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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 17, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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by a man holding an assault rifle. all the details coming up in a live report. plus years later, and after a handful of delays, jury selection begins in this sierra lamar murder case. a preview of what we can expect in court today. it was a wet weekend in the bay area. a live look at san francisco. a very good monday morning to you. hope you had a great weekend. thanks for downing us. >> we can only hope there's a couple of rainbows in store. >> a foot of rain came down. this morning you're still seeing a few scattered showers for your morning commute.
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nowhere near the coverage we had yesterday. as we head through the morning, you may run into a few brief downpours around the east bay hills. highs in the 60s and 70s. the seven-day forecast makes a turn to visit upper 80s in the forecast. >> you talked about the rain, damp roadways in and maybe what contributed to a spinout on the peninsula. hydroplaning. that is over on the shoulder. see that green highlighting? we are seeing green patches of wet roadways. we have no delays though reported for our transit system.
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a suspect strapped with body armor and armed with assault-style weapon stormed starbucks and targeted police officers. >> pete is live where it all started. we are hearing the first time the dispatch recordings of those frightening moments. >> good morning. two officers were inside this starbucks when the suspect opened up the door and pointed an assault style weapon at him. >> a guy with a rifle tried to ambush us at starbucks. >> which starbucks? found on magazine street. da carrying a rifle and he's shooting. it happened around 9:00 p.m. last night. the gun malfunctioned when the suspect pointed it at them.
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when officers drew out their weapon for protection, he ran towards nearby magazine street. they chased him down and the suspect posed a threat because he tried to manipulate the assault rifle he had. that's when officers fired three shots at him. he was taken into custody before being sent to a local hospital with life-threatening injuries. the suspect was found to be carrying an additional hand gun and wearing body armor. police hope to have more information kurg a news conference held at 10:30 a.m. this morning. 5:03. new this morning, chp investigating a late night injury crash in gilroy. happened a little after 10:00 on 101 near 25. a truck somehow struck a toyota. five people were injured. cameras caught a medical chopper at the scene. there was one victim air-lifted.
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chp shut down all lanes of northbound 101 for more than an hour. today the sierra lamar murtder case is expected to take a major step forward. jury selection is expected to finally begin with the man accused of kidnapping and killing lamar. prosecutors say torres killed the girl in 2012. he was arrested after lamar's dna was allege lid found in his car. he faces the death penalty if convicted. the man accused of shooting a san francisco police officer in the head has died. the suspect still has not been identified. he died yesterday at sf general where he was being treated for critical injuries following the shooting. the suspect opened fire on officers without warning. those officers were responding to a call about a man acting erratically near stern grove. police later shot him before taking that man into custody.
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sources close to the family say the officer shot in the head is ken down. this is a picture of him from the website of a nonprofit he helped to create. officers down is partially paralyzed on one side of his body after surgery to remove bullet fragments from his brain. a deadly ploos shooting in santa cruz. the man killed attacked them with a rake. all this happened as a disturbance call about 3:30 yesterday morning. someone called 911 to report a man banging on a home yelling. the suspect wanted to kill all the people inside. the man attacked officers with a metal rake after a taser was used him on. 5:05. woman killed by a hit-and-run driver in millbrae. sheriff's deputies asking for help finding the man responsible. it happened saturday night. the woman was in the crosswalk when struck. investigators released these surveillance photos. they are searching for a white
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chevy or toyota pick-up truck with a camper shell or bedliner. measuring all the rainfall from this weekend, there was a lot of it which left many homeowners concerned about the risk of mud slides over the weekend. especially given the area of the loma fire. there are no reports of homes damaged from sliding. we did see lots of local flooding with small e rock slides. strong wind gusts toppled trees entirely. homeowners are very concerned about their neighbors. >> i'm concerned about all the people who have been through a whole lot. it would be terrible if they got floods right after it. >> in some parts of the santa cruz mountain it was almost a clean 12 inches of rain that fell over the weekend. >> we all appreciate all the rain we got. we do need a chance to dry out.
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especially on some of those mountain slopes there. >> this time of year we are not accustomed to seeing that volume of rain. in the case of average monthly total under three inches of rain we had almost 10 inches. ben lowman gets about 52 inches a year. we saw 20% of the annual rainfall coming into the span of just three days. you can see around berkeley more than three inches of rain. less so in san jose. 680 commute dealing with scattered showers. a few more showers north of napa. those will be the picture we se into the afternoon. scattered showers, highs mild. still muggy out there. upper 60s to low 70s for the afternoon. big changes showing up in the seven-day forecast. san francisco warming trend as we finish off the week. high pressure builds in. rain chances go away after
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today. you can see how our valleys climb back to the mid 80s thursday and friday. things cry out after today. a few more showers but then that warm-up will take us into next weekend. >> looking at a smooth commute around the bay. slicker roadways. scattered showers continue. they just traveled over here through the tri-valley. 680 through santa ramon. we have 580 here. don't know if that contributed to this crash. it's still here blocking your slow lane west 580. traffic backing up out of the altamont pass. a wind advisory for that corridor. p another crash reported here after some hydroplaning reported 101 south of hillsdale. that's on the shoulder. 101 and 85 both about 20 minutes
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from where they split and join. >> 5:08. on the campaign trail, new numbers show how each candidate is stacking up ahead of wednesday's debate. new claims by donald trump over rigged elections. details next in a live report. silicon valley billionaire doubles down on donald trump. donald trump is back the
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campaign trail this week whe hillary clinton preps for thfin welcome back. 5:12 monday morning. donald trump back on the campaign trail while hillary clinton is preparing for the final debate. trump has latest accusation ss the election is rigged. >> this is not the first time trump made that claim. good morning. >> good morning. seems to resonate with his followers there. it's a pattern. a big bombshell drops just before a big debate. donald trump is stepping up his claims that the entire election process is rigged.
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donald trump called people representing hillary clinton animals in a tweet after someone fire bombed the gop headquarters in orange county, north carolina. as politics in north carolina turned violent -- >> a totally rigged election. >> trump claims the election is rigged with help from the media promoting false stories about him. governor mike pence defended his running mate on nbc's "meet the press" and accused reporters of ignoring the real story. >> the way the national meeting is ignoring an avalanche of hard evidence of corruption during the years of the clinton administration. >> pence is referring to e-mails released through the freedom of information act as well as hacked e-mails from the clinton campaign posted to wikileaks. senator tim kaine said we cannot take the hacked e-mails as fact. >> we've got to be careful about these. since they're part of an effort by both russia and wikileaks, and neither of those are neutral transmitters are information. >> information that clinton campaign won't confirm or deny
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as wikileaks released transcripts of paid speeches. donald trump will be on the campaign trail. he's holding events in wisconsin then colorado before going on to las vegas for that final debate. edward lawrence. back to you. >> thank you very much. >> you can learn more about the issues and candidates on the november ballot. check out your voters' edge guide put in your zip code and learn about what will be on your ballot. cigar after the november election. if you want it to be a cuban, the process just got easier. today a new white house law allows american travelers to purchase up to 100 cuban cigars and several bottles of cuban
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rum. that deal holds for any nation where those goods are sold. u.s. travelers faced a $100 limit on those luxuries. over the weekend, peter teal shocked many in silicon valley doubling down on donald trump. >> he's donating $1.25 million more to support the campaign. >> this is the same peter teal who spoke in trump's defense at the republican national convention. at the time many thought it unusual. his column picks don't necessarily match up with trump's. the founder of paypal made history as the first openly gay person to speak at the republican convention. that was then and this is now. now we know trump is a man who, among other things, bragged about grabbing women's genitals against their wills. over the weekend, keel contributed more money. when you consider the tech community collectively donated far, far less, it is unusual and
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it pits him against some of his closest co-workers. he is a board member at facebook. mark zuckerberg is clear he doesn't support trump and pits him against his new colleagues. >> sam altman said y combineator is not going to fire someone for supporting a major party. u.s. department of labor filed suit against palantir friday. they denied they discriminated against anybody. let's check all the news before the bell. landon dowdy is live at cnbc headquarters. >> good monday morning to you. a new week on wall street. futures pointing to a lower open
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this morning. friday dow rose to 18138. nasdaq up to 5214. both markets ending lower last week for the second week in a row. it is earning season and in full swings. lots of companies reporting. here is a quick run-up. bank of america just beating the street estimates for a third quarter profit $4.96 billion. later we'll hear from netflix which could have a higher cost of doing business. >> we are going to dive into netflix in a half hour. if you care why a gun on a plane you're breaking a law. if you carry a galaxy samsung 7, you're also breaking a note. they are not allowed on airplanes, period. not turned on, not turned off. just not allowed. samsung stopped making and stopped selling the phone last week after replacement phones
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started catching fire. several airlines hand the flight attendants special fire proof bags to put them in. what are you going to do with it? you hit your call button, it's on fire. what do you do with it? now they have these special fire proof bags. >> wonder if we'll see slowing at tsa because you have to show what type of phone you have? >> i guess you would. it's one thing, could you get into trouble. >> big time. >> phone screening. tesla hoping the lapd go green. could it make some of their patrol cars electric. it's in the early stages. at $100,000 a piece, it's part too expensive to be a reality. lapd checked out the use for nonemergency duty.
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you can buy plenty of tesla if you go to college to become a billionaire. >> you don't have to look hard. research provided to cnbc lists the top five colleges in the country to attend if you want to be a billionaire. harvard number one, stanford, university of pennsylvania, columbia and m.i.t. rounding out the top five. researchers say 30% of today's billionaires don't have a bachelor's degree, but aim high anyway. >> those billionaires are already geniuses before they enroll. >> some are lucky, some are smart. i know some friends that
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have gone to those schools. being a billionaire helps paying back the student loan. we've got a million dollar forecast. finally getting some scattered showers. >> mike has been noting a few around the roads. things are calming down after a very busy weekend. almost a foot of rain there. berkeley almost four. lexington reservoir, that was the silver lining. all this is starting to get down to our reservoirs here. san jose drops off. we had almost 12 inches of rain on the santa cruz facing side of the mountain there as the air
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descends back down, the rain totals drop off. there you saw the numbers go back up around the tri-valley close to berkeley. today we are watching a combination of these high tides coming up around just before 1:00 this afternoon at 6.6 feet. northwest swell up to about 10 feet on the coast. may see localized flooding. right now 50s outside. not too much in the way of wind. breezy around the mid span of the bridges this morning. a few scattered showers. see a few around the santa cruz mountains into the north bay. these are remnants from the major storm that went through yesterday. during the day today we'll see a few more scattered showers. after today things begin to dry out. highs this the low 70s around san jose. 60s and low 70s today around the bay area. likely the coolest day of the
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next seven. note the changes, san francisco should see mid to upper 70s later this weekend. skies continue to dry out. 80s making a comeback for the second half of the week. >> roller coaster again. over here, much calmer on the roadways. we are seeing a couple of crashes. a smooth flow at the dublin interchange. getting out of the altamont you have to pass this crash at greenville. westbound 580 jams up there there is a slowing block. no real problems. notice the green highlights. heavy travel, damp roads there and around the bay. watch the peninsula. north bay saw earlier rain a smooth flow down toward the golden gate bridge. san rafael. we see puddling on the sides of the roadway. hydroplaning reported on 101. a car crashed after it lost traction there be careful. >> thank you.
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coming up next, next stop las vegas. the bill that could put a raiders move to sin city one step closer to reality. >> up for auction. you can get your hands on one of robin williams' beloved bike and the charity the money is expected to go towards. nevada is moving the chai,
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towards bringing the raiders to las vegas. ==take vo
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today-- nevada's governor,rian on the gridiron nevada is moving the chain to bring the raiders away from the bay area to las vegas. the state's governor is expected to sign a bill that would green light 750 towards building a new football stadium in las vegas that would come from a hotel tax on visitors in vegas. robin williams had a collection of 100 bikes. his family is auctioning them off for charity. that money is going to go toward the challenged athletes foundation and refoundation. you can find it on a series of storms pounds the bay area bringing nearly a foot of rain in some areas. mounting mudslide concerns in the santa cruz mountains and if that wet weather will trickle into your morning commute.
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two officers were ambushed inside this coffee shop by a man holding an assault rifle. the start of the sierra lamar murder trial. what you can expect today on the first day. a live report next. a soggy start to your mondmornga
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to contend wh 5:29 on your monday morning.
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highway 101 in san jose. be careful. slick roads to contend with this morning. good news, the rain is moving out. we say it because we love the rain but we needed to dry out. a very good monday morning to you. hope you had a great weekend. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we are all relaxed. you've seen the wet roads and spinouts. >> reports of single car crashes. >> so much rain fell yesterday. you can't see until the sun comes up later this morning. in the tri-valley we are adding to rain totals. you can see it from san ramon
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toward dublin and pleasanton. scattered showers to napa. santa cruz mountains catching a break after almost a foot of rain cameç down. >> i want to show you drive times on the approach. getting slow to the top of the screen. 15 minutes now. breaking news and chaotic night for vallejo officers
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targeted at a starbucks. this morning the first time, we are hearing the dispatch recordings of those frightening moments. a few minutes ago pete spoke to a person who heard the shots fired. >> good morning. we talked to that person exclusively. she was just walking in to get coffee and heard shows shots fired last night. >> they tried to ambush us at the starbucks. >> this happened around 9:00 p.m. last night. police say the suspect's gun
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malfunctioned and that's when the suspect pointed it at them. when officers drew out their weapon for protection, he ran toward nearby magazine street where they chased him down. the suspect still posed a threat. that's when officers fired those three shots at him. he was sent to a local hospital with life-threatening injuries. that woman said she was staying at a nearby hotel when it happened and says she heard more than three shots. >> we heard seven shots like a clip, a large caliber clip. it was like retaliation fire, but a lesser caliber sound. >> the suspect was found to be carrying an additional hand gun.
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vallejo pd will hold a news conference later this morning. >> very dramatic there. thank you very much. 5:34. this an emotional one for so many people. for several years now and a handful of days, the sierra lamar murder case will move forward. jury selection expected to begin for the man accused of kidnapping and killing her. you've been reporting on this case for years and the trial is finally starting. finally the day sierra lamar's family has been waiting for. selection of the jury who will decide the fate of torres. it will not be a fast process. this is a death penalty case. that means the process will be much slower than most other
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cases. the first order of business is polling potential jurors. the judge will decide which make a legitimate case for hardship. meaning they can't afford to sit on a jury for weeks, if not months. those potential jurors will fill out questionnaires. both sides will use the response to disqualify a juror or keep them on the jury. first question is how they feel about the death penalty. legal analyst stephen clark tells me a jury pool who has no reservations about the death penalty would be a conservative jury pool and more likely to convict. sierra lamar disappeared on her way to school in 2012. torres was arrested days later. sierra's body has not been found but dna evidence links torres.
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all other cases requiring the death penalty including this one, also richard allen davis will be grandfathered in. that's prop 52 on the november ballot. >> thank you very much. 5:36. a follow-up on a triple shooting over the weekend. sonoma county sheriff's department says one man was killed while two other victims are being treated right now. despite posts on social media claiming otherwise, no arrests have been made. investigators say they have solid leads on the suspect. that shooting happened along 116 just after 8:00 saturday night. putting more officers on patrol to prevent suicides is the new plan on the golden gate bridge. here is a live look at that
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iconic span. five new police officers are expected to begin patrolling two months this year there have been 138 successful interventions on the bridge. officials say the increase of successful interventions is directly related to having more officers on patrol. today marks 27 years since the loma prieta earthquake. images of destruction instill fear in people's minds. the quake ravaged part of san francisco's marina district. everyone jumped into action to try to help. the quake injured more than 3,700 people. 63 people died. the usgs puts the odds at about 70% that another earthquake that size or stronger will strike the bay area at some point over the next three decades.
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some warn such a quake could have the potential devastate the bay area economy. to mark today's anniversary, usgs will present new findings on the companies, workers and potential risk. the loma fire. rain left homeowners concerned about the potential for mud slides. especially in the area recently scorched by the wildfire. we did see lots of local flooding and smaller rock slides around the roads there. strong wind gusts toppled trees. >> i'm concerned about the people. it would be terrible if they got floods right after it. >> as much as a foot of rain fell over the weekend. three days of on and off
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rain made for messy conditions on the roadways. drivers faced flooding. standing water from a clogged drain wreaked havoc. >> we ran into a really big pocket of water on 101 where the exit used to be. that stopped everybody on the right side. >> getting off king street there is flooding. i've seen people hydroplaning. >> the storms had crews busy all weekend. more than 20,000 pg&e customers were without electricity. how much longer can we expect the rain? can we dry out a little bit? let's check in with meteorologist rob mayeda. >> we can expect to dry out. 10 inches of rain. the reservoir more than 3.5 inches of rain. a few more scattered showers. you see that around sunol and san jose. we call for one more day of
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scattered showers. not the widespread rain we saw yesterday with mild temperatures for the afternoon. upper 60s, low 70s today. drier weather for the rest of the week. mid 70s coming back to san francisco as high pressure builds in. after today, dry conditions return to tomorrow and mid 80s. >> as you pointed out, not completely dry on the roads. we are looking at the tri-valley an issue coming out of livermore and altamont pass. greenville road we have that crash. activity blocks the right lane. here are your travel times and speeds at the limit. still 20 minutes either of those routes. peninsula, palo alto, 101 here. smooth flow of traffic. saw bright lights traveling
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southbound. flashing lights, caltrans crew. no problems through this area. 5:40. more dead birds testing positive for the west nile virus. the reason people are being warned to be extra diligent over the next few days. >> a pick-up truck flies off a bridge and lands on a crowd of people what we are learning about the driver. wells fargo has a brand-new ceo after that company scandal. is the new man a fit?
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the time is--- welcome backo today in e bay -- a live look at t golden gatebri parts of the bay area drying out after a soggy weekend. which saw a foot of rain and how much more you can expect. happening today is a rally to help a berkeley middle school teacher get her job back. jessica larka was part of an anti-trump protest that turned violent in sacramento over the summer. she is a popular teacher who was beat up when she confronted a group of neo-nazis.
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school administrators got threats if they didn't fire her, students at that school could be harmed. a racial equality group plans to rally to have her reinstated at the school. shock and sadness in san diego after a truck flew off a bridge and landed on a crowd of people killing four of them in southern california. dozens lit candles and said prayers last night. saturday suspected dui driver hit a guard rail on the coronado bay bridge and fell 60 feet into the crowd below. several people were injured along with the four who were killed. >> legacy of the four victims left is the unity of people that comes to the park. the driver whose identified as 24-year-old richard anthony sopolio was injured and arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. west nile virus concerns are growing in contra costa county after more dead birds found
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inspected with the virus. four tested positive. three found in walnut creek, one in concord. all this rain and expected warm-up could help spread that virus. two tunnels being proposed along highway 17 and santa cruz mountains. they are not for cars. the proposed tunnels are for wildlife. the tunnels will allow deer and mountain lions to cross under the highway. it could cost $32 million. a wet start to a long bike ride for a good cause. about 100 injured veterans set off yesterday on a 500 mile ride from the bay area to los angeles. the annual ride to recovery event. the goal is to raise money to provide physical and psychological rehabilitation programs for injured vets. that group traveled from palo alto to santa cruz yesterday. the names of seven bay area firefighters were added to the
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memorial at theç state capitol. that pays tribute to more than 1,300 firefighters who died in the line of duty since california became a state. this year, 29 more names were inscribed. five were firefighters for the san francisco fire department. a sixth worked for fremont fire and the sent worked for cal fire in the bay area. a public memorial was held over the weekend in sacramento. >> when you come to something like this and you see the memorial and the families and what they've lost and gone through, you realize the sacrifice they make to keep us safe. >> many of us have seen that first hand with the spate of fires this season. the memorial is in capitol park next to the state capitol in sacramento. if you're hoping to encourage millennials to come out to vote. a median will offer a free show. demetri martin will perform for
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free. jokes for votes. martin will promote voter registration and getting the vote out. medians will be traveling to several california colleges in the next few days. 5:48. wells fargo continuing to apologize to customers for faking accounts. >> scott mcgrew, questions whether it's done enough to shake up the leadership there. >> wells fargo published full-page ads saying it's moving forward to making things right. will start putting customers' financial needs first, not the banks. all this comes after wells fargo created more than 2 million so-called phantom accounts, accounts customers did not want and in many cases did not know they had. the ceo stepped down after the bank paid an enormous fine to the u.s. government. this is the new ceo tim sloan. there are questions whether he is the right guy for the job because he was there at the executive offerses when all this
5:49 am
happened. "new york times" columnists said ousting chief is not enough to right the wrongs and wells fargo needs to make a clean break with the past. the problem either sloan did not know what was going on, which is bad, or he did know what was going on which is also a problem. shares in twitter fell another 5% on friday after san francisco based sales force said it was not interested in buying twitter. not a good bet. twitter stock is down more than 40% on the year. netflix reports its profits after the closing bell today. analysts say the results may not light up a lot of investors. the problem seems to be expensive productions like "stranger things" combined with slowing subscriptions are not going to mix well. we'll watch netflix and have a full report tomorrow morning. >> i would imagine this past weekend was a good weekend to
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binge watch. stay inside. >> enjoy the conditions. a lot of rain drops on the windows. >> especially in the mountains. >> uvas canyon, 11.92 inches of rain. as we compare the numbers from what we typically see the entire month, san jose not as much. almost 20% of the average we see for the entire year coming down in three days' time. that is the cause. santa cruz mountains act like a ski jump for that moisture. it temporarily dries.
5:51 am
high surf on the coast. coastal flood advisory continues. around the bay area, numbers in the mid to upper 50s. a few scattered showers. down toward the sunol grade as where most of the action has been this morning. still a few more scattered showers. highs in the upper 60s to low 70s around the south bay. mid to upper 60s from the peninsula to san francisco. 60s and low 70s today and once we get past today, big change in the forecast starting tomorrow. things will dry out and warm up. looking at mid 70s coming back to san francisco thursday and friday. for inland locations after all that rain, nice break tuesday into wednesday.
5:52 am
>> we will talk about the peninsula. another over here off 680. one lane block as the crew travels southbound. chp should arrive on scene to let us know more detail. rain just travel tlud this portion of the map. the north bay moves well. the toll plaza is filled because the metering lights are on. you see light puddles on either side of the road. no surprises on the approach here. southbound 101. this drive time from the airport southbound still at five
5:53 am
minutes. back to you. >> thank you very much. the rain did impact a lot of people's weekend plans including a popular music festival. >> the wet weather caused delay s. it was a one shot deal. a lot of fans are sounding off on social media demanding money back. tickets ranged from $3 to $350. 11 out of 13 acts performed on saturday and that included the headliner ice cube. nearly a foot of rain pounding parts of the bay over the weekend. 6:05, live to one of the most susceptible places this morning. santa cruz mountains where residents of the homa fire are worried about something else. happening right now. after 20 hours of surgery, two brothers are no longer connected at the head. >>.
5:54 am
>> crunching bay area rain totals and looking at the damage from the weekend storm. today - crews are expected
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5:56 am
resume their search foa small plane - that disappred near lake tahoe. ==rail map== authoritiesay tma today crews are expected to resume a search for a small plane that disappeared near lake
5:57 am
that hoechlt it was headed to the sacramento area when it vanished southwest of lake tahoe. it happened saturday night as the cessna was flying from idaho. crews suspended the search due to bad weather. live pictures near mosul where a new assault on isis is under way. it's iraqi and kurdish troops backed by u.s.-led forces and carrying out a major offensive trying to wrest back control of the strong hold in iraq. this is expected to be one of the strongest battles in that country. mosul has been controlled byi l isis in two years. a bottle full of flammable liquid was thrown through gop headquarters yesterday morning. it caught fire damaging the inside of the building and burning candidate signs as well
5:58 am
as an american flag. next door they spray painted a message "nazi republicans leave town or else." state leaders want more security. >> to scare and intimidate people from volunteering, from working at this office and from working at other offices across the state, but we are going to take the necessary precautions to do whatever it takes to keep our people safe and keep them working. >> no one was hurt and police are still looking for suspects. both presidential candidates donald trump and hillary clinton are critical of the attack. >> 22 days, over three weeks till america elects its next president. this week the focus will be on wednesday's third and final debate between hillary clinton and donald trump. the candidates have different strategies going into this debate. clinton is not planning on making public appearances in
5:59 am
order to prepare. donald trump will be out on the campaign trail. if his recent campaigning is any indication, trump is going to continue to hammer home the idea to voters this election is already predetermined or in his words rigged. mike pence is avoiding that issue but still believes there is another big story being ignored. >> the way the national media is ignoring an avalanche of real hard evidence of corruption during the years of the clinton administration. >> pence referring to recent wikileaks documents. las vegas is where the final debate is. >> they need to be respected, they need their voices heard. >> what about all the women accusing you of sexual assault? >> they need to shut the hell up. >> to donald trump, it's the skit that went too far.
6:00 am
the presidential candidate is calling for "saturday night live" to be canceled. you just saw the show poked fun at trump's performance during the debate. trump accuses it being a hit job. time to retire the boring and unfunny show. baldwin's portrayal extinction. update to breaking news we've been following all morning. bay area police officers targeted at a local starbucks. >> trying to ambush us at starbucks. >> more of those tense moments including the malfunction that likely saved lives. in just a matter of hours, a high profile murder case takes a pivotal step forward. what we can expect today. look wn


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