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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 18, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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you can always call our tip line at 1-888-996-tips or send an e-mail to a gruesome crash in the north bay, a car you see here split in afl after it slams into a tree killing everyone inside. a live report from the scene in moments. an employee killed while trying to stop a crime in the east bay. the suspect now behind bars accused of running him over on purpose. a samsung swap at sfo. the unprecedented step the company is taking to pre vent travelers from carrying those recalled smart phones on to airplanes. "today in the bay" continues right now. good tuesday morning to you. thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. our week has taken flight here, monday in the books. we're on to tuesday. things seem to be going up in terms of our temperatures. temperatures are going to warm and we've got dry
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conditions over the next couple days. that will be nice. we'll get to dry out after all that rain this past weekend. more rain for next week. enjoy this break because it's rain season and we're tracking more of that. >> a nice break this morning. mainly kwleer skies and fog across the north bay. 40s and 50s for the most part this morning. we'll see 70s later this afternoon for the inland valleys, 60s along the coastline. 80s returning to the bay. we'll talk about that plugs the rain that comes our way. in the meantime, let's toss over to mike and talk about the morning commute. >> we're talking about a pretty pleasant drive across the bay. a crash in fremont, southbound 880 hack has seen a traffic break. slowing as a result of that heading back towards mission and south of dixon landing road. south of there we have a smoolkt
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drive toward 237, but east 237 getting over back to 880. another crash on the shoulder. that might affect your approach to the transition. a live look towards free month and we'll show you how traffic slows. you can see the dense traffic. the earlier traffic break caused this. we'll track this closely and also fog in the north bay, but you have a much more zra mat tick scene with that deadly crash. >> very much so. breaking news we've been covering this morning. take a look at the scene of this accident. three people killed after a late night high-speed crash in the north bay. it happened a little after midnight on sir francis drake boulevard at the entrance to the samuel p. taylor park near point reyes station. the video shows a tangle of metal against the trees. authorities say it was a toyota corolla. the victims in the car were all young male adults. the chp closed both directions
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of sir francis drake boulevard. it's back open now. "today in the bay's" pete suratos will join us from the scene shortly. a richmond man is behind bars accused of murder. police say he ran down an employee who tried to stop him from stealing wooden pallets. it happened yesterday afternoon at the true world foods warehouse off 880. our nbc chopper was there overhead as you see in the video there as both scenes were developing. police say this white truck being towed away is the murder weapon. 27-year-old kadim edwards is in jail without bail. police have not released the name of the victim. they're still notifying family. flyers that critics say are only intended to do one thing,
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inspire rate. posters were put up around campus targeting ethnic studies professor rabab abdulhadi. the posters claim she's, quote, collaborating with terrorists because of her sympathy for the palestinian cause. they refer to her with #jewhatred. the school quickly removed the posters. students call this an unwelcome message. >> it's pretty hateful. >> there's already enough bad going on. now sfu students have to worry about this. >> the university president immediately respond and issued a letter to what he called vandalism. he said, quote, let me be clear, this is not an issue of free speech. this is bullying behavior that is unacceptable and won't be tolerated on campus. the group behind the poster has targeted other teachers around california. students plan to speak out publicly against the posters. we're getting more details
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about a san rafael man trying but failing to detonate a bomb inside a colorado police station. police say david ansbury left a backpack containing cell phone, wires and powder outside a police station. he was arrested in chicago this weekend after surveillance video captured him buying actually the equipment, cell phones he allegedly used to try to trigger the explosives. back under the spotlight once again, judge aaron persky. you certainly remember the name with his association with the brock turner case. now he's being criticized again forgiving a lenient sentence to a local college athlete. persky sentenced former stanford swimmer brock turner for sexual assault. opponents believe this case now is very similar to the turner case. it involves a player by the name of keenan smith. he's a football player at the college of san mateo. he served a month in jail, one month, for throwing his
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girlfriend to the ground and beating up a bystander who tried to intervene and stop him. since then prosecutors say smith has skipped out on community service. >> the fact that judge persky clearly sent a message that football was more important than violence against women. smith's attorney says smith was a no-show for community service because he had a football game that day and he's complying with his probation requirements. there is going to be a fund-raiser tonight in berkeley in hopes of raising enough money to rebuild the first congregational church. last month flames badly damaged that church. tonight's benefit concert takes place at st. mark's episcopal church. hundreds of residents in one solano county neighborhood are being told to boil their water following a water main break at green valley water treatment plant. people who live north of green valley road and reservoir lane are being told to boil their water before drinking, freezing
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ice or even washing dishes. the break caused a loss in water pressure which impacts water quality. hundreds expected to attend tonight's grand opening of an east bay art display that's already generated quite a good deal of conversation. the 55-foot steel sculpt tour is called truth is beauty. it appeared for the first time two years ago at burning man. that statue sits near the san leandro b.a.r.t. station. some commuters have raised concerns and eyebrows about the nudity. tonight's lighting ceremony scheduled for 6:30. as we talk about art in its many forms, a bold work of hart could be creating quite a spectacle at a small san francisco park. that's if it gets the green light. later this week, san francisco's rec and park commission will review plans for a art installation in hayes valley. that installation would involve two geometrical light sculpture, the small one waivering 700 pounds. it will be placed at patricia's
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green at hayes and octavia. if approved, they'll be blaise for a full year. >> a lot of great art exhibits in the bay area. 6:08. want to get out and about, today might be the day. >> we're watching a little fog across the north bay. looking pretty good. every now and again fog drifts by the camera. 45 in the north bay and 48 in the peninsula. generally speaking we've got mild conditions out there, once the sun comes up. plenty of sunshine. that will lead to a warmer day. 74 for the north bay. same deal for the tri-valley. low 70s for the south bay and mid 60s for san francisco. temperatures get warmer the next couple days. i'm tracking rain by monday. let's talk to mike right now and see what he's tracking. >> we're focusing on fremont because that's the only area with anything unusual. this tuesday showing a nice flow of traffic. we'll zoom into southbound 880,
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south from the dumbarton bridge. everything moves well until you get to the approach. warren avenue, dixon landing road. that's where the traffic jams up. the earlier crash blocks the fast lane. they need another tow truck to clear the final vehicle. that's why you're seeing the slowdown start. as the build happens coming from fremont into milpitas. the south bay itself shows outstanding in a positive way, from 105 to 85, a 20-minute drie at the speed limit for the entire area. drive times coming towards the bay bridge. 19 minutes from highway 4 down to the maze. that's the upper eastshore freeway, 11 minutes off fisher ranch road from highway 4. the majority of that slowing at the ends approach towards the bay bridget self. the metering lights are on guys. back to you. a significant day today. day two in the jury selection for the man accused of
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kidnapping and murdering sierra lamar. a cell phone switch at sfo. the rare steps samsung is taking this morning to make sure those recalled galaxy note 7s don't make it aboard any bay area flights. as you get on the flights, they're going to be more expensive. why? we'll tell you coming up.
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==anim== =nt/i== it's this time of year when we start talking about halloween. we're watching temperatures warm up over the next couple days and tracking some rain. it all clears out by halloween and kind of a spooktacular forecast. 60s by halloween. >> looking over at our drive times. no delays reported for the transit system. 48 trains on time for b.a.r.t. at the limit. 21 minutes for 85 from san jose
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in through cupertino and in through sunnyvale. a good drive right now. >> green good. thank you very much, mike. another 160 potential jurors screened today for the murder trial for the man accused of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar. there was a loud gasp in the courtroom yesterday when those there learned the death penalty trial could last six months or longer. in santa clara county court many were dismissed for hardship. the rest were given a 30-page-long questionnaire. they were asked what they thought about dna. if they watched tv shows about sexual assault and their views on the death penalty. they also had to answer questions about whether they could still consider someone dead even if there's no body. >> the prosecution is going to have to deal with the issue that they do not have a body and they're going to want to question a bunch of potential
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juro jurors, can they return a verdict of guilty when they don't have a body. >> at one point the defendant said good morning everybody, thanks for being here. and smiled. a san francisco judge today will hear arguments over the fairness of a $10 billion payout to volkswagen owners. volkswagen is supposed to buy back or repair close to 5,000 cars as part of a settlement in its diesel'! s scandal. some car owners believe the settlement doesn't go far enough. at least two dozen people are expected to address the judge. at sfo travelers will be met by representatives of samsung. >> as we've been reporting, it is against faa rules to carry a galaxy note 7 on an airplane
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even if it's turned off. so samsung is going to meet travelers who either don't know about the rule or aren't listening to help them switch out their phones before the flight. samsung does not want to be responsible for in-flight emergencies or even worse. as we reported monday, the buyout of virgin american airlines is taking longer than expected. alaska airlines says the process is moving forward, working with the justice department who looks over mergers and acquisitions to avoid man opinionlition and make sure the consumer is protected. a recent study found consumers are hurt by recent airline mergers. in the last ten years we've gone from nine major airlines to five. if the alaska virgin deal goes through, it will be the dominant airline on the west coast. >> speaking of travel, a deep data dive into air b&b shows
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service does not take business away from hotels. the results were presented at a recent hotel conference. the hotel industry says demand this year was higher than ever. what seems to be happening, the report authorities say is airbnb rules are filled when hotel rooms are full. for instance, you might not have visited san francisco during beta breakers because there weren't enough hotel rooms. but now because of air b&b they had rules. the social security administration says america's checks will go up by .3%. it's a cost of living adjustment. not enough money to buy a cola. here is the good news, nothing hurts retirement -- retired folks worse than inflation. the check is not getting bigger. but you're not spending more money either. >> have to live within their same means. >> or go back to 1945 to buy the
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coca-cola. >> a lot of retirees having to go back to work. 6:17 right now. what about going to the white house. cupertino will be poured at the white house. president obama's final state dinner will feature three california wines. we know how to grow them here. today celebrity chef mario vitali is pairing it with local wines, a zinfandel from cupertino's ridge vineyards, another from napa valley and santa barbara county. >> everyone speaks the language of wine there. >> go south bay. >> exactly. >> go sunshine today. we have more of that coming in. warmer temperatures into the weekend as well. we're looking at rain returning by monday. in the meantime it's about the sunshine. we have fog across parts of the north kba. for the most part we are generally clear coming across the bay bridge and the golden
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gate bridge as well. you can see the shot from san francisco. we don't have fog there. a few high thin clouds generally across most of the bay area. once the sun comes up around 7:00, we'll see plenty of sunshine. right now temperatures a cool 44 degrees in napa, 48 in palo alto and 50s for the rest of the bay area. expecting 70s to return to the bay. a little warmer than yesterday, back into the low 70s for san jose. mid 70s for walnut creek. 64 for san francisco. there are the clouds i'm telling you about. right across the coastline, a thin veil of cloud cover. once the sun comes up, we'll see plenty of sunshine and temperatures warming nicely. seattle and portland will continue to see rain over the next few days. for us, it's not until the weekend when our pattern starts to shift. we'll stay dry by saturday and sunday. by monday this system pulls onshore. this will be the first of a series of storm systems. we go back into this dreary wet
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pattern for next week. monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday, a chance of rain in the forecast each and every day. while it won't be an all-day rain, there is at least a few systems coming our way for next week. here is a look at that seven-day forecast. in the meantime, enjoy the sunshine and the warm temperatures. 70s and 80s for the next couple days for inland vamlies. let's switch gears and talk to mike and track the morning commute. >> we're looking at folks slowing around the bay. tuesday is building slowly around most spots where we had this unpleasant slow stretch here from the top of the screen coming down through fremont south of the dumbarton bridge to dixon landing road. still has the slow lane blocked. a number of vehicles on the shoulder. this is a distraction and the build there, 680 just fine getting in and out of sunol. if you have the option, choose the 680 route. we'll show you the camera that's right about there. it shows a slower drive toward
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the truck stop and tesla. those are your landmarks. in the south bay, northbound routes showing the build. this is a late start for the south bay commute. we'll track it as things continue as well as the peninsula. in the north bay i want to point out we have our live camera showing san rafael and the glow from the lights. there's some fog in the area. keep that in mind. again, sir francis drake has reopened after that deadly crash at samuel taylor park. we'll continue to follow that with pete suratos. >> thank you very much, mike. keeping lifesaving drugs from going bad. the new intention to protect epiben. just days ago bob dillon won the nobel prize in literature. one problem, the academy that gave him the honor can't seem to find him. severe allergic reaction froeatd
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when a young seeal boy had a severe allergic reaction from eating nuts, his parents started carrying the epipen. but the parents discovered the device needed to be protected from temperatures. they invented the patented epishell case
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>> it needs to release or absorb heat if it's hot or cold. we have special materials that keeps the interior temperature at about room temperature. >> the epishell is available for free orders for about $40. about the nobel prize for bob dillon, so far you might say his response is blowing in the wind. at this point we can only assume he knows he's won the nobel literature prize because the swed dish acted me has been knock, knock, knocking on his door. so far he's missing in action. the academy has decided to lay low in the hopes that dillon will be there to accept the award and the cash payout on december 10th. we'll see. >> so many classics there. this is pretty classic. a new effort to preserve dorothy's ruby red slippers from "the wizard of oz." >> the red shoes are currently on display in the smithsonian's national museum. they're nearly 80 years old and
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are fading. they've launched a campaign to raise $300,000 to restore the shoes. two women right now say they were sexually assaulted at a cal fraternity party over the weekend. the latest on those investigations coming up next. >> reporter: pete suratos at point reyes station where a deadly car accident at a state park takes the lives of three young adults. i'll have the details coming up in a live report. >> reporter: the judge at the center of the brock turner sexual assault case now accused of handing a light sentence to another college athlete. i'm bob redell. we'll have that story coming up. standing by herman. up next, we hear from melania trump for the first time since the controversial tapes involving her husband were leaked.
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woman: how do we protect them from $4 billion in new cuts to california schools? man: vote yes on proposition 55. woman: prop 55 doesn't raise taxes on anyone. man: not on working californians, not small businesses. no one. woman: instead, prop 55 simply maintains the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. man: so those who can most afford it continue paying their fair share... woman: prevent new education cuts... man: ...and keep improving california's schools. woman: vote yes on prop 55 to help our children thrive.
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woman: vote yes on prop 55 and i'sam bck (toss anthony) good tuesday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we are a couple weeks away now from halloween. >> that's right, buy your candy. >> lots of candy on sale. >> pumpkins, costumes. >> the next couple of days is going to be perfect. at least the ground will be able to dry out so you can get your pumpkin and it's not all soggy on the bottom. we are looking at warmer conditions as we head to the next couple days. there is rain on the way by monday. we'll sort it all out this
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weekend. sunrise over san jose. 53 degrees this morning with a few high clouds out there. it's cool in the north bay, back to 44 this morning in napa. later this afternoon we'll warm up in the mid 70s and mid 60s on the coastline. in the meantime, let's talk to mike. >> we do have an issue bogging down. this is over in fremont, southbound 880 south of the dumbarton bridge, starting at mowery toward dixon landing road. this is a slower spot approaching warren. there's a crash just about mission boulevard on the shoulder and possibly blocking the slow lane. distraction enough to set off the slowing. 680 a much easier route. 680 typical from pleasanton in towards sunol. all the cars or many of them heading down into the slowdown
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approaching milpitas. i want to show you the travel times in the peninsula. heading north past sfo towards san francisco only seven minutes. all the routes are at the limit. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. breaking news we've been covering overnight. this is all that's left of a car that slammed into a tree in the north bay killing all three people inside. it happened near the entrance to the samuel p. taylor point at point reyes station. that's where we find "today in the bay's" pete suratos. it looks like they must have been traveling at a high rate of speed. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. a very tragic accident. chp is still investigating this matter. we are on sir francis drake boulevard. the scene has since cleared. we want to show you guys that video. you can see the car is simply split in half following this accident. according to chp, this happened around 12:09 a.m., three young male adults inside a toyota
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corolla driving westbound, losing control and ending up in a ditch on the eastbound side hitting two poles and a couple of trees. i asked chp what may have caused this, high speeds, dui situation. here is what they had to say? >> it's still unclear. at this point we're investigating trying to figure out what happened. they did leave the roadway at some point when they struck a tree. so we're still looking into that right now. >> at this time chp is not identifying the individuals in those cars. they still have to notify the family. we're live at point reyes station, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> awfully tragic scene there, pete. thank you very much. an investigation is under way after two reported sexual assaults this weekend at uc berkeley. two women told police they were at off-campus fraternity parties when they were assaulted. police say those two cases are not related but happened friday night and saturday morning. because investigators are still looking into the claims vlgs
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they have not released much information as of yet. in the meantime changes could be coming to san jose state. the president says she's looking to improve communication after students complain they weren't informed early enough following two alleged sexual crimes on campus. she released an open letter expressing concerns on when to alert students about reported sexual assaults. students we spoke to say they are happy the issue is being address. >> it's good to hear feedback from the administration, that they are taking steps to investigate it further and to deal with it. >> a community meeting is also set to take place soon to address additional concerns. there is fresh criticism on a very familiar subject for the judge who sentenced brock turner. organizers who want judge aaron persky removed from the bench are raising concerns about a prior case also involving a college athlete. "today in the bay's" bob redell joining us from palo alto where
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this athlete is expected in court in a matter of hours. bob, get us up to speed. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, sam. his name is keenan smith, a sophomore who plays football at the college of san mateo expected at a probation hearing to explain why he missed one of his required community service days. seen here in a recruitment video has already served a month in jail for throwing his girlfriend to the ground in a parking lot in sunnyvale and beating unconscious another person who tried to step in and help. the judge who sentenced smith to that month in jail is judge aaron persky, the same judge who sentenced former stanford swimmer brock turner to six months in jail for the sexual assault of an unconscious woman. the behind behind the effort to recall judge persky believe the smith case is another example of judge persky going light on
6:35 am
college athletes. >> the fact that judge persky clearly sent a message that football was more important than violence against women. >> i feel like my client has been kind of caught in the crossfire because of the political nature of everything going on with the recall effort. >> reporter: smith's defense attorney tells us her 20-year-old client is complying with his probation requirements including domestic violence education classes, but she admits he was a no-show for one of those community service work days due to a football game. as for judge aaron persky, because of the attention surrounding the brock turner case, he has voluntarily removed himself from criminal cases and now works only civil. live in palo alto, bob redell, "today in the bay." new details this morning in the bizarre twist in what police call a premeditated ambush. it now appears the suspect connected to a police shooting in vallejo is also linked to a
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2-year-old boy shot just hours earlier nearby. adam powell can be seen in this surveillance footage walking into a starbucks. investigators san jose he intended to shoot and kill two officers inside, but his weapon malfunctioned. he then took off running. police say the officers shot powell a block away as he tried unjamming the gun. hours earlier at this home powell's 2-year-old son adonis somehow got ahold of a loaded gun and shot himself in the n k neck. this morning the child is in intend sef care in oakland. the family is devastated. >> he's smart. the best ittal boy you can imagine having. he's like my best friend. >> in the meantime powell, the father, is listed in stable but critical condition. 6:36 right now. we have some more answers for you regarding the police shooting in san francisco last friday. we now know the identity of the
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man who shot an officer in the head. 26-year-old nicholas mcwherter of pacifica shot an sfpd officer and was killed in the shootout that followed later in the evening. sources tell nbc bay area mcwherter had a history of mental issues. last friday officers responded to a report of a man, quote, acting erratically. they say when they arrived, mcwherter fired at them, critically wounding officer downs. officer downs remains in stable condition. decision 2016. if kids could vote, hillary clinton would become the next president of the united states. 153,000 students across the country cast their ballots in a mock presidential election. the results just released saying clinton received 52% compared to donald trump's 35%. if you're thinking, so what, kids can't vote? this mock election predicted the
6:38 am
outcome of every race since 1964. >> so the kids, that's the source there. these mock results coming as both candidates are gearing up for their third and final showdown. >> take's edward lawrence joins us from washington, d.c. this morning. i would imagine both candidates are preparing, edward. >> reporter: both candidates are preparing for the debate. we have to see if donald trump would honor those results. governor mike pence says he will. donald trump has not said he would or wouldn't. we just don't know. hearing the words quid pro quo a lot over the next two days. donald trump saying the election process is rigged. now saying e-mails show corruption. donald trump says newly released state department e-mails show a scandal he calls worse than watergate.
6:39 am
>> the fbi documents show undersecretary of state patrick kennedy made the request for all three classifications as part of a quid pro quo, in other words, a deal. this is felony corruption. >> reporter: in one exchange with the fbi, the undersecretary asked to change the classified label on one of hillary clinton's e-mails when she was secretary of state. the state department would then reciprocate by allowing the fbi to place more agents in countries where they are presently forbidden, specifically iraq. the fbi and state department deny any wrongdoing. >> no quid pro quo, no exchange here. >> reporter: as part of trump's latest push to sway voters, his wife melania went on cnn blaming billy bush form trump's lewd comments about women caught on an open mike. >> he was lead on, like egg on from the host to say dirty and bad stuff. >> meanwhile, senator bernie sanders tried to reach out to trump supporters playing off his rigged election claims. >> the system is rigged in favor
6:40 am
of the wealthy and the powerful. think about voting on hillary clinton on this issue alone. >> reporter: hillary clinton has not commented on the latest e-mail controversy. she has no other public events scheduled between now and the debate. >> how are they even going to get to all the questions? >> we will see. 6:40 right now. let's get to the forecast for today. another cool start to the morning, but a nice finish. >> we'll warm up nicely. it's very thin from about half moon bay towards the north bay. you can see where we're watching the sunrise, laura and sam. you can see from the south bay, a sfu clouds there. we'll see a warmer day than we saw yesterday. that will leave the inland valleys back into the 70s. mid 60s for san francisco. mid 70s for inland valleys. temperatures warm up back into
6:41 am
the 80s before we welcome our next chance of rain. let's talk to mike and get you to work on time. >> welcoming folks on 880. more folks driving south out of hayward and union city, typical slowing. here toward the congestion in fremo fremont, south of the dumbarton bridge, we continue with speeds about 50 miles per hour. the crash over there just before you get to mission boulevard. they're still waiting for at least one, maybe two tow trucks to arrive. one lane blocked and activity on the shoulder slows down that traffic through the corridor. fremont, 680 moving well in the south bay. the south bay not showing anything unusual. southbound 680 out of concord, we have slowing, a disabled vehicle, looks like it takes a while to get clear from those lanes as well. we'll show you the travel time kicking in for the upper eastshore freeway, 32 minutes from hercules where you saw the slowing down to the bay bridge toll plaza.
6:42 am
more mass transit. up next, one san francisco supervisor wants more b.a.r.t. stations and we're getting an idea where they might go. >> lieutenant governor gavin newsom pushes for pot. the reason he says recreational marijuana should be legal. >> a san francisco ceo quits because of the commute. we'll take a look at that and take you to the big board. dow industrials gaining more than 100 points.
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anim ==anthony/1xd=
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anim ==ant1x welcome back. it's 6:44. after a few days of rain, it's starting to dry out. we have sunshine for you. over the next couple days, we're seeing warmer temperatures. we're watching more rain pushing back into the region and we'll talk about that complete seven-day forecast. >> we like the sun but appreciate the rain as well. thank you, anthony. washington, d.c. city council is considering a right to die bill today. it is the first time the nation's capital has taken on that controversial measure. the bill would allow terminally ill patients to end their lives with the help of a doctor. five states including california have already made physician assisted death legal. >> happening right now, laura. we are three weeks away from the elections officially. early voting starting in georgia. at this location near atlanta, look at all those people wrapping around the parking lot outside. lines are out in the door deep into the parking lot.
6:46 am
voters even brought umbrellas to help avoid the hot sun rays. a rally called when they go low we go high, basically the theme of first lady michelle obama's speeches while she's been out campaigning for for hillary clinton. that rally is happening at clay and 14th streets in oakland. san francisco supervisor scott weiner wants the city to constantly build subways to improve transportation. now we're getting a first look at what they would actually look like. the land use transportation committee has released the map as part of the subway master plan. the map shows areas where the subways would be beneficial. the areas in red are places in need of more trfgs. this is an early subway vision. a final report is expected later this year. now to san jose and the push to make the city more welcoming to immigrants. today the city council will consider a three-part plan to
6:47 am
better serve the immigrant community. something extra special is happening today in napa. county leaders will celebrate residents turning 100 this year. they haven't said how much residents have reached that mark, but we know it's happening this afternoon at native sons hall in napa. a big happy birthday. here is to remembering those who died in the loma pre etta earthquake. the disaster that struck 27 yooergs ago. the usgs says a 72% chance that a 6.2 quake or larger will strike the hayward fault sometime in the next three decades. a new study shows how the business world would be affected. >> such an earthquake could affect 101,000 businesses, 1.5 million employees and annual
6:48 am
payrolls totaling $150 billion. >> more specifically, the bureau of labor statistics adds that a large earthquake could severely impact jobs in the sectors of health, manufacturing and yes the tech industry. attention passengers, your pilot in the airplane of the future may never need a lunch break or a nap for that matter. a new federal program is working to perfect the robot copilot to play the role of what's now the second human pilot in the cockpit. the program's leader says the day is coming where there will be no human pilots on board. that may be just the beginning for small planes in the future. >> things are changing in the friendly skies. in the meantime, speaking of flying, san francisco-based virgin america has been named the best airline in the united states. >> scott, you've been watching carefully. the airline may not last much
6:49 am
longer. >> that's right. alaskan airlines may be buying virg virgin. we think we're close to a decision by the justice department whether to allow it. lots of people will miss our hometown airline. it's very well thought of. virgin won the best u.s. airline in its readers choice award. virgin wins in 2016. virgin actually won in 2015. back in 2014 that award went to virgin. but in 2013 that award went to virgin. sam, do you want to -- 2012, you want to take a case on 2012? >> is it united. >> no, virgin. 2009, 2008. >> are you kidding, really? >> yes. 2007 it was actually jetblue because virgin america did not exist at the time. >> i've never flown virgin
6:50 am
america. >> you need to. visa ceo charles shack says he's stepping down from the company in san francisco. he's tired of flying in from new york where he lives to go to work. everybody thinks he's done a good job. it's just a situation where he really does want to spend more time with family. sharp told the "wall street journal" to do this job properly, you need to be committed to spending the appropriate amount of time in san francisco. given my personal situation, i don't feel i can do it right now. we're losing a leader in san francisco, but actually spending more time with family. >> that's a good thing for the family. >> right now we got hit with rain over the weekend. we've been tracking that for the last week or so. anthony going to make a cameo in a second. first let's check out what's going on in the sierra. i 80 at donner summit got a few
6:51 am
inches yesterday. >> people are going to find out our smoke and mirrors. hey, check this out. the falls are roaring again. a very welcome and beautiful sight at yosemite. take a look at the water falls. usually we don't get this until the spring. >> beautiful. >> that is actually pretty illustrative. you have a lot of stuff to juggle over the course of the weather. >> yeah. i didn't know we were going to be taking that camera shot. but yes, juggling warmer temperatures and rain. i'll shoort it out over the nex couple days. snow across the dee era. winter is right around the corner. i want to start off with the live cameras because the sun is starting to come up. we have a little cloud cover out there, but a lot of sunshine as well. san jose looking at mainly clear skies this morning and up towards the north bay, clear skies from hileads berg. we have cool spots like palo
6:52 am
alto at 48. very comfortable and warmer than yesterday. 76 from walnut creek, 75 for livermore and 73 for san jose. it will stay cool, but comfortable today and san  francisco up to 64 degrees there. we have a little cloud cover right at the coastline. it's not much in terms of impeding views as far as coming over our bridges. as you get going this morning, we'll see a few thin clouds this morning. rain to our north is continuing to be the story for portland, seattle, vancouver, dealing with rain since this weekend. they'll continue to see showers over the next couple days. we get a break in the rain, but returns as we head towards monday. the storm system will pull this way as we head towards monday. it will be the first in a series of systems bringing rain back to the bay area next week.
6:53 am
it will be nice in san francisco for pumpkin picking weather. 70 degrees by thursday. let's switch gears and track the morning commute. >> a continued, steady build on a tuesday. that means we'll probability see the major slow downs in the next hour around the bay. we're already seeing a slow drive to the south bay. over here is a problem we've been following in fremont. that crash blocking just part of the slow lane, causes the distraction. all that slowing out of hayward toward milpitas. that crash just about mission boulevard. looking at travel times throughout the south bay where your northbound routes kick in. now you have a 40-minute drive from 101 where it splits with 85 in san jose to where it meets up again in sunnyvale. a tougher drive for 101. just about the same for 85. most of the slowing towards highway 17 or 880 depending on which route you take. off 880, 92 slows towards the
6:54 am
san mateo toll plaza. one lane will be blocked for quite some time. that's a distraction. not bad out of hayward. of course, the slowdown toward the bay bridge and orange on the highlighting, this is what it means on the live camera. fog in san rafael. things are starting to get crowded. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. 6:54. select four-legged friends are helping get young people hooked on reading. the west side branch of the library. organizers say the project actually started after a study found that children can boost their reading levels and confidence by reading allowed to animals. >> very cute. up next, messages of haste springing up at a bay area college. flyers that have caused controversy. >> reporter: pete suratos at point reyes station where a deadly car accident at a state park in marin takes the leaves of three young adults.
6:55 am
details coming up. a 12-year-old girl finds her mother and three other women unconscious after overdosing at a party. on the facebook page, how the child is being credited with saving their lives. be sure to check out halloween and other fall events happening in the bay area. head to for more. we're back in two minutes. before you head out the do -her
6:56 am
6:57 am
6:58 am
laura/anim a welcome back right now. before heading out the door, here are the top stories. >> "today in the bay's" pete suratos joining us where three people were killed in a horrific overnight crash. pete? >> reporter: good morning, laura and sam. there were three young male adults according to chp inside this toyota corolla heading westbound on sir francis drake boulevard inside samuel p. taylor park. according to chp they say this happened around 12:00 a.m. they don't know how they lost control of it. they knocked down a couple of poles and trees in that process. they have not identified these folks they still have not identified family members. pete suratos for "today in the bay." a richmond man is behind bars accused of murder. police say he ran down a fellow employee trying to stop him from
6:59 am
stealing wooden pallets. it happened yesterday afternoon in san leandro. the suspect, 27-year-old kadim edwards was caught five hours later in oakland. police have not released the name of the victim. we've got a little cloud cover, but mainly sunny skies. you can see from our sky camera network, 40s and 50s this morning. later this afternoon, a nice finish to the day. mostly sunny with mid 70s for inland valleys. >> sounds great. >> down in fremont, slowing down because of the crash that continues to be a problem. the map not an unusual pattern. south 880 jams up from mowery down toward mission. the slowing that continues here may be indicative of another traffic break. tow trucks are arriving. i see the traffic starting to break up by the truck scales. this may be a good sign. stick with nbc bay area. we'll be back with a local news update in half an hour.
7:00 am
guess who is joining you on the midday? >> are we going to do it all over again. >> 11:00 a.m. >> hopefully you'll join us at 11:00 a.m. >> you can't shake me. good morning. fight to the finish. >> people that have died ten years ago still voting. donald trump defiantly sticks to his claims of voter fraud even as high-profile members of his own party say that's nonsense. melania trump addressing for the first time those accusations and trump's lewd comments on a hot mike. >> sometimes i say i have two young boys at home. i have my son and my young husband. while hillary clinton's e-mail scandal comes back to bite her. did a state department official try to strike a quid pro quo deal with the fbi to have an e-mail sent to her marked unclassified. direct hit.


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