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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  October 20, 2016 11:00am-11:53am PDT

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and he's been arresd on serious charges. i'm sam ock., andhanks forjoini sam/anim ==sam/rail=this latesarrest com oakland policedepartment is sti under a cloud of corovsy, today.pris sex abuseinvestigati accused of obstruingjustice, an- related offenseshe is now out o. according to the "ea bay express," walteouse slept with a sexoer in exchange for confidti operations. ==take vo== ice say this aest is notconnected te officers and jasminethe wan formerly known as eleste gaup". three poli chiefs andour ofcers we fired and rced
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to resign in the we of e news at 5 pm. ot-co look for al ==sam//cu=now, to our other toss morning: two different cmscenes -- tryin led san jose 39th homice and bob, iall comes aa manedell showed up to the hoil last night with gun woun... ==bob/li==what's remarkable ishr ==sam//rail== therare no repos jose. the homicide investigators are still investigating this. but yes. it was a man who showed up at regional medical center around 8:30, 8:40 last night in this silver or gray mercedes. you can see it was pulled up
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outside the e.r. it's not clear if the man who was shot drove himself or someone else drove him. there was at least one window blown out, at least two bullet holes in the side. the man's wounds were so severe that, even though he was alive when he arrived, he did die a short time later. police arrived and processed the car for evidence. the shooting took place, we believe, sometime after 8:00 last night at dove hill park, which is about seven miles south of regional medical center. the park is situated among homes and an elementary school in a neighborhood not far from the yerba buena exit off 101. police have yet to tell us what led to the shooting. whether it was drugs or gang activity. this is the city's 39th homicide of the year. reporting live outside san jose magnit headquarters. bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much, bob. there are no reports of or damage after a preliminary 3.4 magnitude
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earthquake struck lake county. it happened about 3:45 this morning and it was centered near re youwn of cobb not far from middletown. that's the same area ravaged by shakelley fire just a year ago. apropoe right now. are you ready for the big screeni earthquake? f theout events are being held to prepare everyone for the next big earthquake. ive= suratos joins us live from the elementary school. one of the places taking part in the great shakeout drill. >> reporter: good morning, sam. the words are drop, cover and hold. the three words you want to remember whenever the next big earthquake hits. we got a good demonstration of it moments ago here at brett hart elementary. it happened at 10:20. this was statewide. everyone here at brett hart elementary dropping, covering their heads and necks and
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holding on to the tables above them. this has been a long-time protocol for folks here when it comes to earthquakes. one of the safest protocols out there. we spoke with the san francisco police and fire chiefs about the importance of being prepared for when, not if, the big one hits. >> the longer it goes between major seismic activity, sometimes people get complacent. that's why a day like today is so important. the whole state is participating. >> it's the largest earthquake drill in the world. so it's a fun and light-hearted way to get the kids engaged and to learn what to do in the event of an earthquake. >> reporter: the kids were definitely engaged. two years ago we remember the 6.0 quake in napa and vallejo areas. this marked the 27th anniversary of the loma prieta earthquake. a 6.9 magnitude earthquake that
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rocked the bay area. i remember that one agess a kid. there is a 72% chance that the next big one could happen along the hayward fault in the next 30 years. as for the statewide drill. it's been taking place since 2008, and more than 300,000 people took part in the drill here in san francisco this morning. t 're live in san francisco, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. >> just constant reminders of how important it is to be prepared. thank you, pete. aftershocks there last night's debate. a few hours ago donald trump said he'll accept the results of lledelection if he wins. last night he said he planned on keeping everyone in suspense, refusing say he would support ts on a of the voters should he lose. ne of y clinton called his response horrifying. mark matthews has reaction to trump's comments on a cornerstone of our democracy. >> reporter: they didn't shake
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hands. there was no friendly greeting. for the first 20 minutes or so it did look like a presidential debated. each of the candidates making their case. hillary clinton said she would appoint supreme court justices who would protect a woman's right to have an abortion, would not reverse marriage equality and stand against the citizens united decision. donald trump said his nominees would strengthen the second amendment and strike down roe v wade. >> if you go with what hillary is saying, in the ninth month you can take the baby and rip the baby out of the womb of the mother. >> using that kind of scare rhetoric is just terribly unfortunate. >> reporter: a question about immigration and borders morphed into wikileaks and russian hackers. >> finally, will donald trump admit and condemn that the russians are doing this? >> that was a great pivot off the fact that you want open borders. how did we get to putin? >> putin, from everything i see,
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has no respect for this person. >> well, that's because he'd rather have a puppet as president. >> no puppet, no puppet. >> it's pretty clear. >> you're the puppet. >> reporter: the biggest headline was when chris matthews asked him if he would -- >> i'll tell you at the time. i'll keep you in suspense. >> chris, let me respond. that's horrifying. >> reporter: after the debate reverend jesse jackson had this response. >> if he wins it's a good deal. if he loses it's rigged. he is willing to take on the whole american system and literally destroy it for his own personal will. >> reporter: donald trump jr. and the campaign's spokes woman defended trump's statement. >> why wouldn't he say i'll go with what the voters decide? >> he will barring rampant fraud. >> every expert i've talked to said there isn't any there
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there. >> they aren't talking about the tapes that came out. >> they're saying to this effect. we've been breaking the law for 50 years and we're not about to change now. all we want is a fair fight. i think that's pretty reasonable. >> al gore called governor george w. bush to concede the election and then called back to contract it. >> reporter: he did not dispute the outcome of the election before the election was held. what we heard from donald trump last night, that was a first. in las vegas. mark moouatthews. this was the scene on a k creen expressway at 3:00 this e driver 11:30 last night an suv took down a power pole. you see the power lines strewn across the road there. on har went off the roadway. took crews three hours to ex
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tray katri kait the driver from the vehicle. he was taken to the hospital no word on his condition. brutane reopened this morning in our 6:00 hour. sad morning for a san jose belovnity honoring the victim of a brutal crime. ssneral services are taking place right now for a beloved wasrly woman killed in a home invasion/robbery. mourners will remember miss flo. 88-year-old flo douglas was affection natalie called miss ow fac her friends and neighbors. stigated 12 days ago from injuries suffered four weeks earlier in that robbery. 19-year-old zachary quin is now heledg murder charges. he lived near douglas and efigras caught him using her recoit cards and driving around her car. today's service is scheduled for 11:00 a.m. an active seen last night as three firefighters recovering homer battling a fire that living.a 4-alarm fire.
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the flames started in an wooccupied building and quickly spread to two adjacent homes where people were living. the fire broke out an hatty street off market. one of the injured firefighters m ffered a broken wrist. the other two have cuts and bruises. seven people are without a place g stay right now. more fallout after the millennium tower did h debacle. nstrbuilding, across from the moss conei center will run piles to the bedrock. the millennium tower has sunken more than a foot since f th ruction and is tilting two inches. the new project was originally going to have a mat and pile foundation similar to that of dhe millennium's. in light of recent testing
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developers have had a change of heart. ghborhook foundation, far more expensive. es on continue to follow the story and bring you the latest. up next, a flidisturbing fl proh messages that have people riled up. >> an epic debut for a tech company. we'll take a look coming up. on this thursday we started off mostly clear. continuing to see lots of sunshine and warm temperatures at this hour. already near 70 for some of us. the weekend right around the corner. rain to talk about in the 7-day. all of that coming up after this.
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woman: how do we protect them from $4 billion in new cuts to california schools? man: vote yes on proposition 55. woman: prop 55 doesn't raise taxes on anyone. man: not on working californians, not small businesses. no one. woman: instead, prop 55 simply maintains the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. man: so those who can most afford it continue paying their fair share... woman: prevent new education cuts... man: ...and keep improving california's schools. woman: vote yes on prop 55 to help our children thrive. sam e . the markets this morning are down. kind of hovering near
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break-even. the nasdaq is down about 8.5. high-tech company is hiring. scott mcgrew hiring like mad. >> you're going to here a lot about this company in the next couple of months, sam. the company describes itself as a combination of netflix, tesla, google, amazon and apple. they're opening a campus in silicon valley. they're going to hire 12,000 people. that's unbelievable. 12,000 people! think about it. that's half the population of los gatos. le eco had an official american debut in san francisco yesterday, launching two phones. a 7-foot television. virtual reality gear, this is the ceo running up. bicycles with lasers and a self-driving car all in one day. it was in just about every tech reporter's opinion the most epic
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product launch ever. other news. state attorney general's office says it will examine whether a criminal investigation should be launched against wells fargo. criminal charges against an individual person would be unlikely. in these cases prosecutors charge a company. this the former ceo of wells fargo, john stumpf, he says management never manageme management never knew about cheating at the bank. they hired and fired thousands of minimum wage workers in the scandal. our investigative team documented plenty of workers blew the whistle ahead of time. you did watch the piece on the money reporters found a former teller in san francisco who tells the story of an elderly man who came into wells fargo's main branch confused why he didn't have enough money in his account to buy his morning newspaper. turns out that elderly man had eight accounts at the bank,
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seven he didn't know about, and the bank was deducting fees from all of them. the teller says she for gave the fees and used money, sam, from her own savings account to put him right. >> a human touch after taking advantage of the elderly. the hits keep on coming for wells fargo. after doing business with the bank for more than a quarter century santa clara county is cutting ties. the board of supervisors voted yesterday to end basusiness wit the bank for two years. they'll continue to use wells fargo for day-to-day business but not for any investments. some say a dispute over neighborhood parking on the peninsula has gone too far. nasty notes, some with a bigoted tone, are being left on cars, telling people to leave. nbc bay area's terry mcsweeney tell us redwood city police are stepping in. >> reporter: there are too many cars for the number of parking
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spots. there is a wrong way, an illegal way to tell someone to park elsewhere. this note says, quote, no more illegal aliens parking on the street. too many of you are here. also, quit crowding our neighborhoods. leave! eduardo miranda received one of the notes and took his concern to the police department. he said it was freedom of speech. now, if they had left me a note saying they were going to hurt me or if they had done any damage to my car. >> it was a derogatory and demeaning note. we took it very seriously. >> reporter: neighbors say parking here is definitely a problem. this man says there are cars and trucks and when people park like they are parked in front of my house, taking all the space, people get mad. now, surveillance video surfaced of a woman leaving the controversial notes. police have identified her and say they asked her to come to the police station today. she never showed up. >> even if it isn't a crime, we're still going to do
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something about it. >> reporter: better to stop it now than this to had been to anybody else. redwood city police say they'll continue the investigation but any charges would be left up to the district attorney's office. teary mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. gun owners are pushing back on a proposal in san jose that would require them to lock up their weapons when they're not home. the mercury news reports city council members agreed to move the proposal to a full vote. it would be the first of its kind for any large city in america. here is the thing. state law already exists requiring similar rules for gun owners with children at home. second amendment supporters are calling the idea ludicrous. if it gets approved it could become law by next winter. gavin newsome is getting on board what some have called a financial fiasco. newsome has changed his opinion on the proposed california high-speed rail project. in sacramento yesterday he said he is no longer against the projected $68 billion effort. newsome withdrew his support two
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years ago, criticizing the ever-changing business plans and ballooning costs of high-speed rail. now he says he will 100% look for a funding source for the train if he is elected governor in 2018. the political push starts. raiders fans are directly involved in the team's proposed move to los angeles. i sad say las vegas. los angeles has a team. the raiders are teaching out to season ticket holders. they've e-mailed a survey asking if fans would support the move to las vegas. all of this while the owner is in houston attending the nfl owners' meeting. he told his fellow owners he is not using it as leverage to get a better deal. >> it's unfair for people to keep bringing up what if oakland does this or that. las vegas has already done what they're supposed to do. >> the oakland mayor, says she will not enter into a bidding
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war with nevada but will work on keeping the raiders in town. >> speaking of the nfl. fewer people are watching games this year. raters are down. the first six weeks of the season, the nfl saw an 11% drop in viewership compared to the same time last year. our temperatures are not down. maybe very early in the morning but they seem to be kicking back in the afternoon. >> we woke up to clear skies. that's been the case for the past couple mornings. high pressure in control. that warms us quickly and creates the offshore wind. that's what we're looking at right now. 70 degrees in plaalo alto. santa cruz, 70 in gilroy. late this afternoon we'll see temperatures warmer than they were yesterday by about 3 or 4 degrees. that will put us back into the 80s for places like san jose. 82 there. livermore up to 82.
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walnut creek 83. you'll notice the coastline not bad. 76 degrees for san francisco. a little above average today. half moon bay has all the pumpkins you need. this is the time of year you start talking about halloween, less than two weeks away. the reason i am telling you this is because next week looks great. it looks damp and we have several storms that will be impacting the bay. get your pumpkins now because it will be dry over the next few days. temperatures falling back to the 60s in half moon bay. high pressure creating offshore winds. rain to the north. seattle and portland still dealing with showers. that's been the trend for them the past couple of weeks. we'll get the taste of rain the next couple of days. sunday night the next chance of rain pushes back into the north bay. by monday, widespread rainfall for the coastline. that will push inland tuesday. then another storm system heads up the coastline heading towards wednesday. this will be a series of storm systems set to impact the bay area as soon as sunday night. the rainfall amounts continue to
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go back and forth, which is typical when storm systems move into the bay area. here is what you need to know with the storm system. lesser amounts will be possible across south and east bay. the computer run, don't believe these numbers. every computer model continues to bring in at least .25 inches and maybe an inch across the north bay. this is the game we play when we track these rainfall amounts. clear skies for the next couple of days. the san jose bike party kicks off tomorrow night. 69 degrees, clear skies and fisher man's wharf fest on saturday in san francisco. 65 there with lots of sunshine. the 7-day forecast. the rain chances move into thor bay area as soon as monday. enjoy the nice, comfortable weather while you have it. >> it's great to see this much main early in the season.
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anthony, thank you very much. coming up next, days after a shooting in their school parking lot, the community comes together to try to heal. but first, happening right now, do not try this at home. go to our website to see video of a man jumping from a ten-story building into a southern california harbor. he lands just feet away from a boat dock. the daredevil who used two go pro cameras to capture the jump. back in two minutes. questions aboua ddly police sho
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in less than seven hours san francisco police will be answering questions about a deadly police shooting last week. last friday officers shot and killed a man who fired a police near the lake shore shopping center. that spawned a man hunt. when the man was tracked down an officer was shot and seriously injured. police then shot and killed the man. he died from his injuries at the hospital. today's meeting takes place at the scottish rite masonic center at 6:00 p.m. today students at june jordan school of equity in san francisco are using unity to battle the violence that arrived on their front door. four 15-year-old students were shot in the school's parking lot yesterday afternoon. michelle roberts has more on the
11:27 am
investigation. >> reporter: a couple dozen students leaving the june jordan school campus this afternoon marched in solidarity. the sign of peace comes a day after four students were shot and injured in the school's parking lot. today we're told all are expected to recover. >> it was eye-opening for all of us. what are we going to do to move on? >> reporter: students say the entire school joined together for a peace circle alongside the school's co-director jessica wong. in addition to safety, wong says she wants every student to feel valued. that's why she says she wore a black lives matter t-shirt to school today. >> we're trying to uplift for example' lives who many people might have internalized that they're not valuable. >> reporter: san francisco police believe four men who are not students walked up to campus and specifically targeted victims. today police have increased patrols around the school and
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students may notice more muni operators in the area. >> they have another resource that they can reach out to if something happens on the bus. >> reporter: while officials work to make the neighborhood safer many students are focused on healing. >> our school has always been about community and being together. >> reporter: michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> when a child misbehaves at school whose job is it to handle the punishment? the aclu released a study that found that teachers are increasingly using police officers to discipline the students. the series exposed serious concerns over campus officers. students can be left with criminal records before they even hit puberty for what some describe as childish misbehavior. the study found police often arrest students without a warrant and question them without a parent or guardian present. as our investigative unit
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reported last year schools are more likely to call police on minorities and on students with disabilities. the study says it perpetuates what it calls the school to prison pipeline. to see more, log onto our website at coming up next, trapped with no way out. how a passerby risked her life to save a woman in a burning house. our exclusive interview. because she doesn't know that it kills 40,000 californians... every year. because she doesn't understand what cancer is. because she can't spell emphysema. because she is a butterfly, who fights fires.
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because she is my daughter, and the surgeon general says that raising tobacco taxes... is a proven way to make sure she never smokes. that's why i'm voting yes on 56.
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. earlier this week it was a dramatic scene at this san jose neighborhood here. as you see a raging house fire. to make matters worse, an 89-year-old woman was trapped in the back yard. we tracked down the good samaritan who helped save her life. jean elle has the story of the rescue. >> reporter: a woman who was
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driving by stopped her car and jumped into action, saving an 89-year-old stranger. neighbors say the woman's name is amber. tonight amber says she would do it again. >> something in me just snapped. >> reporter: 25-year-old amber pacheco drove by this house fire in san jose last night and pulled over. the care giver says she ran to the house and quickly learned the grandmother was in the back yard. >> they pointed where she was. they were screaming. they were scared. i ran on the fence. >> reporter: pacheco says she found the 89-year-old woman trying to put out the fire. >> it was sad, because she was there and she was holding the house like, she was going to get that fire down. i was like, you know what, i was like, i was shocked. i was like, let's go! >> reporter: by then others had made it over the fence to help. surrounded by flames and smoke, pacheco says she and others kicked a hole in a back fence and rushed the woman to safety.
11:33 am
>> she saved her life. >> reporter: beth remembers hugging a woman named amber and thanking her for saving her life. >> it gives me chills. it makes me happy that there are people out there willing to risk their life to save someone else. >> i didn't want that family to see their family die. >> reporter: pacheco is feeling the effects of breathing in a lot of smoke but says the risks she took was worth it. >> feels good. i'll probably want to do it again. >> amazing woman. new details on the fact that the new year is reportedly going to start with a long-awaited beginning of a highly anticipated murder trial. january 3rd is now the firm start date for opening statements in the trial against antolin garcia-torres. he is accused in the murder of sierra lamar four years ago. lamar's body still has not been found. the judge issued the start date yesterday as attorneys on both
11:34 am
sides were examining answers provided by prospective jurors. the man accused of killing a warehouse worker will be staying in jail. no bail for the suspect. kadeem edwards is charged with murder. he struck and killed a man on monday. he then took off. after searching for five hours, police found edwards. the rash of burglaries in danville has been prompting changes. >> reporter: surveillance video shows a man calmly buying several gift cards at a gas station. police say the credit cards he uses to pay are the ones he just had stolen from a nearby danville home. >> they were asleep at the time. >> reporter: the robbery happened a few doors down from tom thomas's home on la jolla
11:35 am
court on monday. he says it's one of many. >> this area of danville seems to be a little hot spot for the frequency of burglaries. >> wanting to come up with innovative ways of combatting the property crime. >> reporter: the police lieutenant says, to combat a spike in property crime, 13 auto mated license plate readers are being installed throughout the city. >> which will net the exterior of the town with automated license plate readers. >> reporter: six readers will also be mounted on patrol cars. >> the hope is that we get the message out to the criminals that, if you come to danville, we're going to be able to find you. so shop somewhere else. >> reporter: thomas says they can't come fast enough. >> i am very supportive of license plate readers. >> that was elyce kirchner reporting. the license plate readers will be up and running sometime the end of december. in the meantime, authorities are still looking for the suspect who is wanted in the latest burglary. if you have information, please
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contact police. a very sobering scene as a person was killed and three others injured in a three-car crash in san jose last night. the injured victims are expected to survive. no word to this point on what caused the crash. a california community at the oregon border is in mourning after a sheriff's deputy there was shot and killed. jack hopkins was killed yesterday. it happened around a rural area, and deputies were responding to a call when hopkins was killed. the suspect in that case is in custody. new details now in a deadly officer-involved shooting in santa cruz where police say the man killed had previously had a violent struggle with officers only days before the shooting and had to be sent for mental health treatment. the shooting happened on sunday. the suspect allegedly threatened to kill everyone inside a home and tried to attack officers
11:37 am
with a metal rake. after they used tasers and that didn't work, officers shot the man. the four officers involved have been placed on routine leave. a former california college student is going to prison for trying to buy someone a one-way plane ticket to aid terrorism. he was sentenced by a santa ana court to 30 years in prison yesterday. his crimes include conspiring to aid a foreign terrorist organization. authorities say the 25-year-old lent his debit card to a man who was going to play one way to the middle east. his plan there was to fight for the islamic state. the iraqi prime minister says the battle to retake mosul from isis is going quicker than they originally thought it would. it's not clear when the security forces will actually have mosul in their control but they say the battle is on track. iraqi security forces have added a new element to the battle, the counter-terrorism groups. the units were trained in the u.s. and they're prepared for the fight.
11:38 am
the elite units will move in on mosul and bring the fight to the heart of isis. today we're learning more about the explosion in portland that rocked a city block, shaking buildings along the neighborhood. eight people are now recovering. the blast destroyed a building and damaged several others. no one is dead, but at least five firefighters and three other people were injured. fire officials confirmed a construction crew nicked a gas line. that's what started everything. something as simple as a pilot light could have caused the explosion. officials say neighbors smelled the gas in portland and made very quick decisions that saved lives. if you hear the his of a gas leak or you can smell it in the air, would you know what to do? nbc's jeff roczen has tips. >> reporter: the latest explosion caught on camera. people running for their lives. an entire building up in flames. >> it's an apocalypse.
11:39 am
buildings completely obliterated. parts of buildings all over the street. >> reporter: the culprit, officials say, a gas leak. eight people injured, including emergency responders, making desperate calls for help. >> may day, may day! >> reporter: just two weeks ago, another gas explosion in new jersey. two homes completely levelled. luckily, only minor injuries. and believe it or not, it's more common than you think. >> please hurry. oh, my god. it blew up my house. >> reporter: families running from their homes as flames shoot in the air. >> oh, my gosh. the house is in flames. >> reporter: natural gas blowing houses to bits. >> big flames coming from the house. >> reporter: police dash-cam rolling as this house explodes, injuring 15. so what do you do if you hear that his or smell gas inside
11:40 am
your home. >> there are a few things you can do. >> reporter: james ultman is captain of the santa monica fire department. >> make sure all your burners are turned off. somebody bumps it, they leave it on and now you have free flowing gas. >> reporter: if i still smell gas? >> don't use lights or open flames. >> reporter: even if it's dark out, don't turn on the lights. >> correct. that could lead to a spark which causes an explosion. use a flashlight. the next step is to make sure you ventilate the house by opening up all the doors and windows. >> reporter: do it immediately to get the gases out. >> yes. >> reporter: when you open the door and leave, keep it open. >> yes. also, know where your gas meter is on the home. >> reporter: when there is not an emergency, like right now, come outside of the house and check to see where it is. >> this valve, and down, is on. to shut it off, you put the
11:41 am
wrench on and quarter turn it until it's off. finally, you want to make sure you evacuate your home. >> reporter: how far away do you need to be to be safe? >> you want to get to a safe distance. across the street, somewhere where you feel is safe. once you get there, dial 911 from there. >> reporter: simple tips to keep your family safe and your home standing. coming up, 25 years later, hard to believe. a look back at the destruction and the damage caused by the oakland hills fire. also -- >> he rents a car for just one day but winds up with a $500 bill. i am customer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds, next. we've got spectacular weather here on this friday. nothing you have to pay for. just get out and enjoy. we'll talk about rain chances as we head to the weekend coming up right after this. bigger than you werexpecting--
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might if you've ever rented a car and ended up with a bill much bigger than you were expecting, this next story may be hellfupf. consumer investigator chris chmura shows us how he helped tackle the surprise charge.
11:45 am
chris. >> bertrand pell grin asked for assistance with enterprise. his short rental was uneventful, but a few weeks later enterprise sent him pictures of damage to the car. dents along the side and the front bumper. the company held him responsible for $500 in repairs. bertrand tried to prove he didn't wreck the car. even requesting footage from the garage's security cameras. but enterprise wouldn't budge. so bertrand called us. when we contacted enterprise, the company concluded that it shouldn't have pursued bertrand anyway because it couldn't have proved the car was picked up without damage. enterprise dropped the claim and the $500 charge. your smartphone can help to protect you when renting a car. snap photos at pickup and dropoff. also, ask the agency to document any blemishes you spot. if you have a consumer complaint, call us at 1-888-996-tips. or visit once you're there, click the
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yellow "submit tips" bar. have a great day. chris, thank you. happening today, a significant anniversary for a tragic moment in bay area history. this thursday marks 25 years since the oakland hills fire storm. 25 people died while trying to escape the fast-moving inferno that ultimately burned through 1500 acres and destroyed 3500 homes in oakland and berkeley. the fire was triggered by the embers from a grass fire the day before that firefighters believed was out. tonight, joe rosato jr. will take another look back at the oakland fires. anthony, we have rain in the forecast early next week, but nice weather before that. >> yeah. we had a rainstorm this past weekend. another one this weekend. a great trend as we get towards the official start of rainy season, this past month. a great sign of what's to come. clear skies this morning.
11:47 am
no fog out there. a few clouds has been the trend all morning long, even from the rest of the bay, across san francisco in oakland, across the east bay and south bay. temperatures warming. 70 in napa, oakland, palo alto. good mix of upper 70s to low 80s. a little warmer than yesterday. 77 for oakland today. low 80s across the east bay and south and north bay. over the next few days things will change. get your pumpkins now because there is rain in the forecast as we head toward the upcoming weekend. it's the end of the weekend. if you're headed to half moon bay to grab a pumpkin, we're looking at dry conditions through friday. saturday and sunday look dry, but sunday is the day to watch for the rain chances to approach. high pressure in control for the time being, leafing clear skies. storm track to the north near portland and seattle.
11:48 am
they've been seeing showers over the past week or so and they'll continue with the trend. the storm tracks a little farther south. sunday evening we may see our first showers across the coastline and north bay. monday is the day to watch for showers across the entire bay. more so sunday evening because the system seems to have slowed down. it looks like that will be with us for tuesday. then we get ready for another system that will be moving in from the south. that will bring in rain as soon as wednesday. several days of rainfall to get through. after wednesday we have more showers to talk about. we showed you the computer model this past hour. you can see how it's changed even just in the last hour. we'll still tracking, as i mentioned, .25 inches for the south bay and .5 inches. that's the trend we've seen with the computer models each and every run. expecting lesser amounts south this time. not as much as we saw this past weekend. the san jose bike party happens
11:49 am
tomorrow. clear skies and 69 degrees. the wharf fest in san francisco this weekend. it's a family fun event and it's free. 65 degrees. on the pier in san francisco. there is the rain. monday, tuesday, wednesday. looking at showery conditions, even in san francisco as temperatures continue to fall over the next couple of days. 70s replaced by low 60s. don't put away the fall jackets yet. you'll need them as we head towards next week. and umbrellas. >> thank you very much, anthony. great news for flyers ahead of the holiday travel season. the way airlines need to pay up if they lose or damage your luggage.
11:50 am
you'll need them as we head
11:51 am
might be a bit hard to believe, but it's already time to start thinking about booking those airline tickets for the
11:52 am
holidays, right around the corner. the obama administration has announced a new series of proposed rules designed to offer more protections for airline customers, like getting a full refund if your luggage arrives late. the airlines insist the rules could lead to higher ticket prices. tom costello has more. >> reporter: imagine the frustration of elena and john when they arrived in is that alaska for a great adventure. their luggage didn't. >> we left chicago in anchorage and it was 45. a. >> reporter: after a week they gave up. >> after five days of not having what you need, it was enough. >> reporter: nationwide, roughly three bags are reported lost, damaged or pillfered for 1,000 customers. paying to check luggage can cost
11:53 am
$25 per bag. airlines must refund fees if the luggage is lost or damage. new rules require a refund if the bags are


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