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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 3, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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breaking overnight--- flames tear through an s-u-v in the mdlef oakland citstreets, afters >>. >> breaking overnight. flames tear through an suv in the middle of oakland city streets after the driver leads police on a slow-speed chase. >>. >> this is a very brazen act. police station shot on saturday, bullets fired into the entry way of concord police headquarters. what we are learning about the crime. >> shocking. tied up and robbed. one of the most famous people in the world. subject of a menaciing plot to steal millions. "today in the bay" starts right now. a good monday morning, i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon.
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hope you're coming off a fantastic weekend. rob, tell us the forecast. >> big showers yesterday. round two comes in probably midday today we'll see the clouds thicken up and a chance of finding a few more showers in the forecast. the radar is dry. you can see we've got rain on the approach, clouds on the way. temperatures in the 50s and 40s. feels like fall. look at high temperatures today. mid 60s. which let you know which areas are most likely to get rain out of your system. to see what's happening, here is rob. >> a nice, easy commute. we do have a couple of issues reported. the warning for the tri-valley is northbound 680. right now it's light anyway. a palette in the roadway. i'll bring more to you coming up. new this morning,
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authorities say a traffic stop at a low speed chase led to this, an arrest and a fully engulfed vehicle that ended early today. chp says patrol officers tried to stop an suv about 1:30 this morning because the car had no license plates on it. that's when the suv sped off from oakland's south hayward and back to oakland. chp says eventually that car exited and strip spikes made the rims of the car catch fire. officers managed to aleast the driver on the scene. a police station turned into a crime scene. concord police investigating two bullet holes found near the department's front door. it may have happened saturday night. chrissy smith reports one of the two bullet holes is above the anti-ray way. >> reporter: concord police point out two bullet holes outside their police department. one here. the other on a column near the
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front door. >> we are still looking into whether the con court police department was the intended target or whether this happened to be somebody in the vehicle driving by shooting at another person or another vehicle. >> he says they do not believe this is tied to anti-police sentiment in different parts of the country. about 11:15 saturday night, dispatch received calls of gun fire. this is police dispatch audio. >> we just heard a bunch of things out in front and are getting reports of shots fired from the vehicle at the pd. unknown what's going on. >> officers who were inside the building said that sounds like gun shots. >> after the gun shots, there were reports the car sped up. today investigators continue looking for evidence. the building has cameras, police are checking it and neighboring businesses to see what was captured. >> we were down the street walking home. >> what did you hear?
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>> a couple of shots. >> kareem said he just left a nearby market where he helps out. >> very concerning since we are right next to the police station. >> i could think of my ten years being at the police department, i can't tell you i remember anyone actually shooting our police department. people in the santa cruz mountains could breathe a sigh of relief. firefighters are hoping to contain the fire later today. it's 71% contained. 1,300 firefighters on the front line. 81 structures remain threatened. most evacuation orders lifted over the weekend. >> parade of the ships to the blue angels flying in the sky. fleet week kicking off today. the city is organizing an earthquake-preparedness trip. for fleet week, more than a
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million visitors are coming to the city, one of the most popular events of the year in san francisco. as for the show, blue angels are expected to hold a rehearsal thursday but then the air shows begin, friday, saturday and sunday. developing story in southern california this morning. heavy police presence on the streets of los angeles overnight as protesters rally after saturday's deadly police shooting. a vigil was held last night for 18-year-old carnell snell junior. >> the man shot and killed by police. it happened after officers chased snell on suspicious of car they a hand gun was on the scene. shooting comes days after police shot and killed a black man in san diego county triggering protests there. 4:35. kim kardashian west tied up and robbed at gun point. investigators believe robbers got away with $10 million of
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jewelry. >> family emergency. >> that's kanye west abruptly leaving a concert in new york city, presumably after he learned about this incident. the robbery happened at a hotel room where kardashian is staying for fashion week. five people dressed as police officers broke into the private mansion and tied her up and locked her in a bathroom. they took a ring and jewelry box each valued at about $5 million. kardashian west was not hurt but said to be shaken up judgment. >> the search continues for the driver who struck a man in san jose, a crash that happened yesterday morning on capital expressway. 28-year-old michael verela was fund dead on scene. 4:36, rob-in for kari who remains on maternity leave. >> snow in the sierra.
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mostly clear skies in san jose. that is set to change through midday. more clouds and a chance for rain in the forecast. a look at that coming up. a look right now at fremont 880 past the truck scales. a nice easy drive here. talking about more issue are to the i tri-valley. plus the saga of an east bay girl put in a coma after a botched medical procedure. happening today...
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==tvo== suended oaknd raiderldon in a south bay courtroom. smith faces misdemeanor charges, stemming from two separate incidents. in one case 00 smith is accused happening day, aldon smith is to appear in a courtroom facing misdemeanor charges from two separate incidents. condition is a dui and another is a hit-and-run vandalism which forced the 49ers to release smith. a hearing involving a civil law smith for jahi mcmath. the family is hoping for a miracle. in 2010 a botched medical procedure leftler in a medical coma. a break in a decades's old murder case.
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> marcia clark disappeared and her children found a pool of blood in her bed. she was found in a trunk of her own car.ç detectives were able to identify 58 old sheryl smothers as a suspect. he's been arrested. 4:41. taking cover and bundling up. major hurricane barrelling through the caribbean right now as islanders preparing. snow in the sierra. how everyone, how long and could this be an early sign of things to come? =topvo=
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people are scramblinto ta cover in the caribbean this morning as hurricane matthew moves closer to land. this is video happening now, people are scrambling to take cover in the caribbean this morning as hurricane matthew moves closer to land. this is video from jamaica being hammered by rain and strong winds from the category 4 hurricane. 130 mile-an-hour winds are expected to hit parts of haiti and cuba. >> there is no point in worrying because if it's going to come, it's going to come. you would be foolish if you didn't prepare for it. >> the storm is expected to miss florida and possibly make landfall in the bahamas. >> scariest in the caribbean in tahoe. check this out. snow sticking on tree, branches and the ground and dusting of
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snow flakes. while the snow lifts remain idle at both resorts, it's a become sign ski season is just around the corner. early october storm turned out to be a treat for some travelers. >> this is amazing. there is more where that came from. >> you have to love it. she was out there in shorts. >> temperatures are cooling. we've been watching snow showers in the sierra. radar picking that up. you can see it there around lake tahoe the last 3 or 4 hours or so. check out what's happening off the coast here. you've got rain dropping in eventually. that will spill toward the bay area. radar right now for your morning commute looks dry but changing up through the rest of the morning into the early
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afternoon. 40s and 50s. it's going to be a cool day as clouds fill in. average high san jose 78. by 1:00 mid 60s. clouds chicken up. during the day today as we pass about 9:00, start to show the showers north bay and pass noon into early afternoon. you see the showers down the peninsula toward the evening commute. totals again not all that bik. we should she more in terms of aerial coverage than we saw yesterday. measurable rain at times from north to south. highs today running well pro average. mid to upper 60s around the south bay. peninsula temperatures in the mid 60s. check out santa rosa only near 60. jacket weather will be fine. no need to dress in layers today. seven-day forecast making a change. tuesday into wednesday, you can see you have rain up on the
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north coast. high pressure is going to build back toward northern california. while the snow and the sierra and showers you see today is pleasant, it's not going to stick around. seven-day forecast makes it shift back to late summer-like weather. san francisco and coast seeing 70s. as early as thursday into friday. check out valley temperatures dropping into the 60s today. back to the mid 80s. >> looking over here, roadways look real nice. rob is talking about that first mist in the drizzle. damp roadways to raise that grease and oil up. keep that in mind wherever you're driving. southbound 680 near the off ramp, flashing lights and some sort of activity there. coming down in milpitas. so far this is a distraction to report in the area.
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the wood debris, the palette in sunol, a box spring reported eastbound 580. perhaps a truck was carrying something this way. if you go over to the bay bridge toll plaza, no problems down the east shore freeway for the maze or north. >> sounds like a lot of people's moving day out there. google stepping up its smart phone game. >> tesla sets a record. for more on that, let's turn to landon dowdy at cnbc world headquarters. >> good monday morning. welcome to the first trading day of q-4. wall street will try to start off on a positive note. we get auto sales, construction spending and manufacturing. those ahead of friday's big economic report of the week. september jobs report. friday u.s. stocks finished up after a bumpy week.
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strong showing from energy stocks and easing concerns of deutsche went. the nasdaq up 42 to 5312. tesla delivered a record-breaking 24,500 vehicles in q- 3. that is an increase of about 70% from last quarter. deliveries were led by the model s. the all-electric car company expect deliveries to be just as high. google is expected to announce its biggest new product launch tomorrow. it's rebranding its smart phone and reports say google will announce two new phones pixel. it will run the latest version. >> thank you very much. >>. >> they're back. they came in and this is
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where i saw the huge pack of them. you can see they are effective ripping up the sod. >> wild animals terrorizing a south bay neighborhood. happening right now, touching milestone. husband marks his wife's final chemotherapy treatment with 500 roses. as the chance continues, download our app to get immediate alerts.
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at the marine mammal center, the environment is everything. we want to do our very best for each and every animal, and we want to operate a sustainable facility. and pg&e has been a partner helping us to achieve that. we've helped the marine mammal center go solar, install electric vehicle charging stations, and become more energy efficient. pg&e has allowed us to be the most sustainable organization we can be. any time you help a customer, it's a really good feeling. it's especially so when it's a customer that's doing
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such good and important work for the environment. together, we're building a better california. a peace deal with rebels. government andement between the voters in colombia rejected a peace deal with rebels that be carefully negotiated for years
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with the government. that peace agreement between the government and rebel group would have ended years of civil war and violence and allowed the rebels to officially become a political party. both sides are not giving up hope for peace. the country's president will leave in place a cease-fire. despite serious damage to their church, nothing is stopping an east bay congregation. members of the first congressional church in berkeley were able to have services at a church across the street yesterday. on friday, a fire ripped into their building causing severe damage to the roof and second floor. the congregation says they are grateful for the help they've been receiving from the community. >> they've been wonderful neighbors to us. i believe we'll be hear again next sunday and we're in conversation with a number of organizations for more semi permanent space while we're out of our own sanctuary and building. >> they do not believe it was arson. >> that was a four-alarm fire.
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>> 4:53. a roaming group of wild boars causing headaches for homeowners in the south bay. the evergreen neighborhood say these pigs are leaving a path of destruction on some front lawns looking for insects and grubs below the surveys. there is little they can do to keep the pack away. one neighbor has to replace his entire front lawn. just describing some of the process there. saying all the sod had been torn up on his lawn so he has to reface the entire thing. if you live in this part of the south bay, you may know that the problem is not exactly a new one. neighbors believe the pigs are coming from a nearby open ranch. >> every year. >> like clock work. there is no need to bring head phones. >> runners in san jose rock 'n roll marathon were treated to
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live music along the route. keep you dancing, keep you running. that was a taste of the u.s. air force band. thousands of people laced up their running shoes hitting the streets for this year's event. at the end they were treated for another performance. roadway played to the ground downtown. >> what a weekend for giants fans who swept the dodgers. elation for fans as the team officially clinches a postseason wild card berth on the final day of the regular season. giants defeated the rival l.a. dodgers at at&t winning 7-1 and sweeping the weekend series. that puts them in position to advance if they win one more game. here is a live look at at&t park. the only way that game will be played there if giants can win a one game all-or-nothing wild
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card in new york. the giants face the mets in new york on wednesday in a win and move on game. they will start arguably their best pitcher madison bum baumgartner. >> these two pitchers are arguably the best in the entire national league. this might be the most hype there's been around a wild car game. >> cubs had the best record in all of baseball this year trying to break a 100 plus-year-old curse. giants have this every 2-year-old thing. it's that year again. get to the dance and they can win another world series. >> do we all know what we are doing on wednesday? >> we are watching the part ji. rain in the forecast this morning. right nowç cloudy skies.
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54. the radar is fired up this morning, not picking up anything at the moment. check up the north coast. another round of rain and more sierra snow. big changes ahead on your seven-day forecast. >> this is 101. folks with head lights coming down, not presenting a problem right now. on the east bay there is an incident here off the castro valley. we'll talk about what's going on. >> a lot going on this week. the blue angels are returning to the bay area. that's not all for fleet week. kicks off an earthquake emergency drill.
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flames tear through an s-u-v in the middle of an east bay street. we'll show you mo ofhis video just in to our newsroom. =sot= @7 this is a very brazen act oc: ..brazen act trt: 03 rick/cont.vo rick con't vo ricklive== rick live sam/vo and robbed" --ockin-"tied up
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take a look at this. that is not part of a construction malfunction. someone not at this building over the weekend. how police are doing in this investigation. that story ahead. shocking, tied up and robbed. one of the most famous people in the world, the subject of a menacing plot to steal millions. a very good monday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. refreshing start on a monday. a lot of activity going on in the skies. we talk about the blue angels, but first rain. >> many spots seeing the first rain of fall yesterday. we picked up the highest totals around the north bay. we show you the numbers we had the last 24 hours. concord about 0.1 inch. we are tracking changes up on the north coast. it will be arriving around midday. 40s and 50s. jacket weather for the morning


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