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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  June 20, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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oversea the embattled police department. the mayor has named an acting assistant choef. it's confusing and it's embarrassing for oak land. david downing is responsible for the day to day operations of the police department. downing was opd's deputy chief. jodi joins us from police headquarters. you're hearing now of another officer that's been put on leave? >> that's right, raj. we just learned that captain tony jones has been placed on administrative leave for allegedly sending racist text messages to other officers. it is a story that we first broke on friday. the mayor is confirming and clarifying who is in charge. >> i will not be appointing another acting chief. instead, the command staff of the oakland police department will be reporting to the city
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administrator. >> and the mayor says nothing has changed since that stunning announcement on friday. but it left a lot of city leaders scratching their head. >> even standing here today, we haven't been told who's actually chief of police right now. the mayor is clarifying a new face is in charge of tactical matters at the oakland police department. according to this city's website. acting assistant chief is now running the day to day operations at the opd. city administrators are overseeing the department. >> the city administrator is the one that at the end of the day has complete control of all the departments. >> turmoil comes after scandal after scandal. a teenaged girl allegedly had
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sex with more than a dozen oakland police officers. >> we're heading to where bill cosby is today. he started with one lady accusing him and wound up with 40 at the end of the day. i think the way i see it today, that's where we're headed. >> the police department said another officer has been placed on administrative leave for other alleged misconduct. >> again, we have just confirmed that that officer is a commander. captain tony jones who has been placed on administrative leave in connection with a racist text messages. the mayor is insisting that the city has not broken any state law. because it is a charter city, it runs and is -- has a different set of rules that it follows reporting live from oakland, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> and there's more, there's the
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issue of transparency or lack of transparency. a sergeant for the oakland police department was arrested last year for domestic violence. he's won honors and promotions during his career. the department said nothing when he was arrested last fall for making threats and committing assault with a firearm. ittal parentally happened during or after a domestic violence incident. the arrest was revealed in a public records request. >> a terrifying letter allegedly written by a 15-year-old boy has raised new controversy for police and school officials in scotts valley. the letter threatens specific students and teachers with murder and sexual assault and was delivered to one of the students. several parents have gotten an attorney to get to the bottom of the issue. one of the 21 students named in
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the letter brought it to the attention of school administrators and called police. the parents do not think the school took the letter seriously enough. >> we want to make sure our kids are safe, that this boy gets the help he clearly needs. and we want a change in the culture of the school administration. >> scotts valley police wrapped up a two-week investigation over the weekend. tomorrow the district will consider whether charges should be filed against the boy. >> only on nbc bay area, a warning on this first day of summer. car thefts are on the rise at several east bay parks. and the number of burglaries are only expected to rise. lisa kirschner is live at the reservoir. this is one of the hotspots for car break-ins. >> we crunched the numbers and found that the reservoir is one of the five top hotspots within the regional parks jurisdiction. you may be surprised to find out
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where other car break-ins are happen i happening. >> it's the largest urban regional park district in the country. >> it's a peaceful area. >> it boasts 120,000 acres of peaceful escape. >> i feel like there's a lot of car break-ins everywhere. it's now dealing with very urban problems. >> car break-ins are on the rise. >> they're looking for backpacks, purses. anything they can break a window, quickly grab and leave. >> according to crime data we obtained, since 2013, there have been nearly 1,000 car break-ins in the park district. point isabel in richmond and the lafayette wrezive war. >> that will falls in line with the number of automobile
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burglaries we have in our most visited parks. >> thieves know they have time as park goers enjoy the outdoors. >> it's scary i'm hearing about these break-ins, i park here a lot. >> authorities also say parking lots like this are close to the freeway. they provide easy access for thieves to get in and out. authorities say, if you can, leave those valuables at home. if you bring them here, keep them out of sight. >> elise, thanks very much. temperatures rising across the bay area as we take you out live right now. a live look at san francisco. beautiful shot san jose looking nice, very very hot as well. >> we saw temperatures soaring close to 90 degrees today. a nice snapshot of our unique bay area micro climate. 60s in san francisco. south bay and north bay, still
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some 90s on the board. check out walnut creek, 91 degrees right now, you see over toward brentwood. 86 and 82 in livermore. san jose in the mid 80s. check out the humidity levels bone dry in the east bay hills. anything below 20% is an elevated risk of a fire danger. very interesting, there's a battle going on between the marine air which cooled down san francisco and oakland today, compared to the increasing heat we're seeing inland. part of the warmup that will continue tomorrow a day that will be hotter inland and a spare the air day. we'll talk about how long the heat will stick around in a few minutes from now. >> you can track the heat with our bay area app.
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>> war yars fans, it may be difficult to watch. lebron james and the cleveland team returning to the city. this is their first championship in 52 years in any sport. here at home, a much different mood. the warriors showed up to work as the players head into the offseason. >> i feel confident we'll be back on this stage going-forward. and have another crack at winning the championship. >> it's nothing to sit around and cry about, it's something you learn from, what don't kill you makes you stronger. >> trying to be positive during a disappointing time. the warriors as you know now, became the first nba team to ever lose a championship series after leading three games to one. >> we'll have more reaction from the players coming up in 35
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minutes from now. >> security at 49ers game caught the attention of a grand jury. >> the grant jury spent four months investigating levi stadium finances and paperwork from the city of santa clara. it's final recommendation to get an independent audit. city law requires that the money come from the stadium fund. santa clara is reviewing the grand jury's recommendations and preparing a response. final preparations are underway tonight as san jose prepares to honor one of its own killed in the line of duty. more than a thousand fellow officers are expected to attend a memorial that honors an officer killed in a crash last week. tomorrow's procession will travel along winchester boulevard to stevens creek boulevard on its way to the sap
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center. that's where we find robert honda tonight. the officer served the city for over 10 years. >> that's right, and it's going to be a big event here. and the public is invited. as you said it will also attract officers from surrounding areas to pay their respects and to work. . the san jose police air support unit was practicing their flyover today it will do over sap center tomorrow for the memorial for michael catherman. he will be honored by the department as well as law enforcement officers from around california and other states. the sheriff's office, california highway patrol are staffing san jose, so fellow cops can attend the service. the makeshift memorial at san jose police headquarters is getting bigger every day. >> sorry he lost his life for
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that, but i guess that's -- the san jose police, that's what they got to go through in life. >> the mayor agrees. >> our officers who are out there on the front lines taking extraordinary risks for us every day, to keep our kmoont safe and to serve us, we need to honor them when they spend their final moments in that service. >> the san jose poa has set up an all day fund-raiser at famous dave's. >> he deserves it. he's here to protect the citizens, to do his job well i know he did it well. >> the public memorial will be held here at sap center starting at 11:00 a.m. the family will have a private burial service right afterwards. >> officer catherman's memorial service begins at 11:00 tomorrow morning, we will bring you live
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coverage during our midday newscast. >> a busy day for south bay firefighters. that story is coming up next. >> we don't believe in special sentences for privileged stanford athletes. >> also, the new push to recall the judge at the center of the stanford sexual assault case.
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remier of the effts to recjur of the effts to starting tomorrow, bay area drivers will see a very visible reminder of the efforts to recall the judge. he sentenced a former stanford swim star to six months in jail after a jury convicted him to sexual assault. nbc bay area's mary ann favreau joins us now with why this one group is using the billboard in their efforts to recall the judge. >> the billboard is going to be unveiled tomorrow in heyward. ultraviolet wants to remind the public about the lenient sentence the judge handed down to brock turner here at this course. >> this is a rotating digital billboard's message. the national women's advocacy group is paying to post the sign for the next four weeks.
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>> this is not going away. >> people are still outraged and they will continue to speak out until this judge is removed from the bench. >> melissa dawber is not connected with the billboard but is heading up erts to recalling the judge. the sign is a reflection of community outrage over his decision. >> the defense in this case was unduly lenient. the judge bent over backwards in order to give turner an extremely lenient sentence. one of the offenses he was convicted for is not eligible for probation, and the judge had to really bend over backwards to award probation. >> reporter: a petition is asking for the judge to be removed from the bench, 1.2 million people have already signed it. the only way to have him removed
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would be to does for a recall. >> the ballot recall effort could not likely begin until april, and it would likely go before the voters until november of 2017. what that means is, since percent ski is the judge in palo alto, if there is another sexual assault case, he would likely be the judge to see that case. >> mary ann favreau, nbc bay area news. >> it wasn't your typical day at the state capitol, the dalai lama paid a visit this was the scene outside. spontaneous cheers at the capitol. he spoke to the state legislature for the first time today. topics, environmental responsibility and compassion. >> they thought i was nuts to come down here to look at him, it's a once in a lifetime tune.
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>> after the deadly violence in orlando and san bernardino, this is the perfect time to hear his message of peace. >> the heat forcing fire crews across the bay area to take notice. >> a large and swift response in the hills above san jose. >> damian trujillo is at station two in san jose. >> it's been a long day for the crew here. and you're right, if today is any indication. this summer, firefighters are going to have their hands full. a fire on quimby road quickly sped up the hill, and because of the dry conditions in the hills, dozens of firefighters responded immediately. >> the grass is very dry right now. smoke driven and a little bit, mainly from the topography here. >> firefighters knows this is what awaits them in the next
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week. >> with the heat coming up and fourth of july coming up, we are expecting that we're going to have more fires. so we are ramping up for that. >> the shaw family just moved into the hills. their new neighbors already cleared dry brush around their homes. they also know gets homeowner's insurance coverage up in the hills makes it easy. >> it makes it more difficult that's for sure. >> the fire on quimby road required an attack from the air and ground. that's in part to the quick and big response, crews were able to knock it down and save at least one home. >> cal fire is now reporting there are 3,000 firefighters statewide fighting 10 large wildfires. . >> it is problematic right now, we're seeing it all across the west coast right now. >> it's so hot and dry.
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>> we're seeing a taste of that in our hilltops. humidity levels less than 10%. very likely more widespread mid and upper 90s out near the trivalley and the south bay starting tomorrow. you didn't have to go too far to find relief. san francisco and oakland not all that bad. there you see sonoma and livermore up to 92 degrees, and half moon bay a cool 66. as you move south of san jose, down toward morgan hill, 93 degrees, right now, still numbers in the mid to upper 80s, north bay temperatures close to 86 in napa. we've got the ocean air conditioning trying to turn on right now. it's more of the case of the fan that's spinning. there's no low clouds or fog. the clouds you see are the mid to low level clouds.
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they're not going to provide much in the way of cooling. upper 70s through 8:00 tonight to 11:00, slowly cooling only into the low to mid-60s to wake up to that in the south bay tomorrow morning. closer to 90 degrees tomorrow. san francisco starting to climb, mid-70s tomorrow, and there you go. santa rosa and the north bay, more widespread 90s. high pressure will strengthen and maybe just provide a little bit of mid week cooling. as we head toward the weekend it's going to return again. you'll be surprised how long the 90s last for the full forecast. we'll have a look ahead at the week ahead. a scene out of the james bond movie, the tesla that rides the water coming up. on our website...
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the man arrested at a donald trump rally in las vegas told police today... he ted to graan offices gun the man arrests at a donald trump rally in las vegas told police today he tried to grab an officer's gun so he could kill the candidate. he also admitted he had been planning an assassination for about a year. >> am ka rahs were rolling as a man plunged into a burning car to save an unconscious man inside. but it getting some buzz tonigh.
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peggy/2shot tesla's world famous for its
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electric cars, it's getting a lot of buzz tonight for its water feature. >> this is from the don't try this at home file. a james bond like moment for tesla. scott bud man is here with the waterlogged video. there's a reason they say don't try this. >> elan musk while taking some credit for his company leaving other cars in the wake admits this isn't a great idea. >> you already have to watch it twice to believe it. a tesla model s driving through a flooded tunnel in russia, swimming through traffic. >> it's awesome. you see all the cars submerged and stuck. and there's a guy in his model s s. it's pretty cool. >> the battery pack is sealed so water doesn't damage it. as the video floated around the net. tesla's ceo took to twitter
6:26 pm
saying, yeah, his car works as a boat, but don't try this at home. >> he said before before he's interested in doing an amphibious electric vehicle. >> really, it's a bit of a james bond style move. not too likely to be coming to a drive way near you. >> in terms of the future, i don't know whether we will see cars that can turn into boats. i don't know if there's going to be much of a market for that. >> a bit of trivia for you. elan musk owns that james bond under water car you just saw. he said in the past he would like to create a car that could go under the water as a side project. >> thanks so much. it's a twirling tradition in the south bay. now the carousel sign is on track to becoming a historical landmark.
6:27 pm
santa clara county evaluated this sign. it first went up in 1953, and historians say it's a unique example of roadside architecture. the roadside designation goes up for a final vote in august. coming up, we'll tell you what you need to know for the weekend. >> the latest fire in a number of high profile fires in the mission district. we'll hear what the supervisor says is the problem. trt: 3
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==raj/take vo== ght now at 6:: a chance to come back home -- and see the damage first hand. an emotional day for more than right now at 6:30, a chance to come back home and see the damage firsthand. an emotional day for more than 50 people forced from their homes by that fire in san francisco. that fire scorched six buildings. >> mark matthews is at the scene and has the latest on the investigation, and also the staggering damage. >>. >> residents were escorted in for a few minutes to see what remains of their homes and 38 apartments in six buildings burned or were so heavily water damaged they're unlivable. >> water is everywhere, everything got soaked. >> this family owns the 3300 club are his grandfather bought the bar in the 1950s, the building itself is nearly 120 years old. there are a lot of old buildings in this neighborhood and a lot
6:31 pm
of people living in them. and fire officials say that's part of the reason why this neighborhood and the neighboring mission district have seen a large number of fires in the past couple years. >> we have a lot of really old buildings, a lot of buildings that are close together. >> the supervisor says that explanation doesn't hold up. >> a lot of old buildings, a lot of people living in the neighborhood. the truth is, that applies to many neighborhoods in san francisco. and yet those neighborhoods are not getting the number of fires. >> in fact, in every other san francisco neighborhood the number of fires is going down. >> if something here is not working, and we're not going to stop until we find out what it is. >> he's going to have to wait. we're all going to have to wait three to four weeks before the fire department will be able to tell us in what part of the building the fire started.
6:32 pm
in the mean time, nobody hurt in this fire. maybe i can say nobody injured. a great number of people were hurt by what they lost. mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> thank you so much. >> now to the chilling transcript of the 911 conversations between omar mateen and police negotiators. while on the phone, he spoke in english and arabic and said, i did the shootings, also, he told police that explosives were planted inside and outside of the pulse nightclub. he warned that more attacks would take place in the next few days. >> we're not releasing the audio, what i can tell you is that while the killer made these murderous statements, he did so in a chilling calm and dlin rat manner. >> also during the calls, mateen identified himself as an islamic soldier and pledged his allegiance to isis. >> what happened in orlando has
6:33 pm
a district impact of what's about to happen in san francisco. hundreds of thousands of people will be pouring into the city this weekend for the pride celebration. there will be major changes in security. >> what's the most notable change here? >> more cops on the streets. there's going to be increased security throughout this city. especially here where there are a couple events going on. to get in, you'll have to go through security. you're not allowed to bring big bags and backpacks. because of that, there could be longer lines to get in. >> the castro district is usually buzzing the week before pride. >> a lot of intensity around what happened. >> a memorial continues to grow for the victims of the orlando shooting. >> we can't live in fear. >> san francisco police say there will be increased police presence at every pride event and gay club this weekend.
6:34 pm
>> we'll be using plain clothed officers at all will pride ehaven'ts. >> there will be several checkpoints set up. no large bags or purses will be allowed in. and everyone will have to walk-through a metal detector to walk into the festival. >> it's tempting to crawl up into a ball when this kind of tragedy happens, we have to do the opposite. >> scott weiner called the orlando attack incomprehensible, the city is doing everything it can to make this weekend safe and welcoming for everyone. >> you can attack us, you can beat us, you can bully us, you can kill us, and we're going to keep coming back and being stronger than before. >> the city says there are no known threats, but they are asking anyone who will be in the city to sign up for emergency alerts, we have the directions to do that on our website, michelle roberts, nbcbayarea news. >> thanks very much.
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>> the orlando shooting is not only prompted stepped up security at several events. it raised new calls for gun control legislation. it appears the senate republicans have rejected those calls. four gun control measures failed to pass today. among them, a bill that would prevent people on the so-called no fly terror watch list from buying guns. democrats blamed republicans for blocking the measures. >> 300,000 americans we lose from gun violence over 10 years and my republican friends do nothing. >> what we should be making this about is the fight to eliminate the islamic extremism that is a root cause for what happened in orlando. >> each of the four measures fell short of the 60 votes needed. republicans saying the democrats plan was very overly
6:36 pm
restrictive. seven states and washington, d.c., have enacted laws that ban assault weapons. the supreme court did uphold two of those. the laws were passed in the aftermath of the sandy hook elementary school shooting in new town, connecticut. >> a new emoji may not make it to your phone. apple, google, facebook and microsoft have teamed up to stop a rifle emoji from being added. it was going to be released tomorrow. the team responsible for regulating emoji's voted to have it removed. the decision was made prior to the mass shooting in orlando. a major shake-up within the donald trump campaign. two high level staffers are out, late today, michael caputo a senior trump adviser resigned. this came after he fired off a
6:37 pm
celebratory tweet about the firing of corey lewandowski. trump fired lewandowski this morning, the shake-up comes as trump reaches out to skeptics in his own party. lewandowski urged those in the republican party to let trump be trump. >> these kinds of moves don't happen when a campaign is doing well. >> if i can play a role in this campaign, that would be an honor for me to have. >> a republican insider says lewandowski was the perfect campaign manager. earlier in this race when there were multiple candidates. the campaign needs morphiness and focus to compete against hillary clinton. new details tonight. we are learning that the pilot was a long time bay area resident who works for a korean semiconductor manufacturer. robert purcell jr. was the only
6:38 pm
person on board the single engine piper. he was killed in the crash. he had degrees from cal and santa clara university. he was also a certified flight instructor. the investigation into the cause of the crash is ongoing. every indication so far is that the former navy veteran chose to crash the plane to avoid neighboring houses. >> got problems with your cable company? >> how we stepped in to help a man save hundreds of dollars on his cable bill. also, which company is it that everyone wants to work for? the silicon valley tech giants that top the list. check your emails....even the
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the millions of people getting vouchers for free tickets. anyone who bought tickets from 1999 through 2013 could be getting this e-mail and get free tickets or discounts. it's the result of a class action lawsuit over ticket fees. about 50 million people are in line to receive those vouchers. if you're looking for the hottest companies to work for, google claimed the top spot in linkedin's first ever list of the 40 most sought after employers. linkedin used data from its 433 million members to create the list. among the peshs, on site coding and cooking classes, also the free food's not bad. massage services and generous death benefits. also on the list, apple, facebook and uber. we're still looking for nbc bay area. >> where is nbc bay area.
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>> pacific heights neighborhood is now the city's most expensive home. the villa on scott street. it's on the market for $23.5 million. it has seven bedrooms, eight full baths. a tiffany glass excite and an elevator. once again, the price tag on this one, $28.5 million. >> it's just 2 milli$2 million peggy's budget. >> i knew that -- why he teases me like that. >> something that large, it should have some air conditioning you would assume. >> i don't have that. we have cooler conditions right there in san francisco. interior valleys climbing closer to 100 degrees tomorrow. we'll tell you how long the heat will last coming up. $65 a month. how about that amount of money to add a home phone line?
6:43 pm
nbc bay area responds to one viewer's sticker shock next. to a viewer who was having
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6:45 pm
problems with the cable company. =raj/2shot= consumer i nbc bay area responds to a viewer that was having problems with the cable company. >> consumer investigative reporter chris chmura is here with more. >> he signed up for a special promotions package with comcast that cost $99 for two years. he later tried to add phone service, the package price jumped by $65 a month. he felt that was too much. we contacted comcast and it gave him a new rate of $137 a month.
6:46 pm
that should save him about $648 over the life of his contract. comcast refused to comment and in full disclosure, comcast owns nbc bay area. >> call us at 888996 tips or log on to our website. i like that avenue best you can add photos and documents and really make your case so we can get to it. >> that's good, people have been doing that. >> it's great, we always have room for more. >> chris is the busiest guy in our newsroom. >> we have a team, it's not just me. a new experimental zika vaccine is in the works. a dna based vaccine okayed by the fda. many develop antibodies that
6:47 pm
attack zika. 40 people were chosen to test the drug beginning in the next few weeks. the suv that killed the star track actor was recalled because the gearshifts are confusing. los angeles police say he died when his 2015 jeep grand cherokee rolled down his drive way early sunday morning. he was pinned against a brick mailbox pillar. fee at/chrysler which makes jeep said in a statement today it is investigating and it would be premature to speculate on the cause of the crash. the cause of the crash is also under investigation. >> the blistering heat and gusting winds are making it difficult for firefighters battling several fires in the san gabriel mountains. crews are trying to keep these crews from merging into one.
6:48 pm
one is burning above the town of izuza. if you're in the l.a. area you can see the smoke. together they've scorched 3500 acres. also, cal fire crews are battling a fire in san diego county, near the mexican border. the largest and longest running fire is in santa barbara county, the sherpa fire is in its sixth day. mandatory evacuations are in order in the immediate area surrounding all of these wildfires. the big question as we turn it over to rob mayeda, is there any relief in site? the hottest temperatures we're seeing around the state right now, up to 122 in palm springs, 126 in palm desert. the weather sensors do start to fail once the temperatures get
6:49 pm
over 120 degrees. the desert high pressure is building a ridge closer to northern california. still 120 in palm springs tomorrow, fresno 98 degrees. we'll fast forward this into tomorrow. we'll see temperatures cooling relatively speaking. notice fresno jumping up to 104 degrees. the temperatures we had in the bay area today. sonoma and livermore in the 90s. heyward 76 degrees, 66 in half moon bay. morgan hill, 93 degrees. the stage is set, we'll start off warmer tomorrow, see about the same amount of warming. which means our afternoon highs will be running 3 to 8 degrees hotter across the valley. . mostly cloudy skies and elevated
6:50 pm
fire danger here across the bay area. any time humidity drops below 20% with the dry grasses, and wind speeds at times, in addition to 20 miles an hour. fire danger running high, also a spare the air day for tomorrow. satellite radar views shows you a lot of clouds. a bit of an upper level disturbance. not expecting any rain out of it, this season the the stratus fog type cloud that leads to widespread cooling across the valleys. check out our temperatures through 7:00. as we approach midnight, mid-60s in the morning, starting off the day in the low to mid-60s. there's a look at that super high ridge. it will reach peak intensity. where we're concerned for the
6:51 pm
first half of the week coming up. some temperatures could get close to antioch and brentwood. temperatures near 90 degrees. the trend for the most part will hold up a little dip in temperatures thursday into friday. notice san francisco here, that's where you're going to have the relief. temperatures throughout most of the week, staying relatively mild. saturday looks to be the next hottest day, once we pass tomorrow for places like san francisco. lots of 90s on the board, spots could get close to 100 degrees around livermore and antioch and brentwood, we'll see slight cooling. close to 90 degrees for cooling in the mid to upper 90s that are possible tomorrow. if you have weekend plans, plan on more summer like weather for the 90s inland, possibly long range forecast indicates 10 days
6:52 pm
of 90s ahead. >> we're ready for the heat. thanks for the warning, rob. >> they won't be here tomorrow, steph, klay and draymond offer their parting thoughts at the practice facility. yes, it still hurts. around here.
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
ended last night in ... heartbreak. it's a tough pill to swallow around here, record breaking season finally ended last night in heart break. >> we know a lot of people are still suffering. the warriors showed up to work today one final time, they'll be reliving that loss all summer long. here's colin resch from oakland.
6:55 pm
>> reporter: it's a harsh reality the warriors and their fans must face. on tuesday, the parade so many expected for a second straight year, off after lebron james heroics sunday night. >> the layup. lebron james with the rejection. >> rough night kind of relivein the game how it unfolded over and over and over again. thinking about things i could have done better personally. had three cracks at getting one win, couldn't do it, so i have to live with that all summer, hopefully this feeling we have right now will make us better. >> it was disappointing. we know how good we are. we feel we're still the best team in the world. we let that slide. it hurts right now. i can't tell you when the
6:56 pm
disappointment will fade, but it will. >> i'm not going to throw a pity party for myself or my teammates or anyone else. we were a minute away from winning the championship. we have a 3-1 lead. we have opportunities in the world the way we need it. they fought, they battled. and they took the series. >> klay thompson a final message for warriors fans. >> we're sorry it didn't go the way we wanted it to. but it's not the last time we'll be on this stage, on this platform, we'll be back, and win one for you guys again. >> colin resch nbc bay area. the park that captures the wonder of the world. >> behind the scenes with the first family. the white house releasing new video of president obama's historic visit to yosemite. the first family tours the national park on saturday and met with kids near the base of yosemite falls. >> great pictures. >> have a great evening.
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"extra." >> hollywood mourns the "star trek" actor killed by his own car in a freak accident. >> why it didn't have to happen. >> now, on "extra." the latest new details on "star trek's" anton yelchin, dead at 27 in a bizarre accident. crushed by his own car, pinned to a security gate. could it have been prevented? >> the mechanical flaw recently uncovered about the jeep. and from zoe saldana to j.j. abrams, hollywood remembers the rising star. trump tells his campaign manager -- >> you're fired. >> now charlie sheen fires off, a crazy story about the


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