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tv   Comunidad del Valle  NBC  October 9, 2016 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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mile and a half, 24-degree bank in the turns track. chase elliott out in front of kyle busch by a pretty good margin now, 2.2 seconds. hasn't been able to put this one almost in cruise control and start lapping cars. right now there are 36 cars on the lead lap, just went by cole whitt to put cole a lap down. want to listen on spotter communication from the 2 team. >> 77 to 81 in front. 90 behind you. no worries behind you look ahead. >> fair to say a tire run 60 to 65? 10-4. >> so that was spotter coverage presented by liberty mutual insurance, helping drivers worry less and a lot of numbers thrown out there, guys. >> quite simply they were giving brad how fast he is compared to the guy in front him and to the guy behind him, so you heard
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those numbers and basically he was a tenth quicker than the guy in front of him and a tenth quicker than the guy behind him. no need to look in the mirror, focus on what's in front. >> joey myers on top of the roof trying to understand the layout of the race. what is the fuel line, how long do we expect cars to run? that will help joey manage this race with brad keselowski, are they closing in on the pit stop whether he should push his driver to run harder or get him to relax to get to the next pit stop. >> one of the things that has changed pause of digital dashes this year is the drivers actually see their lap times so they can look at their lap times and understand if that was better than the last one, because they're constantly searching around the racetrack for a grip trying to find the best line. >> that is exactly right a great tool the driver has. in the past you get times from your crew chief or from your spotter and as you moved around the racetrack you determine if what you did was better or not. now you simply look down the
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dash and come to that conclusion. you do not have the times if you're competitor. s you can only compare yourself to yourself. we heard that spotter giving time it was in comparison to other cars. >> riding along with the chevy onboard camera of chase elliott. he is out front again by three seconds now. let's go through the field brought to you by carl's jr. we start with kelly stavast. >> chase elliott now the only rookie left in this chase and his crew chief alan gustavsson telling me this morning that lack of experience might actually be a positive. he said sometimes ignorance really is bliss. he doesn't really know what to expect. they feel they're a team that has nothing to lose, but has all the equipment and the drivers to go out there and win right now. they're happy with the lap times chase is putting down, telling them to take care of this car for the long run. >> kyle busch loves charlotte motor speedway and why not with 14 career wins here. all of those wins came in other series. the way he's running today, kyle certainly could break through
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finally in sprint cup today and maybe make an early break for the round of eight in the chase. alex bowman didn't have the best initial start on the afternoon. i checked in with his team and if he had any comments about that. he didn't say anything on the radio until ten laps later when he simply reported the handling of the race car. very professional move for the young driver. >> better on this one so far, told rodney childress last year he was famous for the line in the toyota saying we're going to "pound them in the ground." this year "i'm not worried about the other teams. i feel like we have the keys to get it done this year to win a championship and our experience also a tremendous help forethe race team." ? >> carl edwards had one top ten finish, his crew chief told me it was "pitiful. no one is satisfied but there is no internal frustration no, finger pointing. we're all in this together and
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we know we have to get better. they said they are out here to win this race today, but he also pointed out hey, if we can put together a string of top five finishes we know we'll advance to the round of eight." he's running fifth now. >> kyle larson got knocked out of the chase at dover last week, and so i checked in with his crew chief, chad johnson, about it. what was the takeaway from that? he goes "we're sad we're no longer in the chase but okay we got knocked out on exkugs, not speed. our performance was really good. we'll work on the execution." mike? >> jimmie johnson celebrating an anniversary of sorts this weekend. it was 15 years ago this weekend at this very track he made his debut, finished 39th place. he feels pretty good about it right now. he told me before the race "we're not dwelling on the mistakes we made in round number one. eyes forward. let's go race and get it done at charlotte once again." marty? >> i talked to the crew chief for joey logano he said "honestly i feel the two most
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important races in the chase other than homestead, miami, charlotte and kansas the next two weeks. you have to win to not worry about talladega." the 2 team won the first race in the round of 12, hoping they can do that again today. behind him martin truex jr. maybe surprised the 78 struggling a little bit this afternoon right now in the ninth position as carl edwards his corps teammate said "no doubt martin truex jr. is a rabbit we're all chasing." truex said "we're used to flying under the radar but still acting like underdogs like we have something to prove." >> a.j. allmendinger has something to prove, he's not a chaser, racing with plenty of motivation however and a heavy heart. chip warren, a long time nascar official, began his career with nascar in 1978, passed away after a battle with cancer on wednesday. most recently, warren had been a member of the marketing team with j.p.g. dougherty and the 47 team. the 47 team paying tribute with a decal on the seat post of the
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race car trying to put in a very good run here, so far inside the top ten. >> a great run for the 47 early in this one. again it's chase elliott out in front. leading by 3.5 seconds. people know me as dale earnhardt jr., racecar driver. but there's more to me than that. at my office, they call me boss man. i scout the talent, close the deals, do it all with a firm handshake. (loud clap noise) gentlemen. (loud clap noise) to others, i'm water cooler dale. man we got those tiny trash cans in our offices.
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donald trump supports my right to own a gun. moments ago the second caution has come out at charlotte motor speedway. the 88, alex bowman, subbing for
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le earnhardt jr. collects into the wall. casey mears look. >> smoking real bad he knew something was wrong, trying to get out of the way and get on pit road but the 13 on the outside of casey mears did nothing wrong, just in the wrong place. >> running third alex bowman, having a left tire issue, spins him up into the wall and so now they have to go behind the wall into the garage to begin working on that car. you hee earnhardt jr. still the banner on top of the wooind shield, dale earnhardt jr. suffering from concussion symptoms and so he has told everyone he will not behind the wheel of the car for the remainder of the season. alex bowman and jeff gordon will be substituting for dale jr. the remainder of the season. >> he's stuck on pit road. trying to get it to roll but the car is damaged so badly can't get it to move to the garage
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area. can't get the car to roll. >> you can watch the chase for the nascar sprint cup series with nbc sports app and get closer with additional camera angles, driver stats, track information, you can watch live anywhere on any device. find out more at crews trying to figure out how to get that car behind the wall so they can work on it. >> what the accident for the 88 car done made 12 nervous crew chiefs. looked like the left front was flat on 88 going into turn three, saw smoke coming out of the corner. what caused the flat tire. you think with all the points and the championship on the line they want to know what happened with the 88 car. >> a tow truck on pit road right now, the car is stopped on the entrance to the garage. an ambulance is there so they will not be able to open pit road until pit road is cleared and when they do open pit road, will we see a lot of cars take
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advantage of it? it's only been about 40 laps since the caution came out the first time. they can go quite a bit further on fuel, but we would assume that everyone on the lead lap especially would be coming onto pit road, maybe try some pit strategy at this time, maybe two-tire stop as opposed to a four to try to gain some track position. want to look at this week's ford drive to the championship. joey logano was perfect in the round of 12 a year ago, won all three chase races, and you can't get better than what joey logano did a year ago, winning at charlotte, winning at khan kans a kansas and winning at talladega. they continue to work on pit road to clean up the 88, and get him off of pit road. we'll take a quick break and be back for pit stops. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis
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that gives you options to fit your budget. ♪ oh, i'm tied to this chair! ♪ dun-dun-daaaa! i don't know that an insurance-themed comic book is what we're looking for. did i mention he can save people nearly $600? you haven't even heard my catchphrase. i'm all done with this guy. box him up. that's terrible. pit stops happening at charlotte motor speedway. second place kyle busch will take four goodyear tires and sunoco fuel. >> the 24 was happy with the changes they made last time around. four tires and fuel. carl edwards made an air pressure adjustment. >> kevin harvick said he was tighter but the back end was better and they used the first stall to their advantage and gained a spot on pit road.
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>> kyle busch dropped a couple of spots. harvick and edwards advanced a coup couple.
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nascar on nbc is brought to you by pennzoil synthetics. make the switch to pennzoil synthetics today. sonic, fly on over for buy one get one free boneless wings, monday through thursday after 5:00 p.m. and by chevrolet, the most awarded car company two years in a row. we mentioned you can't make mistakes, if you want to win a championship, brad keselowski, the latest to be called for a
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penalty. >> it's that same penalty, rick, about the crew members being over pit wall too soon. let's review. crew member on the ground, left foot touching the concrete of the pit box, the nose of brad keselowski's car a foot maybe two feet before what is considered one pit stall away. the rule is here for safety, it's here because they do not want the teams over pit wall early, waiting for their car. imagine a car gets spun out come into a pit box with six guys waiting for the car. it will be a major issue. nascar has the rule one pit stall away. we've seen this penalty a handful of times today. >> we have' seen it five times and we're only on lap 69. >> listen to the 2 team. >> jack man over the wall early. >> letwe have a long ways to go. >> a long ways to go. >> charlotte the pit stalls are four feet shorter than chicago. you get one pit box but four feet less than chicago roughly the same pit road speed.
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>> chase elliott has chosen inside line and kevin harvick on the outside for the restart. three wide going into turn one. martin truex jr. in the middle. joey logano in the 22, on the inside. the 11 of denny hamlin trying to make the middle of the track work from three and four. >> carrying a little bit of speed, just enough i thinke'll clear the 22. not quite. >> is it down at the bo tom, the middle or the top for their preferred? >> the restarts have a lot to do with what's going on in front of you. if you can get clean air if they're all on the bottom you want to be in the middle.
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not way at the top but the middle of the racetrack. it did not work for the 11 of hadment hmm. joey logano was able to clear him. >> here comes the 48 of jimmie johnson working to the inside of that 11 of denny hamlin. we ride along with the chevy onboard of chase elliott. excuse me that's not chase elliott that's joey logano we're riding along with. chase elliott out front, kevin harvick second, edwards, kyle busch and kyle larson the top five. logano, johnson, hamlin, allmendinger and mcmurray top ten. >> the battle between the 78 of martin truex jr. chases the 5 of kasey kahne, the 21 of ryan blaney. i believe when it comes to the restarts especially earlier in the race, only 74 laps in, the advantage has to go to the non-chasers, rick. they can push the issues. they know martin truex jr. has more to lose than they do. you can almost lean on that guy
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a little bit, jeff, and force him into letting you go. >> you wonder what's going through martin truex jr.'s mind right now. remember in this spring race he met 392 of the 600 laps. he dominated the race and won last weekend. he stuck it back in 14th and showed no signs of moving forward. you wonder is panic setting in, are they going to have to start making major changes? this is not the scene we've seen in this team so far in the chase and as you talked about at the beginning of the race, this race is hugely important for talladega. >> this race car is extremely tight and doesn't seem to be getting better. cole perkins made several changes on this race car. martin told him a moment ago "it's gotten worse" if anything he's struggling in the 14th position. this is a car that led all the laps here in may and also the won that won chicago a couple weeks ago. amazingly enough they're going to retire that after this race. i asked if the car's been that
9:55 am
good wouldn't you want to keep it around? no, the cars have a life cycle three to four races, that's it, we have brand new cars coming. even though cars win races we aren't necessarily able to keep them around. they'll retire this car that had so much success in may after this race, mike. >> marty, alex bowman just left the care center. good to hear you're okay. we saw it looked like a tire was going down. any idea why? >> we didn't hit anything. nobody's fault. [ inaudible ]. >> aully disappointing at the end of the day, rick after having a career best race two finishes ago at chicagoland. >> it's been so strong even in the practices, the practice that was run and this qualifying able to qualify up on the front row to a lot of speed shown by the
9:56 am
88 team and is he already out of the car. >> he showed a lot of speed in every race he's been in. i don't think he's finished as well as he run in any race we an opportunity to race this year so a lot of talent for that young man. this race is long, if he can find a way to get it finished. >> we always mention in racing, on board with kevin harvick, chase elliott with a big entry into turn three, jeff, kind of took my breath away as he turned into that corner. the lead is under one second still. seems like the 4 of kevin harvick, rodney childress on top of the pit box are making adjustments. the 24 extended out toe a two-second lead easily here in this run having more trouble getting away from kevin harvick. >> i always get a little bit nervous for the car that dominates the race early on a race like this, where we had a lot of rain, no rubber on the racetrack. the racetrack is going to change so much, in many cases a guy that runs so well early, cannot run well later, because the setup is not adjustable enough to get it where he can run well
9:57 am
later, so we'll see if the 24 and chase elliott can keep up with the racetrack. >> right along board with kevin harvick. we talked to him about the adjustability. after rain all week long and two adjustments from rodney childress it's going in the right direction. "we're running well in the second position." i've been hearing a lot more in this chase than ever about points racing. you can see a battle behind them between kyle larson and kyle busch. harvick said "i don't believe you should points race in this chase. i think you should stick with trying to to get wins. we went for that win in new hampshire. how big was that for us, dover the very next week." as he pointed out you have to go for the wins. they won that last week. you never know how valuable that win is. >> absolutely. only three drivers will have the opportunity, there are only three races in this round, rick, so only three can win a race so points are still going to
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matter. as you pointed out all afternoon and will continue to point out with talladega being race three, only the winner of charlotte and the winner of kansas is really going to be saturday night in talladega. >> chase points run on the left side of your screen, again, early in this round of 12 but at the same time so important that you have a good run, as for lat and kansas with talladega looming. chase elliott having a great run out front. . gilman: go get it, marcus. go get it. gilman used his cash rewards credit card from bank of america to earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. at places like the batting cages. ♪ [ crowd cheers ] 2% back at grocery stores and now at wholesale clubs. and 3% back on gas. which helped him give his players something extra. the cash rewards credit card from bank of america. more cash back for the things you buy most. the cash rewards credit card from bank of america.
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