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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  June 24, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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you can seat crowds down below, some say the increased police presence actually making them feel a little bit less safe. nbc bay area's christie smith is live at delores park where the recent shootings in orlando are top of mind at this year's pride weekend, christie. >> reporter: that's right. i have to tell you, there is a large crowd here gathered in delores park, and march organizers are ready at well. should be taking off soon. this comes as a handful of participants say they are with drawing from the pride parade, concerned about those extra police. stroll through the castro and it's clear the pride celebrations are ramping up. cliff's variety is a popular first stop >> it has been fabulously busy. it's been a very festive year so far. >> reporter: nearby, signs of support following the mass shooting in orlando along with increased security in the stepped up police presence. >> i just -- i'm just concerned about the overpolicing.
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>> reporter: jenetta johnson is executive director at the transgender justice project named the community grand marshall. >> i trust that the community that voted for me knows me well enough to know and respect my leadership and would respect the decisions that i've made not to participate in any of the events. a part of that is because of the large police presence. >> reporter: another grand marshall group, black lives matter, with drew as well. a statement pointed to what they say are unsafe conditions created by law enforcement. on the street people are looking forward to the parade where security will be different this year. >> it makes me feel no different. i don't -- security or no security, whatever is going to happen is going to happen. >> even though things have happened that are really unfortunate, i think people's spirits are still intact. and it's better to have a good time and enjoy yourself. >> reporter: much earlier in the day i spoke with an executive
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director just getting word about this and hadn't had time to process it yet. he certainly said he was empathetic with their concerns. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. whoa whoa whoa! >> now, that was a brutal reception to the state senator mark leno. mayor ed lee and several city supervisors as they attempted to address the crowd ahead of tonight's trans march. the crowd began chanting house keys not handcuffs. they were expressing their anger over recent police shootings and what they called the city's overall police culture some is said. a health advisory is taking on extra significance on this pride weekend. the state how department said an outbreak of the meningitis disease has mostly impacted gay
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and bisexual men. people in that group should consider getting vaccinated, especially anyone hiv positive. the goal is to stop the spread of the blood infection potentially fatal. the bacteria is transmitted through mucus. being in contact with smokers or vapors can increase your risk of transmission. coverage continues online at you can find details on all the events and the various road closures. choosing to least european union it was a huge vote for the u.k. now it's led to huge financial fallout across the globe. it will take months, maybe even years, to determine the full impact of the british exit or the brexit vote. but for the world markets today it meant sell. our business and tech reporter scott budman is here. scott how are we thinking this will affect us at home? >> reporter: even though we knew the vote was coming the result took a lot of people by surprise. s&p says $2.1 trillion were lost by investors across the globe
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today. $380 million of that lost here in america where the dow dropped more than 600 points, tech stocks tumbled bringing the nasdaq down 202. >> the brexiteers cheered. but then investors across the globe winced. san jose's e-bay hit hard, e-bay gets close to a third of its revenue from the u.k. and germany. >> it's just the fear factor today. >> reporter: wealth adviser said fear led to heavy investors selling. fear also likely to curb venture funding for young tech companies, at least in the short term. >> that creates some uncertainty. so as you know in venture capital it's all about risk. now we're piling on more risk. >> these are some extraordinary entrepreneurs. >> reporter: meanwhile, president obama, here in the bay area to talk with entrepreneurs,
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tried to calm brexit-related fears, talking about the benefits of a diverse workforce. >> it promises to bring extraordinary benefits, but it also has challenges. and it also e advocates concerns and fears. >> reporter: fear is a word we heard a lot today. fear of what happens next after a big shakeup. assuming you still have money to spend, a benefit from all this uncertainty ace stronger dollar, which if you want to travel to europe will cost you less. peggy? >> all right. thanks, scott. donald trump drew heavy criticism over his reaction to the brexit vote during a visit to scotland today. he was not there campaign but rather cutting the ribbon at one of his new golf course. >> it's a great thing. it's going to be great. no, i think it's a fantastic thing. >> now, oddly trump was speaking in scotland which voted overwhelmingly to remain in the european union. in targets britain's decision to leave the e.u. is now expected
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to trigger a new scottish vote on independence from england. trump said he sees the brexit vote as a reflection of the anger that's driving his own presidential campaign here in the states. >> i really do see a parallel between what's happening in the united states and what's happening here. people want to see borders. they don't necessarily want people pouring into their country. >> hillary clinton's campaign called trump's reaction to the brexit vote "dangerous and frightening." now still ahead it's the stanford event attended by president obama. it was largely overshadowed by the brexit. damian trujillo will take us inside the global entrepreneurship summit coming up at 6:30. new at 6:00, one of the two brothers accused of killing their parents in san jose has been released from kuchtdy. 17-year-old omar golamiradi was charged along with his brother hasib with murdering their parents at their home back in april. late today the santa clara county district attorney's office released omar, citing
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insufficient evidence against him. this is video of hasib, the older brother, in court. investigators say omar told them that his older brother shot their parents. omar's attorney says his client is looking forward to getting back to high school. a man suspected in a kidnapping conspiracy has law enforcement on alert tonight in san francisco and oakland. miguel cariedo is from the central valley but he's known to have bay area ties. investigators say the man was one of three people who conspired to kidnap a 13-year-old girl in fresno county and two others have now been arrested. detectives say that one of the suspects could have previously dated the girl's father. if you have information on miguel carieda's whereabouts please call your local police department. and also, do you recognize these men? san francisco police say that they stole half a million dollars in jewelry. investigators believe they robbed a jewelry store on o'farrell street near union square after 3:00 in the morning yesterday. if you have information, please
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call san francisco police. the party is over. now it's time for the court case. the man behind the wheel of an illegal party bus in marin county was in court today. he's facing a slew of charges after he drove a bus filled with drugs, booze, and teenagers. in our continuing coverage, nbc bay area's pete suratos at the larksburg terminal. >> reporter: james reed pled not guilty to all charges during his court arraignment. when i tried to talk to him before that he didn't have much to say. i tried to get his side of the story. the 63-year-old james green, the man behind the wheel of that illegal party bus filled with minors, said he just wanted to be left alone. we know marin county police arrested him monday afternoon at the larks spur ferry terminal following an anonymous tip about a bus leaving the area filled with alcohol, drugs, and more than 30 teenagers. green claims he had no idea there were drugs or alcohol
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aboard and was just taking the teens to his parents. he said he didn't know the passengers were underage. i asked this public defender about it who was just handed the case. >> i can't really discuss anything at this moment. >> reporter: now in court, green pleaded not guilty to charges that include possession of narcotics, drug paraphernalia, controlled substances, and a switchblade knife. the bus, which had 30 bottles of hard liquor, a case of spiked lemonade, marijuana, and an assortment of prescription drugs, was booked online by a 16-year-old who lives in tiburon. the bus company that owns is, ga lange ti lactic transporter claims they sold the bus away a year ago. >> there's nothing else to say. thank you. >> reporter: as for what's next for green, his next court hearing is set for july 29th. in larkspur, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. a lot of people flocking to the beach this weekend. be warned another shark sighting along our coast. this morning a white shark was
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reportedly seen at linda mar beach in pacific cave. just last weekend a group of sharks was spotted in santa cruz. so far no attacks have been reported. and good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff rainieri. despite the sharks out in the waters that were spotted, we will have your beach forecast if you're headed out we'll let you know who will hit 70s and the interior value his wileys will g up. we'll have a live update on the battle to maintain the massive erskine fire. i'm jodi hernandez. it has been one month since a 15-year-old vallejo girl was kidnapped. efforts to find her have not stopped. i'll have a live report coming up. and the party has begun. our nbc chopped in san francisco. these are live pictures now of the trans march which began just a few minutes ago near delores park in the city. you see a few thousand people down below marching through the
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streets of san francisco as we begin this pride weekend. we'll be back in a minute. disappeared.. the large sleseare
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it's been one month since 15-year-old pearl pensin disappeared. the large-scale searches have ended and the public vigils have stopped. but her family's pain continues. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is in martinez. jodi we see it right behind you.
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that visible reminder that the family continues to search for this young lady. >> reporter: that's right, raj. electronic billboards like this one with a rotating message about the kidnapped girl have gone up across the bay area. her family and investigators do not want people to forget about pearl. >> we need her home. >> reporter: pearl's mother holds on tightly to the necklace her little girl gave her as she clings to hope the kidnapped 15-year-old will come home. >> i want her to know i love her and i need her home. i need to see her. i need to laugh with her, cry with her. argue with her. >> reporter: it's been a month since pearl was kidnaped as she walked to catch a bus to school near her vallejo home. but while her abductor was killed during a shootout with police in santa barbara county, investigators have found no trace of pearl. >> his family knows where he's at. they have peace. we don't know where our daughter's at.
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if she's alive or dead. and the not knowing is killing us. >> just as i would want somebody to search for my child, that's how we're searching for pearl. >> reporter: the sheriff's investigators say while the tip line has slowed down, their efforts to find her haven't. billboards have gone up across the bay area to keep the case in the spotlight. >> we know she was abducted. we know where he was seen. and we know how his story ended. now it's important for us to find her and bring some closure to that family. >> it's hard. going a month without her. >> reporter: pearl's family says not a minute goes by they don't think of her. they won't stop looking and praying she'll return home where she belongs. >> i love her. i'll never give up on her. i'll be here until she's home. >> reporter: again, the billboards have gone up across the bay area and the family is hoping that they will help generate some leads. the family says they will hold a
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special prayer vigil tomorrow night at 7:30 at the overpass where she was kidnapped from to mark the one-month anniversary. reporting live, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> that's just heartbreaking for that family, jodi. thank you so much. central valley native and star wars creator george lucas is coming home. the producer announced today he's giving up on chicago where he hoped to build his museum for the narrative arts. an ongoing lawsuit there soured lucas on building in the city. he was born and raised in modesto. right now it's pretty normal lucas is considering coming back to another california location, reportedly san francisco's treasure island. the "l.a. times" says that also los angeles is interested in that $700 million project. lucas's first choice was to build at chrissy field but presidio trust vetoed it. an end to a ban on transgender troops. leaders from the defense department plan to meet as early
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as monday to finalize the details. if the plan gets final approval, defense secretary ash carter will make the announcement during the fourth of july weekend. those opposed to lifting the ban say it could be costly, saying military barracks would have to be modified to accommodate transgender troops. and now to a developing story, within the past two hours governor brown has issued a state of emergency in kern county because of the erskine fire. the fire qaudrupled in size in just one day. now it has taken two lives and has burned 100 homes at least. blistering heat and high winds are fuelling the blaze that has scorched more than 19,000 acres near lake isabella northeast of bakersfield. nbc bay area's patrick healey is live near lake isabella. patrick of the firefighters there i know so many of them have shown up from different districts. are they making any progress? >> reporter: well, peggy, this is a tough fire to fight. you can look behind us. you can see the enormous destruction when the fire burned through here overnight at its peak speed. but the fire is still growing in
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this area just south of lake isabella. this is the southern reach of the sierra, about 40 minutes -- 40 miles from bakersfield. so they are trying to keep this fire from advancing to further communities, but it looks like as many as 1500 homes are still in peril. south of isabella lake, so much devastation to the communities by the wildfire that's more than 25 hours has been racing eastward and it's still advancing. hundreds remain evacuated, scores of them now have no homes to return to. in mountain may tax ed evacuated his wife, then rode it out as the fire crested cook peak and roared into his valley. >> unbelievably fast. it came down that mountain and raced across this valley went right up the other side and just really -- if you didn't have -- you didn't have time to grab anything and throw anytime your car and go. >> reporter: he showed us video he recorded during the height of the fire last night. >> cook peak over here all on fire. all the crease and everything up
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there on fire. >> reporter: he showed us the pesticide sprayer he filled with water to put out spot fires. >> i went on a little dune buggy ride here and saw eight houses on seclusion burned to the ground. >> reporter: authorities found one of the two victims who could not escape the advancing fire. the origin of the fire remains undetermined, but once ignited, pushed by wind and burning through vegetation, led by five years of drought. >> i just grabbed the cat and dog and what little i could get and left. now i'm trying to find out if my house is still standing. >> reporter: back live south of lake isabelle larks last few minutes we had a briefing from incident command. at last mapping this fire was holding at 20,000 acres. that's approximately 30 square miles. but fire officials were saying they believe it has grown beyond that. they believe the next mapping
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will show it has grown by as much as one-third during the course of the day. no containment whatsoever. this fire is still very much out of control, though for now burning mostly in the back country. patrick healey, nbc bay area news. >> patrick, thank you very much. jeff rainieri is here. those images where patrick was reminds us painfully of what happened in middletown last year. you see the houses charred behind him. >> that area is not going to see any relief over the next ten days. temperatures 90s to near 100 degrees. it's going to be hot with low humidities. temperatures also increasing this weekend across the bay area. a few spots you'll be able to enjoy decent weather. this area of high pressure just offshore is getting stronger and it's moving more to the north. that's the main reason why the san francisco bay area here is going to heat up into this weekend. as we get a look at the morning forecast on saturday, we start with sunny skies in the south bay and 57 degrees. a little bit of patchy fog in the peninsula. and san francisco. and the east bay starts sunny and 58 degrees.
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through tomorrow's forecast temperatures do increase. in fact, we're going to reintroduce low 90s for the tri-valley with 92 for your average. san francisco also up to 71. and the north bay 92. down towards the south bay also increasing heat and 90 degrees. while it will be warm for the interior valleys, there will be a few spots you're going to be able to escape the heat. again that's going to be mainly here in san francisco with temperatures in the low 70s right through sunday's forecast. so sunny, warm, and hot for a lot of us throughout this weekend. the one spot you can avoid some of that heat will be the beaches, at least ocean beach and half moon bay on saturday will stay in the 60s. 64 specifically for ocean beach on your saturday, 65 half moon bay. santa cruz 77 degrees for to. maybe it's not the beach but it's san francisco. as we talked about some enjoyable weather. if you're heading out to the pride parade on sunday morning we'll have a little bit of fog early on and 60s.
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then by the afternoon sunny skies and 71. my full forecast coming up in about 25 minutes. we'll detail each and every one of the microclimates across the bay area. peggy and raj? >> jeff, thanks so much. coming up next we'll meet the bay area man who's making sure that more people in his native country won't be killed for who they love. also what went painfully wrong at a motivational event linked to a famous motivational speaker. stay with us. ==reveal==
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british author j-k rowling is e "brexit." thth and happening now on our facebook page, british author j. k. rowling is expressing her opinion on brexit. the author of the harry potter series opposed the break from the european union. vowing "i don't think i've ever wanted magic more." a tennessee couple believing their cats squeak is now the world's oldest living cat at the ripe old age of 29. they're looking into it with the guinness book of world records. is now the country's newest
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on this pride weekend, new york's famed gay rights landmark the stonewall inn, is now the country's newest national monument. president obama making the declaration today. the tavern was the site of an uprising after a 1969 police raid. a riot that many consider the start of america's modern gay rights movement. this weekend's not only celebration for the lgbt community but also a source of
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strength and reflection. >> one man risked his life to be out an proud. here's nbc bay area's joe rosato with his story [ laughter ] >> reporter: behind the sounds of laughter are sometimes stories with little to laugh about. and though he is quick with a chuckle, cedric shonte's life has held plenty of tears. >> living with that kind of fear. >> reporter: before he landed a job doing marketing for san francisco's climb real estate, he worked as an lgbt activist in his native cameroon, a country where gay and hand lesbian sexul activity is illegal. >> you decide to live with danger. >> reporter: after coming out as a gay man in college, he became the target of anti-gay harassment. >> i received a lot of discrimination, a lot of insults. people beating me up many times.
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>> reporter: difficult life and struggles to help other young gay people back home became the subject of a documentary film called "born this way." the film raised its profile in its country, but also the level of threats which now targeted family and friends. >> so when -- so out of fear for the lives around him he fled to the u.s. two years ago and began building a new life. >> i think he's got some interesting stories as an activist, a person who has overcome insurmountable struggle struggles. >> reporter: he now is living a very different life in san francisco. he hasn't let go of the old one once his day job is over another begins. chonte spends every night online helping lgbt activists back in cameroon and lending support to young gays facing the same discrimination he did. >> i always ask them to be
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strong, to be always happy. >> his joy is infectious. and i think that's just an incredible thing, given where he's come from. >> reporter: even now, chonte still feels the pangs of separation. >> this is my mom. >> reporter: but these days there's also the kind of laughter that comes with acceptance. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> a lot of laughter. nice to hear that. up next, why donald trump hopes the brexit vote could be a preview of the u.s. presidential race. and a terrible situation tonight in parts of west virginia, they have historic rainfall that is causing devastating and deadly flooding. the initial reason presidentobay
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the brexit vote certainly overshadowed the initial reason that president obama was in the bay area today, the global innovation summit. the summit has been something the president is very passionate about. >> this year's theme of inclusive innovation could also be central to the brexit debate moving forward. nbc bay area's damian trujillo joins us tonight from the stanford campus. damian. >> reporter: the president uses the backdrop of this summit to push global exchange of ideas. and he says those ideas might start sometimes in silicon valley but it doesn't have to end here. memorial auditorium on the stanford campus was packed with investors and inventors. 700 entrepreneurs from 170 countries getting incredible access to some of silicon valley's most influential companies and investors. >> you look out across this auditorium, you're all from different backgrounds and cultures and races and religions. >> reporter: the president's
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central focus was diversity, a theme he repeated as he was joined by facebook founder mark zuckerberg. >> it's why dozens of top tech companies here are committing to make their technology workforces look like america, including publishing data on diversity every year and hiring people from all backgrounds. >> it's a chance to offer ideas. innovators also have a chance to win cash prizes and make deals with potential investors if the idea is bold enough. >> i had this idea of create a company that would change the world. >> we have a solution and we call it community solar. >> reporter: mr. obama urged attendees to make sure every stater has a chance, regardless of race or sex. even if their ideas rattle a few nerves. >> i believe we are better off in a world in which we are trading and networking and communicating and sharing ideas.
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but that also means that cultures are colliding, and sometimes it's disruptive. and people get worried. >> reporter: worry that is paled in comparison to the benefits of breaking new barriers. this marks the seventh global entrepreneurship summit for the president, and it is his last. we're on the stanford campus, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> damian, thank you very much. the president's visit largely dominated by britain's decision to leave the e.u. the so-called brexit did trigger a mass selloff on global markets. the dow dropped more than 600 points today, the largest single-day drop in ten months. france's finance minister also warned the decision could have grave economic consequences for all of europe amid reports of a pro european union. not all u.k. territories were in support of the brexit. scottish leaders warned that their country, which is under u.k. rule, was so angry about the decision that they're calling for a new vote to separate from great britain. political experts have noted
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that the brexit vote largely hinged on a single issue, anger over immigration. those polls show that the proposal would fail keeping britain in the e.u. now, in hindsight it is clear that those polls missed a key group of voters. some say it could happen here in terms of a win for donald trump in the upcoming u.s. election. nbc's lily tan reports now on how one surprise vote could trigger another. >> reporter: it seemed to be donald trump's way of saying, "i told you so." landing at his scottish golf resort the among after the yiekd voted to leave the european union. he was in favor of brexit. >> it's a great thing. >> reporter: the republican presidential candidate congratulated british voters and compared what's happening in the u.k. to sentiments in the u.s. >> i really do see a parallel between what's happening in the united states and what's happening here. people want to see borders. they don't necessarily want people pouring into their country that they don't know who they are and where they come from.
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they have no idea. >> donald trump is a fool. >> if i'm trump i'm dancing around the 18 holes on that golf course, happy with what britain did. why? what worked in the u.k. could work in the u.s. >> reporter: the hoover institution bill whalen says though trump's campaign has been in the rough, hillary clinton should be concerned. >> there is a sleeper vote that pollsters did not see or could not gauge. >> reporter: clinton released a statement on brexit saying "we respect the choice the people of the united kingdom have made. this time of uncertainty only underscores the need for calm, steady, experienced leadership in the white house "". >> what's going to happen this fall is president obama is going to say do not vote for donald trump. this is a reckless thing to do. >> reporter: british voters heard a similar message from their prime minister regarding the brexit and rejected it. whalen says that kind of political lightning could strike twice in one year. lily tan, nbc bay area news. >> and more now on the race for the white house, today senator bernie sanders says that he would vote for presumptive democratic nominee hillary
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clinton but he's just not quite ready to endorse her. the clinton campaign has quietly urged the senator to offer more support for mrs. clinton but sanders has held off, saying that he needs her to move closer to his positions on several key issues. >> we are going to be urging millions of people to get involved in the political process. >> sanders says he's do anything he can do to defeat donald trump, saying that a trump administration would be quote a disaster. from political drama to life and death and danger here. hundreds of thousands are dealing with historic flooding tonight. entire communities across west virginia have now been flooded out. and the situation could get even worse. here's nbc's jay gray with the latest. >> reporter: for the second straight day, parts of west virginia are under water, others completely wiped away. >> our biggest challenge continues to be high water. >> reporter: in some areas more than 9 inches of rain with nowhere to go.
6:37 pm
just like 500 or more in this shopping center, stranded when raging water tore apart a bridge, the only way in or out. at least 20 people are dead, including two young boys 4 and 8 years old, both swept away by the flood waters. >> being a small town might not know everybody's name. but you're still familiar with faces. and it hurts. >> reporter: entire neighborhoods have been swallowed by the swat. >> it was tragic. i just watched three houses go down the river, just floating right down and then crash. >> reporter: this house burning as it's pushed by the rapids. >> it's been a long 24 hours. and the next 24 hours may not be much easier. >> reporter: the governor has declared a state of emergency in more than 40 counties across the state. that number could rise along with the water. forecasters warn flooding will continue through the weekend. jay gray, nbc news. an update now from the
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orlando investigation. the feds say they have no solid evidence that the gunman was pursuing gay relationships. the fbi began investigating the possibility after several men reported that the gunman has reached out to them on gay dating apps and had frequented the nightclub where he ultimately killed 49 people. so far the fbi says it has not been able to corroborate those accounts. efforts to encourage bicycling to bart stations are now paying off. and might be working a little bit too well. bart directors say the number of people taking their bikes to train stations is up by about 4% since 2000. at that rate, 10% of bart riders will be bicycling to stations by 2022. that's certainly above bart's goal. there are some issues with this. the lockers for the bikes are very crowded. many riders say that the bike on bart system still doesn't work too well. they need more space. a painful end to a self-help seminar. how tony robbins' latest event left a lot of people physically
6:39 pm
injured. also, a return to space. a repair job that allowed atlas rockets to blast into orbit once again. bipartisan agreement ... that ws
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for geneticay the u.s. senate has reached a bipartisan agreement that would require labels for genetically modified foods. the proposed law would allow food companies to use a digital label that can be accessed by a smartphone. it's more lenient than vermont's upcoming labelling law, which requires the words "produced with genetic engineering" on genetically modified foods. about 80% of packaged foods here in the u.s. that are sold contain gmos. to that pipeline that has spewed thousands of gallons of crude oil into a southern
6:42 pm
california ravine, its operator crimson pipeline, revealed today that the leak was not detected earlier. that's because the line was down for maintenance. yesterday's spill was reported by a resident who smelled an odor coming from his backyard in ventura. authorities say it's lucky that ravine was dry and no water was flowing through it. that kept the oil from make it to the ocean. would you do it for tony robbins? feeling burned by something you've paid for a little bit unusual. that rarely comes though with a trip to the hospital. dozens of people burned their feet after walking on hot coals at a tony robbins motivational seminar in dallas. five people were rushed to the local hospital. emergency crews say they evaluated about 30 other people at the convention center. many were seen limping or being carried away. a representative for the tony robbins seminar said that he's been doing the coal walk for about 30 years, rarely sees injuries this severe. >> i wonder how they get people to do it. if you believe you can do it you
6:43 pm
can do it even if it burns your feet? >> mind over matter kind of thing. >> exactly. >> party rituals that you do. >> i suppose. not going over there. >> maybe read an inspirational book instead. >> friday a lot of people out and about. >> hundreds of thousands of people out and about this weekend. >> still much going on. and that forecast is certainly not going to disappoint this weekend. even a few spots where it will be warm. 88 in walnut creek and sunny skies. there will be some other locations that will be quite a bit cooler, like san francisco. right now across the castro clear skies back towards downtown. they have a full wrap up of what you can expect the next two days in just a few minutes. to more than 200 consumer compld
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nbc bay area has now responded to more than 200 consumer complaints, and we're helped people recover thousands of dollars. it's all just a matter of weeks here. >> they're doing good work. consumer investigator chris chmura has updates. >> reporter: our consumer investigative center has been
6:46 pm
busy this week. we helped manny in san jose unfreeze a frozen debit card when it still had $107 on it to spend. and alexis quarante paid $50 for a flea medication she says didn't work on her cats. alexis told us the company promises a money-back guarantee but wouldn't give her a refund. so we called the company and alexis is now getting her 50 bucks back. we also helped greg in fremont get $133. he got tangled up in a billing problem after some medical tests. we helped him sort it all out. we'd also like to help you. share your complaints with us. call us, 888-996-tips or visit our web site, >> have a great evening. >> thank you, chris. checking in one more time with jeff rainieri. a lot of people are out tonight, friday night. >> they definitely are all across the bay area. of course in san francisco where you can see back here behind me plenty of blue sky right now. not much in the way of fog. let's get you to that microclimate forecast on this friday night. you can see from the outer
6:47 pm
sunset and our weather underground camera a beautiful and bright sunset here across the outer sunset. winds are cold, though, coming out of the west at 24 miles per hour. so you need a jacket if you're heading out to the city tonight or anywhere in the bay area, light jacket as these temperatures will eventually start to drop, of course. for the south bay right now, 82 degrees. peninsula 73. sf 66. currently the north bay a mild 83 as we look ahead towards your saturday morning forecast, a really nice start. if you're feeling super ambitious you got a long list for the weekend, you want to get going on saturday morning. we've got some weather that's going to be perfect for that. sunny skies in the south bay and 57. also clear in the east bay and 58. and sf a little bit of fog there and 54 degrees. we have been tracking this area of low pressure for the past few days it kept our temperatures out of the 90s, out of the 100s, but that's now beginning to move out. high pressure is starting to build in from the south. it's getting a lot stronger. and as this inches every step
6:48 pm
closer we're going to continue to see our temperatures warm up over the next three to four days. i'm sure you've seen is on the seven-day forecast for interior valleys we're jumping up into the 90s. with that said, fire danger going to be increasing. we still think the highest fire threat through this weekend will be across contra costa and alameda counties in the east bay, and it's not because winds are going to be extremely gusty. only 15 miles per hour out of the west. it's rather due to the hot air that's producing these low humidities. down to 18%. so everything from hiking to camping, even lighting up the barbecue, you just want to be extra cautious because it can only take one spark and things can go drastically wrong. as we head throughout your saturday forecast a look at the south bay. san jose 90 degrees and sunny skies up to 93 in morgan hill. for the peninsula, al low palo . pacifica 66. if you dip your toes in the water or anymore than that we
6:49 pm
have some strong rip currents you want to watch out for. in san francisco we're up to 71 tomorrow in the financial district and the mission at 70 and sunny. that goes right through the castro for the pride events for the north bay, east bay and tri-valley excellent weather across wine country. 92 in nap past. oakland's good tomorrow 81 and sunny. throughout the tri-valley a hot day in danville at 94 degrees. not too many changes for sunday. we'll see a degree or two of difference here. the best news, though, is there's no chance of any 100s the way we see it right now. 91 in the south bay on sunday, tri-valley 93 and the north bay also in the low 90s. of course we've been covering san francisco pride all night long in our news stories. when it comes to the weather for the pride parade on sunday, we do have a little bit of fog in the morning and low 60s by the afternoon. sunny skies and temperatures in the low 70s. maybe you're also heading up to nascar. huge huge event. lots of nascar fans here at the sonoma raceway. it's going to be a lot warmer there and low 90s.
6:50 pm
peggy and raj, we've got it all covered at i'm deciding how i'm going to get from one event to the other at this point. >> and nascar going to be still burning rubber gets a whole new meaning. it will be hot. >> exactly. >> thanks, jeff. he's a fan favorite for the giants and he's not even a player. we go behind the scenes with giants announcer dave fleming. stay with us. "and liftoff of the atlas rocke
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
runs4 =pgy/contvo=america's atlas roc and liftoff of the united launch alliance atlas 5 rockets. >> america's atlas rockets are once again cleared for takeoff. take a look at this. always incredible to see this
6:53 pm
happening. this is an unmanned at lalas 5 launching from cape canaveral this morning hauling a satellite into space for the navy. back in march the rocket shut down a few seconds too soon while making a space station delivery. that led to the grounding of the entire fleet. scientists discovered an issue with the fuel valve. they fixed it. that cleared the way for today's launch. after a near perfect road trip, the giants are back home tonight ready to host the phillies in about 15 minutes. >> that's right. and the players are getting ready. so are the broadcasters. the youngest of that crew, dave fleming, has blossomed right before our eyes. let's bring in nbc bay area's colin resch. >> reporter: it's hard to believe dave fleming has been calling giants games for 12 seasons now. with a quick ascent to the bigs for fleming, but he definitely paid his dues along the way. >> my first game they flew me in for a weekend. i remember being nervous about it. john and duane and mike were all there. and i was like 25 years old. so i show up, and the piece of
6:54 pm
advice they gave me which i really thought was great was they said we have these stacks of notes and stats. they took all of it right in front of me and said see all this? they just threw it in the garbage. they said, don't worry. you don't have to sound smart. you don't have to sound like you know every bit of giants history. just watch the game, describe the game and the fans will like it. my second big league game was a no-hitter. so the second game i ever worked was kevin millwood for the phillies, no hit the giants, a little uptight the giants had the best record in the big leagues. i show up and they don't get a hit in the game. i didn't think i was going to get invited back. my favorite call is the final out of the 2012 world series. >> bottom of the tenth inning here in detroit. and the giants are three outs away not only from a win here in game four but from a world series victory over the tigers. it would be a sweep. >> it became kind of a famous story. three outs away from wing the world series. i turned to john and i said, john, you're the lead voice of the team. should you -- maybe you should
6:55 pm
call the final out. maybe you should just do the play by play in the bottom of the tenth. and john said no. it's your inning, you do it. >> romo looking into the side from his catcher posey. 2-2 pitch on the way. cabrera takes strike three called and the giants have wouldn't world series in detroit! and the celebration begins as the giants mob the mound. cabrera strikes out to end it. >> so sergio romo strikes out miguel cabrera. there are not that many guys in history who called the final out of a world series and i'm one of them. >> not only have the giants won the world series, they have swept the tigers in four games! in dominant fashion! 12 seasons, three world series titles, and maybe a fourth this year. he might be more valuable than some of the players. in san francisco, colin resch, nbc bay area. >> okay, thank you, colin. finally tonight it's one of the biggest weekend of the year in wine country. jeff was talking about the
6:56 pm
forecast up in sonoma. get ready for dale earnhardt jr. and jimmy johnson. it's nascar's annual visit to sonoma. about 100,000 fans are going to be in town. they'll be drinking some wine. and it's nascar. they'll be drinking some beer. >> maybe some water. good idea. >> today there were some practice sessions. tomorrow qualifying events. and then the big race on sunday. it begins at noon. so just be careful if you're heading up there whether to seat race or not. there's going to be some traffic. good luck in finding a hotel room this weekend. >> you should drink water because it's going to be hot. >> mix in water. >> for that weekend, w-e-e-k-e-n-g we are looking at some warmer weather towards sonoma and 91 on saturday, 90 on sunday. san francisco upper 60s and low 70s for the pride parade. the weekend shaping up. >> the weekend is here. enjoy. have a great evening. >> see you at 11:00.
6:57 pm
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"top gun" star kelly mcgillis's terrifying 911 call as an intruder breaks into her house. >> now, on "extra." there's somebody in my house. >> it's absolutely chilling. actress kelly mcgillis in terror during a home invasion. >> help me! >> the attack and the shocking identity of the intruder, as "extra" obtains kelly's 911 call to police. >> i have never seen her before in my life. james corden versus donald trump. the stars going head-to-head over brexit. >> and from trump to the kardashians, how much the


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