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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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reporting live in san francisco, jean elle. two marin county families dealing with unimaginable loss after a car crash killed two young brothers and the teenage driver instantly. the car slammed into a utility pole, then a tree, slicing it in half. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is live in west marin county near the scene of the crash. jodi, investigators are still trying to figure out what happened and how it happened. >> reporter: they are. the chp says the crash that happened along this windy stretch of road is the kind of accident they never want to have to respond to. when emergency crews arrived, there was nothing they could do to save the three young men. >> just sweet boys. just good-hearted boys. >> reporter: that's how those who knew the young men killed in this morning's deadly accident in west marin county are remembering them. 18-year-old lance argol and his
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older brother, 20-year-old chance, were killed when a car driven by their friend, 18-year-old chance merer veered off the boulevard early this morning. and slammed into a tree, killing all three. >> it appears they might have taken a turn at a rate of speed that wasn't conducive to the turn. >> reporter: they grew up in marin county and graduated from drake high school. their dad owns a well-known plumbing business. >> and they worked with greer and the plumbing, but they were kids and didn't really know if that's what they wanted to do with their lives so they were still exploring. >> reporter: friends say the brothers loved their parents and loved each other. they were their parents' only children, and losing them is more than they can bear. >> at 18 years old, there is a million things these talented, smart young men could have gone into. and that's all done.
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that's all gone. >> reporter: the chp says there was nothing at the scene to indicate that the three men had been drinking. they say all three were strapped in their seat belts. right now they say they are focusing on speed as being a leading factor. reporting live in marin county, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> very sad for those families. thank you, jodi. day two of a hunger strike at santa clara county jail. the inmates demanding some big changes. here's what they want. an overhaul to a classification system, an end to salutary solitary confinement and improved programs. 125 prisoners refused meals yesterday and today. however, they might not be the same 125 prisoners. sheriff says she is monitoring all inmates tracking everyone's water and food intake. medical staff members are also standing by. and to limit food waste, box
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lunches, which are not eaten, will be donated to the salvation army. now to decision 2016. more than 300 people gathered at uc berkeley for what was called a trump teach-it. berkeley known as the birthplace of free speech but some are questioning whether professors should be allowed to participate. marianne favro has more on the two protests at cal today. marianne. >> reporter: well, janelle, some students are complaining, because they believe that the professors that were involved in today's teach-in violated university policy on political activity on campus. >> trump wants to build an impenetrable wall. >> reporter: hundreds of students crowded into the plaza on the uc berkeley campus today for what was called a trump teach-in. several professors participated in the event and there was no question which presidential candidate they did not support.
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the professors talked about issues, including islam phobia and immigration. while members of the uc berkeley college republicans held up signs criticizing hillary clinton. but republican students questioned whether university professors should have participated in the teach-in. >> i think our club feels as though this is a gross misuse of university resources. and it's very difficult for professors preaching using their title as professor to say that they're not using the university prestige to stage this event. >> reporter: on october 10th, university chancellor, nicholas dirk sent this letter reminding them that university resources, including paid time of university employees should not be used to campaign for or against any candidate. but some argue, this was not a political rally. >> i would classify this as a trump teach-in, learning about the issues around our democracy.
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>> reporter: we reached out to the university for comment, and a spokesperson just got back to us. he told us that as long as the professors were on their own time, and not missing class time or office hours, because of that event, they did not violate university policy. reporting live at berkeley, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. sharp criticism aimed at donald trump today from president obama. specifically over mr. trump's claims of a rigged election. >> you start whining before the game is even over? if whenever things are going badly for you and you lose, you start blaming somebody else? then you don't have what it takes to be in this job. >> president says trump's claims aren't based on evidence and he went on to say a lot about the gop nominee, that he's complaining before the election even takes place. donald trump's claims of a rigged election have state and county elections officials nationwide rushing to reassure
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voters. in the south bay, the santa clara county registrar and other county leaders have called a news conference. they're going to address the voting process and concerns over potential voter intimidation. they'll also talk about the need for poll workers and other opportunities for public participation on election day. will you be watching? about this hours from now the final debate. today both candidates took different approaches in preparing for this debate. donald trump campaign in the battle ground state of colorado. colorado, as you might know, traditionally a red state, but mr. trump lost his lead, according to the polls. mrs. clinton left new york this afternoon. here's some video of that headed for las vegas. she has been out of the public eye since that fund-raising trip to the bay area, and l.a. last week. the latest nbc news poll gives her an is 11 point lead despise charges over her e-mails. you can see the debate live tomorrow night right here on nbc
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bay area, 6:00 p.m. our own mark matthews is in las vegas to bring us live reports before and after the debate. today a pair of san francisco supervisors rolled out a proposal to cut all business ties between the city and wells fargo. the city's hometown bank. supervisor claims wells fargo has a history of loan discrimination against qualified african-american and hispanic borrowers. the resolution also calls for the district attorney to investigate all banks after wells fargo admitted opening up 2 million unauthorized accounts without the customers' knowledge. >> this scandal proves that banks like wells fargo can be too big to fail. they're certainly failing us and their workers. >> in response to the supervisors' announcement today, wells fargo issued a statement saying in part, we have already provided full refunds to customers we identified as having accounts that could have been unauthorized.
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wells fargo says it is committed to its home in san francisco, donating $100 million in the past five years to bay area schools and nonprofits. a former federal investigator is also speaking out about wells fargo. he says years ago, bank employees contacted the government for help. tonight, he is revealing to the investigative unit's liz wagner what he says went on inside osha's whistleblower protection program. >> he says his agency did its job and problems could have been exposed of a long time ago. he says in 2010, osha received a complaint from a woman after she was fired by wells fargo. there she is. the employee claims it was retaliation for raising red flags about the banks' sales practices. after she filed her case, no one inside osha investigated it. she says she is frustrated to learn now what a federal investigator says happened to her complaint.
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>> it just sat on somebody's desk. at the time, i didn't know. but, you know, i was certainly trusting that everyone did what they were supposed to do. and they didn't. >> reporter: osha says it's now conducting a review of all wells fargo whistleblower cases since 2010 and tonight at 11:00, you'll hear from the former osha investigator. he reveals what he says he was instructed to do when that wells fargo case crossed his desk. janelle? >> thanks, liz. if you have a story call our tip line at 888-996-tips and send an e-mail to the unitality they are creepy, they are crowley, and hikers say they are everywhere. i'm peggy bunker. and coming up just in time for halloween, we're talking tarantulas after the break. not in the job description, no. but it's in the description of being a human being. >> he has the authority to write tickets, but the compassion not
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to. how one officer's decision has changed the lives of a world war ii vet. it's part of our bay area proud series. and sear seeing temperatures in the 70 lls outside right now. as a warming trend takes shape and puts san jose in the mid to upper 80s. we'll talk about that and our next channels of rain and our seven-day forecast when we come right back.
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you're watching nbc bay area news with the bay area's biggest investigative yunlt holding the powerful accountable. walnut creek. two people in serious condition tonight after being hit by a car on 680 in walnut creek. here's how it started. the crash happened on southbound 6820, just before 8:30 this morning. after the crash, the victims got out of their car and tried to walk across the freeway when they were hit by a car in the northbound lanes. they're both suffering from life-threatening injuries. they're creepy and they are crawly and hikers say they are everywhere. giant tarantulas, and the weather has brought them out in droves. nbc bay area's peggy bunker at the popular hiking spot, the stanford dish on the hunt. did you see any? >> reporter: oh, boy. that is the question. we did see -- we didn't see any live ones. i can tell you that. but we saw hikers coming down
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who had just seen them. the height of the day when it's hot. the first hiker i spoke with said she had never been here before. she saw four tarantulas. september to october is mating season and most hikers say they're everywhere. it's a bay area favorite. hiking the stanford dish with its beautiful visit at thats and views. only this year hikers are keeping their eyes down on the path in case one of these guys comes along. >> i have arachnophobia so it is always on my mind. >> reporter: tarantula mating season is here. they're searching for mates and they don't care if hikers are in their way. >> no, they're right in front of you. they just kind of -- >> reporter: and, yes, they do give some hikers the willies. >> they're huge. they're, like, that big. >> reporter: wildfire experts say they're harmless to humans, but they do have fangs, and carry poison, so it's a good idea to stay alert. >> just be more careful.
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look where you're going. keep the eyes off the phone. >> reporter: the drought may have contributed to a higher number of spdrs this year, but hang on because mating season ends by the end of october. >> october is mating season. >> i'll come back in november. >> reporter: now most of the spiders are male. in fact, the experts say they will walk up to four miles, looking for a female to mate with during mating season. so if you are a hiker and don't want to see them, maybe wait around until november. that's when you can come back. but if you do want check them out, the morning and dusk is the best time to catch one of the spdrs at the dish. i'm peggy bunker, nbc bay area news. >> so i don't want to go at this time. >> right. exactly. that is the message. it takes a village, you might have heard, to raise a child. recently we learned it takes a city to fix the home of a veteran. >> that city is petaluma and it's where nonprofits and city government work together to help
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one of their own. garvin thomas is here with tonight's bay area proud. >> jill garcia says growing up in petaluma, his sister used to calm him an instigator. there is something he i believe so at this gated recently that affects him and the entire community. as the code enforcement officer he has the authority to write tickets. >> junk properties. >> reporter: it turns out what joe also possesses is the compassion not to. >> and it's going to be the house on the left here. >> reporter: which is exactly why this story has such a happy ending. >> not in the job description, no. but it's just -- it's in the description of being a human being. >> reporter: it all started with a complaint two years ago about a yard overgrown with weeds. >> have you ever had to replace the back fence. >> reporter: the yard belongs to
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al, an 89-year-old world war veteran. >> reporter: joe had to return multiple times as al tried and failed to get a handle on the situation. what's more, the inside of the house was not much better. still, instead of handing al a ticket -- joe decided to legend him a hand. >> we work with joe all of the time and he has the biggest heart in the world. >> reporter: jane hamilton is executive director at rebuilding together, a nonprofit that helps low income people, just like al, with home repair. >> so it says rebuild two bathroom floors. >> reporter: when joe told jane al's story, she was in. just one problem. >> as soon as we realized how serious the problem was, we went, okay, how are we going to pay for all of this? >> reporter: well, with just a single call to home depot, $10,000 and a team of volunteers
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were dispatched. but there were dozens of others too, contractors, firefighters, police officers, all chipping in. if it was going to take a village to fix up al's place, well, the city of petaluma seemed up to the task. >> it makes me proud to be in petaluma. just such a great network of people. >> what a difference since this morning. >> reporter: in the end, as much as al appreciated all of the help on the house -- >> a real nice guy. >> reporter: he seems to be loving the company even more. and while he once wanted to curse whichever neighbor complained about his home in the first place, he would have a different message today. >> if i found out who did it, i would shake his hand, because i never would have had this done, because i never would have met this gentleman. >> i want to go to the house and hang out. >> i know. >> they worked on the bathrooms, gave him some new steps, a lot
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of things that not only made the house more comfortable, but safer. so but as you said, the big thing for al was all of the company he gets now. there is a volunteer checking in regularly. he loves that and you go and meet him and he could not be happier. >> he's such a people person. >> with all of the attention. >> that's one of my favorite stories. >> that's a great story. get your skis waxed up. it will open on halloween. the other resorts open a couple weeks later, including heavienl. we show you the dusting we received from the recent autumn storm. alpine meadows, northstar open in november, weather permitting, meaning more snow and it doesn't look like any this week. >> seven-day forecast shows we bring some back. >> as we look at a bit of a warmup. yes, more rain and sierra snow
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starting to enter that seven-day forecast as we show you outside right now. really gorgeous views armed around the bay area. we can see in san jose, we're at 71 degrees, partly cloudy conditions, a few clouds near some of the hiptops. we'll show the view from every hill. 69 degrees, great visibility. a high close 72. 65 degrees, mostly clear skies and a bit breezy today, especially across the inland valleys. arrows pointing out of the north, high pressure building in. should start to strengthen thursday and friday and you'lly the temperatures starting to climb up. so here is the trend. we're going to see a few high clouds. the outer fringe of a strong storm. high pressure would not only send the rain to the north but boost temperatures. tomorrow the warmup against.
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by friday, sea breeze making a comeback at the start of the weekend. high temperatures for tomorrow, despite the chilly start in the morning. and inland valleys in the mid 40s. high temperatures, close to 75 in san jose and palo alto. santa rosa, should see some low 80s, 76 in livermore and 78 in walnut creek. this is the pattern. as we head towards the weekend, increasing clouds, crane rain closer on saturday. sunday night and monday, there comes our next chance of rain. the weekend looks dry if you want to head out to the pumpkin patch. increasing clouds. but notice this futurecast, tuesday, wednesday, thursday of next week. and the north bay kite a bit of rain.
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here is the outlook now in the seven-day forecast. san francisco, temperatures rising. should see mid 70s by thursday. then as we approach the start of the weekend, cooling temperatures, but we expect things to stay dry. inland locations, mid 70s. mid to upper 80s thursday. midway through the weekend, clouds pick up and we see rain making a comeback sunday into monday and more snow in the sierra before halloween. >> three thumbs up. thanks, rob. still ahead here at 5:00, targeting teenage drivers. will they get the message. how police are trying to reach occupant to teenagers. because she doesn't know that it kills 40,000 californians... every year. because she doesn't understand what cancer is.
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because she can't spell emphysema. because she is a butterfly, who fights fires. because she is my daughter, and the surgeon general says that raising tobacco taxes... is a proven way to make sure she never smokes. that's why i'm voting yes on 56. a new feature injectina lite more politics on facebo. you can now offer yourendorsemee
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more politics on facebook. you can now offer your endorsement of a candidate online. those candidates can then add your endorsement to their page by liking your post and a new survey by zillow shows half the nations home buyers are millennials, people under the able of 36. teenagers behind the wheel. andd
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teenagers behind the wheel.
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nowadays, distracted teenagers texts and snapchating behind the wheel. >> a number of south bay agencies took part in a driving challenge in san jose. they have to drive a course while dealing with distractions, including loud music and snapchating and social media. they met the fire captain and their wife. their 15-year-old daughter was killed as a passenger in a distracted driver crash. >> you take your eyes off the wheel for one moment could change someone's life. >> reporter: the number one killer of teenagers in the united states is preventible car crashes. >> a good program. next as 5:00 a rock and roll hall of fame nominee.
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the city of san jose making a decision tonight about medical marijuana delivery. but will the vote by the city be impacted by the outcome of prop 64? that's coming up on the november balla ballot. that story and more on our 6:00 newscast. one of the most known bay area musicians could be headed to the rock and roll hall of fame. tupac, janet jackson and 16 other artists. typically five nominees are chosen. in order to be eligible, artists might have released their first recording at least 25 years ago, and this is tupac's first year of eligibility. >> one of the most legendary musicians from the bay area, for sure. sunny this week, rob. >> it's interesting. the skies have cleared out so the flip side to the forecast is the mornings are chilly. mid 40s to start tomorrow morning. by the afternoon, you can see pretty nice out there. close to 80 in some spots. san francisco thursday could get close to 80. >> work on our suntan.
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thanks for joining us at 5:00. lester holt is next reporting from los angeles. >> bye, folks. tonight, stop whining. president obama blasts donald trump's unsubstantiated claims of a rigged election, accusing trump of trying to cast blame and discredit the vote even before election day. tonight, inside the strategies both sides are set to deploy on the eve of the final debate. nbc news exclusive. richard engel with the american commander ading the air war on the isis center of power in iraq. his warning to the west, victory there could unleash terror here. assassinated. shocking footage as a judge in the el chapo case is gunned down while jogging in broad daylight. and a killer new drug, taking young lives, twice as powerful as heroin and legally available on the web. a warning for parents as f


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