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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 16, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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coming up on "early today," has america reached a tipping point where knew gun control legislation may get passed, and ro actually reach the president's desk. outrage that the two-year-old is the victim of an alligator attack at an iconic family resort. a link between coffee and cancer? we've got new news on it. soccer fans clash with police in the streets of france. prince william following the footsteps of her famous mother. "early today" starts right now. good morning, everyone, i'm alex witt. overnight, senators wrapped up a
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nearly 15 hour filibuster to change the gun laws in this country, after the senate majority to allow votes on two gun control measures. here is connecticut senator murphy who led the filibustefil >> ask yourself what can you do to make sure that orlando or sandy hook never ever happens again. with deep gratitude to all those who have endured this very, very late night, i yield the floor. >> earlier this morning, murphy tweeted the celebrate tory message, 14 plus hours on the floor, we will vote on closing the terror gap and universal background checks. it all came after yesterday morning, a day long filibuster to protest inaction on gun control. 40 senators, including two republicans called for tougher gun control laws and specific
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action on keeping people on terrorist watch lists from buying guns. >> i shutter to think what's it is going to be like for senator nelson four years from now to talk to the parents of those that were killed this weekend in orlando, and tell them that four years after orlando, eight years after newtown, congress has been utterly silent. >> donald trump also weighted into the debate, that would ban people on terror watch lists or no-fly list from purchasing firearms. the powerful gun group tweeted, the nra's position has not changed. nra believes terrorists should not be able to purchase firearms, period. anyone on a watch list on who tries to buy a gun should be thoroughly investigated by the if. bi and the sale delayed. however, the nra calls for due oh process.
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when asked wednesday to clarify trump's stance on guns, saying mr. trump has already stated his position on this. he looks forward to what he thinks will be a productive meeting. the day and night filibuster as senator pat toomey was in negotiations on his own gun control group, mayors against illegal guns, and as california senator, diane feinstein was crafting a gun control measure with senator don cornin. the most recent bill, barring those on terrorists watch lists from obtaining guns, failed 54-45 in december. meanwhile, the senate homeland security committee was asking the fbi to turn over the files on omar mateen. in a letter released yesterday, the committee asked the fbi to provide records related to two previously closed
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investigations, that as a letter to mark zuckerberg for online activity before and during the pulse nightclub attack. today, president obama and vice-president biden plan to make their way to orlando to meet with survivors and families of the victims. joining us now is blake mccoy. what can you tell us on this investigation? >> reporter: good morning, it has been four days since the attack. the fbi still working to process the crime scene at pulse nightclub behind me. we can tell you an initial review of the cell phone has turned up no evidence that he was researching any other target beyond nuls nightclub. we're learning new details about the two and a half hour siege. a local tv station near orlando claims they received a call from the shooter during that time. he pledged his allegiance to isis to local news producer here before hanging up that call. and we're also learning that the shooter claimed to have explosives, and was threatening to attach them to hostages and
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put them in each corner of the building. so gives you an idea of what police were dealing with when deciding whether or not to breach the building and rescue the remaining hostages. president obama expected to visit in orlando today. he'll be meeting with the survivors, the victims' family. sadly, this has become routine for this president. orlando, becoming the deadliest mass shooting of them all. >> more than he wants to bear, i'm certain. thank you very much. body of a two-year-old boy near disney's grand floridian resort has been found. >> we recovered the remains of the two-year-old from the water, and that body mass now been turned over to the orange county medical examiner's office for an
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autopsy. >> sarah joins us live from lake buena vista. what is the latest? >> reporter: good morning, alex, just a hearbreaking end to this situation, when authorities yesterday at 2:30, discovered the body of lane graves. he was just two years old. his body was found intact. the sheriff's office saying they believe the gator pulled him out in the water and drowned him shortly near the area where he was last seen. officials do say an autopsy will be performed. disney says they will review the event in its entirety, including their signage, which does caution against swimming in that lake. but doesn't say anything about the possible presence of gators there. now, disney beaches this morning, all marinas and ferry boats remain closed. the family was vacationing here at disney from nebraska, a family of four, and a friend released a statement, saying
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they're devastated and thanking people for their thoughts and hope filled prayers. alex. >> i can't even imagine. thank you, sarah. if you're up at this hour, chances coffee is involved. you may well come this news. the world health organization says there is no conclusive evidence that coffee causes cancer, despite concerns years ago. in fact, it might help prevent it. but there is a concern about drinks that are too hot. nbc explains. >> reporter: for the millions of american coffee drinkers, this is comforting news. the report from the world health organization says there is a lack of evidence that coffee causes cancer, and may in fact protect you from uterine cancer and lowers the risk of liver cancer by 15%. a stunning reversal, 25 years ago, the w.h.o. warned that it was possibly carcigonic.
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>> 149 degrees increases the risk of cancer of the esophagus because it can burn the lining of the throat. but most americans drink their coffee at a much lower temperature. scientists say it can part of a healthy diabetes, lower heart disease and type 2 diabetes. you can two to three 8-ounce cups a day. okay, this is one shocking moment, caught on camera. it shows a road rage taking on a new level. phoenix woman accused of slamming her car into her boyfriend after finding out he has hiv. he survived, but not without injuries. he had to receive staples for a head injury, and the woman is pleading guilty to several charges, including attempted
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aggravated murder. then again -- >> how is he still alive? >> i don't know. he had hiv. she didn't know. no justifying what she did, you can understand her anger, that's for darn sure. >> other ways to release that anger. middle of the country, heading into the west, you know, the heat dome is just really encompassing the southern half of the country. located over texas and upcoming weekend over the southwest. we have heat warning issued for a few areas of kansas, areas of the southwest and a ton of heat advisories out there. in all, 64 million people, either a watch or advisory. today, the worst, it feels like temperatures, little rock, kansas city, tulsa, st. louis, numerous areas near 110, some could be 115. feel like temperature won't be much better tomorrow. that's where we'll we don't have the humidity but the temperature, 112 in phoenix,
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vegas, 103. as far as the records, all time records, it will be tough. 119 on sunday, 122 is the all time record. severe weather in the east too. a little bit of everything out there. if we get any bad weather conditions, it will be in virginia and. northern california, actually cool, if not a little chicagollr this time of year. 119, hot by anyone's standards. >> no thank you. >> dry heat. >> working overtime. >> thank you, bill. in the wake of orlando surge of lgbt arming themselves, plus a frightening moment for a driver buying gas. details ahead. you're watching "early today."
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from the tragedy in orlando, tributes moments of reflection. li utah lieutenant-governor, saying there were some kids in my class that were different. sometimes i wasn't kind to them. i didn't know it at the time, but i know now that they were gay. i will forever regret approximate not treating them with the dignity, love and respect that they deserved. for that, i sincerely apologize. the pink pistols says it has seen a surge in members. membership swelled to 3,500 by monday. check out this frightening video at a new york gas station. police say a man put a gas can at the trunk of his car, when it burst into flames.
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it sets him on fire there. fortunately, no life threatening injuries. newly released security footage. back in 2014, a man walked in with a shotgun, firing at students. as the shooter tried to reload, a student safety officer charged, pepper spraying the gunman. they stripped away his gun, as he fumbled for a knife. the hero was honored for his action. prince williams making news and history by appearing on the cover of a gay magazine in the u.k. taking a stand against bullying with a royal show of support. kelly has more details. >> reporter: prince williams, making history. appearing on the cover of gay magazine "attitude," a first for the royal family. the interview in the works for weeks. prince williams met with the
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editor and young lgbt in may. listening to their stories about bullying and abuse. saying no one should have to put up with the kind of hate these young people have endured in their lives. his words, all the more poignant after what happened in orlando. princess diana tried to raise awareness on aids, trying to remove the stigma of the disease. for decades, no one else in the royal circle fought so passion fatally for lgbt causes. just ahead, a new hits leader in baseball surpasses pete rose. and escalating violence as soccer fans clash with police. those details ahead. your moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. be the you who shows up in that dress. who hugs a friend. who is done with treatments that don't give you clearer skin. be the you who controls your psoriasis with stelara®
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this morning on "today," the fda is warning grocery giant whole foods about not so whole food safety practices. full details, later this morning. in sports, ichiro suzuki passed pete ross for most hit the all time. the 42-year-old recorded his 4257 hits. pete rose not happy, saying
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ichiro's japanese hits shouldn't count towards the record. next thing you know, they'll be counting his high school hits. check out this insane base hit in atlanta. did you check that, gravimpress but even more impressive, freeddy freeman, hit for the cycle. tripling in the fourth, single in the 11th. 13 innings, beating the reds. it took eight, base s loaded, logan morrison, the winning run, right there. 36 people were arrested in northern france, following violent clashes between soccer fans and police. it started when english and french fans squared off in the center's town and grew from there. it is the start of the 2016 euro soccer tournament.
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now for some entertainment news. congratulations to milla and ashton kutcher, expecting their second baby. they have a 21 month old daughter. meryl streep taking fights across the globe. michelle obama and streep will go to morocco and spain, let the girls learn initiative. they'll be joined by first daughters, as well as mrs. ohm's mother. helen meren will be staring in the latest installment of the fast furious franchise. fast 8 is set to hit the theaters next year. jay leno joined jimmy fallon, and jumped straight to donald trump. trump still refusing to take
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become what he said about the judge, the mexican surname. he is threatening to have him e deported back to indiana. >> they banned donald trump from his show. >> we instituted this ban, despite the fact he has never been here, or asked to be here, or whatever would be caught dead here. i think that takes an amazing amount of courage on our part. >> yeah, i don't know if he'll be showing up there. it would be funny if he did now. before, he never would. >> trump claims that seth meyers has been begging him for months to come on to his show. he said/he said. i'm alex witt, this is "early today." this weekend at kohl's... there's still time to save on great gifts for dad! kohl's has hundreds of great gift ideas at prices you'll love! like a new dress shirt or tie only $19.99
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leading the news on nbc hacked documents allege dnc attack plan on donald trump. the hacker, who apparently works for the russian government, included a 200 page opposition research book in the leak. the dnc confirmed on tuesday that the network had been breached, but added the book, which is dated december 2015, is incomplete and out of date. in the baltimore sun, freddie gray case rests against good son after rough ride expert testifies. they used the expert to claim that they failed to secure gray with a seat belt and intentionally drove him in a reckless matter. the judge will rule on the motion later this morning. after nearly a month of
4:27 am
searching egyptians officials say they may have found the wreckage. a ship in the mediterranean, time is of the essence. the batteries won't last much longer. they hold crucial information, killing all 66 people on board. wildfires spreading across the west. in santa barbara, evacuations, it is threatening an exxon oil facility. yikes. new mexico's governor declared a state of emergency because of a wildfire. arizona, also, after 2,500 ache kiers. a chicago area middle schooler gave a graduation speech featuring the 2016 candidates. this is great. >> let me just tell you that this has been such a great
4:28 am
school. we have all -- >> in the top of one-half of one-half of one-half of schools in the entire country. >> amazing. 14-year-old jack aillo, also had president obama and ted cruz. guess what he wants to be when he gross up. either a politician or a comedian. >> i'm thinking soon, saturday night live has to have this kid. >> some young kid like that would be great. let's take a look ahead now. cia director john brennan will tell the senate intelligence committee that isis is training and trying to send operatives to the west for more attacks. brennan says they'll rely on tactics to compensate for their losses. i'm alex witt. thank you for watching "early today." see you back here tomorrow.
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investigation underway right now away from the bart station. the >>. >> breaking news, an active investigation in the mission a block away from the b.a.r.t. station. details coming to light about a confirmed double shooting. another police chief, the department's third in less than a week. mayor schaaf trying to right the department rocked by accusations of impropriety. remembering six people who lost their lives after a balcony collapse in brooke lynne. today in the bay starts right now. a very good thursday morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we are checking out average temperatures. the pyramid is sliding into the


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