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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  October 28, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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good friday morning. breaking news, major traffic problems on highway 92 just before the 101 connect tore. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm kris sanchez. a lot of traffic is tied up there being mike. >> that's right. it's very late in the morning commute. we had lighter traffic flow until this happened. just as we're speaking, one lane folks starting to squeeze by. it looks like this rig caught fire and we have not seen anything on the back of that rig, but that caused all the  lanes to close down as you're heading across 92 towards highway 101. this cleanup obviously they have absorbant down because i'm told there was fuel through the area, as well. so thank goodness that did not spread any farther. look at all this backup.
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just the left lane coming through. and all the fileder roads heading toward 101 and the connector off of 92 east. let's look at the map. we had the wet roadways. and as we zoom in, southbound 101 also tied up. there may be spectator slowing as a result. and again the fuel has been isolated and it is not going into the drapeins. so that is good news. but you see the slowing towards highway 101. hillsdale boulevard is a great connector to take you over toward the area, takes you past the mall and then over toward highway 101 and you'll get back up on your way. but southbound is a bigger deal. now back to the live chopper shot over the scene. again, this is eastbound highway 92, there was a big rig caught fire. fire crew on scene very quickly,
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and the brown stuff on the ground, that is the absorbant to help clean up the spill. the one lane is open, but still three closed and there is a convergence toward highway 92 and 101. we were trying to get word from the scene, but we do have this live chopper shot and also the issue at the bay bridge. wet roadways didn't necessarily play a part in this, but we'll continue to talk about that, as well. back to the desk. >> thank you very much. we will check with rob in the weather conditions surrounding area. but first let's talk to a chp officer. what you can tell us about how the accident happened and how long it will clear? >> right now we don't have a reason why it happened. however, we do have all lanes closed and the fuel spilled on the roadway which we aare
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cleaning up. we'll open one of the lanes in the next five minutes just to get traffic moving, but the rest will have to wait a little bit until we can make sure that it's safe because we don't wat to 't get people speeding over there. >> so we're looking at live images. just to get folks caught up, a big rig truck fire highway 92 eastbound that has shut down the entire passage way with the exception of one lane where we're seeing cars kind of petering by. there was also a full spill and it looked like it was relatively contained? >> yes, they are trying to get another lane opened in the next few minutes. if they already opened one lane and that's 9 othe one that is o, so maybe that's just it.
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>> so we're able to see visuals. all of the material on the roadway that is oaking up t ini up the fuel spill, it's not streaming in to the water ways, but can you tell us if the traffic is being impacted in the westbound direction, as well? >> you guys probably have a better view of the location. i can't tell you right now if it's affected. anytime that we have it one direction, people start to tend slow down the other way. so it will slow traffic a little bit especially when they see all the emergency vehicles. and the road is wet. so make sure that they get home safe. >> and in term he is of a time line in terms of when you expect to get the truck removed and the fuel cleaned up, do you have a sense of when that might be? >> i believe we're thinking
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about a couple hours, but let me get to the scene and talk to the sergeant on scene and see if i can get more accurate times. >> okay. art getting us up-to-date on yet another situation developing this morning. highway 92 in between 280 and 101, no doubt affecting people's ability to move eastbound here. so we know that this is going to be impacting the area for quite some time. maybe a few hours. let's go back to mike. mike, you were talking about some of the routes around this crash to get people where they need to be sflp exa. exactly. we have the chopper over the scene and you see traffic fully stopped. and we've also seen a few of the fire engines repositioning around as fire is no longer is concern. they have to worry about the traffic flow and the cleanup. we also saw a sweeper truck traveling back and forth. they will have to take a number of passes and likely have to shut down and reopen the lanes
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periodic as they do make progress. that is eastbound toward 101. westbound is moving just fine off of the san mateo bridge and past highway 101 and over toward 280. that's where we're talking about right here on the map. so the traffic flow moving slowly, just a little slowing heading through all the activity. folks curious. but eastbound is the direction that is currently closed. we saw all the cars stopped there and southbound 101 likely some impact to that connector there. likely at least spectator he slowing. we did not see anything going on. but that doesn't mean they don't have periodic traffic breaks. so we'll follow this. your alternate is hillsdale boulevard getting over from 280 towards 1 on 1. hills day is a major roadway and that is a great flow of traffic. if you want to stay completely clear, then you have to get over towards san mateo hills. so hillsdale is your best option. now, we see the green on the map over here and the blue farther
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over to the right. we had some rain and that was a factor this morning. still some damp roadways. >> and as you mentioned, as we're looking at the cleanup, we'll zoom in and show you things have dried out. so as they about put absorbant on the roadways, adding to more cleanup time. across golden gate bridge, we actually saw higher rain totals. since march 5th in morgan hill, almost 2 inches of rain. and healthy totals around sflp francisco and oakland. almost an inch and a half. so as the trend shows you, south bay starting to clear out. still a few scattered showers around the north bay as our second storm this week begins to move on. but the break we're about to see not lasting long, taking shape
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offshore. it's this system here will pack much colder air, stronger winds and higher surf headed in our direction. so foring up this weekend, we'l see higher rain totals we expect along with the first real taste of sierra snow that could top a foot or more by the end of the weekend. the time line coming up. >> now to a big rig crash, a different one that derailed the morning commute eastbound out of san francisco and it's still causing problems this midday. >> very messy situation there, as well he. pete has an update. and at last check it was tdiese fuel there. where do things stand? >> reporter: yeah, that big rig has been moved. as you said, fuel was spilled. and you can see the cleanup is
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still under way. and it may have been a case of the big rig simply drying too fast. >> i guess the message would be the road is wedding wt, it was , you have to drive at the proper speed. >> reporter: that was an officer with thp and it says it was around 5:00 a.m. when you have this big rig driving too fast on to the bay bridge heading eastbound on the first on ramp. and the fuel spilled on to the bridge closing off three lanes. san francisco fire able to get to the fire quickly, but it was hard to see with the slippery roads. and caltrans crews dropped some of take absorbant material to hopefully soak it all up. they are ruling out gchltdui as possible cause. and with the wet weather an issue, just another reminder to drive safely on the roads. >> if you do that, that will
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probably gets out of 95% of the situations where you might be involved in a collision. >> reporter: that driver was sent to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. thankfully no other injuries to report. but there was also a claim that someone may have cut the driver off and chp says there is no evidence to support it. the cleanup process is coming to an end and chp expects delays throughout the day, but they said they expect the area to be cleaned up in the next hour or so. pete surratt toes, nbc bay area news. it's been a wet morning and parts of the south bay saw some of the most rain. bob redell is live where there are resources for folks who are preparing for the next round of stormy weather. >> reporter: the water district
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stocked sand bags in places like alviso. it's a low lying area that butts up against the wet lands and so you were tip of the bay area. so when it rains a lot like it's forecast do this weekend, there could be problems. that's why people like bob gross just arrived within the past 30 minutes with his mercedes, popped a few sand bags into the trunk. his concern is that he feels he will need them for his business because if it floods this weekend, he didn't want that to be a problem. >> if it really got heavy, it will back up because that complaint handle it it. >> the pump can't. >> no, no way in hell. >> so that's why you have the sand bags? >> yeah, just a precaution. >> reporter: if you think you're in an area that could flood, a lot of local water districts do offer these free sand bag stocking locations.
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bob redell, nbc bay area news. rainy water and crashes has pretty much made up our morning news. and this cycle of stormy weather will continue into the weekend and all the way through halloween. >> that's right. anytime you need it, there is a tool. there is the farmers market responds day. and talk us through how to use that tool for folks who are new to it. >> reporter: i've been here for about an hour and the rain was coming down pretty steady for a while, but that didn't stop people. we've had some great vendors. thankfully there is a break and we have sunshine, but we are expecting more storms this weekend and with our app, you can track the ray door dar aliv. and we have some great halloween
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costumes. you can get the hour by hour forecast so you can plan out your dinner or halloween party. and of course you've been hearing about the crashes. it does also give you traffic alerts. which is great because unfortunately, during the rain do you want to be extra careful out on the road. it gets slick, but we'll be out here until about 2:00. and coming up, we doctor chris out here answering questions. and for our spanish speaker, we have telemundo out here answering any questions you might have, any consumer concern, they have it right here. for now i'm going to go find those strawberries. >> you better buy a whole flat. and also developing traffic accident this morning, we're keeping a close eye on this breaking news from the peninsula. specifically the san mateo hills eastbound 92 where a truck fire has shut down almost every lane there. we saw one lane of traffic cars
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barely making their way through. this is by the 101 interchange. an update after the break.
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we're following breaking news from highway 92 eastbound that has developed over the last 30 or 40 minutes. a truck fire there in the san mateo hills has stopped traffic. this is a look at the situation just minutes ago as we were watching the crews out there essentially putting absorb tapt down on the highway to take care of the spill, but in the process, there is a backup for miles long. this again is eastbound 92, it is affecting the approach to the san mateo bridge. chp says this it could be an hours long situation, something we're tracking very closely. >> and we're also following breaking news on the national scale. within the last few minutes, nbc news confirmed that the fbi will reopen its investigation into hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server.
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that according to a letter written by fbi director james comey that he sent to the senate judiciary committee just today. he stated the fbi has learned of the existence of e-mails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation. back in september, comey defended his agency's decision not to press charges, but we will stay on top of this story because it is developing. richard healy will join that together at 5:00 and 6:00. and it's a sunny day for the u.s. economy. the latest gdp numbers show the economy grew faster than expected. >> good morning. gdp all the work we do together, you guys know that. all the lat itit it day lattes we make and turbines that we built. it shows an annualized growth
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the of 2.9%. and the economy continues to huch forward. the u.s. senate wants to look into the proposed merger between at&t and time warner. this is a mega merger worth more than $84 billion. they want executives from both companies to testify. there has been a lot of confusion about this merger because there are two time warners. there is time warner cable and time warner time warner. cable is obviously cable company. time warner is the one at&t want. this is a media company, it opens cnn and hbo. even the senate is confused about this. senators chuck grassley and patrick leahy told this man rob warner to come to the senate subcommittee because they have serious questions about this $84 million merger. to which rob warner replied i'm with time warner cable, you got the wrong guy and the wrong
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company. you're thinking of the other time waerrnerwarner. so even the senate makes mistakes. soylent which makes a protein shake is pulling the powder off the shelves after some people complained of stomach upset. this is the second time they have had to deal with complaints. to be clear, the food is not dangerous, it just makes a small percentage of people, well, it makes their day very unpleasant. let's say that. back to you. >> a tummy ache or two. thank you very much. nbc bay area responds to your questions and e-mails. >> even in person of course. every e-mail, every question. right now nbc bay area consumer investigator is at the soggy farmers market. chris, we saw people approaching your booth and you're answering questions out there. >> reporter: yeah, we wanted do this face-to-face. we do it by phone, e-mail, but today we're doing it
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face-to-face. you can come to downtown san jose and you can ask a question, submit your complaint, and we will work on it for you, at least get the ball rolling. we look forward to meeting you. you can see folks willing to help answer your questions and to your complaints. and if you speak spanish, telemundo 48 is here, she's worki working with joe who has a complaint that we will work on. we've recovered more than 3 $300,000 for consumers and we'll keep the ball rolling. if you can't make it downtown, you can call us anytime, 888-996-tips or visit in a bit we'll give you an update on what we're hearing about out here. >> nice to see them out in public. i don't know about, but people ask me is there a real person answering those phone calls? >> of course.
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and by the way i think his spanish is great. and b, how about all that sunshine in the background. san jose got a good soaking this morning, but things look like they' they're clearing up. >> right now we have drying roadways across the golden gate bridge. 66 degree, cloudy skies, and still wet roads around dublin and livermore from the rain that fell earlier. right now 64, mostly cloudy skies and you a in downtown san jose, a few sunny breaks. a dryer forecast this muafterno as the main rain is pushing off. we won't be entirely rain free today. you can see the scattered showers over toward richmond. tri-valley catching a bit of a break as the system continues to track to the south. we will still see the chance of a few scattered showers and notice it didn't go to the pacific northwest, it came right
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through the central california coast. since march 5th, almost an p inch of rain. but not adding much to it. a few sunny breaks, but still the chance of a few more scattered showers. so the forecast through this afternoon, still a shower or two. notice saturday a lot of clouds, but no rain or significant rain even into early saturday evening. but as we head into sunday morning now, 7:00, there you see the outer band, the rain line picking up and heavier rain at times heading throughout day on sunday. so rain projections for this weekend's storm we think should see highest totals around the north bay hilltop maybe 2 to 3 inches of rain. it will have more wind associated with it, too, and cooler air aloft which means the chances for afternoon thundershowers should be a little higher with this sunday storm and notice the surf forecast 10 to 15 feet.
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so when you get more wind, we'll see the chance of high surf advisory maybe midway through the weekend for the coast. again rain totals in the south bay not nearly as much with the sunday storm, but the sierra, colder air arrives. good snowfall here unless maybe if you have to drive home on sunday. the snow level will drop to close to 6,000 feet and the higher peaks here in the sierra could see more than a foot of snow and we think at least 6 to 12 inches of snow. so interstate 80, highway 50 could wrap up the weekend with chains. cooler conditions there on sunday. if your weekend plans include the coast, sunday a busy day, but that will be for wind and heavier rain at times for the first half of the day and there is the chance we could see some thunderstorms for sunday afternoon. so the time line over the next seven days has the storm for next sunday, that's the next thing we're watching. and halloween right now, the day loo loo looks dry but monday night and
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tuesday, that's when we're timing this next storm. look at that, monday more rain dropping into the north bay. a closer look for the trick or treat time for monday coming up. >> we have a costume with feathers. happening right now, we're tweeting updates to the big rig fire that shuts down highway 92. you can also get the latest on our app. and trending on our website, boycotting ivanka, a viral letter urges nordstrom to stop selling her brand.
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a man an woman are behind bars this morning after a violent robbery. barry he sich echlheisner and t accused of robbing a woman after gambling. police say barry walked up behind her and hit her in her head several times with a hard object. he was spotted on surveillance video earlier in the night  following the same woman at the casino. he now faces familied murder charges. let's go back out to the peninsula, we're keeping a close eye on developing news this morning. about an hour ago or so, there was a truck fire on eastbound 92, it shut down virtually all lanes between 280 and 101 close to the 101 interchange there. mike is tracking the traffic for us as we've seen backups for miles. again, this video is about 15 or 20 minutes old. we're looking to get updates on
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when traffic will improve there. because she doesn't know that it kills 40,000 californians... every year. because she doesn't understand what cancer is. because she can't spell emphysema. because she is a butterfly, who fights fires. because she is my daughter, and the surgeon general says that raising tobacco taxes... is a proven way to make sure she never smokes. that's why i'm voting yes on 56.
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a big rig fire shut down all lanes of eastbound highway 92. we know that it will take quite some time to mop up the mess and remove the big rig. what you see on the owed way is absorption material because of the fuel spill. and there are ways around this, but it will still take you a while. >> yeah, you see what we call kitty litter over there. it's an absorbant to clean up the fuel that was spilled. as i understand it, we actually have eastbound traffic going up a little bit now. this is entire bayview and this activity is isolated right over here towards san mateo. so this is coming out of the san mateo hills, you're slow all the
11:31 am
way over toward highway 92, where it sounds like one lane is open as they progress with the cleanup. 101 north also slow because of all the activity right at the connector, all of those areas through the area can see the activity and are they're curious what is going on. so we're showing that to you, as well. instead of eastbound 92, you'll use hillsdale boulevard. jump off of 92 before you get into any backup and you will take the major surface streets. there are a lot of signals through the area. just be patient. you'll move through towards highway 101. and at least there is an a alternate for you. >> mike, let's talk to someone who was stuck in this jam and saw some of the fire that was going on with the big rig truck. chris penn joining us. chris, how long were you stuck in traffic and what did you see? >> a little over an hour. >> you can tell us about what you observed when you were drive
11:32 am
along 92? >> i workoff at u.p.s., so i knew about the bay bridge shut down so i was going to take 101 the other way to get home quicker. as i got off 101, i could see the smoke from the fire and as well as on the pay peapex of th bridge, it was shut down. and from there, we were just stuck. turned off the engines, watched netflix and relax. all you can do. >> so you were using this as your backup because of the backup and now the backup backed up as well? >> exactly. i couldn't win. i answered to avoid the bay bridge because of the tanker spill and then this happened. >> i guess right now the big question, how much traffic is actually getting through? we saw a few cars kind of trickling through one lane. >> that's exactly what happened. all getting through one lane.
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once you getting across, traffic is back to normal now on the bridge itself. >> oh, my goodness. what a nightmare for you and a lot of other commuters. we can't blame any u.p.s. delay on that, but hopefully your day gets better from here. >> and chris by the way mentioned that he was trying to avoid the fallout from the bay bridge crash. that is another situation that we've been monitoring this morning. let's bring in mike. what is going on in terms of the lanes closed there? >> we heard from pete and there has been no progress as far as the lanes opening. they still have to clean up a similar situation eastbound across the bay bridge getting out of san francisco. i can talk you through the mans maybe. mr. chris penn was talking about the backup that he was avoiding at the bay bridge. if we're able to get the man, i can talk about the alternate, but again, a big backup here. in any case, if if you have the backup coming out of san francisco, that is still there.
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we do have a slower drive getting out of city streets. the backup starts where 101 and 280 split, same thing for 101 heading toward the skyway. so no great approaches toward eastbound 80 and 92 which was a smart alternate, but no longer a good alternate. b.a.r.t. is a good option. >> right now a bit of a break in the action so they can clean up the spill. on the radar, most of the heavy rain has moved away from the peninsula. we had heavier showers earlier and now just some light showers. but the rain totals earlier today especially in the south bay, you saw the highest total since march. san jose an inch. and sap man mateo almost an inc. so this storm starting to wind down. we'll see a few more scattered showers into the afternoon. and then the next storm cranking
11:35 am
up offshore. this will bring more wind and certainly higher surf to the coast. and cooler air aloft, we could have a chance of thundershowers midway through the weekend and big snow levels dropping in the sierra, could see a foot of snow in a few spots. we'll have a closer look at that with another storm arriving halloween night coming up. all right. now to a story that is not weather related and not traffic related. we go to our investigative unit. hard to believe. this is not your typical fishing gear and it may not net the right catch. a type of fishing gear is being blamed for killing endangered and threatened wildlife. >> other states and even the united nations is taking steps to band these fishing net, but still fair game here. >> and these fishing nets are crafted drift gill nets. they're designed to catch sword
11:36 am
fish, but they can real in even more. some of the images we're about to share are hard to look at. over the years thousands of animals have been kills after getting killed in these nets ranging from whales to sea lions. some want the nets banned while others say the impact is overflown. tonight we investigate. what happens when something gets entangled in one of these nets? >> it's the beginning of the end for that animal. >> reporter: this biologist heads the turtle island restoration network, a conser conservation group. but he says a specific kind of fishing net known as a drift gillnet is posing a major threat off the california coast. >> these are invisible curtains of death placed out in the ocean. everything that swims into it becomes its victim. >> fishing boats can drop the nets in to the ocean from about sunset to sunrise. so the nets are left out overnight. they can stretch up to a mile long. that is nearly the entire span
11:37 am
of the golden gate bridge roughly 6,000 feet. there is no cap on the height, but the nets are typically about 100 feet tall. >> this is basically a barbaric method of catching fish. >> the federal government documents how much marine life the nets catch and kill each year by randomly placing government employees on anywhere from 10 to 30% of all fishing trips that use the nets. we analyzed their records and found that only about 22% of what is caught in the net is actually kept. the rest is tossed back into the ocean. it's estimated 87,000 sharks were killed in drift gillnets over the past 25 years along the west coast. 3400 dolphins. 1100 sea lions, 389 whales which enincluded endangered species and 107 sea turtle, which are
11:38 am
all the either endangered or nettened. >> california is the last place where this is allowed to occur and it needs to stop. >> earlier this year, state lawmakers pushed to ban all future perfomits, but the legislation filled. these life long fishermen fought against the measure. how much of your livelihood depends on these nets? >> all of it. >> reporter: another option is harpooning each one individually, but that is less profitable. >> how many harpoon trips would it take to catch the same amount that you would with a gillnet? >> probably 5:1. >> reporter: on if the industry toss the nets, they argue consumers could pay more since fewer fisher men would be willing to go out at sea. >> you couldn't afford to keep fishing. >> no, not really. i couldn't. >> it is open ocean. there will always be something
11:39 am
bad that you're going catch. but i think that happens in any fishery. >> reporter: but when the federal government studied the issue, it found california's different gillnets kill at a rate higher than any other type of fishing gear. >> you get rid of this, all you do is add more imports and that is just ten fold the killing in foreign countries. >> reporter: he says california now takes more precautions to protect endangered sea turtle, the nets complaint be used for about half the year and the nets now have to be at least 36 feet below the surface so there is room for sea life to swim other than top. plus noise making devices are attached all along the net to scare away marine mammals like dolphins and whales. so they will emit -- >> constant sound. the beep, beep, beep. >> reporter: as a result, the number of entangled marine mammals has been cut in half according to researchers.
11:40 am
but it's estimated the nets still caught 14 whales and four sea turtle over the past five years. so injuring or killing one or two can impact the entire population. >> if they can potentially entangle or kill a lot of what comes in its path, isn't that pardon the pun just casting too wide a net? >> jesus fished with nets. >> but was his a mile long and did he leave it out overnight? >> i guess it would be all in the hands of the person using it. >> reporter: todd believes the net entan gels too much to ever be used responsibly. >> if you want to talk about efficiency, you could throw some bombs into the ocean and cause all the fish that floats to the surface. we're not looking for efficiency, we're looking for sustainability. >> reporter: the federal government does issue guide lines on how much marine life fishermen should be allowed to kill each year unintentionally. while some fishermen have exceeded those levels in the past, we discovered in are no
11:41 am
penalties but just this month, the feds proposed a new law that would force the drift gillnet season to close down for up to two years if certain types of whales or sea turtle are killed or even injured. you can logon to our website to see what types of animals are getting caught and how often. we created an easy tool that lets you search through 25 years worth of data, that is all at >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit, call 888-996-tips or send e-mail to the we've been following breaking news all morning. >> hopefully you don't have to go anywhere because it will take you a while to get there. >> and we're looking at some rain clouds now off to the east of san jose. we track one storm leaving and another one packing more wind
11:42 am
and sierra snow on the way for the weekend. the time line of that third storm coming up. >> reporter: and i'm live in san jose where we're taking your questions and we're taking your problems nbc bay area responds and our friends from telemundo 48 responding. come downtown if you'd like us to take your complaint and answer your questions. we're hear until 2:00.
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wie're following breaking news on several fronts. quite the headaches for commuters. this is chopper video from about 45 minutes ago on eastbound 92 between 280 and 101 as there was truck fire in the 10:00 hour. you see the burnt out front of the cab and absorb santiaant on road to klein clean up the fuel. the chp is reporting one lane is open and cars are trickling through at a very slow pace. i just talked to mike in l.a. who says traffic flow is a little better, but still very challenged. and he reminded me that sweeper trucks are coming through period
11:46 am
pickly, as well. there is another angle of that truck on fire as driver were greeted with that. we spoke with chris penn, one driver who says he was trying to avoid the situation on the bay bridge and ended up encountering that instead. so that is a great level perspective of the big rig on fire that ended up spilling fuel on to the roadway. again, traffic flow a little bit better in the area, but still very much challenged. and another developing story, as well. >> probably more traffic there on highway 92 because of this crash, the big rig and fuel spill that shut down four of five lines eastbound out of san francisco on the bay bridge this morning. good news to report there, there are three lanes now reopened, but as you know, often once the dam is done, it is felt for a very long time. they're also putting down the kit kitty litter because there was diesel fuel on the roadway. and it was a traffic nightmare
11:47 am
there. i was out there at 6:00 this morning. and people were doing some really unsafe maneuvering trying to work their way around that. hopefully there were no other crashes related to that, but definitely makes people feel very desperate on the roadway. >> and like i said, residual impact that lasts basically the entire day. so we'll follow that. also following all of the rain. heavy stuff is through for now, but another system through halloween. >> and there is a tool that you can use anytime to guide you alone. and we have our live nbc bay area responds day out in downtown. walks through -- i've been using this app for a while because i'm out in the field and i want to know when i need my umbrella, but shows how to get to it. >> reporter: it's pretty easy. super user friendly, which means if you're not usually good with apps or phones, this is a good option for you. we finally have the sun out
11:48 am
here, no longer drizzling which is good, but you can actually see right now on our bay area app, the radar is showing that rain has finally cleared out. and of course we have halloween coming up, a lot of people worried about their halloween plans. we have an hour by hour forecast which means if you're trying to head out to breakfast early in the morning and you're wondering how it will be outside, this will let you know right in the palm of your hand. you can take it with you anywhere you go and of course it also gives you live traffic updates which is important if you'll be heading out either commute over the weekend. we will be out here until about 2:00. we have telemundo 48 for those of you who speak spanish. and i did find my strawberries. look at this one. no joke. >> that's a juicy one. >> looks like a good one. definitely the growing season for the strawberries starting to peak off, but nice to have the rain, but not on halloween. >> we're watching the timing very closely. i have a feeling monday morning going to be looking at that very
11:49 am
closely as the timing of the storm has been changing. let's talk about all the rain we had today. this is the wettest october since 2011. at the three wettest, it could be the wettest we've seen in the last ten years. 2009 we had similar numbers compared to what we'll probably get once you add up sunday's storm, bay area totals as we wrap up october could be 2 to 3 inches plus. we started off with very wet conditions in october. so is this a nice early start to the season, but still no indication of how things will continue to play out. right now cloudy sky, 63. livermore and dublin right now 64 and a pretty view. check this out, looking off to the east, you have clouds over the top of the hills.
11:50 am
65 degrees. and we will see a humid muggy day outside. we'll see high humidity and temperatures in the upper 60s to near 70 degrees for today. so this storm starting to move on. behind it now, you can see the system lurking offshore. it has some cooler air to work with, which for one thing won't hold as much moisture, but it also has more wind. and with the cool air aloft, in a means lowering snow levels and we think a chance of maybe some thunderstorms as we go through sunday afternoon. so for this evening in in to tomorrow morning, lots of clouds but just isolated showers. in fact 4:30 saturday evening, looks like we'll see quite a bit of sunshine around the south bay. but then overnight saturday, settling into sunday morning, wind speeds are picking up and the rain will pick up, too. look at the gusts, 25 to 35 miles per hour. and once the cold front passes through, we will see a chance of thundershowers. so across the sierra, could see more than a foot of snow.
11:51 am
plan on winter driving heading to the high country this weekend. monday's outlook, latest hour by hour forecast starting the day dry. s sunset about 6:12 monday evening. north of san francisco could see the raindrops. 7:00 heading into midnight that's when we'll see the rain moving back in. >> and we're not only checking out the strawberries at the farmer's market, we're responding, as well. we'll take you back out there.
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good morning. we're live here in downtown san jose where we have come out here to meet you face-to-face, to hear your consumer questions, to help with your consumer problems. nbc bay area responds is here. we also have our friends from telemundo who will take your complaint in spanish. so we are here to help answer your questions and solve your consumer problems. you can do it face-to-face. we also do it by e-mail and phone most of the time. but face-to-face today. we're here until 2:00. see you soon.
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the u.s. is the beacon of freedom around the world. those of us who served in the military are very proud of that. i believe very, very strongly in our country and what we stand for. i went to iraq in 2004 to fight for freedom. for generations, our troops have sacrificed for our freedoms. one of the most important things we do is vote - to protect that freedom. i'm tom steyer. let's make the people we're so proud of, proud of us. please. vote. vote. vote. vote.
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. highway 92, still a traffic jack. hillsdale is your pebest bet to get around it. and you get the good news. >> sigalert has been lifted it at the bay bridge. the jackknifed big rig where chp says the drive every was going to take fast, it has spilled fuel but all three lanes are now open. >> and rob has a look at the forecast. >> we're seeing one storm move out and now it's the weekend storm we'll see rolling in saturday night into sunday that will have wind, big waves and sierra snow up to a foot above 6,000 feet. >> and a storm extending right into halloween. you have your orange tie on. >> that's right.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. >> okay. the best day of the year here at "access hollywood live." it is our seventh annual kids halloween fashion show. by the way, this is early on. this is the candy. they're running wild back stage. not just kids, fur babies too. >> and dappers, moms and dads. i can't wait. here are the fur babies. >> that's bronco and bo is. >> i told you bo has cancer and blind in both eyes but he will not miss our show. a special wagon to pull him out in. >> it's a big reveal. we will not tell you anything more. but they a


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