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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 26, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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shooting that spanned two bay area counties. what led to the police shooting in the first place. >> reporter: two east bay firefighters arrested after an alleged drunken fight with police. i'm bob redell. we'll take you live to walnut creek coming up. >> durant for three. >> k.d. had it going on last night. unfortunately, no one else on the entire warriors team did, and they lose. they get crushed as they cannot stop the spurs from scoring. this was not the home opener that anyone envisioned. "today in the bay" starts right now. >> and a good wednesday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. disappointed because i really feel like it's thursday. it should be thursday today. >> it's all in your mind's eye. if you say it's thursday, it's thursday. >> we get a clear day at least for this wednesday. >> seeing the warmest temperatures of the week today. nice and dry break for most of the bay area.
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talking mid 70s across most of the valleys today. again, the rain has moved off to the north for now as we show you some of the temperatures outside this morning. 50s and 60s outside. low clouds and fog the only thing getting in the way of the weather this morning. you can see mid 70s san jose, upper 60s san francisco as the radar has dried out. north bay may see a sprinkle or two. that's the storm we're watching due in later. the latest on storm two in a few moments. the latest on the commute, here is mike. >> looking at a smooth drive around the bay except in palo alto where we had the crash i showed you on the live cam. it's over on the shoulder, southbound 101 at university. two chp krugsers there and flashing lights as well. we just heard about a crash west 80 at ashby, that adds a couple of minutes to the travel time as you approach the maze and the berkeley curve. there may be a crash in lanes, but chp will update us when they get on scene. a developing story this morning. a chp officer in the hospital and a suspected car thief in
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critical condition after a chase that led to a police shooting. it all unfolded yesterday on montana street and capital avenue near san francisco's ingleside district. police say authorities following a stolen car approached the driver. that's when the driver struck and used his vehicle to drag a chp officer. another officer opened fire. the injured officer suffered head and road rash injuries but is expected to recover. neighbors describe the chaos. >> i heard four shots. bam, bam, bam, bam, and then i heard it again, bam, bam, bam, preetdly, right after it. >> police have not identified the suspect. but neighbors say he grew up in the area and was there visiting friends. "today in the bay's" pete suratos is gathering more information and will join us with a live report in our next half hour. two east bay firefighters are facing charges this morning after allegedly refusing to leave a party and then attacking a couple of police officers who responded. this happened in walnut creek.
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that's where we find "today in the bay's" bob redell. bob, the firefighters are accused of drinking way too much which reportedly led to the fight. >> reporter: good morning to you, sam. yes, two off duty contra costa county firefighters and female companions were attending a firefighters ball at the marriott behind me in walnut creek. according to police, the foursome become drunk and belligerent as the night wore on. in the early hours of sunday morning the hotel called police because the foursome refused to leave a hotel room. police say one of the firefighters resisted arrest and assaulted both of the responding officers. police also arrested one of the women for public intoxication and allegedly assaulting hotel security. the other fright and his date taken in. the contra costa county fire department say they'll take appropriate steps with the two firefighters once the
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investigation is complete. >> at this point, because it's an investigation, we basically reserve any sort of reaction. that will come out during the investigation and we'll take appropriate steps when necessary when the investigation is complete. >> the fire department placed both firefighters on administrative leave. reporting live in walnut creek, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> a major twist right now in a homicide case in san francisco where a bay area filmmaker and community activist, kevin epps, has been released from jail. the d.a. is not filing charges due to a lack of evidence. epps was accused of killing marcus polk at his home in the glenn park neighborhood of san francisco on monday. polk's son tells us his father had been estranged from a woman who was living in the filmmaker's house, and when polk walked in, the two men got into a heated exchange. this case remains under investigation. >> this morning an investigation is under way after a plane
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crashes near concord killing the only person on board. the plane went down about 12:30 yesterday afternoon. there were reports the plane might have clipped power lines. it happened near the concord pavilion east of the buchanan field airport. things should return back to normal at dmv branches throughout california, and computer meltdown has been causing major problems for the past few days. dmv is calling the problem a catastrophic computer failure and not a hack. the problem was so bad crews spent all day and night to rebuild the computer systems at locations across the state including several here in the bay area. patience a virtue at the dmv. it is also a virtue when it comes to your basketball team. warriors fans, it's only one game. the dubs did get drubbed last night. kevin durant looked great coming out of the game. dropped 27 points on the spurs to lead the warriors, also had
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ten boards. as a whole, it could take some time for the team to gel. the closest the warriors got in the second half was down ten points. they were down 18 at half-time. san antonio ends up cruising to a 29-point win. after ward the leading players chalked it all up to experience. >> can't win a championship right now. so we wouldn't have been celebrating if we won this game anyway. >> that sucks, we'll give our fans a great opening night. >> it's not the end of the world. we want to get better from it, i guarantee that. >> no question, great talented teams with a full nation of fans to support him. a live look at the arena which is quiet. people may be feeling deflated. lots of people did come out to see the opener. that includes jay z and beyonce sighting. kevin durant's mom was also there. >> my girlfriend calls me and says why aren't you coming with me to this game? i said, well, maybe you should have invited me a little
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earlier. 5:06 right now. one of the east bay's most courageous canines is back to work. >> jelle reported for duty. he was stabbed in the face two weeks ago during a police chase of a stabbing suspect. jelle was back in his squad car yesterday ready to roll. concord police thanked everyone for the support while she was recovering. a good day to take the dogs for a walk. >> very nice. in fact, we're going to see numbers in the 70s later on. right now san jose about 59 degrees. our hour-by-hour forecast around the south bay should see numbers in the 70s around lunchtime today. mostly sunny skies. low 70s in oakland. only a chance of a few stray showers in the north bay. thrgs into friday, another storm to deal with. we'll catch a break to start the weekend saturday. more rain sunday and the timing of these breaks could work out, just a few scattered showers on
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halloween there and more rain on tuesday. enjoy the break between the storms in your seven-day forecast. we have a couple of crashes. the one in palo alto still on the shoulder. we'll talk about that in a second. we had a disabled vehicle south 880 at the 92 interchange. i just got word that a person has moved safely out of the area. they have a flat tire unfortunately. this crash still reported in lanes west 80 at ashby. a lot more slowing. they may have moved over to the shoulder as chp has yet to give me the update. a crash in your commute direction, we'll track that as well. we talked about the peninsula, the crash southbound 101 out of university, that's right here through this stretch. despite that, it's on the shoulder, very light traffic. 19 minutes from 92 to great american parkway. coming up, voter registration deadline for california is midnight on, let's see, monday. how many people signed up to vote. we'll break down the numbers
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next. plus a look at who done it? who was responsible for friday's problems on the internet a. >> you are fascinated with sex. >> plus fireworks playing out on prime time television between former speaker newt gingrich and megyn kelly. more of this exchange which did not end well after this.
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good wednesday morning to you. the view over san francisco showing patchy low clouds, 59 degrees. more clouds in emeryville, but minus the rain we saw yesterday morning. high today approaching the 70s. the crash cleared for ashby. now the eastshore freeway just 14 minutes from highway 4 over toward the berkeley curve. grant line road to 680, west 580 slows a bit out of the altamont. no problem for dublin. the gloves coming off in prime time between former house speaker newt gingrich and fox news anchor megyn kelly. who is what happened last night after kelly mentioned allegations that trump might be a sexual predator. >> i'm sick and tired of people like you using language that's inflammatory that's not true. you want to go back to the tapes
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of your show recently? you are fascinated with sex and don't care about public policy. you want to comment on whether the clinton ticket has a relationship to a sexual predator? >> we on the kelly file have covered that story as well, sir. >> i want to hear you use the words. i want to hear the words bill clinton sexual predator. i dare you. >> kelly went on to say she's fascinated with who ends up in the oval office and what sort of character issues might be there. this is the latest development in a contentious election season. tensions are high as time is ticking down. this morning we're following the money and the presidential candidates' latest maneuvering. fund-raising slowing down while the campaigns are heating up. tracie potts live in washington with the latest for us. >> reporter: laura and sam, good morning. everything seems to run flew florida. clinton is back here today. donald trump is refocusing moving his campaign efforts to north carolina today.
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>> you put her in as president, you're crazy. >> donald trump is taking a break from must-win florida today. his fund-raising events are slowing down, but his national finance chair tells "the washington post" they are still raising money online. trump instead now focusing on clinton and rising obamacare premiums. >> she wants to double down on obamacare and make it even more expensive and worse. >> trump initially said most of his workers were hit with higher costs, but then backtracked after being corrected, most of his workers are not on obamacare. clinton admits the rising premiums are a problem and so are her e-mails. the latest wikileaks release suggests president obama knew about her private e-mails sooner than he admitted publicly. clinton is back in florida today after holding her last fund-raiser there last night. >> it's going to be a close election. pay no attention to the polls. don't get complacent.
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>> trump is behind in florida by just a few points. >> it will take a really clicking final two weeks for him to be able to get to 270. >> reporter: with trump's money slowing down, a republican super pac is pouring $25 million into senate races, hoping to hold on to control in congress if they lose the white house. clinton picked up a new endorsement from former secretary of state colin powell. back to you. >> interesting to watch. thanks so much. so many people have registered to vote, breaking down registration in california, the deadline to register was monday. since then nearly have a million californians registered to vote. that means more than 18 million people in our golden state will be voting on november 8th. right now the latest fallout from the wells fargo fraud leapt account scam. another bay area agency is cutting ties with the san francisco-based bank. this time it's east bay's largest water district.
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east bay mud voted to suspend some, but not all activities with wells fargo. the water board asked the banking giant to rescind bonuses from employees who were responsible for the scam. wells fargo says it values its relationship with east bay mud and will work to rebuild the partnership. the public still looking for more punishment, maybe not forgiveness. first on the list of targets, former wells ceo stumpf. >> the financial term used to describe getting your money back from somebody who didn't deserve it. stumpf's critics have a powerful ally in this, elizabeth warren. she has taken wells fargo, the issue under her wing. she told stumpf to resign when he showed up in front of her in a congressional hearing. you know what? he did. lots of observers think the new
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ceo's time is limited. the new ceo is a fellow by the name of tim sloan. considering he was the head of the office during the scandal. meantime sloan appeared to employees on a closed circuit employees meeting where he said, quote, you should expect more tough headlines. the main criticism is management knew about the cheating and by requiring unreachable sales goals, all but condoned that cheating. apple talked to analysts and reporters as it opened financial books. one of the biggest problems is it can't make enough of the new iphone 7s, particularly the bigger version as people look to replace their exploding samsung galaxy notes. out can't make money selling a phone you didn't make enough of. apple will show off new mac computers tomorrow. once again the company accidentally leaked out pictures of the new computers this morning. let's check your news before the
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bell. susan li is live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, susan. >> reporter: good morning, todd. apple shares could be weighing on wall street. looks like wall street could be spending the day in the red. stocks did fall yesterday following a report showing a drop in consumer confidence for this month. also from lackluster earnings, apple being one of them. watch for data on new home sales and we'll get a lot mover earnings from the likes of boeing, coke kol la, comcast, the part company of nbc universal. the dow falling 53 to 18,169. the nasdaq also lower at the end of business on tuesday down 26 points. today on this wednesday we're starting off at 5,283. back to you. >> the head of the national intelligence agency james clapper says friday's attack on the internet was not the act of a foreign country. the attack affected popular services like twitter and
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spotify. clapper spoke at the council for florn relations in new york. the director said he didn't think it was, quote, a state actor. this has a certain logic on the face of it. this wasn't an attack on the sites themselves. it was a third party. they didn't steal anything. you can't see the russians denying us watching "stranger things." they want a certain person elected, they don't care what you listen to on spotify. >> it sounds even though, for you. silicon valley's cutting edge technology at the airport. take a look at this. robots cruising around mineta international. forget the kiosk, they're the airport's new customer service agents. they literally rolled out yesterday. they come with a 32-inch touch screen and they speak six languages. sjc is the first airport to have them. >> customer service agents don't
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always get the nicest treatment at the airport. >> i don't see that many. >> a dying breed. >> giant ipods. >> exactly, pushing the buttons out there. you're pushing buttons on the radar, checking your projections. >> right now we're seeing a break between storms. rain yesterday, windy conditions. in the meantime a mild forecast ahead as we head towards the afternoon. right now starting off the morning close to 60 in san jose. wind out of the southeast. but not as strong as you saw yesterday morning. over towards emeryville and the inner east bay, patchy low clouds. in san francisco, a little fog out there this morning especially as you head up towards napa. visibility at about 3/4 mile. the bay area partly cloudy skies, mid 70s in a few spots and increasing clouds approaching the evening. oakland should get close to 72 degrees. 67 in santa cruz, upper 60s
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around san francisco. today, just fine. it's this system offshore that will begin to bring if rain back into the forecast as we get into thursday morning and especially for the thursday evening compute and into friday morning, you can see that rain flying across the bay area at 6:00 a.m. friday. it looks pretty intense in terms of rainfall. so thursday into friday, rainfall projections, especially pour the south bay look considerably higher. should see an inch or two across the santa cruz mountains. that's the first system that comes through for the end of the week as you head into saturday night and sunday. right now the halloween forecast looks ghostly cloudy, showers lurking offshore. tuesday you'll see rain making a comeback. technically that's storm number four showing up towards the end of the seven-day forecast. warm today, more rain due in late tomorrow and into friday. sunday the week will end with rain. halloween looks okay and more rain to start the month of november. >> no matter what, halloween means candy.
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over here a smooth flow of traffic. a crash at the tennyson on-ramp. the freeway is open, but a pedestrian reported being hit, i think they were coming across that on-ramp. i think hayward pd is checking it out. we'll let you know if we have anything to let you know on the update. on the peninsula side, the only thing we see for the south bay is the crash in palo alto. everything else moves well. we'll show you the live shot. we have that crash over on the shoulder. one chp cruiser has left. flashing lights are no longer a distraction. you see no slowing. back to your transit. we're showing no delays there. 38 trains on time for b.a.r.t. no delays for the other rails. coming up, new construction going up in the south bay. it will replace this old mental health care facility. we'll show you what's being built here next. you're watching "today in the bay." this morning - grnreaking ona ml
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institution-- io new public school ==take vo== this morning groundbreaking on a major project to transform a shutdown mental facility into new public schools. santa clara unified school district and the city of san jose joined forces to buy the $76 million property including the historic agnews medical center. the project includes a school for k-8 students as well as a high school. the work is expected to take
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five years. "nbc bay area responds" to a concord man owed hundreds from verizon. >> he contacted consumer investigative reporter chris chmura to help him out. good morning. back in january michael stagg brought a new cell phone and switched service to verizon. in doing so, he said verizon promised him a $650 rebate. they told him he just needed to send in his old phone as well as the final bill from his previous carrier, so he did. he never received his rebate. he said he called, e-mailed, went to the store and couldn't get any help. so he reached ourt to us. we contacted verizon, michael received a $650 credit on his account. in a statement verizon said we strive to deliver the best possible experience for every verizon customer. in this case we did not deliver on that promise. it went on to say it was pleased it could make things right with michael. if you have a consumer complaint, you can call us.
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the number is 1-888-996-tips, or visit tomorrow, a hiccup when trying to sell some concert tickets. have a great day. >> coming up, the top local news we're following this morning including two firefighters arrested in the east bay following a firefighting event. >> reporter: pete suratos live in san francisco with the latest on an officer-involved shooting that sends both the officer and suspect to sf general. i'll have details in a live report. and i'm laa garcia-caon.ot=
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=4shot= ad lib toss to weaher good morning. glad you're joining us for "today in the bay." i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> a good kay outside, 70s for most of the bay area. patchy fog slowing things down around the north bay. seeing some of that in napa. we've got upper 50s and low 60s for now. mid 70s in reach for most of the south bay, tri-valley and into the north bay. 68 in san francisco and 72 in oakland. now with issues with your commute around hayward, here is mike. >> in problems reported due to the fog but we have a crash in hayward that's an issue for folks trying to get on to northbound 880. a pedestrian was hit. it doesn't sound like it's anything serious but they've closed the on-ramp, another 15
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or 20 minutes. tennyson eastbound will get you back onto northbound 880. a smooth drive at the bay bridge. no slowing at the berkeley curve. metering lights any second. a chp officer is in a san francisco hospital after being hit and dragged yesterday. this started simply enough with a police chase where the suspect was shot. >> "today in the bay's" pete suratos joins us from sf general where the officer and suspect are being treated. >> reporter: good morning. we know the chp officer has non-life-threatening injuries. the same can't be said for the suspect. here is what one witness had to say on scene when the shooting took place. >> i heard four shots, bam, bam, bam, bam. then i heard it again, bam, bam, bam, repeatedly right after it. >> a vivid description by that witness. what you're looking at right now is footage from our nbc bay area
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chopper from the scene yesterday afternoon on the 200 block of montana street. a san mateo vehicle theft task force was following the vehicle. as officers approached the driver, police say the driver struck the no-injured officer with his car. sources say the officer was even dragged by that car. that's when another officer opened fire. now, it's unclear if the suspect was unarmed. while police haven't identified the suspect, we spoke be friends and family who identified him as notorious dickerson who grew up in ocean view. they say he was there in the neighborhood to visit his friends. >> when i looked out the window, i seen the police surrounding a car shooting the car. when i came outside, he was on the floor. >> yeah, he stole a vehicle, and that's wrong. but he's not the type of person that deserves to get shot. he's not going to hurt nobody. >> reporter: as for the
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injuries, the chp officer has line nor head and road rash injuries. that suspect is listed in critical condition. sfpd will handle this investigation moving forward. live in san francisco, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> interesting details coming out of that way. thank you very much, pete. new details in the sierra lamar murder case and how attorneys for antolin torres plan to defend him. the lawyers may argue at trial that the morgan hill teenager ran away. her body has never been found. authorities rejected the runaway theory shortly after she vanished. defense lawyers say a young woman who lived with lamar at the time says the teenager was planning to leave home and even showed her a packed suitcase. the trial starts in january. police have criticized it as a hate crime. two suspects accused of spray
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paying insults on an antioch home and set them on fire. surveillance videos shows one of them throwing three molotov cocktails at a home. police believe the attack stems from a dispute between the suspects and one of the people who lives in the home. public anger sinking in here. the defense department vowing to resolve outrage after thousands of national guardsmen in california are ordered to pay backbone news, some forced to repay tens of thousands of dollars. in many cases military recruiters may have known the soldiers were ineligible for the bonuses when they signed up. one south bay soldier who received a $7500 bonus was asked to pay it all back. >> show me something in writing that shows, in fact, that california -- the california guard couldn't do this. i just want an explanation.
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>> president obama weighed in yesterday as well on this topic asking the pentagon to speed up its probe. congress is also now launching an investigation. mid flight mystery illness forces an emergency landing. investigators trying to figure out what caused a british airlines crew to get sick after taking off from sfo yesterday morning. they were actually headed to london. then all 22 cabin crew members and pilots started to feel sick. the plane made an emergency landing in vancouver. the entire crew rushed to the hospital. most were treated and released. no passengers were affected. a mother accused of kidnapping her baisch by has been found along with that child. hannah ashley and her 7-month-old son were found yesterday near downeyville about 100 mailings northeast of sacramento. an amber alert was issued after she took the baby from the grandmother who is the legal guardian. ashley has been arrested. dramatic video of a
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high-speed police chase with a deadly ending. surveillance video captured 28-year-old javier munoz at a gas station in nevada where he punched a woman and stole her car. you see the car spotlighted. he led police on a high-speed chase. he pulled into a car dealership where he threw a man to the ground to steal another car. troopers arrived and opened fire on munoz. he ultimately died from his injuries. last year 14,000 teens died in driving accidents. tonight the chp is trying to do something about that. they're holding teen driver safety classes at three bay area locations to help teenagers figure out what kind of mistakes they're making and how to correct them. classes will be held at 7:00 at the marin area office of the chp. and at 6:30 in redwood city also 6:00 at the fairfield library. did you watch the game last night? score one for cleveland to start the world series.
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the chicago cubs played their first world series game in 71 years. you know what? apparently they're shaking off some of the rust. the indians corey kluber dominated the cubs. the indians left with a 6-0 win. tonight ace game two will move up an hour because rain is supposed to roll in later tonight. sam, you were telling me you're going to stay up late for all these games? >> i am. i will be tired. only one world series, so you've got to do it. >> so many interesting story lines. from the world series but also not a storybook start for the warriors. >> they have 81 more games to right the ship. they probably have a little work to do after last night's loss to san antonio. >> laura says don't panic yesterday. the dubs kicked off the season with kevin durant leading the way, he looked great. all his scoring was not enough
5:38 am
to save the par yors who ended up losing by 29 points to the spurs. some fans might be bumming out about this. one fan was still beaming, mamma durant. >> mammas always beam. >> big reasons to be. she was cheering on the team and her son's decision to move to the bay area. >> it wasn't just about basketball for him. he wanted to make some changes in his life. this was more of his maturation process. it's always exciting for a mother to see that. >> that was an exclusive interview with nbc bay area where she gave us a taste of what is to come for her relationship with kevin durant. you can hear more from mom. >> what's to come of the relationship? it's her son! >> she loves him. >> always. >> there's nothing like a mother's love. >> he gave an mvp speech when he gave it a couple years ago. one of the best sports speeches i've heard in my entire life. i was crying. all building up to his love for his mom. >> great to see.
5:39 am
5:38. it's not mother's day, but you should call your mom, always give her a little love. >> if you want to take her to brunch or lunch, the weather will be just fine. right now we've got low clouds and fog in the north bay. 59 degrees. eventually 68 in san francisco, 72 in oakland. mid 70s inland. a few stray showers in far sonoma county. the real rain holds off till tomorrow. that's storm two, another one due in on sunday and one more to deal with. it looks like we'll get through halloween just fine, showers by night and more rain by next tuesday. mike? >> i've got an update. most of the drive is just fine. i have the update for that closure in hayward, that on-ramp closed from tennyson to northbound 880. southbound is the commute direction. the pedestrian hit is the reason it's closed. there are major injuries to that person. they have been taken to the hospital. now we're trying to clear that car from the area. sounds like everybody is
5:40 am
cooperating with chp. over on the peninsula, no delays. san francisco from van ness to sfo down toward san bruno, a smooth 11-minute drive. we'll show you northbound 101 in san jose. this is the first burst we typically see. i'm show you how that plays out in the bigger map coming up. up next, bay area restaurants honored, the places that just earned their first michelin star. the movie that everybody saw or maybe nobody saw. we'll take a look coming up in business and tech. a new boycott against ivanka trump. the reason why a bay area woman is leading the charge.
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wsi rob ai mike/adlib right now you're watching our radar view across the bay area. much drier start to the day. you'll notice the storm developing offshore. because of that, the first flash flood watch has been issued for thursday for the fire area down toward the central coast. runoff and debris flow is possible as the heavy rains pick up during the day thursday. a smooth drive down the eastshore freeway. bay bridge metering lights are on. that's not affecting the berkeley curve. look at this palo alto shot. the last of the cars leaving from the shoulder on the right side, south 101 at university. now everything just cleared
5:44 am
seconds ago. >> at 5:43, an east palo alto landlord and his son who prosecutors say bullied their tenants are scheduled to appear in court. prosecutors say they tried to force lower paying renters out of their rent controlled apartments. investigators say on numerous occasions tenants had car windows broken and personal property damaged. the two men are facing felony charges. unsafe for the roadway. that's what investigators are saying about the tires on a tour bus that crashed into a big rig near palm springs over the weekend. it was one of the deadliest highway crashes in california history. 13 people were killed including the bus driver. federal investigators san jose the treads on half the tires were worn down to an unsafe level and the bus should have been taken out of service. it's still not known if that was a factor in the crash. >> while this might have gotten some neighbors' attention, this is not exactly the way a fire hydrant is supposed to work,
5:45 am
turning into something of a pop-up geyser for a southern california neighborhood. this happened last night in el cajon. fortunately crews shut that water down before it flooded any of the nearby homes. witnesses say corrosion is what caused the break. a los angeles man is charged with making terrorist threats. the lapd says mark fagan called the center and threatened to kill people at the center. this turned out to be more than just words as police say they found at least nine guns and 250 pounds of ammunition in his home. feagin was arrested and is now out on bail. 5:45 right now. more than 100 people suing a bay area hotel claiming they got severely ill at a bank kwet. it happened two years ago during an naacp conference. they say the video shows
5:46 am
attendees as young as 5 years old getting sick in the lobby after eating salmon. even reports of someone going into a coma. >> i never felt like this in my life. i felt i was dying. >> attorney john burris says she has medical records that show his client's illnesses were tied to norovirus. the hotel released a statement saying, we request the plaint f plaintiff's right to seek legal action even though we are confident their allegations won't hold up in court. a marketing specialist is leading an online boycott against the ivanka trump clothing line. >> for me it's about wanting to be able to shop my favorite stores with a clear conscience. >> her clothing and accessories are now a $100 million business. shannon coltier is boycotting
5:47 am
the line creating #grabyourwallet. she feels ivanka trump should distance herself from her father's campaign if she wants to do business for women. a brand new list just came out, a first for the south bay, odega a portuguese restaurant become the first ever to receive the michelin honor. the bay area is tied with new york city for the most restaurants in the country with three michelin stars. that's the highest rating that you can get. very familiar names, french laundry, meadow wood in saint helena. three san francisco restaurants. so no surprise there that san francisco is well represented. google's plan to expand in
5:48 am
san jose right now being put on hold. google's parent company alphabet is stopping operations and laying off employees in a number of cities where it once wanted to bring high-speed internet access. google's original blueprint was to bring better access to eight cities that included san jose by installing new fiberoptic networks. some people get a form of google high speed internet. scott mcgrew, you have to live in an apartment or condo building. >> that's right. google is bailing out on fiber but it is sticking with its plan to beam the internet to antennas placed atop some of the apartment buildings and towers in san francisco. google's webcast service offers speeds as fast as a gigabyte per second. that's comparable to fiber. as for the towns losing out, yes, it's san jose. but sunnyvale in palo alto as well as mountain view and santa collar rah. oakland is off the map, too,
5:49 am
including berkeley and emeryville. stocks were lower on tuesday, futures call for another loss on the opening bell a little less than an hour from now. watch apple stock, the company against announced declining sales of the iphone. this is the trailer for a new movie called "the promise" starring christian bale. it's not out yet. only screened three times, once, for instance, at the toronto film festival. it deals with the armenian genocide, some people in turkey say didn't happen or wasn't as bad as historians claim. more than 87,000 movie fans have added their ratings to the film. about half think the film is perfect, about half think the term is terrible. sam and laura, we can safely assume, if it's been shown three times ever, 87,000 people probably did not see it. this is like any kind of voting on the internet including who won the presidential debate. it's not what really happened,
5:50 am
it's about your political leanings. don't trust those kind of polls. >> so many people talk about what happened in armenia with the genocide. thank you. when you see this, you know it's a big ticket in the country, jay z and beyonce sitting courtside at the warriors home opener right next to the team's owner. maybe they can get together and explain what exactly happened. >> maybe they weren't cheering enough. >> a little more enthusiasm. they got plenty of that. >> the jay z-beyonce collaboration. >> maybe some private time, incognito in the hat. >> courtside? >> maybe not so much. >> they got the baby ivy there, we'll see greenery after all this rain. >> by tomorrow you're seeing a lot of rain coming down in some of the hills, good for greening the hillsides around the bay area. right now it's a mild start to the morning. low clouds. not much in the way of wind. the southeast breeze at 9 miles per hour.
5:51 am
these wind speeds yesterday at the same time were 20 to 30 miles per hour. emeryville, patchy clouds, 60. low clouds across the bay right now. san francisco, 59 degrees. as you go through the day today, wind is not really an issue. these will pick up during the day tomorrow as the next storm arrives. today the only places that could see a few stray showers, far northern sonoma county. highs in the upper 60s to mid 70s. yu see that there in san jose. close to 70 from san francisco to oakland. lowe 70s into the north bay. the system we're tracking taking shape offshore. as we go through tomorrow morning, notice the time stamp, we'll begin to see the rain pass through the bay area. picking up the thursday evening commute and check out friday morning, a chance of thunderstorms friday. this is when the core of the system comes through for friday morning. we'll see rain totals this time around with the center of low pressure going right over the bay area. should be krm f considerably higher, especially one to two inches of rain.
5:52 am
maybe two to three inches in the north bay hill top. that's storm number two friday, catch a break into saturday. storm three arrives on sunday. there's one more. but the good news is right now it looks like halloween should be dry, ghostly cloudy skies and a changes of showers rolls in on tuesday. timing out each of the simms stem on the seven-day forecast, you've got tomorrow into friday, another storm sunday and then tuesday of next week, temperatures staying pretty mild. if you're going to head to the see area. it's all rain through saturday. koom cooler temperatures and snow levels near 6,000 feet as we head i represented monday afternoon. >> good note for folks heading toward tahoe. over here a nice easy drive. we want to point out still we have the closure for the tennyson on-ramp to northbound 880. the injury crash involving a pedestrian. still have a vehicle there. the person has been taken to the hospital. we're looking at maybe 6:15 until they can reopen that. if you need to get on, loop around from the opposite direction of tennyson. sudden slowing south around a
5:53 am
street. it sounds like the slowing is blocking, perhaps more as crews are arriving, slow off the castro valley y. we'll track that for folks out of oakland and toward the san mateo bridge. the volume starting to build, westbound with the taillights across. a smooth flow with no delay on that side. we're talking about easy travel times for the south bay, north 101 from where they split to where they join, about 20 minutes. up next, after days of problems at the dmv, computers should be back up and running. what you need to know before you head to register your car. >> but first, happening now, as more storm systems begin moving into the bay area over the next few days, get instant access to some of our samie technology ou team of meteorologists use. download our app and use our doppler radar. when it came time for 3-year-old kaley ann's school
5:54 am
portrait, her dad said she could dress herself. we've linked the story to our facebook page. and we are now less an two
5:55 am
5:56 am
weeks away from havg a new president. decision 2016. the countdown is whittling down. 13 days until we elect a new president. historically whoever wins the
5:57 am
state of florida wins the election. >> both candidates are vying for votes there this week. donald trump spending the day yesterday hammering secretary clinton on the affordable care act. it comes after news that premiums are going up. >> she wants to double down on baem kaer and make it even more expensive and worse. >> clinton admits the rising premiums are a problem and so are her e-mails. the latest wikileaks release suggests president obama knew about her private e-mails sooner than he admitted publicly. clinton is back in florida today after holding her last fund-raiser last night. >> it's going to be a close election. pay no attention to the polls. don't get come place september. >> trump is behind in florida by just a few points, and here in california people are flocking to the polls in record numb berls based on a surge in registrations. california sem secretary of
5:58 am
sta state, nearly 300,000 people signed up online just on monday which is the largest number on online voter registrations since the website launched four years ago. a reminder, if you still have any questions ahead of next month's election, check out our online voters edge guide. type in your zip code, you can learn more about the canned dalgts specific to your area. it's very helpful. it's at >> what's helpful is having working systems at the dmv, as if the process isn't aggravating enough to begin with. dmv offices are expected to be back up and running after a massive computer hardware failure that gripped the agency for the past few days. the problem affected dozens of offices across california including many here in the bay area. the dmv says this was not the result of a hack, just a glitch in the system. online services were not affected. r2d2 can't be too far off
5:59 am
from the airport. >> airport kiosks are so last century. they come with a 32-inch touch screen and speak six languages. >> silicon valley is home to tech-savvy travelers. it's important for us to be iconic that our travelers are used to. >> the rebots seem to be a pretty big heat with tourists, they can take a selfie and send the image to your smart phone as well. >> right now at 6:00, an officer recovering and a suspect shot. we'll hear more from witnesses after a police shooting in san francisco. >> reporter: i'm bob redell. we're live in walnut creek where two firefighters have been arrested after an alleged fight
6:00 am
with police. we'll have that story coming up. a live look outside the golden gate bridge all is clear to start out your morning, but a series of storms are still heading our way. rob mayeda is going to break it down for us in just one moment. "today in the bay" starts right n now. a very good wednesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. tod rob, how many storms have you been counting? >> took a while, now storm number four next week. in total four coming up over the next eight days, break between storm one and two happening. we've got 50s and 60s to start your morning. for today we'll be watching flash flood wash as we can see runoff as the heavy rains


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