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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 3, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> great weather for fleet week. >> good timing in the seven-day forecast. late mid morning commute time, you are going to deal with showers showing up in the north bay. the sierra, this is what we are watching now. starting to clip the northern end of sonoma çcounty. cool start. check this out. 43 in napa. that feels like fall. you see afternoon temperatures in the 60s as we track showers moving north to south. we'll show how much radar we are expecting coming up in a few minutes. >> things are starting to get more crowded around the bay, south bay in particular. we continue to crack this, the investigation just off 680. we have an update in seconds. we will follow this, as well. a little slowing that just cleared 280. there were reports of a deer hit in the area. maybe a disabled vehicle. we'll leave all these active
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until i can get the all-clear from chp. approaching the bay bridge, a smooth drive down the upper east shore. no major problems getting in towards san francisco. in san francisco, dream force is in town. detours around moscone center. b.a.r.t. has 44 trains on time. >> you mentioned that breaking news we've been following out of san jose. investigators have been canvassing an air use year 680 and mckey. there was a lengthy chase that ended in a crash. two suspects took off. one was taken into custody. that car was eventually towed in. deputies have not released information about the second suspect. >> there was a chase this morning. a trsk stop led to an arrest and a fully engulfed suv that ended early in the streets of east
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oakland. patrol officers tried to stop an suv about 1:30 this morning. the driver sped off. stripe spikes eventually made the rims of that car catch fire. they managed to arrest the driver at the end of the scene. to a developing story. east bay police department turned into a crime scene. search continues for the gunman who opened fire at a concord police station. >> rick boon is live there now. >> that is the big question this monday morning. let me show you the big incident. >> this it a brazen and
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dangerous act. police don't know why this happened. >> it is believed a car sped off before officers could get on to the street. now officers are talking to witnesses in the area to see if they saw or heard anything. >> we were down the street walking home. >> what did you hear? >> a couple of shots. couple of gun shots. >> i could think of my ten years being at the police department. i can't tell you i remember somebody shooting at our police department. >> this is not, according to police, connected to police sentiment around the country. the big question is, why and who? even officers within the department haven't had a chance to see this.
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they stopped off a few seconds ago to check it out themselves. this is the talk of not only this town but the talk of this department. just into our newsroom, firefighters have progress. it's now 81% contained. firefighters hoping to fully contain the loma fire later today. that fire destroyed 12 homes and burned through 4,500 acres of land. most evacuations were lifted over the weekend. it's that time of the year again, from the parade of ships to the blue angels flying high in the skies. fleet week kicks off today. ahead of all the events, the city is organizing an earthquake preparedness drill. first responders are expected to take part simulating a major
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quake on the hayward fault. more than 1 million visitors will fill the city. the blue angels are expected to hold a rehearsal thursday. there's the official air shows begin on friday, and they continue through sunday. a very scary scene on friday. 6:05. looks like nothing is stopping an east bay congregation. me were able to hold services at a church across the street. friday a fire ripped through their building. causing severe damage to the roof and to the second floor. the congregation says it's grateful for the help they received, all pouring in from the community. >> they've been wonderful neighbors to us. i believe we'll be here again next sunday and we are in conversation with a number of organizations for more semi permanent space while out of our own sanctuary and building.
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as for the cause, at this point, investigators don't believe it was arson. developing story in southern california to tell you about. heavy police presence on the streets of los angeles overnight. protesters rally after saturday's deadly police shooting. a vigil was held last night for 18-year-old carnell snell jr, man shot and killed by police. a hand gun was found at the scene, but is uncloor if it belongs to snell. >> protesters interrupted the unveiling ceremony davis. the statue was a gift from the indian government. the indian consul general was
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harassed. gandhi was a man with a history of racism and abuse. supporters say they installed the statue but of his philosophy of nonviolence. >> 6:07. there is a break in a decades-old murder case. richmond police arrested a man for a crime that happened more than 30 years ago. this is marcia carter who disappeared from her home in richmond 1983. her young children woke up to find a pool of blood in her bed. once after that, her body was found in the trunk of her own car in sacramento. detectives were able to identify sheryl smothers as a suspect. he's been arrested. coast guard confirms they found the body of a missing kayaker near the san mateo bridge. the man was seen last saturday kayaking with two friends. by the time they reached the
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boat he was nowhere to be found. this family left devastated after a deadly hit-and-run in the south bay. the crash happened yesterday morning. investigators say 28-year-old was found dead on the scene. his grandmother is urging the driver to come forward. >> tell me how come you didn't help him. >> it's so tough for her. there have been 31 deadly crashes in san jose this year. 6:08. chp is reminding drivers to be extra careful. rain could have played a role in this deadly crash yesterday. chp said the accident happened about 1:00 in the afternoon just as light rain began to fall. a woman driving on highway 4
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took a turn at 50 miles per hour and lost control of her car. she crashed into the median and slammed into a tree. a reminder to be cautious when you're out on the roadways. we did have rain yesterday. there is some in the forecast today. >> what are we in store for? >> cool temperatures around the bay area. later we'll begin to see the rain drop out of the north bay where it's chilly. 43 in napa. 48 in livermore. 50s around the bay area. rain in the next hour or two spreading southward late morning through midday. showers increasing around the bay. there you see the higher rain totals north of san francisco. most picking up less than 0.1 inch of rain. everyone in on the cool weather.
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only mid 60s today around the south bay. then the pattern begins to change. seven-day forecast, you notice a big change thursday and friday. san francisco back into the 70s. valley temperatures now into the 60s. mid 80s by thursday and friday. >> that's enough to raise up the oil and grease deposited. keep that in mind. the commute while looking at the south bay, we'll point out two spots. this is 680 and mckey. we talked about that pursuit and the investigation. the off ramp resoaped. the rest of the south bay starting to see more traffic flowing. south bound shows just below the speed limit. the castro valley, let me point out the second of two issues.
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southbound 280 down to about marina boulevard. there is a crash reported shy of marina. three vehicles blocking your fast lane. this is the metering light. back to you. >> a lot of people, monday morning. >> embrace that monday morning commute. >> 6:11. >> up next. tied up and robbed at gun point. armed and masked intruders stormed into kim kardashian's hotel room in paris. the multimillion dollar heist everyone is talking about. allegations donald trump made sexually offensive comments to women on "the apprentice" and avoided playing taxes. hillary clinton tries to catch up to trump in ohio. the latest in decision 2016. business and tech.
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=cover shot= ==laura/2shot== kim kardaiswest ti up and robbed at gunpoint.. investigators now believe
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robbers got away with nearly at 6:14, news reports this morning, kim kardashian west tied up and robbed at gun point. investigators believe robbers got away with $10 million worth of jewelry. kanye west abruptly left a concert in new york city presumably after learning about that incident. >> i'm sorry. family emergency. i have to stop the show. >> kanye west cutting the show there. the robbery happened in paris where kim kardashian is attending fashion week. source tells nbc news five people who dressed up as police officers got into her room, tied her up and locked her in a bathroom. they took a ring and jewelry box, each one valued at about $5 million. kardashian west wasn't injured but said to be badly shaken up. i mean this man is clearly unfit toç be commander in chie. >> wrong. >> he is a bully.
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>> shut up. >> he started the birther movement. >> you did. >> it's the "saturday night live" skit everyone seems to be talking about. alec baldwin as donald trump and kate mckinnon as hillary clinton. this was the most watched season premiere in eight years. >> he's got the lip thing down. >> they are both pretty good. >> that's exactly an imitation of the real thing. >> back in the real world of politics, hillary clinton is in ohio as voters get ready to vote early. >> it's not been a good week of donald trump. he is starting with allegations of sexism. trissy pots joining us live from washington, d.c. with all the details. what are you learning? >> beyond the big tax story that broke over the weekend, now we have allegations that donald trump was insulting women behind the scenes on his show "the apprentice." new this morning, the associated press interviewed 20 people who
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say donald trump made sexist remarks about contestants and crew and rating women by their breast side. others say they never heard it. trump spokeswoman calls the report outlandish, unsubstantiated and totally false. trump is in colorado where polls are virtually tied. >> she could actually be crazy. she should be in prison. i don't think she is loyal to bill. >> trump is defending against "the new york times" report showing he declaired a $916 million loss in 1995. that could allow him to avoid paying federal taxes for 18 years. >> the reality is he's a genius. >> don't hate the player. hate the game. >> trump tweeted he knows tax laws better than anyone who's run for president. early voting starts next week in ohio.
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>> not everyone can march but everyone can talk and everyone can reach out and everyone can vote. >> hillary clinton there today endorsed by nba star lebron james and signing up in you voters. she'll be in ohio today focusing on getting out the vote efforts in the state where she needs it. also the clinton team called that tax report on donald trump a bombshell. his people say that he did pay taxes. of course we just don't know when and how much because he has yet to release his tax returns. >> thank you very much. usually say money news yet. this is money news. people are getting tired of their pennies. >> that's right. it's already happening on wall street starting today. something called the tick? >> how about that? the tick is the movement, up or down on the stock market so
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today a very few select stocks will tick up and down by nickels instead of pennies. up 15 cents, up 20 cents. it will start with just a few stocks, but hopes to expand to other stocks soon. if you're old enough you can remember stocks used to move by fractions, up 1/8. if you can remember to 2001. bass pro shops buying cabela's for $5.5 billion. the two stores sell outdoor gear, hunting and fishing. if you don't hunt or fish, it's still cool stuff. facebook announced it would create a marketplace to sell stuff to your friends and other people nearby like craigslist, shares of ebay as they move
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lower. over the weekend, the u.s. handled control of the naming system to an international group called ican. this was a big controversy for ted cruz who said the u.s. should not give up control over something it invented. "the sun will come up in the morning and the internet will continue to function as usual" and it did with the exception of netflix which was down. not their fault. >> as long as people have their netflix, they're happy. >> they can binge watch to their heart's content. a lot of contented hearts from at&t park as people are raising their arms celebrating the. giants swept the dodgers this weekend. boy, does that have major implications for the postseason. here is what it means. the giants now move on to play a
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one game wild card game against the new york mets at city field in new york. if they are able to win that game with madison baumgarner. every year giants have a lot of success and this is that year. >> he let's take a quick look at weather conditions. >> this is football we are talking about. >> i love when i throw out the forecast new york city wednesday. we are talking the wild card
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matchup between giants and mets. that is an evening start wednesday. mostly clear skies. new york's weather could be odd this time of year. >> that is not a football helmet. that's the moon. >> you can see it's football weather. >> i was confused. it's baseball. >> looks good. you've got temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. 50s and 40s outside. chilly start. that is subject to change now. clouds begin to roll in. those are rain-producing clouds. just to the northwest of santa rosa. we will see all the day clouds and scattered showers at times moving across the bay area. areas north bay will pick up the most out of the system.
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60s around san jose. low 60s from san francisco up the peninsula. you see across the board about 60 to 70 with the spread of temperatures. seven-day forecast shows changes. once pass tuesday and wednesday, notice temperatures on the rise through the second half of the week. no more chances of showers. good chance of 70s back in the forecast. >> we are looking at the commute just starting to build now. south bay looks like we are getting that little break. another 10 minutes we'll see traffic there. we've seen a break now southbound 880. recovery from the coliseum. westbound 24 slowing over the last few minutes. a fender bender reported in your middle lane. chp will arrive soon.
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we have that build. >>. >> you're enticed with a sign-up bonus. what if it never arrives? nbc bay area responds next. bucks.
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=sam/2shot= consumer investigat chmura is here with his story. nbc bay area responds to a
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south bay man who says at&t owes him $200. >> james randalman signed up for at&t this past spring. he was promised $200 prepaid visa rewards card. he was told the company sent him a letter to get that reward card. at&t told james it was too late and that perk expired. james was frustrated because he says that's not how the offer was explained to him. he thought the card was going to be sent automatically. we reached out to at&t and it gave james the $200 reward card, calling this a one-time courtesy adjustment. we are working on other cases where an east bay woman is said
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she is owed a $400 reward card. if you talk about a sign-up bonus, get the terms in writing. if there are hoops to jump through, make sure you know about them. call us. have a great day. >> thanks. coming up next on "today in the bay," bullets lodged in an east bay police station. search for the gunmen and motive. joining us.
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=sam/4shot= raannon. and i'm sam brock (toss rob) ==wx/cu== ==si a very good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. everyone is getting a little sprinkle. you're tracking rain. >> starting to see the clouds moving in from north to south. that is where the rain is on the radar. take a look at that. you can see it moving into sonoma county. we head to the morning. clear skies in the tri-valley and north bay. 40s and 50s to start. jacket weather throughout the day today. low to mid 60s to highs from north to south. as the rain falls, could cause slowing for the morning commute. >> highway 24, look at all this
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slowing. we had this crash reported. it is affecting the off ramp, but may be visible from westbound 24 adding to the distraction and slower drive.ç we have all these folks coming over. back to you. 6:32 on monday morning. just into our newsroom. stanford sending out a community alert. a woman reporting she was sexually assaulted. the university says details about the attack, it was limited. it happened on the student residence early friday morning. the victim is reporting she did not know the suspect. stand forward said there is no information at this point about the suspect. happening today, return to san francisco's fleet week and the city is kicking off the event with an earthquake-preparedness drill.
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>> you can see some of the lights brinking. that's where they will be setting up for this drill showing how first responders would operate in a magnitude 7 earthquake. the simulation will show san francisco's ability to distribute and deliver emergency supplies to the public after a 7.0 earthquake on the hayward fault. part of the drill took place yesterday. more than 100 workers and volunteers will be out here. >> the navy yesterday delivered supplies at pier 50, then the national guard today. it's a partnership with the military and we'll have disaster workers, city employees and volunteers here staffing the emergency supply distribution.
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>> visitors will see the blue angels performing in the bay. today's disaster training makes fleet week unique compared to other fleet weeks around the country. this is the actual place where people in a disaster would come to pick up food and supplies to sustain them for several days. this is seventhly a practical training that will help for earthquake preparedness. >> thank you very much. 6:34. two raider fans have been arrested for allegedly being involved in a fight that left a ravens' fan in critical condition. "the baltimore sun" reports the fans are both from new york. that fight happened yesterday. the victim's sister says her brother and the other men got in an argument. her brother was punched and fell and hit his head on the floor. he has a 30% chance of survival. concord police investigating two bullet holes found near the
6:35 am
department's front door. police believe it may have happened saturday night when dispatch received calls of gun fire coming from the vehicle just outside department headquarters. one of the two bullet holes is above the entryway. investigators do not believe the gun fire is linked to anti-police sentiment around the nation. >> we are looking into whether they were the intended target or this was someone driving by shooting at another person or another vehicle. >> they are trying to determine what car to be looking for. suspended oakland raider aldon smith is facing a couple of misdemeanor charges stemming from two separate incidents. in one case smith is accused of violating a past dui conviction. another involves an alleged hit-and-run that prompted the 49ers to release smith in 2015.
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robin williams' widow published annes ay in a medical journal. she describes williams drowning in symptoms of dementia feeling like she was drowning with him. it is often misdiagnosed and can come with impaired thinking, memory loss, insomnia and paranoia. she hopes her essay leads to more understanding to everyone affected. 6:36. dr.s say the now 16-year-old girl is brain dead. her family is keeping her alive hoping for a miracle. in 2013 a botched medical procedure at children's hospital left jahi in what doctors described as an irreversible
6:37 am
coma. today's hearing should be tied to future court days. >> san mateo county is reportedly expanding its energy program to more customers. the county has been launching a new initiative to expand clean energy to 70,000 customers. more than half the power comes from renewable sources. be careful where you choose to smoke in sunnyvale. a new law is in effect that prohibits smokers lighting up within 20 feet of apartments, 25 feet of bus stops, smoking is now banned in south door dining areas, public events like farmers markets. it includes tobacco products and electronic smoking devices. a roaming group of wild boars are leaving a path of destruction on front lawns
6:38 am
looking for insects and grubs. there is little to do. one neighbor has to replace his entire front lawn. >> they came in and this is where i saw the huge pack of them. you can see they are incredibly effective ripping up the sod. >> if you live in this part of the south bay, you know the problem is not exactly a new one. neighbors believe the pigs are coming from a nearby ranch. this is a first for the season. check this out. snowflakes sticking on trees and branches and the ground. this is covering the highest sierra elevations. it's a welcome sign ski season just around the corner. early october storm turned out to be a treat for some travelers. >> just amazing.
6:39 am
first snow of the season. >> as they schieffer. >> it feels so good. >> there could be more where that comes from. as we talk about rain in the bay area, sometimes that does correlate the snow in the sierra. >> it's good if it's cold enough. >> snow close to 6,000 feet. catching a break around south shore lake tahoe. you can see spreading into sonoma county. south of golden gate. more scattered showers and cool temperatures outside. 43 this morning in napa. 48 in livermore. 40s and 50s in the morning. we'll see mostly cloudy skies. late morning commute, you'll begin to see showers and some of that could stretch into the evening. especially around the south bay. 60s across the board. near 70. notice the big change in the seven day forecast after today.
6:40 am
low 70s around san francisco and temperatures rebounding again. we had the snow. nice showers today. another taste of summer-like weather returning by friday. >> never far from summer in the bay area. we are looking to the south bay where the biggest change may have happened the last few minutes. a couple of crashes reported. one close to shoreline. back up 101 results in backup 207. as we look at the rest of your commute, a smooth flow through the south bay. watch out for cupertino. we have traps why it issues. we have twoferies canceled out of oakland. >>. >> you help deal with it every morning for commuters. today the bay area transportation leaders will release a report on the logjam that's the commute drivers face
6:41 am
every day. they are expected to present new data measuring the commute time riders face in 2018. in recent years, interstate 80 and interstate 880 have been among those with the longest commute times. >> we are well represented on the top 10. 6:41. held up at gun point and the crime involves one of the most recognizable faces in the world. kim kardashian west is reportedly tied up and rob. what thieves stole from her. the safest city in the country. bay area made the cut.
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=laura/live= ad lib golden gate bridge we are taking a live look outside on this beautiful monday morning. we'll have more on the fleet week celebrations in our city by the bay. 6:44. we are learning more about news that broke overnight. kim kardashian west reportedly tied up and robbed at gun point in paris. kanye west abruptly left a
6:45 am
concert last night in new york city, presumably after learning about the incident. >> i'm sorry. family emergency. i have to stop the show. >> just stopping his concert on a dime. this robbery happened in paris where kardashian is in the city for fashion week. a source tells nbc news five people dressed up as police officers tied her and locked her in a bathroom. they reportedly took about $10 million worth of jewelry. kardashian wasn't hurt but said to be shaken up. donald trump is on the defensive this morning after the apparent leak of an old tax return. someone anonymously sent "the new york times" a copy of the tax return. it shows trump declared a $916 million loss in 1995 that would have enabled him to avoid paying federal taxes for 18 years. trump campaign says he paid
6:46 am
millions in taxes even though trump's returns have not been released. authorities in washington are investigating a vandal attack. someone on saturday spray painted "no justice, no peace" and "black lives matter" on the sides of a wall. there is youtube video showing the vandal in action. a new endorsement for hillary clinton. lebron james announced he is supporting the democratic presidential nominee. the endorsement comes one day before clinton's visit to inge ron, ohio, james' hometown. for those hoping for more information about recent train crash, difficult news. the data recorder wasn't working
6:47 am
at the time of the accident. they found the recorder blank. there is more focus trying to free the second black box buried under all that wreckage. investigators in wisconsin trying to figure out who burned more than 30 school bus necessary milwaukee. the woman who lives about two miles away heard several explosions and saw smoke. they now have to find another way to transport their students. medical news for kids. turns out those who use certain forms of alternative medicine are less likely to get a flu shot. overall 43% had received the flu vaccine within the past year. children who had been treated by a chiropractor or massage therapist have lowerç vaccinatn rates. two studies show depuma lab
6:48 am
significantly improved the rash and itching from eczema. it will be tested to treat other conditions like asthma. sunniville is one of the safest cities in america. it is the nice, safest city in america. number one spot went to carrie, north carolina. oakland number 9, st. louis, missouri, was number one. >> san francisco will be one of the busiest cities in the country. >> that's right. we have fleet week and dream force. >> these numbers are staggering. about 830,000 people live in san francisco. dream force is going to add another 130,000 just at the moscone center. that starts tomorrow. unless you're totally into crm, you're not going to be there.
6:49 am
this is the largest tech conference in the world. the moscone center is about to undergo a major renovation. that's going to affect future conferences. they'll add 300,000 square feet. the center will be closed for an extended period next year. this will have a negative effect on hotels and other tourism hot spots. the city says the moscone center accounts for 20% of the tourism dollars and the san francisco business times estimates the five-month closure will cause 350,000 hotel rooms to go empty next year. we get the september jobs report on friday. we had a string of good numbers as the economy continues to grow. there is going to be one more jobs report before the election. the election is here on tuesday. the last job report before will come on that previous friday. this is going to be a very
6:50 am
important politically jobs report. >> bass pro shops will buy cabela's in a $5.5 billion deal. if you don't -- i fish, i don't hunt, but if you don't do those things, it's still worth going in there. >> we went on a bowling trip. >> we do get along. it's nice. happening now, people are scrambling to take cover in the caribbean as hurricane matthew moves closer to land. this is video from present jamaica being hammered by rain and strong winds. 130 mile-an-hour winds also expected to hit parts of haiti and cuba. the storm is expected to miss florida and curb away from the
6:51 am
rest of the east coast. >> this is expected to be a devastating hurricane, possibly the strongest since 2007? >> it's a large storm. doesn't have to make a direct hit. the size of the storm affecting all those three regions. category 4 hurricane. there is the path we think it will take, impacting haiti, jamaica, cuba. the bahamas. big impact there. how strong that ridge of high pressure is in the atlantic. will it curve around that high and exit away from the east coast or make an approach on the outer banks of north carolina. time frame to watch there as it makes a turn to the north and to the northeast away from the east coast, but if you have plans, stay tuned. florida out of the cone of potential impact with that storm. parts of the eastern seaboard could see impacts this week. this morning is a chilly start. you want a jacket in napa. 40s and 50s right now.
6:52 am
and we've got rain on the approach into the north bay. sonoma county starting to see that. mid morning, all of this will be scuttling across the rest of the bay area mostly cloudy skies. chance of showers. highest totals on the hill tops here. our projection for rain total under 0.1 inch of rain. you sigh the futurecast taking us through today. shows the chance of showers throughout the day. mostly cloudy skies. coolest day happening today. upper 60s around the south bay. low 60s for san francisco into the north bay. mid to upper 60s from east bay and tri-valley. a big shift from wednesday into thursday's high pressure builds back if you want a late taste of summer weather coming back to the bay area. seven-day forecast starting thursday or friday. go to san francisco. back into the 70s. after today with the cool temperatures and showers in the locations back into the mid 80s friday and saturday.
6:53 am
>> things are changing on your morning commute. volume building around the bay. south bay itself. we had an additional problem heading north. that caused a big backup here on moffitt field. >> more significant backup westbound 237. really slowing down. the rest of your northbound routes heading through san jose, that is a typical pattern. 85 spreading up toward saratoga. as we move up, looking at 680. tri-valley, pleasanton to sunol. southbound. castro valley 880 toward union city. the push across the bridges. we have the build to the bay bridge. live look at san mateo bridge. back to you. coming up, shots fired at an
6:54 am
east bay police station. search is on for answers this morning. happening right now, a touching milestone. husband marks his wife final chemotherapy treatment with more than 500 roses. >> plus talking about chances of rain. download our app to get immediate alerts. before you head out the door -h
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=sam/2shot= =topvo= breakingrnight: welcome back. 6:57. here are the top stories on nbc bay area. >> breaking overnight. investigators and santa clara deputies canvassing an area by 680 all morning. there was a lengthy chase that ended in a crash. two suspects took off. one was taken into custody. that car has since been towed away. sheriff's deputies have not released information about the second suspect. >> a traffic stop and low speed chase led to an arrest and a fully engulfed vehicle. the chp says patrol officers tri tried to stop the deliver of an suv because it had no license plates. that's when the driver took off.
6:58 am
chp says strip spikes ultimately made the rims of the car catch fire. officers managed to arrest the driver at the scene. still no answers yet in the developing story. concord police investigating two bullet holes found near the department's front door. police believe this may have happened saturday night when dispatch received phone calls of gun fire coming from the vehicle just outside department headquarters. they are right above the entry way. the other is on the column near the front door. investigators don't believe the gun fire is linked to anti-police sentiment going around the country. police are examining surveillance video to determine what kind of car was involved. 6:58. head of the return of san francisco's fleet week, the city is organizing an earthquake preparedness drill. first responders expected to take part in a drill simulating a major quake on the hayward fault. the blue angels are expected to
6:59 am
hold a rehearsal thursday and air shows begin friday and continue through sunday. blue angels usually perform about 3:00 p.m. it has been a chillier start. by the time we get to friday it hits the 70s. >> temperatures climbing the second half of the week. check out the rain and radar. sonoma county. showers to the north and cool temperatures, 40s and 50s outside. cool finish to the day. highs around the bay area. showers and then by the end of the week, mid to upper 80s. >> something for everyone. >> there we go. what about that morning commute? >> there is a portion of east bay getting worse. south bay, pretty standard. recovering 101 and westbound 237. the earlier crash gummed things up there. that has cleared from the
7:00 am
roadway. typical pattern. >> we'll check back with mike and rob when we have our local news update. good morning. breaking news. hurricane matthew, a category 4 storm, one of the strongest in years, bearing down on haiti and jamaica right now. evacuations under way. forecasters say it could be catastrophic. we're live in the caribbean and al is tracking its path. taxing the campaign? donald trump fends off new calls to release his returns after a report shows he may not have paid any federal income tax for years. and this morning, another controversy -- what former "apprentice" cast members and crew are saying about his behavior on the set of that reality show. robbed at gunpoint. kim kardashian held up in paris by men disguised as police officers.


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