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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 20, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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cos stroe where a four-alarm fire is under control. seven folks are displaced, three firefighters injured in the process. we'll have an update on their condition coming up. a violent night. a deadly shooting in san jose markets the city's 39th homicide of the year. the search for the suspects this morning. why wouldn't he say, i'll go with what the voters decide. >> he will, barring rampant fraud. >> nbc bay area is in las vegas asking some tough questions of our own following last night's debate. "today in the bay" starts right now. a very good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we start now right here at home. we'll get to las vegas in a second. there's a developing situation in the south bay that mike has been tracking. mike? >> good morning, guys. we have this crash that happened about 11:30 last night. this video taken earlier and this car, overturned chevy tahoe suv took out that pole.
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the power lines are down. that's why the southbound almaden expressway is closed. took three hours to pull the driver from the car. that person was alert when they took him to the hospital. you still see the lines down across the roadway and the vehicle still there. we have the two southbound lanes closed z away from highway 85 in the area of leeland high school and bret harte middle school. these power lines, we're told by pg&e, not disrupting service. we'll continue to track this and the evolution of this scene as well as the rest of your commute. for now we'll send it to anthony for your forecast. >> oh, yes, a lot of schools in that route. take it easy this morning. looking at chilly conditions this morning. 40s across parts of the peninsula and same deal for the east bay. later this afternoon under mostly sunny skies. we'll warm nicely. warmer than yesterday. you can see from our sky camera network, from the north bay to the south bay, that will lead to another bright day.
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grab the shades and maybe shorts today. talking low 80s for inland valleys. warmer in san francisco, mid 70s there. we have rain in the forecast toward the end of the weekend. we'll talk about that. we have breaking news we've been following since we came on the air at 4:30, take a look at that. explosive flames in san francisco's castro district leaves several firefighters injured and a handful of people without a home. pete suratos is live on the scene with a look at the aftermath. good morning, pete. >> reporter: good morning, laura. excuse that noise. that's pg&e just showed up. sounds like a jack hammer they're using. the three structures affected in the fire, a lot of it originated in the middle unit which was unoccupied. as you mentioned, there was three firefighters that were injured, but non-life-threatening injuries. we'll show you the video sent out by san francisco fire not too long ago.
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there were seven folks altogether that were displaced including an elderly couple and another couple that had a kid with them. none of the folks inside those buildings were injured. they're receiving assistance from the american red cross. we're being told earlier there was a missing calico cat that crews are still looking for at this time. three firefighters were sent to the hospital for injuries, including one that had what appeared to be a fractured arm. the other with cuts and bruises. here is san francisco fire' elaborating on those injuries. >> they were all separate injuries, so they all didn't happen in the same low cakes at the same time. they span from musculoskeletal injuries to soft tissue injuries, from cuts to possible bone injuries. the fire was originally reported around 12:00 a.m. crews able to get it under control a couple hours later. no word as far as what caused the fire. you can expect crews to be here as they corporate their investigation. live in san francisco, pete suratos for "today in the bay."
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>> hopefully made out most of that. you could hear pg&e crews in the background. police investigating a deadly shooting near a san jose elementary school, the city's 39th homicide. police say a man walked i represented regional medical center. police later determined the man had been shot in a car near doug hill elementary school near highway 101. the victim then drove the car filled with bullet holes to the hospital where he died a short time later. "today in the bay's" bob redell working on gathering new information from this story. he'll join us with an update at 6:30. there were verbal fireworks in the third and final presidential debate along with back-and-forth statements. everyone talking about whether
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trump will accept the results of the election. >> i'll tell you at the time. i'll keep you in suspense. >> that's horrifying. >> you probably heard about that this morning. plenty of contention over russia's president. >> look, from everything i see, he has no respect for this person. >> that's because he'd rather have a puppet as president. >> no puppet. you're the puppet. >> nbc's bay area mark matthews is in las vegas. he asked pointed questions to reverend jesse jackson and donald trump j. trump junior. >> they didn't shake hands when hillary clinton and donald trump walked into the debate hall. for the first 20 minutes or so, it did look like a presidential debate. each of the candidates making their case. in the spin room after the debate, reverend jesse jackson had this response. if you win, it's a good deal. if you lose, it's rigged. that's a disingenerous response
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to a serious matter. he's willing to take on the whole american system. >> donald trump junior and the campaign spokeswoman defended trump's statement. >> why wouldn't he say i'll go with what the voters decide? >> he will, kbaring rampant fraud. >> every expert i've talked to says there isn't anything there. >> your dad talking about voter fraud. >> talking about that, busing people. they're saying, disaffected. we've been doing it and not about to change now. >> did al gore accept the will of the voters. i'm old enough to remember 2000. he called george w. bush to concede the election and then called back to retract the concession. >> the difference, of course, is al gore did not dispute the outcome of the election before the election was held. what we've heard from donald trump last night, that was a first. in las vegas, nevada, mark matthews for "today in the bay."
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>> i remember that hanging chad debacle back in 2000. our debate coverage continues online. we fact checked what the candidates had to say in realtime. you can read the results on our website on a preliminary 3.4 magnitude earthquake struck lake county overnight. the quake happened about 3:45 near the town of cobb. you'll recall it's the same area ravaged by the valley fire. so far no reports of injuries or damage. funeral services will take place for a beloved elderly woman killed in a home invasion robbery. mouners will honor miss flo at the st. paul missionary baptist church. the 88-year-old died 12 days ago from injuries suffered four weeks earlier in a robbery at her home. 19-year-old zachary cuen is facing murder charges. cuen lived near douglas and investigators say cameras caught him using her credit cards and
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driving her car. today's service is scheduled for 11:00 a.m. the new year will reportedly begin with a long awaited start of a highly anticipated murder trial. according to the "mercury news," january 3rd is now the firm start date for opening statements in the trial against antonin garcia torres accused in the murder of sierra lamar four years ago. her body still has not been found. attorneys on both sides were examining answers by prospective jurors yesterday. it's been a full week of memorable anniversaries and another one today. significant anniversary for a tragic moment in bay area history. this marks 25 years since the oakland hills firestorm. 25 people died while trying to escape that fast-moving inferno that rapidly burned through 1500 acres of land and destroyed 3500 homes in oakley and berkeley. the fire was triggered by the embers from a grass fire the day
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before that firefighters thought was out. >> it was an unbelievable day, a series of weeks there in the bay area. 6:08 right now. let's check our microclimate weather forecast this morning. >> looking at 40s and 50s. clear skies for everybody. no fog for you. temperatures chilly, 49 in livermore, dropped to 45 in gilroy, 52 in san jose and 57 in san francisco. at the coastline today we're going to see warm temperatures, mid 70s for san francisco, 76 there. a good mix of upper 70s to low 80s around the bay. low to mid 80s for the inland valleys. the next couple days we're tracking rain. roadways moving good. speaking of roadways, let's toss things over to mike. >> over all the freeway is looking really good except for hayward and also the issue for almaden expressway in san jose. i'll take you down here first because there's a full closure for the major roadway southbound from reykjavik to o'grady.
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live at the scene, they're still working ong it. we don't see them right here but we see the pg&e truck and the power lines down. power in the area sounds like it's okay including bret harte middle and leeland high school. once they move the lines about 7:30, 8:00, then one of the southbound lanes can reopen. we'll continue to track the rest of the commute as we take you to the map. we'll show you the slowdown southbound 880 toward the san mateo bridge. slowing about marina boulevard. two lanes reported blocked at highway 92. that may have changed in the last few minutes. we'll show you the travel times towards the bay bridge, those are looking great. 19 minutes from highway 4 to the maze. standard slowing there. back to you. up next, a dispute gone too far? nasty notes being left on cars in a peninsula city that has police now getting involved. plus an unprecedented move. how santa clara county is vetting your votes to avoid fraud this election season. >> epic fraud of a silicon
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valley company bigger than apple. we'll tell you about it coming up in business and tech.
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welcome back on this thursday.
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a nice stretch of weather this week, but get ready for changes as we head into the weekend. we're talking rain as soon as sunday evening for san francisco and the north bay. look at our rain chances next week. each and every day through wednesday we'll track showers. that continues into thursday and friday. we're clearing out for halloween. so that's good news. drive times in the slowing tri-valley. building for west 580. we knew that. speeds in the 50s there. 680 south through sunol with building at 84. no problems for the south bay, 22 minutes from 85 to 85 on highway 101. the plant side of things, we talk about parking rage. after a crunch of spots has come to nasty notes that authorities are investigating. many believe the problem spots with not enough spots near oak avenue and cleveland street. someone leaving notes on cars saying, quote, no more illegal aliens parking on the street
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and, quote, too many of you are here. police admit this is still a freedom of speech issue, but they want to get to the bottom of what's going on. >> it was really derogatory, a demeaning note that was inflammatory in nature so we took it very seriously. >> police have identified the woman they believe is responsible pour leaving the notes and now trying to speak with her. license plate readers are being installed in danville after a rash of home burglaries. the most recent happened monday night. surveillance video shows the suspect that police are looking for. the police department is working with city leaders to install 13 license plate readers throughout danville. the devices have been contin controversial for privacy concerns but police say they need a new crime fighting option. devices should be up and running difficult december. rarely seen video of machines sorting ballots already coming into the santa clara county registrar's office.
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the unprecedented show and tell is an effort to put voters at ease that this election is not rigged. >> a suggestion of election rigging and voter fraud is completely unfounded and ridiculous, we don't take this lightly. >> the county says it doesn't expect voter intimidation but will be watching. the county has invited voters to come watch the counting process. yahoo! is asking the federal government to release more information about its demands that yahoo! scans your e-mails. >> scott mcgrew, yahoo! wants off the hook here. >> exactly right. it wants the government to say, hey, we told yahoo! to look at your e-mail, yahoo! had no choice. yahoo! sent a letter to national security director james clapper asking to declassify the orders so they can show everybody what happened. there are the documents there. one of reuters top reporters broke the story that yahoo! is scanning every e-mail into its
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service at the request of or perhaps demand by the nation's spy services. tesla's elon musk made a relatively obvious announcement about his company saying from here on out, all teslas built would come with sensors and software necessary to allow the cars to drive themselves. the software can be turned on remotely after you paid for it. within the announcement a startling bit of news. tesla saying new cars will temporarily lack certain features currently available such as automatic emergency braking, collision warning, lane holding and active cruise control. this is very strange because you can find these features on much less expensive cars. on kia's for goodness sakes. you may have seen this commercial showing off automatic braking. tesla is refining the system. kia will have something tesla
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doesn't, at least initially. leeco announced two phones, virtual reality headset, seven foot tv, bicycles and self-driving car. sam and laura -- bike, tv, cars, phones. is that enough for you? >> sounds like christmas. >> but wait. there's more. >> leeco is also a movie studio behind the upcoming matt damon movie "the great wall" as well. there's nothing this company doesn't do. >> really interesting. >> very interesting company. hiring about 12,000 people in the south bay. we'll have to continue to watch. >> get you a bike with a laser. >> razz ma as the. here is another thing, too, we're used to the bay area shaking or being prepared for it. drop, cover and hold, it is on for the great california shakeout. across the state californians are invited to participate in this annual earthquake
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preparedness drill. this year it starts at 10:20 a.m., today's date. in san jose the tech museum has dozens of elementary students joining them. in san francisco mayor ed lee will be practicing with the students of bret harte elementary school. parents, you know the key is practice, so it's important for parents to be prepared as well. >> the tech museum is great about first-hand exposure. >> there's an exhibit there, my kids are worried about this whole situation, but they absolutely love the shaker, it recreates the jolt. >> that one in '89. with the anniversary, so many people recalling where they were. hard to forget that one. >> we're on edge for that next big one. having that preparedness kit is really important, especially if you have little kids. it could be days, even weeks without power when that happens. keep that in the back of your mind if you've got time today. describe that earthquake kit. you can find them across the bay
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area in a lot of retail stores. in fact, a lot of it is just that emergency kit and extra food and water in case you lose power. now let's switch gears. we have our sunrise coming up over san jose, a few clouds out there. once the sun does come up, we'll see a bright start to the day. temperatures are cool this morning. you'll need the jacket. 40s and 50s across most of the bay. later this afternoon temperatures will warm quickly, even warmer than yesterday. 74 degrees for half moon bay, 76 in san francisco, and a good mix of low to mid 80s for inland valleys, from the north bay down to the south bay. 82 for the san jose area, 82 for livermore as well and 77 for oakland. high pressure in control, that means clear skies to start and really to finish. offshore winds, that's the ingredients you get for high pressure. to the north, storm track continues to bring rain to portland and seattle. the next couple days we'll get a taste of that. as soon as sunday night, the system moves in. same deal for tuesday and
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wednesday, another system. the first round of will probably give us .25 for the south bay, maybe higher amounts in san francisco, up to an inch in the north bay. generally speaking, i think the next round of rain will give us from .25 inch to maybe .50 inch. we get ready for the next round for wednesday. get the umbrellas ready once again. in the meantime, toss things over to mike for the morning commute. >> good morning. we caught view of this. i saw the cones and we saw a car traveling southbound. alan, our photographer confirmed southbound almaden expressway, one of two lanes are open. now that southbound direction is reinstated. it will be slower. pg&e still on scene. what happened overnight there was a major crash right there. you see all the flashing lights, overturned suv hit a power pole in the area, taking that down. no power disruptions reported. traffic flow reinstated. the northbound side is just fine. we'll show you the map and talk about this. northbound direction heads up
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toward highway 85, not far from bret harte middle school and leeland high school. schools should not be affected by any power problems. roadways looking quite pleasant for the rest of the bay. tri-valley and east bay, south 680 and 880 slowing. the crash around the san mateo bridge looks like it cleared. a quick look at travel times, over here, drive time from highway 4 to the bay bridge toll plaza, 22 minutes. the slowing has started. >> thanks a lot, mike. >> talking about cars right now. up next, "nbc bay area responds." >> he rents a car for just one day but winds up with a $500 bill. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. "nbc bay area responds" next. supposed to be cheaper tn
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owning a vehiclebut a one-d ren san francisco man in a 0 sharing a car for if day supposed to be scleep er. brabs bay area responds, consumer investigator chris chmura shows how to help tackle the surprise charge. a few weeks later enterprise sent pick toews of damage to the car. the company held him responsible for $500 in repairs. he tried to prove he didn't wreck the car, even requesting footage from the garage's security cameras. enterprise wouldn't budge.
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so he called us. when we contacted enterprise, the company concluded it shouldn't have pursued bertrand anyway because it couldn't prove the car was picked up without damage. enterprise dropped the claim and that $500 charge. your smart phone can help protect you when you're renting a car. snap photos at pickup and dropoff. ask the agency to document any blemishes you spot. if you have a consumer complaint, you can call us at 1-888-996-tips or visit once you're there, click the yellow submit tips bar. yu can share your story, plus documents and pictures to help us valt your case. have a great day. >> at 6:26, up next on "today in the bay," flames shoot out of a building in san francisco's castro district overnight. three firefighters are hurt and several people waking up without a home. we'll give you a live up date coming up after the break.
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san jose police investigating what is now the city's 39th homicide. i'm bob redell. that story coming up. for joining us. i'm sam broc=la.
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=toss= good thursday morning. coming up on 6:30. thigh for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. time to rise and shine. we want to check in with mike tracking breaking news in san jose. >> this is video from earlier where a crash about 11:30, suv
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on its side there, took out that power pole closing southbound lanes of almaden expressway just about reykjavik. it took three hours to pull the driver from the scene. that person was alert when they took him to the hospital. that's what we're told. one lane of southbound almaden expressway has opened, still have the slow lane closed. scene on the shoulder, power lines down with the pg&e truck, waiting for a new wire. no power disruptions through the area. that should meet bret harte middle and leeland should be okay for the day. northbound to highway 85 is okay and the trees looking still because it's a calm day, but what do you have in store for us? >> chilly temperatures this morning. clear conditions to start will lead to a bright afternoon and warmer than yesterday. talking 80s for our warmest locations today. you can see from the sky camera
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network, look at our highs today, close to 90 there in the north bay. everywhere else looking at temperatures manging from mid 70 in the coastline. rain in the forecast in the seven b day. back to you, laura and sam. >> thank you. we have breaking news from san francisco where firefighters, three of them were injured after battling a fire in the castro zrikt overnight. you're looking at live pictures of the aftermath as we've seen some crews out there. here is what the flames looked like at the height of the fire which broke out just after midnight. it happened on hattie street not far from market, basically in between market and 17th streets. it took crews about two hours to g et the flames under control. one of the injured firefighters suffered either a broken arm or wrist. the other two had cuts and bruises. seven people are without a place to stay. >> a violent night in san jose. a deadly shooting marks the city's 39th homicide of the
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year. "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us live from regional medical center where the gunshot victim died last night. we understand he appeared in his bullet-riddled car, bob? >> reporter: correct. this person ended up at the emergency room behind me at the regional medical center in san jose, delivered not by ambulance, but this vehicle right here. you're looking at what appears to be a mercedes sedan with one window shot out and two bullet holes in the side of the vehicle. it's not clear if the person was shot, drove themself or if someone else drove them here. they ended up dying a short time later. police arrived and processed the car for evidence. the shooting took place we believe sometime after 8:00 at dove hill park which is about seven miles south of here. this park is situated among homes and an elementary school,
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not far from the yerba brain nah area. live in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay". the final face-off last night, the last presidential debate is in the books. this morning there's one thing everybody is talking about, after donald trump suggested -- not even suggested -- said he might not accept the election results if he loses. >> tracie potts joins us live from las vegas with more of the highs and the lows from last night's debate. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. let's start right there. that is something that donald trump said, that we don't typically hear from democrats or republicans, whoever loses, unless there's something highly unusual, will typically
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acquiesce and suggest that everyone rally behind the winner. donald trump says he hasn't made his mind up yet about that based on what the circumstances are and that is generating a lot of buzz this morning. >> reporter: trump who has repeatedly called this election rigged declined twice to accept the results if he loses. >> i will tell you at the time. >> reporter: his team hinting this could be a long drawn-out fight. >> remember al gore in 2000? >> if the vote is fair, i'm confident we'll accept it. >> reporter: it started z the most substantive debate yet on things like guns and abortions, overturning row versus wade. >> that will happen in my opinion because it's putting pro life justices on the court. >> i don't think the united states government should be stepping in. >> there were moments of
6:35 am
confusion and contention on russia's president. >> that's because he'd rather that a puppet as president. >> no puppet. no puppet. you're the puppet. >> reporter: besides debt, the economy, immigration, they hit sensitive subjects like leaked e-mails. the russian government has engaged in espionage against americans. >> reporter: and sexual assault allegations. >> i didn't do anything. i think they want either fame or her campaign did it. >> reporter: trump claimed the latest offensive against isis is political. >> the only reason they did it is because she's running for the office of president and they want to look tough. >> reporter: clinton brought up trump's still unreleased tax returns. >> we have undocumented immigrants in america who are paying more federal income tax than a billionaire. >> final arguments with less than three weeks left to win voters. tracie potts, nbc news, las vegas. our coverage continues online. we fact checked what the candidates had to say last night
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in realtime. you can read the results on our website at at 6:35, breaking news into our newsroom this morning. police announce it arrested an employee for some sort of criminal activity. the department is not releasing the identity of the employee, whether or not it is an officer. oakland pd not saying what the criminal activity is that led to that arrest. we're making phone calls this morning to get those questions answered. we'll have much more on this breaking news coming up on our 11:00 a.m. newscast. >> new this morning, one person has died. three others are injured after a three-car crash in san jose. it happened on summer side drive and mclaughlin avenue last night. the three people injured thankfully are expected to survive. the search is intensifying for suspects in the san francisco school shooting where four students were hurt. it happened in the parking lot of june jordan school of equity
6:37 am
on tuesday. the school says four men who are not students walked up to campus, specifically targeting the victims, then fled. all the victims are expected to recover. the school's co-director, jessica wong, says the entire school joined a peace circle yesterday. >> we're trying to uplift folks' lives who many young people have internalized are not valuable. >> in addition to safety, she says she want every student to feel valued. policing in san francisco such a discussed topic. san francisco police are going to be taking case about a deadly police shooting that happened last week. last friday, you'll remember officers shot and killed a man who fired at police officers near the lakeshore shopping center on slope boulevard. one of those officers was seriously injured. police tracked down the man and killed him. he later died, i should say, from his injuries after that shooting. today's town hall takes place at the scottish rite masonic center
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at 6:00 p.m. gun owners are purportedly blast i blasting a proposal requiring them to lock up their guns when they're not at home. it would be the first of its kind for any large city in america. state law already requires similar laws for gun owners who have children at home. second amendment supporters are calling this idea, quote, ludicrous. if it gets approved, it may become law by next winter. 6:38. another cool start to our thursday morning. let's check the forecast with anthony in for kari. >> sunrise over san jose. no fog out there this morning across our coastal locations. it's chilly. we have 40s from half moon bay to palo alto. later this afternoon under mostly sunny skies, we'll warm quickly back into the mid 70s inland. 82 for livermore, 82 for san jose. redwood city at 80, san francisco at 76.
6:39 am
we have rain for the upcoming weekend, the end of the weekend. in the meantime we'll toss it to mike for the morning commute. >> smooth drive for most of the bay area freeway. word of a crash which according to chp has the left two lanes blocked south 880 at 92. we've sorted out to a pretty typical commute. that's all right for hayward. still tracking that. live at the scene southbound almaden expressway has one lane blocked because of this crash. this suv went into a tree on the roadside. power lines are down in the area but power not interrupted. we'll give you the rest of the details on the rest of the south bay. i want to show you the travel times in the area. despite the crash at almaden expressway, at speed in northbound 101 through san jose and also on the peninsula north from highway 92 to sfo. up next, changes could be coming to your summer hot spot. the new rides that you might be seeing at the santa cruz beach boardwalk. >> i didn't want that family to
6:40 am
see their family die. >> jumping to the rescue. we hear firsthand from the person who helped save an elderly woman trapped inside that home. dow industrials losing 40 points. it was worse earlier. we'll take a look coming up.
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welcome back. we made it to thursday. the weekend is right around the corner. enjoy the next couple days because we are tracking rain for
6:43 am
the end of the weekend, sunday night, as soon as sunday evening is when the showers push into the bay area. today a nice drive. above average, nice and warm. while we still follow that crash on almaden expressway, still affecting power lines in the area. the freeways building with your typical pattern. 31 minutes from 101 to where it splits from 85 and meets back up with it. more slowing toward the eastshore freeway, 30 minutes from highway 4 to the maze. a former california college student is going to prison now for trying to buy someone a one-way plane takt to aid terrorism. mohammed badawi was sentenced by a santa ana court to 30 years in prison. he crimes include conspireing to aid a foreign terrorist organization. he lent his debit card to another man who was going to fly one way to the middle east.
6:44 am
his plan was to fight tore the islamic state. another woman coming forward with claims against donald trump. attorney gloria allred announced the two will hold a news conference in new york city. over the past few weeks, several women have come forward accusing trump of groping and harassment. trump says none of the claims are true. look closely. a color-coded map of miami has been released to help pregnant women avoid zika. the red zones you see there shows areas a pregnant woman should not be visiting and yellow shows where they should be postponing their visits. 6:44 right now. stds are on the side. the cdc says 215 have more cases of sexually transmitted diseases than ever before. cdc officials said yesterday the epidemic is getting worse. the most common std last year
6:45 am
was chlamydia, more than 1.5 million people report having it. most reports from young adults. cdc officials say half of all d stds are from people under the age of 20. pregnancies are supposed to last 40 weeks, but some researchers are wondering if that's one week too long. dr. dwight rouse, the principal investigator of the arrive study says babies born at 40 weeks or more are susceptible to other complications. >> if you look at data on how babies do, they have the fewest problems when they're born in the 39th week. >> the arrive study is still going on. so far the study has almost 400 participants including mothers and babies which would be a good thing. >> i would say. a lot of people thinking it's a good thing as well that the last debate just wrapped up. plenty of people fact checking what was said last night.
6:46 am
scott mcgrew, some people also fact checking the moderator. >> a lot of people think chris wallace from fox news, sam, did a really good job keeping the candidates more or less in line. several media watch dog groups are calling attention to wallace' own aside. at one point in a question about the economy, wallace says to trump, the obama stimulus was responsible for the slowest growth rate since 1949. economists might say the stimulus was put in place during the slowest growth rate. the stimulus was, of course, a reaction, certainly not a cause. stocks mostly lower this morning after the european central bank left its interest rate unchanged. british prime minister theresa may will be talking to the eu about brexit. american airlines reports its profits today. the county of snar clara has decided to end its investment business relationship with wells fargo. san francisco county going to vote on that as well. state attorney general kamala
6:47 am
harris' office says it's looking into whether criminal charges are warranted. after they admission to 2 million accounts created for customers who don't want them. leeco launched two phones, a seven-foot television, virtual reality gear, a movie service, bicycles and a self-driving car. it was in just about every tech reporter's opinion, the most epic product launch ever. leeco is opening a campus in silicon valley where it's going to hire 12,000 people! that is half the population of los gatos. the company, sam and laura, has so many products and so many people, such an epic baidu, i'm not sure what the make of all this. you know we'll be talking about it as it continues to drop. >> hanging out with cool gadgets i would imagine. fascinating company to watch there. thanks a lot, scott. heroic rescue story emerged
6:48 am
from this raging san jose fire that we brought you as breaking news all morning long yesterday on "today in the bay." a 25-year-old woman is being called is a hero this morning for risking her own life to save an elderly woman trapped behind that wall of flames. amber was reportedly driving by the fire late tuesday night when she pulled over and ran up to the home. the family told her an 89-year-old grand mother had gotten trapped in the back yard. that's when she jumped over the fence. last night she spoke exclusively to us. >> it was fast. she was holding a hose like she was going to get that fire down. i was like, you know what -- i was shoktd. i was like, let's go. >> that's great she was there. pacheko says she quickly helped kick a hole in the fence and rushed the woman to safety. neighbors say without her effort, the woman surely would have died. >> we ran this story yesterday. you really wanted to hear from the person who actually did
6:49 am
that. the courage -- obviously jumping into a burning house to save someone, and just her -- >> nice to see, nice to bring happiness. everybody managed to get out okay from that fire. >> always good to be nice. you never know. >> we're looking at warmer temperatures this afternoon. may put a smile on your face. sunshine as well over the horizon. our sunrise, our favorite time of the day. here is our shot from belvedere. you can see the sun over the horizon. no fog in san francisco and same for our inland valleys waking up to clear skies. temperatures chilly out there. in the 40s in some places where we didn't have 40s yesterday. for instance, half moon bay, 48 degrees. chilly in gilroy, mid 40s there. napa dealing with 48 as well. everywhere else in the mid to upper 50s. as we go through the day, a mix of 70s at the coastline to near
6:50 am
80. hayward 78. good mix of low to mid 80s from san jose to the east bay as well. this is just the time of year you get pumpkins, talk about halloween, thanksgiving right around the corner. half moon bay has the best area to get those pumpkins, you drive into town and you'll see themming cross the vineyards there. mild temperatures, 70s today, 60s tomorrow, friday and saturday more cloud cover and rain as soon as sunday. once we get the rain, it looks like it will be with us all week long. storm systems to the north, by sunday night, the storm system will be right on our doorstep. by monday, we'll be looking at showers across the bay area. maybe .25 inch for the south bay. higher amounts toward the north bay. maybe over an inch for places like santa rosa and napa. enjoy today, it will be nice and
6:51 am
mild. monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week, tracking rain showers all the way until thursday and friday. enjoy this nice stretch of warm weather while it lasts. let's toss it to mike for the morning commute. >> highway 92, beware, folks will head over there on saturday to get pumpkins over there, toward half moon bay. that will be an issue auz the rain comes in next week. soggy pumpkin patches expected in the future. south 880 toward 92, a crash there cleared. another near tennyson causing more delay. a disabled vehicle on the pend getting over toward the san mateo bridge toll plaza. it is out of lanes we should be all right. still you see the build here. we continue to follow this crash in south san jose, also southbound almaden expressway has one lane reopened. let me show you what happened over there. overnight this crash, about 11:30, suv went off the roadway. hit a power pole. took the power pole down. the suv is on its side. the person inside took three hours to get them out of there. they were alert when folks took
6:52 am
him to the hospital. that's what we're told so far. we have the power lines down. the live update shows you, still has the power lines day. one lane, traffic flow has been reinstated. pg&e truck still on scene making sure they keep things clear. travel times toward the bay bridge moving well towards the tri-valley. 30 minutes from grant line road over to the dublin interchange. back to you. talking about trying to cruise your way to work. how about cruising the boardwalk at santa cruz. when it comes to fun, visitors may have more options at their disposal. the chronicle reports the park is trying to add a couple new rides, one called shockwave which will spin people around. the other called typhoon, two arms that will swing riders in a big loop. if permits are approved, the rides will open next sunday.
6:53 am
>> 6:52 right now. breaking news we've been following all morning long. an explosive fire in san francisco's castro district leaves three firefighters injured. more on the aftermath left behind coming up next. first, happening now, pretty in pink. u.s. navy plane is going pink this week in support of breast cancer awareness month. read more about it on our facebook page. plus our nbc news political teams are still fact checking the third presidential debate. check it out on we'll be back in two minutes. before you head o the doorhere n
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
francisco.. welcome back. before you head out the door, let's get you caught up on the top stories. >> breaking temperatures this morning where three firefighters were injured in a fire in the castro district. firefighters say the flames started in an unoccupied building and spread to two adjacent homes. the fire broke out about midnight on hattie street near market. it took crews two hours to control. one of the injured firefighters had a broken arm, a broken wrist. the other two have cuts and bruises. seven people, however, now making up this morning without a place to stay. police are investigating a deadly shooting last night that happened by a san jose elementary school. police say the victim walked into regional medical center with a gunshot wound a little
6:57 am
bit before 9:00 and died in their care a short time later. police later determined they had been shot in a car near dove hill elementary school by highway 10 is. you see that mercedes there with bullet holes in it. that was the car the man drove to the hospital. the victim has not been identified. funeral services will take place for a beloved elderly woman killed in a home invasion robbery. mourners will honor miss flo at the st. paul missionary baptist church in san jose. 88-year-old flo douglas was affectionately called miss flo by friends and neighbors. she died 12 days ago from injuries suffered four weeks earlier in that robbery. 19-year-old zachary cuen is facing murder charges. he lived next door to douglas and investigators say cameras caught him using her credit cards and driving her car. today's service is scheduled for 11:00 a.m. decision 2016. last night verbal barbs traded
6:58 am
in the third and final presidential debate. along with the back and forth accusations, donald trump and hillary clinton talked about the rigged election issue. donald trump is making headlines this morning for his response on the debate stage when he was asked whether or not he would accept the results of the election. >> i will tell you at the time. i'll keep you in suspense. >> that's horrifying. >> the "today" show will continue our coverage of this last debate at 7:00. right now we want to get a look at the forecast before you head the door if that's where you're headed this morning. >> it's looking good. we've got clear skies this morning, don't have fog. beautiful skies from the east bay, same deal from the rest of the bay area. looking at 40s in places like livermore, half moon bay, 45 in gilroy. everywhere else in the 50s. mostly sunny skies through the day. temperatures warm, even warmer than it was yesterday. mid 70s at the coastline. low to mid 80s for inland
6:59 am
valleys. a nice fall day coming your way. it will feel like summer in some spots. beautiful spots all around the bay area. a tough spot to see right now on the nimitz. >> we have problems. looking at your overall commute, not so bad for the peninsula. the skba pretty predictable. let's take our live look at oakland, the coliseum here, northbound from the coliseum, traffic jamming from the top of the screen. a new crash happened in the last five minutes blocking your fast lane. four or five vehicles involved. chp not involved. take 580 through the area if you can or san leandro boulevard over to the surface street. >> here is 92, westbound 92 slow because of the volume. getting here might be an additional problem because of the earlier crash at the 92/880 interchange in the southbound direction. southbound almaden expressway past reykjavik, that's one of the roadways to get toward bret
7:00 am
harte middle, power lines still down. one lane of southbound almaden is closed. northbound side toward 85 is open. we'll continue to follow this as well. another local news update in half an hour. good morning. defiant. donald trump grabs all the headlines with one provocative statement, saying at the final debate he's not sure he'll accept the result of the november votes. >> i will tell you at the time. i'll keep you in suspense. >> hillary clinton seizes the moment. >> that's horrifying. >> and trump's running mate, mike pence, scrambles to clarify in an interview with nbc news. >> if the vote is fair, i'm confident that we will accept it. >> as republicans and democrats slam trump for rejecting a cherished principle of american democracy, what will voters say "today," thursday, november 20, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer li


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