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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 28, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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we have been warning you about this storm all week long. >> we have live team coverage, crews across the bay air i don't to all the main trouble spots to help prepare you before you walk out the door. first let's head in to rob mayeda who is tracking what is here now and what's to come for the holiday weekend. >> long story short, every 36 hours, plan on a storm arriving around the bay area. we're in the middle of storm two this week, catching a break on the lower peninsula. rain into san francisco, dublin. that rain isn't moving west to east like we're used to, going from south to north. you see heavier showers rotating offshore. that will come from 9:00 to 11:00 this morning. the showers begin to decrease as we head into the afternoon. 60s to near 70 outside. mild storm. high snow levels and still we think another half inch can fall in spots ton of the half inch to inch that's already fallen. that means big problems on the roadways this morning.
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>> this morning we're watching for the flooding and the spinouts. those were the issue. but the bigger issue now getting out of san francisco is the issue getting onto the lower deck of the bay bridge. what i'm told now, they're settled on folks traveling towards the eastbound deck of the bay bridge. that's the lower deck out of san francisco. just like you saw josh and kris have to get off the freeway and then back on at sterling. essex is not an option from the city streets. you have to travel farther into the city and jump into the backup, a couple lanes open and slowing. another option is b.a.r.t., no delays, 45 trains in service. we talked about josh and kris being out there. you're still out there, guys. what's the latest that you have? >> reporter: i can tell you we're getting a tiny little break in the rain, but there will be no break in the traffic if you're trying to leave san francisco and head over the bay bridge. as mike said, four of five lanes are now shut down, and we were
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routed off i-80 at the fourth street off-ramp through city streets. this on-ramp that you're looking at. this is bryant and second. this is where some of the traffic is being routed back on. already tempers starting to flare. lots of folks honking and folks doing unsafe maneuvers to try to get ahead of their fellow commuters. not advisable. the roads are still slick. you're going to want to reroute. take b.a.r.t. which is on time. take other routes out of the city. if you can telecommute, also a good idea. if you leave in a few hours, get your day started later, that will be key. that fuel spill will take some time to clean up, perhaps two to three hours' delay on the bay bridge headed eastbound out of san francisco. in san francisco, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> rough one to get through
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there. >> new this morning, slippery roads and poor visibility may have played a part in an early morning crash where a suspected car thief lost control of the stolen vehicle and it launched into the air. it happened before 2:00 this morning in santa clara on the great america off-ramp at northbound 880. the chp says the suv went off the road and into a field. the driver ran away. officers are still searching that area. the video is simply amazing if you haven't seen it before. this is drone images catching t the apartments on esplanade avenue, they were red tagged and worries that more damage could be coming. pete suratos joining us live along the water. are you seeing the waves start to kick up a little bit? what's going on from your vantage point? >> reporter: good morning, sam. it's still about the same here. the pacifica pier, it's normal. not exactly what we would call a
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high tide. but of course folks are concerned. you talk about coastal erosion. the city definitely doing its part to make things easier. as the rain came down, you saw people preparing with sandbags. we spoke with a bar owner who has had his parking lot flooding. there's been work done to avoid the standing water and help sea walls damaged during el nino last winter to deal with the high tides. making things a lot easier for folks in the area. >> they take care to put a new wall up right by the street, and this is kept clean most of the time after the storm. >> we put in the newbridge jumper where the army corps of
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engineers came out and revamped everything. >> the video we showed you at the top of this, the homes on esplanade drive that were evacuated and red tagged. now we're taking a look at the waves under the pacifica pier, they look fairly normal this morning. the city told me yesterday they'll continue to monitor the coastal bluffs. we can expect for them to do the same as they monitor this on going storm. live in pacifica, pete suratos for "today in the bay." 6:05 right now. weather conditions forced a local pilot to make an emergency landing at an unlikely location. the pilot landed his small plane at the old alameda air station last night. the station has been closed for nearly two decades. alameda fire department posted these photos of the plane on twitter. firefighters say the pilot did the right thing. he had a limited license which only allows him to fly when the sky is clear. two people were on board the plane and neither were injured. also, be sure to download
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our nbc bay area app. we can send you push notifications on any major traffic delays or problems associated with this storm. 6:06 on friday. police in san francisco are investigating a stabbing that happened not far in city hall that left a young man with life-threatening injuries. this happened yesterday afternoon when investigators say some sort of argument turned violent. the police say the suspect was yelling in the plaza and got into an argument with another man who he then stabbed multiple times. both of them are in the hospital. police say the suspect was cut from his own knife. new details right now staying in san francisco on a chaotic police shooting that happened earlier in the week. you may remember the story from tuesday, a san mateo county task force was tracking a stolen vehicle. they approached the driver in glenn park. when the suspect tried to ram an officer and officers fired at him. 39-year-old man who authorities now identify as ansar mohammad
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has been charged with attempted murder and vehicle theft. right now he's still in the hospital. a man and woman are behind bars after a violent robbery. barry hiezer in and robin keys are accused of robbing a 59-year-old woman returning to her home after gambling at a nearby casino. the man was spotted on surveillance video earlier in the night following the woman at the casino. he's now facing attempted murder charges. right now an update from last night's bay area proud. we introduced you to a father-son duo building haunted houses on their block for years. they invite anyone to come and see it for free. now they've gone pro. they built a haunted house in the parking lot of the oak ridge mall. early yesterday morning -- wednesday morning they say thieves broke in there, damaged one of the sets and stole sound equipment and air compressors. >> the team we have here is a
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family. and so we're picking up the pieces, repairing things, trying to get replacement stuff in here so when you come through this evening, it's as if it never happened. >> the show will go on. they say about $3,000 in gear was stolen. the haunted house is open through halloween night. 6:08. fraternity and sorority parties are being allowed again at uc berkeley following a weesh-long ban. the suspension was voluntary after claims of two women being sexually assaulted. the ban isn't the only thing they're doing. at parties they say guests will be greeted at the door with consent talks. they'll be people monitoring sobriety. rain totals starting to add up. this is happening at the thick of your morning commute. >> it's been significant even overnight. rob has been telling us, up to aful ha inch overnight? >> half inch which is
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significant given that the entire file we've had a third of an inch. rain across the board from the north bay to the south bay this morning. you can see the rain coming from south to north. heavier showers crossing into marin county north of san francisco and a bit of a break in the action from san mateo down into palo alto. you see the scattered showers from dublin and into san jose. we're seeing pockets of heavier rain moving up from the south. the story of the morning, widespread heavier showers transitioning to scattered showers heading into the afternoon. for a check of your morning commute, here is mike. >> we have wet roads. green highlighted all overall our roadways. that means wet roadways. look at the yellow behind me. that means there may be puddling and ponding as well. the big issue right now, getting out of san francisco is a nightmare if you're using the lower deck of the bay bridge. that would be eastbound heading towards treasure island. folks traveling there are forced back onto the freeway and forced
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back on at sterling. it's a slower drive but is still available. another option is heading south on 101 and taking 92 across the san mateo bridge. it's very light and so is mass transit, b.a.r.t. a great option for you. >> thanks a lot, mike. keeping kids safe this halloween, the way police officers are making sure sex offenders are nowhere near children while trick-or-treating. your enter et company knows where you've been, what websites you've seen. what can they do with that data? we'll take a look. when we're in an nbc bay area microclimate weather alert, we've made it easy for you to get the latest information on your smart phone. click on the bar that says weather alerts. that will take you right to what you need to know when you need it. i'm terry mcsweeney. that's how to stay informed with the nbc bay area app.
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a live look at the radar showing rain moving from south to north across the bay area with more downpours starting to approach san jose from the south in morgan hill, and we're seeing heavier showers crossing the coastline north of san francisco. >> rob, looking at the wet roads and slowing getting into san francisco. 21 minutes, another seven minutes from highway 4 down to the maze. remember getting out of san
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francisco, the big problem getting onto the lower deck of the bay bridge. we'll talk about that crash. in the south bay moving well for the northbound route. thank you very much, mike and rob. streets will be crawling with kids on halloween night as we well know. marin county is trying to do something to make sure the neighborhoods are as safe as possible. marin county probation department is carrying out operation safe treat. deputies will remind probationers to keep their lights and decorations off on halloween night. they say they're also doing everything they can to ensure children do not approach the homes of sex offenders. this old saying, laura, what goes around comes around. the latest victims of hackers, vladimir putin. >> turnabout seems fair play here. >> the united states is denying responsibility this morning. but president obama did indicate we would be taking action after it was determined that russia was trying to influence our election through hacks. a hacker this week published
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e-mails sent to the kremlin by putin's advisers which show russia is indeed involved in the unrest in ukraine. now, we knew that. russian soldiers may not be wearing uniforms, but russia is definitely in ukraine. these e-mails are an embarrassment for the kremlin nonetheless. back in america the federal communications commission voted along party lines 3-2 that now forbid major internet providers to sell information about your online behavior to advertisers without your permission, what websites you go to, what you plug into your maps, what apps you install on your phone. that is your business, not theirs. this applies to internet providers, companies like at&t or comcast. comcast owns this tv station, by the way. it doesn't apply to the website. your internet provider can't sell the fact that you went to google maps, but google can use the address you typed into your
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maps, which after all they provide for free, to figure out where you're going and advertise to you. stocks posted modest losses tuesday. alphabet and amazon stock will move quite a bit. we got gdp numbers showing the best growth in two years. expect hillary clinton to be talking about that today. on thursday, apple showed off the newest mac books. look across the top of the keyboard, there's that special touch screen above the keyboard. you don't have buttons that will change as what you're working on changes, the send button on e-mails. the new laptops continue to go up, not down in price. we're talking earlier the new laptops. this is an old laptop. the new laptops --
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>> the old one i think is a better way of doing it. i think this is an excellent design where you have the safety feature. >> around kids it saves us all the time, every day. a lot of homework. 6:17 right now. want to check the forecast with rob. we've been talking about it, such an interesting storm moving from south to north on this one. >> we've eliminated the rain shadow which has pre vented the south bay from getting rain from the storms. a half inch and climbing around san jose. you see the totals we're seeing from the peninsula south. crossing the half-inch mark in san jose which is more than double the seasonal total. san francisco almost .75 inch. the problem with all this rain, it's falling overnight into your morning commute and causing issues around san jose. downpours across the south bay, heavy rain north of the golden gate and into marin county. a few more scattered showers
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near the tri-valley. the wet weather system is crossing our coast to the south. the moisture is moving from south to north and by mid morning will move from west to east. as we head from now to about 6:00, notice the transition, by the time we bet to the evening commute, most of that rain now off to the east. we'll see mild temperatures in the upper 60s, maybe even close to 70 outside, despite the fact we got a lot of clouds and a lot of rain. next round comes in saturday night into sunday. this system will have more wind, a chance for thunderstorms and a lot of rain again especially in the north bay where some of the hilltops could see two to three inches of rain and surf up to 15 feet on the coast. there is a look at your sierra forecast sunday afternoon into sunday night, a foot of snow. so here you go. halloween monday, another storm coming on in in to tuesday. the trick-or-treat forecast right now is going to be a close call on the timing. increasing clouds as we go through the day and towards the evening, notice north of san francisco, sunset at 6:12, could
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see showers north of the golden gate. the south bay will be staying dry. very active pattern ahead. basically a storm riding in every 36 hours. as the storm on sunday in the cooler air aloft, we could see thundershowers and a big impact on travel, if you're heading to the sierra this weekend, could see chain controls by sunday afternoon. >> be prepared. the way you go up to the sierra may not be the same on the way back. the south bay, robbed talked about the wet roadways, that's the major concern. it's friday, so lighter all over the bay. disruption and service out of san francisco, still a big problem getting onto the lower deck out of san francisco. back on at sterling. we know chris over there, she says you can get on around second and bryant in the car pool lane. a lot of folks getting onto the bridge there. options heading out of the city, take 101 south, at speed down to highway 92. 19 minutes. we'll give you the live look, san mateo bridge, that would be eastbound coming from the
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peninsula with the headlights, no major issues. you can see the lights. a little mist and drizzle across the span. in the south bay, the effects of the rain. lighter traffic. look at the water kicking um opt the cars behind them. >> awfully slick conditions there. thank you, mike. 6:20. coming up next, an international scam has cost taxpayers millions. dozen of suspects taken down, but still more on the loose. an exclusive look at the takedown. >> they're retheir /* "nbc bay ==today sot== =outcue ".right h toda"= =runs 38 good morning. coming up on friday on "today," republican vice president candidate mike pence joins us live in studio 1a. we'll talk about his rough landing at the airport in new york last night, his plane skidding off the runway and what the trump campaign is planning for the crucial final week of the presidential race. also ahead, hoda has one more
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unforgettable pink power surprise up her sleeve. this time she's recruited country star luke bryan to help out. and luke will perform for us live as we get started on a friday morning right here on "today." important step forward. the time is long overdue... pharmaceutical industry. passes - the ballot.
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it is time for the pharmaceutical industry to stop ripping off the people of this country. the entire nation is looking at california. let's go forward together. thank you all very much. prlems onhe roads an we go back outside right now. that is a live look at palo alto. things moving pretty well so far in that part of the innocence all things considered. the rain has caused quite a good
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deal of problems on highways in general. we are tracking a situation on the bay bridge that continues to be a problem for people trying to get to the east bay. rob and mike will have your forecast and your commute times coming up momentarily. we continue with the day's news on this friday morning, 6:24. an oakland man is on the run. he's accused of getting people involved in a very sophisticated international phone scam. federal agents announced the arrests yesterday as nbc bay area's investigative unit helped first uncover, callers would pose as irs agents and threatened the person on the line if they didn't pay bogus taxes. there were 10,000 victims including many in the bay area. the amount of money lost is said to be in the hundreds of millions. a deputy general at the department of treasury sat down exclusively with nbc bay area to give insight. >> the number for the irs, the general number given to taxpayers to call, they were spoofing that phone number. >> several suspects are still at
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large including a man last seen in oakland. the feds are warning people that irs agents will not ever call you demanding money and certainly won't take payment in the form of prepaid debit cards. one consumer felt spoofed by this. "nbc bay area responds" to consumers who say they leather furniture is starting to peel. >> consumer investigator chris chmura is here to explain what's happening. >> good morning. these bay area consumers spent hundreds of dollars on furniture made with bonded leather. they say within two years the furniture started to crack and peel. >> it's an eyesore now. >> if we wanted raggedy furniture, we wouldn't have paid that kind of money. >> so what is bonded leather and how long should it last? we'll explain that tonight at 11:00. we'll also share what consumer protections the federal government has in place and what protections it's lacking when it comes to bonded leather. if you have a complaint about your furniture, you can call us
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and let us know. the number is 1-888-996-tips or visit us online at once you get there, click the yellow submit tips bar. you can share your story, documents and photos to help us investigate your case. i'll see you tonight at 11:00. skbl chris, thank you very much. you can see chris way before that. you can go out today and meet chris and arlen. they'll be at the san jose downtown farmers' market. you can ask them questions in english or spanish between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. 6:26. coming up next on "today in the bay," our top story outside your door, the rain is coming down across the bay area. we have a team of reporters out there in the elements. >> reporter: i'm kris sanchez near the bay bridge entrance, back on to the highway, the bay bridge, four of five lanes closed. we'll show you how to reroute around it and how people are coping so far.
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>> reporter: i'm bob redell with what else you need to know about this wet weather as you head into your morning commute. that story coming up.
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i really want to sing this, but i won't. here comes the rain again. our live doppler radar. live pictures from the bay bridge on the right. our team is tracking the latest storm soaking the bay area. good morning and thanks for yoining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon.
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>> i'm sam brock. right now in san jose we are tracking rain coming insteadly all morning long. our live camera there showing a very wet downtown. we have a team of reporters out there braving the wet weather. we start with the man of the hour, meteorologist rob mayeda who has been tracking the storm all morning long. >> we've seen .50 inch so far in san jose. as the live cameras showed, more rain pushing in from the south. as you can see the areas of yellow and orange approaching downtown san jose from areas around saratoga, you're seeing downpours moving north on highway 17 towards downtown san jose. and notice north of the golden gate bridge into marin county, heavier showers across the north bay and lighter rain around the tri-valley. the system across the inland to our south making a mess of the morning commute. decreasing showers today with mild temperatures despite the rain today, highs in the upper 60s near 70. the downpour is causing big problems especially around san
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francisco with the morning commute. that's right. you can find any silver line, friday light commute. that is coming into the south bay. it's not going to dry out, guys, because more rain is on the way. typical slowing northbound through san jose. the big issue is getting out of san francisco. we had rain and flooding through van ness, getting out of 101 south out of the city. folks might be avoiding the bay bridge. fuel spills causing a big slowdown off the bay bridge and back onto the approach. this is the problem now, getting into the city is already westbound out of the oakland side. getting out of the city is the problem. kris sanchez has the latest. >> reporter: we were routed off the fourth street off-ramp off i-80 before we hit the bay bridge. that's what's going to happen if you're trying to leave san francisco. these folks have been routed off opt city streets and getting back on at the breent and second street on-ramp.
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this is a car pool area. another entrance that's open is sterling. i think the goal for chp is to keep all the traffic toward that right slow lane in order to get around that in that cajackknife. the chp thinks it could take two or three hours to clean up the fuel spill. it's going to be difficult to get out of the city. you'll want to use mass transit if you can. leave later if you can, telecommute if you can or take a different route. a lot of folks will be doing that and 101 will be congested as well. a lot of folks using this on-ramp, sometimes making unsafe maneuvers, honking. some of the folks there when there's a fire truck trying to get through. use your patience this morning and do follow safe driving guidelines with slower speeds and longer following distances.
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kris sanchez, "today in the bay." emergency response difficult in a situation like that. thank you very much. 6:32. another look at the roads. this is highway 101 in san jose as things kick in slowly on the road. a dangerous hydroplaning very real. chp says drivers need to slow down but take plenty of time before getting behind the wheel to make sure their cars are safely equipped. >> before you start driving, you should check the air pressure on your vehicle. a low tire will cause it to hydroplane much, much quicker than a properly inflated tire. from the roadways to the mountain, it's not just the slick roads we're monitoring but possible mudslides in the loma fire burn area. "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us live from the summit this morning. how are things holding up so far there, bob? >> reporter: good morning, laura. we've definitely seen the rain pick up within the past 60 minutes which you can see behind me is going to have an impact on
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the morning commute. the headlights heading northbound on highway 17 at the summit into silicon valley. looks like most drivers are maintaining a good speed and distance between them and the car in front of you which, of course, is what police and fire are recommending. also you end up with what you had yesterday on highway 17. nbc bay area was out here when there were three different accidents that happened at roughly the same time. in the most serious of collisions, paramedics transported two people to the hospital. first responders were so busy, they had to rely on extra help. the resulting backups stretched a couple miles. the people who leave in the santa cruz community of ben lomand, the local sandbag station is up and running. valley churches united is ready to work up its food bank if this storm creates big problems. >> this is an area that gets a lot of precipitation.
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we'll get ten inches when someone else gets two inches up in this area. >> first responders have assured us in the snn cruz mountains that they will be ready this weekend. >> reporter: live in the santa cruz mountains, bob redell, "today in the bay." we are closely watching the coast this morning as we take a live look at light waves crashing down in pacifica. people living along the water are worried about erosion, an historic problem. you'll remember the seawall has been crumbling and forced the red tagging of several apartment buildings. the rain is forcing neerk homeowners to stack sandbags to protect their property. this is a critical time for pg&e tracking the forecast and trying to minimize damage and outages. hundreds of crews were out making safety preparations yesterday. this is the scene in pg&e's
6:36 am
peninsula yard in san carlos, workers loading up extra power poles, cables and transformers, basically any equipment they will need for storm repairs. >> pg&e has a plan and we want our customers to have a plan as well. that means anticipate the possibility of an outage. make sure you have food and water. if you do happened to see a downed power line, call 911. >> they also trimmed trees near power lines to help prevent fallen branches which can lead to outages. you can, of course, get your forecast any time, even when we're not on the air. just download our nbc bay area app and check our live doppler radar to find out when the rain will het your neighborhood. new details this morning on a chaotic and deadly weekend shooting in oakland. in all, seven people were shot, one of whom has since died. police have identified the victim as 35-year-old william chavis. he was in his car when shots were fired before midnight on saturday outside a house party
6:37 am
on bancroft near 73rd avenue. six other bystanders were also shot. all are now recovering. when police officers responded, they, too, wsh shot at. no officers were hit by that gunfire. we're reaching the final days of what seems like a long campaign. >> a scare for vice presidential candidate mike pence as we take a look at laguardia airport. we have images coming in from laguardia where they shut things down temporarily after the plane he was on had a rough landing yesterday. "today in the bay's" tracie potts joining us live from washington with how he's doing and the investigation under way to see how it skid off the runway. tracie, good morning. >> good morning. actually he's doing fine. he was on the "today" show talking about the fact that they saw mud splashing on the windows and that's the first indication that something went wrong when mike pence's plane skidded off the runway into the muddy grass. investigators trying to figure
6:38 am
out why. the runway is back open, the plane has been moved and he and the 47 other people on his plane are all doing fine. today pence in pennsylvania and north carolina, battleground states. donald trump is going up north. he'll be in the northeast, new hampshire, maine and then he's going to iowa which is also where hillary clinton will be doing a get-out-the-vote event later today. both of them at this point at a critical juncture. clinton fighting these latest wikileaks e-mails that suggest a leak between her foundation and bill clinton's paid events. donald trump fighting -- we heard from pence this morning -- fighting reports that his campaign has tried to discourage younger voters and african-american voters. pence says he's offended by that and it's simply not true. >> tracie potts, the latest from the campaign trail. vice president joe biden may
6:39 am
find himself in another white house position. he could be considered for secretary of state. this is a hypothetical as yesterday a trusted source confirmed to nbc news that, if democratic nominee hillary clinton were to win the presidential election, biden is on the short list of people she's considering for secretary of state. it isn't clear if biden has been told about this consideration directly. throughout the election biden has been a strong clinton supporter. and a review of politics, a lot of people trying to study up on the election, get informed. here is a helpful non-partisan resource. our voters' edge guide, find it on, put your zip code in. you can learn about the issues, pal lot measures specific to your city and county. a storm of our own hitting across the bay area. a lot of people talking about hearing that rain overnight. >> especially in the south bay where we haven't seen it in a while. you can see the heavier moving from morgan hill back to san jose right now where we'll see rain rates of almost .25 inch
6:40 am
per hour. rain north of san francisco into the north bay north of a san rafael, seeing heavier showers there, moving from south to norkt. between now and about 10:00 this morning, your day planner for san jose has the raindrops through 10:00, 11:00 where we begin to see it transition to the east. we will continue to see chances of rain as we go through the weekend. a closer look at that forecast coming up in a few minutes. now to see how the rain is causing big issues for the morning commute, here is mike. >> i want to touch on this bigger slowdown, unexpectedly slow northbound 280 around reid is where the crash is reportedly blocking at least one lane, maybe two, the big slowdown southbound. that may increase traffic northbound 101 where we're seeing it building. still following this as well, going on for another couple hours likely, getting out of san
6:41 am
francisco, all but one lane blocked due to a fuel spill. watch for the congestion getting out of the city. a great option for you is mass transit. no delays reported for the b.a.r.t. system into or out of san francisco. 52 trains running on time throughout the system. >> good to hear, mike. thank you. coming up, hundreds of students sick at a bay area school. the outbreak that has so many worried. >> you might want to rethink what you're going to have for lunch. let's take you to the big board this morning. dow industrials gaining 50 points. good news about the economy. i'll fill you in.
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you're looking at fresh rain totals from the peninsula into the south bay, still climbing .50. you can see moving south to north into downtown san jose, those totals likely to climb through the morning commute, decreasing showers as you approach the evening commute. mike? >> in the south bay, a crash northbound 280 coming into downtown, that's why the 18-minute drive building from 101 to 85. slows also for 101 past 680. a slow drive down the peninsula, but nothing major to speak of. just wet roads. be careful. >> slow down out there. it will not be so sunny outside, but it is a sunny day for the u.s. economy.
6:45 am
the gdp growing faster than expected. >> gdp is all the things we do together as americans. you know that. the lattes we make and the depthal checkups and the turbines built, altogether they show an analyzed growth rate of 2.9%, better than economists expected. thursday we learned the fewest number of people on the unemployment rolls in 16 years. it's evidence the economy continues to move forward. the u.s. senate wants to look into the proposed merger between at&t and time warner. it is a mega merger worth more than $84 billion. they want execs from both companies to testify. there's been a lot of confusion, even in the business press about this merger because there are two time warners. there's time warner cable and time warner. time warner cable is the cable company, right? time warner, the one at&t wants, is a media company. it owns cnn and hbo.
6:46 am
even the senate is confused about this. senators chuck grassley and patrick leahy told this man, rob warner, to come to the senate committee, we have serious questions about this merger to which rob warner of time warner cable said, hey, guys, you've got the wrong guy and the wrong company. you're thinking of time warner. san francisco-based soyy which makes a protein shake is pulling the shake cover off the shelves after some people complained of stomach upset. this is the second time they've dealt with complaints. it's already pulled a protein bar off the market. to be clear, the food is not a dangerous, it just makes a small percentage of people, it makes their day unpleasant. it is breakfast time. i'm going to say it rhymes with north korea. >> can we just say stomach ache.
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thousands of toy vehicles that children drive around the yard can catch fire and cause burns. peg perego is recalling the items. the circuit board can fail causing the motor to eefr heat. they've received three reports of overheating and one report of a burn. the company is promising to replace the circuit boards for free. more consumer news. a st. louis jury awarded a california woman more than $70 million in her lawsuit claiming that years of johnson & johnson baby powder use caused her ovarian cancer. this is raising concerns about the health ramifications of extended tall couple powder use. a spokesperson for the company says they plan on filing an appeal. earlier in the year, two earlier lawsuits in st. louis ended with jury verdicts of a combined $127 million. hundreds of students are calling in sick at an east bay high school. now parents and school leaders are getting worried.
6:48 am
>> sore throw and really runny nose and fevers. >> all those sick calls are happening at clayton valley charter high school in concord. school officials say the flu is going around. every day this week about 250 kids stayed home which they say is double a typical day. >> last week bella south had incidences, i think antioch or pittsburg had some issues. this week happens to be our week of influenza. >> school officials are disinfecting the restrooms daily, wiping down desk tops and using those disinfectant wipes in the halls. at 6:48, movie maker george lucas has not given up on building his art museum in san francisco or los angeles either. lucas has released his proposed spaceship design for a treasure island site. on the same day he released a similar design for a site near downtown l.a. only one will be built. "the l.a. times" says lucas will
6:49 am
likely deciderly next year. this isn't the first go-around, his my seam plans have been rejected by the presidio in san francisco and in chicago. ♪ halloween came a little early in portland, maine. a flash mob invaded downtown yesterday dancing, as you hear it, to michael jackson's "thriller." the dancing dead swarmed the monument square and put on a scary show for people passing by. that "thriller" flash mob has become an annual event there. the organizers say participation is open to anybody. the group starts learning the choreography about three weeks in advance. they got the matching ripped leather to go right along. >> i would imagine that would be one of the most common flash mob dances for anyone to do. remember when that video came out? it was huge, epic. let's take a look outside. no dancing here on the roadways. dancing raindrops perhaps.
6:50 am
the roads are certainly a big concern this morning. this is the golden gate bridge. it looks like traffic is moving smoothly. you can see slick roadways out there, really got to be care. . big problem on the bay bridge. >> not far from the golden gate bridge. >> san francisco shas been affected. the south bay has already doubled its rain total for the year. >> especially san jose and the south bay. another round of heavier rain moving in right now. this is on top of very impressive rain totals around san jose to start your morning. another live view of the golden gate bridge. numbers updated from the peninsula south, closing in on an inch of rain. san jose half inch and climbing. milpitas closer to an inch, too. across the north bay and tri-valley, the numbers ranging from a half inch to an inch plus. that's what's unique about the storm, how widespread the rain is. we have absolutely no rain shadow in the south bay. the santa cruz mountains not blocking off the rain. heavier downpours into downtown
6:51 am
san jose, a little letup in san francisco and oakland. there you see across marin county into the north bay, heavier showers moving through and the rain that's in san jose now heading up the sunol grade about to hit the tri-valley in the next 15 minutes. notice how the rain is moving from south to north, the area of low pressure to the south. between now and 10:30 this morning, looking at the rain in san jose, a different story as we approach the evening commute. notice the widespread rain and showers move to the east. behind it mild temperatures today, decreasing showers for the afternoon. high today in the upper 60s to near 70. a short break saturday and more rain due in on sunday. that sunday system is going to bring we think the biggest impact to the north bay where some of the hilltops could see as much as one to two inchs of rain. maybe locally higher than that. in the sierra, cool air arriving with the sunday storm. snow levels dropping close to 6,000 feet. chain controls could be going up later this week on the coast. watch for rising surf.
6:52 am
more wind out on the coast. the next storm we're watching early next week possibly arriving late towards halloween night. we'll see showers on approach. trick-or-treat time coming up after 6:00, you may notice raindrops north of san francisco. san francisco and the south bay, trick-or-treat early enough and you may miss out on the rain. not missing the rain on the seven-day forecast, tuesday and thursday. a chance with rain showers and coomer temperatures early next week. we're looking at, of course, the wet roadways. maybe fog registering on the road weather index. the rest of it moving well. in the south bay some slowing we'll talk about in a second. a big issue getting out of san francisco. it's 101 coming toward the sky way backing up now. folks are restricted to one lane on the span itself because of the continuing issue, the big rig crash and fuel spill midspan approaching treasure island. looking until maybe 9:00 before
6:53 am
they can clear that. more pronounced later in the morning commute. we're looking toward the tri-valley where we see slowing. the earlier spinout has cleared in the sunol area. the crash north 280 at reid. the off-ramp, something going on getting off the 680. >> it's slick out there.  thank you very much. 6:53, a little more of this morning's top stories. car spinouts across the bay area. the one crime in the south bay that weather helped uncover overnight. >> all over the big story of the morning. the first of three storms in the next five days. we put out crews across the bay area to prepare you before you head out the door. you can go to the home page to find interactive traffic maps and sign up for alerts on our apps. as soon as store reefrs break involving the storm, we'll post the information right away on our twitter page. we'll be back with more news in two minutes.
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welcome back. before you head out the door, let's get you caught up with the top stories. we start with breaking news we've been following all morning long. a big rig jackknifed on the bay bridge. there's a fuel spill out there causing a commute nightmare. what you're looking at right now are some of the cars that have gotten off i-80 and trying to
6:57 am
get back on near second and bryant. kris sanchez has been reporting all morning long. traffic diverted at the fourth street exit. we're told the truck driver is injured but expected to be okay. the chp is not saying if weather was a factor in the crash. roads are very slippery this morning. mike inouye will give us an update in just a moment. slippery roads and poor visibility may have played a part in an early morning crash before 2:00 this morning on the grade american off-ramp at northbound 880. the chp crossed over the lanes and crashed into a field. the driver ran away and officers are still searching that area. police in san francisco are investigating a stabbing not far from city hall that left a young man with life-threatening injuries. all this happened yesterday afternoon when investigators say an argument turned violent at united nations plaza near civic
6:58 am
center. police say the suspect was yelling in the plaza, somehow got into an argument with another man who he then stabbed multiple times. both of them are now in the hospital. police say the suspect was cut from his own knife. a frightening moment for republican vice presidential nominee governor mike pence, the campaign plane carrying pence skidded off the runway after heavy rain at new york's laguardia airport. pence was traveling from fort dodge iowa and headed to a fund razor at trump tower. the plane didn't strike any of the fencing, was never in danger of going into the water. the "today" show will have much more coming right up in just a few. dangerous weather on the east coast. certainly plenty of rain out here on the west coast in the bay area. we've been talking about it auld morning long. in the thick of things. >> the last wave of heavier rain right across san jose.
6:59 am
the rain moving south to north. it will be between now and 10:00 this morning, if you look at the time stamp on the upper portion of the screen, by lunchtime, heavy rain east of san jose. still a few more scattered showers and amend long with the showers, mild temperatures today, another round of rain sets up with wind and a chance of thunder here on sunday. along with the showers makes for a tough morning commute. >> we have the crash in san francisco and complicating that, the fuel spill and the wet row ways. that will be another couple hours out of san francisco and in towards the bay bridge. in the south bay, northbound 280, a crash at reid. it's showing slowing for 87 coming into downtown. live camera off to the right. we saw those taillights. those are folks getting off sbb 101. that's a problem because of the backup on 280. we'll be back with a local news cut-in in about 30 minutes and every half hour after that
7:00 am
covering continuing breaking news. >> especially as we monitor the bay bridge crash. we'll see you again for the news at 11:00. have a great day. good morning. breaking overnight. a frightening moment, the campaign plane carrying republican vice presidential nominee mike pence skids off the runway during heavy rain. >> remain seated. >> no injuries reported but an investigation is under way. this morning governor pence joins us live. looking ahead nbc news confirming hillary clinton has joe biden her her short list as secretary of state if she wins. >> hillary clinton put the secretary of office up for sale and if she got change she put


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