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tv   Today  NBC  October 17, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> that's what's happening "today in the bay." we are back at 7:25 with a live local news update. good morning. good morning. out on a limb. donald trump ratchets up claims the election is rigged. surrogates each his own running mate apparently not on board. >> i accept the results of the election. >> after the republican headquarters is fire bombed trump points the finger at animals representing hillary clinton. are his accusations making impact. our new poll numbers are in. breaking overnight, backed by the u.s., iraq launches a massive offensive to retake mosul from isis. the largest operation against the terror group ever. richard engel is live with one of the convoys heading into battle. reliving the nightmare.
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the diver who was trapped in that shark cage when a great white broke through the bars opens up about his dramatic encounter. >> i feel lucky and then nothing get hurt. why he says the danger was far greater than any one realized. to the rescue. a driver pulled from his burning car after it crashed and rolled down a hill. army of onlookers form a human chain to get him out proving there is safety in numbers today monday, october 17, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. what are you doing three weeks from tomorrow? >> stay up all night.
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election day is upon us. >> let us start with new campaign allegations and attacks. state of the race today, 22 days to go. donald trump is doubling down on his claims of a rigged election. this time blaming the media, his opponent and many polling places but yet to be any evidence of voter fraud. our newest head-to-head shows clinton over likely voters. you look at the key female bloc clinton has a 20-point advantage. >> trump is hosting a rally in wisconsin, clinton is taking a break. bernie sanders will campaign for her. starting with peter alexander on the trail in green bay, wisconsin, peter, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. now two days out from the third and final presidential debate donald trump will rally
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supporters here in green bay tonight. heading into this critical week, trump is furiously dialing up his rhetoric suggesting a conspiracy is undermining his chances for victory. facing a growing deficit in the polls donald trump is intensifying efforts to fuel doubts about the legitimacy of the elect. >> one big fix. it's one big ugly lie. >> reporter: trump expanding argument that the election is rigged by the dishonest and distorted media, also at many polling places. that new claim challenging the fairness of the voting process. but it also contradicts one of trump's top surrogates. >> i don't expect the electoral process to be rigged, meaning the election, but if it is we'll contest it. >> reporter: mike pence tried to down play the claim. >> we'll accept the results. >> reporter: and paul ryan
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rejecting talk of a rigged election. his office saying the speaker is ofdent the states will carry out this election with integrity. ahead of trump's trip to wisconsin, ryan's home turf, trump blasting the vp nominee as a man who doesn't know how to win. republicans divided now under attack. a gop office in north carolina fire bombed, a nearby building vandalized. so far no arrests but trump blames animals representing hillary clinton and democrats, clinton condemning the attack, as horrific and unacceptable. the fierce rhetoric coming days before the candidates' final debate showdown. 31% of voters said the debates made them more likely to back clinton. 14% more likely to vote trump. who still vigorously denying a growing list of accusations from women who claim he groped or kissed them without permission. allegations nbc news has not independently verified. >> right now she's in debate prep. >> reporter: trump's latest challenge.
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>> i think we should take a drug test prior to the debate. i do. >> reporter: less than a year after hosting "saturday night live" trump no longer laughing. >> serious health problems. and number three -- sorry. okay. and number four. >> reporter: time to retire the boring and unfunny show trump tweeted. alec baldwin portrayal stinks. donald trump is back to bringing up this idea of a conspiracy again this morning, tweeting in the last hour or so, of course there is large scale voter fraud happening on and before election day. why do republican leaders deny what is going on. so naive. in fact, the brennan center for justice says voter fraud is rare, they say it's more likely that a person is struck by lightning than a voter impersonate another individual at the polls. back to you.
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>> peter alexander in green bay for us, thank you. the democrats hillary clinton facing her own troubles more stolen e-mail, this time purported to include transcripts of speeches she gave to goldman sachs, andrea mitchell has more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. hillary clinton riding high in the polls but now facing that rolling wave of stolen e-mails releetsed by wikileaks, and now purportedly including those secret transcripts of private speeches she gave to goldman sachs before she was a candidate. hillary clinton's motorcade sunday whisking her to practice for her final debate. how can she prepare for the drip, drip, drip of thousands of pains of stolen e-mails released each day by wikileaks. especially purported transcripts of those goldman sachs speeches before running for president. bernie sanders wanted to see them during the primary campaign. >> you got to release the transcripts.
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let everybody see. >> reporter: clinton talks about cracking down on wall street. >> we still have to crack down on the big banks. >> reporter: as a highly paid speaker clinton appears to have told the bankers the people that know the industry better than anybody are the people who work in the industry. in the e-mails released not authcated by clinton or nbc news, she also said new banking regulations after the 2008 crisis were passed for political reasons, and the jury is still out on the 2010 dodd/frank wall street reform law. a stolen e-mail wikileaks says was to campaign chairman john podesta and others last october reveals clinton decided to oppose the tpp trade deal even before seeing the final version. contrary to her later claim. an adviser write, if she weighs in now without viewing the document, some in labor might wonder why she didn't just say she opposed earlier. donald trump and surrogates
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pouncing on this. rudy giuliani with willie geist. >> she is bombarded and needs something to save her because the stuff she says those e-mails is disqualifying being president of the united states. >> reporter: the clinton campaign firing back blaming russia for the hacks and the fbi suspects that hushia is involved at the highest levels. vladamir putin denying that he is trying to influence the election. the claim he is trying to hurt hillary clinton's campaign. at the same time the cia according to an nbc news exclusive report is planning a covert operation to retaliate against russia for that continuing hack of the clinton e-mails. and we're also learning from other e-mails last summer that clinton aides were worried about a character flaw that clinton was refusing to apologize for her private server, until that is she started doing interviews starting with us, last summer. back to you, matt and savannah. >> we remember it well. thank you.
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>> let us talk about all of this with chuck todd. good morning to you. >> good morning, sir. >> months and months hillary clinton refused to talk about or release the transcripts of the speeches to goldman sachs saying you know, she would do that sometime when donald trump released his taxes. now we know allegedly what was included in her comments to goldman sachs. do you have a better sense of why she didn't release them? >> i sure do. this was i think this would have been more problematic for her in the democratic primaries. look, the democratic party is moving in a direction much faster to the left than hillary clinton ever was. what wikileaks, what we have learned out of all of this, matt, on one hand it sort of reinforced what we thought we knew about hillary clinton. but politically, ideally this will be exposed during the primaries that basically she was making a calculation to move to the left, i think it would have been absolutely damaging in the primary and possibly cost her the nomination.
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>> so obviously if you say it would have been that damaging in the primary the question then is how damaging if at all is it now with three weeks to go until the general election? >> i think in a general election much less damaging, one, i mean there are some voters that are going to be reassured that she is in the middle here a little bit, number one. and second, remember who her opponent is. i think against another opponent this could be more lethal. i think against donald trump obviously he blots out the sun with all of his problems. >> let's talk about donald trump. he spent the weekend really honing in on this idea and this message that the whole system is rigged. if you really think about it, i mean, that's a message that not a message to win, it's not a message to turn out voter because frankly people might get depressed and think why bother. it's to explain a loss. >> that's right, and i think it's also a message as a way to not lose either. to not look like a loser.
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this is going to be donald trump looking like a fighter, donald trump defining victory in his own way. i mean, we've got -- we know donald trump pretty well i think the three of us, one thing he'll never admit is to losing or failing at anything. so, to me this feels like donald trump's way of deciding this fight for the presidency will make him look like a winner even if he gets trounced. >> chuck todd, thank you very much. >> you got it. >> >> nbc news will bring you the third final presidential debate wednesday night. coverage begins 9:00 eastern time. overseas a massive operation launched by the iraqi army to wrestle control of mosul, the country's second largest city from the hands of isis. nbc's richard engel is with troops on the move in northern iraq this morning. good morning. tell us what you're seeing there. >> reporter: good morning. this is a major operation where we are we've been hearing rockets and artillery throughout
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the day. it began in the early morning hours and around 60,000 iraqis are taking part, it's also the main focus of the some 5,000 u.s. troops in this country. the biggest offensive against isis anywhere so far has begun. and this morning iraqi forces backed by american air power and artillery are on the move. >> it seems like every iraqi in uniform and every vehicle is being brought in for this operation. and so far this stage moving the armor to the front line is moving very quickly. but american commanders say it could slow down considerably if and when they meet resistance. heading into battle but their mood is upbeat. as the attack convoy stopped briefly, some troops started dancing. and they are getting a warm reception from iraqi civilians. many villagers came out to welcome the troops as they advanced toward mosul where more
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than a million people are penned in by isis as human shields. but then as the convoy drew closer to mosul an ominous sign. huge plumes of black smoke shut out the sun. isis torched these oil wells, wells it used to fund its terror rather than allow them to go back to the iraqi government. many iraqis want revenge for over two years of isis abuses. we will be victorious in mosul, god willing a soldier said. it's unclear how long the mosul offensive will take, days or perhaps a few months. it depends on what isis has in store for these troops. iraq's prime minister said this mission has one goal, to liberate mosul from isis and god willing we will win. back to you. >> richard, thank you. an update on a tragic story out of lexington, kentucky, the 15-year-old daughter of olympic
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sprinter tyson gay was killed. police announced last night they arrested a 21-year-old man in connection with that case. trinity gay was shot outside a restaurant sunday when a group of men in two cars opened fire on each other. trinity was not in either car. she later died at a hospital like her father she was a sprinter. she ran for her high school team. now to dramatic video we showed you last week, a great white shark busting into a cage with a diver inside. this morning that diver is telling his story for the first time. and we have the latest on that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is the video that went viral, that shark emerging from that shark cage inside had been a lone diver. what you see is the view from the boat. until now we had not heard from the diver himself. but this morning he tells us this was not the only shark he
7:15 am
was confronted with. thrashing furiously, a fuj shark inside a shark cage. the animal panicking, trapped. what you can't see is the chinese diver who moments earlier was inside that same small cage. the shark's bloody body horrifying witnesses, watching from the boat. >> is there anybody in there? >> reporter: seconds later ming surfaces, uninjured. >> i feel very lucky. can still alive and then nothing, nothing get hurt. >> reporter: the sequence lasting less than two minutes. taking the bait, the great white slammed into the cage. >> before he broke the cage his nose is in the small window. so i tell myself that i say hey, come on, you don't want to go into my face but maybe less than a second after he broke the cage. >> reporter: the diver thrown
7:16 am
out into shark infested water. >> two other shark swim below me. >> reporter: above panic, someone opens the hatch and ming emerges. >> i don't think he -- he panicked. just accident. >> reporter: close encounters occur. it can look like a shark attack, in fact, the animal is unable to swim backwards. experts warn tourists not to take risk like in mexico earlier this year. a diver touching a shark's nose. after this latest incident, ming says he'll keep diving. >> i get back to the cage the next day. >> reporter: ming says the shark was so powerful he was thrown out of the cage and left holding a piece of the torn off metal, he says that he was not that frightened because everything happened so quickly. i'm not sure everyone would say that. >> i would agree with that. thank you.
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>> i had not thought about it. bad in the cage, not great outside either. thank you. back to the video now we showed you at the top of the show. it's dramatic rescue caught on camera sunday, after a fiery crash in florida. two vehicles collided, sending an suv off the road and down a very steep embankment. cell phone video shows palm bay police officers and several bystanders rushing to free the trapped driver as the suv burst into flames. after they pulled him out they locked arms, form add human chain, carried the driver up to safety. he only has minor injuries. to dylan for a check of the weather. al is on the mend. >> he picked a good week to recover. it's going to be in the 80s, sunny, fantastic this week across the northeast and in fact, across most of the country it's going to feel like late august than october. summer temperatures thanks to this area of high pressure pushing the jet stream up to the north. look at memphis, 88 degrees for
7:18 am
the next several days, dallas should top out in the 90s today and tomorrow. charlotte gets into mid-80s by the middle of the week. new york city we should get up to 83 degrees by tomorrow. we are going to tie or break some records, little rock should tie the record of 89. louisville break the record, the old record 85. into tomorrow we'll see more widespread record breaking across the country. wednesday it tapers off but we'll still approach records if not break records in philadelphia, 83 with the old record of 80 as we go into the middle of the week. that's a look at the weather. your local forecast is coming up. nx tale: the musical, i came up... ...with this idea of four towers that were fire escapes... ...essentially. i'll build a little model in photoshop and add these... ...details in with a pen. i could never do that with a mac. i feel like my job is... put out there just enough detail to spur the audiences... ...imagination to fill in all the blanks. this windows pc is amazing, having all of my tools... ...right at my finger tips is incredible.
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>>. >> seeing clouds and still a few scattered showers moving across the bay area danville, dublin and sunol seeing a few showers. nothing like the rain we saw yesterday. partly cloudy skies. slight chance of a few lingering showers. the trend of the seven-day forecast, much drier and warmer. 70s back to san francisco by the middle part of the week. inland jumping into the 80s. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> all right, dylan, thank you. just ahead, claims of a rigged system. calls for revolution. the real worries about what might happen after election day. do you really need to spend a lot of money on bottled water or is that stuff out of the tap just as good? on "rossen reports," we're putting our taste buds to the test. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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there's new rveillance deo - of the aos flowing good morning. 7:26, i'm sam brock. a wet weekend. the sunshine after the rain. rob is tracking changes in our forecast. >> still seeing a slight chance of scattered showers. 50s outside. you can see a few showers we had around the tri-valley. most the moisture heading off to the east. mild temperatures today, 60s to low 70s across the bay area. a dry and warmer forecast as we finished the week. we see temperatures begin to climb. we'll see those numbers into the mid 70s tomorrow. into the 70s and 80s as we pass the middle part of the week. thursday and friday, mid 80s making a comeback after three days of heavy rain that placed
7:27 am
bay area rain totals to 600% of average. a closer look at our 11:00 newscast. we are looking at the maps. the weather is out there, a little bit damp. looking at a slower drive. you should slow down for damp roadways. there is a crash we got notified about highway 92. there is a crash affecting both directions there. 101 and 92 looking at a slower drive through san mateo. no major issues. we'll show you that northbound 101 and 85, those are showing the build over the last few minutes. this is better than i expected. 101 had an earlier crash and oakland road off 880. that cleared. we have seen some recovery.
7:28 am
you were talking about ponding on the roadways with spinouts. be careful.
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7:30 am
one of my favorite songs. a beautiful start to the week. great cloud on the plaza. it will be warm this week, feeling really good on the east coast. let's get right to a check to the headlines. service has been restored to the hoboken terminal where that new jersey woman was killed three weeks ago. the train's data recorder showed it going twice the speed limit. the fbi is assisting in an investigation in orange county, north carolina. someone threw a bottle of flammable liquid through a window, which sparked a fire.
7:31 am
graffiti that read "nazi republicans leave town or else" was found on a nearby building. no suspects have been identified. a new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll to show you, hillary clinton now leading in that poll by ten points in a head-to-head election day matchup. now to "today's campaign moment." earlier today we told you donald trump isn't laughing at alec baldwin's portrayal of him on "snl." he probably didn't like this open sketch either. it is a parody of beyonce's "lemonade" album using the women in donald trump's life, including his wife melania. ♪ watch out watch out ♪ i'm about to walk out ♪ i see mike pence in the corner looking for the back door ♪ >> ♪ you only love me when i'm not there ♪ >> on twitter, donald trump
7:32 am
linked "snl" to the media that he says is trying to rig the election. that talk of a fix on the election has some of trump's supporters now talking revolution if he doesn't win. h. nbc's hallie jackson is in washington with that part of the story. hallie, good morning. >> hi, there, savannah. good morning to you. it is not all of donald trump's supporters but some who are now talking more about rising up, a revolt, seizing on trump's rhetoric about a rigged system. how many steps is it from rigged -- >> a totally rigged election. >> the election is being rigged. >> the whole system is rigged. >> to a revolution. >> we can't let them get away with this, folks. we can't. total lies and you've been seeing, total lies. >> with donald trump intensifying his argument the system isn't fair, growing concern from his critics about why that is so dangerous. >> if you have that mind set and then he loses, what happens? >> it will be 100 % chaos, no more america. rigged. >> at trump rallies, some
7:33 am
supporters talked about rising up. >> i believe if she wins, we will end up in a war. >> we'll rise up because we're tired of taking it. we're tired of being deplorables. >> in wisconsin, sheriff david clarke, a trump backer, now facing new back lash for tweeting it is pitch forks and torches time. clarke mocking the media for its, quote, friek out saying he wasn't inciting violence. instead, many americans believe the government no longer belongs to the people. i encourage them to join me in pushing back against the institutions of the government. and in the boston globe another trump supporter saying there's geg to be a lot of bloodshed if clinton wins. >> you have millions of people, each sides has coups. >> each side referring to those in the globe saying we reject violence in any form pointing instead to the millions of americans who will make their
7:34 am
voices heard at the ballot box. >> we'll do it. >> with trump's running mate trying to tap down inflammatory talk. >> i'll tell you, just from me and i don't want this to happen but i will tell you from my personally, if hillary clinton gets in, i myself, i'm ready for a revolution because we can't have her in. >> don't say that. >> i'm just saying it. >> others resigned to what could happen if their candidate comes up short. >> we'll have no choice but to accept the outcome. that is all we can do. >> reporter: as for what trump could do if he were to lose in november, the financial times this morning is now reporting that trump's son in law, has in their words, informally met with a top media executive to discuss the possibility of setting up a trump tv network after the election. matt, savannah? >> hallie jackson, thank you very much. we have dylan here with another check of the weather for us on i march morning. >> good morning, guys.
7:35 am
>> we will start to see improvements, over the weekend we have wind gusts 80 to 100 miles an hour. several inches of rain. several inches of mountain snow. now it is tapering off to more or less spotty showers from seattle to medford, oregon into eureka, california as well. we have mountain snow but now the big story will just be the high winds, especially across the rockies where we have high wind warnings, high wind watches and wind advisories, too. we could see wind gusts upwards of 50 miles an hour especially in the highest elevations. want to point out it is not just windy but extremely dry. humidity levels are low and with the warm up we're seeing, we could see any fire that develops spread very, very quickly. this includes denver, dodge city, up into north platte, amarillo texas, those are areas where we have the red flag warnings in effect for the day today. we're going to see some of the spotty showers try to move east ward, not helping out the red flag area but it will produce another perhaps two
7:36 am
>>. >> partly cloudy skies. temperatures in the mid to upper ffts for now. there is still a chance you could see a few stray showers today. on the coast, coastal flood advisory with high tide at 6'3" this afternoon. temperatures in the 60s to low 70s from here. drying out and warming up. >> and that is your latest forecast. >> all right dylan, thank you very much. ahead, a dynamic duo, miley cyrus and joan jett on their friendship and working together on the voice. >> which water do you really prefer? >> hi, good morning, i'm jeff rossen, coming up, so many of us drinking expensive bottled water but here is a question for you. could you taste the difference between bottled water and tap water? if you didn't know which was
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we're back at 7:41. we're starting out a special "rossen reports" series called "is it worth it." first up, that expensive bottled water. >> you like tap? >> i do like tap. >> i do, as well. do you really need to pay for bottled water or just it safety just as good straight from the tap? "today" national investigative correspondent, jeff rossen, set up a test to find out. >> we're going to test your palates by the way. we'll see if you love tap. by the way, tap water has been in the news recently with some cities reporting lead contamination. but experts say in most of the country, tap water is not only safe, it tastes really good. still, so many of us love that feeling of getting bottled
7:42 am
water. you see on the label words like "pure" and "minerals." it just feels like it is better and we pay up for it. but can you really tell difference? this morning, we are launching a blind taste test. we're going to test matt and savannah in just a moment. but first, it is your turn. >> it's light, it's crisp. >> good. really good. >> reporter: we always hear -- drink more water. >> we buy cases of water. >> i buy water all the time. >> reporter: turns out the bottled water market is booming. americans now spending nearly $20 billion a year on it. $20 billion! but can you really taste the difference? i'm curious. so here's what we're doing. we're coming over here. in this container we're putting tap water right out of the sink. good old-fashioned tap. in this container over here, we have this expensive bottle of water. this goes for about $3 a bottle. if you don't know which was which -- they smell and look the same -- could you pick it out?
7:43 am
we are setting up shop in new port center in new jersey. putting both types of water in identical cups. simple question. which one do you like better? oh, he's swishing it around. >> it's my wine tasting ability. >> reporter: right away, some can't even taste the difference. >> i think they both taste the same. >> taste like plain water. also tastes like plain water. >> there a he no difference between them. >> no difference between them. >> no difference. >> reporter: but remember, this is a difference. this water is free, and this water is about $3 a bottle. you chose the expensive bottled water over the tap. >> you could taste the difference. when they ask for tap or bottles, i want bottles. . >> you are expensive date. >> reporter: basically. >> some swear by it. >> i like the bottled water. >> you chose bottled water. you have a fancy palate. >> i can't afford my own palate. >> but don't count the tap out yet. >> tap water. >> i have no problem with tap
7:44 am
water. >> that's what i drink every day. i don't see any need to pay more money. >> i always trust somebody wearing a bowtie. >> you got to do it. you are just an expert on everything. it is practically a tie. >> bottled water. >> tap water. >> bottled water. >> tap water. >> reporter: but by the end of the day after testing more than two dozen people, we have a winner. >> i like this one. >> this one. >> reporter: 55% saying the tap tastes better. a narrow victory, but a big savings. do you know what this is? this is tap water. you chose it over expensive bottled water. >> no. i don't vhave to buy bottled water anymore. >> is that a little dance i saw? >> yeah. >> that's the save money dance. >> that's the save money dance. . >> love that guy. still, bottled water, by the way, more popular than ever. researchers say this may be the first year bottle ld water actually outsells soda. now that we've tested you at home, we want to test matt and savannah. we have bottled water out for
7:45 am
you guys. you'll taste each one. i just want to know which one tastes better to you. we have signs right in front of each glass. >> you want to go first? >> you've been tasting this for a little while. >> i actually have to go to the bathroom. >> i'm going to say this tastes better. >> savannah likes bottled. >> okay. >> you have a very expensive palate. >> i was going to say this tastes better but i think this is tap water. >> you are right on both. exactly. you both like the bottled water and you could tell that's tap water. >> but actually, i like tap water. >> i don't mind this at all but i think this might be colder at a little crisper. >> the cool thing about tap water, you can buy one of those brita filters, it is cheaper. >> i think a lot of people like bottled water because they like the convenience carrying it in a bottle. >> so little difference. >> there you have it. >> what are you doing tomorrow? >> tomorrow morning we are continuing our series, "is it worth it." saving you even more money tomorrow on all of your beauty products. there are so many high-end
7:46 am
makeup products. does that high price really buy you a better look or can you get that luxurious look from the drugstore brand of makeup? we have those identical twins hitting the streets to test it out. we'll see if you can tell the difference. >> matt knows his beauty products. >> we'll see. i might get that one wrong. >> tomorrow morning. coming up, encouraging "sex and the city" fans with a movie. and a super moon. but first these messages. >> howl at the moon. mom, i have to tell you something. dad, one second i was driving and then the next... they just didn't stop and then... i'm really sorry. i wrecked the subaru. i wrecked it. you're ok. that's all that matters. (vo) a lifetime commitment to getting them home safely.
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at progresso, we are passionate about our art. and our art is chicken soup. which is why we are now using 100% antibiotic and hormone free white breast meat chicken in all of our chicken soups! behold our greatest opus. and do you know, if you mix up the letters of opus, what it spells? it spells "soup!" soup is our opus! and we create with glorious chicken. we're back at 7:50. we're talking about that beautiful moon. >> yes, we are, guys. good morning, everybody. if you looked up in the sky sunday night or simply scrolled through your social media, you may have caught a glimpse of a stunning super moon. super moon occurs when the moon comes closer to the earth than usual making it appear up to 16%
7:51 am
larger than the average full moon. people of course took to twitter and instagram to share their stunning photos. here is an incredible view from alaska. the moon and palm trees. the statue of liberty. wow is right. these stunning images were not limited to social media in the united states, guys. this was all over the world they were flooding in. if you missed sunday's super moon, don't you worry. you can get another chance. just three more of these events end before of the end of the year. three total. the next supermoon, november 14th. this is what i love. this is called the extra super moon. for those of you who just aren't impressed with the super, you got an extra supermoon on the 14th. then december 14th for another supermoon so get your cameras ready. they should say extra super-duper moon. >> tamron, i told these guys i took the kids to a haunted house with the full moon.
7:52 am
oh, it was cool. >> i bet. >> i missed it. just totally missed it. i didn't leave the house once yesterday. >> two more shots, dylan. >> you're our meteorologist, dylan! >> tamron, thank you very much. just ahead, the great debate over school start times. will your kids learn more if their day sta ♪ with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, nutella adds a smile to any morning. one jar; so many delicious possibilities. nutella - spread the happy! at walgreens, you're free- free to seize the savings on medicare part d. from one-dollar copays on select plans to rewards points on all prescriptions,
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>>. >> good monday morning. partly cloudy skies after lots of rain sunday. upper 50s across the board around the bay area a slight chance you may see a few pop-up showers around the east bay, south bay. as we approach sunset you see how the showers begin to shut down. the coolest day of the next seven with highs in the upper 60s around san francisco. low 70s inland around san jose. high pressure builds in. shower chances move on starting tomorrow. look at these numbers for san francisco. mid 70s by thursday and friday. inland valleys, these numbers approaching the 70s and mid 80s. the pattern changes up as we see  returns for most of the week. >> looking at a smooth drive as the roads are starting to dry out. seeing no major problems in the south bay. we have san jose pushing up to silicon valley.
7:57 am
actually a smooth drive. looking over toward 84, dunbarton bridge across the peninsula, the approach off that san mateo toll plaza. things were very slow for about five minutes. things calmed down. whatever was going on looks like it's cleared. smooth drive there. 880 past the coliseum, both directions. happening right now as the bay area dries out, new numbers on the total amount of rain since friday. some figures are impressive. especially for the month of october. we posted a full list on our facebook page. authorities are expecting to reveal new details about the suspect in a police shooting where a police officer was targeted last night in vallejo. investigators say the man pointed an assault-style weapon at officers. video showing what happened before officers fired shots.
7:58 am
we'll see you in 30.
7:59 am
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for the content of this advertising. it is 8:00 on "today." coming up, ramping up the rhetoric. >> it's one big ugly lie. >> with just 22 days to go until election day, donald trump claims the election is rigged. alleging a conspiracy between news media and his opponent. this as hillary clinton maintains a double digit lead in the polls despite a new wave of controversy stemming from those hacked e-mails. introducing our style squad. >> fashion is supposed to be fun, easy and creative. >> fashion shouldn't be exclusive or intimidating. >> it's about fashion that makes you feel good, beauty that makes you shine from the inside out.
8:01 am
>> from fashion and beauty to looking and feeling your best, we've got it covered with our all-new "today style" team. ♪ i love rock 'n' roll ♪ put another dime in the jukebox baby ♪ >> and joining forces. pop superstar miley cyrus and rock legend joan jett open up about fame, friendship and teaming up together on "the voice." >> it is more about who she is as a person than her hits. that's what i want my life to be about. >> i wish i were that clear and focused actually when i was miley's age. "today," monday, october 17th, 2016. ♪ give it to me >> good morning, newport pnews, virginia. hey, mama! >> traveled all the way from zionsville. go eagles! >> here to celebrate bill's 60th
8:02 am
birthday! ♪ >> we're help to help a hero today on "today." >> i survived desert storm and cancer and today i turn 50 on the "today" show. >> hi to all our friends in south carolina. woo! welcome back to "today." it's a monday morning, it is 8:00. we've got a great crowd on the plaza, including those ladies dressed in the star glasses and the boas. not sure what that's about. we've also rolled out -- can you see it over here -- the orange carpet. that is in honor of our brand-new "today style" brand. >> our message and mission has a mantra. and a lit ration as well. that means trends that are affordable and accessible for everybody, every budget. leading the way, our style squad. jill martin, liliana vasquez and bobbie thomas.
8:03 am
they have challenged each one of us to step outside of our style ruts and try on something a little different that we always wanted to try. >> things we were afraid to try. >> you were the body piercing. how did that go? is it all right? >> it was painful but i feel fashion forward. >> it heals fast. >> we'll show you what's that all about later. but right now let's get a check of the morning's top stories. time for the news at 8:00. we begin with the race for the house. i'm kristen welker in washington. hillary clinton is off the campaign trail today preparing for the third and final debate. donald trump stumps in wisconsin. as he struggles to get his campaign back on track, he's lashing out at just about everyone, even casting a cloud over the entire process. >> reporter: embattled and faltering in the polls, donald trump is lobbing some of his sharpest attacks yet saying this with no apparent basis ahead of wednesday's debate. >> i think we should take a drug test prior to the debate. >> reporter: and intensifying
8:04 am
his claim that the u.s. election is rigged. >> the election is being rigged by corrupt media pushing completely false allegations and outright lies in an effort to elect her president. >> reporter: there's no evidence to support that, and even mike pence trying to turn down the heat. >> i think what donald trump is talking about is, frankly, what appears to be the monolithic support of the national media for hillary clinton's campaign. >> reporter: but in a tweet, trump doubled down, writing, "the election is being rigged by the media, but also at many polling places. sad." house speaker paul ryan's spokesperson firing back. "our democracy relies on confidence in election results and the speaker is fully confident the states will carry out this election with integrity." the clinton campaign blasting trump. >> he is swinging at every phantom of his imagination because he knows he's losing. >> reporter: the latest nbc news/"wall street journal" poll shows clinton now leads trump by
8:05 am
11 points. this after that 2005 tape surfaced and nine women allege trump inappropriately touched or groped them, allegations the campaign denies and that nbc cannot independently verify. >> i've never seen donald trump act toward women over than as a gentleman. >> reporter: meanwhile, clinton grappling with the ongoing fallout from daily wikileaks document dumps of e-mails. clinton seemed to imply during a 2013 goldman sachs speech she took action against wall street for political purposes telling the firm, "if you are an elected member of congress and people in your constituency were losing jobs, and everybody in the press is saying it's all the fault of wall street, you can't sit idly by and do nothing." the clinton campaign has dismissed the hacks as nothing more than a russian-led watergate style crime. meanwhile, they're out this morning with a tough new ad casting trump as america's new bully.
8:06 am
in a new sign of confidence, clinton is selling daughter chelsea and bernie sanders to arizona this week, a traditionally red state where the polls are tight and clinton thinks she may have a shot at expanding the map. matt, savannah, back to you. >> kristen, thank you very much. the long awaited battle to liberate iraq's second-largest city from isis is now under way. this morning, convoys of iraqi and kurdish forces started moving toward the front line backed by american warplanes and artillery. defense secretary ash carter called the offensive "a decisive moment in the effort to defeat the terror group." isis seized mosul more than two years ago. the city is home to more than 1 million people. the united nations says many civilians will be forced to flee that fighting. back here, halloween costume shoppers will no longer find any clown masks at target. the retailer confirms it has pulled the masks and costumes from its store shelves and websites citing sensitivity to the recent crazy clown scare.
8:07 am
police in several states have been dealing with threats and pranks related to people wearing clown masks. much of this happening online. just ahead, get out a piece of paper and a pen and get ready to sign your name because on "trending," we're going to tell you what your signature reveals about your personality. okay. then we'll do "popstart!" bruno mars and a performance that brought the house down on "snl." and tamron -- >> yes. speaking of music, the new power pairing on "the voice," miley cyrus and joan jett. why they couldn't wait to work together. but first, instead of going to our usual commercial break right now, we are going to go to "trending" for more stories thanks to our friends over at american express. >> hey, guys! >> you're there and then you're over here. >> no commercials. when do we go to the bathroom? my gosh! >> let's do "trending." >> let's get right to the first topic. i want everyone to take out that piece of paper and your sharpie there and write your signature.
8:08 am
because a new study claims you can tell a lot about a person from his or her signature. so, do you like big loops? you have a little cute heart over your "is" or do you keep it fairly simple? psychologists in europe say the bigger the signature, the bigger the personality. before i tell you more, let's take a look. >> you gave us a little piece of paper. we all thought we had to fill. >> look at yours, savannah. >> what is that? >> it's messy. >> is that your real signature? >> no, it's matt's. yeah, that's how i sign my name. wait until you see matt's. >> you just put the k? >> yeah. o-t-b. >> because your time is valuable. >> no one can pronounce it anyway. >> when people get your autograph, don't you want them to know? >> no one asks for my autograph. >> can i say, no more do you make fun of my signature.
8:09 am
look how perfect dylan's signature. that's crazy. you know what? it is almost like you put an imaginary line under it. >> that's years and years of catholic school for you. >> let's not miss your signature, matt. it's so lovely. >> what's that extra little swoop on the top there? >> this? >> i think that's crossing the "t." >> that's the "t." >> your "m," not to be judgey, looks like a "w." >> we learned that apparently people who sign their names with a flourish love being the center of attention. that was true for both men and women. women with larger signatures were also found to be more vein and egotistical. which was not the case for men. >> good flaw, honey, good flaw. >> much better. >> tiny. here is some new data on a hot-button subject. should schools push back their start times. many have argued that would let kids get more rest while schools across the country, some of them are trying it and we're starting to see the results. here's the verdict.
8:10 am
later start times do seem to be working because parents say they don't have to try as hard to drag groggy kids out of beds. especially high schoolers. schools are reporting more alert students but critics say the later start time creates more stress at the end of the school day. then you have to rush kids to get to the extracurriculars, home work, et cetera. >> my niece is 7, the other is 10. they start their day at 6:00 a.m. they go to a christian elementary school in texas and they're in class by 7:00. >> wow. >> that's crazy. >> my older daughter starts at 7:30. >> when did you start? >> like 9:00. >> i used to have this french teacher because we were always falling asleep. in the winter he would open up the windows and let the cold air in because every kid was falling asleep in class. that's the thing i remember about middle school. that one thing. >> not what you learned in class. >> fresh air gives you that certain je ne sais quoi. next up, what could be a nice vote of confidence for consumers, or it could be the
8:11 am
worst idea in retail ever. in the apple store, you have seen those tethers they attach to the iphones and the table? they are supposed to thwart savannah from walking off with one of the phones. but apple may do away with the tethers all together. the company says the ties prevent customers from properly testing the product like trying on a case or seeing how much space it takes up in your pocket. but savannah, that's not where you keep it. this will not mean it is open season for crooks. alarms will ring if someone tries to walk out of the store. with the phones. apple can block the products remotely. >> when i read that, oh, that makes sense. you can turn it essentially into a paper weight. >> it is one of those little things that bothers you when you are trying to mess with the phone and it is tethered. >> especially that iphone plus. let's do "popstart!." >> let's get to it, ladies and
8:12 am
gentlemen. sarah jessica parker giving new hope to fans of "sex and the city." is a third movie finally in the works? how many times have i read that script? back in may, sarah jessica was pretty clear. she said, there are no plans, but over the weekend she told cbs another sequel is "fairly nearby." what's that mean? i don't know. in a separate interview, sarah jessica revealed she didn't watch the tv show when it was on. she told aol she saw rough final cuts because she hates watching herself. >> i would go. would you go to another? >> of course! >> oh, in a minute. >> want to go together? >> i was so obsessed with it. the last one, i don't know. >> let's go. >> tell me about that. >> next to the new celebrity ranking that surprised us, which star has made more money in the past year than any other? it is not adele. it is not beyonce. it's not taylor swift. so who is left? ♪ because i'm bad i'm bad ♪ ya know i'm bad
8:13 am
>> there you have it, michael jackson. forbes saying the king of pop has earned $825 million over just the past year. that's more than any other celebrity, living or dead. when you listen to "bad" you know why. finally, somebody else we love around here, bruno mars bringing a little 24-karat magic to "snl." bruno starting the party backstage snaking his way through the show's legendary halls, all of it turning into a -- you know -- massive dance party with the audience. >> put 'em up. >> i wish i would have been there. ♪ ♪ 24-karat magic in the air >> life needs to be a party with bruno mars. later, bruno showed off more of his moves on stage. just incredible. still one of the best concerts here on the "today" show. bruno mars on the plaza. >> remember when they rolled up
8:14 am
in their prom outfits? that was so fun. >> pound for pound, pun of the best entertainers out there. now to "the voice" today. miley is turning to the help of an icon as her mentor. here's joe friar. >> "the voice" is back. ♪ came in like a wrecking ball >> reporter: she's the youngest coach in the history of "the voice." >> i got a lot of personality. >> reporter: now miley cyrus is teaming up with a rock 'n' roll legend. ♪ i love rock 'n' roll >> reporter: joan jett. the singer who loves rock 'n' roll but hates herself for loving you is mentoring team miley. >> miley and i are friends. she asked me to do this, and i really wanted to be able to be there for her. >> reporter: miley has long considered joan one of her heroes, living proof you can be yourself and be successful. miley even introduced joan when she was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame.
8:15 am
>> she has had a life in music that is rare. people know you for who you are as much as they do for your music. it is more about who she is as a person than her hits. that's what i want my life to be about. >> joan, do you see a little bit of yourself in her? >> i wish i was that clear around focused actually when i was miley's age. i'm very proud of her. i think she's doing a great job at life. >> reporter: together, their goal is to offer more than singing lessons. >> so i think when they walk in and you don't have someone sitting here going over every note and saying you're pitchy or you're flat. that was never one of our notes. >> it's not about that. >> it's about the feeling. when joan says, hey, when this line is here, mean it. >> i understand you're really close with your team. >> my team, i just don't think there's ever been a team like this on "the voice." i think it is so different and there's -- no one is in any sort of box. there's no genre that i'm trying to make anyone be. i'm not trying to style them like me. it is just cool to get to know these people that i would never have had the opportunity to meet before.
8:16 am
>> what's your dynamic like with the other coaches? do you have an arch nemesis yet? >> i'd say adam levine. i only give him a hard time because it is so easy to rile him up. >> i can say it again with cuter pig tails and a better outfit. >> reporter: while "the voice" only crowns one winner, miley and joan hope their guidance steers all of their singers to future stardom. >> go for it. give it a shot. if you don't get where you think you're going to go, you may have learned something along the way and just keep at it. >> i'm a coach for the long haul and i want them to do things after the show, after there is the winner. >> reporter: for "today," joe fryar, nbc news, los angeles. >> woo! ladies are ruling on "the voice." >> while you were watching that, we were going over our joan jett memories. >> i mean, come on. i can remember when she came on the scene. she was just the coolest thing. >> nothing like her. >> the person i identify most with as a child. >> although pat benatar. of course, you can catch "the voice" tonight and
8:17 am
tomorrow, 8:00, 7:00 central, right here on nbc. let us now get a check of the weather from dylan. >> announcer: "more today" is sponsored by the blue cash every day card from american express. it's more than cash back. it's backed by the service and security of american express. we are watching a cluster of clouds down just north of the bahamas. you can see them here. this has a 40% chance of developing into -- up to a 50% chance now of developing into some sort of tropical disturbance. that is certainly worth watching over the course of the next couple of days. elsewhere across the country, not too much going on today. the conditions in the pacific northwest starting to improve. we could see 50 mile-per-hour gusts across the higher elevations, back through the rockies. we could see isolated stronger storms with this cold front possible in the midwest today. in the northeast, don't be surprised if you see a spotty shower. otherwise it's all about the heat. temperatures will be approaching
8:18 am
records today, tomorrow, into wednesday, too. we're looking at 80s and 90s from the midwest back through the plains. a little bit cooler out west. that's where temperatures will be below average. only in the 30s and 40s. even across the northeast, even up into new england where the foliage is peaking right now, temperatures will be 60s, 70s and 80s in the southeast. minneapolis, st. paul up across northern wisconsin, we still have a fire danger, too, in the southwest up through the rock because of those gusty winds and thea woman killed by a hit-and- driver in millbrae. nowsheriff' for help finding thedriver resp ==take map== this morning we're waking up to partly cloudy skies, a little clearing into the north bay and --, neancisco. a few hours ago around tri-valley, intense showers. the focus of the day will be ed thesecattered showers heading into the afternoon as we see dighs in the upper 60s to low 70s around the bay area. then after today, temperatures centeegin to climb and rain chances go away. san francisco climb into the 70s
8:19 am
uz .idweek. inland locations today in the 70s and tracking towards mid-80s cast.iday. thank yhat's your latest matt and savannah. >> all right. dylan, thank you very much. brand-new series called "cutting-edge women today," these are people changing their industries and in the process impacting the world. >> we'll start this morning with the ceo and founder of a company called 23 and me. natalie is in los angeles. she's got more on this. hi, nat, good morning. >> hey, good morning to you guys. you might call ann a pioneer. she says she is trying to revolutionize health care by giving you direct access to your dna over the counter. 23 and me is what silicon valley calls a unicorn valued at over $1 billion and potentially changing people's lives. >> see how your 23 pairs of chromosomes help tell the story of one incredible you. >> reporter: to understand ann's story, you need to see her in action. but good luck keeping up.
8:20 am
>> hey, i'm here! >> reporter: what keeps the 43-year-old founder and ceo of 23 and me going strong all started with a germ of an idea more than ten years ago. while she was analyzing the health care industry as a wall street investor. >> i found fundamentally that the individual -- me, the individual, the consumer didn't have a voice in how health care was operating. >> reporter: the answer, she says, direct and affordable access to our own health information. no doctor required. >> for the voice, for the consumer and we are trying to get more and more things direct to consumers so it is easier for people to be empowered in their health. we're pioneering a new track. >> reporter: in exchange for a small sample of saliva, 23 and me provides its customers with personal ancestry and health reports. a few years ago you were able to give that full report. but now you can't do that because the fda put a stop to that. what happened? >> the fda said you are a medical device.
8:21 am
you need to get clearance as a medical device. so we've gone back through the process and we are actually returning information back like cystic fibrosis and lactose intolerance and we're working with the fda to see can we actually get additional reports cleared. >> reporter: the company now represents the largest dna database of individuals who have consented for research. >> the hope here is that we can actually take all these customers and all this data that's been generated and actually translate it into sort of life changing medications that could really have an impact on our customers. >> reporter: dr. richard sheller is leading the therapeutics group at 23 and me. >> we're working on cardiovascular disease, immunological disorders, asthma and cancer. so far. >> reporter: in her loss altos community she is an active real estate investor. she even owns a cafe, a place that celebrates her personal priorities, connection and family. ann has two young children of her own. >> how do you handle the
8:22 am
work/life balance part of your life? >> you can't do it all. for me, part of it was that acceptance that there are just choices that you have to make. i think it's also really good for my kids to see, in the family's core but what you do and your impact on owe site is really important. >> reporter: it is a lesson ann earned from a young age from her own parents. something she and her sisters, susan, the ceo of youtube and janet, a professor pediatrics and epidemiology take seriously. >> we were always forced to be independent and we were taught to be passionate. we were never raised to think you do something to make money. >> reporter: their mother is a long-time journalism teacher and a proud rule breaker. what are you most proud of with your daughters? >> their independence and their ability to think no matter what. their grit. they don't ask permission. they ask for forgiveness and i'm
8:23 am
very proud of that. >> reporter: ann's life has taken some unexpected turns in the last couple of years. her marriage to google co-founder sergei bren ended in divorce, and today she finds herself dating former yankees player alex rodriguez. >> you know, i met him through a friend. there are a lot of statistics in baseball. a lot of statistics in genetics. in some ways it's perfect. talk about stats all day. >> reporter: it's the twists and turns in life and even the failures that ann credits for the success and the happiness she's found. >> i never expected to start a company. i never expected to be divorced. i never expected to be involved in baseball. for me, being open to opportunities and not being afraid of change is so important and not being afraid of taking a risk. >> reporter: at this point, 23 and me has collected over 1 million dna samples and over 80% of their customers consent to having their data used for research. the company partnered with the state of nevada to expand their studies and the company
8:24 am
published two children's books to help explain human jeannetge. all important stuff. back to you. >> pretty impressive. >> she's inspiring, natalie. thank you. by the way, tomorrow we'll have another cutting-edge woman. how the founder of the online retail website nasty gal created a surprising fashion empire. >> that's tomorrow here on "today." just ahead, martha stewart is here. she's going to get you ready for halloween. and wear what you want. our "today" style squad helps us pull off looks that we have been a little bit hesitant to try after your local news. i'm ...
8:25 am
8:26 am
==tvo=new videobtained by nbcay area shows thehaos following a police shti last good monday this morning at 8:26 i'm sam brock. new video obtained by reporter this morning shows chaos following a police shooting last night that left the suspect critically injured. police say the man tried to ambush officers with assault-style weapon at a nearby starbucks. you saw him taking off in that video. the surveillance video shows officers giving chase and ultimately catching him. he was taken from a nearby business. police later this morning will hold a joint news conference about what they are calling a new development in the shooting and it may result to an incident in the city sunday where a toddler was critically injured in a shooting. more on that to come. meantime close eye on your roads. mike inouye watching things this morning. >> much calmer than the weekend,
8:27 am
sam. oakland, we had a crash north of the coliseum it's self and that has cleared from the southbound side. so both directions are slowing but recovering down toward coliseum for nimitz freeway, typical pattern for the rest of the commute toward the bay bridge. right around the crash, sun studios cleared, coming southbound, downtown half moon bay, folks backed up out of town and toward 280. southbound, northbound route, typical pattern and drive through silicon valley. >> thanks for leaving us on a pleasant note. we'll see you in 30 minutes.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
we're back now, 8:30 on a monday morning. it is october 17th, and the gang is all here. so, allow me to address the bath robes. here's what's happening. in honor of the new "today style" unit and its body positive mantra of wear with a you want, we were challenged to step outside our comfort zones and try a look that we'd thought about but we were resistant to try. i picked bowties. i'm going to need a little time to tie this up in a second. but the ladies have all tried something else. savannah with the androgynous
8:31 am
look. >> i'm going for marshmallow woman. dylan and i have never felt sexier. then, martha stewart is here. as we know, martha loves nothing more than halloween and she is going to have some creative new ideas to make your festivities the spookiest on the block. and we'll help you celebrate the perks -- >> she is so funny. but first, let's get a check of the weather. maybe you could mime it. >> i can't do the robot. it's hot. we have a lot to complain about. let's take a look at the weather. not too much to complain about in the weather department. we are seeing improving conditions in the pacific northwest. a couple of leftover showers early this week. in the northeast, a few isolated spotty showers across northern new england. as we get to the middle of the week, it is really the midwest who will see our best chance of
8:32 am
some showers, some thunderstorms, too. by the end of the week those move into the northeast with that cold front that's moving in. temperature wise though, it is going to be a very warm week. most of the country will be dealing with much above-average temperatures by as much as 25 to 30 degrees. record highs are likely all through the beginning of the week. then things will balance out a bit as we get to the end of the week. but then it gets above average back throu all right. starting to see clearing skies around san francisco into the north bay after what was left of some showers this morning around tri-valley moving off to the east. still a slight chance we could see an isolated shower or two at least before sundown tonight. temperatures mid-60s around san francisco and low 70s across the valleys today. from here skies clear and things begin to dry out. look at those temperatures for the second half of the week around the coast and san francisco mid-70s and reach mid-80s inland possibly starting
8:33 am
as early as thursday. >> that's your latest forecast. savannah. forecast. savannah? look at these lovely ladies. we are about to launch our new "today style" brand. it is all about fashion for everybody and every body. the women behind the fashion movement. take a look. our style squad. ♪ >> beauty to me means confidence. it also means feeling your best first thing when you wake up in the morning. >> there's nothing more beautiful than when we see women who support other women. >> "today's style" is about being real. it is about fashion that makes you feel good. beauty that makes you shine from the inside out. >> fashion is supposed to be fun and easy and creative. >> fashion shouldn't be exclusive or intimidating. we want you to turn to us for
8:34 am
inspiration, ideas, questions. we are your "style squad." >> step out of your comfort zone. when you're you and you're real, you can't be beat. >> you are one of a kind. >> look in the mirror and find something you love. >> here they are! jill martin, lillittlliana vasqd bobbie thomas. this was a really interesting exercise. from are all things we've thought about fashion wise and then we think, no, i can't pull that off, that's not for me. mine was bowties. >> and you know what? you look great. >> i always think it looks like a costume when you wear it. >> you wear so many things that people would say are daring. >> you do a lot of the patterns. i think adding in a bowtie is a really great move. >> i feel like your look is classic with a little bit of an edge. you really did this with me, mixing and matching subtle patterns, then the solid bowtie. >> but i also wanted to wear a
8:35 am
traditional outfit, not a tuck s tuxedo outfit. you think i can pull that off? bobbie doesn't seem so sure. let's get to the ladies. we've got tamron. what was tamron's big question? >> so tamron wanted to try one of the hottest trends of the season which is the boyfriend jean. now we have seen beyonce, rhea that, gwen stefani. tamron was worried she would look wider in the boyfriend jeans. >> it really helps that tamron is not shy when it comes to the orange carpet. >> here's the crick with boyfriend jeans. you want them to be fitted through the hips, fitted through the butt which is really important, then baggy through the leg. that's how you get that boyfriend jean that looks like your jeans, not your actual
8:36 am
man's jeans. >> you didn't think you could pull it off. what do you think not? >> i still can't. >> is it's relaxed, it's cool. by the way, $39.99 for those jeans. >> tamron, thank you very much. you're working the orange carpet. next up, we have hoda. what was hoda's big question? >> hoda wanted to rock a pair of leather pants. she's got the legs. look at her. you have the legs to pull this off. honestly, the trick with leather parnts, it is all about the seaming and the fit. you'll notice on your pants you have great panels down the side. go with a casual top to make it look less serious and effortlessly edgy. this is a two-in-one top. the pants are from bebe. affordable, comfortable. >> i don't know if people heard
8:37 am
you. you said this is so not for me. yet i think you do great with that. >> can i tell you something funny about leather pants. you think they would be uncomfortable? they're like leggings. you can go out with your friends. >> will you try this more often? >> yes, i will. >> okay. hoda, thank you very much. look who's on the orange carpet now. we've got savannah. what was savannah's big question? >> so savannah wanted to know how to wear sneakers and look chic. we picked a converse sneaker and a simple dress. but it is all about the -- we did the jacket from jennifer miller. you can just get patches and put it on your own jacket. if you could turn around because savannah loves skulls. that's how we -- and to match your sneakers, we have baby vail sneakers. >> i love it. >> so, would you wear that like
8:38 am
to a party? >> i don't know. i think they're cute. like i have to wear flat shoes and i still have ankles sort of, kind of. yeah, i think it's good. >> you wore sneakers last night out. >> i did. i did. i wore sneakers last night. >> it is a great downtown thing. >> you know how downtown i am. >> i think it looks great. >> thank you. savannah, thanks. we've got dylan next. dylan, what is your question. >> i love dylan. dylan just went for it. she is seven months pregnant and she wanted to rock the sexiest trend of the season. over the knee boots. i have to say, she's killing it. this is what "today's style" is all about. it is wearing what you want when you want. so this pair here is from steve madden. if you notice, they have a block heel which makes them more wearable and more comfortable. if you're going to do an over-the-knee boot, look for something that's good a little bit more volume on top so it is kind of a juxtaposition between casual and cool with a sexy
8:39 am
boot. dyl dylan, how do you feel. >> because i'm so short with stubby legs, i would never think of putting on boots this high. >> you look amazing in this. >> thank you. >> will you try this more often? >> i think i might. yeah. i'm not really a dress person. like in real life. but can i wear these with jeans? >> you can wear them over leggings, you can wear them over jeans. we'll help you style a million different ways. >> well done, dylan. >> kathie lee. we say last, but not least. what was kathie lee worried about? get out of here! >> yes. now i was so excited to dress miss kathie lee because there isn't anything she hasn't worn. so matt, you'll be happy to -- i started at the adult shop. a sheer body suit. fashion is everywhere. you can wear fashion regardless of your age or size or anything. getting you in the sheer shirt was so much fun. you are down to try anything but
8:40 am
actually covering up makes you look sexier evening. >> you know what? i've seen these trends come and go. every one of them, six times in the last 60 years. nothing's really new. >> you feel comfortable with this? >> yeah. yeah, yeah, yeah. i have a launch of these. >> so many of us women have dresses at home that are sleeveless or want to wear a sleeveless dress but want something else. this is a fantastic trend that's everywhere right now. amazon you can find body suits for $7.99. >> let's bring all of our models back walking the orange carpet to join kathie lee. we want to thank our style squad here, jill, liliana and bob billibobbie. check out today/style for our squad's favorite tips. and a look at "today's" first annual styles heroes list. up next, martha stewart's spooky secrets for the ultimate diy halloween.
8:41 am
but first, on a monday morning, this is "today" on nbc. because she doesn't know that it kills 40,000 californians... every year. because she doesn't understand what cancer is. because she can't spell emphysema. because she is a butterfly, who fights fires. because she is my daughter, and the surgeon general says that raising tobacco taxes... is a proven way to make sure she never smokes. that's why i'm voting yes on 56.
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8:43 am
back now, 8:43. exactly two weeks to go until halloween and you don't have to be a creative genius to transform your home into a haunted house. martha stewart has great ideas from the pages of "martha stewart living." martha, good morning. i walked in the studio, a guy said to me, i like the bowtie on you. martha said, "not so much." you've never been one to mince words. you are actually starting with something, you are decorating -- dare i say -- store-bought cookies. >> these are from right around here. you can make your own, of course. frost them with bear fur. this is bear fur. what we're making are bear paws. then put some of these nice cut
8:44 am
almonds. you can buy almonds that look exactly like this. they are the claws for the bear. look how cute they are. >> they are really great. how do they taste? >> edible. very edible. >> those are good. >> yes. then there is a little scary -- i love these. >> you take a marshmallow for this? just cut it? >> yep. cut it with a little pair of kitchen shears. like that. those are the cheeks. then a little mouth. then you stick little tiny sprinkles right in there. put those right on top of your frosted cookies. >> this is blood punch. >> blood moon punch. we just had a blood moon the other night. >> i saw it. the supermoon.
8:45 am
>> wasn't it beautiful? this is made with grape juice. that's the blood. seltzer or ginger ale. >> little sparkle in it. >> and a quarter cup of lime juice. >> this is kids punch. >> totally nonalcoholic delicious punch. you could spike it. >> what would you use to spike it? >> vodka is best. or tequila. then this little ice moon gets floated in here. >> what did you make that out of? >> a bowl of ice. orange juice and water, all orange juice but it looks cute floating in there. remember we did the rubber gloves filled with water? >> absolutely. i can just taste it? >> oh, yeah. taste. healthy and good. now this looks really great. these are eyeball pumpkins. get yourself some nice white pumpkins. this is basically decopaging.
8:46 am
that way you don't ruin your pumpkin. >> once you cut that pumpkin, let the decay begin. >> right. exactly. what are you doing for halloween? >> be with the kids. we're going to do the old in-town halloween parade. >> oh, that's fun. >> which is always fun. how about you? you throwing a party? i always decorate my front gate with all kinds of scary things. we have horse skeletons that nay in the dark. they're very scary. >> cool. finally, the glowing spiders. >> you can get these fantastic -- you break these. you know. >> glow sticks. >> they'll start to glow. you make little holes in the side of a styrofoam ball and you stick these in. how many legs does a spider have? >> eight. >> okay. so you stick in eight. then you put a little --
8:47 am
>> what a great idea. >> -- a little ring in the top. but make sure you glue that in with a hot glue gun. >> i don't think i have enough slack. >> make sure you put plenty of glue on there so it holds it in. otherwise, it might pull out. a fat glow stick for the nose. put a little ball over that. don't forget the eyes. you break this and you stick this -- >> how long do these glow sticks last? >> they last about seven hours. if you do this right before they come, the kids come to your door or your gate, spider eggs, very fabulous. a balloon filled with water and a glow stick inside. break the glow stick. oh, this is a hard one. there, i got it. and fill that with water. and then little stocking -- you get these at the drugstore, 99 cents for two. your favorite little socks. >> great ideas. >> i love how this looks. it really is kind of inexpensive
8:48 am
and effective for halloween. >> martha, as always, great to have your ideas. have a happy halloween. >> oh, you, too. >> have fun. up next be with the self-proclaimed odd mom helps savannah get ready for baby number two. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:49 am
8:50 am
we are back. it is 8:50. the star of the hit show "odd mom out." now she's bringing her sense of humor to sirius xm with the jill kargman show. good title. jill, good morning. >> good morning. >> first of all, you're one of the funniest people. but does radio liberate you even more? >> yes. i love radio. i've always loved radio. i was such an early subscriber because i followed howard stern, the master. as soon as he exited terrestrial
8:51 am
radio for sirius xm i signed up. andy cohen called me this summer and asked me to do it. i was so flattered and honored. i feel like i get to be the balsamic reduction of myself because on tv i'm not allowed to say bad words. this really feels like my true essence. >> do you take live calls? what are some topics you get? >> we take callers. i do sort of rants about my week. we have all kinds of viewers. the cool thing is that they're from all over. they're rectangular red states, and all kinds of people from all walks of life. i love interacting with them. >> you have such a following now because you have the bravo show now, "odd mom out." first of all, the first time you were here you had your co-star who was pregnant in the show. she was like eight months pregnant but skinny as a rail. >> yep. we wanted to make the comment about that and the network begs us to do a little prosthetic bump. i said, no. this is a choice. there are women who look -- i
8:52 am
mean i peaed on the stick and was obese. no, you look amazing. >> please. >> no, you're a stick as well with a basketball. you're amazing. women you see who are like, i'm due next week. like their babies will be the size of a diet coke can. >> i know those women very well. tell me how you have expanded. your show and your experience as kind of this upper east side wealthy manhattan woman, which is around the country people might not be as familiar with that stereotype. but they -- it kind of applies to every community in a way. >> it does. i feel like the little house on the prairie nellie olson character, that was in a small town. i think it is the same paradigm. the metric might shift of what's important maybe in certain communities it is clear leading or ibeing competitive about schools. but i think there is still always a social hierarchy, there's always climbers. there is always some snobby
8:53 am
person. there is always that feeling that you're not keeping up. that's what our show is about, not parenting. >> you have the radio show, the tv show. you are the queen of all media. you have a new book out called "sprinkle glitter on my grave." there is a very cute story behind that title. >> it sounds morbid but it is motivational. my daughter ivy came with me to the cemetery to see my aunt in queens. there were these wilting flowers. she said why do people put flowers on graves. it is so sad when they die. when you die i'm going to sprinkle glitter on your grave because you are fabulous and you are very hard to clean up. >> what is the book about? >> it is essays about my childhood in new york city, now raising my kids here, and kind of how my family is sort of like the adams family and our morbid side actually helps us live life to the fullest. >> so you have two girls and a boy? >> yes. >> i have a girl, i'm about to have a boy. >> oh. >> they said you had some advice for me. or maybe just a warning. >> fasten your seatbelt?
8:54 am
>> yes. >> i was going to say push like hell but i know you are a c-section person. i think boys, the crinkle term is ants in their pants. they're just all over the place. >> i'm thinking i need a couch potato boy. low energy. >> i gave him barbie doll to play with and he just spread the legs and used it like a gun. legs and used it like a gun. >> jill kragman show launches life and death. 600 dollars. of abuse. prop 61. important step forward. the time is long overdue... pharmaceutical industry. passes - the ballot.
8:55 am
8:56 am
you know what they say, while al's away, dylan willgood ==topvo== the trial against the maaccused killing sierra lamar - is expectet a very good morning to you. it is 8:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. the trial of the man accused of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar is moving forward. jury selection in the case today. they arrested torres in the death of sierra lamar who disappeared. her body has never been found.
8:57 am
prosecutors say dna evidence links torres to her appearance. if convicted, torres may face the death penalty. that means the trial will likely take longer to play out. one question potential jurors will be asked in their interview is how they feel about the death penalty. happening now, our own damian trujillo keeping an eye on today's proceedings. he'll join us with a live report in our newscast. look for updates on our twitter feed. as the bay area dries out, new numbers coming in on the amount of rain falling in northern california since friday. numbers are pretty impressive especially for october. higher elevations have got be up to 10 inches of rainfall. we posted a full list on our facebook page. i'll be back with another local news update in half an hour or so. have a great morning.
8:58 am
8:59 am
when mexico sends its people... they're bringing crime, they're rapists. are you going to have a massive deportation force? you're going to have a deportation force. we're rounding 'em up in a very humane way, in a very nice way. we're going to build a wall. that's not america. we're all californians. i'm tom steyer. it's time to speak out. please, register. and vote. vote. nextgen california action committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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this morning on "today's take," harry connick jr. is leer. grammy winning musician is our special co-host. then trunk or treat. a twist on a halloween tradition. plus "the biggest loser's" bob harper. secrets for losing weight and staying in shape during the holidays. coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take," live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome, everybody. this is monday morning, wake up, wake up, wake up, if you're not already up. october 17th, 2016. i'm tamron, along with beautiful dylan. >> thank you. >> al is recovering from knee surgery. i sent him a bitmoji every morning, even on the weekends to let him know he's not forgotten. if you go on his ig page, you
9:01 am
will see that he was making cauliflower. >> he was cooking last flight. >> he got a massage. >> i thought maybe he's hard up -- but he's surrounded by cooks in his family. >> he's doing the cooking so he is updating us on his recovery and his culinary skills. meanwhile, we've got a very special show for you today with a very special guest. a guest so special that we're going to need more time to talk. thanks to our friends over at american express, we're not going to take a break for commercial. we've got a full three minutes. submit questions on twitter. we may or may not answer. we may sing. we may just stare at this camera but we're going to become true friends. i believe this. >> that's like a full 15 minutes together? >> that's longer than i probably talk to some family members. i kid because i love. anyway, the one and only harry connick jr. is here. come on out! hello! hello! >> hey, tamron.
9:02 am
>> hello, greatness. how you doing? >> we're so good. we're going to get you a claire. model what you are wearing. who are you wearing? >> i did something custom for y'all today because i wanted to be special because i'm with two very special women. i decided to do something not off the rack. something just for you all. >> oh, wow. >> then that just made every other man in here look bad. they all showed up in their regulars. how are you feeling? >> i'm doing great. it is so nice to see y'all. >> you're so busy. you've got this new show. >> i do. >> working constantly on music. being a great husband. a great dad. and you found time for us. >> i was so excited when i heard that i was invited to the show because i am a big fan of the show. i watch the show every day. i'm fan of both of y'all's. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> that just made my day. >> i know. how do we finish out? so i understand that there is a hot dance craze in america called the back it up. >> back it up.
9:03 am
>> what does that have to do with you with be harry? >> well, i like to back it up every once in a while. like when i'm feeling down or i need a little inspiration. sometimes you just have to back it up. so i started doing it -- you don't know it? >> i don't know it. >> sometimes you just back it up for no reason. you could back it up, you know -- >> is this a new orleans inspired thing or is this just light? >> it is something i thought helped me get through the day. >> that's mariska. >> she can back it up. there is no particular technique to it. everybody. we got people sending in. infants. we have the very first one we got was this incredible -- isn't that great. look at that. >> this is a good dance move because you don't really have to make eye contact with the people in the room. so if you're shy -- >> this is a selfish way to elevate your moves. >> you just need to look for the end of a stage, make sure no tvs
9:04 am
or small children are behind you. are you going to show us how to back it up? >> yeah. there are different ways. when i back it up, you can do it like real subtle. like if you're in the check-out line at walmart. you can just do something like this. >> walmart line back it up. >> or -- i need some room for this one. if you really need to back it up, it's like this. >> oh. oh. watch the camera. >> you develop it over time. >> i'm more of a walmart shopping kind of girl but i'm going to go major backing it up. >> oh, oh! >> little cowboy in there! >> okay, dylan. baby bump back it up. >> i feel like i need a beep beep beep. >> man! >> backed it up too much. >> i came to the right place this morning. >> y'all can back it up. >> people, send us your back it up videos.
9:05 am
#todaystakeheartharry. >> that's the most exercise i've gotten in weeks. >> y'all were really going after it. right now i'm backing it up and y'all don't really even know it. i might even back it up while i'm sitting here. >> ooh! scandalous. >> you're backing it up in the chair. >> can you see me. i'm barely backing it up. from here, you can barely tell i'm backing it up right now? >> rhythm is in your soul. we look like we have to go to the bathroom. how was your weekend. >> it was great. i went to see "dangerous liaisons" on broadway. have you guys seen it? >> no. >> i can't say it in french. [ speaking french ] >> we'll get a french lesson. >> it was one of the greatest performances on stage i've seen in a very, very long time. it was -- >> did you go saturday night? >> i went saturday night.
9:06 am
yes. >> you were there? >> i went, too. it was absolutely incredible. >> you didn't see harry connick jr.? >> i heard he might be there so i was looking but i didn't see you. >> it's not that huge. you loved it, too? >> i can't believe how much dialogue there was and it was so witty and so quick. and everybody's around me laughing and i was like, shoot, i policed it. i wanted to just rewind it and hear the line again. but it was so good. >> good. i'm going to go see it. i had to work, kind of. by "work," i mean i hung out with patti labelle. >> really slumming it. wait. what happened? >> it was at the new york wine and food festival. that's me, carla hall. patti labelle. it was at like 2:00 in the morning. it was a midnight jam that turned into a hip-hop party. >> how do you look like that at 2:00 in the morning? >> that's the philosophy of life at that time in the morning.
9:07 am
>> look how great patty looks. >> she is always a class act. then i woke up next morning, thought about dylan because i had to judge a barbecue contest, the bobby flay -- i've never see a human being ate a steak the size the one dylan ate last week. she has tomahawk steak, harry -- she's like the best part is the bone! >> you were getting after the bone. >> i was. the bone's the best part. >> that's where the flavor is. >> i eat the meat as big as possible so when i'm done with that. >> al kept heckling her to see if she was going to finish. >> because al had the same steak. he could only eat half of it. >> i was thinking about you, barbecue -- who was i with? >> katie lee. >> i have some kind of brain issue going on today. >> who you good was the barbecue? off the hook good? >> we judge. i had like 12 different
9:08 am
contestants. there was one though that just melted my heart. katie lee loved another and we ended up going with hers. it was so delicious, as well. >> brinsket? pulled pork? >> one guy played a meatloaf burger c burger with brisket, bacon, cheese -- >> do you just take a bite of each one? >> that's all you can do. >> like the korean kim chi -- >> like a krispy kreme doughnut. >> i once ate 19 krispy kremes in one sitting. i'm not kidding. it was insane. traveling on my tour bus. messed up for three days. >> here is a better story. now this is a true story. when you ate those krispy kremes, here is a little factoid. it was with me, fox chicago, i was a local anchor. you don't remember this. i challenged you to a krispy kreme contest and your people then sent me -- i have the letter, a hand-written letter
9:09 am
they said was from you. it was krispy kreme doughnuts from harry connick. you were on my local news show when i was 15. >> you were 15 working at local news? >> no. i'm kidding. my age. no. chicago. i was a local news anchor, fox chicago. we had krispy kremes sent to us. >> how many krispy kremes could you eat in a sitting? >> i ate the entire box. what's in a box? took me the whole two-hour show and i ate the entire box. >> you don't realize until after the fact. >> terrible decision. >> there's a dozen in a box. you actually went and opened a second box zp. >> i busted open a second box. >> i busted open a second box. >> so this part of the show, harry, we go through these different topics that people are talking about all around the country. one of them is beyonce. since you are one of the greatest performers of all time -- >> oh, thank you. >> could you survivor the this?
9:10 am
she was performing and her ponytail got hikdooked in her earring. blood started spilling down her ear. she never stopped performing. what's the craziest thing when you wanted to stop? >> i just remember being on stage when you have bronchitis or you have the flu. and the people who have paid money to see you really don't care. you have to give them their money's worth. that's something i used to talk about on "american idol" a lot. the lot of the kids would come on and say i don't feel well. my theory is, well, if you're well enough to be here, then don't tell us. you have to go ahead and do it. if you're sick, you should stay home and take care of yourself. but beyonce i think is a tremendous performer so it is not a surprise at all that she just defendaidn't make a big de. >> does your ear hurt? >> couple of months ago -- i
9:11 am
still can't wear earrings. >> your ears are not pierced? >> yeah. but i've never had one rip out of my ear before. >> you mean it ripped through the lobe of her ear? >> mine was almost through the lobe and we had to get this guy to sew both of my ears up. i still can't wear nearrings. >> how many earrings is too many? my daughters are old enough to decide for themself. they say i want a double piercing. i mean how many earrings -- >> i have one, two, three, four on this side. >> four. >> i have two on this side. but i want five. i don't think there is a limit. >> just whatever you're feeling. do you ever wear four on the air. >> >> i do. i let this one close up because every time i pick up the phone to answer, i hit it. it hurts. it hurts. >> do you sleep with those in? >> yeah. seems like a lot of work to take them all out. >> these i leave in. hopefully next week i can finally get these pierced again. >> you sleep with them and
9:12 am
everything? >> i sleep with them. >> it doesn't hurt when your head's on pillow? >> sometimes. i got to cope with it. cope with it. >> we got a double take for you this morning. >> aren't you proud of me for trying to understand? >> you genuinely seemed interested in this conversation. >> i am. >> you are outnumbered in your house. >> jill is in the house. geora, my old elest, is working with me on the show. charlotte is my middle daughter. and kate my younger daughter is in school. three tfemale dogs and a female cat. >> you don't have a choice. >> i don't have a choice in the matter. i haven't had a choice since i met my wife. that was 26 years ago and i have been choiceless since. i got y'all, brothers. >> you're interested in earrings. >> so this we saw this morning. it made us do a double-take. thanks to our friends at american express, we have
9:13 am
additional time to take an extra look. usually we go to commercial, harry. we usually go to break. but not today. we're talking through the commercial. >> i can do a commercial behind y'all. give me a product. >> american express. >> let's do it. >> sill's do the american express commercial while y'all read that. i'll kick it off. your cue is american express. ready? hi, i'm harry connick jr. for american express. >> this is scott eastwood dressed in costume for a charity event this weekend. he does remind you of anyone. does he look like someone? that's him. scott eastwood, that's his dad clint. >> when you someone with a voice like harry connick jr. in your ear. >> i thought you were going to sing it. >> you'd have to pay me then. >> outstanding. look at the picture. does that look like -- do they look the same? >> oh, my gosh. that's pretty strong.
9:14 am
>> because clint eastwood was so young when he shot that movie. >> how old was he? >> i'm assuming he was in his 20s. if that's what scott is now. >> it is his dad. >> and they look identical. >> do you like that look on a guy? >> i'm going to raid your home look? >> like if a guy showed up on a date -- >> with that outfit? >> yeah. >> even if you believed that. like if that was him. >> i like the cowboy hat but i only like white or light grey. i don't like black cowboy hats. i'm from texas! >> come on. if i showed up on a date with you and i was wearing white cowboy hat that's a deal breaker? >> no. i like a white cowboy hat. >> a black cowboy hat. >> i'd be like who you trying to channel here. >> you wouldn't say somethingfy showed up in a white ten-gallon hat? >> i don't know, harry. i like cowboy hats, i like cowboy boots. but black cowboy hats fraek eak out? >> because i think you are spooky. like this. i'm going to transition. dracula's castle. a new promotion may allow you to
9:15 am
have the ultimate halloween sleep over. it is at dracula's cast you. you and harry. because i'm not going. it is called the vampiric home. they put you in some kind of coffin. the winning pair will be flown to romania, taken into the castle. it is set dramatically in the mountains. the guests will be wined and dined, then left alone in your red velvet coffin. the winning pair will tour the castle, then be treated to candlelight dinner, chicken, paprika, no garlic, and you wake up with two holes in the side of your neck. >> wow! that sounds like a night on bourbon street. >> i remember that once. it's october 26th to try. would you do it? after the baby. >> yeah. i mean that sounds cool. if i won something, i would definitely go for the prize. >> i'd go in a second.
9:16 am
i'd be all over that. >> why? >> sexy. it's different. it's something -- you know, living on the edge. it's like wearing -- like a black cowboy hat. >> going wild. >> i feel like the person who used to have the angel and the devil? i've got two little devils on each side of me. we have a little experiment to do. we did this earlier in the hour, to sign your signature. we have white boards. apparently your signature tells a lot about you. there is a new study -- >> i usually charge $10 for this. >> do you? >> yeah. >> i knew you were one of those. >> that's why they can erase it. >> i have two different signatures. >> do them both. >> i have one when people ask for autographs. >> then the one that you do on your checks. >> i use the same one. >> you only have one? >> yeah. >> all right. let's see harry's. >> oh, that's night. >> that is a beautiful signature. it still looks like it says
9:17 am
harry connick. >> though i think my career would have taken a different turn just because that's got a nice ring to it. t horry can. >> wait. what is that on the bottom? >> that's like what i sign the check with. that's why i do the top one, so people actually remember who signed. >> mine is the same. the study says men and women with large signatures are more likely to enjoy being center of attention. scoring highly -- >> so this is for attention. >> this is regular tamron and that's work tamron. >> do you enjoy being center of attention, harry? >> i couldn't even fit it on the board. >> there you have it. >> imwhatwhat's going on here. you were so good until you went to the double "ls." >> i wentz to catholic school. that's the thing i went leave
9:18 am
with. i left with great stability in who i am as a here is a look at the weather right now, the radar is starting to dry out, sierras some know right now. 60s to low 70s outside. the coolest day of the next seven days as we see high pressure building in. after today, any shower chances moving on. 70s coming back to san francisco. we should see 70s to mid-80s in land as web approach the midla and saturday as well. >> a : more today is sponsored by the blue cash every day card from american express. it's more than cash back. it's backed by the service and security of american express. up next, the holidays are
9:19 am
coming and so is the holiday weight gain. so the biggest loser's bob harper is here. i lover this one, harry and dylan. we'll get the three secrets to keep you from packing on the pounds. plus, this 50-30-20 rule. apparently this is the thinnest you are going to be until the end of the year. except for dylan. except for dylan. i'll have that goat cheese garden salad. that gentleman got the last one. sir, you give me that salad and i will pay for your movie and one snack box. can i keep the walnuts? sold. but i get to pick your movie. can i pick the genre? yes, but it has to be a comedy. a little cash back on the side. with the blue cash everyday card from american express, you get cash back on purchases with no annual fee. throw. it's more than cash back. it's backed by the service and security of american express.
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9:23 am
skrits f secrets for staying in shape. >> look how good you look. >> but this research is sad. >> it is so sad, so true. we just came out of summer looking the best. now we start into the holidays. that's when people are like, i got my sweater on. i can hide it. >> but you say no. >> i don't want people to do that. >> so bod. >> i created this workout called body by bob. i'm doing it in new york and los angeles. first "b" is about boosting your workout. whatever workout you do. boost it up. if you are a runner, try making your speed a little bit faster. if you are doing cross fit, try to get your times faster. i take one movement like a push-up. i'm going to show you something. >> i'll do it. >> with those big heels? >> that's fine. >> you bend over, take your lands on the ground. walk all the way out, give me one pushup. lift your hips up, up high, walk
9:24 am
your hands back. >> how many of these do we do? >> i would tell you, like how many can you do in one minute? then the next minute, try to beat whatever you did. >> what's the "o" stand for? >> the "o." you need an objective when you are working outs. find a goal. i'm very goal oriented. i don't want you to just work out. i want you to decide, you know what? i want to have toner abs, i want to have a beyonce butt. i don't know what it is but you decide. >> then once we get our objective? >> that's when you put it into play. if i want to get a really good fat burner, i'll use my largest muscle group. my legs. i would have you lunge forward. make sure that knee, then go to the side, just like a clock. >> how many do we knock out? >> don't hurt yourself. >> i'm going to. >> again, i'm all about every body is different. >> let's quickly get to the diet. it doesn't have to be something
9:25 am
we hate. >> diet does not need to be a bad word. i follow this 50-30-30 rule. 50% protein, 30% carbs, 20% fat. every single time you eat, i want to make sure that you hit all those things. >> boom. >> eggs on breads, little avocado. super simple. >> thank you! >> thank you! going to get hot before next oh, look... ...another anti-wrinkle cream >> thank you! going to get hot before next in no hurry to make anything happen. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair works... one week. with the... fastest retinol formula available. it's clinically proven to work on fine lines and... ...even deep wrinkles. "one week? that definitely works!" rapid wrinkle repair. and for dark spots, rapid tone repair. neutrogena®. "see what's possible." dannon whole milk yogurt, a natural outburst seems to have taken over the country. (security...) hi, i'm stuck in an elevator... with a cow. (a what?)
9:26 am
all natural, non gmo ingredients with vitamin d and whole milk. new dannon, ==topv=new videobtained by nbca area shows the cha well, a good morning to÷bd
9:27 am
garcia torres. >> her body has never been found. dna evidence links garcia torres to her disappearance. if convicted, torres may face the death penalty. that means the trial will likely take a longer time to play out. we'll have a quick break but we'll look at weather and traffic right after this.
9:28 am
weather toss ttraic traffic good morning, upper 50s and low 60s. still a slight chance of scattered showers. after today, some big changes as things begin to dry out. upper 60s in oakland and san jose. the rest of week as you see the clearing skies, later this week valleys starting around thursday. >> all right, we are looking over here of a smooth drive is
9:29 am
developing around most of your bay area commute. you see the 880 coming down to fremont and it is a slow drive down past mission boulevard. we'll show you the same thing as we travel through the area. 680 is slow down the mission as well. oakland we'll show you north pass the coliseum. a crash+5-=z just north of here distraction, southbound slow a bit, out of downtown and towards the coliseum as well. back to you. >> thank you very much mike, thank you for jonining us as]wç well. i will be back with an update in half an hour. see you then. because she is a butterfly, who fights fires. because she is my daughter, and the surgeon general says that raising tobacco taxes... is a proven way to make sure she never smokes.
9:30 am
that's why i'm voting yes on 56. we are counting down to halloween. last week we asked you to send in pictures of your best trunk or treating designs. here we have some. so cool. >> we're doing great. in case you've never heard of trunk or treating, it is basically trick-or-treating meets dale gating. everybody gathers in a field or parking lot and you deck out the trunk of your car into a halloween scene. instead of going door to door, you trunk or treat from car to car. >> if you don't know how to do that, here to help you deck out your ride is lifestyle expert a alejondra. i love these ideas.
9:31 am
it is not just people opening their trunk and giving out candy. >> they are getting super creative. it is like tailgating, even more fun. we have some fun ideas here starting off with this kind of cozy traditional halloween scene. it is like your harvest scene. this is great because you can go to the grocery store or the garden store, get natural elements, get apples and pumpkins and some burlap. keep it nice and cozy. so easy and doesn't have to be expensive. >> do you recommend the kids dress up. >> yeah. i think the parents should be, too. how cute are these. >> do you put something over the trunk so when you open it -- >> yeah. you want dimension. you open up your trunk, you wants things hanging. i'll show you how. drape fabric on the ground which extends the area. make is a whole big production. >> thanks, guys. start eating the candy. >> that's what they've been waiting for. >> this is a fun mix of a
9:32 am
different theme you wouldn't associate with halloween. >> we are basically combining themes here. your summer party or whatever party you have, add a little haunted element. our haunted tiki beach party. we have some awesome kids here. you can really have fun. >> there is a shark in the cemetery. i don't know how that happened. >> i get it. pet cemetery! i get it! >> there you go. this is really fun. the kids with can play in it. you can put toys, put your skeletons and stuff. it is a whole mix of that. then we have our skeleton man over here. we just decked him out. >> you can do this in a pickup truck, too. >> i think so. >> i think that would be cool. >> i want to see your pick-up. >> i would put sand in the back of my pick-up. i would do that. that's cool. >> you are already thinking about it. >> you got it.
9:33 am
>> now we've got our traditional spooky kind of haunted scene. we've got all those -- ooh! this is the hanging thing i told you about. yeah, you can open it up, use lights to just make it a little bit more dramatic. you can put on some music. i've got little zombie guy down here. >> that's creepy. >> what's really fun, too, because there are a lot of allergies and diet restrictions, have some non-food treats to give out. >> that's a smart idea. >> you can give kids some fun things to play around with. so you have alternatives. it is not just candy and sugar. you can have a lot of fun stuff. >> why do you think this is the new trend? >> i think definitely it is safer. i think it is just a really cool way to bring communities together. everyone -- you can all take turns, show off your creative ideas. it is a fun event for the whole family. >> would you rather get candy or like a football if you were trick-or-treating? what would you rather? see, i'd go for the candy. what do you think?
9:34 am
that's a great idea. food allergies and stuff. >> why don't you walk over. isn't this the coolest thing? >> that's a great costume. >> thank you so much. >> thank you so much for having me. >> i don't have a card. >> you can check out more trunk or treat pictures at coming up next, want to know how to get the perfect crispy skin on chicken? a chef shares the secrets to making one of the best chicken dishes you will ever eat. that's right after this.
9:35 am
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9:39 am
really crispy. >> that's hard to do. >> i'll start with a breast that has the bone and the skin. it is hard to buy boneless skin-on breasts. we're going to take it off which is a really simple technique. a sharp paring knife, cut down along the ribs here. >> is this just a simple one-two kind of thing? >> yeah. basically just follow the curvature of the ribs. >> that's intimidating, to be honest. >> you are intimidated right now? >> little bit. little bit. >> it's really simple. >> you cook a lot, tamron? >> i do cook like four times a week. i've never gotten comfortable deboning. >> you can't buy a breastbo, boneless with the skin? >> no. >> come over and poke it 30 or 40 times in the skin. this is a key step. you have a lot of fat under here and you have to render out the fat giving it a bunch of channels to come out. we also want to add salt and
9:40 am
want the salt to have a good place to go. simple so far. the next thing is we want really good contact with the skin and the pan. that's how we get it crispy and we have a round chick een breas. >> right. >> that's no good. pound it out. harry, i'm sure you have really bad days. come home, take it out on the chicken breast. >> that sounds appropriate. >> you can write a song about it or you can pound a chicken. >> i already did. don't worry, that's what i do. >> so you pound it out. >> yep. then we're going on to this rack over here. we all know that chicken breasts can dry out pretty easily. >> yeah. >> which is a big complaint. there is nothing worse than when the chicken is dry. >> first we're going to season it ahead of time with some salt on both sides. >> the pounding it out is the best tip for ame because it is rounded and it is that one piece that gets burned. >> i'm going to ask harry connick jr. to put this in the
9:41 am
fridge for me. >> that's a once in a lifetime thing. >> there is one in there that's been in there for about an hour. >> keep it in mind when you make this recipe, it does require one hour refrigeration. plan ahead. >> up to eight hours. do it ahead if you want. >> got it. >> i cook on cast iron almost all my meals. >> cast iron is great. we're actually going to use the classic 12-inch skillet which is super versatile. we're going to get some good sticking. we'll get that brown bits that are going to go into a sauce. you can use olive oil or veg oil as well. >> you want this chicken to come back to room temperature? >> no. start with the chicken cold. put the chicken in cold. cold pan, cold chicken. >> cold pan, too? >> cold pan, cold chicken. >> which is all news to me. i would have gotten the oil hot. >> which is what you normally do. what's great about this method, it actually goes back to some classic french technique. >> harry, you should know that.
9:42 am
you speak french, you told me. [ speaking foreign language ]. >> you heard that in my earpiece. >> you get it hot. >> we're going to put over medium hot. we're going to take this cast iron skillet and put it on top. >> way out of my league. >> you're going to go seven to nine minutes over here. flip it over. that's basically going to be done. >> the heat is high-medium? >> medium heat. these guys go over here. we'll use this great pan. drippings right here to make the sauce. >> what do we do with that? >> this looks like a roux. >> it does look like a roux. for dan's recipe, go to looks like a roux. as harry pointed out. >> yep. just do a little bit of browning and softening on that shallot there. then we're going to build our
9:43 am
sauce which is a little bit of the brought. we've got the brine from the pickled cherry peppers that we're using. >> harry, dig in. tell us what you think. we also have sauteed mushrooms. >> man. >> delish? >> yeah. >> really re-inventing chicken breasts. >> thank you, dan. dylan, i was wondering where you are. there's food and you are nowhere to be found. >> i'm all the way downstairs. it looks delicious though. let's take a look at what's going on for the week ahead. we are still going to see some scattered showers in the pacific northwest, isolated thunderstorms through wisconsin today. then as we get to the middle of the week, the midwest gets most of the scattered showers and storms. by the end of the week it is going to make its way into the northeast. temperature wise, it is going to be a warm week. we are looking at much above average temperatures. about 20 to 30 degrees. most likely breaking some records early this week. the below-average temperatures in the middle of the week out west will be replaced by
9:44 am
right outside clearing around the bay area, 50s and 60s out there. we can see a few isolated showers around the hill tops. the sierras 6,000 feet, we are starting to see snow from alpine medals to kirk wood. it may need some change there on interstate 880. 60s and 70s around the bay area. slight risk of showers today. the trend for the next few days look warmer, 70s returning to the san francisco and 80s starting thursday. guys? >> thank you, dylan. is he is he no-nonsense fixer on the hit show "ray donovan." as he gears up for the season, i asked my dentist if an electric toothbrush was going to clean better than a manual... he said sure, but don't just get any one. get one inspired by dentists, with a round brush head!
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you get sneaky-good coverage. thanks. doctor recommended prilosec otc 7 years ago, 5 years ago, last week. just 1 pill each morning. 24 hours and zero heartburn, it's been the number 1 doctor recommended brand for 10 straight years, and it's still recommended today. use as directed we have got some major star power here this morning.
9:49 am
liev schreiber is a tony award winning actor who plays the ultimate fixer for l.a.'s top power players in show time's "ray donovan" which is gearing up for its fifth season. >> how he is heading back to the stage for one of the most eagerly anticipated broadway reviva revivals. >> he stars alongside tony winning and tv and film star. >> harry had four weeks of french growing up in new orleans. we found a video of you, liev, pronouncing it and it sounds so different than what harry just said. >> i think he actually speaks french though. >> no, no, i don't. what are you doing to me? >> can you pronounce it properly? >> janet's probably the best one. [ speaking french ] >> sounds so nice. >> what is with that voice? had. >> we know it is beautiful. both of these guys can't stop talking about it. how proud, janet, are you of
9:50 am
this revival? >> we're still in the early days, so we're still kind of going, oh, okay, here we go. a bit nervous and we're still rehearsing during the day. but i think it is going really well. people seem to be enjoying it, don't they. we're sort of finding our feet with it and really starting to have serious fun. be naughty and dangerous and all the things they're supposed to be. that's good fun. >> were you guys ever overwhelmed during the rehearsal process? what i understand is that y'all didn't have a whole lot of time to prepare for this and the amount is dialogue is immense. >> i have never called line in my professional life once. calling line is when you can't come up with a line and you call line and someone hopefully reads the line to you. on our first preview, i broke that and i called "line" about halfway through the show. i must have taken like a seven or ten-second pause which on stage is an eternity. >> sure. what's the limit?
9:51 am
like ten seconds, i'm out, i need the line? >> it's pride. i'm never going to do it. after ten seconds i just went, line? i didn't say it loud enough so the girl didn't hear me so i had to do it again. line! she couldn't understand what i was saying. i actually called "line" three times. >> i tried to help him out. i really did. >> what did you do? >> his first line was something he missed was maybe belle rush can do it. >> how about the rush? >> that's terrible. >> horrible. >> liev, i read that -- or i think you heard you say at one point that you were aching to act this play with janet. where did that come from? was it just from seeing her? >> from watching her work. i've seen her work. i watched her work a number of
9:52 am
times. but then something sent me a video of the production that she did in london when she originated this production, and i don't know how to describe that. you just see somebody. i think the best metaphor is like sports. i think people might understand that. you see another athlete doing something and you go, i want to play. i want to work with them. i want to do something with them. i was right. there is -- we have a similar kind of athleticism about acting. we have a kind of tenacity and a kind of energy and wit and it's -- it's just we're really well matched. i'm having the time of my life. >> janet, your turn. she's like let me soak it in. yeah. the same. i'd seen liev on stage. obviously in his film and tv stuff. he's just a brilliant, brilliant actor and i thought that would work. that's fun. that's dangerous. >> it was magical. it was so incredible.
9:53 am
>> being able to finally have like level eye contact with a woman. yeah. >> you're very tall. >> you did first walk out and i thought am i sitting low or are you just very tall. >> no. i'm really tall. people follow me on streets. women do this all the time. they look at me, they see me coming and they always do it, they always look at my feet to see if i'm wearing shoes. >> see the things you learn on this show? thank you so much. this is "today" on nbc. we can keep talking. we're just going to a
9:54 am
9:55 am
♪ everyone's wild about trt: 31
9:56 am
=trx ack= good morning, after three days of rain that brought a foot of rain to parts of santa cruz. still a slight chance we can see scattered showers heading into the afternoon today. one more day around midday around those in land and south
9:57 am
bay hill tops. the 60s and 70s. after today, temperatures start to climb as the high pressure builds which means 70s around san francisco, mid way through the end of the week. 80s coming back starting thursday. we have nott+va seen a lot problems but those damp road ways, be careful. >> over here in oakland, we have a slow down. southbound 880, we have a crash and the continue subtle build here and now it is jammed up. we'll check that area in the next few minutes. i will let you know on an updated twitter. >> slow in palo alto still and on 101. thank you very much, mike. new details of the suspect critically injured in police shooting last night in vallejo. we'll have a live report at
9:58 am
11:00 a.m. and you can link to the video on our facebook page. the rain has moved on, there is still concerns of santa cruz slide danger. we'll have the full story on our facebook page.
9:59 am
woman: how do we protect them from $4 billion in new cuts to california schools? man: vote yes on proposition 55. woman: prop 55 doesn't raise taxes on anyone. man: not on working californians, not small businesses. no one. woman: instead, prop 55 simply maintains the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. man: so those who can most afford it continue paying their fair share... woman: prevent new education cuts... man: ...and keep improving california's schools. woman: vote yes on prop 55 to help our children thrive.
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hi, everybody. hope had you a wonderful weekend. it's a fun day monday around here, october 17. that's "don't want to know" by maroon 5. >> and my sister turned, whatever, today. >> is she watching from dubai-bye. >> may's. heavy birthday. >> happy birthday. >> looks better than ever. >> this is different. we don't do shows like


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