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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 17, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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calling for "saturday night live" to be canceled. you just saw the show poked fun at trump's performance during the debate. trump accuses it being a hit job. time to retire the boring and unfunny show. baldwin's portrayal extinction. update to breaking news we've been following all morning. bay area police officers targeted at a local starbucks. >> trying to ambush us at starbucks. >> more of those tense moments including the malfunction that likely saved lives. in just a matter of hours, a high profile murder case takes a pivotal step forward. what we can expect today. look down, i'm sinking. this is not just a problem for
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our tv crew this morning. why this could be a horrible situation for residents in this area. a live report and the alert in just moments. "today in the bay" continues right now. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> wet conditions on the road and off the road as well as we are seeing showers still linger. most of it is out of our way here. we could be looking at mud slides and rock slides after yesterday's rain. some intense showers around the try valley. santa cruz catching a break. the rain in the forecast as temperatures in the mid 60s. san francisco low 70s across the valley.
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>> we haven't had any reports of rock slides but spinouts. having traveled through this area there. we have a crash that cleared. good recovery out of the altamont pass. we are looking at slower drives for 680 to pleasanton. 880 toward union city. where 101 meets 92 is where we heard reports of a couple of incidents of hydroplaning. be careful. breaking news. we are just getting our first look at surveillance video after a man armed with an assault-style weapon reportedly wearing body armor targeted police officers inside a vallejo starbucks. you see the man running off with police officers chasing him. they ultimately did catch up
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with the suspect and shot him. pete joins us live from the starbucks on lincoln road west. some tense moments here. good morning. >> good morning. we just obtained this surveillance video. according to police, they are saying the two officers were inside this starbucks when this happened. they say the suspect opened the door pointing what they say was an assault style weapon. here is thatç surveillance her. we can't make out exactly what type of weapon that suspect is holding. it took place around 9:00 p.m. last night. police say the gun malfunctioned when the suspect pointed it at them. that led to a chase with the suspect running off to the nearby intersection with magazine and sheraton streets. the suspect continued to pose a threat and tried to manipulate this weapon. that's when officers fired those
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three shots at him. he was taken into custody before being sent to a local hospital with life-threatening injuries. the woman i spoke to says she was staying at the nearby hotel when this happened. she said she heard more than three shots. >> we heard seven shots like a clip, a large caliber clip. a little at a time and it was like retaliation fire. but a lesser caliber sound. >> police say the suspect was wearing body armor at the time and carrying an additional hand gun. there's a lot of unanswered questions, specifically what the motive was behind all this. we'll get more details during a news conference that's set for 10:30 a.m. >> thanks for the latest.
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6:04, the man accused of shooting a san francisco police officer in the head spawning a manhunt friday died. the suspect believed to be shown in this photo has not been identified. he died yesterday where he was being treated for critical injuries. sfpd says the suspect opened fire on officers without warning. the officers were responding to a call about a man acting erratically near stern grove. police shot him before taking him into custody. sources close to the family say the officer shot is kevin down. this is a picture of him at a been site of a nonprofit he helped create. he is partially paralyzed after surgery to remove bullet fragments from his brain. chp is investigating a late night crash in gilroy that happened a little after 10:00 on highway 101 by highway 25. chp reports a truck somehow struck a toyota and that five
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people were injured. cameras caught a medical chopper on scene. one victim had to be airlifted. we have not been told of the conditions of the victim. chp shut down all lanes in northbound 101 for about an hour. the sierra lamar murder case is expected to take a major step forward. jury selection is expected to begin for the man accused of kidnapping and killing lamar. prosecutors say torres killed the 15-year-old girl in 2012. he was arrested after lamar's dna was found in his car. he faces the death penalty if convicted. berkeley police investigating a managing after midnight friday near the cal campus. police say two men and a woman approached someone taking her purse and phone before driving off. the robbers didn't show a weapon but follow as string of half a lose armed robberies involving guns in the areas surrounding the campus.
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the rain that's been rolling through the bay area is giving a boost to firefighters trying to distinguish a devastating firefighter in the sierra. it started friday. 23 homes and 24 other structures have been destroyed. that fire is more than 50% contained with full containment expected by wednesday. all the rain slowly making its way out of the bay area. a live look outside this morning. the drive through san rafael across the san mateo bridge, roadways slick this morning. 1,000 still without power. rick, mud slides are a very serious concern out there. >> they are, indeed. i've been up here on the santa cruz mountains off and on about every other day the past couple of weeks. this day today is probably one of the worse where i've seen the
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ground. it looks like dough. this is an example of where we are right now. this is throughout all the areas here. a lot of residents have homes on top of what used to be solid ground. this is a huge worry for residents who fear the ground could give away. we've seen small boulders on the road, trees hanging on power lines. for residents, it's another headache. flames ruined a lot of the vegetation in the ground. mix that with water and there you have the shift and that's where we are today. people are concerned about these mud slides that can happen in this area. that is a huge worry. a lot of folks going in and out of here taking normal
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precautions. just a perfect example, just see the mud and how easily it is being moved. you see a home that might be on something like that on a hill side. it's not a good combination at all. live on top of the santa cruz mountains, rick boone. >> why we need a chance to dry out between storms. >> rick not afraid to get his hands dirty, but lack of stability and we are not out of the woods yet in terms of mud slides. >> almost 10 inches of rain. some picking up the october average and 20% of the annual average. tri-valley seeing a few scattered showers. we will see a chance of a few more scattered showers today and much drier conditions for the rest of the week. upper 60s and low 70s around the bay area today. san jose close to 70. mid to upper 60s.
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san francisco to oakland. note the seven day forecast. mid 70s for san francisco. mid 80s into the valley as things dry out. >> we are still getting a chance to dry out on the roadways. watch slicker conditions. we have crashes. that green highlighted on the map, that means there are damp roadways registering on our road weather index. 680 past the merge with 242. reports of a crash there one lane is blocked. we see slowing toward the walnut creek area exchange. not a real problem getting over to the bay bridge. here from highway 4 down to the maze. upper east shore 19 minutes. that's a good flow of traffic. live look for san jose. north 101 does have this slowing here. traffic backing up north of 680. that is a typical pattern for
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the south bay. >> saving lives on a landmark. new plan in the works in the hopes of stopping more suicides on the golden gate bridge. >> mystery surrounding tesla will remain a mystery a little bit longer. the reason elon musk is delaying the next big announcement. >> billionaire peter teal doubles down on donald trump.
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==rob/wsi== (rob ad libs) after a soggy weekend around the bay area we are seeing scattered showers across the tri-valley this morning. santa cruz mountains catching break. plan on wet roadways for the morning commute. >> even though it's not raining, just got word of a crash. gusty winds overnight. we are are tracking those conditions coming up. >> thank you very much.
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it is 6:14 on your monday. a follow-up on a triple shooting in the north bay that happened over the weekend. sonoma county sheriff's department says one man was killed in that shooting while two other victims are still being treated. despite posts on social media to the contrary, no arrests have been made. investigators say they are working on several solid leads. that shooting happened along 116. putting more officers on patrol to prevent suicides. that's the new plan on the golden gate bridge. a live look at the iconic span there. five new officers are expected to begin patrols in two months. so far this year, there have been 138 successful interventions on the bridge. officials say the increase of successful interventions is directly related to having more officers on patrol. >> getting your hands on a good
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cuban cigar. maybe a whole bunch of cigars. how about a monte christo. now you're allowed to purchase up to several hundred cigars. previously you faced a $100 limit. tesla's next big thing will remain a mystery longer. elon musk tweeted last night he is moving his latest product announcement to wednesday. the product needs a few more days of refinement. analysts predict the announcement could be an improvement to the auto pilot feature or a sneak at the rumored model y crossover vehicle. we'll see. tesla says it is ready to enter a deal with panasonic. scott mcgrew has suspicions about this. >> i think this is as much about encouraging investors to say yes
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to that merger between tesla and solar city. read the information carefully. tesla says it's entered a nonbinding agreement to work with panasonic to build solar cells at its new york state plant if, and only if, tesla merge wes solar city. tesla says something might happen or it might not if it gets its way. pay pal founder is promising another $1.25 million to elect trump. the silicon valley billionaire spoke in support of trump at the republican national convention. many were surprised. his politics don't mesh with republicans. teal was the first openly gay person to address the convention in party history. teal has now contributed far more money to the effort to elect trump than all the companies in silicon valley combined. what is confusing about the
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latest contribution is we know more about trump than we did back at the convention. we found out things to most people are rather distasteful. polls show it's unlikely trump will win. it's not clear what teal's money will do. the move pits him against some of his closest co-workers, as well. teal is a board member over at facebook. mark zuckerberg has been clear he doesn't support trump. it pits him against y combinator. they are not going to fire someone supporting a nominee. i understand why emotions are high about this and disagree with people who cut ties to y combinator. it may cause business problems. >> very interesting. some parents want their children to grow up very successful. a billionaire perhaps?
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>> that would help. you put one child through college. >> almost. almost. >> and you have another son. laura has three kids down the road. >> i need a billionaire. >> how can we make this happen for you? research provided to cnbc lists the top five colleges to attend if you want to be a billionaire. harvard at the top. stanford, university of pennsylvania, columbia and mit. 30% of today's billionaires don't even have a bachelor's degree. don't tell your teenagers. >> no one can take your education away from you. >> don't take the rain away from us. >> you still need the windshield wipers in a few spots this morning. nothing like we saw yesterday. mild temperatures for most
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spots. mid to upper 50s. let's take a look at rain totals over the three day period. lexington reservoir, almost 3.5 inches of rain. further south at oakland and san francisco, only 0.38 inch of rain. in gilroy 0.3 inch of rain. that's about 20% of the annual average rain we get in a typical year. it's only about less than three inches of what you usually get in october. a lot of warm, moist air. san jose missed out on the big rain totals. scattered showers.
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a few more into the south bay and some of the hill tops through the afternoon. you can see a few pop-up showers as we head to the afternoon mainly before sunset tonight. we'll see a chance of scattered showers. everything does begin to dry out as we head towards tomorrow. low 70s south of san jose. mid to upper 60s around san francisco for the north bay and tri-valley. highs to upper 60s and low 70s. notice a few rain drops in the forecast. the other half of the forecast does trend much drier. a little bit of a roller coster after three soggy days in the coastal mountains will catch a break. coast see temperatures climb. mid to upper 70s. check out valley and inland temperatures. after today it's a dry forecast. trends warm thursday to friday. numbers approach the mid 80s toward this upcoming weekend. >> we'll take you toward the
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traffic maps. we see that rain having traveled through the area. scattered showers in the tri-valley. that green highlighting is where we may find damper roadways. the santa cruz mountains got hit. we have a slow drive traveling northbound. they closed one of your northbound lanes because of a crash there on the right side. left side gets by. that has a typical pattern here flowing northbound 101. pronounced over the last couple of minutes. we'll track that carefully, as well. travel time throughout the area looking good as far as 101 from where it splits to joins to 805. we have about 10 more minutes for the 101 drive. 85 is a much smoother drive if that's an option for you.
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the bay bridge toll plaza. no problems on the approach. the maze moves well. >> let's hope for a smooth commute thank you. >> the new bill expected to be signed to give the raiders one cleat out of the coliseum. we'll tell you what caused this mess inside one of the players' tunnels during yesterday's raiders game. happening today - ==sam1xvbox==
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e next stepn the raidepossible . nevada's governor "briasandovalg
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happening today, the raiders next possible move to sin city. they are expected to sign a bill tightly debated. going to green light $750 million of public taxpayer money for the new football stadium in las vegas that. would become home to unlv football and the raiders. if the governor signs the bill, this is not a done deal because nfl owners would have to approve it. >> here is one reason raiders may be looking to leave. look at this video from the coliseum yesterday. it was shot by the san francisco. in chronicle" during the 26-10 loss to the chief. you can see all the water pouring into the tunnel area. next on "today in the bay" an update to breaking news. pete is live in vallejo with
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continuous updates. officers were targeted there. >> police say two officers were ambushed inside of this starbucks by a man pointing an assault weapon. now we have surveillance video. we'll show that you coming up. the sierra lamar murder trial finally gets under way today. what we can expect with today's jury selection. donald trump calls the election process rigged. =laura/4shot=
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good mning - and anks for joining us. i'm laura garcia cannon.=sam/4s (toss rob)ock 6:30 monday morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. after buckets of rain all weekend long, we are going to see sunshine after the rain, just not today. >> we are getting a hybrid of both. sunshine, lingering showers and you can see around your commute this morning, something mike has been watching, you see the showers there. finally catching a break after a foot of rain came down. 50s to start your day. partly cloudy skies. a few scattered showers. low 70s across the valley. >> i found the source of the problem. slowing in san jose. there was an earlier crash that
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hadn't quite cleared. this is north 101 at oakland road shy of 880. that crash is out of the lanes but in the center divide. 85 just starting to show the slowdown. 101 at the top of your screen, that is a good 10 minutes longer than it takes on 85. >> we are watching breaking news this morning. getting our first look at surveillance video after a man armed with an assault-style weapon wearing body armor reportedly targeted police officers inside a vallejo starbucks. we brought this video first at 6:00. the suspect shot by police.
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>> we are in front of that starbucks here. the two officers were inside this coffee shop when that man walked into this coffee shop pointing an assault style weapon. this is a new surveillance video. he was wearing body armor at the time. it took place around 9:00 p.m. the video shows the man walking towards the starbucks and being chased off by two officers. he pointed the gun at them inside of that coffee shop. the gun malfunctioned when the suspect tried to use it. police chased him down near the intersection of magazine and sheraton. he continued to pose a threat.
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that's when officers fired those three shots at him. i spoke to a woman who was staying at a nearby hotel. >> we heard seven shots like a clip, a large caliber clip. a little bit of time and it was like retaliation fire. but a lesser caliber sound. >> a lot of unanswered questions here. police will hold a news conference on this incident at 10:30 a.m. this morning. a jittery time for this to happen. thank you. 6:33. now to the south bay. she disappeared while on her way
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to school more than four years ago. today after a series of lengthy delays, the trial against the man accused of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar will finally move forward. damien joins us live where jury selection is about to get under way in a couple of hours. >> good morning, that jury selection begins at 9:00 at the hall of justice. the defendant himself has been urging his lawyers to move on with this trial. he mentioned he was tired of the delays. he's been locked up since shortly after the disappearance of sierra lamar in 2012. sierra was on her way to school when she vanished. her body has not been found but dna evidence links torres to her disappearance. this is a death penalty case so the process will be slower than other cases.
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first order of business is polling potential jurors. the judge will decide which make a legitimate case for hardship. they can't afford to sit on a jury for weeks if not months. they will fill out questionnaires. both sides will use the responses to disqualify a juror or keep that person on the jury. one question is how they feel about the death penalty. any reservations about sentencing a person to death will likely eliminate from the jury pool. a legal analyst tells me a jury pool who has no reservations about the death penalty would be a conservative jury pool and more likely to convict in the case of homicide here. the jury selection begins at 9:00 today. it should take several weeks before we hear opening arguments. >> thank you ve@y much. so many people waiting so long. 6:35. a woman killed by a hit-and-run driver in millbrae. deputies are asking for help to
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find the driver responsible. the crash happened after 7:00 saturday night. the woman was in the crosswalk when she was struck. investigators released these surveillance photos. they are searching for a white chevy or toyota pick-up truck. today marks 27 years since the loma prieta earthquake. hard for us to lived here. it was centered five miles from santa cruz. images of destruction seared in all our minds. the quake ravaged part of the marina district collapsing a portion of the nimitz freeway in oakland. 63 people died. the quake injured more than 3700. we are now just over three weeks away from election day. both presidential candidates are gearing up for one final
6:37 am
showdown in the hopes of swaying undecided voters. new allegations from donald trump about the whole election process being rigged. good morning, edward. >> good morning. at least one of those candidates right now is on twitter in a big firestorm. donald trump tweeting again this morning, re-upping saying the entire election system is rigged. donald trump called people representing hillary clinton animals in a tweet after someone fire bombed the gop headquarters in orange county, north carolina. as politics turned violent -- >> a totally rigged election. >> trump claims the election is rigged with help from the media promoting false stories about him. governor mike pence defended his running mate on "meet the press" and accused reporters of ignoring the real stories. >> the way the national media is
6:38 am
ignoring an avalanche of hard evidence of corruption during the years of the clinton administration. >> pence is referring to e-mails released through the freedom of information act as well as hacked e-mails from the clinton campaign posted to wikileaks. senator tim kaine said we cannot take the hacked e-mails as fact. >> we have to be careful about these. since they are part of an effort by russia and wikileaks, and neither are neutral transmitters of information. >> information the clinton campaign won't confirm or deny. wikileaks released transcripts of paid speeches to wall street executives this weekend. clinton has no public events scheduled from now until the debate to prepare. >> donald trump is on the campaign trail. he has events in wisconsin and colorado before going on to las vegas for that final debate. live in washington, edward lawrence. >> thanks for the latest. judgment judgment 6:38 rain and
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lots of it left many homeowners in santa cruz concerned about mud slides over the weekend. so far no reports of homes damaged from flooding. we did see local flooding and small rock slides along the roads there strong wind gusts toppled trees and had homeowners concerned for the neighbors. >> it would be terrible if they got floods after it. nearly a foot of rain fell over the weekend in some parts of the santa cruz mountains. heaviest conditions farther north, still plenty of rain. three days of on and off rain made for messy conditions in san francisco. drivers in the city facing flooding in some cases. standing water from a clogged drain played havoc at scott and hayes. drivers on the freeway didn't fare better.
6:40 am
>> we ran into a big pocket of water on 101. >> getting off sing street there was flooding. i saw people hydroplaning it. >> more than 20,000 customers were without electricity at the peak of the weekend storm. >> some parts will get a chance to dry out. >> right now seeing partly cloudy skies to start the morning in san jose. seeing the clouds off to the east. 56. with partly cloudy skies, we'll see a chance of scattered showers. you can see good downpours around danville and san ramon. enough moisture to warrant a slight chance of showers with highs in the 60s to low 70s. after today, shower chances are gone. a big warm-up for san francisco. upper 70s by friday.
6:41 am
80s make a come back by the end of the week. we talked about a crash blocking half your lanes. that cleared. we only had two lanes available. you are going to see more traffic coming past highway 9 to the rest of san jose and silicon valley. the build continues. 101 continues slowing as you approach oakland road. a tow truck might have arrived on the scene. hopefully that will clear things. a look at your drive times. looking at traffic on the peninsula. from the airport down to highway 92, just six minutes. more dead birds test positive for west nile virus in
6:42 am
one bay area community. people need to be extra vigilant. tragedy in san diego after a pick-up truck flies off a bridge and lands on a crowd of people. what we are learning about the driver's condition at the time. an airline merger seems behind schedule. is the new ceo of wells fargo right for the job? out to the big board.
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woman: how do we protect them from $4 billion in new cuts to california schools? man: vote yes on proposition 55. woman: prop 55 doesn't raise taxes on anyone. man: not on working californians, not small businesses.
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no one. woman: instead, prop 55 simply maintains the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. man: so those who can most afford it continue paying their fair share... woman: prevent new education cuts... man: ...and keep improving california's schools. woman: vote yes on prop 55 to help our children thrive.
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6:45. flooding threat and heavy rain moving on. still an issue with coastal flooding. high tide 6.4 feet this afternoon. how much more you can expect in the way of showers for the rest of today's forecast. happening today, a rally to help a berkeley middle school teacher get her job back. she was part of this anti-trump protest that turned violent in sacramento over the summer. she is a popular teacher who was beat up when confronting a group of neo-nazis. school administrators said they received threats if they didn't fire her students might be harmed. racial equality group plans to rally to have her reinstated. shock and sadness after a truck flew off a bridge and landed on a crowd of people
6:46 am
killing four in southern california. dozens of people lit candles and said prayers last night. on saturday, a suspected dui driver hit a guard rail on the san diego coronado bay bridge. >> the legacy of the four victims is the community of people that come to the park. >> the driver is identified as 24-year-old richard anthony cipolio. he was arrested under suspicion of driving under the influence. west nile virus concerns as four birds found tested positive. all the rain and expected warm-up could help spread the virus. two tunnels are being preposed along 17 and santa cruz mountain
6:47 am
mountains are for wildlife. the tunnels will allow deer and mountain lions to cross under the highway. the project could cost $32 million. quite a day for a ride and a wet start to a long bike ride. about 100 injured veterans and supporters sped off on a 500 mile ride from the bay area south to los angeles. the annual ride to recovery event. the goal is to raise money for physical and psychological rehabilitation programs for injured vets. hoping to get millennials out to vote, demetri martin will performing and promoting voter registration. he and other comedians will travel to several california colleges the next upcoming days. america's high school
6:48 am
graduation rate is up. president obama expected to announce that later today. graduation rates reached a new high of 83.2%. the numbers up across all ethnic groups for disabled students and low-income families. damage control for embattled wells fargo which continues to apologize for faking accounts. >> there are questions whether it's done enough to shake up the leadership there. >> wells fargo published a full page ad over the weekend saying it's moving forward to make things right. it will start putting customers' financial needs first, not the bank's. all this comes from after wells fargo was fined for faking a number of accounts. more than 2 million so-called phantom accounts. they got rid of one ceo but now
6:49 am
there is a new ceo, tim sloan. there are questions whether he is the right guy for the job. he was there in the executive offices when all this happened. "new york times" columnists said ousting the chief is not enough to right the wrong and wells fargo needs to make a clean break from the past. either sloan didn't know what was going on when he was at wells fargo, which is bad or he did know and that's also a problem. netflix reports its profits after the closing bell today. this is a critical quarter for netflix. it's spending money on original content like "stranger things" but seeing subscriber growth slow. less growth in income, more growth in outgo is not a winning formula. >> we tau alaska airlines would complete its takeover of virgin america. alaska is talking with the department of justice. we'll delve into that tomorrow morning. virgin says it's given its
6:50 am
flight attendants special bags. why? in case a passenger takes a galaxy samsung 7 onboard. no guns, no knives, no samsung galaxy note 7. that is a new rule from the fed. >> that's a first. >> another blow to the company there. we have been watching conditions develop. it's been a rain event but wind event. >> 50, 60 miles per hour. we have interesting weather with chain control. scattered showers around the bay area after a weekend that saw close to a foot of rain. the loma fire had a flash flood
6:51 am
warning after the rain. oakland to san francisco, above an inch of rain. san jose missing out. that almost 10 inch total is roughly equivalent to 20% of the rain we typically see in a begin year. when you get a warm tropical air mass, you get tremendous amount of rain here. in san jose, the rain rates drop off, but pick up around east bay hills. right now we have showers here around the tri-valley. scattered showers around the south bay. you see the cooler air arrived. you're seeing snow there close to 6,500 feet. this is the last gasp. a chance for a few more scattered showers. notice how the showers begin to
6:52 am
shut down. as we head toward 7:00, what's left will go east of the area. low 70s around the south bay. mid to upper 60s for san francisco and the peninsula. tri-valley highs in the 70s. big changes coming up. not only will it turn drier for san francisco, we could see mid to upper 70s. high pressure builds. showers move on. 80s starting thursday. >> right now we still have damp roadways. scattered showers left there. road weather index showing the green highlighting. we'll talk about areas south. we have crashes that have just cleared now. south 680 causes more traffic to flow toward that 24 interchange. 880 to union city. typical patterns there. look at this build for the south. we had a crash in oakland road.
6:53 am
let's take a look at the live camera. jammed up because of that earlier crash. >> still jammed up. top stories and breaking news. a man opening fire on a couple of bay area police officers at a starbucks. the new surveillance video we obtained a short time ago. i'm rick boone live on top of the santa cruz mountains where the land isn't as stable as it used to be. as you just heard, we're sllcrua damage from the weekend storsee our three-days ofeam >> we are still crunching bay
6:54 am
area totals. longer connected at the headwe nked up to eir mother' after 20 hours surgery, two brothers are no longer connected by the head. link up to the mother's emotional facebook post on our facebook page. before you head out the do -her
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welcome back. coming up on 6:57 on your monday. here are the top stories. we start with breaking news out of vallejo. >> pete is live at a starbucks where two police officers were targeted by a gunman. >> good morning. this is the starbucks we are talking about in vallejo on the corner of magazine and lincoln where they say that man was slinging an assault-style weapon at them. police saying it took place around 9:00 p.m. last night. he had an assault weapon. he pointed the gun at them. the gun malfunctioned when the suspect reportedly tried to use it. police chased him down near the intersection of magazine and sheraton. officers fired those three shots at him. he was taken into custody before
6:58 am
being sent to a local hospital. he is in critical condition. they say the suspect had an additional hand gun on him. they'll hold a news conference at 10:30 a.m. we'll bring that to you later today. this weekend brought us the biggest rainfall we've seen yet this season. here is the storm pounding parts of the bay area. >> rick boone live in the santa cruz mountains where mudslides are a big concern. >> they are a big concern. just off summit road the top of the santa cruz mountains. this is the mud area. this is where the foundation is now nothing but mud and gunk and water, all from that rain and mainly saturated a lot of the vegetation here. that's making havoc. concerns for a lot of residents
6:59 am
in this area they have homes on top of this foundation. that is muddy and unstable. this happened about a week or so after the loma fire. another concern for residents who thought they were in the all-clear. now they are back worrying again. you were talking about this last week. concern about flash floods there. >> flash flood warnings yesterday. the heavier rain moved on. scattered showers in the forecast today. 60s and low 70s. after today, shower chances go away. >> several accidents over the weekend. now smooth sailing. >> still a damp roadway so be careful. it's not that bad. looks like it has cleared. the build is on for silicon valley.
7:00 am
>> that's what's happening "today in the bay." we are back at 7:25 with a live local news update. good morning. good morning. out on a limb. donald trump ratchets up claims the election is rigged. surrogates each his own running mate apparently not on board. >> i accept the results of the election. >> after the republican headquarters is fire bombed trump points the finger at animals representing hillary clinton. are his accusations making impact. our new poll numbers are in. breaking overnight, backed by the u.s., iraq launches a massive offensive to retake mosul from isis. the largest operation against the terror group ever. richard engel is live with one of the convoys heading into battle.


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