sexy. president obama doing the slow
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jam with jimmy fallon and the gang on the "tonight" show last night. the president definitely entertained. last night marks the first time a sitting president ever appeared on the "tonight" show. president obama definitely delivered. >> he is mastering the art of a signature sign-off. >> the president of the united states barack obama -- we'll be right back! >> a mike drop with some authority as potus exits stage right. this isn't the president's first mike drop. he pulled it off at the correspondent's dinner in may. >> pretty smooth there. >> i have nothing as cool as that, but we will have cool weather into the start of the weekend. i'll show you warmer air for the weekend coming up. >> we are looking over here. clear view of the golden gate bridge. they just got things aligned for that morning commute.
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>> overnight we received the case report from the brock turner special assault trial. this picture was submitted as evidence. jamie will join us with a live report. for the first time we're getting
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a different perspective on the case that's ignited controversy across the globe.. the documents just released overnight in the brock turner >>. >> we are getting a different perspective on the case that ignited controversy over the
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globe. major developments out of the east bay this morning. another big shake-up at a bay area police department. overnight we learn oakland police chief sean wentz is out. 5.2 earthquake in southern california. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. savor today. it's nice and cool then the end of that trend. >> we'll have hot weather this weekend. today will feel nice. take it in, make sure you have sunglasses before you head out the door. we'll get some more sunshine as we go through the day. we start out with mostly clear skies which is a different story from what we had earlier this week. it's 49 in t north bay. feeling cool and 58 in the east bay with highs this afternoon reaching into the 60s and


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