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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  October 7, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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its way up the florida coastline, with ferocious winds and rain. a live look at daytona beach, the upper-left corner of your screen. the southeast hew is marching up coast....after a deadly spree across the caribbean. sam/2shot good morning, and thanks for joining us for our midday necast. i'm sabrock ==sam//cu== the e ofhe storm-is still florida.the coast of central and matthew is heag north... wi warning that jacksonville could see massive flooding. here's the latest: there's been one confirmedstorm so far. nearly 600-hundred thousand people are without power...and officials expect that number to rise significantly. the storm has weakened to a millions are still bracing for matthew. ==anim== nbc's sarah roarijoins us live from daytona beach.settg the sce for us
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==take pkg== outcue:..dayna beac florida trt: 1:29 =sarahlive== ==anim== ==sam//cu== the catastrophic, worst-case scenario may no
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longer be at play---- but hurricane matthew can still heads up the coast. meteorologist rob mayeda has the last couple days...and this. rob--- everything north of the"g all kinds of storm surge... ==wx//wx chroma== =wx toss anchors= =sam/v set vo= one area crushed by the winds
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and rain this morning is palm c
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lynch, was captured by his home security camera. lynch says that the cameras have his house is in now. what state we do know, many millions remai. and some crews from the bay aree destruction zone. anim nbc bay area's chuck coppola is live at mineta san jose inteationalirport.chuck... =chuck/live= (rollcoue: going by way of columbia, south carolina)
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president obama says he's ==take sot==hing the situation. s/ president barack obama :36 "the bigger concern at this poinis not just hricane force winds, buttorm surg hurricane sandwhere initial peoplehought thisoesn't lookas ) ns=:26 ==ke con't == before matthew suck the atlantih ==take con't vo== beformatthewtruck t atlantic coast this mornin thprl emergency declarations in florida, georgia, and south
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carolina, ordering federal aid to supplement statee efforts. ==sam//take vo== we are also getting devastating. local officials said the ath toll from hurricane matthew has risen to at least 572. the country remains cut ff from international aid two days after the category fou. significant damage in its wake. particularly badly affected is the southwest of the country. ==sam/chyron== concerned for family andrea are storm.s in the the path of the we'll also have live reports -- from florida-- throughout the our newscast. ==sam//rail== back here ahom-- a soh bay home goes up in flames earlthis. on today in the bay.story live ==take vo==
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the fire broke out around 9:30 last night at a home on 17thstr and highway 101. lipped about the extent of thed the fire is "very suspicious." ==sam/cu== a police officer on the wrong s. one of the officers implicatedi bay is set to be arraignedeast today. ==take vo== oakland police ocer "giovanlovef "jasmine" -- who used to be kno. the charges against loverde are a widespread investigation into had sex with up to 30 officers from various bay area agencies. ==sam/topvo== have added another "jasmine" bay area police depament tthe l seeking damages from. jasmins lawyersave filed an 18- francisco.nst the city of san officers. cites three police the allegations.investigating
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==sam/take vo== a man wanted forased a sketch of possible lewd conduct at apopul take a look. this man may have exposed riding her bike at "bol park" l. the girl says she saw a man on a bench with his shorts pulled down. the man didn't tryo spe to the gi-- and she ok off on her bike. the man was gonwhen lice got to the park. =sam/rail= six suspects arrtedn a rash of violent home invasions in the east bay are expected to make their first court appearance in just a few hours. investigators sathe men targeted aleast fr east bay home cam in fremont. t n are charg with home invasio one case a cjking thtouched offd chase. ==take sot== "they were l armedthey all had guns out whethey commted these imes." butto ==take cont vo==ahome they take=
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police are also investigating a between the suspects-- and another robbery earlier this month in orinda. in their driveway... pistol ple whipping the husband and shooting the wife twice. the woman is still recovering in the hospital. 2shot top vot at 11: we continue to llow the test on hurricane matthew. people all along t lantic coast still in the storm's path. vo plus -- the milestone for the technolog transportation forever. pete//vo pete tease vo pete//live =responds promo omni!!=
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fleet week is in fullwing. we are about half an hour away from the start of the air show. the blue angels will take to the skies around 3. live in san francisco.ratos is pete -- live intro behind me is the humanitarian assistance
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you had about 1.5 million people visit the city for this huge week of events. the air show kicks off around 12:00 p.m. where we're at is a great spot to watch it. we watch this air show which is an amazing shot but i spoke with a flt the marines everyone will come for the air show there's a lot more to check out when you show up this weekend. >> we have a lot of capabilities out here to show everyone. so it's our most up to date capabilities with water
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purification. we'll take water out of the bay, purify it and give it out in bottled water. working dog displays. engineering capabilities. vehicles. a lot to see out here today. >> that water purification system we're talking about is right here. go over here and bottle up your water before or after you check out the air show. 1.2 million people here just last year. good idea to get here early to catch some of the events. most events are happening this weekend it all wraps up on october 10th. bottle up that excitement. this is a dicey proposition if you're trying to watch from far away. ships under the golden gate bridge. clear as a bell. >> you can see clear skies, warm temperatures. in fact above average temperatures for the three day weekend if you include today. look at san francisco through fleet week, weekend, numbers
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tomorrow maybe close to 80 degrees without low clouds. sunday late day seabreeze may bring a few low clouds back in the picture. look how quickly things warmed up. down low 70s south of downtown. as you see there mostly clear skies. just a few high clouds currently at 70 degrees in san francisco. around the rest of the bay area upper 60s to low 70s already outside. around south bay, south of down down san jose, 73 degrees, 70 in los gatos and pacifica 71 degrees. north to slightly offshore breezes warming up the coast today and those down sloping winds into napa are rising those temperatures up to about 76 degrees. instead of the seabreeze and fog we're getting a dry north wind around the bay area which will hope to boost temperatures up to mid-80s in san jose. well into the 70s around the peninsula into down san
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francisco. san mateo, palo alto low 80s. try vall try valley highs to mid-80. saturday strongest for this ridge of high pressure. sunday seabreeze is trying to make a come back. stay tuned as the banner at the top of the screen says. sunday into monday we'll begin to see that onshore wind pick back up. temperatures cool off a little bit. by the time we approach wednesday and especially thursday now, stronger systems coming across the pacific will bring us a chance of seeing some rain in addition to a big drop in temperatures. summer returns to the bay area this weekend just in time for fleet week. san francisco and the coast, upper 70s to near 80 on saturday. trending cooler early next week. inland locations that means some low 90s are possible. warmest valleys tomorrow. sunday pretty warm for another day. by moan and tuesday you see the drop in temperatures and then the attention turns to the big
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pattern shift ahead which include as chance of rain coming up. in our next half hour how much rain we're expecting and why it's so unusual for this time of year. back to you. a whole lot of rain and storm surge going on the east coast right now. we return to you our main story this morning, which is, of course, the track of hurricane matthew. we're taking a live look at daytona beach. see a couple of drops on the camera. things have calmed down by daytona beach. north of that area the storm storm surge starting to impact places like jacksonville and saint august. augusti augustine. one confirmed storm related death in the united states from hurricane matthew. millions of people stimulus remain in the storm's way. quick check of your markets this morning as things right now down a little bit as investors are digesting the jobs report that came out. friday jobs day. 156,000 jobs were added in september. that is still being kind of
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evaluated. dow jones dipped about a point. s&p down five or six. nasdaq is down 16 points. as we talk about the reason for why there's some economimixed r. 156,000 jobs precisely were added last month. that's up from august but what overall number of jobless claims also rose which meant the unemployment rate went up a tenth of a percentage points. it's an even 5% and that's the highest that mark has been since april. snapchat could be going public. the parents company of the popular messaging service is considering an ipo. could be as soon as next march. the deal could value snapchat at $25 billion maybe even more than that. it would be the biggest offering since alibaba's ipo back in 2014. google's self-driving cars are hitting another milestone, clocking 2 million miles on its test ing odometer.
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they say they are no long near making computers drive better than people. 11:20. what a game for tonight. if you want to be the best you got to beat the best. that's the challenge facing the san francisco giants. giants best of five national league division playoff series getting under way tonight at wrigley in chicago and the cubs, we probably know been a couple of years since they last won a world series. actually more than a century. their last title was 1908. they did finish with the best record in baseball this season. game two is tomorrow at wrugly as well and then the series shifts back to san francisco. that's going to take place on monday at at&t park. this should be fantastic baseball. coming up next, what neighbors didn't know what was happening behind these walls but now they are enlightened. that story when we return. first happening right now we just showed you fleet week live
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and we continue our coverage of fleet week. we posted photos of sailors manning the rail for the parade of ships. also a lot of likes on our facebook page. a flight crew from noaa flies over the eye of hurricane matthew. an insider's perspective. more news after the break. doors.mes you just don't know w
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foone neighorod, that ying
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pred sometimes you really just don't know what's going on behind closed doors. for one neighborhood that saying proved true. an alert person led flois opoli brothel in an otherwise quiet neighborhood. >> it's quiet neighborhood. >> reporter: that's what stella saw at her neighbor's house. >> a lot of gentlemen. a lot of mail suitors. at first we thought it was a drug issue. >> reporter: it was a brothel. a picture from police show house to with little furniture inside but plenty of personal items. >> each room was equipped with just barely a mattress, some towels, a small nightstand. condoms. sex lubricants in in each of the rooms. >> reporter: police say after getting a tip from neighbors they log nod a website frekd by
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a john and set up a meeting between an unsuspected woman and an undercover detective. >> they wanted to make sure our underdover detective was not law enforcement they finally agreed for $160 to perform sex acts. >> reporter: that woman led them here where police served a search warrant and arrested three chinese women who tried to escape out the back. >> one of them admitted she had come here within the past week from china, came in through the sfo airport and ended up coming here with the intent to engage in prostitution. >> reporter: a trend police say are becoming all too common. >> maybe starting voluntarily but typically forced into the sex trade and managed by pimps. >> police say that house has been red tagged since meaning no one can live there because of several code violations. police say inside the house they also found $1500 in cash that they suspect is from illegal
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prostitution. politics now in decision 2016. hurricane matthew is not affecting the logistics of the debate. donald trump's estate club is in the path of hurricane matthew. he spoke to the governor and his employees there. >> everyone in the path you got to take care of yourself. you got to get out of the area. >> get you updated from the latest on the examine trail. hillary clinton was spotted in a hotel near her home in new york. tim kaine looks ahead to the final debate which is in nevada. >> closing debate homestretch debate right here in las vegas is going to be very, very good. it's going to be very, very good. >> in the meantime governor rick scott says he's not extending voter registration because of the storm so tuesday is the
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deadline. this upcoming debate is this sunday. starts at 6:00 p.m. last debate will be held on wednesday october 19th at the university of nevada in las vegas. coming up next, destruction in the wake of hurricane matthew. more video coming in. trees knocked out of their roots. buildings destroyed. a live report from the storm zone next. >> this is a situation where it's like whack-a-mole. we're waiting for him to pop up. >> police arrested him, charged him with sexual battery. but we found he's back in business. coming up next we uncover the new place that personal trainer opened up shop after clients accused him of disturbing crimes.
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continues its destructive pathat >> we go back out to florida.
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hurricane matthew continuing its destructive path along florida's central coast as crews in the south are beginning to assess the damage left behind while millions are still bracing for matthew's worst. we go live to daytona beach. quite a scene behind you sara as winds have wreaked havoc down there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. so hurricane matthew is now northeast of us. we're still getting winds here up to 60 miles per hour. right now we're in a bit of a lull. this is the quietest it has been all morning long. if you take a look behind me you can see some of the damage that we're seeing here in daytona. we have a tree that was nearly uprooted by the strong winds early this morning. this is just some of what we're seeing all across this central part of florida right now. and the roof to this building is blown away and part of it is still left in the street. we have some lights that have
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fallen off their stands there. aluminum siding on the sidewalk as well. a good bit of damage across this side of daytona beach. i know on the actual beach the waves are turning really high and the storm surge is getting higher. definitely something that local authorities are warning information stay off the beach. because, really, it flooded all over that area and there's not much of a beach to see. they are warning information stay off the roads because there's a mandatory curfew in place now that went into effect at midnight and goes through 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. even still, those we have seen people going up and down these streets and local officials are trying to get them to stay off and to stay inside. 4,000 people in shelters with their pets. and a local official here saying this is the biggest response he's seen to a storm out of all the years that he has been here, working in this county, saying
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that many people are heeding the warnings because they realize how big the storm is. everybody across this state even in tallahassee are feeling the impacts of this storm. that's why we're spared as far as injuries. still seeing a widespread amount of damage with more rain and wind expected as this storm continues to shift. we're about to get the back end of it in the next coming hours. reporting live in daytona. back to you. just to clarify one thing there because we have seen these incredible videos coming from cities and towns north of you where the storm surge has created feet of floodwaters right through the roads. you haven't seen anything like that in daytona beach? >> reporter: so there is flooding in daytona beach, just not where i'm standing. i know that some of our other crews have seen a significant amount of flooding. they said it went up to almost above their, where their knees are. so i haven't seen any flooding in this area. it's really wet.
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and a lot of wind gusts but no flooding where i'm standing. >> all right. please be safe. thank you very much for that information. in the meantime, we've been tracking this as the storm hit florida overnight really. now it's making its way right towards jacksonville. let's turn over to robin. i guess the storm surge we talked a lot about it. jacksonville, st. augustine. >> here's on the north side of that eyewall. the wind going offshore into daytona beach which may limit some coastal flooding for you south of daytona beach now. it's this area between jacksonville specifically sait. augustine where we see a strong storm surge there. a convergence of high tide occurring where a temporary rise in sea level could be as high as seven to ten feet in spots. that's the big concern. the storm now you look closely now making more of a jog to the north. still technically a category 3
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hurricane of winds of 115 miles per hour. it does look like because it's staying out over the ocean it may not lose a lot of strength. it could make a landfall in charleston, south carolina. as we move forward it will turn back down the south and west towards tuesday. a weaker storm. almost as much as ten inches of rain. if it comes back towards the bahamas we could see more flooding. let's go back out the florida right now. this is another perspective from daytona beach. actually sara a second ago was mentioning the beach area was seeing a decent degree of flooding. seems like things have calmed down at this point. the waters not surging to any great extent. we'll continue to follow this developing story throughout the course of the morning and bring the very latest. as soon as we have updates on the path of hurricane matthew. you can also get updates by
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downloading our nbc bay area map. shut down in one city. but a trainer is popping up in another one. his former cline are accusing him of unwanted sexual contact at his gym. one of them as young as 13 years old. officials shut down his business in morgan hill but he hasn't gone away. >> reporter: we're talk about fitness trainer david wolfschmidt. it was fort worth reported in april he was arrested and the city closed down his gym. not only is he now facing more charges they learn he might have a new gym farther north. inside the walls of the wolfpack gym men, women and their kids trained with david wolfschmidt. >> before you know it you're sucked in. >> reporter: we agreed to hide her identity and disguise her voice.
11:37 am
she describedd wolfschmidt as controlling. >> reporter: according to court records five women and two teenage girls accused him of touching them inappropriately between 2006 and 2015. in police reports one victim alleges wolfschmidt massaged her completely nude three separate times. another says wolfschmidt wanted to get her measurements. she alleges he pulled her underwear down it's okay i'm your coach. i can do this. >> i don't want someone else to have to go through what we went through. >> reporter: wolfschmidt faced 13 separate charges. morgan hill forced him to close at the end of june. but he has plans to open a new gym here in san jose. according to city records in august wolfschmidt register stefrd a personal training business with the city. twice our cameras found him at
11:38 am
the address listed for wolfschmidt training. >> mr. wolfschmidt should never operate a personal training business period. >> reporter: the prosecutor for the santa clara district attorney's office. >> it shows an extreme level of arrogance. >> reporter: we reached out to wolfschmidt for an interview. his wife sent this statement saying he denies the allegations. she writes we're proud of our contribution to the morgan hill community. wolfschmidt attorney says the police investigation was less than objective from the start. adding every man has the right to support their family. >> we have to be the ones to monitor his activities. >> reporter: the d.a.'s office is working with san jose police and the city to close down wolfschmidt's new gym. >> it's like whack-a-mole. we take care of him in morgan hill and he pops up some place else. we're waiting for him to pop up.
11:39 am
he has. >> reporter: this woman wants to know why authorities have to wait for wolfschmidt to pop up. >> he shuts one door and opens some place else. >> reporter: former clients are wondering why he can apply for and receive a business license for a personal training business without any red flags going up. >> well the city's business tax ordinance is strictly for revenue generation. it's not intended for regulation. >> reporter: wendy manages the revenue division for city of san jose finance department. she says they will issue a permit to anyone who pays the tax. some businesses like massage parlor resacquire extra regulatory permits. personal training does not. >> we're taking all appropriate action. >> reporter: prosecutors
11:40 am
routinely collaborate with city departments to close down businesses they believe pose public safety threats. >> the system is working? >> the system is work. the city was not aware of it they will be aware of it now. >> authorities in san jose tell us they've taken no official action. they say they haven't been able to verify if clients are going to wolfschmidt's gym. he's expected in court for a plea hearing later this month. >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call at 1-888-996-tips. >> tiger woods is ready to tee off here in the bay area. the golf tournament he's returning to. plus -- >> i'm consumer investigator. not every problem we solve ends up on tv. today some of the cases we have quietly closed and the money we have saved next. tackles your complaints every
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day. and we show you the success nbc bay area responds tackles your complaints every day and we show you the success stories right here. you don't get to see all of them. we see a small slice on tv. we have a glimpse at the many other complaints we're working to solve. >> just ran the numbers for right about 2,000 cases right
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now, 1949 since we debuted back on may 28th. that works out to about 500 new requests for help each month. we respond to every one and resolve many of them. here are some of the recent cases we have closed in the background. our team settled an international airline complaint for kim in beings saving her $1577. michael need help switching his cell phone carrier. it left $650 in limbo. we got him his $650. and pamela in the north bay, she asked us to jump in when she had difficulty returning as seen on tv products. 89.87 is back where it belong, pamela's bank account. we're keeping tabs on how much money our team is returning to consumers like you. we've just surpassed the $300,000 mark. the total as of right now stands at $308,715.87. if you have a consumer complaint
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contact us. the telephone number is 888-996-tips or go to >> you too. tiger woods is going to return to golf right here in the bay area. he's is going to play next week at the safeway open, the first event of the 2016 pagt season. it's at the silverado spa and resport -- resort in napa. it's been a struggle for the historically great golfer. you have been a very, very busy man over the course of the last several days. obviously you've been tracking everything going on with hurricane matthew. here it's been a breeze for this board of directors but some major changes are in store. >> seven day forecast will see some wild changes.
11:46 am
first a taste of summer-like temperatures and then a reminder it's fall. right now outside almost all of the bay area into the 70s. high clouds. 73 degrees in san francisco into the north bay. mostly sunny skies as the parade of ships continues around the bay. you can see right there high clouds. no low clouds. 70 degrees. the deal from bell we deer back to beings 73 degrees. actually the north bay we're seeing warmest temperatures, napa now up to 80 degrees. we got north winds and as that air moves from the mountains down to the valleys the air compress warm and dries things out. high pressure is building in. concord 78 degrees. 78 in livermore. santa clara 78 degrees. cupertino 76. filtered sun. 72 degrees. winds really the big story today. not the seabreeze.
11:47 am
notice the arrows pointing offshore. you get that. it's from now through saturday where high pressure will reach its peak intensity keeping all the low clouds offshore which will be good news for the blue angels flight today and again on saturday and most of the weekend leading to warm temperatures from the coast across the valley. highs today around san jose mid-80s. around the north bay numbers warming up into the upper 80s in the warmer spots. walnut creek about 89 degrees. low to mid-80s in oakland. upper 80s in the forecast for the tri-valley. there's the culprit of the dry offshore breeze. peak in intensity tomorrow. sunday may weaken just slightly. valleys will be on the warm side. from sunday through tuesday that seabreeze will pick up. highs have dropped out of the 80s and 90s. 60s and 70s on tuesday and look
11:48 am
what happens on wednesday. this weather system will bring a chance of showers off the north bay. big dip in the jet stream now instead of a giant ridge of high pressure and another system that will follow thursday into friday, that's the best chance for producing some rain around the bay area after a very summer-like weekend. what are the rainfall projections? the numbers you see there if we can get two or three inches here on the north coast, maybe a half inch or more in the north bay, 200% to 300% average for mid-october. we'll see if that change comes through. those changes starting to show up on the right side of the screen. end of your seven day forecast. meantime beautiful weather for fleet week. san francisco little bit warm tomorrow. notice the valleys may see 90s on saturday. cool down begins monday. stay tuned as we await the chance of showers and a big drop in temperatures mid way through next week. >> perfect for the sights and sounds of the blue angels.
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coming up next hitting all the right notes. ♪ >> the south bay pianist whose passion is to share her gift with others. she's part of our bay area proud series which is coming up right after this break.
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one of the first things to go. for many students, it means thel >> when school budgets get cut typically it's money for arts and music. for many students it means the end of their musical ambition. but one teenager kept going and taking others on her journey. >> reporter: there is a very, very old joke. where someone on the streets of new york asks how to get to carnegie hall practice is the answer. at just 15 years of age megan
11:52 am
already knows that. as well as how to share her gift with others. ♪ >> reporter: before sitting down to play megan warned us she had only been practicing this piece for a couple of weeks. so she said might be a little rough. you'll have to take her word for it. to us megan certainly sounds like she knows what she's doing. good enough, in fact, to win competition and perform at carnegie hall. which megan has done three different times. >> really nerve-racking but amazing like to perform somewhere where so many great musicians have performed before. >> reporter: but as great as all that, megan's favorite sound these days is not this. ♪ but this. ♪ for the past year megan has been
11:53 am
coming to sacred heart community services in san jose to teach piano, for free. she says the idea really grew out of her own elementary school experience when budget cuts ended her school's music program. >> that kind of like stunning me a little bit. i missed the classes. >> we'll try again. >> reporter: megan held on to that notion and wanted to make sure younger kids didn't miss out on what she loved. so megan raised $4,000 to buy key boards and music books to get her program off the ground. >> i feel anyone can just -- if they take the time and effort can make a difference in this community. >> reporter: she says she wants to run music for all until she's old enough to head off to college then hand it over to one of her younger siblings. her students, maybe not good enough by then to win
11:54 am
competition, but certainly good enough to convince their teacher she's hitting the right notes. >> when you see one of the kids play like the piano for the first time and able play a whole song that's like the best feeling in the world. >> reporter: megan says right now she plans to teach an offer school course at sacred heart through the end of this year but when spring rolls around she says she will have to focus negotiations on those competitions once again. there's going lot of disappointed kids. thank you very much. that will do it for this segment right now. we'll be right back with more news after this.
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all right. back now to florida, the epicenter, the sight of hurricane matthew as it crawls its way up pretty slowly up the east coast. some folks may be surprised to see this. these images of daytona where you see fairly calm ocean waters and a little bit of rain. generally passed through that area. >> winds are moving offshore. the radar you can see the main impact now is, in fact, jacksonville. that's where the main focus of the storm is. eventually we think it can make landfall. still a category 2 hurricane into charleston. the bay area today and the weekend warm and dry. >> lester holt will be anchoring our "nightly news" from florida. we'll see you at 5:00.
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stay tuned for the next
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stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. >> wow, look at this incredible footage flying into the eye of hurricane matthew. everybody at home, all the news we get about these storms comes from these planes, welcome to "access hollywood live" on a nerve-racking day for millions in the southeast. >> right. thinking about all of you out there going through this right now. that, by the way, was from captain tim gallagher, his bird's eyeview as they're flying right into the eye of the storm. it's amazing what they're able to do, but it's also so frightening. as you see that, the plane was shaking but he has years and years of experience of doing this. and from the


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